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Monday sep 2nd 2013 update

Original Song:Konjam nilavu..Konjam neruppu from Thiruda Thiruda.

Konjam Blade
Konjam knife
Ondrai serndhal engal PP

Konjam sirippu
Neraiya oppari
ondrai serndhal engal PP

Konjam dialogue
Neraiya sound 
ondrai serndhal
engalll ppp



Pirai's house...Pirai and pushpa discuss abt maha's future...Pirai gives maha's jadagam andtell pushpa to give to to sammandam ...Pirai comes to maha and asks...iam looking for new rishta..u r ok with this na?...maha says yes..Pirai leaves and maha's sis tells maha...u r cheating urself akka...i know u love prasad...then why r u doing all this?...maha says i ve moved on...pls dont talk abt this...Sis leaves and maha talks to herself...enakku kashtama dhaan irukku...and cries...

School...Prasad  meets the new engineer and gives all the kanakku ...Saravanan (new eng)...comes and introduces himself...He asks prasad abt his sudden resignation..Prasad says personal work...nothing else...Prasad gives all details and saravanan praises him...

Saravana gets a call from his wife...His son met with small accident..he has to leave immediatley...tomorrow concrete starts here...please take care the work  here for 1 more day..pls ..nalla manasu prakash says u go sir...naan parthikaren...

Prasad calls ...MM attends the call...Prasad  tells him to call his appa...Appa comes and prasad ottufying the film again...Call ends and MM's mokkai stars...He starts brainwashing (brainwashing panna brain venum...indha fmaily kku adhellam irukka nnu neengaketkaradhu enakku ketkudhu freindsLOL).;...P's dad says eng.son head la adi yam (avaru legs la fracture naru...ivaru thaliyila adi ngararuConfused)....

MM says ur son will come..very soon..but not alone...maha also varuva ...Parents thiru thiru...MM action oda explains everything...(sathiyama adhellam ezhudha mudiyadhu...interested ppl pls watch the epi)...says kozhi rasam vachu un paiyana pudikka poranga...un paiyyan maatta poran...Kalyanam mudiuchudhaan ur son wl return..wait and watch...

Parents worried...MM vaching semma aappu and says ellarum vaanga..lets go to karaikudi and enna nnu kettu varuvom...P's dad and MM leaves ...

Selvarangam at sokku's house...Meenu,rags ellarum welcome panranga...Sokku katcheri kku poitaru says meenu...SR tells her abt guhan..Guhan and his family wants ragini as their marumagal...SR says they r my no worries...we can proceed...Meenu super happy...SR says paiyan gold maadhiri...Meenu says sokku and gopi varattum...pesalam..SR leaves and rags in thoughts..


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Wednesday - Prasad planning for not giving up MahaThumbs UpHeartHug

Sam at kutralam coming in search of Prasad n Co. gets hurt in public toilet n gets admitted to hospital. prasad gets to meet puspa who was pleading prasad to tell what korai he found on maha..prasad keeps quiet..finally she discloses that they had fixed marriage for ask him to vaccate this oru ASAP, as maha may get distract if she gets to see him here,as she accepted for this marriage for thier sake half heartedly nu solluranga..prasad after some feelings leaves from there.

Gayatri accidentally entering  to see her friend in the hospital.gets to see sam in collapsed state,Dr.ask her to take care of him well.. Sam ore feelings..Once Dr. moves away gayu is telling that she will go home n bring food for him nu solli gets escape from there.In NA home rames is searching for money n finally gets to see his anni keeping 2K in her handbag, takes 500 from that n leaves from home. In Saree shop sambandhi's ore kolavings.. van's is telling she will pick saree here.. NA & Lola are very happy about this samantham n thanks Pp family whole heartedly.

In PP palace meens is giving food to duo daughters..geets is telling food is bad as malar would have made it better..both daughters  n mom argue for a while on it n finally eats it. gets call from malar ,who is checking for dress color from them as they are going for dress purchase.asusual meens jumps on  n cuts on call
.In prasad home he is found determined telling to himeself that he cant give away maha from his lifeClapClapClap(ithu onnum than orupadiyana sceneLOL) goes out to open door gets to see machan n dad outside.. prasad comes inside shockingly.

Screen Freezes.

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Tuesday Sep 03
Psycho - 2 Re re re entry
(Maha wedding matter mudila now ragini matter????)

