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Since life is awesome & main feel kar rahe hai hale and hearty
Soch rahi hoon ke aaj karte hai full on party!!!

Shukriya! Shukriya! Shukriya!

But wait... What is the party for? Shocked

On this very same day, long.. long time ago.. Well, not so long. Just one year back LOLLOL.. A show was born at 9.30pm. Who knew that this show was going to be one of the top shows one day? And today here we are to celebrate the 1 Year Anniversary of Qubool Hai.

We welcome you to Qubool Hai's 1st Anniversary Celebration Party
Has it really been a year since it started? It just seemed like yesterday isn't it?

Mr Khan aur meri sagai hone wali hai, YIIIPPPEEE!!!

We welcome you to Qubool Hai's 1st Anniversary Celebration Party
Has it really been a year since it started? It just seemed like yesterday isn't it?

29th October 2012 would always be remembered as it was the day that everyone saw the birth of a show called 'Qubool Hai'. It also marked the return of Karan Singh Grover and joining him is Surbi Jyothi. One thing that we all didn't know was that this show was going to be ruling the hearts of many being their favorite show.




Besides winning hearts of many avid fans, the show have also won many awards within very short time frame:

6th Boroplus Gold Awards

Best Actor (Popular) : Karan Singh Grover
Best Actress (Debut) : Surbhi Jyoti.
Best Actor (Supporting Role) :  Vaquar Shaikh
Best Jodi: Karan Singh Grover & Surbhi Jyoti.
Best Show: Qubool Hai.
Best Director: Qubool Hai.

Qubool Hai was seen shining in the Indian Academy Awards 2013 by winning multiple awards in various categories including Best Actor, Most Promising Actress and Best Show.

Best Drama award went to Qubool Hai and Best Actor, Desh Ka Sitara to Karan Singh Grover by Popular Choice. Also the jury choice Best Actor - Desh Ka Sitara went to Karan again and actress of the year went to Zoya, Surbhi Jyoti. Surbhi also won the Face Of The Year (Female).

Indian Television Academy Awards 2013

Best Actor - Desh Ka Sitara - Karan Singh Grover

Best Promising Actor/Actress - Surbhi Jyoti

Best Serial Drama Popular - Qubool Hai 

The show has been capturing the viewers' interest from a long time now and though the show TRP rating have been a little fluctuating off late, the show has been considered one of the most watched and liked show in recent times.

The main cast of the show Karan Singh Grover and Surbhi Jyoti's characters Asad and Zoya and their story has captured interest of millions across the globe. The story of the show deals with two Muslim families and how their lives are tangled due to various factors.

The show is written and directed by Gul Khan and is on air for over a year now. The show has so far won numerous awards in various events, and ITA 2013 awards too will add to their number of feathers.

And guess what?  Its not only the show which is celebrating its 1st Anniversary but its also our very own Forum!! Yes, our Forum which is almost the second home for many have have also turned a year older now. Being one of the most happening forum around, its always safe to say that there isn't a day.. or should i say.. there isn't a minute you could see the forum dead. You just post your comment and the next moment, you would find the thread either on the 2nd or 3rd page LOLLOL

That shows how active the forum is. Besides that, the Qubool Hai Forum could also be said as the home of talents as we have the Creation Gallery which is  filled with talents pouring in making varieties of creations and anyone who visits the Creation Gallery would be spoiled for choices because trust me when i say, 'They are all beautiful'. if that's not enough, we have talented members making Video Mixes and the good writes always never fail to keep us hooked to their Fan Fictions and One Shots.

Most of all, the Qubool Hai forum is standing proudly retaining its position as the Number 1 forum on India Forums and a big round of applause goes to all the members for supporting the show.

Congratulations to the entire Qubool Hai Team! Clap . We hope the whole team continue to entertain us and the show goes on for many more years!


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The show focuses on the Muslim community and aims to dispel stereotypes regarding Islam. The show wants to deliver the social message that Freedom of girls,freedom of thoughts and If you wear modern clothes & lead a modern life that doesn't mean that someone is having loose character and does not have any culture about his/her religion. 

According to what Gul Khan said is Qubool hai means to accept life as it treats you. This story is not only based on Love. Its about accepting things when you cant do anything about it and Allah will help you out with it when its the right time. 

Played By : Karan Singh Grover
Asad is a very serious guy, who doesn't smile and has been through a lot in life. He has never had a male figure to look up to, so he became the man of the house before time. He is a big sadu and very heavy character. He is an angry young business tycoon who does not believe in love as he feels it is a waste of time
Asad is the eldest son of Rashid Ahmed Khan and Dilshaad Khan and have a sister Najma who is younger than him.  But now Asad is in Love with his Guest Zoya .

