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#17: Married to British Raizada!{Completed} <3 :) x

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*Breaths in and breaths out*



I dunno what to say you all made this FF so loved and so-

Ugh I can't leave a speech now I am sleepy and hungry LOL


Scroll down for the index and synopsis and A Teaser :D


The craziest girl gets married to the most gentlemanly guy! 
He was silent..she was blabbering.
He smiled at her cheekiness..she still was blabbering.
She found him to be every girl's Prince Charming, while he was going through a rough breakup. 
They still came together? Oh yeah they did.Their marriage was a big affair, he was the biggest tycoon of London, his birthplace. She was from a traditional, affluent family, brought up in the colorful streets of Punjab.
Two people, as different as Chalk and Cheese, priorities different, Dreams as different as they were, will they ever find love in each other?



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Chapter 47: Piece of Paradise: Scroll down..


Thanks a lot again. :) 

Stay awesome.
- Vani <3 {CountingStarsx} 

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Married to British Raizada won this :) ^^ 

Thank you SO MUCH everyone! <3 x

A/N: Thank you for the awesome feedback on the previous chapter. :)

-Chapter 47: Piece of Paradise-

For a moment Khushi kept staring at him with bewilderment.


Her hand unknowingly dropped the spoon with which she was stirring the coffee as her eyes fixed upon him.

"India? Par..kyu? I That's so nice yaar. So bad of me to react this way." She giggled and bit her lower lip, the sound of the chiming of her bangles filling the quiet atmosphere as he just gazed at her softly before she came and presented the coffee to him with a warm smile on her face.

"Just like that, Khushi. We are going today." He trailed off as he darted his eyes down, and not at her making her feel a little glum and some unknown feeling crept inside her while he took the cup from her hand and left the spot.


"I love you, British Raizada. I love you so much..but I know you don't love me."

Arnav held the black button as he tried to insert it into the oval buttonhole of his shirt while his mind drifted off to the words of a 18-year old girl who happened to be his wife.

"Hell-o, handsome..not shirtless, but still handsome."

He heard a cheerful voice and let out an inaudible breath.

"Khushi.." He smiled before she came closer to him and hugged him by his back.

"Yes..who else? Huh. Um..Sorry for stopping our making out session sometime ago..I was busy na, that's why." She nuzzled her nose in his back which was covered with the rich material of his suit.

"No it's okay. And today as well, means? Okay no. I won't be going to office today..but I needed to attend just one thing before we leave. It's quite important." He said and moved away from her, making her pout.

"Can't it wait? Just for'on you look so handsome. Typical angry-young man wala look hai on your face right now." She said seductively and again came closer to him..making him hold her hand and caress and kiss it.

"Don't I, always?" He chuckled as he turned and held her chin while she could just roll her eyes.

"Tease." She cursed before he bought her closer to himself by her waist and kissed her slowly which soon turned into a passionate one before he pulled out in the middle out of the blue, leaving her frazzled.

"No, Khushi..I don't know why-" He started in a puzzling tone, making her smile innocently - she did not take anything in a wrong way that would hurt her.

"What? You don't like me in this dress? You don't like it when I cook for you? When I..scold you like a wife? Care for you? When all this?" She asked in the sweetest voice a girl could, making him simper and cup her face.

" are so cute, Khushi. You look so f*cking gorgeous I am scared to touch you..I mean, you are so stunning and-"

"I am cute!? Not sexy? Not hot that I turn you on?" She shot fiercely, reminding him of the Khushi he knew for the very, very first time.

"You are everything. You are every man's fantasy." He simpered and kissed her over her eye.

"But..I don't want to be anyone else's fantasy. I just want to be your fantasy." She stated confidently at which he kissed her once again all over her face before sweeping her off her feet and playfully throwing her on the bed.


"Ah..ah..STOP!" Khushi screamed as she felt her breath turn uneven when he tried to thrust into her.

"Khushi..Khushi are you okay?" Arnav immediately came beside her, cupping her face and caressing the side of her eyes.

"No no no no..go on. It was so good." She laughed, making him collapse beside her, holding his face in his palms as he exasperatedly shook his head.

" scared me." He chuckled as she cuddled herself into him, drawing circles on his chest.

"Are you using protection?" She asked and looked up at him.

" want me to?" He asked softly at which she hid herself in his chest again.

"Your wish." She stated simply before he tugged the back of her waist and made her look at him.

"No..tell me. You want to get pregnant?" He asked with uncertainty filling his voice..why was he doing this? He is taking her to India so she can spend some time there and make decisions of her life..he cannot make her pregnant. It will create barriers for her.

