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Astitva:Influences in Simran’s Life!!!

Aloo_gobi Senior Member

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Posted: 27 May 2005 at 6:27am | IP Logged

Hi All,

Our topic for  this week revolves around Simran's life and the people who have influenced her in her life and in her decisions.  As we all know Simran's life has been full of ups and downs, be it her marriage, breakup, issues regarding friendship, child loss, adoption etc...

But, we have seen Simran overcoming her grief everytime, ultimately emerging a winner. We have also discussed in the past about her being true to her Astitva. So, now we are moving ahead, trying to talk of all the people who have been around her during her bad times as well as good times.

So, the topic of discussion is that : Discuss about the people who have been influential in the decisions taken by Simran? In other words, Talk about the people who have helped Simran. Please take a particular situation Simran faced, then speak about the person lending a helping hand to her....

Please post your opinions, it will be very interesting to hear your views.

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peaches Goldie

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Posted: 27 May 2005 at 8:09am | IP Logged

This is a great topic.

I think that Manas was defnitely a geart support in Simran's life.  Manas put a differnt prespective on things and she could relate to him at certain levels.  Where as with her father who also was her greatest support, she couldn't related to him because he was her father.

Everyone needs a great friend who is so supportive of everything you do in your life.  Manas was that person for Simran, but I feel like as soon as he left, something inside of Simran died.  She could never find another replacement to take Mana's place in her life,....not even Shaker.

Just my thoughs.....

principessa Senior Member

Joined: 17 February 2005
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Posted: 27 May 2005 at 1:41pm | IP Logged

I agree.. Manas was the only one who could convince Simran to do or not to do things.. They had a very special friendship by it all means.. I agree with peaches that when he left, something has changed & died inside Simran.. She missed her support and advisor.. The one who could stand with or against her, because he cared about her.. I was surprised when their relation has changed dramatically and how he simply left without even saying a proper "good bye" to her..


crownsf Newbie

Joined: 02 March 2005
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Posted: 27 May 2005 at 4:03pm | IP Logged

I think people have influenced Simran without her realizing it.

Starting with her Mom, who put by with infidelity
Dr. Joshi: her tanasity
Manas : her level headedness (is that a word)
Abhi: her zest to enjoy like (a bit)
Dad:Stubborn (sorry i dont like him) and also her pushiness, noseyness
Shaguna: nurturing (she is my fav. person)

What do you guys think.
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peaches Goldie

Joined: 24 March 2005
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Posted: 28 May 2005 at 1:34pm | IP Logged

Originally posted by crownsf


I think people have influenced Simran without her realizing it.

Starting with her Mom, who put by with infidelity
Dr. Joshi: her tanasity
Manas : her level headedness (is that a word)
Abhi: her zest to enjoy like (a bit)
Dad:Stubborn (sorry i dont like him) and also her pushiness, noseyness
Shaguna: nurturing (she is my fav. person)

What do you guys think.
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Very well said Nisha!!! Big smile.

But, why don't you like her father?  He's only pushy because Simran being so strong and level headed to begin with, has her week moments too.  Her father tires to conunter act that weekness by being stubborn and pushy.  The reason he is like that, is because if he wasn't Simran would have given up on life a long time ago.  She has a lot of support, from her extended family as well, but her father is alwyas with her 24 hours a day.  Remember what she's been through.  2 broken relationships, both were the result of of infidelity, in addition to loosing her flesh and blood.  I believe in this case, only a parent can support his or her child through these ordeals.  Saurbh and done what any parent would do.  I'm glad that he has always been with her constantly.  I guess he is the way he is so Simran dosn't feel like she's all alone in this world.   I love their father daughter relationship....I think it's so sweet! Smile

Yes I agree Shaugna is very special too.  But I will not go into that.

Sorry Nisha, I hope you're not offended.Big smile


*Anjali* IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 May 2005 at 10:36pm | IP Logged
welcome to the forum, Nisha!

This is a great topic!!

I agree with Peaches about Simran's father.  He acted the way any father would act and everything he has done (i.e. being against Abhimanyu from the start) has been out of deep devotion and love for his daughter.  I respect Saurabh for his devotion towards his daughters.  The only thing that bothered me about him was the fact that he had the affair with that Anjali woman (Tongue), and could not maintain the sanctity of his own relationship.  However, although he did commit adultery in his own relationship, he has been a major support for Simran and a shoulder to cry on when she has needed him the most.

Shaguna, as you have mentioned, has also been a great support and has been through EVERYTHING with Simran. From the time Simran married Abhimanyu, to their spilit, her reunion with Dr. Joshi and the subsequent heartbreak that caused, her fallout with Manas, and of course the unfortunate kidnapping of Astha, she has been there for Simran.  She is a major influence in Simran's life and one person Simran turns to when she really needs help and support (more than Simran may even realize).

After the leap, I also found Urmila and Siddhant to be very influential on Simran's decisions.  Siddhant especially has been great in helping her out when it comes to Astha and her childish behavior--how to console her when she needs it, how to make her happy, etc.

There are of course several others, but these are the characters which stand out in my mind the most...

Akshata Senior Member

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Posted: 31 May 2005 at 11:11pm | IP Logged

Hi Forum Friends,

"Influences on Dr.Simran's life" is like an extention of our previous topic because influence is an external force that makes the person whatever he or she is.It sometimes brings to the fore what we have inherited genetically or supresses it.