Played By: Surbhi Jyoti
Zoya is an NRI who is on a vacation in India with her family. She has some goals in life and is determined to achieve them. However she comes across hindrances while realizing her goals. Marriage isn't on her mind and she has many friends.. Zoya is modern but keeps it in accordance with her culture and the traditions instilled in her. She is against the stereotypes and never hesitates to question them.
Zoya represents the educated progressive youth of today who are very well sorted and rooted in their culture. Yet they are not regressive. They are people who have adjusted to modern times and are trying to find their own place in this world.She is a cultured and balanced girl who is very conscious of her rights.

Played By: Vaquar Shaikh

Rashid Ahmed Khan is married to two women, Dilshaad and Shireen..He is a man who is caught in a lot of personal problems. Rashid's first wife is Dilshaad with whom he has a son Asad and a daughter Najma but he left them 17 years back to achieve some other goals of his life due to which Asad doesn't gel up well with him. His second wife is Shireen with whom he has a son Ayaan ad two daughters, Nikhat and Nuzhat. He is the head of his second family and lives with them.

Played By: Shalini Kapoor Sagar

Dilshad is Rashid Ahmed Khan's first wife and Najma and Asad's mother. Dilshaad has faced the rough challenges of life to bring up her son and daughter. With her son flourishing in his career and becoming a business tycoon, life seems to be a bed of roses for Dilshaad. She carries a very strong and dignified character. Her husband had deserted her for more money and a better lifestyle. Dilshaad has worked hard to give her son and daughter the best education. Her son is in fact a bigger tycoon than his father.

Played By: Nehalaxmi Iyer

Najma is a diligent student who tops her class.  Najma is a cute and slightly chubby girl who tries to follow various diets but never really sticks to them.   She is the daughter of Rashid Ahmed Khan and Dilshaad Khan and Asad's younger sister.. Asad is a very protective older brother to her who monitors what she does and wears. Najma is 7 years younger than Asad.

Played By: Vikrant Massey 

Parallel Male Protagonist & Lead, Rashid & Shireen's Son, Asad & Najma's Half Brother, Nikkhat & Nuzhat's Elder Brother, he is in Love Interest with Humaira. he share a very strong bond with his brother Asad. 

Played By: Shabnam Sayed

Shireen is the second wife of Ahmed Khan and mother of Ayaan, Nuzhat and Nikhat. She is a very loving person but also acts as a fool at the same time.. She carries a confused and weak character and is not at all independent in any manner.

Played By: Archana Taide (Nikhat) & Farhina Parvez Jarimari (Nuzhat)

Nikhat is Rashid Ahmed Khan and Shireen's daughter, has a younger sister Nuzhat and an older brother Ayan.  Nikhat is a dark complexion girl whose dream is to become a famous Dancer. Dance is her passion, but coming from a conservative Muslim family it's not easy for her to pursue her dreams. Rashid & Shireen's Younger Daughter, Dilshad's Step Daughter, Ayaan & Nikkhat's Younger Sister, Asad & Najma's Half Sister.Young member of the Family..

Played By: Vidya Sinha

Dadi is Rashid Ahmed Khan's mother, Dilshaad and Shireen's mother in law and the Grandmother of Asad, Najma, Ayan, Nikhat and Nuzhat.. Her character is very positive in nature. She is sweet and a grandmom who loves to dress. She is extremely sugary and lives with Rashid and his second family...

Played By: Ketaki Kadam

Humera is Gaffur and Razia's daughter... She carries a sweet, positive and strong  character and is truly like a sister to Nikhat and Nuzhat whereas Ayaan leaves no chance to flirt with her... She is not connect to Ayaan's family biologically but emotionally she does.. She lives in the same house as Ayaan's family does and carries a soft corner for Ayaan in her heart.

Played By: Tej Sapru

He is Shireen's mu bole bhai means not biologically related to her in any manner but still acts like her elder brother.. Razia is his wife and he has two daughters... One is Hiba who happily married and lives with her husband and the other is Humera whom he wants to make married to Ayaan. He also lies in the same house as Rashid's second family does and acts as the head of the family who is very positive and strict in nature.

Played By: Alka Kaushal

Razia is Shireen's bhabhi as her husband calls shireen his sister though they are not biologically related in any manner.. Razia lives in the same house as Rashid's second family does with her daughter Humera and Husband who acts as the head of that whole house...
Razia is a arrow minded woman and kind of a spicy chilli who can easily make shireen do what she wants.. She has two daughters, one is Hiba who happily married and the other is Humera, whom she wants to make married with Ayaan.

Played By: Amrapali Gupta

She Asad's Childhood Friend and Vamp on the show. she had a relationship with Imraan. and she is hunting Asad as father for her unborn child.but Imraan is the biologicalfather o the child.

Played By: Vikram Singh Chauhan (Imran)  & Vishal Nayak (Farhan)

Imran is Nikat's fiance and Son of Haseena Bi.He had a relationship with Tanveer and he is father of the Unborn child. However in an event of twists, its revealed that Imran and Najma used to be in love during college days and both of them get married while a depressed Nikhat decides to move on and married Farhan who is Imran's brother. But wait, there is a twist as Farhan isn't good as he looks to be as he has his dark side which is yet to be revealed.

