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Thayumanavan Friday Updates

Episode 75

Janani in the terrace ...bharathy comes there ..Janani  gets angry on bharathy ...she shouts at him saying no one is bothered about her..he had cheated her..threw her away just in 10 days..started loving Maha...and  started to live his life happily...but she is suffering cheated by him and says that he had made her weak..and she is in hell nu..and leaves from there crying...

Janani in her room..maha calls her for dinner...she shouts at her...maha leaves sadly...janani repents her action...and comes back  and consoles her.Maha asks her about she not going to office and about her indifferent behavour...janani malupifies and decides not to hurt maha again...

Janani in her room..Subha comes to her.janani cries...saying she has changed and hate she is getting angry when maha and bharathy are happy...feels bad for scolding bharathy for he behaving normally to maha.Subha consoles her saying, this is natural..once she starts going to work she ll become normal...janani also says that she has to do something to correct these things...Subha advices her not to take any bad decision in haste...says everything will be alright soon.

Subha and Indra are bursting crackers...janani and mathi joins them...Bharathy comes there...mathi discusses something about job...and asks him  to join in bursting cracker..everyone bursts craskers...


Again janani in her room...[all the 3 part starts with her] ..mathi gifts her watch as Diwali gift...She shouts at him...mathi happy..says that janani has become normal as she has started scolding him...asks her what her problem is...janani asks him to stay away from her and she can handle her problems by herself...Mathi asks ..any love problem...janani says that everything is over...and he is the reason for that nu...mathi doesn't understand...asks her what he did nu...janani says maha bharathy and one is happy...for his sake he is hurting everyone, made irreparable  mistake..and she lost her life...she throws  his gift..and chases him away from her room..Mathi leaves confused and sad...


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Monday Updates
Episode 76

Family Deepavali feast going on. Everyone looks happy but Janani with her sour face. Indra makes conversation and ask everyone about Deepavali and meanings. Maha brings for all breakfast. Indra and Father taste the laddu and says its so delicious and nice nu and Mathi asking who made or did she buy it from out aa nu? Maha smiles and looks at Bharathy lovingly. Flashback : Maha doing sweets late night and Bharathy comes shock to see her sitting and doing alone. He praise her after testing the palagarams and says all is super nu. Maha happy and tells Bharathy only laddu did not turn out well nu. Bharathy says he will do something and it will be good nu. Bharathy then ask how long she will do this.. will she not sleep? Maha says no .. direct she will start preparing breakfast and tomorrow she will take nap in the noon. He ask her to bring the laddu that did not turn out well and as enna achu nu. Maha says cant make it to round roll nu. Bharathy takes and starts mixing something and laddu turns out good. Habba Bharathy talking to Maha like normal times Embarrassed This scene is seen by Janani from back who is not happy about this. D'oh

Back to present ..   Maha still smiling while Janani upset.

Outside  everyone playing mattapu but Janani just watches them. Indra goes to bring Bharathy and Maha. Subha ask Maha to burst mattapu but Maha says she is scared nu. Ashok nicely enjoying with  Subha and he ask Bharathy if his scared nu. Indra drags Bharaty to join them. Janani just watch all this. Indra vambufies Ashok and runs away. Maha goes to Janani and ask what she doing standing alone nu .. Janani says night did not seep well so having slight head pain. Indra comes and drag Maha who says she is scared but Indra pulls Bharathy to Maha end up Bharathy holds Maha hand and lights the mattapu. Janani goes away saying her head pain got worse. Same time Bharathy hurts his hand with the pattas. Maha cries worried and holds his hand. Janani comes out worried but stops herself seeing Maha holding his hand.

Inside the house.. Bharathy hand is bandage. Maha cries. Bharathy ask why is she crying nu. Maha says she got worried cause her rasi had never been good and she afraid her raasi got Bharathy hurt nu. Bharathy ask her not to think like a loosu .. Bharathy ask Maha to sit beside him and he jokes and makes her smile ... both so cute Embarrassed Maha holds his hand and both exchanges look.

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Tuesday update.
Episode 77.

    Episode starts with Mathi thinks about Janani. Some flash backs of what she blamed him. She said lots her life bcoz of him. Subha comes there and asks what happen? Y he is so sad. Mathi tells her about Janani. She is not normal nowadays. She had some problem in her love. Subha asks him y he thinks like that. If Janani said anything to him? Mathi said she always blames him for her mothers death bt now she behave so different. I have to do something for her. From her childhood she hates me. She doesn't asks me anything. She grows like a brave and independent girl. Now its hurts me seeing like her sadness. Subha tells him not to worry she talks to her about that.
    Janani and subha in room playing cards. Subha causually talks to her about maha and Bharathi. She said Bharathi changed so much. He starts to like Maha. Subha asks Janani, Did she notice his changes? She said she doesn't noticed anything. Janani asks subha that she wants to go to mumbai for fewdays. She wants to stay away from Maha and Bharathi's life, then only Bharathi accepts maha full heartedly. Subha scolds her not to do any stupid things like this. If she did go away from them herself said everything to all about their love. If maha knows she will do something wrong. Subha asks her to behave normal, concentrate on something else, everything will be fine in few days.

