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Tuesday Sept 24 
Episode: 869

Viru viruppana shocking episode Shocked Ouch Confused
(Nenappu than Pozhappa kedukkuthu) Wink

Sokku return from his trip. All happy to see him. Meenaksi polambing how come you took time nnu. Sokku says only extra two day tane. Meenaksi says looks like 2 years nnu.

Sokku says I am very happy to hear Maha kalyanam settled als oGopi told me about Ragini varan. We will go talk to them. He says in all happiness there is a damper that Rohini wedding on the same day and that too Maha wedding in Pandi kovil.

Exactly at the same time Malar comes in cring.  Meenakshi nakkal and asks her why she came here. Sokku sends her inside and goes inside and talks to her what happen. malar cries and tells about argument with Gopi about whose wedding to go. And she says it is only important that Gopi attends Rohini wedding. Mankatha comes inside and starts her polambals saying  for Nandri kadan Malar has to go to Maha wedding. Only because of Malar Gopi-Maha wedding didn't happen. Sokku gets mad and Mankatha shouts but Sokku sends off am I your husband or servant don't yell at me.

After she is gone, he asks Malar you are educated tane you sit with Gopi and decide this. You can solve the issue. Malar says what ever educated but being a marumagal is different. He says ok let me talk to Gopi when he comes back. But what ever don't have differences with him.

In Malar house everyone round table conf. Rasa mama asks where is Malar to that malar Amma opens her water tank that she just went to see mappillai and now when called she says not to disturbnnu. Mama shouts aying they treat her like that as she has no one to talk to.  In this rate they won't even feed her later. She married gopi wantedly doesn't mean she has to suffer through all these.  If we don't ask now then it will not be ever and  she has to suffer. Malar Amam tells her dad to go, he hesitates and Rohini says no but Mama says I am going so no choice malar Appa also says I am coming and both leave.

On the road Geetha teased by Josi he calls her vadi podi etc. She tells I am goign to tell Anna, he says no problem he will hit me only but I am going to say you are running off. Prasad comes there accidentally and geetha complains to him. Prasad gets angry and he hits him and mithi mithinnu mithikkaran saying yen sister, how can you talk about my sister nnu. Watched by Prasad parents hearing in mind  Meenakshi saying her son will come back odachyfy josi when teased her. They worry more.

In the hotel room hotel waiters tie up Ramesh demand for money.

Paramu comes back from hospital all welcome her.

Meanwhile the guys ask money and learns it is behind TV. So they go to get it.

In Paramu house Leela talks about doing Punyajanam for both Paramu and kamu at the same time.  Mayil says all are working out. I wanted to get them married in the same madai but atleast we can do for their babies at the same time.

Only thing we miss mappillai. Leela says he will come back too.

In the hotel room the guys get money and tell Ramesh they are going to kill him.

Pramu konjing pappa and she puts the baby to sleep on the floor and her Thali chain comes out.

The guys stab Ramesh in the hotel room.

Paramu Thali is shown with the BGM Mangalyam Thanthuna.


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Wednesday - RKO basement is getting onShocked.
Waiter is noting blood outside room, opens n gets to see Ramesh in blood, calls up police n ambulance ..they are taking Ramesh to mayil home all pasamalar are assembled .Sr.pp telling abt meens behaviour on malar attending roh's marriage.puspa tells malar has to attend  roh's marriage its very unfair to compel her to attend maha marriage as she n kobi are most important persons for Roh's n her relatives nu solluranga. puspa nagging bros on their seer for says he plans to gift 5 pawns for maha.. rasu comes there to meet new born kids.he kusalam visarichufies kids n daughties n comes out to join their pasamalar troop. he comes out n gives his seer for maha to puspa its an ring.. he tells he is stand alone person so he holds more money so he is doing seer nu. both Sr.pp n puspa starts from there to meet meens as puspa wants to convince meens on sending malar to roh's marriage.
Both pasamalar reaches pp palace ask if puspa is sure wants to talk to meens . she says yes n they goes in. kusalam visarichufies all n slowly talks on roh's marriage . malar welcomes her .. there comes jags n mams n checks with Sr.pp on roh's marriage speechless..meens starts her dance n makes malar to burst out n tells jags n mams to leave.puspa too tells the same n leaves..Sr.pp shoos meens to go in.ramesh got saved , but loose his voice.he ask doc to kill him as he is off no use to any one by writing in pad.doc ask him write more what he thinks. n leaves from there.
Jags n mams meets kobi somewhere out n tells all about the happenings n finally jags tells he will not step back into pp palace if they were not present in roh's marriage nu sollitu leaves from there. kobi left in thought.
Screen Freezes.

