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||Celebrating 50 Golden Threads of Shivu & Nozzie/YuvReen heaven||

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YuvReen & ShiviTi heaven#50

celebrating 50 threads of Shivu & Nozzie / YuvReen heaven!<3

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Shivin Narang / Yuvraj Singh
Smiriti Kalra / Suvreen Guggal

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India Forums PROFILE
Title Track
Scene Of The Week

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 Team 1
Simu meher Sahas Ela
Team 2
Naz, Jas, Sasha, Manasi
Team 3
sucheta di, jms, Nayab, muskaan
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~How to Play~
There is 3 Teams. For example Team 1 starts and says

made by: Naz_YuvReen

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Suvreen and Yuvraj are in delhi because tomorrow is a special day. The day for which both waited eagerly

~one day before~

#mumbai at suvreen's place

Suvi- yuvraj jldi kro na plzaccha plz ye bi daal do mere suitcase me aur meri jewellery bi tumhare bag me rakh lo mere bag me jagah ni hai. Suvi said to herself main kch bhul to ni rhi..n then she started finding sumthng.

The room was very messy n yuvraj was just sitting n luking at her innocently. Sha was luking a bit stressed.

Yuvraj camenear suvi who was then finding sumthing in her cupboard. He hold her by her waist from behind n hugged her.

Yuvi- topper chod na ye sb thoda time spend krte hai na saath me.

Suvreen turned around n said ''yuvraj chodo na plz''. Abhi mere paas bilkul tym ni hai tumhe dikh ni rha kya kitni saari packing krni hai upar se drees bi ready ni hai or parso humari engagement hai or abhi tk kch bi ni hua ha sham ko Delhi k liye bi nikalna hai. Hatho plz.

She said all dis in one go.

Yuvi- Topper! Topper! Topper! Kya kr ri hai yr. tu itna sb lekr kyu chl rhi hai hum delhi se shopping kr lenge na itna tension kyu le ri hai aur vese bi tu to apni engagement dress khud design krne vaali tji na to abb kya hua??

Suvi- kaha tha pr ki to ni na tym hi kaha tha yuvraj sb kch itna jldi jo ho gya aur tum to itni easily keh rhe ho ki delhi se shopping kr lenge as if hum etym mil jayega kl subah to delhi pahuchenge humare pass 1 din bi ni hogaaur tumne apni packing kr li na to chup chap betho or meri packing me help kro!

Yuvi- isiliye isiliye mene kaha tha ki flight se chalet hai jldi pahuch jayenge pr ni flight tickets mehengi hai ye votune commerce chod di ab budget ki baatein pata ni kb chodegi.

Suvi- yuvraj tum na impossible ho paise kya ped pr lage hue hai jo hamesha kharche ki baat krte ho.

Yuvi- bas ab tu kch ni bolegi hum flight se chl rhe hai n dis is final.

Again both got engaged in their respective works. Yuvi booked tickets for the two.

At night both reached Delhi.

#next day afternoon!

Mumma- beta suvi tu aaram kr kl teri sagai hai na betaor meri beti sb se acchi dikni chahiye.

Suvi went to her room. She called yuvi.

Yuvi- hellooo topperrr meri cheetih!

Suvi- (she laughs) yuvraj tum bi na usually log apni gf ko kehte hain hello meri jaan, my luv etc etc pr tum to bilkul ulte hocheetih.

Yuvi- (he also laughs) accha ye to bta call kyu kiya.

Suvi- I am sad.

Yuvi- topper kl humari engagement h..or tu khush ni hai..kya hua kisi ne kch kaha kya?

Suvi- mene tumhe bataya than a ki mene abhi tk engage. Ki dress ni khareedi fir tum ne bola ki delhi se le lena to mene bi socha ki me yahi se le lungi pr fir jb main annie naro k saath shopping ke liye jaane lagi to mumma ne kaha k vo already mere liye lehenga le ayi aur vo bht heavy hai or uss ke colors bi bht hright hai mjhe bilkul pasand ni hai but main mumma ko bol bi ni skti na un ko bura lg jayaga I hv to wear that only on the top of it hum apni engagement tk mil bi ni skte.

Yuvi- hawww meri cheetih sad hai pr koi na abhi happy ho jayegi tere liye 3 surprise hai or tera pehla surprise the aunty ji dengi

Mumma- suvi beta!

Suvi- yuvraj pr kesa surprise hello yuvraj hello.

