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~Lack of Humanity in the Society~ (Page 21)

Tacker_Holic IF-Rockerz

Joined: 07 December 2011
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Posted: 28 October 2013 at 4:42pm | IP Logged
@Yuvika... Yeah peer pressure is a big problem! I think it is about the individual.. they need to understand that so what if they are popular for what hurting other people.. why would you want to do the same? That's not popular its wrong. I would rather have no friends than be apart of that group who bullies people. But I understand it is hard to be like that. Yeah but there is always going to be those chavs or bad students who influence the good kids. I think schools discuss this in Personal Development lessons but they are lessons which no one takes interest in so it doesn't go in and the problem continues! Exactly.. parents can tell you but it is up to you to follow what they have taught! I had to pay for milk but if your parents were on low income they would get milk and dinner free. I used to pay for dinner as well. Apparently they did but the parents never paid for his dinner money but surely on the register at my school they used to tick who was having dinners and who was having packed lunch what did the boy say? He used to just sit there? Ouch Yeah that's really shocking I heard it on the news that Daniel's mom did that I don't know about the Hamza story at all! OMG! That's really bad.. how can you claim benefits after your son has died! This sickens me. I don't understand how people can be so sick minded and even think of doing this to someone and that too your own son. I hope god makes them rot in hell! Bless his soul! It is sickening to hear such stories that mothers can do this!

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..Zainab.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 October 2013 at 5:32pm | IP Logged
first paragraph answered in CC!

Exactly! once again i repeat what i have said a million times already: you don't realize what you have until its gone or you don't realize the troubles others are going through until u go through them and later on regret not helping! 
Honestly this is the worst reality of life: if your not going to help others no one is going to help you not even your parents!
you just don't take but you do have to give even if its just a little bit!
this like when a girl realizes that there is no prince charming in this world you will never get the guy of ur dreams! I mean sure He can be the way you pictured him but he will not and i guarantee and repeat he will not be the exact dream guy!
My Point saying this is the parents or mother or father who are taking their kids granted-father raping daughter-mother raping son-siblings harassment--killing of ur own children be it by killing directly or giving them a slow painful death it really doesn't matter a death is a death!

What we haven't talked about as of yet is that there are mothers out there who rape their son, who torture their sons to have sex with them! I am just saying this and its shaken me so bad imagine the people who go through it the extents of peoples actions and their mentalities is never going to be understood why?
these people can go so far! when ur like its can't get any worse it does and then it leaves u hanging to what else to expect!

you wanna middle eastern countries here i go--they are worse than you can even think i salute all the working woman there they are truly really brave---

these guys would kidnap little kids, rape the girls cut them into pieces and then sell the organs and they did the same with the little boys--age maybe 9-13 mostly- when the police found they didnt do shit! sit on their ass and just wrote the damn report down like are u kidding????

if this isnt enough i dont know if u have ever been to grave yards but u know infants grave is really small or child age 1-2 is small there was this guy who dug up their graves and ate the remaining of the bodies and it wasnt just in one grave yard but multiple!

no more cases! im just really freaked now!

@Tacker_Holic and @Yuvika_15

Guys peer pressure is a major problem everywhere u go! 
why do kids head the wrong=friends=drugs=peer pressure=to be what=to be cool! 
its as simple as that!
what the problem is high school is the worst part of any childs life because that is where everyone makes the most mistakes and until u dont hit the practical life-college- you dont realize all the stupid things u did---sometimes u never realize until its too late because then u basically have only two choices one u die or the other u keep doing what u were doing
i actually believe in its never to late to change but in some cases you just have harmed yourself way too much! nothing can be done to undo it!
however, there is alot of awareness going on about peer pressure every club(in school)
teacher student everyone is spreading the word to be urself and you will succeed!

