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Kuch Pal Ka Saath- Conclusion 3-pg 100

RandomSquared IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 August 2006 at 9:38am | IP Logged

Kuch Pal Ka Saath

By: Karishma Syed

I thought that you were the one to stay forever,

But now forever is here,

And I'm still alone...

Iqbal Khan as-Angad Khanna

Kanchi Kaul as-Vedika Kapoor

Neha Bamb as-Kripa Sharma

Ejaz Khan as - Shazad Islam

Anita as- Zooni Ali aka Zu Zu

Shama Sikandar as-Meem Ahmed

Nawman Shah as- Hussein Khan

Hiten Tejwani as-Mr. Das Malhotra

Gauri Pradhan as-Mrs. Nisa Alam

Nikki A. Wallia as-Dr. Urvashi Mittal

Amit Tandon- Raj Verma

Twist and Turns brings these characters to a point where one wrong move can ruin everything. From seeing everything from good to bad,and bad to worse, they desperatly try to keep their world from falling apart...perphaps destiny is palying a cruel them.

 But the question is...Is destiny playing the game, or are they?


Season 1- Finished

Season 2-Finished

Season 3-

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Posted: 20 August 2006 at 10:45am | IP Logged
kewl souhnd interesting Clap Clap acn't wait for the first part Big smile post it soon Big smile
griffy.fz IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 August 2006 at 12:16am | IP Logged
karishma another by u? thats a gift i love yr ff's waiting 4 the 1st part
RandomSquared IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 August 2006 at 4:33pm | IP Logged
nice dat i onli have 2 comments..but ok..thanx guys...first part cumin soon
xyounngLOVE IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 August 2006 at 5:25pm | IP Logged
cant wait Big smile please post the next part soon Big smile
RandomSquared IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 August 2006 at 5:39pm | IP Logged
Part 1-

Lucky Number Seven

There was yelling and screaming. Laughter that could be heard from 1000 miles away. Cars, buses and trains were all filled with the same sounds. For some this was the end of life and for some, this was another beginning. Meeting old friends, making new ones…or for some… Meeting old enemies and making them regret coming back. Yes…it the first day of school. A new school year at Bayside High. Now, whether this was a good thing or a bad thing…I really don't know. I'm putting my money on it being a really REALLY bad thing.

In the halls of the school, kids, young adults, adults, oldies, and …maybe some potential homicides roamed. In between so many of these kids…walked a few…that will have a story to tell, not now. But someday they will. These few were very special…cuz no matter how much our mommies and daddies tell us that were all special lil angels, its not true!! Only special people are special.
   One such special lil boy walking walking down the hall singing " My love for you is not of a night stand Oh jaana love you miss you har lamha Oh jaana love you miss you har lamha Oh jaana love you miss you har lamha Oh jaana love you miss you har lamha …im sorry baby but My love for you is a night stand"
    He kept walking up to all the pretty girls, singing in there ears. " Tum Paas Aaye Yoon Muskaraye Tumne Na Jaane Kya Sapne Dikhaye Ab To Mera Dil Jaage Na Sota Hai Kya Karoon Haye Kuchh Kuchh Hota Hai"
Cynthia- Oh god, you started again…
            - when did I stop?
He kept walking…"chaand sifarish jo karta hamari deta woh tumko bata sharm-o-haya pe parde gira ke karni hain hamko khata zidd hain ab toh hain khud ko mitana hona hain tujhmein fanaa" He walked up to a girl, a girl he never saw before. He walked up behind her and whispered in her ear-"tere dil mein meri saanson ko panaah mil jaye…teri ishq mein meri jaan fanaa….opps sorry babes…I love myself to much..cant go fanna for you."