Qubool Hai story has its roots back in 90's, when Dishad was young lady,married a person named, Rashid Amed Khan, the pair loved each other from the bottom of their heart. They had a son named Asad Ahmed Khan and a next child was expected (daughter, Najma Ahmed Khan) when the circumstances led them to divorce. Before divorce, Rashid somehow got engaged in with Shireen, with whom he had a son Ayaan Ahmed Khan, to which Asad taught to stand up and walk, after the divorce of Dilshad and Rashid, Ayaan was departed from Asad but both of them met secretly with each other even after 17 years, they were heartily bonded with each other in spite being step brother.  Zoya's relation to the backstory is that Gaffur and Raazia murdered Zoya's birth mom 17 years ago and made Rashid believe he was the murderer when they asked him to burn a factory down. Unknownst to Rashid there was a woman inside of it who was already murdered. Raazia Siddiqui murdered Zoya's mom because she and her husband Gaffur had an illegitimate affair. Raazia then sent baby Zoya to an orphange. Thats where Zeenat and Anwar took Zoya in and shifted to New York. 17 years later, Zoya finds out her father is alive, and comes in search of him to India. 

Qubool Hai is a story of young, modern Muslim girl Zoya Farooqui, an American citizen who comes to Bhopal, India in search of her father with her adoptive sister Zeenat and brother-in-law Anwar. Initially, Zeenat wanted Zoya to get married to a groom of her choice, on occasion of her wedding Zoya says "Mujhe Qubool nahi hai" and runs away from there. The three main lead Asad, Zoya, and Ayaan had a co-incidence meeting at Darga, where both the step brother Ayaan and Asad liked Zoya. Before leaving for America, Zoya was left with Dilshad at her home by her Brother-in-law, and thereafter story of Asad and Zoya starts.

We see Asad and Zoya falling in love with each other in spite of being different mentality, but there love is in danger as Tanveer, Asad's childhood friend wants to marry Asad. Tanveer tries to separate Asad and Zoya by sending her back to US,but does not succeed as Asad goes on time and stops Zoya from leaving by putting ring on her finger. In one of their relatives reception, there is a face-off between Shireen and Dilshad in which Shireen accuses Dilshad of being jealous of her(Shireen)children and this ultimately leads to Dilshad declaring that her son's marriage will be in 10 days.She then chooses Zoya as her would be daughter-in-law. 

On the other hand Badi bi has taken up a challenge of throwing Razia out from the house within ten days using Humeira as her ultimate weapon. The wedding preparations of Asad and Zoya starts with some of the rituals like Jashan-e-saugaat and Jashan-e-bahar. 

Zoya finally comes to know about Tanveer's evil intentions and challenge Tanveer that she will reveal her real face to Asad. Asad's Nikaah is broken as Tanveer manipulates the situations and makes it look like she and Asad slept together on the day of Asad and Zoya's wedding.  Heart broken Zoya leaves from the Khan Mansion, and start serving orphans in Orphanage. Tanveer plans her last plan to get ride of Zoya forever, and atempt to kill Zoya by trapping her behind walls. But she fails as Asad reaches there at time and saves Zoya! Next day Zoya leaves from the Orphanage to Ajmer while Najma suggests Asad to go to Ajmer Dargah where his prayers will be answered. Both Asad and Zoya meet in Ajmer with Tanveer keeping an eye on them. 

Asad confesses his love and feels guilty for hurting Zoya but Zoya refuses saying its too late. But soon Zoya comes to know about the real truth behind the hoax created by Tanveer on that night , and giving drug to Asad. She challenge Tanveer to win over Asad again and reveal her truth. Angry Tanveer pushes off  Zoya from a high cliff but Zoya is saved yet again. Tanveer with Asad goes back to Bhopal, and soon Zoya arrives too. Tanveer is left shocked when Asad and Zoya Nikaah is to happen again! But again Tanveer sees this and intervenes by telling Asad that she is pregnant with his child. Asad, not knowing that the child is not his, stops the wedding and later announces that he shall marry Tanveer. This at first confuses Zoya and Dilshad, but then they find out about Tanveer's pregnancy and Zoya is once again heartbroken. 

Tanveer plays her tricks once again, and reveals to Zoya that her father is actually still alive and that she will tell Zoya who he is, but only if Zoya lets Tanveer succeed in marrying Asad.
 Although sad, Zoya tells Asad that he made the right decision and to make things easier, she states she will leave for New York in a little while. 