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Thursday  Updates
Episode 871

Prasad Malaysia boss comes to visit him. He was not there but his family welcomes him in feeling guilty cause their son stopped his work with the boss nu. Turns out the boss is such a nice man and his very happy for Prasad but sad cause he will be losing such a nice worker. He ask why did Prasad quit the school job?? From Malaysia he felt very safe knowing Prasad was taking care of the school renovation. Looks like his the school correspondent ... Parents says after marriage his going to settle in Kutralam so maybe he might start his own business or something but not sure. Boss wished them well and gives an envelope to be given to Prasad and leaves.

Devanai meets Malar mother in the road and calls for her but Malar mother refuse to see her. Devanai comes and ask why she turn off away and Malar mother opens her mouth (soon to be mangatha vaa??) she cries out her  sogam and ask what mistake they did and blah blah Ouch Devanae feels very bad and says what to do .. no one wants to talk to mangatha afraid of her mouth. Malar mother leaves saying she has lost her daughter nu.

Maha comes to see her school headmaster to give wedding card. Prasad boss comes there too and headmaster introduce Maha to him saying his the school correspondent and he is happy to know Malar is the bride to be. He says his heard lot about her and sad as she too will be going away since her inlaws told him they will settle in Kuttralam nu. Malar says ohh she never knew about this but says its okay nu. She leaves after telling him she will come to his house to give the card.

Maha and father shopping. Maha sees Prasad there and cleverly sends her father to next lane to search for something while she goes and starts her romance there with him. Also tells him about his boss and about they settling in kuttralam. Prasad says his not aware of this nu. Malar says no problem but they both need to start planning on what business they going to start there nu  ... while Prasad goes in and says yeah they need to plan about their future and kids nu ... both orei konjals and nandhi madhiri father comes in the middle LOL but manage to leave the kids continue LOL

Gopi comes back home.. father signals him Malar inside.. he just walks in without saying a word to his mother who starts opening her mouth asking why his just walking in nu but sokku again signals her to shut her mouth.

Gopi goes in and Malar scolds him left and right. But what is the use cause the mangga madiyan keeps his face like inji thinna kuranga Angry and his asking Malar to understand ShockedAngry Ivan enna loosa?? This time malar gave him nicely Clap Gopi says he will talk to mangatha about this when her mood is okay ... Angry  gopi seriously Censored He tries to hold Malar's hand. But she pushes him away and goes angrily to her FIL and tells him to warn her son not to ever try to calm her or reason with her anymore. She has already decided she is no longer going to her family anymore so Sokku should ask Gopi to stop trying to talk to her about this and storms off to her room. Mangatha gives happy wicked smile sitting there while 2 useless man of the house .. just stands and looks at each other.

grrr so annoying seeing mangatha face Angry


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           Friday 27th September 2013

Prasad comes home & informs parents about  his chance meeting with Maha who informed him about his owners visit to the house. Then casually asks them about their decision to settle down in Kutralam  along with him after his marriage. A seemingly innocuous statement turned in to a big issue by motta machan.  Subbu jumps up & down  & unnecessarily drag Maha & her family in to this - says Maha's family wants to have Prasad as  Ghar jamai.  Prasad refutes this . MM jumps to next conclusion - accuses Prasad - says Prasad nakkaladichify him[MM] for being a VM [ Veetoda Mapillai].

