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SR (After FIRST NIGHT) IS IT Hate Or Love CHAPTER 21 Page 144 ~ THD 1

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Hello Friends,

This is my first attempt of writing story I am ready for your Juta and chappal...LOL  Please like this chapters and post your comments and suggestion for improvementBig smile... thank you for reading my version of Jodha story

Story start in Amer: 1st meeting of Jodha and Jalal (Assume before 1st meeting as per serial)


Before war or attack Jalal typically likes to visit that state... He heard a lot about Amer State and Ameri princess Jodha's bravery and beauty. He wanted to see this princess, who can fight with his 10 soldiers all by herself. Every time Jalal heard Amer and Jodha, he felt some connection, which brought evil smile on his face...His curiosity to see Jodha brought Jalal to Amer.

It was a time of Ghangor festival... Ghangor is one of the biggest festival in Amer. In this festival, there are many competitions organized and lots of Rajvanshi Raja and Princes from different states and villages come to take part in this grand celebration of Ghangor festival. It is colorful festival with full of life, everyone seemed very happy and enjoying this celebration. There are  big markets, competitions, food, music, drama and fun for kids and many more things... Jalal was pretty much impressed by arrangements and preparations made for this festival. He walked around to see the Market &  the richness of Amer, then he wanted to see how strong the soldiers are, so he went to see all the competitions. He was shocked to see how disciplined and systematic these competition's were taking place. People show their love and respect for their land before they enter, they bowed down to their land. There were 40 arcade of different competition. People were showing there different talent, art and expertise in different fields.

Jalal was passing through his favorite Sword fight competition.  He stopped their and saw there were two brave expert sword firgter's (yodhha's)  were fighting. One of the Yoddha looked different not really muscular and his face was covered with his turban... but he was fighting amazingly. He was pretty impressed with this yoddha's flexibility, moves and quickness which is the most important in sword fight. He was in the top rank winning; he defeated three soldiers one by one in no time. Finally announcer declares him as a winner and asked the group if anyone wants to fight against this veer Yoddha (Brave soldier) . Jalal didn't want to take part since there was a chance for his identity to get exposed . He kept quiet for a while then again finally he heard from announcer again that no one can win against this solider here and Jalal couldnt hold himself so he decided to fight and for him winning is everything, so he decided to take risk to enter in the competition.

Jalal with roar announced , I will fight with this fighter and show him real sword fight then he looked at the solider and smirks... Jalal jumped into the competition ground and fight started...Jalal never lost in sword fight before... At that time probably, he was the best in entire India in sword fighting. Other fighter realized right away with the first attempt from him that he is not an ordinary fighter. Other fighter put all of his effort to win this contest. They fought for about ten minutes with different moves. Jalal was pretty impressed with the fighter's attacks and defense. Jalal fell twice but he controlled very quickly and attacked back on fighter. Suddenly other fighter fell on ground facing down and his face and hair cover opened and fell on the ground...what he saw couldn't believe his eyes ...long silky beautiful open hair... Jalal was about to attack again but his sword stopped right there. He had never seen any women in sword fighting this was a shock to him , amusement and curiosity took over jalal to see this beauty.


 Precap: Jalal mesmerized with the beauty of the fighter...



Chapter 2

Jalal Mesmerized in Jodha's beauty:

Jalal couldn't believe his eyes. He was sword fighting with a women. Everyone in the crowd also got shocked to see women in sword competition. Women were not allowed to be in this competition. Jalal scanned at the audience to see their reaction...

She was extremely frightens. Luckily, when she knocks down to ground; she was facing other side from the crowd and Jalal. Her long shiny beautiful hair covered her back and face. As soon as he saw her, he got very inquisitive to see her one gaze but before, he gets chance she swiftly took her cover up from the ground and jumped out from the competition arcade in a flick. While walking hastily she covered her face quickly again. She took a deep sighed out thinking no one were able to see her face.

Without wasting a second Jalal also jumped out from ground and quietly tracked her. She wasn't aware of that she was being watched and followed. By every second her fear was increasing realizing what could have happened if her identity unveil in public. While panting harshly, she walk for about twenty minutes then ran through bunch of trees, and came out towards back side of the temple and near a small beautiful river and very lonely place.

It was sunny cheerful afternoon, sluggish cool winds were making atmosphere pleasant, deep silence in surrounding, melodious sound of birds chirping was clearly listenable, beautiful waterfall and quite river was making this surrounding attractive...