The phone went dead.

Mumma- beta suvi plan me kch changes hain pehle engagement ka programme yuvi keg hr pr hone wala than a beta pr ab unhone 1 hotel book kr li hai..or vo log chahte hai hum abhi wahan pahunch jaye or night stay wahi kare to tu apna saman pack kr le

Suvi-kya? She was surprised n happy at the same tym. *suvi's mindthought* mtlb ab hum mil skte hain.

#the night at the hotel n before the engagement day!

Suvi heard a knock at the door. She opened the door to find a bouquet n a card. The card reads '' 5 min me mjhe hotel lounge me mil''.

She went there. It was all dark. Then sum1 from behind hugged her. It was yuvi. The lights were on. She saw below her feet a beautiful carpet of white roses. A sile came to her face. Then yuvi gave his hand to her n the walked the entire carpet holding each othrs hand at the end there was a gift packed beautifully.

Yuvi whispered to suvi- 2ndsurprise!

Suvi blushed n opened it. Thre was a beautiful pink lehenga she became all the more happy. She, in her happiness jumped, hugged n kissed him n shouted thank u!

She than realized wat she did n blushe harder with her bowed head. Yuvi kissed her on her forehead n said 3rdsurprise abhi baaki h. he took out a ring box opened it n placed it in suvi's ring finger.

Yuvi- kaisi lagi?

Suvi- I luv u! tum ne itne acche gifts diye but in sb se accha gift to mere paas already haijo duniya me koi ni khareed skta tum bi ni.

Yuvi- kon sa gift

Suvi- Tum! Hi to ho

Yuvraj smiled n hugged her.(subhanallh in bg)

Suvi- yuvraj..mere paas bi tumhare liye kch hai. She then took him to her room,opened her suitcase n gave yuvi a smrt luking indo-western sherwani.

Suvi- ye tumhare liye maine khud design kiya hai or main chahti hu ki kl tum yahi pehno

Yuvi- thank u so mch topper pr is ski kya zarurat thi ye to bht accjha hai accha to ab samajh aya tere paas apni dress design krne ka tym kyu nit ha.

Suvi- accha ab jao ni to koi dekh lega.

Yuvi was about to go then

Yuvi-oye topper! Ring to wapas kr de kl kya penaunga :D

Suvi- oh haan lo!

#engagement day!

The hall was decorated with suvi's fav flowers. Yuvi was sitting n waiting n waiting for his love while the others were busy in preparations. Then sum1 appered in pink lehenga on the stairs. She was suvreen. She was accompanied by her friends. She came n sat beside yuvi.

Yuvi- bht bht bht sundar lg ri hai. She blushed.

There were dances n many more rituals. Then its tym to make promises n exchange rings. First suvi placed the ring i9n yuvi's finger n then yuvi plced it in suvi's hand. All clapped n throwed flowers on them. They both made each other eat sweet.

Yuvi whispered in her ear- ab humara rishta badal gya hai ob meri gf meri fiance bn gyi hai. She blushed.

"There are 3 great things happened in my life.

The first thing is that I fell in love with you.

The second thing is that you fell in love with me.

And the third thing is that we stayed in love with each other all these years."

Written by: sweetgirl29

Me, You and Yuvreen

We see two people arguing they are none other than Yuvreen

Yuvraj- Look topper no more arguements on this

Suvreen- you're the one arguing not me I told you we will decorate the room blue not pink my decision is final room will be blue

Yuvraj- Topper room will be pink ok I brought so many things already

Suvreen- when did you bring all this? now where will I put all this Yuvraj you need to return all these

Yuvraj- I brought it first you return your stuff

Just then Annie, Rathi, Manu and Naro came inside hearing all the noise

Annie- Suvreen Yuvi what is all this? we can hear you guys from next door

Rathi/Manu- Bhai what happened?

Naro- why are you guys shouting so much?

Suvreen- it's all Yuvraj fault

Yuvraj- my fault how is my fault it's your fault you always argue on the wrong reasons exactly like college times

Suvreen- college times you use to argue and make me angry I always said the right things

Yuvraj- oh really Romeo Juilet play you couldnt even say a line right remember in rehearsals... mein mein kiye ja rahiye thi bakri kahiye ki

Suvreen- so what I didnt practise it was my first time performing on stage... you can talk iseh toh yeh bhi nahiye patha Cheethe ko english mein kya kethe hai

Yuvraj- Topper that is old news ok mujhe patha tha woh toh maine aise he jhoot kaha tujhe hasaneh keh liye ok

Suvreen- yeah right

They carried on fighting

Annie/Naro- one minute timeout Suvreen you sit down here Yuvi you sit there now tell me what is the whole matter?