The girl pushed away from him, and look at him with anger. He just kept staring at her big eyes. She just walked away. You see the boy standing there, with a smile on his face…you see Shazad Islam(Ejaz Khan).
S- subhaan allaah!
    The girl turns around after hearing Shazad. Shazad looks at her, he looks at Meem Ahmed(Shama Sikandar).
M(whispers)- freak
    Meem walks away. Sazad is still standing in the small place with a thought look on his face.
S- oh well…chanda chamke cham cham chikhen chaukanna chor chiti chaate chi chi chu cha la la babu? I dun dun know, the restr or the words

He sings, and dances to his own words. He sees someone standing by the locker, his faces glows up when he sees a friend. He walks up to her a sings…Yeh dosti, hum nahi thorenge, thorenge dum magar, tera saath na chorenge. The girl closes her locker. Its Kripa Sharma (Neha Bamb).
K- what the hell is all this?
S- nothing…just practicing
K- for what?!
S- anthakshari..imma beat you this year for sure.
K- ha…..sure….stop dreaming
S- yeah your right…I should save that for class
K (laughing)- I missed you
S- I know
They hugged.
S- so whats up?
K- nothing much
S- duh…boring girls like you never have anything going on
K- excuse me? And like you do
S- yea I do…my answer to "whats up" is never nothing much
K- ok…whats up?
S- the ceiling (laughing)
K- oh god!!!
S (laughing) what?? I said my answer wouldn't be "nothing much"
K- whatever, whats your homeroom?
S- ummm11.7. you?
K- 11.7
S- shall we?
K- we shall
   They walked to their homeroom. They were walking and signing songs the describe the people they passed. One person had a black eye
K-go go go go fight club
S- hahaha
   The person looked at them
S- crap…keep on walking. Faster faster
K- why
S- I dunno…just feel like it
K- why am I friends with??
S- cuz…no one else would me your friend
S- ok ok…lets go.
They went in the class room
K- oh!! Window seat!!!
S- noooooooooooo
   They both ran to get the window seat. Kripa didn't see that someone was in front of her, she ran into him. His cell phone fell from his hands
K- oh sorry!!!
    The guy look at her…Angad Khanna(Iqbal Khan)
A- no problem…just look up ahead when your running
K- yeah…
S- heyyyy!! I know you!! Angad, right?
A- yeah…oh um….Shenaz?
S- Shazad
A- right
S- basketball champ…we played last month I think
A- yeah…last month
S- wow, Kripa..this guy is like a god in basketball
K- really
S- yeah…no one could beat him…from the whole one..not ever Amir or Raj.
K- better then Raj? That does deserve a complement
A- complement them not me..their so good at playing bad that even a two year old could beat em.
S- that's nice
K (laughing)
A- jus playin…you guys played good
S- thanks, imma get a rematch soon right?
A-……so, I didn't know you went to this school
S- yeah…Raj goes here too
A- really? that's good
S- why?
A- (laughing) I was beginning to think, im the only brown person here
K (laughing)don't worry…theres a few more
A- I wasn't worrying, but ok
K (smiled)
S- well im happy…
   Shazad was walking outside to get some water when he bumped into someone
S- what the?
Shazad look, it was Meem
S- you??
M- cant you watch where your going!!
S- if I did, ho would I bump into you?
M- get away from me
S- ok but say sorry atleast
M- for what?? You're the one who wasn't looking!!
S- exactly..but you were, you should have moved!
M- that doesn't make sense
S- it ok yaar
M- im not your yaar
S- would you rather be my pyar?
Meem was walkin away
S-subhaan allaah!
M-shut up
S- allah ko gali? Chi!!
M- you're a living gali to allah
S- no…im a living gali to my daddy
M- whatever
K- just ignore him
M- huh?
A- no..she said ignore him not her...although I agree with you...ignoring her is a lot easier.
K- Angad…go sit in your corner
A- but your standing in my corner
K- this is not your corner
A- well you didn't tell me which one my corner was, so I just presumed I get to pick a corner
K- go to….there (pointing)
A- like imma listen to you…
Anagd left the room
M- wow…do you two always fight like that
K- always? No…this is the frist time im meeting him
M- really?? Wow Kripa, you two looked like you were friends for a really long time
Kripa looked at the door, thought, and looked back at Meem and smiled.
K- I dunno...instant clicking, I guess
M- yeah…for sure, he's cute
K- yeah…but then again.all my friends are
Kripa went outside and saw Angad and Shazad
K- hey guys
A- hey guy
K- answering you is beneath me
A- you just did
S- yo, you know that chick?
K- yea Meem
S- Meem?? dad must have hired her…he just wont rest until I learn Arabic
A- that's funny
K- not…im going inside
A- I have to go someplace else
K- good
A- no, its very good
K- screw you
A- I know you want to
K- ewwww
A- hahaha…iight bye
K- bye…loser
    Angad went outside to look at the campus, Shazad was also there. Then there was someone walking…
S- oh!! Collar Ko Thoda Sa Upar Chadake Cigratte Ke Dhuaa Ka Challa Bana Ke Collar Ko Thoda Sa Upar Chadake Cigratte Ke Dhuaa Ka Challa Bana Ke Soch Na Hai Kya Jo Hona Hai Hoga Chal Pade Hai Fikar Yaar Dhuen Mein Uda Ke