She walked on sandy shore towards the big stone closer river and looked around for Moti, but she was way earlier than decided time...

Her doe like beautiful eyes were filled with intense fear. Her glorious forehead had deep line of stress. She was afraid of her identity getting exposed in public, and also she worried for breaking rules. Breaking rule is one of the routine parts of her life. She never like to stay in constrain lines, which draw by her royal parents. She loves to break boundaries and go on adventurous ride but at the same time she always feared to get caught. She said to herself "thank u kanah for saving me otherwise bapusa and bhaisa would have make big hungama...  

She took deep breath in and out while taking off her cover up. By every moment passed her fear vanished and her mind started to think about sword competitions. While fixing her long shiny hair, she thought about the person who almost defeated her. With little smirk she said to herself... finally after five years of winning, someone could stand against Jodha in sword fight, then in a dim tone she murmur that strong who can defeat princess Jodha... hmmm... Who was he??? When I saw in his eyes, I felt shivered for a second as if sudden lightning pass through me... The way he fought, at some point I felt like he was not attacking on me purposely... he was testing my skills... but his sharp approach and method in fencing is amusing, I have not seen this type of tactic in any solider. Seeing his glow on his face and magnificent personality, she thought he is definitely a King or Prince, but if he is a rajvashi king or prince then how come I don't know him. Very few Rajvanshi kings and prince I don't know personally, whoever he is but I am not less than anyone... I am a princess of Amer.While she was s waiting for Moti, she sat on the rock and completely lost in thoughts, she had no idea that Jalal was watching her from behind the trees.

Jalal is still trying to see her face; he was only able to see her from back side. Jalal was extremely shocked and completely impressed by her sword skill. He said to himself, whoever this girl is I have to meet with her once who was able to stand against Jalal for ten minutes. No doubt I was testing her skills and didn't attack on her but her speed, her moves, her quickness, and sharp turns, very impressive.  Average solider can't stand against me more than two minutes and she lasted for ten minutes... Whoever you are, you have impressed King of the Kings Jalalludin Mohammad... It is also remarkable how swiftly you sneak out of the ground before anyone could think further...

Jalal had awestruck Jodha with his sword fighting skills and left a lasting impression on her, she was lost in thoughts about his sword fighting skill, strong look and confidence.

Jalal could not wait to see her, his curiosity was increasing every second...finally he decided to go & see her in person. He slowly walked towards her... he almost reached where she was sitting...

Standing behind her, he said in ironically thick tone "So you have accepted your defeat and ran away from the arcade." Then proudly he added "No one can stand against me in sword fight." 

She realized someone is behind her; she abruptly turned back with her sword and placed it on Jalal's neck... For a minute her heart skipped few beats, seeing his royal impressive look then she said arrogantly "hum Rajvanshi kabhi kisi se haar nahi mante, Sar kata sakte hai par jhuka nahi sakte".

Jalal forgot to breathe...his heart stopped beating for few seconds... when he saw her for the first time, her first look utterly smitten him... Wow... what a beauty, what an innocent face, she looks every bit of a beautiful princess, her doe like deep fiery eyes, powerful yet delicate sharp features, curvy figure, extremely desirable body, gorgeous Royal personality, spotless soft skin. Out of my five thousand begums and concubine none of them can stand against her beauty and bravery... He completely lost in her, ignoring sword on his neck, he is gazing at her glorious face without a blink, which was shining more in glow in sun... his constant stare made her little uncomfortable and irritated, his fearless smirk at her made her more angry...  

Jodha furiously in a loud tone said "Stop staring at me..."

Without breaking his gaze he asked her "Who are you?"

Jodha asked same question with extremely angry and annoyed tone "Who are you and why are you following me?" She recognizes him immediately that she had just sword fight with him. She also thought that he is a rajput prince or king.

Jalal came out of her beauty spell and back to his sense and said with smirk; looks like you wants to kill me without fight.

Jodha mellow down and takes off the sword from his neck and asked him in insisting firm tone to reply to her questions.

Jalal sarcastically smirk and mystifying tone replied "I am the king of Hindustan and I am following you because you have amused me with your beauty and bravery, I cannot take my eyes off you."