Rathi/Manu- haan Bhai what are you guys fighting?

Yuvraj and Suvreen both spoke at the same time

Yuvi/Suvi- I will explain

Both started talking at the same time

Annie- one at time Suvreen you tell

Rathi- Bhai aap batoa

Annie- Rathi pehele Suvreen ok

Rathi- Nahiye pehele Bhai

Manaro- Annie, Rathi not you guys as well we already have Yuvraj and Suvreen who argue so much now you guys dont start, Suvreen you talk first then Yuvraj thats fair

Suvreen- guys the whole fight is about our babys room Yuvraj wants the room Pink and I want the room Blue, I brought all the things beforehand and now Yuvraj is saying to return everything why cant he return his stuff?

Yuvraj- Topper tu sach mein paagal hai I have been collecting all these things since the past 8 months now you want me to return them that's just dumb

Suvreen- kya mein paagal nahiye hoon tum paagal ho you never told me you brought all these things till now, whenever we shopped together we brought only white clothes and seperately we brought these me Blue and you Pink

Annie- Yuvi you should of told Suvreen

Rathi- Suvreen could of told Bhai also

Yuvraj- exactly my point

Suvreen- you didnt tell me either so you're at fault

Naro- Suvreen Yuvraj you guys should of told one another beforehand

Manu- Naroji is right

Annie- yeah you guys love each other so much and always share everything with each other since college days, so why hide things now?

Rathi- Yeah now you guys are married you should act maturely

Naro- Yes thats right

Manu- aapkeh ghar mein baby aneh walah hai aur aap loge khode bacho ki tarah behave kar rehey ho

Yuvraj- I wanted to give Topper suprise that why I didnt tell her I was hiding all the stuff in the wardrobe suddently Suvreen came and saw everything my whole plan went down the drain

Suvreen- I wanted to give you surprise also

Manaro- tum dono paagal ho honestly both of you were planning on surprising each other, guys I dont think it matters if it's a girl or boy

Yuvraj- It matters to me we will have a Girl I'm sure about it hamare ghar mein ek cute si baby girl aiyghi just like Topper maine toh auseka naam bhi soch liya hai (Interuptted)

Suvreen- Yuvraj we will have a boy ok junior Cheetha aiygha

Yuvraj- no junior Cheethi aiyghi ok

Suvreen- No

Yuvraj- Yes

Just then the Baby kicked Suvreen

Suvreen- ouch itneh zor seh kick marah baby neh

Yuvraj- Topper even our baby thinks I am right now I am convinced hamare ghar junior Cheethi aiyghi, meri cute si Yuvreen jaldi ajoa Papa is waiting for you phir hum dono tumhaari Mama ko pareshaan kareghe

Suvreen- Yuvraj ab mujhe bhi lagtha hai yeh tumhaari Yuvreen he hai agar mera Junior Cheetha hotha itneh zor seh kick nahiye martha yeh Yuvreen he hai

Yuvraj- Topper Yuvraj Cheetha hai Cheetha he is never wrong

Suvreen- dont be to happy not fully confirmed yet...if she kicks me now I will kick you

Yuvraj- Topper thats not fair

Suvreen- yes it is fair

Annie- nahiye yeh nahiye ho saktha maine toh isse Rathi keh saat bet lagayah hai I said Ladka hogha and Rathi said no Ladki hoghi, so we done bet of 10 thousand rupees

Yuvraj- Rathi Annie tum dono isse baat par bhi bet laga rehey teh jaise college keh waqt har baat par bet lagathe teh, then you guys are calling me and Topper immature, its you two who are immature

Suvreen- exactly very bad of you both ab Annie tujhe Rathi ko 10 thousand Rupee deneh pareghe

Rathi- haan Annie tu bet hargayi

Annie- hello zydha khush maat ho exactly 3 weeks are left phir we will see if its a girl or boy

Rathi- we will see Annie you will lose the bet

Naro- Annie 3 weeks nahiye 2 and half weeks are left

Manu- Naroji is right

Yuvraj- No you all are wrong only 1 and half week left I got the date written down in my phone