      Scene shift to indra and Mathi. Mathi helps her in her assingments. She said he looks so tired after their two daughter's marriage. She said to Mathi that she decided to not to marry anymore. Mathi said her marriage will be after 5 years. She said she doesn't want to marry and she wants to stay with him in this house. Mathi said to her after marriage also she will be stay here. Indra tells him that already so much of crowd in this house, she had nothing left when she came home all her choclates are eaten by Ashok. She said he always eating and not doing any work. Mathi said not to talk like that if subha hears that she feels for it. Indra kalachify him as she scolds him very badly nu. Indra said throw anyone of them in this house.

    Scene shift to Bharathi in his room reading newspapers. Maha comes with coffee for him. Bharathi drinks it and starts to take bath. Maha asks him what he is going to do. Bharathi said for going to bath. Maha said how he takes bath with this hand as water spill in his hand. Bharathi asks how he leave without bath. Maha smiles and puts a cover his hand and ask him to go for bath now. Bharathi came out after bath and drys his hair with towel in one hand. Maha helps him. Then she gave him idly. Bharathi eats and he drops few. Maha asks him that it is difficult for him to eat idly with spoon ah. Bharathi kalachufyies her is this idly ah nu. Maha asks him spoon and feeds him. Bharathi said he eats on his own. Maha said not to feel embrassed. She knows this is very embrassing situation for him. She said if she doesn't takes care him then who willdo all this. She cares for him like she cares everyone in this house. She have no motive on doing all this. Bharathi looks her sadly. He said its enough for him. Maha gives him water and leaves the room.

        Bharathi gets ready to restaurant. Mathi asks him how is his hand now. Bharathi said its a small wound will be alright in two three days. Mathi asks him to take rest and not to come to restaurant till he says. Bharathi said its already so much of works pending. Its very difficult to manage in weekends. Mathi said he send Ashok to the restaurant and he will manage all with the help of manager. Bharathi said how he send Ashok to restaurant. If he does anything wrong its creates big problem and we lost customers also, ask him to come home. Mathi said y r u talking too much like everything will be handled only by you and I know nothing. He said Ashok will manage in two days and he learns how to handlequickly and leaves from there. Bharathi sadly sits and thinks that he will never understand him what he thinks only did all with his choice. Screen freezes with Bharathi.

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Update by Ratna.

Wednesday Updates

Dr.Sindhu (anu got this right Winkcame to see Mathi. Both shares casual talk about house and their job. Bharathy comes and Sindhu congrats him for his wedding. Mathi ask if he paid the money to the bank. Bharaty tries to avoid the talk and says will talk later nu but Bharathy insists what happen nu. Bharathy says auditor told money not enough. Mathi is worried now has he has issued 2 cheque already and might get bounce. Dr.Sindhu is silent observing them. Mathi feels bad talking about this issue. Bharathy tells him one lakh more is needed nu. Mathi tries to malaparan but Sindhu understands and gives her bank card. She ask Mathi to use her 1 lakh first and later he can give back to her nu. Mathi hesitates to take but Sindhu manage to persuades them and Mathi goes to withdraw money. So sweet of her Embarrassed Mathi ask how come she thought of helping him nu .. Sindhu says she don't know but she just felt like helping him. Mathi is touched. 

Bharathy in motta madhi .. Indra comes and ask what his doing here nu and kalaichufy him Tongue Indra vara vara rombha pesura. Maha comes with drinks for both of them and Indra starts kalaichufying both of them. Maha ask Bharathy about his likes and dislikes. She feels that he knows about all five of them but they never really know what his likes are nu. Bharaty ask why nu and Maha says just casually she wants to know. Bharaty says he likes everything nu and Indra ask if he likes to eat horse briyani Shocked Bharathy ask her not to vambufy him nu ... Maha says she often bring coffee for him not knowing that he likes tea more nu. Bharaty says its okay nu. Indra then ask what is Maha fav colour nu .. he looks at her a while and says she prefers like colors as most of her sarees are light colors nu. Indra continues to vambufy him and Bharathy vambufies her back Embarrassed Haiyoo indha Indra nadavulla nandhi madhiri LOL why cant she leave this jodi taniya for a whle Tongue