Suddenly Jodha started to laugh and mockingly said "King of Hindustan..??? So you are Jalaludddin Mohammad...??? The Ruthless, cruel, womanizer... You didn't find any one else to show off... Have u ever seen yourself in mirror... You don't look from any angle mughal... If I have even one percent doubt that you are a bloddy mughal... My sword would not have stopped at your neck and again started to laugh hard and said Jalal will not dare to put his feet in Amer. Even after hearing her thoughts about mughals, Jalal again got lost in her innocent laugh...he is completely mesmerized with her divine beauty.

After a while, he cynically asked "Oh really!!!  Why do you think, that Jalal will not dare to step in Amer...??  

Jodha innocently but with full of pride replied "He will not even dare to think about coming to Amer, I have killed Jalal's ten soldiers all by myself alone. When Amer princess Jodha can kill his ten soldiers alone, what will happen to him when entire Amer's army attacks on him? She looked so gratified at herself and flaming hot while answering Jalal .

"OH... So you are a Princess Jodha!!!" hmmm & smirked again...

Jodha realized that she has been talking to a stranger and revealed him the secret that she is a princess. Suddenly her face turned pale...

Seeing her worried face, Jalal mockingly said "So Princess Jodha... What if Raja Bharmal will come to know that you took part in sword practice..."

Jodha franticly replied "Oh... So indirectly you are threatening me..." she squinted her eyes at him and said "Listen, Whoever you are...Open your ears and your brainless mind, Jodha is a fearless princess, no one can put her in any boundaries and one advice for you... If you love your life then, never ever joke about those cruel, monster Mughals in Amer... your over smart mouth can take your life..."

Jalal is looking at this arrogant but innocent, beautiful princess, her sharp ruthless words for Mughals directly hit on his pride. First time he tested bitterness and sweetness together. His Mughal blood boiled with her words, he felt like to show her at that second what Mughals can do, he knuckled his fist in fury to control. His manipulative mind scrambled and instead of taking out his anger, he wickedly grin and thought, Princess Jodha your words will give you unbearable pain for your entire life, I will crush your pride and ego every day till you forget Amer from your memories.  You will regret so much for your arrogance. One day you will bend down to massage my feet. Jalal will never let you forget this day.

Again his relentless mysterious gaze made her uncomfortable. Jodha angrily said "Stop staring at me like you have never seen any women before then in superior tone she asked "Who are you?"

Jalal suddenly realized that he had sent Abdul to very dangerous mission to find out more secrets about Amer and he completely forgot he needs to be with him soon, otherwise he will be captured by Amer army. He didn't wanted to leave this arrogant beautiful princess but he had no choice.

He came very near to Jodha and sensually he whispered "Princess Jodha, I have seen thousands of women but none of them are like you... Seems like you have done some magic spell on me, I can't take my eyes off you..."

Jodha unsuccessfully tried to mask her blush with anger, then asked him in grouchier sound "Stop flirting with me and answer me who are you?"

Jalal passionately smirk seeing her irritated face and said in mysterious tone "Princess Jodha... I will come back to get you at any cost and you will find out very soon who am I."

Before Jodha could say anything Jalal walked off with an alarming smile on his face, saying to himself ... Ufff ...JODHA "hum khamkha hi wo sipahi pe naraz ho gaye the, tumhe dekh ke to allah bhi ruk jayenge" at that time he decided that he will acquire her no matter what happens. She belongs to HIM only...

Jodha shockingly saw him walking out from there, thinking who was he? She was completely smitten by his dominating strong attitude, his bravery, his bright look, charming and attractive personality. She murmur he is surely a Royal king of Rajvansh.

 Both of them were lost in each other's thoughts.


Precap: Abdul got captured and Jodha's wedding fixed with Raja Suryabhan.

Please do comment and like my post. Your comments give me encouragement to proceed further.


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Jodha was the fighter?? Awww Jalal...
Beautiful update dear.
Do continue soon. Pm me if possible

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auwsome start... pehle mei hi jalal n jodha ki sword fight amazing...
hey do continue and update next part soon and do pm me...

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Beautiful update dear...
Jodha jalal sword fight interasting
do pm me n update soon

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wow different concept,do continue soon.

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Wow Bhavini!! It was amazing dear!!ClapClapClapClap
Lovely writing! Awesome COncept!!ClapClap
Please do continue!! I really love itEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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wao nice ... 
keeo rocking yaar , it was such a brilliant start ... no Juta , Chappal and egg for you , just one thing ... amazing Hug

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