The baby kicked Suvreen again and Suvreen kicked Yuvraj, he fell of the sofa

Yuvraj- Topper mujhe kyun kick kiya

Suvreen- kyunki tumhaari beti neh mujhe kick kiya

Manaro and RaAnnie were laughing so was Suvreen

Yuvraj- stop laughing its not funny

Suvreen- its very funny Yuvraj whenever she kicks me I will kick you thats fair

Manaro/RaAnnie- guys ab hum chalteh hai kal phir aiyghe no fighting or else aur haan humhe yaad hai kal humhe airport janah hai aaj Uncleji aur Auntyji arehey hai

Yuvraj- haan Auntyji ka kal phone aiyah ab woh hamare saat he rehenghe till Suvreen delivery unki flight afternoon ki hai

Manaro/RaAnnie- we will go airport and recieve them you dont worry you take care of Suvreen

Manaro and RaAnnie left

It was 2am Suvreen suddenly woke up in the middle of the night Yuvraj was sleeping peacefully.

Suvreen- YUVRAJ!!!!! YUVRAJ!!!!!!!! GET UP!!!!!

Yuvraj quickly got up

Yuvraj- Topper are you alright your not in pain are you we will go to the hospital right away I will get the car keys

Suvreen- No it's not time for my delivery I'm hungry I want to eat Ben and Jerrys Choco fudge and cookie dough ice cream

Yuvraj- ice cream at this time its 2am Topper you will catch cold so you cant have ice cream ok I will make you some fruit salad its good for you and Yuvreen

Suvreen- No I want ice cream

Yuvraj- Topper please dont be stubborn you have to take care of Yuvreen also if you get ill she will get ill also seeing you both ill what will happen to me so please topper no ice cream

Suvreen- Yuvraj me and Yuvreen are hungry we want Ice cream so you have to get up and buy us ice cream this instant please (she made a cute face)

Yuvraj- Topper dont make that face ok

Suvreen- Yuvreen your Papa doesnt love you or me see he's not buying us any ice cream hes mean we just have to go back to sleep

Yuvraj- Topper dont do emotional blackmail I'm going I love you both lots

Suvreen- aww so sweet Yuvraj (she hugged him)

Yuvraj- I will be right back you take care of yourself dont move from here ok here your phone if you need anything while I'm out ring Annie or Naro they will come

Suvreen- ok come quickly

Yuvraj- I will do

Yuvraj got his car keys and left

After a few mins Yuvraj came back with Ice cream

Yuvraj- here you go happy

Suvreen- very happy I love you Yuvraj you're the best husband in the whole wide world

Yuvraj hugged Suvreen

Yuvraj- I love you too you're the best wife in the whole wide world too and soon you will be the best Mama also, now eat up

The baby kicked Suvreen again

Yuvraj- see even Yuvreen agrees her Mama is the best

Suvreen- yeah this time she took my side

Yuvraj- well I said it

Suvreen- so what are you trying to say whatever you say she will agree too this is not going to happen

Yuvraj- Topper she will listen to both of us happy now no fighting you eat your ice cream ok

Suvreen ate her ice cream and slept

1 week later we see everyone in hospital it was day of Suvreen delivery

Mama Guggal and Papa Guggal were praying in mandir

Manaro and RaAnnie were pacing up and down the ward

Yuvraj was with Suvreen in the labour ward holding her hand throughout the whole time while Suvreen was busy swearing at Yuvraj and the doctors.

Few hours later the baby was born

Doctor- Congratualtions its a baby girl

Yuvraj was really happy

Yuvraj- Topper I was right it's a girl

Suvreen was really happy also

After a few hours they shifted Suvreen and the baby to the ward

Yuvraj told everyone it was a girl he was really happy he brought mitaai and gave it to all the hospital and also fed Suvreens parents and RaAnnie and Manaro. After a few minutes Suvreens parents, RaAnnie, Manaro brought balloons and gifts for the baby.

Mama Guggal/Papa Guggal- congratulations beta hum bahuth khush hai

Rathi- Bhai, she looks like you same face shape

Annie- haan aur iski nose Suvreen jaisi hai

Manu- aankein Bhai jaisi hai

Naro- I think Baby looks like Yuvi more what do you think Suvreen?

Suvreen- Yeah sirf naak meri hai the rest she looks like Yuvraj

Yuvraj- yeah she does

After a while visiting time was over Suvreens parents, RaAnnie and Manaro went home and Yuvraj stayed in hospital.