When Razia finds out that Tanveer betrayed her by revealing the truth to Zoya, she sends a detailed report of Tanveer's pregnancy to Asad's house in anger. Zoya receives the reports and learns that the child is not Asad's, but decides to keep quiet so that Tanveer would reveal her father's location. After discovering that Zoya knows the truth about her pregnancy, Tanveer decides to end Zoya's life and tries to burn her while she's praying. Her attempt fails because Asad arrives, along with Najma and Dilshad, and they are shocked to see that Tanveer is evil. They kick her out of the house, and peace is restored once again. Dilshad announces that Asad and Zoya's marriage will take place right after Eid, and Asad promises Zoya that he will spoil her by fulfilling all of her wishes.

Their love life continues to go happily till Haseena bi tries to double cross Asad and aayan's family by choosing nikhat and najma as contestants of his sons bride. najma till the time falls in love with haseena's son imraan and nikhat who loves him before najma, is left heartbroken. Tanveer further blackmails Imran which makes Zoya doubt on Imran. Later on her wedding day, Zoya further wants to know about Imran- Tanveer connection, as to save Najma's life from breaking. She goes to a hospital, but soon she finds it a trap led by Tanveer. Tanveer hires goons to kill Zoya but she runs away from there. On the other hand, Ayaan and Humaria were all set to go to wedding but Vikram attacks them. Ayaan and Humaria runs to save their life. Zoya, Ayaan and Humaria reach a communal marriage ceremony of seven couples, accidentally, unknown that the other is also there where they individually dress up as bride and groom to escape their respective enemies. Ayaan asks Humaria to stay in a room. He further goes for suspicion. 

Zoya and Ayaan sees the goons and sits there, are unknown that they are facing each other for marriage. The priest starts the formalities of Zoya and Ayaan. Rashid calls Ayaan shouts on him for his behavior. Because of the noise in background, Rashid asks Ayaan that can he hear him. He shouts YES, which people there as acceptance to his marriage. At the same time, Asad too calls up zoya and reprimands her for such a brash behaviour. While the priest is talking to her about her marriage, she has her concentration on talking to asad, and just like ayan's ignorance, she too says "Yes", unknown that its taken as her acceptance to marriage. This led to their accidental marriage.

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Qubool Hai is a rom com with many love angles, triangles, squares, and pentagons. 
Our main couples of course are that of Asad-Zoya, and Aayan-Humeira. 

Asya (Asad & Zoya)'s

 T   A   L   E       O   F       L   O   V   E  

''Asad and Zoya's Mohobaat Ki Kahani hai kuch is tara .. thodi khushi LOTS of GHAM. (Asad and Zoya's love story goes like this.. with some happiness and plenty of sadness).''

Asad and Zoya's (AsYa as we fans call them), first encounter was divine, literally. Zoya ran from a forced marriage arranged by her Appi (Zeenat) and Jiju (Anwar) to a man named Akram. Zoya ran coincidentally to a Masjid. The same Masjid that Asad and Ayan decided to pay visit to. There, Asad first laid eyes on Zoya who was dressed in red, decked up as a bride, and crying. Asad was mesmerized, and in a flash Zoya left. Asad lit a candle and prayed for her that day. Following this divine encounter, the same day Asad's car knocked over Zoya. He rushed to her aid only to find her Western mindest too much of a shock to his culture and moral driven ideologies. AsYa's personalities did not sit well with eachother. Vowing to never cross eachother's paths, fate brings them together on two more encounters before finally bringing Zoya to Asad's house. Zoya began to live at Asad's house because she needed a place to stay while she hunted for her father whom abandoned her in childhood. Dilshaad (Asad's mother) knows Zoya's Jiju. AsYa's living arrangement, started off rough. Zoya wanted to go see Mahendra Singh Dhoni, her favorite cricketer, but that did not sit well with Asad who believes no woman of his house should be out of the house by themselves. She went anyways, taking Asad's sister Najma along with her. Upon returning she faced Asad's anger. Such head butts over petty issues continued. One night Zoya wanted to see shooting stars after dark which Asad wasn't fond of. This particular head butt however was one to remember. AsYa's fight ended up in them wishing during the shooting stars, that they both fall in love with people who are complete opposite to them. Little did they know, fate was going to grant them their ver wishes. Slowly AsYa began to get used to eachother's personalities, though not agreeing with them. Zoya meanwhile established a cordial relationship with Dilshaad whom she now viewed as a mother like figure and Najma whom she considers her friend and sister. 

The first major issue of AsYa's relationship came when Asad found out Zoya was a runaway bride. Asad hates woman like Zoya who leave men at the alter and this infuriated him. He told Zoya to meet Akram and apologize to him (Akram happened to be Asad's valued employee). Zoya agreed however, Zoya and Akram's meeting turned sour when Akram gathered his goons to kidnap Zoya and force her to marry him. They drugged her and brought her to the point of saying Qubool Hai. However, Asad found out just in time and saved her. Then there was another trying incident. Asad headed for Mangalpur to attend a relatives wedding and fate having its ways, brought Zoya along with him. Both attended the wedding and go into serious trouble when Zoya made the forced bride, runaway. AsYa were on the run from the entire village. The angry villagers even went to the extent of burying Zoya alive. Asad saved her.. and that one moment changed Asad and Zoya's relationship forever. 