The smoke blew away from the guys face….it was Raj (Amit Tandon). He flicked the cigarette with his fingers, and smiled at Shazad.
S-Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re Jaane Kya Hoga Mowla Re
R- Kya hal hai yaar
S- thik thak
   Raj and Shazad hugged.
R- Have a good summer
S- Im sure you did…
R- nahhhh……well….yeahh
S- where is she now?
R- I dunno, I think I got her pregnant and her dad sent her to a village
S- what?(laughing)
R- I dunno, he could do that for all I care
S- iight..oh Angad's here
R- the guy who beat me in basketball?
S- yeah
R- I like him….where is he?
S- some where
R- wait im thirsty
Angad was looking around, he smelled the smoke from the cigarette Raj was smoking, he inhaled it…and smile
A- good times….im thirsty
   There was a table filled of drinks for the kids, they were free since it was the first day of school. Angad went for the first thing he saw...Ice Tea. Raj's favorite drink is Ice Tea, so he went for too. There was only one Ice Tea left. Both Angad and Raj went to grab it. Their hands bumped.
A- oh…watch out
R- hey…basketball dude
A- Angad…and your Raj right?
R- the one and only
A- yeah…you want the Ice Tea
R- Do you?
A- well…
R- looks like we have the same taste
A- not really…I prefer Pepsi
   Angad picked up a Pepsi
A- enjoy your Ice Tea
R- I will
They were walking to the classroom
A- Whats your homeroom?
R- 11.7
A- same here
R- cool.
R- So how was the last month of summer?
A- last month….interesting
R- really….fascinating
They looked at each other and started laughing. They went in the classroom.
P- Hey Krips
K- hey Raj
   Kripa was walking to Raj, she hit the leg of a chair and was about to fall, Angad caught her
A-Be careful Krips, you will trips.
K- shut up…
R- that was funny
A- what my line or Kripa's aerobics?
R (laughing)- Kripas aerobics
K- how mean..I see how it is
R- aww
The bell ran, Shazad came in so did the other students
S- hey peoplez
K- just on time
S- im tryin to change this year
K- trying to come to class on time?
S- no…trying to come to class (laughing)
Angad and Raj started laughing, so did Meem.
S- hey Jeem….oh I mean Meem
M- hi…
K- Angad you meet Meem, and Raj, you know Meem right?
R- umm no, are you new
M- no
K- she was here last year
R- really…how come I never saw you
S- because you always had your face stuffed in that Nabila's face
R- oh yea…..that was a good sight
S- so is that
   The guys looked at a girl
A- hey I saw before
S- when
A- last night…
The guys laughed, and the girls just rolled their eyes. Then Someone sitting on the teachers desk started laughing. He spinned his chair and look at the students. It was Mr. Das Malhotra ( Hiten).
D- Hello baacha cha-cha's
S- couch!!!!!
K- heyyy
R- alright
D- hey buddies….aww Meem, my angel
M- hey
D- who's he?
S- this is Angad Khanna
D- Angad Khanna… I know you?
Angad was nervous…he was scared Das was gonna say that
A- um…no
D-….ok, sit down ladies…that mean you Edward and Nathan
Everyone laughed, the stapler fell.
D- Damn that almost gave me a heart attack
S- you curse, im gonna tell Ms. Nisna
D- Ms. Nisa is a ……very nice women
R- sure
D- hey!!! don't talk bout my ex wife like that…my classroom is to good to have a converastion about her
Everyone laughed. Angad sat there, he was almost sweating. Das looked at him, he saw Angad before…but where?

To be cont….

Das- Im missing a student…Vedika Kappor?

Comments please!!!!!! Pleaseeeee, even if there bad


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fab part Clap continue soon hun
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Originally posted by kripa_angad=luv

fab part Clap continue soon hun

thank youu

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