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She walks in Beauty...Th 3 chap-40 pg:130 (Page 6)

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Originally posted by pansy123


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Chapter 32

"What greater thing is there for two human souls than to feel that they are joined together to strengthen each other in all labour, to minister to each other in all sorrow, to share with each other in all gladness, to be one with each other in the silent unspoken memories...George Eliot"

Ashutosh's house was all booming...all were watching Sneha instructing Riya to take the haldi from bowl and apply to her chachu...Riya with her little fingers touched the haldi and looked at her finger tips...the yellow finger tips fascinated her and she giggled...then she took a fistful in her hand excitedly placing her other hand on her mouth and giggling and smeared on Ashutosh's right cheek... All clapped and she enjoyed.

Then sneha came forward and gilded Ashutosh face and arms...Riya observing her mother... took haldi in her both hands and applied liberally on her achu...she was enjoying and all were laughing...then Arman also joined her and emptied the whole bowl smearing on Ashutosh, Baba, Sneha and also on Riya...Riya tried to elude him but Arman followed to catch her...she was yelling no papa...no papa...when she reached near Ashutosh he caught her and Arman applied two dots on her pink cheeks... She was giggling and Ashutosh kissed her at her forehead.  The whole house was bustling with hearty laughs and giggles. After done with that sneha took some scrape of haldi from Ashutosh's body and placed in another empty bowl.

Ashutosh surprised by her action asked, "Sneha what are you doing?"

"Saving some for your bride"

"My bride"

"Yes this'll be added to the haldi to be applied to your bride" Ashutosh was all smiles...if haldi glowed his body...Sneha's words glowed his heart.

After Ashutosh came out from shower and Sneha showered Riya all took his leave and left for Nidhi's house. Ashutosh called Nidhi and she answered quickly. She was ready wearing a plain yellow sari waiting for his family to arrive. Hearing her Hello he breathes deeply and she asks "What is that?" he didn't answer and she continued "Regretting?" and he answers "what?"... "the loss of Much cherished bachelorhood"... "hmn"... "Really"... "I'm regretting why I'm not the haldi to titivate you" she blushes and remains quiet... "Ready to get tinted in my colour"... "Hmn" he remains silent and Nidhi breaks the silence after sometime "I'll talk to you later...I've to go out now" he asks When?" she answers "later"... "Okay I'm going hospital"... "Okay"... "I have sent something through Riya"... "What?"... "That's a surprise"... "Fine!...Bye" he chuckles and answers "Love you"


Nidhi was about to move out in the hall... ready to be gilded by haldi ...with Anji and shyama Aunty in her room when Riya comes running and yelling Achi...Achi!

Nidhi grabs her in her arms and kisses her cheek, "Howz Riya?"

She answers "Fine" and asks shaking her head "hadi" 

Nidhi smiles hearing her Hadi' and says "yes"... "hadi is fun" Nidhi asks " Aah! How do you know?" She chuckles and answers "achu had fun"... " Oh! You had fun with achu...good...now you are going to have fun with Achi"

She shakes her head and then remembering something she pats her head in a cute way and utters, "I forgot"

Nidhi asks "what?" ...Riya kisses her cheek...her abrupt token action amuses Nidhi...she asks, "Why this kissy Riya?"... "Achu send for you"...Nidhi looks embarrassingly at Anji and Shyma Aunty... Anji pats Riya's cheek gently and mumbles "Jijuu!" Shyma Aunty shaking her head asks blushing Nidhi to come out and leaves the room. Nidhi takes a deep breath mumbles...Ashutosh!... and moves out.


Nidhi seeks blessings of her Nanu and Baba and moves towards the marquee, where all ladies were waiting for her to begin the haldi ceremony. She sits like a princess in her royal lounge...restless at heart...butterflies squirming inside her in anticipation of the moments to come...marking the beginning of the transformation that her life was going for...Anji and Riya together begin gilding Nidhi...followed by all the ladies in the house. Nidhi was having a golden hue all over her body but the tinge of red that the feel and touch of his body in haldi brought on her cheeks was more deep and evocative.

Donning a plain red chiffon saree...having thin golden lace on hems...she was looking gorgeous ...the haldi left her all glowing...even after rinsing, the colour was robust...she felt herself blossoming like a flower...her body delicate like rose petals... and nascent glow on her face... made her feel like a bride.