It brought them closer. Asad was now fighting his growing feelings for Zoya. Soon, Asad's mamujan (the man whose daughter, Zoya made runaway from her wedding in mangalpur and who was behind burying Zoya alive), found out that his daughter is somewhere in Bhopal. Assuming that Zoya has hidden her (knowing she survived the burial) threatened Asad to turn Marium in or else. Asad assured him that he doesnt know where she is and lied stating Zoya no longer lives with them to safeguard her from mamu and his goons. Little did Asad know Zoya infact was hiding marium in Asad's house itself. Asad finds out and tells Zoya to tell her to leave. The day Zoya sends Marium back, Dilshaad sees her and keeps marium in the house. When Asad calls to make sure Marium is gone, he hears a gunshot and upon returning home learns Dilshad was shot. Asad turns extremely angry at Zoya to the point of slapping her and blaming her for his mothers condition. Dilshaad gets better however and tells Asad that Zoya sent Marium, and she was the one to bring her back. Asad apologizes to Zoya. Soon AsYa learn that Mariums father was not responsible for his mothers condition. It was someone else. A clue leads them to the Siddiqui house. 



Under a misunderstanding it is believed that Rashid (asads father) was the one to shoot Dilshaad to keep hidden a secret that he murdered an individual (whom the audience knows to be Zoya's real mother) 17 years ago. Asad turns even more bitter to his father as Zoya sees Asad's emotional and weaker side. She softens towards him and becomes his support. Asad vows to put Rashid behind bars for the murder and for shooting his mom.  Zoya promises Dilshad to stop Asad from pursing criminal action and enlists Ayans help (who also wants to prevent his father from going to jail). Both work together to distract Asad. Asad and Zoya in distractions, end up spending an incredibly romantic, bhaang filled night together, where they epic-ly danced to Bol Na Halke Halke. The incident of the night, the romantic rainy night, was forgotten in the morning as they both wake up and learn that Asad is about to miss the court meeting to indite his father. Asad angrily rushes off and leaves Zoe behind. On his way, he gets a phone call. Meanwhile Zoya tries to grab a bus back to Bhopal, but the bus crashes. Wandering lost and confused and hurt, Zoya's teary eyes fall upon Asad who reaches the crash site. Her pain driven eyes find relief and opens her arms up when Asad comes running to who seemed to be her. To her dismay, Asad runs past Zoya and hugs another woman. Enter, Tanveer. Asad's childhood friend. Dead 

Zoya's heart breaks seeing Asad comfort someone else. The man who was there for her as she tried to learn about her father's reality and there to save her from all of her problems in the past, was for the first time NOT there to hug and comfort her. As she walks away, Asad finds Zoya's iPad the one item she never leaves behind (the ipad that Asad gifted her, himself). He figures she was also on the bus and painstakingly, roaringly screams Zoya to locate her, until he finally finds her. Upon returning home, Asad obviously learns Rashid is released and is not very  pleased with Zoya, yet still manages to apologize to her for not recognizing she was on the bus. Zoe meanwhile feels tings of jealousy seeing Asad so close to his best friend. Misunderstandings between Asad and Zoya galore as Tanveer tries to purposely get closer to Asad. It is revealed that Tanveer was sent by Raazia Siddiqui to retrieve evidence from the Khan house. And simultaneously Tanveer decided to frame Asad into marrying her because she learns she was pregnant and her baby daddy (Who we learn is supposedly Imran - Nikhat's ex fiance and Najma's current husband) refused responsibility. She hence pursue's Asad for his money and name. Tanveer tries her best to distance Asad and Zoya's budding romance when she sees their proximity during Holi and at night in Khan Mansion.. sharing deeper emotional moments or confronting their Bhaang filled night. As Tanveer tries to distance them, AsYa become even more close. Asad was now fighting his feelings for Zoya, while Zoya questioned her feelings for Asad. Soon enough, Tanveer plans to separate them by taking advantage of Zoya's expiring visa permit to continue to reside in India. It so happened that Zoe planned to leave Asad's house upon learning a fake truth that her father was dead. The purpose behind her remaining in India was to find her father. Upon learning that her father was "dead" (a ploy by Tanveer and Raazia), Zoya decided to leave, leaving Asad heartbroken. Zoe too couldnt get herself to leave, desiring for Asad to stop her. 