Yuvraj- I'm so so happy Topper my wish got fullfilled we got blessed with a baby girl, my beauitful bacha Yuvreen

Suvreen- I'm very happy too Yuvraj

Yuvraj- I love you topper (he kissed her forehead)

Suvreen- love you too..Yuvraj are we really going to name our baby girl Yuvreen such name doesnt even exist

Yuvraj- yes we will name her Yuvreen because she is a part of us so she should have our jodi name right

Suvreen/Yuvraj- Yuvraj aur Suvreen ki beti Yuvreen

The End

Written by: Anam Ali

Yuvraj sat near the stairs putting his head down on his knees.He had tried the number for the umpteenth time hoping for her to pick up his call atleast for today.The day which was so special to him,not him but them.The day that they had joined hands for the sake of friendship and today the joined hands were not joined.They had separated.

People inside were enjoying the day with the one they loved but here he was feeling helpless.He was feeling all alone,all shattered.He felt incomplete without her.Last year this day they both had started an amazing bonding of friendship and in one year everything changed and more after she left.He had started having feelings for her.He did not know about her heart but still he had hopes.

All those hopes got shattered when she left for Mumbai with her dad because her dad wanted her to stay with him in Mumbai.He opened a pic of her in his phone and a tear dropped from his eye.He let out a sigh and softly whispered-

"Kyun topper...kyun??"

Ek tujhko hi bas dekhkar

Bhuli mujhko meri hi nazar

Tujhko shayad nahi hai khabar

Tujhko jeete hain hum kis kadar

He still remembered the last day when he talked to her before she left.


(4 months before)

Suvreen was packing her bag in her hostel room as she had to leave the next morning.Suddenly someone knocked her door.She looked at the wall-clock.11:00 pm it read.She knew who could be there at this time.She went and opened the door and saw him standing quietly with his arms crossed on his chest.Letting out a sigh she left some space from the way and he entered quietly and directly went and sat on her bed.Suvreen closed the door and went inside and resumed her packing.

Yuvraj looked up at her and said-


Suvreen who was packing still-



"Kal chali jayegi tu?"



Yuvraj fell silent again.He just looked down.Suvreen looked up from her bag as she didn't hear his reply.She saw him staring at his feet as if it was the most fascinating thing in the whole world.She put a few more things and zipped close the bag.Then she lifted the bag and dumped it near the other bags and returned to the bed and sat beside Yuvraj.She looked at him and said softly-


Yuvraj looked up at her and said-

"Tu kyun ban gayi meri best friend?Kyun jaa rahi hai mujhe chod ke?"

His eyes were brimming with unshed tears.Seeing him Suvreen's condition also became the same.She held his hand and said-

"Main kahan jaa rahi hun...yahin toh hun..."

Yuvraj now blurted at her-

"Tu nahi jaa rahi hai...jhooti kahin sab kya hai...koi aise chod ke jaata hai kya apne friend ko...tu bahot selfish hai...bahot!"

Suvreen tried to calm him down.

"Yuvraj...mein ek saal mein wapaas aa jaungi...pakka"

"Ek saal?Ek saal bahot hai topper...uss ek saal mein tu sab bhul jayegi...woh saari raat ki meetings,hum ek saath bitaye hue pal,har woh samay jab hum ek dusre ko help karte the,woh saare SMS,inn chhe mahino ki friendship sab bhul jayegi tu ek saal mein!"

Suvreen now had tears falling down from her eyes.She did not even want to leave him.Not only a best friend,she felt more than that for him.She did not ever want to leave him.She could not do anything about it.She felt helpless.After her mother died when she was 5 years, her father was her only parent.He had taken lot of difficulties to raise her.She therefore always obeyed her father and did what he said.She could not refuse him for anything.

Yuvraj saw her crying and sniffing.He could not also say anything.He himself was crying.So he took her into a bone-crushing hug and cried on her shoulder.Suvreen also could not do anything but hugged him back tight.Yuvraj asked while crying and hugging still-

"Tu mujhe nahi bhulegi na topper?"

Suvreen felt him crying harder and so she patted his head ruffling his hairs and replied between her sobs-

"Nahi...nahi bhulungi Yuvraj...kuc...kuch bhi nahi bhulungi...pakka promise"

They remained there still crying on each others' shoulders as if their life depended on each other.