Ashok and Vicky who came to scold him for resigning job and advise him to control his temper nu. Ashok says he finds it not worth working here anymore nu. He ask where subha and vicky says she is still at work. Ashok thinks awhile and ask Vicky who is the girl that he said he loved but she has already married nu? Vicky refuse to tell. Ashok ask if that girl from their office and vicky keeps silent a while before answering yes. Ashok ask if that girl is Subha vaa nu? Vicky is silent. Ashok confirms saying its definitely Subha. Vicky says sorry he did love Subha but she never knew about his love.. plus she was in love with Ashok. He ask Ashok not to get angry and sys sorry again. Ashok ask why he did not share this with them nu and feels upset. Vicky says he told Subha about this. Ashok not happy to hear this. Vicky said he told Subha only after marriage. Ashok feels they have made him a fool for not sharing this news to Ashok. Vicky says sorry and leaves.

Vignesh come to see Mathi and Bharathy. Tells Mathi he has taken over father business completely and his here regarding the payment mathi suppose to pay back. Vignesh is here to cancel all deals and death line made by his father and he gives Mathi time to settle the amount. Mathi ask why his being kind to them and Vignesh says if only he had not walk out from the engagement that day .. this much of problems would not have happen. He wants to do something to come out from his guilt. He tells Mathi he would like to start back business with him and Mathi can take his time to consider about this. He leaves. Bharathy outside tells him sorry for being hard on him that day and wish he had given Vignesh a chance. Vignesh ask him not to worry and leaves his card and ask Bharathy to call anytime he needs help and leaves.


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Thursday Updates
Episode 79

Updates By SK

Ashok and subha room...Ashok lying down on floor and subha asks him reason...Ashok says nee enkitta oru matter maraichutta...That vikcy matter...Why did u hide that matter from me?...Subha replies she did so to save viky and ashok's friendship..Ashok says whatever she did was wrong...He told u that he loves u...But u didnt shared it with me...Subha says adhu oru matter ae illai..Ashok says he is hurt..sollama irundhadhu thappu...I am feeling like a loosu now...Ashok says he neveer expected this from her...I have share everything with u...but nee appadi illai...Subha asks sorry..Ashok pesadha nnu sollittu lies down...Subha sad...

MAthi water beating...Bharathy comes there and some casual talk between mama and maappu...mama tella maappu to get up...maappu gets up...Sit..says mama...Maappu sits...Naan edhu sonnalum seiviya nee?..asks mama...Yes ...says maappu...Dont be like this da...have ur own likes and dislikes...Elalrum solranga that i forced this marraige on u...Maappu says adhellam illai mama...DOnt confuse urself...Maama says maha kooda u will be very happy...She is such a nice girl..Maappy says stop this water beating and ur ularal mama...Before i was ur akka paiyan ...but now ur daghter's husband,ur maappilai...even if dont like anything naan adha pannuven for this fmaily...

Bharathy tells mathi that ashok konjam disturb panra madhiri irukku...Mathi says adhellam illai...My decision is right...Dont thappu thappa think abt ashok...Bharathy leaves silently...

Restaurant...Vignesh comes to meet mathi...he says he finds very difficlult to manage both construction and retaurant management...neenga parthukareengala ??...mathi smiles and says no...Vignesh then says bharathy parthukalamae??..mathi says bharathy ingadhaan irukanum with me...Vgignesh says now he is married..he has poruppu...Mathi says no...Then he calls bharathy and tells him abt vigneh's offer...Bharathy gtes angry and says...if u dont like presence here ma...pls tell me directly...I'll leave...idppadiyellam pesadheenga...Vignesh interrupts and says that was his idea..Mathi leaves to meet his friend...

Vignesh tells bharathy to be careful in relationships...maintain distance...bharathy says enna nadandhalum i'll never leavemy mama...Vignesh says u will change ur decision nnu enakku's my card...dont hesistate to call me...Card kuduthuttu vigensh leaves...

Baharathy comes home...Maha gives him water..bharayhy gives him sweet packet...(ivan maha va diabetic patient aa aakama oya maatan polarukku)....Bharathy asks maha's likes anddislikes...maha says she likes to read...She says kavidhai kodoa ezhudhuven..Bharahy super happy and says naama rendu perum poi books vaanguvom..Maha happy...(pesiyae kudumbam nadathi mudichuruvanga pola)....Bharathy tells maha to wear some other dress other than saree...maha smiles...Bharathy tells maha to live for herself...(oru waterbottle,2 coffee cup irundha exact conference meeting madhiriyae irundhurukkum...LOL...but nalla scene)...