Daniels case-what his parents did to him even if they rotted in hell it wouldnt be enough what the hell did they get out of torturing such a child who knew nothing of this crucial world but his parents!
the only fault of his was that he had bad luck to have such parents!
its true if ur parents have low income u get free lunch i paid all the time as well im pretty sure Daniel would have gotten free lunch as well!
but only if daniel talked to someone else anyone told his problem to someone maybe just maybe he could be alive today! its just so upsetting parents just the name is so respectable i hate when people roll it and abuse it under their nasty feet!
talking about Hamza another story i have never heard of! 
are for real people usually do such things to their daughter because they are dumb but sons? really? then u take benefits wonderful! 
kya baath hai jee!
applog key jai! man seriously!
all i have to say is such parents-and all and every single one of them-needs to commit suicide!
im sorry but how much could the world take one day or another it is going to explode with obscure crimes now a days!

i rather have people robbing banks and just plain killing then robbing pour innocent souls!

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LazilyAnonymous IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 October 2013 at 9:26pm | IP Logged
I know right!!! If I see them...AngryAngry It just hurts me to see little kids facing this!!! How can they even do it!!! I see a little kid's face and I melt!!! They are just too sweet and innocent to hurt!!! They are the only pure things left in this world!!! Cry
I am kinda scared to go to India will all the crime news I heard!!!

@ Yuvika
LOL First, sorry for chatting...we kinda got carried away!!! :P
Yeah, in the process to be the first and powerful, we forgot where we came from. We forgot the human side of us!!! Agreed, you can be all powerful and rich but just remember first and foremost you are a human being. Selfishness will get you nowhere!!! We learn all the care and kindness lessons but we forget them. We should never forget them!!! The lessons we learned in kindergarten will help us more than what we learn now!!! Those lessons teach you to be a better person!!!

@ Sonia
The criminals just get a fake punishment to satisfy the people but they are not actuall punished!! What sickens me is the fact that they LAUGH after committing a come!!! DAMN RIGHT!!! there are so many people who want children and deserve children but cant have them!!! And that undeserving, disgusting people waste away a child's innocence like water!!!


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riti4u IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 29 October 2013 at 1:21am | IP Logged
Nice topic and very well written too.
These days we dont have time to even look around and extend a helping hand to someone who really needs we are busy in our lives..There is lack of empathy..everyone considers why do I bother ..this was for those onlookers who just prefer to be audience for any crime or injustice taking place... As for those who commit it.. I believe mostly people have lost their calm and some do deal with pschyotic disorder..there can be so many reasons...there is no fear of law...they think they are way above others..and thus others are probably not worthy of decent living in their eyes...
World often witness oppressor and the one being oppressed..its being there from long time...
Hope some sensibilities do prevail and we realise what it takes to just being human...

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thegameison IF-Sizzlerz

Jedi of CC
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Posted: 02 November 2013 at 7:36am | IP Logged
This is such an insightful topic, I'm extremely happy to see it put up here at IF. It's probably due to my prolonged ignorance that I did not come by more of such posts around here. I revere the initiative made here, ladies. Approve

People mind their own business. The tendency is to steer clear. I do not claim to have stood up against much bad myself. Sometimes I have. Sometimes I have decided to walk away. The lack of humanity in any society is an attribute of survival. The urgency to keep going overpowers morals, even motherhood sometimes, as reckoned from instances given in the topic. It's more humane than anything else, if you ask me. Then again, it's shameful and horrendous, what happens so often. We feel disheartened but don't really do stuff, you know? It's sad, that's all I am going to say now.