Jude jo tere khwaab se

Toh toote hum neend se

Yeh kaisa tera ishq hai


After a few minutes Yuvraj parted them and then looked at Suvreen and cupped her face.He held her face and said-

"Topper...please contact mein rehna"

Suvreen nodded slightly crying still.Yuvraj wiped her tears tenderly by stroking his thumb on her cheeks.Then he kissed her forehead and in a few seconds he got up and ran out closing the door behind him.

Suvreen was a little shocked by his sudden gesture of kissing but somehow she felt warm and strong from inside and closed her eyes but when he left her face and went out running she felt alone.She grabbed a pillow and dug her face into it and cried hard.

Tu haathon mein toh hai mere

Hai kyun nahi laqeeron mein

Yeh kaisa tera ishq hai


Yuvraj then went to his dormitory and went in his room.He closed the door shut and fell on his bed and tried to sleep.But he could not sleep.He still now could not digest the fact that she was infact leaving the next morning.Whenever he closed his eyes he could see the moments they spent together.The Valentine's day when their friendship started.

Suvreen's condition on the other side was no less.She was continuosly staring at the ceiling fan and was lost in her thoughts.She did not want to leave.How she wished Gannuji would do something that would stop her from leaving.

Tere bina kabhi

Ratein na ho meri

Tere kareeb ho

Mere ye din sabhi

The next day Suvreen walked out of the hostel with her luggage.She hugged and wished her other friends and was walking out to get an auto when Yuvraj came from nowhere and sat inside the auto.Suvreen was surprised.Yuvraj then grinned at her and said-

"Wahi khadi rahegi kya??"

Suvreen got inside and the auto started.Yuvraj was trying not to become senti atleast not when she is leaving.Suvreen was also doing the same.They tried to become normal and extra-goody types.Both of them tried to start a conversation to lighten the atmosphere but none dared to thinking if they would come to a topic where they will become all crying again then it won't be nice,so its better to just shut up and sit quiet.

Both weren't saying anything but were silently stealing glances of each other.In between they get reminded of some of the earlier times of their togetherness.

Jude jo tere khwaab se

Toh toote hum neend se

Yeh kaisa tera ishq hai


Then finally they reached the airport.They got down and Yuvraj paid the money.For sometime they stood their looking at each other.Then Yuvraj said-

Apna khyal rakhna theek hai...aur pankaj jaise udaas mat baithna"

Suvreen laughed a little and Yuvraj smiled.She then said-

"Tum bhi..."

Both of them smiled aat each other.Then Suvreen could see her pappa at a distance.

"Yuvraj,mere pappa aa gaye hain...mujhe jaana hoga"

Yuvraj heart skipped a beat when she said-"Mujhe jaana hoga"

Heavy heartedly he managed to fake a small smile on his face.Suvreen tried to but could not smile at all.Then they gave each other a side hug.Suvreen then held his hand and said-"Main jaldi wapaas aa jaungi...mera intezaar karna"

Suvreen stood there still holding his hand and looking into his eyes.

Tu haathon mein toh hai mere

Hai kyun nahi laqeeron mein

Yeh kaisa tera ishq hai


And she left waving a goodbye to Yuvraj.

~Back to the present~

"Kab tak intezaar karun tumhari...ek phone bhi nahi ki jab se gayi hai...toh wapaas kya aayegi...mujhe pata tha ki tu selfish hai...bahot selfish"

He angrily threw the phone on the ground and stood up from the stairs.He angrily banged his hand on the wall pouring out his anger and pain on it.

Tu saath hai agar

Tanha kyun hai safar

Itna bata mujhe

Kyun hai mujhse bekhabar


He heard a familiar voice then.He immediately turned his head to see Suvreen standing there.He could not believe his eyes.He turned to her and said-


Suvreen smiled and nodded.

"Haan main...wapaas aagayi hun DPSC mein,mere hi college mein,mere pichli zindagi ke paas,mere doston ke paas..."she stopped "aur tumhare paas hamesha hamesha ke liye"she added with a big smile on her face.

Yuvraj could not think of what to do.So he suddenly hugged her,but in a few seconds he left her and said angrily-

"Nahi bahot selfish hai tu...chaar mahine ho gaye lekin uss din ke baad tumne mujhse baat hi nahi ki...kyun??bhul gayi na sab kuch...apna pakka walla promise bhi...ab kyun aayi hai wapaas?"

