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Thursday Updates

Haiyaa jolly Hopper essu from mottai macha Dancing Srima maa you ensoy LOL

Sam romance continues Ouch His leg is getting better. Gayu comes and he pretends like its pain and shouts.. when gayu comes near he tries to hold her .. yabba romance thangalae D'oh Her mother comes and doctor says Sam can go back. Sam tries to make his future MIL to see that he needs help and like they have to take care of him. Prakash mother rombha usar Tongue She goes out and brings 2 guys.. tells Sam he will not be able to go back home alone like this so she got this 2 guys who will help him and send him back to his house. Sam all disappointed LOL

Gopi returns back home to find meenashi giving her usual mouth archanae to both Ragini and her sister. Gopi comes and small sister welcomes him to join the tuition LOL Mangatha jumps on him too on how he become pondhati dhasan and not bothered about anything at home and how dare he get Mayil to question her about Malar? She goes on and on and on and Gopi just puts his head down not saying a word. Mangatha nondufies her vidhi for having son like this and goes inside the house. Younger sister ask Gopi how was tuition class and Gopi says super .. but this has not end here. It will continue inside the house so lets all go and enjoy it LOL

Ramesh house his entire family wondering what happen to Ramesh and where he went. Future SIL and his father comes... gives left and right to the entire family and insults them for what Ramesh did, says this wedding is off Shocked and ask them to repay the money Ramesh stole by tomorrow morning. They leave and entire family cries.

Gopi comes to Malar house .. all looking at new cloths and things. Malar uncle aunty comes and casually talks. It lead to mangatha and what she did in hospital and also about the cloths. Uncle gives Gopi left right in a polite way Tongue ( i agree with the uncle) He says mangatha has gone to this extend only cause Gopi is still keeping quite. He did not know where to make the full stop.  Uncle ask Gopi to compare his family with Malar. Entire malar family will support Gopi if he uncle is rude to him .. but is that the same thing at Gopi house? Gopi just remains quite and gets up says his going to leave, Uncle says he did not mean to hurt gopi and for him to join dinner with them. Gopi says okay.

The loosu Ramesh burn the voice he recorded .. Gokul voice into a cd and puts in an envelope. Says that he will make sure this wedding stops Dead


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Friday's bali Adu

                   Friday 13th Sept. 2013-09-13

Ratna vaiku sarkaraya uppa [ select Ratna select]. Yes for srima the scene starts with MM. Prasad , his dad & MM return to their maligai in Kutralam . They are happily welcomed by prasad's mom . Prasad asks what important news she wanted to convey. Mom says she will come back from temple & tell him. MM curious why this sudden temple visit. Some imp. good decision has to be made says mom. MM starts his buk buk . Tells them to convince Prasad to agree to a new alliance. Further MM goes overboard in praising PD. MM then goes to his wife & updates her of her dad's ingenious brain & act in bringing back Parasd to Kutralam. Finally he leaves saying he will collect the vaddi money & get briyani for her.[ Yabbba this man non stop pechu . Mahesukku jodiya potirukkalam] .Prasad over hears everything.

At temple Prasad's parents have an open talk. Mom details Sam's version about Maha & dad about his experience in Karaikudi.  Both talk about Prasad - Maha  good nature & feel they are made for each other couple .  Repent  for their action which has caused much pain to Prasad , Maha & her family & decides to correct it by uniting both.  Mom worries whether Maha's parents will agree. Temple bell rings & they consider it as good omen.

Sam & gayathri kadalai poding over the phone for full 5 minutes.

Prasad's mom & dad come back & calls Prasad & tell him about their change of mind & their decision to give green signal for his marriage with Maha.  Prasad feels they are saying it just to test  whether he is still having soft corner for Maha. But mom / dad assure that they are serious. But Prasad says it is not easy , they had closed the door in this matter , not easy to open it again , maha is not a doll or ball to play with - venumna vachukka , vendaamna thooki poda, she also has a manasu of her own which they have butchered by their action. Maha's household has started looking for other alliances.  This topic ends here , no more discussions , leave me alone & let me be peaceful. Prasad retires to his room leaving his shocked parents .