That parlor lady(PL)  talking to Guhan and Guhan tells that SR went to talk to Ragini house. She is happy. Ragini comes adn Guhan tells the lady to talk to Ragini leaving the phone on as he wants to know what Ragini thinks.

They go inside and Ragini tells about SR coming and talking to her mother.

Lady asks what do you think? Ragini tells i ahve no opinion. Guhan seems to be a good person. But only my hell from previous life bothers me. PL tells her to forget that and would she agree to the wedding. Ragini tells it is her family decision and she will accept it what ever they say.

PL goes ou and tells Guhan see Ragini doesn't oppose - lets wait and hope all good will happen. Guhan happy.

Psycho 2 Rajesh visit Guhan father tellign friend not picking up. Guhan father loosu olarufies saying Guhan doing well and he is going to get married to ragini Pechu varthai going on. He wonders why Guhan not answering psycho calls as he is close to him and how he helped Guhan before. Rajesh tells I will try later and leave.
NA and Leela go out to buy clothes for Vanitha. Paramu so happy about her hubby and praise him and tells him all will be ok and it is all due to the baby going to be born. ramesh moonji eee adala but says Amannu.

Malliga and Guru visit NA house and scolds drunkard, on the way there is a guy who was drunk and started troubling who was on the road. Ramesh face becomes small. He walks away. Paramu pleads them to stop talking bad about kudigaran in front of Ramesh.  But malliga starts talking bad saying I only talked about kudigaran not moda kudigaran which is your husband. Paramu starts arguing and both fight and Ramesh truies to intervene, Guru stops him, Paramu gets mad and tells they have no kids and thsi angers both malliga and Guru. They tell All sothu pirichufied and why did you come back here get lost, Paramu says why should we leave. Guru says let Amma/Appa come and we talk to them and decdie this matter and takes Malliga inside.  
Guhan puts water to Mahesu house, Mahesu calls him Thangachi purushan, asks SR to tell what happen in Ragini house. SR says he already call and inform. Guhan vazhinjufy. Pscho 2 rajesh calls him, Guhan disconnects, he keeps trying finally calls SR number and pretends some one else. SR wonders how he knows his number and Rajesh mazhuppufy.  He gives the phone to Guhan.

Guhan takes the phone goes out and realize rajesh. Rajesh tells him to meet immediately. Guhan tries to say no but Rajesh says waiting in Therumonai otherwise will coem there. Guhan has no choice goes to meet him.

In car - both talk Rajesh ask Guhan you came here for me but you cut me now trying to getr married to Ragini. Guhan loosu tells he only came to fulfill Rajesh wish, it is getting harder once everything works out see Ragini and family gets tortured. I could not call before as I have no news. But will call you once I achieve some thing. 

He says bye and leave tellign to himself he will talk to the Ayokkiyan once he amrries Ragini.
Psycho 2 gets down from car smiles, saying yenekke appa and plays the cell recording of their conversation. tells will see one hand.


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Thursday Sep 5th 2013 Update

Prasad thaniya polambing...Recalls pushpa's words...stay away from maha...He says i cant do that..iam going to meet maha...He gets up and opens the door...Anga nikkudhu 2 loosum...aka MM and P's dadDead.. what r u doing here??asks prasad...Are u ppl following me?...MM says we came here coz we wer worried abt u...Prasad says engg will come tomorrow...MM and dad decides to stay back and leave with prasad tomorrow...

Prasad's house...Gayu tension aa yedho yosiching...Mrs MM comes and asks her something Gayu thappu thappa answering...Gayu asks abt her amma and amma comes ...gayu says sam boy is here...Amma and akka jangu jangu nnu jumping...Akka name is madhavi aam...kandupidicachu...Gayu says sam kku kaal la adiCry...He is thaniya thaviching there t hospital...Amma says i will go there and meet him...Madhavi stops her...gayu supports her mom...Gayu finally wns and amma says naama avanga veetla ull kattu katti saaptrukkum..nandri kada nnu onnu irukku...adha naama pannanum(aama...chicken soup vachu konnengalae..3 1 week full aa naanga update ezhudhinomaeAngry)...I'll go and meet him...Gayu says she also want to come with her...madhavi's starts her bak bak and amma says dont pottuvittufy this to ur purushan(indha amma summa poirukalam...enga appan kuthurukulla illainnu un purushan kitta solladha nnu sollittu pogudhu...AMMAAngryAngry).....Gayu and amma leaves...