Eventually Zoya decides to stay, much to Dilshaad Najma and Asad's delight. However, Tanveer invokes a Visa officer to kick Zoya out of the country. Comedic and romantic moments ensue between AsYa, and Tanveer's plan backfires when AsYa end up getting engaged infront of a whole airport. Asad tries to say the engagement was just to keep Zoya in the country but both AsYa know theres more to it. Yet, both continue trying to run from their feelings. Dilshaad eventually learns that Asad and Zoya seem to love each other and takes advantage of their "fake" public engagement and convinces AsYa to get engaged for real, a second time. (This happened because Dilshaad vowed to have Asad married within 10 days as a challenge to Raazia Siddiqui and Shireen Ahmed Khan - Rashid second wife/ayans mom). Dilshaad found Zoya perfect for Asad and could see that they also love each other but fail to admit to it. Asad and Zoya get engaged the second time for Dilshaad, and for themselves.. though they both wanted the engagement to be real.. unwilling to admit their feelings and thinking the latter may not want to be engaged with them, AsYa continued "pretending" to be engaged. 

Even though they were against it, but Dilshad would not let them back out. So every time they attempted to tell her they didn't want to get married she feigned sick LOL

Then began the 10 days of ceremonies, rituals that had to be completed and more attempts from Tanveer to separate AsYa. First was the Jashn-e-Sughat. A gift giving ceremony. All went well until the end. Where Asad accused Zoya of changing Tanveer's blood sample with chicken's blood. That was a ploy by Tanveer herself to separate them. But the next day all was well since Zoya provided proof that she was not the one to tamper with the blood. Asad gifted Zoya her first gift from him ever. A pink sari. It came along with an apology note.

Next ceremony was the Jashn-e-Bahar. A flower ceremony. It almost went completely wrong since Zoya had planned on wearing the sari that was given to her by Asad had a huge hole burnt through it, courtesy of Tanveer. She came up with a plan and managed to have the sari turned into a kurti. Asad wasn't too happy about it. But when the ceremony began and their eyes met. His concerns about the sari were forgotten. That night ended with Tanveer cutting off the lights and almost stabbing Zoya but bad luck forced her to turn the knife on herself. Which got Asad's attention and he took care of her. That made Zoya feel pangs of jealousy.

Preparations for the Sangeet began.  With it came some comedic relief in the form of Singham LOL. The dance teacher Zoya hired to prepare them for their Sangeet performance. He hit on Asad from the time he stepped through the door. Zoya was even jealous of him LOL. The day before the Sangeet while practicing Zoya's Appi shows up (thanks to Tanveer) and demands an explanation as to why no one told her about Asya's engagement. Her presence compelled Asad to admit that yes he and Zoya are infact getting married. Dilshad later on encourages Asad to express his love to Zoya and tell her that he wants to spend his life with her. He agreed.

At the Sangeet Asad met up with his two friends Neil and Arjun. They decided to become his wingmen for the night and help him express his love to his soon to be wife. He tried sending a love letter, telling her before their performance and even outside the Sangeet. But as he was trying to get the words out Tanveer runs in on fire. Another ploy to keep Asad from saying those three magical words. Since he was not successful at the Sangeet. He decided to try again. Then came his second gift to Zoya. A black sequined sari. He planned to express his love in romantic style. During their first date Day Dreaming. He wanted to let her know the truth. It was his truth, her truth, their truth. This became our truth also. Sadly he was not able to get the words out in time due to Tanveer interrupting their date in grand style Sleepy.


Asad tried many a times to tell Zoya those three words. A morning before work, while she was setting the dining table, just before she was about to spy on Tanveer. Zoya had begun suspecting Tanveer and she was on a mission to expose her. But all her attempts fell short. She even got to know the truth that Tanveer had a stone eye. And was the one causing all the trouble during the ceremonies leading up to the wedding day. Zoya confronted Tanveer and then came the battle of who will claim Asad as theirs. Tanveer threatened to have a Suhag Raat. While Zoya had faith that Asad would never betray her. The Mehendi ceremony came next. It was a painful one for Zoya as Tanveer had mixed acid in the mehendi meant for Zoya. When everyone saw her burnt hands, Zoya kept the fact that there was acid in it to herself. Later that night Asad and Zoya had a heart to heart talk through a fence that kept them separated. They weren't allowed to see each other until the wedding. During that conversation Zoya told Asad about her promise to always honor her marriage for a lifetime. They pledged their love to each other. But in their minds.

Just as their wedding ceremonies were marred by Tanveer. Their way day was too. She managed to dupe Asad and with the help of Razia, faked a Suhag Raat with an unconscious Asad. Zoya believed what she saw and for the first time. Asad and Zoya were  separated. Zoya disappeared after that. Leaving no word of where she was going. Asad cried, hallucinated, moped, was depressed. Zoya went on to work at an orphanage. She was silent, didn't smile, didn't leave the orphanage to go anywhere. Basically they were zombies without each other. Asad finally saw her at the orphanage one night. But she didn't allow any visitors. So he had no choice but to leave. Tanveer found out Zoya was at the orphanage and made a plan to bury her alive. But Asad is always her saviour anytime she is in trouble. So he broke her out of the brick coffin Tanveer had built. 