She blushed looking her reflection in the mirror...Ashutosh's eyes intoxicated in love stared at her...and her heart beats went unruly...the smouldering eyes always made her to lose her senses...placing her hand on her heart she tries to calm her heart beats.

I am tainted in colour of my beloved

uttering his name I am submerged in him.

(Piyu rang man ki chunar rangai
Piyu piyu ratha ke piyu main samai)

Anji's words, "Wow! Nidhi you are looking stunning...wow!...gorgeous dewy-eyed bride" catches her attention.

Nidhi chides her, "Stop it Anji...my heart is already racing...I don't understand...why my heart is behaving the way"

"Happens Nidhi...Happens...when all you see is jiju around you? How can your heart behave well"

Nidhi tries to mock punch her but she flees...making Nidhi to follow her. The moment Nidhi steps out of her room...in a red saree for the first time... adorning the finery of rosy cheeks and rosy lips...walking in elegance like a bride...Shyma Aunty comes forward and taking kajal from her eyes marks a speck behind her ear. Dadi bua's eyes turn moist looking at her glowing grand daughter... she raises her hand in air and gestures her blessings to Nidhi. Baba also blesses her with moist eyes placing his hand on the head of his little princess...who has grown into a beautiful bride.

Arman teases her saying, "Ashutosh is going to lose his senses...my poor friend!" Sneha takes a picture of Nidhi and whispers near her... "Ashu is surely going to fall for you...anew!" Nidhi blushes and lowers her eyes.

Nanu gives her a hug saying, "my Ashu's beautiful bride" and presents her a gift saying, "this is from your Nanu...not from Ashu's Baba"...Nidhi smiling at his words... thanks her Nanu and opens the wrap to find a glittering diamond necklace set. Her eyes glitter at her Nanu's gesture and she hugs him in response mumbling thank you Nanu'

After teasing Nidhi some more Arman and his family leave to return for mehandi function in the evening.

Every one was ready to leave for Nidhi's mehandi when Ashutosh arrives from hospital. Arman seeing his gloomy face teases him, "What happened Ashu...Why are you so sad...you should be all glee... you are groom buddy...you forgot?"

Arman's words catch Sneha's attention as well...she turns to look at Ashutosh and waits for his answer.

Ashutosh instead of answering Arman's questions...casted a dismayed glance at Arman and moved towards his room...Sneha and Arman exchange glances of concern and get back to their jobs, wrapping gift packs for Nidhi...after a while Ashutosh comes out of his room and asks sneha for a cup of coffee...but Arman tries to pull his leg, "Hey! we have so many things to do...go get your coffee on your own...we are leaving for Nidhi's house...for her mehandi ceremony...she is getting married a day after tomorrow...hope you remember that"


Ashutosh's eyes flicker hearing Arman's words but modulating his expressions he glares at Arman and turns his eyes to switch on the TV. Sneha by that time comes with his coffee...and Arman who didn't miss the expression in his eyes before he glared at him moves forward and asks again, "You know Ashu you are behaving like Riya...Riya's achu! What happened?"

"Nothing Arman...leave me alone"

Arman asks again softly, "What happened?"

Ashutosh smiles and asks...taking a deep sigh, "why can't I talk to Nidhi?"

Arman startled, "What???...you are frowning for that"

Ashutosh turns his eyes and stands up to leave...but Arman stops him saying "I'm sorry" and he sits back on his chair and Arman asks again, "why can't you talk to her?"

Sneha suppresses her smile and answers for him, "Dadi bua has strictly ordered that they can't talk till wedding now?"

Arman asks surprisingly, "What but why?"

"Must be some ritual...I don't know"

Arman bursts into laugh, "So Dadi Bua is the problem" seeing Ashutosh glaring...he makes quick amend and assures him, "Don't worry...your friend will do something"

Baba comes out of his room and they all leave for Nidhi's house.

Ashutosh  was sitting in the couch changing channels of television when his phone buzzes with sms...his heart leaps out and his face flushes in ineffable joy...but his face falls the moment he notices the sms is from Arman, "Switch on the DVD player" Ashutosh frowns reading his sms and turns on the DVD player waiting impatiently for the player to start...the moment player starts his face bursts into a big grin...seeing Nidhi decked in yellow saree...he pauses the player and watches her stilled picture unblinkingly and smilingly... devouring his eyes he leans against the back of couch and resumes watching her haldi function.