Suvreen at first was furious but then her eyes fell on his hand which was red with blood.She grabbed his hand and worriedly asked-

"Ye kaise hua??"

Yuvraj looked at his hand in hers and pulled his hand away and said-

"Jaise bhi hua..."

Suvreen held his arm tightly and started dragging him.

"Munh band karo aur chalo tum"

Yuvraj-"Tu kar kya rahi hai?"

"Main jo bhi karu...tum munh band karo...agar tum apne man-marzi chala sakta ho toh main bhi who kar sakti hun "

Saying so she dragged him to her room and made him go inside and sit on her bed.Then she rushed like a lightning and brought the medicine box.She took his hand and first cleaned the wound carefully and then bandaged the hand.Then finally she looked up at his questioning face.

Yuvraj was gently touched by her concern for him.So he sat silently wondering why she had been keeping away from him and tried to avoid him if she cares for him.That thought again made him weak and he screamed at her again-

"Aise kyun kiya tune topper...agar tu mujhse durr hi jaana chahti thi toh pehle bhi bata sakti thi...jaanti hai tu kaise main kya soch baithta tha..."

Suvreen cut him in mid-sentence and said back with force with her tears dropping from her eyes-"Main bahot achhi thi...yahi soch rahe ho na tum...inn chaar mahino mein mera life pura badal gaya...ghut ghut ke jee rahi thi main..."

Yuvraj was a little shocked at her expression and words so he calmed down a little and Suvreen continued her ranting without trying to stop her tears.

"Main jab Mumbai pahunchi tab main khush nahi thi...par phir bhi sab theek chal raha hafte baad Pappa ka accident ho gaya...aur..aur..."

She could not say more and sat on the floor on her knees with her face in her hands crying bitterly.

Yuvraj could not do anything.He stood there shocked.He still could not believe what had happened.He too knelt on the floor and waited for her to react to something.Suvreen sniffed and wiped her tears.She continued-

"Main jinda-laash ban gayi thi Yuvraj...pappa ke dost sab mujhe support kar rahe thhe par kitne din karte...Main colg jaati thi aur wapaas aati thi.I lived all to myself.Mujhe tumhare calls aa rahe thhe lekin mein khud mein khoyi si rehti thi.Phir mein apna peechle din ko bhulakar wapaas apne duniya mein aana chahti thi.Apne duniya jahaan main khul ke jee sakun.Main wapaas toh aa gayi par phir bhi mein akeli hi hoon.Pehle mamma aur ab Pappa,dono mujhe akela chod ke chale gaye "

She looked up at him and again a fresh set of tears rolled down her cheeks.

Yuvraj's anger melted when he heard her part of the story.He now could not think of what he should do.He wondered how strong this girl is.She lived all these days all to herself without anyone's support.And the biggest fact that mattered him the most that she came back here to live a fresh life again.He then fell sad hearing the last sentences.

"Main wapaas toh aa gayi par phir bhi mein akeli hi hoon.Pehle mamma aur ab Pappa,dono mujhe akela chod ke chale gaye"

He felt bad and thought about his own parents whom he had never seen.He was brought by his uncle and aunt who hated him the most.So he made up his mind and started living on his own.His cousin(brother) helped him as he loved him a lot,just like a little brother.

Suvreen poured out everything because she knew that only he could understand it better than anyone else because he was also in the same stuation.Then she saw his change of expression and then called out-

"Yuvraj...tum theek toh ho?"

Yuvraj broke his chain of thoughts and answred her-

"Topper...tu bilkul topper hai...tujhe koi bhi toofan kuch bhi nahi kar sakta..."

Suvreen smiled a little at his words.

Yuvraj held her face and said-

"Aur sun,tu akeli kahan hai...main hunt ere saath,tere saare friends hai tere saath...kabhi mat kehna kit u akeli hai...phir toh main bhi akela hunn"

Suvreen nodded and smiled.She said-

"Yuvraj hum dono akele nahi hai...hum dono ek dusre ke saath hai...haina"

Yuvraj smiled and cracked a joke to lighten the mood.

"Waise tu toh akeli hi toofan hai...tujhe kissi aur ki saath kyun chahiye"

Suvreen let her jaw drop and then said-

"Kya main toofan...tum na gadhe waale cheete ho"

Then Yuvraj stared at her for making fun of his cheetah ascent.Then both of them laughed.

Then Yuvraj said-"Topper tujhe aaj ka din yaad hai na?"