Zoya once again left after that. Asad was devastated that he would never get to meet her again.  He decided to go to Ajmer so he can get some peace of mind. In Ajmer he prayed that Zoya would be written into his destiny. So asked, so done. A few days after being in Ajmer. He comes face to face with Zoya. Asad Ahmed Khan finally said "I LOVE YOU" to his love (after taking WAY to long. LOL). But it was not received well. Cry Asad was once again broken. A stroke of luck makes Zoya put things together in her head to realize that Asad never slept with Tanveer and it was just her tricks again.

Tanveer showed up in Ajmer and she manages to keep AsYa from meeting each other. Zoya was at a cliff proclaiming her love for her Mr. Khan to the world when Tanveer found her. They had a confrontation and she ended up pushing Zoya off the cliff. But divine intervention helped Zoya climb her way back to the top of the cliff. She then decided to head back home to her family at the Khan Villa. When Asad and Tanveer got home Zoya was waiting for them. Ready to be married. But even that attempt was thwarted by Tanveer. She made Asad believe that she was pregnant with his child. With a heavy heart he decided that he would marry Tanveer instead.

As the month of Ramadan went along. Zoya began the search for her father again (After coming back from Ajmer, Tanveer revealed to Zoya that her father was still alive.) Razia found out about this and spoiled Tanveer's plan of marrying Asad by sending pregnancy reports to the Khan Villa. Zoya received them and deduced that Asad could never be the father of Tanveer's baby. Tanveer's downfall stemmed from that as Asad caught her in preparations to burn Zoya alive. She was out of their lives temporary.

Zoya had wishes from her teens that her would be husband would fulfill. Asad took up the job. Wishes included: breakfast in bed, bring her the moon, watch the stars with her, dance like Salman Khan and find her father. All except the last were fulfilled. There was an Eid function that Asad sponsored in order to help find her father. He wasn't found but they got a clue. A music box identical to one Zoya already has. Then Zoya wanted to fulfill Asad's wishes which were: watching her sleep, showing her off to his English teacher, dancing like Siri Devi to Hava Hawaii and bringing him gifts from his father.

As they were to get married on the same day with Najma and Imran. Zoya was suspicious of Imran being connected to Tanveer. So she decided to investigate on her wedding day. Without telling Asad where she was going, she left the house. Turns out that it was just another plan by Tanveer to separate them. Another plan to kill Zoya. But she managed to escape. To get away from Tanveer's goons she got into a community wedding to disguise herself and coincidentally Ayaan was there in the same predicament. They sat opposite each other and without realizing what was taking place...they got married by mistake. Or so they think (The Qazi had Zoya's name wrong.) They were shocked but laughed it off and went their separate ways. But it was there at the back of their minds. Zoya was advised by Ayaan not to tell anything to Asad as it was just a mistake. But the word was already out that they got married. Haseena (Imran's mother) heard of the incident and called off the rishta between Farhan (her other son) and Nikhat (Asad and Ayaan's sister). This caused Nikhat to try and commit suicide and made Ayaan and Asad believe that Zoya needed to pretend to be married to Ayaan until Nikhat is married. Marriage certificate AND Divorce papers were signed (Razia slipped that in). So at the moment Asad and Zoya are separated with Ayaan between them. 

ByAndrea andRoshni (Drea_QH1fanand -Shayari-)

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Ayra (Ayan & Humeira)'s

 T   A   L   E       O   F       L   O   V   E  

Ayan Ahmed Khan and Humeira Siddiqui  are the typical two best friends from childhood who eventually learn to love each other. Their refreshing and heart-warming love story goes something like this:

Ayan and Humeira (AyRa) grew up in Siddiqui/Khan House together. Humeira's mother and father are Ayan's mom, Shireen's, moon bhola bhai and bhabhi. Because both families live together Humeira grew up having a fondness for Ayan. Ayan meanwhile never thought of Humeira as anything but his best friend. They flirt and joke around with each other but Ayan never takes it seriously. One day Humeira got involved with a person from the internet whom she believed to be Ayan. She eagerly went to meet him one day, and thats where she learnt he was an imposter looking to get lucky with her. He threatened her to give his dirty pleasures a chance or else he will send a picture of Humeira in western attire to her parents. Humeira, not willing to hurt her parents self-respect went to give in, however Ayan caught on that something was not right. He followed her and saved Humeira from the creep. Humeira's love for him grew that day.  She made another attempt to catch Aayans eye by participating in a fashion show in clothing that Aayan would like, seeing as Aayan is into girls who are more like Zoya in dressing and personality. Humeira wished upon shooting stars that she get Aayan's love, where as Aayan wished never to fall in love. Whose wish will God and destiny grant? 