Nidhi dressed in a light olive green lehenga made from net adorned with silver embroidery and motifs designed with simplicity with a touch of graveness in its work... she was looking like an angel generating a smashing blow on everyone... while walking the marquee accompanied by her friends Anji, jyotika, Ahana and priyanka.

The songs of mehandi were booming and the exotic fragrance of mehandi paste and oil was adding glory to the ambience... the mehandi artists start drawing motifs on Nidhi's palms... symbolizing the start of a new love and a new life.

"It is believed that the darker and deeper the henna stains the more the husband loves her bride" mumbles Dr. Priyanaka making Nidhi to blush.


Anji butts in, "Don't worry Priyanka Nidhi's mehandi is going to be deep and dark in colour...I know that" She winks at Nidhi and nidhi smiles blushingly.

Ahana reminds the artist, "Don't forget to write her groom's name in mehandi...hide the name in intricate motifs...it shouldn't be easy for her groom to find his name...the heart stone" Nidhi glares at her and she flutters her eyelashes.

"I'm going to tell him everything"

"Ah! Really!...feigning heart attack... Are you really going to talk about me on your wedding night" Nidhi tries to mock punch her but jyotika stops her... "Your mehndi Nidhi" and all burst into laugh.


The mehandi and the teasing of her friends were adding new hue to her already stained cheeks...and Ahana's words and the mention of wedding night...add to the butterflies in her stomach...in emptiness his smoldering eyes stare at her and she averts imagining him closing her eyes in a long drawn blink...oh god! How am I going to get on with his ardent demanding eyes...Sneha's words bring her out of her thoughts "Nidhi I'll put Bluetooth in your ear...talk to Ashutosh he is online".

"How can I? Dadi Bua is here"

"Oh! She is busy singing songs...she gestures her and whispers near her air...talk to him"

Nidhi very shyly in every one's presence and in presence of her friends staring eyes and all curious ears utters, "Hello!"

Ashutosh feels as he got suddenly a bout of life after a long day of longing..."Love! How are you?"

"I'm fine...thank you!"

He frowns hearing her solemn answer, "why you didn't call me?"

"I called...you didn't answer"

"Hmn... I was with Malika...but I called back after few minutes...that was answered by Anji...she didn't tell you...she said we are not allowed to talk now till our wedding"

"Hmn...Dadi Bua's orders!"

"So you are not going to talk to me for forty eight long hours"

"Who said that?...I'm applying Mehandi... I'll talk to you later"

"No!!!"           in a mumble looking at her friends who are smiling and winking at her she answers, "please"


"No!" now she remains silent...and after a while he speaks "Okay! But keep in mind...I'm waiting for your call"..."hmn" ..."Love you" ... "Bye"...  "That's not my answer...answer me properly"          ... "What? But how can I?"... "I don't know"...she keeps mum... "I'm waiting?" she looks at her friends and smiles and muttered pleadingly under her breath, "Please!" he was left with no choice but to give in, "Okay! But you'll have to pay for it...later" she blushes and he hangs ups the phone.


Ashutosh after hanging up phone was feeling blissed out...he sits back looking at the paused...stilled picture of Nidhi...devouring her and pondering at days events his thoughts wandered towards Malika...when Nidhi called to her he was talking to Malika...insisting her to attend the wedding which she denied...he didn't think proper to answer Nidhi's call at that time...Malika was trying to suppress her pain and he didn't miss that...her every cell was speaking about her deplorable state...he so wished to do something to take away his pain but he felt helpless...there was nothing in his power to remove the pain he saw hidden beneath the smile in her eyes. His heart ached remembering those teary eyes...she tried to contain herself...but when he asked her, "I never thought Malika that you won't attend my marriage...the marriage of your friend"


She answered, "Ashutosh I too never thought...not even in my dreams that I won't attend your marriage" and those were the words when she broke and sobbed out making him to realize how painful it is for her to see her life-long cherished dream breaking and turning a distant reality...without a word he placed his hand on her head...pacified her and left his cabin mumbling, "I'm sorry". All through the way to his home only one thought lingered in his mind...what would have been his state? If he would have been in Malika's place...what if his Nidhi...he can't even think...he couldn't contemplate...the thought only stung his heart and he flinched. He wished to talk to Nidhi at that time but Anji answering his call and not allowing him to talk to her...added to the profound tenderness in his heart.

Taking a deep sigh...he averts the tender thoughts and continues watching her pictures...waiting for her call. Watching the video anew...his heart longs for her...the anticipation of the moment of union...springs bubbles of joy in his heart and his face splits in a big grin.