Mudivu illai  - Thodarum - Mudiyavillai Unhappy

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Monday Sep 16 2013 Updates

Mankatha saapadu parimaring to her daughters rags and her sis...Gopi comes and asks for breakfast...mangu opens her thiruvaai and says why asking saapadu...go and ask ur arumai pondatti...Gopi tells her to behave like a porumaisali...(erumaisaali kitta poi porumaisaali ya iru nnu solra gopiAngry)...Gopi says malar's mama gave left and right to me..i stood there silently without replying anything...kyunki...thappu namma mela...Mangu utkandhu kitte peyattam aadings...Asusual gopi and co silent...Mangu continues...avan thappa pesing ur pertha thaai...nee summa va vandhaa?...(Nee petha thaai illai..petha peiAngryAngry)....How dare u come and advice me??...Gopi kku VMSS vandhu gets up and leaves the place without eating...Rags sad...Shouts at her mother...But mangu sattham adha vida big aa irukkuDead

Pirai tea kudiching at a roadside tea shop...2 mens talks abt prasad...Adhula oru man says prasad and maha kalyana ninnupochu...But maha's brother sammandam busy sight adichufying prasad's sis gayu...Konjam kooda akkarai illai that boykku..Pirai super angry..he calls the marraige broker and asks abt maha's kjadagam...Broker says sam varavae illai...

Super angry pirai comes home...There sam and co kekke bekke kku orey sirippi...Sam otting his "bus vandhucha..pappa vandhucha...naan oodala ponana" story...Pirai starts beating sam...and tells pushpa abt sam's love affair with gayu..Then sam says he went to kutralam to meet prasad's parents to talk abt maha and prasad...Pirai polambing...

Pirai's phone rings and prasad's dad andha pakkam...P's dad asks sorry...Then P's mom asks sorry..They call him sammandi..Pirai confused...P's parents says we are ready to accept maha as our DIL...Pirai face la 1000 watts bulb erinjings...Big smile..P's mom says prasad is angry with u tell him this nalla vishayam to him...Pirai idhukkum crying...(yov...dialogue pesittu azhu yya..ellathukkum oppari vakreenga...happy aa sad aa...oru ezhavum puriyala)...Maha edho oru expression kaatranga ...happy,sad,confusedConfusedConfused

Tailor shop...Gopi vetting a blouse..(adengappa...860 epi la 2nd time tailor shop kaatranga ppa)....Pirai calls gopi and tells him abt Prasad...Pirai says he wants to talk to prasad..nee konjam vaapa...Gopi says ok...Malar comes there and mokkaiya sandai podranga husband and wife...Dead...Gopi says he is going to pirai's house and leaves...

Prasad's house...Mr and Mrs saguni talking...Saguni confused abt P's parents's moodswings..MM overa pesing abt P's parents...His wife thatting chaing chakk(adiyei...un purushan thitradhu un amma and appa va..maanam kettavalaeAngry)....MM sends his wife to vevu parthing her mom and dad..

Pirai's house...Mayil,Pirai family and gopi round floor conference going on(elalrum floor la round floor conference)...Gopi calls prasad...Phone speaker on la irukku...Gopi says ur amma and appa green signal kuduthutanga for ur marraige with maha...prasad starts his overdose oppari expression...aaahh...apppadiya...oooh...ooohhh...Gopi asks...ur parents ok sollitanga...unga manasula enna nnu sollunga ippo...Screen freezes on prasad's azhumoonji face..

oh...engakitta solla maataram...migan kitta dhaan solluvaram..Over to migan..LOL

exhausted emoticon 


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Tuesday September - 17

Prasad cying, telling Maha is my heart when my parents said I cannot marry her my heart shattered. I was like a coward unable to answer. No life without Miss.Maha. 

But only my concern you all will forgive - but wil Maha forgive me? She will think bad of me. I will even fall on herfeet asking sorry. Hearign this Maha crying and runs away.