NA's elder marumagal malliga's bag la irundhu rs.500 missing...She calls paramu and asks for ramesh...and says ramesh dhaan eduthuruppan...Paramu and malliga fighting...Malliga says ur appan kovil thirudan dhanae...There comes our water beater ramesh...Full thanni...pathadhukku vomiting vera..yuck...Malliga says...see our 500 is coming out in the form of vomit...yuck yuck...(indha family la aambalainga ellam nalla vomit panrainga and opapri vaikaranga ppa...)...

And next our kudumba vilakku...kuthu vilakku...paramu starts beating ramesh(oh..oru paramu pei aaga popoittalae...ohhh...)...Ramesh pushe her and paramu delivery pain start achu...Malliga and her takes her to hospital...Ramesh busy vomiting and polambing...

Hospital...Gayu and amma comes to meet sam...Namma azhagan vaathu nadaiyazhagan sam kaal air la belt pottu thongingsLOLLOLoh...sorry ...idhukku vera emoticon podanum it isCry...Sam says thanks to amma and sams says he came to talk abt maha...

Flashback...Pirai,pushpa,maha and sammandam talking...Pirai says after marraige we will bring maha and prasad here with us to karaikudi...Pushpa says they will not accept...Pirai and pushpa argue..maha says adhellam sariya varadhu..As for prasad..his appa and amma dhaan rombha important and i also want to stay with them...Pushpa and sam happy...Pirai moraching...Maha says i want to take care of my mamanar and maamiyar...i am not her marumagal...iam their magal...(sari sari...maha nallava dhaan..nallava dhaan...real life la oru pombalai pullaiya ippadi pesa sollunga parpom...)...

FB over..Sam semma performance ginvg...amma azhudhukitte goes out and sits on a bench and continues her woo woo...Gayu and sam alone...Gayu says...nee ennaiyae parthiya...i was worried...neen vera edhavadhu solla poriyo nnu...abt our matter...Sam and gayu romancing...mudiayla ennala...en kannu nolaiya poirum polarukku...OuchGayu gayu nnu sam busy romancing and amma comes there and parthu moraching...then she asks sam...eppadi indha adi pattuchu...Sam says i tried to save a baby...bus idichuruchu...(bus endha hospital admit pannirukinga samLOLLOL or Resting In Peace aa?Dead)sam again vitting love look towards gayu and mummy looks at them with yedho oru expression Confused


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Friday..mehhh- srima

                                 Friday  6th Sept..2013

TM's Friday spl. Scene opens with RKO . Paramu delivers baby boy. Child is healthy but mom in risky condition. Hospital corridor becomes oppari ground - Deiva & Leela poti potundu  oppari vaiking. Livid Nelli wants to see kudimagan one hand. Leaves the hospital in express speed. Guru accompanies father.

Back home Nelli calling out Ramesh , dei Ramesh. Aiyaa alankolam lying on the ground in the main hall. Nelli gives him kudam water  bath. Ramesh's   bodhai thelinjing. Nelli beats him blue & black. Guru also joins dad. Ramesh resists , also tries to retaliate. Finally runs away.

Prasad wakes up his MM & asks him to accompany to his work place so that MM can perform his Otran job perfectly  - keep an eye on Prasad  & Maha. Prasad dad gets hurt by the comment. Prasad apologises to dad.

Back in Kutralam , Prasad's mom  talking to elder daughter , outlays Maha's good nature described by Sam, feels sorry for Maha. Daughter some blah blah advice.  Mom also outhuvitting her doubt about Gayu - Sam something  something  matter. Daughter imagines Sam's raja nadai with kaal kattu.

Sam in hospital bed with bandaged leg. Avasara Nature's call. Unable to walk , calls for help,  ward boy arrives , Sam petrified at the sight of the rest room , flash back in the mind about his great fall at the bus stand public toilet, narrates it to the ward boy, Gayu hears it & Sam realizes that his vandavalamas are on thandavalam.  Both asadu vazhinjing & kadalai poding.

Ragini & Geetha update Meenu about Paramu condition. Meenu ore emotional , prays to God for Paramu's well being , worries about Deiva & leaves for the hospital to be with Deiva  to  give her the moral support.

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Monday -
Happy Vinyakar Chaturthi

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Tuesday Episode 859
September 10

Mottai Machan and Prasad daddy(PD)  following Prasad while he is going to school.  MM tells PD to kanula velakkannai oothikittu watch Prasad. Watch for Maha as we came for security. 
In School people come and ask Prasad why he stopped working? MM tease them. One guy sees PD and praise Prasad saying such a good boy nnu.