Suvreen smiled-"Hmm...kaise bhul sakti hun ki hamara friendship day hai aaj...tabhi toh aaj hi wapaas aayi hun...tumhe surprise dene"and she showed her tongue to him and stood on the floor.Then she said-"SURPRISE...Suvreen Guggal is back" and laughed.

Yuvraj stood up and said-"Achha...yeh koi surprise hai"


Yuvraj-"Surprise dena toh tumhe aata hi nahi"

Suvreen-"Achha tumhe bada surprise dena aata hai...kaise friendship day mein tumne surprise party plan kiya tha apne friends ke liye...aise surprise tha jo sab 3 din pehle se jaante thhe" and she laughed.

Yuvraj-"Woh woh...woh tune leak kar diya tha surprise...tujhe pata chal gaya toh tu sabko bata di"

Suvreen-"Acha toh batao surprise kaise dete hain?...batao batao...bada aaya mujhe surprise karne"

Yuvraj-"Bataun tumhe" He asked challenging.

Suvreen-"Haan batao...I bet ki tum jo bhi surprise doge mujhe woh pehle se hi pata hoga...aakhir best friend ban ne ka itna phayda toh hai"She gave a victory smile.

Yuvraj-"Soch le topper..."

Suvreen-"Yuvraj mujhe 100% pata chal jayega...dekh lena"

Yuvraj-"Acha dekhte hain"

Suvreen smiled confidently.

"Theek hai"

Yuvraj then suddenly pulled her close by her waist.Suvreen then opened her eyes wide confused and shocked.Yuvraj smiled wickedly and kissed on her on her forehead then her cheeks.Suvreen had her mouth open and was blinking like a baby.Yuvraj suppressed his laugh and said-"Dekha hota hai surprise" and he winked.

He then left her and went out of her room.

Suvreen stood there in the same position with one hand on her cheek.Then her phone call diverted her thoughts.Smiling to herself she wnet to pick up the call without noticing the number in it.She answered the call-


"Topper...ab mere bare mein sochna band karo aur jaake so jao...tum thak gayi hogi"

"Oh hello...tumhare bare mein koi nahi soch raha hai"she lied.

"Mujhse jhoot nahi bol sakti topper...waise tera munh dikhne layak tha tab...haha"

She knew that he was pulling her leg.

"Tumhe dekhti hun kal..."

"Abhi abhi toh dekhi hai...itni jaldi dekhne ka mann kar raha hai"

"Mujhe tumse baat nahi karna...good night...n may the bugs in ur bed give u a good bite"

With that she ended the cal and hoped onto her bed.She hugged her pillow tight and smiled to herself.She was so happy coming back here.Suddenly her phone beeped.

*A new text message*

She opened the message to read it.

"Aur ek surprise...Happy Friendship day :P"

She replied back-"Ye kaisa surprise hai...btw same to you :) "

Then she got a reply-

"Happy Valentine's Day...ab yeh toh surprise hai na :P"

"Ye bhi koi surprise nahi hai toh keep trying :P ...n same to u :P"

Then she waited for a few more minutes and was irritated.Then a message came to her-

"Topper ab ek akhri walli surprise...I love you!"

Suvreen's eyes widened seeing that message.She knew that he did but she was so happy that he himself said that.The next moment she was fidgeting with the typing what to reply back.Finally she replied back.

"Same to u :P"

Yuvraj laughed a little at the crazy reply.Then he smiled to know that she also felt the same.He also knew that from before and now he was fully confirmed.How he wished to see her face then.

Suvreen's phone beeped again.His reply:-

"Aur ek surprise doon :P"

Suvreen texted back-

"Nahi aur mat do please...mujhe surprises se dar lagne lage hain :P ;)"

Then both of them laughed at their crazy way of confessing their feelings.Finally they both had a peaceful sleep after ages.

Jude jo tere khwaab se

Toh toote hum neend se

Ye kaisa tera ishq hai



Congos guys for the 50th AT of SG-TOTY Forum!*Dhinka-chika* :P

So my dearies,I hope you all liked this story.Please forgive my mistakes and sorry if there is some mistake in my lrics coz I didn't check it.I wrote it how I knew. :P but if you haven't heard the song do hear it and think of the scenes of Yuvreen.

Ok so everyone enjoy and have fun!!!

written by: sahashrabdidash

Edited by Naz_YuvReen - 13 November 2013 at 9:51am

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