Gopi finally odachufies the whole conversation is live broadcast nnu. LOL

Prasad asks if I can talk to mahava nnu
Gopi tells maha crying hearing your talk and only ananda Kanneer. Prasad happy hangs up and falls on Appa/Amma feet thanking.

MM watches all these and onnume purila to him. Prasad amma tells them to get ready and Prasad arranging car vaam. MM and wify decide to go along and see what happens.

Paramu crying baby (really not look like born baby), Deivanai says Gopi and your appa came in the middle and periyappa is upset too.Paramu cries why did you save me. You should have let me die. What Pavam did Vanitha do, why he put mannu to vanitha life. Deivanai picks up the baby and tells don't talk like that. You need to live for baby. 

Neela comes and console paramu and tells her don't cry for the baby. For vanitha's good manasu only good will happen. Only we need to apologize to you. For us atleast it is son, but for you it is huaband. We only destroyed your life. Bot hof them cry and Neela console Paramu.  Deivanai asks if she knows of ramesh, Neela says no searching for him.

In a hotel room Rameshu water beating and enjoying. Slowly got drunk and talks to himself and tells him to drink as mush as you want and once the money over then just die. Room boy serves food(ada mutton biriyani, chiken biriyani and sixty five etc).

He forces the room boy to sit and closes the door. He forces him to eat.  that guy makes him sit and runs aala itta podumnnu.

In meenakshi kottai Gopi talks to dad and tells them he is happy. ragini is so happy. meenakshi happy too. She tellseven when I had fone there they didn't chase me that means they are good. Then she tells I am happy nalla magarasi is not here during this time she would have spoiled it. (malar). meenakshi goes out. 

Gopi tells Ragini your life same too and I hope it would have been corrected.  Gopi feels very sorry for spoiling Ragini life that we all married you off and now you are suffering. ragini tells it is not your fault. She convinces saying leave it.
Gopi brings Guhan topic and asks can I go see him? Only if you say OK then I will go and see him. Ragini tells you and Appa/Amma need to like. Gopi stops her and says you need to like him. We need to enquire about the boy.

Phone comes and Pirai informs Prasad family coming and Gopi says he will come tomorrow.
Gopi says after I got to Maha house I will go meet Guhan also. ragini  thoughtful.


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Wednesday -ore emotion O emotion  Angryunnakku thevaiya ithu laksu, ethu ku unaku intha ithu ponna PP la ivalo expectation..Angry ivanuga ennaikavathu santhosama scene poturukangala.. sirikirura scene la kuda glycerine podati dira taquor factory loss ah poidum Angry

Malar gets msg from kobi abt refixed maha marriage,she ask him to accompany P2 family on all needs.n cuts call n informs her family members ..jags asusual ore chides n tells u r only considering as relatives but they are not nu solluranga.. malar defends her family asusual n finally jags ask mom to arrange dinner n make the situation light.ramesh gets up from sleep as he gets dream of son n paramu.. n had briyani  nAngryDeadwater beating n again mattai stupid donkeyAngryAngry. Next morning in karaikudi prasad  comes out from his room n tells u have told menot to collect this advance only for this reason ah kekuran.. all are cherishing except mottai machan..kobi comes in all are welcoming him except MM ..he leaves silently from there. PD & PM apologizing padalam.. kobi says no one from our has kovam on telling there comes pirai tells that there is some doshan in date so lets go n do some puja nu solluraru.. b4 that PD & PM says we want to meet maha.. so all are kelambing from there .. prasad kalandufies from there for school..kobi n prasad goes out.. pirai ,PD & PM comes to pirai home.