A person is normally influenced by those whom he/she holds in high esteem or admires and respects.It could be negative or positive.

With reference to Simran the most influential person in her life is her father; in her career as well as her in her personal life.Her dedication and integrity towards her profession is definitely her father's input.She is strong willed and determined like her father and hence the clashes.His influence is more evident after her split with Abhi because she starts to look at him for support once again.The most important decision of adopting Gudiya as her own  and marrying Abhi again was her fathers idea.Mr.Mathur is interfering,perhaps with good intentions,but can seldom refrain form giving his opinion(forcefully) to his family.Simran has done the same on several occasions.

Her patience,tolerance,understanding and discretion are her mother's contribution.It was her mother's support in her early days of marriage and pregnancy that kept her close to her family.

Manas,her closest friend and colleague taught her not to allow personal relationships interfere with her profession.He was one person who could take the liberty of scolding her and correcting her.He helped her to come out of her sorrows by encouraging her to immerse herself in her work.

Abhi being much younger and youthful brought much fun and liveliness and romance in her otherwise tranquil lifestyle.His influence was strong enough to make her get over Dr.Joshi who was her first love.

Shaguna,the most loyal person in her life,Rashmi, her most loving sibling,Urmila and her mother in law(after a change of heart),Sid are all very supportive but I'm not sure if they have influenced her.Maybe I am not very clear on the term'influence'.

Saguna is someone she can trust and rely upon,Rashmi is her confidante since Manas left, but I think  it is Simran who has influenced their lives.

It would be interesting to see more opinions on this topic,may be it would change my way of seeing things.





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swathi Goldie

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Posted: 01 June 2005 at 1:27am | IP Logged

I don't watch this serial regularly and as some of u know I keep track of it regularly thanks to excellent updates by Sree. Based on what little I have seen and read below are my views

Simran's mother - Guess she understood the virtue of patience from her. I think Simrans mom put of with her dad's infidelity (This was not very clear actually. But I think it was close to infidelity. I may be wrong) as well and Simran also did the same thing with Abhi for quite some time (though I really don't endorse this)

Dad - Ambition. I think it was only because of her dad that Simran became a successful doctor. It was his support and dedication that enabled her to see success at a young age. Also Mathur comes across as a very honest man which shows in Simran as well.

1st Abhimanyu - I really dunno what kind of an influence he must have had but I think that her zeal to server the nation partly came from him as well. He went on to join Air force and served the army while she also decided to do the same in her own small way.

Manas - The most important person in her life I would say for a long time. From him she learnt the art of being supportive. Manas was always there for any decisions that she took with no questions asked and no criticision (something i really admire. Ppl generally advise you easily when it is not even expected of them. ). He was the one who helped Abhi-Simran marriage.This made Simran also as the helping person that she is. Never to expect anything in return for the help rendered.

2nd Abhi - her husband. The one person whom Simran still loves. When Abhi came into her life SImran was almost reconciled to the fact that she would dedicate herself to her patients and their wellbeing. Abhi was the one who instilled the love of fun in her life. He complemented her in every way. When she was serious he was humorous, when she was mature he was rash. The differences were shown clearly in their courting days. I don't seem to recall any particular incident but i sure did have the same opinion at that time as well.

Pranav - I would say filled in the void (partly) in SImran's life once Manas left. Pranav helped her in putting things in the right perspectve and was especially helpful in treating 1st Abhi with her as well as dealing with the kidnap.

Brian - As I say Pranav filled in the void partly the other part was filled by fun loving Brian. From Brian Simran learnt to face life's challenges. Simran had become cynical when she met Brian. But Brian was a person who in spite of his personal problems always put his best face forward and Simran also realized this fact from him. He also helped in their NGO initiative which really put Brian in a new perspective for her.

Fufa, Mausi, Catherine, Harsh, Rashmi, Abhi's parents especially his dad - proving to be the pillars of support in her difficult times. Being there for her when it was needed in the moment of sorrow.

Shaguna - Shaguna looked up to Simran. For any person that is a truly divine experience. She was always in awe of Simran and it showed in all her actions. Shaguna trusted Simran completely and when you have a person like that u strive to do better and better and that is what happened with SImran as well. As one of the member has put across a beautiful word Shaguna 'nurtured' Simran.

Neha - I think that Simran helped Neha more than vice versa. But yes, I think Neha made Simran realize that she was crossing her limits with ABhi;s relation but then by the time she realized this the damage was already made. But still Neha gave her the 2nd biggest happiness of her life (1st is anyways the birth of Simran's own biological daughter Aastha) Aastha. In her death Neha rised in Simran's eyes tremendously.

Radha - Always the misunderstood one. She is right to a certain extent that Simran was responsible for Neha's death. Yes Neha's insecurities with SImran also led to her death as I think that because of her doubts over Simran-Abhi relation Neha had lost all zeal for her life. But Simran was in no way really responsible for her death and this was understood by Neha as she gave off new born to Simran.

Sid - He proves himself to be a son of Manas. In spite of the age difference Sid is a person with whom Simran shares her thots abt Aastha and other things. Her support system in the hospital along with his mum Urmila.

Am giving a miss to Sia in this list as she is still new to Simran and they are just getting to know each other.

Lastly Astitva reiterates the point that for any person to be successful, we always need the help of ppl around us if not for anything at least to share our life. Ppl play a major role in our understanding of things around us. They can put the things in right perspective or they can even lead us to take some rash decisions.


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