Arman and Baba get up to leave after having dinner at verma house. Baba looks for Sneha and Riya. They were in Nidhi's room when Dadi Bua called them, all come out. Baba takes Nidhi in a side hug and looks at her mehandi... "Wow! Nidhi mehandi looks beautiful"...Nidhi smiles in response.

Arman adds, "Okay! See you all day after tomorrow"

Rohan exclaims, "Day after tomorrow...but tomorrow is sangeet"

Sneha: "You enjoy sangeet tomorrow...we can't come here"

Rohan was about to open his mouth when Dadi Bua retorts, "Rohan they can't come tomorrow...they too have sangeet in their house"

Sneha: "No Dadi bua...we are not going to hold any sangeet function...who'll attend and who'll sing there...Baba only can sing ghazals and play violin...no one is there to sing and perform for sangeet ceremony"


Rohan winks at Anji and she joins, "Mom can't we do one thing...can't we hold joint sangeet ceremony...I mean they can come here for sangeet...in an expression of concern...I don't think this is a good omen...the groom not enjoying the sangeet in his marraige" Baba, Col. Verma and Shyama Aunty who were confused with the redundant and out of the blue  matter of discussion, understands and answers Anji, "Yes I think we can do that...what do you think Dadi Bua?"

Dadi Bua ponders a little and all wait for her answer anxiously when she answers, "I think you are right Shyma...we should hold joint sangeet ceremony"

Phew! All yell jubilantly. Baba and Col. Verma shake their heads at the mischievous way all played trick with Dadi Bua.

Groom's family leave for their house and bride moves to her room. Anji helps her to change not allowing her to take out mehandi...puts Bluetooth on her ear...connects his call and leaves her room for fifteen minutes.


Ashutosh was arranging clothes in the cupboard when he receives her call and his face lights up with joy...he answers quickly, "Jaan!"... "Hmn"... "Love you"... "Love you too".

 Ashutosh chuckles and takes a deep breath asking, "Done with mehandi"... "hmn"

"I wish I could see your mehandi...you must be looking great"... "That I don't know...you can see yourself"... a deep sigh! "Still forty eight hours left"... "We are meeting tomorrow"... "Really! How?"... "that's a surprise"... "So cruel... How am I going to spend this whole night now?"... ."By sleeping"... "You know I lost that...the moment I saw those dove-eyes"

Nidhi remains silent and he continues, "You took my breath away...you know that"... "How?"... "You are looking stunning in that red saree"

"You saw my photo"... "hmn..mn...I'm seeing that...I've stilled my video player on that very pic"... "why?"

"My life has stilled there...waiting for you to disturb its tranquility"...she couldn't say a word in response...feeling each other's presence in silence for sometime... nidhi breaks the silence... "Anji must be coming now...go to sleep now".

"Not so soon"... "When she comes she doesn't give time to say bye even...you know that"... "Okay! But tell her I'll teach her lesson...she has made me suffer."

Nidhi giggles and answers, "Bye!"... she hears a smack in response and asks "I want my goodnight kiss" ... "No!"... "Please!" he waits after a few secs he asks again, "Love please!" she kisses him and asks, "Happy!"...he takes a deep breath and answers, "love you"... "now bye"... "No! What's the hurry...she hasn't come yet...we can talk till she comes."

 Nidhi couldn't say no after silence of few secs she asks "What're you doing?"... "I was arranging my clothes in closet...making space for your things"

 "hmn... I'm sending some of my bags tomorrow"...he asks excitedly "Really!"... "Yes!"...

 "Can't you send my life too...I'm dying to see her"... "No! You'll have to come... Anji taps her door and comes in declaring, "your time is up!...Fifteen minutes are over"... She takes the phone and talks to Ashutosh, "Bye Jiju...have a goodnight!"...Ashutosh purses his lips and she hangs up the phone.

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Me First ..Dancing
Thanks for the update.Tongue Off to read..

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Me second Big smile

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Originally posted by Diksha_1991

Me First ..Dancing
Thanks for the update.TongueOff to read..
Congrats Diksha!! Party

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Thank you Pansy. Was eagerly waiting for my Sunday fix!! Big smile

How are you feeling now?? Hope no fever & you are alright... Have a Goodnight & a wonderful week ahead!! Big smile

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Lovely , so the wedding will be on Diwali , will wait , thank u my dear now can sleep happily

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Loved it waiting eagerly for there wedding Day Dreaming

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