All are welcoming them..PM ask for maha ..maha comes out n welcomes them.. PD& PM apologize to her..PM emotionally tells after sam visit we get to know your manasu..maha checks what it is..they tells about maha's lecture on taking care of PD & PM. maha says sam has lied to you..but i truely has only thought on this but didnt tell anyone on it nu sollura..PM again ore pongalsDisapprove n tells maha is honest ..where will we get such DIL nu solluranga.. pirai family ore emotion on this scene pirai kelapifies PM& PD for temple ..they all 4 leaves to temple.  sam tells see how i have made it nu solluran..maha says i know u didnt do it for me.. n nags him indirectly on gayu..he runs off from thereClap.

mahes home..mahes is training dancing boy guhan.. kobi comes there.. mahes welcomes n tells SR has gone for work .he is guhan nu sollura.kobi introduce himself n checks if he likes few mins he mumbles that he knows on rags past thru SR n tells that he got his parents samatham n then only he spoke to Sr nu solluran.. kobi ask if heloves rags.. guhan opens yes n tells as he is frank ,he also wish to be frank nu solluran..kobi says i know how one would feel if he marries the girl loved am also love marriage nu solluran n tells rags has past she made needs to face bad treatment from family itself.. will you have guts to protect n hear nasty words nu pricks mahes indirectly..mahes in tears silently..n finally if he have sibiling sisters..he says no.. my parents will not go against me so trust me i will keep rags happily ,also we will live here only seperately nu solluran..kobi says will speak with my parents n let SR know nu sollitu finally tells there is no sammantham btwn the incidents n mahes she is nowhere in this issue as she live seperately nu soluran.guhan says kobi to go live alone with family..kobi says he can't as his family is devil n angel to him nu sollitu leaves from there. guhan also leaves scene freeze on mahes tearful eyes.

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Thursday Updates

Both parents of Prasad and Maha with josiyar and talks about the date. Wedding will be on the 15th. Mangtha who comes to temple sees them and joins in happily. Gopi too comes and mangatha tells him marriage is fixed on 15th nu. Gopi shock and tries to explain to Periasudar about Rohini wedding on the same day. Periasudar says then they shall change the date and ask Prasad family who is okay with this. But mangatha jumps in and ask them not to delay Maha wedding and to put in on the same day as enough of problems already in her marriage. Gopi is unable to do anything. Marriage is fixed on 15th. Confused

Nelli, wife, elder son and DIL comes to return the money that Ramesh stole and tries to speak about marriage but the other side is too angry and refuses for the marriage.

They walk out sadly and this opportunity the elder son goes woo woo cries to father about his debts and lost and wants to come back home (fake cries does not suit our PP guys Confused) Nelli ask them to come back to their house.

Gopi at Malar house .. everyone silent as thinking what to do now both marriage on same date. Malar mama comes and when he gets to know he feels sad but he says at least Gopi and Malar will be here for the marriage that is more then enough. Gopi unable to say anything.

Nelli and wife comes to see Paramu who cries about her fate and ask them not to waste time searching for Ramesh who has ruin all their happiness. Doctor comes and say 2 days lae she can be discharge nu. Nelli wife suggest they take back Kamu and Paramu can go stay with her mother now .. it will be easy for Devanae too nu.

Courier comes for Ragini .. another girl at the parlor receives it and takes it in. Same time receives call her brother meet accident and died. She gets shocked and the envelope drops down a cabinet.

Gopi tells mangatha and Ragini he finds the mappilai is good for her. Everyone happy. Gopi goes but stopped but mangatha who reminds him both marriage at the same time but he needs and must be on Maha wedding and goes off. Gopi as usual with his look. ( i don't feel sorry for him as his got no guts to stand up and talk Confused)


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Friday . Maha/ Prasad & Sam / Gayu jodiyum Then Nilavukku TM ThenNilavula join pannippangalo. Paavam Malar - No madhumoon for her - only mothumoon from meenu

Friday 20th September 2013

Ammatha  aattam - Friday Special

Malar's mama discussing marriage arrangements with Jaggu & Ashok - Gopi silent spectator. Mama tells Gopi being the first mapillai he has lots of responsibilities in Rohini's marriage & requests him to duly discharge it.  Malar comes - Gopi takes her aside & polambufies about his kushtams . Argument arise between them  - vera enna enga breakfast enga lunchnu than. Gopi wants to attend Maha's wedding first & come for Rohin's while Malar thinks the otherway. She has a point here - Rohini's wedding was fixed first . Gopi scared of his mom's thaya thakka , tries to argue out pointing  Maha's disastrous wedded life. Equally so Rohini's counters Malar - Rohini too had a horrifying ex life .  Finally Malar puts an end to the argument with a super suggestion - let your house 2 loud speakers aka Meenu/ Mahesu attend Rohini's marriage & let us attend Maha's. Gopi realises - mooditu joot from there.