Restaurant...Ashok mathi place la sitting and reading books...Bharathy comes there and tells him to get up...Tis is ismama's place...Ashok refuses...this is not mama seat ..this is leather seat...Ashok ottufies bharathy...Konjam adakki vaasinga bharathy..dont over aa butter thadavufy...Ashok says iam likig this business very much...and iam planning to ibnvolve myself in this business...Bharathy says mama will not accept...Ashok says neraiya change senju iam going to change this as high class non-veg restaurant...He says i ''l take care of management and u asusual take care of ktchen...ashok leaves...

Mathi comes and asks enna sollittu poran un sagalai...mathi praises ashok...Bharathi grrr...Mathi says iam goint to talk with ashok...avan ok sonna i ll give the resposibilty to u both and naan rest edukka poren...Bharathy kadupagi says  no one can beat un in thappa decision edukara dhula nnu sollittu leaves...mathi is Confused


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Friday Updates
episode 80

Updates by Satya

Thayumanavan Friday updates


Maha serves dinner to bharathy.maha tells about thaali kothu kattum  function.She asks him to buy a thaali chain for her as it should be bought from boys side.Bharathy tells about the incident that happened in the restaurant and he got angry on mama as Ashok irritated him.He feels bad for talking in that tone with mama.Maha convinces him.

Mathi in terrace.Mathi feels bad for what had happened in the restaurant . He says bharathy had never behaved like this so far. .Maha asks Mathi to think from Bahrath's point of view.She says Bharathy can adjust anything for him and his daughters.But how can he behave in the same to way to Ashok also..Mathi understands Bharathy and praises Maha for supporting her husband.

During the thaali kothu kattum function maha wishes to wear the chain bought by bharathy.She wants Janani too to join the function .Subha calls her. Janani arrives.Indra informs Janani that maha has denied her moms chain and wanted  to wear the chain bought by her husband.Janani looks at Bharathy.Ladies from neighbourhood performs the function.Janani unable to witness the function leaves from there.


Janani standing alone outside.Bharathy comes there and asks her why she left the function  as others may think bad.She gets furious and shouts at Bharathy  no one is bothered about her and not allowing her to go away from the house  saying dad and Maha may get suspicious .Bharathy asks what he has to do for her ..promoses her that he ll do anything for her..She asks him to leave the house along with she cant leave as others may doubt.If he doesn't leave she will leave.Bharathy asks for 10 days time to leave the house.Bharathy tells Janani...You are repeatedly telling that I don't love you and cheated you..but I cant love anyone as I loved you.Still I can do anything for you ..I can leave the house if you wish I can leave this world aswell.Whether you believe it or not this the truth.Bharathy leaves that place.Janani cries..

Bharathy comes to Mathi.says that he doesn't have anything of his own. Not even a bank account.Mathi asks him to open one immediately .Bharathy says that he is not talking about that but wants to live alone with Maha for sometime.Mathi gets shocked.


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*Thayumanavan November 2013 Written Updates Archives*
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Monday Updates
Episode 81

Mathi in deep thought about Bharathy request. Subha comes to see him and ask what is worrying him. Mathi tells her about Bharaty wish. Subha little shock but she kind of expected this. She ask Mathi not to worry and see the wrong side of this. She feel its better Maha to be away as she been dedicating her whole life for them and its time for her to move on and think about herself. Mathi says he is aware they are growing up but at times its hard for him to accept it.  Still Mathi says that Maha will definitely say no to Bharathy. Subha remains silent

Bharathy comes to Maha and tells him about moving out. At first Maha is shock. But she understands him only she feels upset as he never thought of discussing with her first. Bharathy feels guilty and ask sorry. Maha tells him all her life everything been decided by others. She just goes along as she hates hurting the other person. But now she is married and she is hoping her husband will give her voice some attention. Bharathy feels so sad and says sorry to Maha and tells her that plan can be cancel. But Maha says no lets move but hope in future he will always talk to her first nu.

4 sisters talking. Indra is grumpy and keeps asking why Bharathy has to do this and why did Maha agree? Maha says Bharathy is her husband, thus she has to follow him. Indra overa selfish adamant asking her not to go. Janani ask Indra to stop her cries. Maha needs to start thinking about her life and this is the right time. They will be able to adjust and live without her around. Both Indra Maha leaves.  Subha ask Janani if she told anything to Bharaty .. Janani denies and leave.

Maha having fever. So cute Bharaty gives her meds Embarrassed He then promises her he will never do anything to upset her. His very sure his decision about leaving the house has cause her fever nu. Maha says she is okay with moving away just next time to get her involve in discussions first nu. Bharathy tells Maha both of them sailing in the same boat. He too never took any decision. Always his mother and after she left, it was Mathi. Both Maha Bharathy smiles. Bharathy puts Maha to sleep and covers her and he sleeps down. Both looks at each other and smile Embarrassed Maha whispers she feels her fever is down nu .. while Bharathy laughs saying fever is still there but her heart is much clear now nu. Both laughs Embarrassed


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