Jaggu & a Baldy come out of a house thanking somebody.  Jaggu praises the baldy for the help[ enna helpnu enakku suthama puriyala]. As they were speaking Nelli passes by.  Both Jags & nelli talk about Veg/ coconut order for the wedding. The baldy turns his head away all thru the conversation. Nelli also avoids him [ srimaku ore marmam - whynu puriyala]. Then comes the vidai for srima's puriyadha pudir. The baldy is Nelli's supposed to have been samandhi - Vanita's would be FIL. Thanks to ramesu & his thiruvilayadal the alliance got dropped. So both the supposed to be samandhis  katti with each other.  Jags  updated of the story , takes upon himself to set it right.

Subbu super fast straight coming to Maha's house.  Pada padanu porinju thaLLing. Pirai , Maha , Sumathi are  speechless  - did not understand head or tail of his outburst. Prasad stealgthly comes & stands behind Subbu& listens to everything.  Prasad then apologises to Pirai for machan's  misbehaviour.

Jags brings baldy to Nelli's house. Nelli & Baldy exchange sorry - baldy's son asks sorry to vanitha over the phone. All happy - Vanitha's marriage to follow rohin's. All shubam shubam anandham - everybody's face beaming.

Gayathri calls Maha & enquiries about the makkas in Maha's house. Avalukku avaloda makku pathi ketkanumnu aasai- adha vitutu  kusalam visarichufies  about the rest of the family members. Maha  finds out Gayu's kaLLathanam. Teases her for some time & finally assures  to help once her marriage is over. Gayu is happy. Prasad mom  is  privy to this telecom . Mom slowly backs out & goes to the pooja room with an expression best  decipherable by her.

Deivani  meets mangatha &  nallathanama tries to explain to her about Malar mom's predicament. Mangatha turns Mariatha.

Monday Mariatha   , Mahamayi  ,all aatams  for sumi . Sumi I will also send you some cotton rolls.

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Monday Sep 30 2013 Update Episode 873


Sorry for the delay..

Deivanai comes to meet meenakshi..sorry...mankatha and tells her abt her meeting with malar's mom...Ambuttudhen...mankatha opens her bada mouth and coovum river starts flowing...Deivanai gets left and right from mankatha..pushpa pesina that u r supporting that malar's mom??..Deivanai says sorry and escapes from that hell...

Pirai's house..Pirai calls pushpa and asks her abt preparations...Pushpa says ellam nalla going on...Maha tells abt sam and gayathri's loveuu..Maha says gayu called me now and told me abt this...Pirai says iam worried abt gayuLOL...Pushpa says enakku OK..Pirai konjam yosichu then says OK..

Next..confusion family prasad's fmaily...P's mom tells abt gayu and sam...And says gayu andha loosa kalyanam pannanum nu solra.Angry...Ponnu kuduthu ponnu edutha..that ppl will vandhu poga irupanga...Problem varum.. Madhavi comes and P's parents changes their topic..Madhavi suspicious..

Jegan family and pirai maily at jewllery shop...JMaha selects a chain and kadaikarar says that chain already oruthanga select pannitanga..Jegan fmaily comes and jegan and co gives the chain to maha...Then rendu family um invites each other to their house for ater marraige virundhu...

Prasad's house..MM polambing..Aiyo marraige is going to happen...happen..Cry...Kezahvi ammatha says lets plan da perandi...namma kalyana pandhi la galatta pannuvom...MM says i doubt this madhavi,my pondatti...let two of us alone make a plan...ammatha gives oru kevalamana plan and MM kadu kadu..Madhavi comes with coffee and wedding invitation...Invitation parthy MM kekka bekka nnu laughing..seeing the thai maaman part...he laughs...Subbu nencha enna venna pannuven..i'll stop this marraige...Wait or tomorrow...MM leaves..

Pirai family and Prasad family busy inviting family friedns..

Jegan's fmaily getting ready ...Rohini comes with athan and akka kku vangina dress...jegan kadupaduchufies and leaves...Rohini calls malar and rohini starts crying...U come akka...says rohini...Malar thittufies her ...Ragini and mangatha watching...Then malar asks sorry and says she cant come..

Mankatha opens her thiruvaai and says malar is acting...malar crying..


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