Ramesu water beating Sbaaa - kodumayana scene. Hmm srima's head writing for Friday.

Ramesu waterbeating- has one of the hotel server for company. Ayyakkum , avaroda companykkum kick pathala. So rames decides to have some naatu sarakku. Calls another server , pays him & asks him to get it. The 2 servers eyes pop out seeing the wads of currency. Both decide to mottai adichufy the kudimagan

Subbu's appatha comes to Karaikudi .  Fights  with Autowalla for the fare . Karaikudi autowallas super intelligent , all roam around with uruttu kattai tucked under their seat.  When appatha started the fight , the auto driver  shows her the kattai. Ammani mooditu ozhunga pays the money & goes inside. Prasad family shocked to see  7.5 entering.All tummiesla butterflies singing. Ammatha paatala vandha vivaram solling - went to Pandi Muni temple at Madurai to pray for Prasad/ Maha & Muni descended on her & told her  the  aruL vaaku -wedding should be performed in the temple. Prasad parents happy - jujubi matter - tummyla tamarind karaicha feeling irundahavangalukku  milk vaartha feelinga maari pochu.

Meenu getting a phone call. The party on the other side tell her about Maha's marriage will be conducted in Pandi Temple at Madhurai. Pandi Muniye ammatha moolam vandhu solliyachu. So no change. Ammani super happy.  Gopi is worried . Meenu strict order - all should attend only Prasad/ Maha wedding.

Kudimagan  in full mappu - lying in alangola pose. The 2 servers enter the room & search for the money. No luck. Leave the room empty handed.

Meenu giving kesari to Gopi , ragini & geetha.  Surprised Gopi , rags & geeths ask what special occasion for making sweet. Meens moraching , scolds them for not knowing the importance of the day. She leaves for temple - outside the neighbour girl asks the reason - Meenu  tells her it is her first son's birthday. Josi listens this & makes some nakkal comment & gets a tight slap from Meenu.

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Update by RatnaStar

Monday Updates
Episode 868

Sumi is  cause of her network so me chipping in with Brief Updates. Sumi edit this post to your reserved post daa Tongue

Meenashi in temple does archanae for her son. Turns and sees Malar, mother and Rohini. Meenashi warns Malar to make sure she attend Malar wedding, stand beside her husband and do all the necessary things. Tells her the location of wedding and Malar confused. Warns Malar make sure she comes or she can forget about coming back to live with her son. Meenashi leaves. Malar mother is angry that mangatha talking like this and says she no longer wants to keep quite about this. Malar who is angry tells her mother she too cannot take this and going to go and talk to Gopi about this and get a final solution for all the problem.

Moorthy tells his father already the mess is done so why the wedding needs to be cancel. He tries to talk to his parents to go again and see mapillai family explain to them everyone once again and get this wedding on. Lalitha stops them saying enough of all the insults they have gone through. Definitely there is someone for her and one day he will come and she will get married. 

Malar comes and questions Gopi who tells her he is also super confuse on what to do. There comes Maha and Prasad. Both tells Gopi and Malar that they had gone through lots of hurdle and for maha this is second marriage. Both Gopi Malar was there for her all the time and now she wants both of them to be beside her when she gets married ConfusedMaha tells to Malar she is aware of Rohini marriage but wants her to come her wedding first and then leaves. (this girl maha enna achu? How can she ask like this? ConfusedBoth leaves. Gopi says see how they both wants them nu. Malar says  no problem she will call Rohini to come and say the same thing how her life was mess before and this is second marriage and how she wants both Gopi Malar both to be there.. so what is gopi going to answer? Gopi ask her not to create problem and she gets angry. He suggest her to go for Rohini wedding while he attends Malar wedding. Malar says no way she will attend Rohini marriage without him and leaves. Gopi is angry.


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