"I will always want to have your baby in my why are you saying this? But if you don't want it right now..just have it your way. I don't want to run on the streets of London from a British Raizada who is uncertainly chasing me..I want one who really wants my baby and can say to the world that - Haan, yeh mere bacche ki maa banne waali hai" She breathed in a rebellious tone.

"You want me to say this statement to everyone I meet? Even to the doctor? 'Hello, Doctor..this is my wife..aur yeh mere bacche ki maa banne wali hai' "Table for two..and please note - this sexy woman right here, yeh mere bacche ki maa banne waali hai" He laughed hard, turning his whites to the ceiling as she came over him and hit him on his chest.

"I saw it in a movie..don't laugh!" She whined and pouted.

"You are seriously crazy, Khushi. Gosh..what's wrong with you?" He laughed more and more, suddenly remembering all the dramatically funny things she has done.

"So much that I can't even start to mention." She winked and distracted herself from him before she started unbuckling his pants..making his eyes widen in shock.

"Kh..Khushi you..what are you-" He asked confusedly when he heard the smooth rasping open of his zipper before she looked up at him.

"Saw this in a movie that my friends forced me to watch. Com'on stop being this way. I know you want it. You know it's said that if a woman..does her man..he never leaves her." She simpered.

"Well a sex-addict won't leave you. And from where did you learn all this, Khushi? I can't believe you-Leave it. Khushi, get go to sleep." He tried to get up but she laid him down again keeping her hand on his chest.

"But..why? This is sooo fun. It's so cold and it feels so good being cozy with you..and..mai toh aapko apna pati maan chuki hu, ArnavJi..let me do this." She giggled on the last words when she saw him smiling, and she got down at him.

"Um..listen. It's the first time I'm doing this..and it's the first time you are getting it as well I guess so..sorry if it's not good..okay?" She trailed off awkwardly. He could see how nervous she was, because she kept fidgeting with her hair.

"Khushi..this is not the first I'm getting it. I lied about that whole virgin thing..I lost it when I was'on you seriously believed that I did not?" He chuckled and waited for the tornado to burst before he found her getting up a little..a glum expression spread over her face.

" lied that time, haan? You think you are a stud? You are not! You are Ugh! That mannequin would have..chi! And..and so many other women! When I was 15 I was still playing with Barbie Dolls! Just see what you are! You LIAR! TRAITOR! GO AWAY! Chi chi chi!" She got off him and wrapped herself in a cloth before he came towards her and tried to hold her but she shrugged him.

"You were so happy hearing that, Khushi. I'm sorry..I really am. I just wanted you to feel nice about it..but..I'm sorry." He mumbled on his lips before she looked at him and came in his lap, kissing him softly on his cheek.

"Forget it. You know..I love you more than all those b*tches before..AND, you will have the best one today. By your wife..Khushi Arnav British Raizada." She winked and pushed him playfully on the bed..


Khushi fell over his bare chest smilingly as he pulled her as close as he can to himself..the shrillness of the AC soothing their sweated bodies.

"You are completely know that?" He chuckled and kissed her forehead as he pulled the caramel sheets over them.

"That I you think I am a nymphomaniac? I..I just want you to love me 24/ it my hormones?" She asked with horror in her eyes making him chuckle as he leaned down to kiss her reddened nose and smooch her lips.

"'s okay as long as you do it with me and no one else. A nymphomaniac is a woman who does it with a lot of people..and even if you are a nymphomaniac only for me..I don't think that's a problem. I'd leave everything to bring you towards me..remember that, Khushi. I'd always be in your life in some way." He suddenly tugged at her hair softly..making her look at him 'cause she was digging her face in his chest and sucking lovingly.

"Yeah..yes, ArnavJi..why did you say that? We will always be together.." She said smilingly and kissed his lips again, hugging him warmly before he rolled her over and took off the barrier of the sheets in between them, used protection and then entered her properly as she looked at him confusedly but still let him do what he wanted and soon she was breathing erotically in his passionate gestures..


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How was this chapter?

P.S. I will post a teaser after this one..later in November.

Stay awesome.
- Vani <3 {CountingStarsx}

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Awww that was such a cute n adorable update.

Loved their cute love making session. Embarrassed Smile

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Posted: 28 October 2013 at 1:29am | IP Logged god...It's a passionate paradise..Wink Day Dreaming I loved this cute cute love making..ROFL

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nice part.hope arshi will not get seperate.why arnav doing this to khushi?what will be khushis reaction after knowing arnav real intention to visit india?

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well written update
loved it:-)

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on one side they are getting close again and on another side arnav is taking her to India. Khushi is still quite immature and needs a break I think to get things into perspective. Nice update

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Loved this chapter. Thumbs Up

Anxious for Khushi... What will happen to her once they go to India.  Will he leave her there all alone???
Feeling very sorry for KhushiCry

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