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Tacker_Holic IF-Rockerz

Joined: 07 December 2011
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Posted: 04 November 2013 at 12:05pm | IP Logged
Yeah it is a big problem and it isn't stopping at all.. its growing fast! Yeah they want to be cool and not studious that is the trend of today's youngsters it is sad but true. Yeah everyone makes mistakes in high school but some learn from those mistakes and others don't and the mistakes double and repeat. Yeah and sometimes it is too late to change that mistake you made. Yeah we were taught about peer pressure but I think you can only be taught so much you have to understand it as an individual and if you don't you fall into the trap.
Exactly.. no punishment in suitable for what they did to Daniel. His bad luck ruined his life. Daniel should have got free luch I know a lot of parents lied to get their kids free lunch instead of giving to them why not give to a child who doesn't have that necessity in his life.. think about how happy he would have felt. It makes every parent look bad and ruins their reputation. Hamza's story is just as upsetting.. it is disgusting.. not only girls but boys suffer too. They need to die for their deeds they don't deserve to live.

Tacker_Holic IF-Rockerz

Joined: 07 December 2011
Posts: 9389

Posted: 04 November 2013 at 12:13pm | IP Logged
Yeah your statement is completely correct.. when it is gone you realise its value! Yeah.. but sometimes you do help others and you don't get help back.. it is your bad luck. Exactly.. no one is perfect and you are right no one will get their exact match there will be one or two flaws and in some cases all flaws but that is life. People are heartless they want to do what they please but they wont look at the person infront of them whether it is their daughter, son, wife or mother. I haven't heard much about mother's raping their son and I don't think it is a much talked about topic at all because there is so much about women's safety but this is equally as important. Again people are heartless, selfish creatures who look for their own benefits I don't know what person would benefit from raping their own son or daughter but that's how sick minded people are getting and it is worrying. OMG! What the hell? You see there are no rules there.. everyone gets off scott free... anyone can do anything and nothing will happen ever! Again they think its not their business but yet they are wearing the most important uniform in their country. That's disgusting.. it is beyond my thinking why a person would do that? It is disturbing. Same here you have freaked me out with these stories and I am glad I  read it after Diwali otherwise I wouldn't have been able to stop thinking about it. I don't know what to say or what to suggest to improve humanity because I think its destroyed completely now.. there is no going back.
Senpoo IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 November 2013 at 8:18am | IP Logged

Thought provoking topic Clap!!! Happy to have landed here! Big smile

My thoughts! May be my random ramblings and have posted whatever came to my mind and wherever it took me to!!! Big smile
Everyone has a FB account and so, I got to have one! Everyone has a BF/GF, so I got to have one! Everyone smokes and so I have to! Everyone drinks and so I got to! To say what? To say that I am cool!!!!
What is there to fear for? Take it easy is good to follow in one's attitude towards problems but why take it easy in inviting problems? Questioning is good for it gives you knowledge! But now we use it for our own selfish reasons! Does God exist? Why fear God? Why be good? Everything is science then why have faith for the unknown? Prove me what you believe in? Why suffer now while I can enjoy while I live? It's after all one life! Nobody is watching me, so I can do whatever I want! I can hide things from my parents! Being cool doesn't mean I have to be good! I can be bad but with attitude I can win everyone! Being philosophical takes me nowhere! I will be nobody among my friends! I will be ignored or called as geek! I don't want to be left alone! I don't want to be bullied! It's ok to be boastful! There is nothing like true love! Just live for the day! What if tommorrow never comes?
And true Peer Pressure drives us crazy! We don't differentiate between good and bad, for the love of being recognized or being famous/popular! And by the time we realize we are way ahead in our black spot thus not able to go back!
It's good to learn from my own mistakes but it's never bad to learn from my parents' mistakes/lessons! Parents better be a guide than enforce things on the kids wanting to be over-protective or dictative! Being an influential parent can better guide them!
No company is better than bad company! If I can enjoy my own and not depend on making others happy by giving in to the peer pressure, I can handle any pressuree! I can still be myself amidst the bad crowd! I should be proud of being my own and should know that copying means I don't have any real feelings on my own! No two people are alike and why try imitate others?
Something to possess is good; To be obssessed with it, is insane!
Something to entertain is good; To be consumed by it, is absurd!
Something to be enthusiastic about is good; To enforce it, is overdoing!
Something to be inspired is good; To copy everything, it is imitating!

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