In Kutrlalm Prasad mummy thinks abotu what Sam said and crying. Elder daughter comes and questions her what nnu, PM dismisses her.

In hospital everyone crying. Meenakshi (This time konjam soft so No Mankatha) comes and gets the baby and consoles Deivanai and sends Neela home to see what happen with NA and Ramesh.

Maha getting ready to go to school. Both Pirai and Pushpa tell her not to go to school. They say just stay at home for one day. Pirai is so upset. He yells about Prasad adn tells Maha he ran away do not even see him. Maha says I am going to school not to see him Dance rehearsal is coming up so I have to go. She says I have nothing so I will go and asks Pushpa to take care of Pirai.

Pirai cries and tells Pushpa after Maha leaving that he respects Prasad so much that he has to atleast pretend like that angry.  He tells Prasad mappillai is like yettatha Kani don't know what to do.

In NA house Neela and co come to know what happened with Ramesh. Moorthy gets angry and Guru tells Ramesh tries to hit him with chair. Neela gets mad and tells enough is enough. Moorthy says the only solution is to send him to rehabilitation center. they all convince NA to send Ramesh. He agrees. Says don't know where he is. Guru and Moorthy decide to go look for ramesh.

MM and prasad Appa doing security duty sitting by the construction site. MM dozes off and decides to go drink tea, and asks PD to keep watch.

Exactly at the time(ithu than cycle gapa??)  Maha comes there and sees Prasad Appa sitting. She talks nicely to him saying don't feel bad. Why show sad face. Even Prasad saw me on the road and walked away as if feeling guilty. She says there is no mistake on your side, we just talked marriage and it didn't work out. Doesn't mean weshould not even face each other. She tells him to visit home when he gets time. She also enquire about every one.
PD is stunned. Calls PM and she tries at the same time. After some time they connect and both explain what happened -PM telling what sam said and PD about meeting Maha. They both happy and don't want to miss Maha. She happily tells him to bring  Prasad tonight so they can discuss about this.


(Mottai machanin kacheri for Laksh)

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Wednesday- Marupadiyum MP Marriage, Malar MIL dishum startedCry

PM ask PD to bring Prasad immtly to home ,so that we shall conclude on the marriage issue.but cuts call.. PD runs to prasad there join MM too, PD tells lets start immtly to home, Prasad tells that the other guy is on his way let me handover n come n also have to take advance from house owner which will come tomorrow nu solluran.PD says why to take advance back , who knows they might need that house back nu solluraru.. prasad oreBig smileBig smileBig smile n nods his head n goes with PD.MM stops PD n tells u have bcom wonderful nowadays nu solluran..PD tells mappu to collect advance money n come home n leaves.MM is telling to himself advance money also swaghaBig smileBig smileBig smile

Dancing boy meets rags in road have eye lock(SakikalaDead)parts on thier ways rags with a smile.rames in road drunken state,there comes van's would be identifies him n ask him what happened.rames gives an story that somebody cheated n made him drunk n throw him in road.mappu consoles n take ramesh with him to his hotel room.In hospital paramuis back to normal ward , dev's thanks meens for being always there for needful time.meens tells not to mention n ask her to leave to take care of kamu's kid. dev's leaves from there.malar n her mom comes in,meens is not answering any of thier questions.they leave from there. on the way back to home car got stuck, both ladies are waiting is telling she is not able to accept her MIL's insult,as she continues doing it nu.malar hears everthing n keeps tells they are hearing all this only for Sr.pp n kobi sake nu solluranga. there comes car where mayil n kobi comes n check on paramu state.malar says all is well n tells the happeneings.. kobi keeps quiet n tells will do something.

mahes comes to hospital n tells guhan proposal is good for ragini lets finish it nu sollura. meens tells her perumai of ignoring malar n mom. there arrives mayil n kobi.. mayil happy at peran..kobi konjifies mahes son. mayil ask about her act malar n co. meens leaves there with konatal n mahes hotel room ramesh takes bath n comes out ..mappu give new dress..rames thanks him n wears it n come.. someone comes with money n gives to mappu. mappu introduce rames as machan. new man leaves after handing over 50K money to mappu.. mappu goes to take bath rames takes off the money n locks mappu in bath room n runs from there with money.

Screen Freezes

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