Humeira's mom Raazia Siddiqui is hell bent to get Ayan and Humeira married. She even drugged them and put them in bed together to make the entire family think they slept together, just so Ayan feels guilt and family feels pressure to cover up their immaturity and get them married. Raazia schemed and schemed. Ayan because of circumstances and Raazia's blackmails, ends up almost getting engaged to Humeira twice do to Raazia's ploys. Until the third time, he actually goes through with it unwillingly because he promised Raazia he would get engaged to Humeira if she stopped his father from going to jail. Humeira's dream since childhood was finally seen to be coming true. She believed Ayan has finally begun to love her and is elated. She tries to make advances to build their relationship whether its by knitting him a sweater or hugging him. 

Ayan one day got fed up of Humeira's advances and told her that he only got engaged to her cause of circumstances not because he loved her. Humeira's heart breaks to learn this. Raazia's anger mounts learning Ayan rejected his daughter and made her cry and so she sends her away on a bus, to teach Ayan a lesson. It so happens that Humeira's bus gets into an accident. 1 month passes as Ayan painstakingly searches for Humeira because she is missing. He puts the blame on himself for yelling at her. However, Humeira is found eventually much to Ayans delight. However, fate plays a cruel game when Humeira has identity confusion and assumes herself to be Rajni Shukla (the identity of a woman whom she encountered on the bus). She believes she is Rajni Shukla and her husband Vikram will come to get her. 

The sheer mention of Vikrams name from Humeira mouth and her calling him her husband, made Aayan's blood boil. The jolly green jealousy giant finally bit Ayan. One day Humera runs to visit temple to pray for Ekadashi in hopes of meeting her vikram there. She returns disappointed, but not for long. Enter, "Vikram". A new entry calls himself Vikram - Rajni's husband and decides to take his Rajni back with him. Aayan infuriated knowing the man is lying doesnt let Humeira leave and rather convinces "Vikram" to live at SM. Vikram takes the offer because of trying circumstance. As he lived in Siddiqui house, the fake Vikram not only was doing Raazia's bidding for her selfish means, but also trying to make inappropriate advances towards Humeira. On Eid, he took Humeira to a shady club with plenty of booze and plenty of prostitutes and there, he tried to force himself on her. However, hero Ayan came to save his damsel in distress just in time and there the fake Vikrams identity is finally revealed to Humeira. The side effect was that the situation put Humeira in a shocked state. She goes into a sleep like state and when she wakes up, she is as her original self, Humeira Siddiqui. 


Humeira was unaware of all that transpired when under the Rajni Shukla alter ego, and thus distances herself from Ayan because the last thing she remembered was Aayan's rejection. She was not able to remember how close she and Ayaan became when she was "rajni shukla" having shared a very passionate hug and connecting on different emotional level. Humeira, the girl craving for her childhood love to fall in love with her was finally seeing her dream come true. But looks at fate's cruel game. Ayan had fallen in love with her and Humeira did not want to hear it. Ayan meanwhile learns from Raazia that the only reason she has been pushing their marriage is because she doesnt want to break Humeira's already broken heart. Humeira has a hole in her heart since childhood and lives on medication. Ayans awestruck and vows never to hurt her. Soon enough, Humeira learns that Aayan in fact did fall in love with her and she sets up a romantic surprise for him. They get close and dance to Baho ki Darmiya.  

AyRa are now in love and wanting to marry. But fate having its cruel way separates these two growing love birds. on the way to Asad and Zoya's wedding, "Vikram" returns to seek revenge.Causing AyRa to go on the run. Their running steps take them to a community wedding. As Humeira waits for Aayan who went to check if the goons have left, Aayan is seen hiding from the goons under the garb of a groom. Fate plays a cruel and sick joke for both AsYa and AyRa when Zoya and Ayan "accidentally" get married. Humeiras heart breaks. Ayan and Zoya both unwanting the marriage remain married because of societal pressures and to safegaurd Ayan's sister (Nikhats) wedding. Ayan promises Humeira that after Nikhat gets married, Zoya will go back to Asad and they can be together again. 

 Dishad, Rashid & Shireen's

 T   A   L   E       O   F       L   O   V   E  

This is complicated love story of unrequited love and a love that can't be forgotten. Dilshad and Rashid were happily married with their first son Asad and a daughter on the way when Rashid came home with two year old Ayaan, his son from another woman, Shireen. Dilshad had been pregnant with Najma when Rashid brought Ayaan. A year later, Rashid took Ayaan with him leaving Dilshad and his children Asad and Najma behind to be with Shireen. Seventeen years passed and Dilshad and her children have built their lives up from nothing and her children have no relations with Rashid or Shireen and their family. It was revealed that Rashid left Dilshad after being coerced and blackmailed by Razia Siddique and her husband. He was forced to stay with Shireen whom he doesn't love and pines for Dilshad who is his one true love and whom he can't be with. Shireen and Rashid have a strained relationship. He does his duty as her husband but he doesn't love her like she loves him and she's always been pained being the second wife and his second choice resenting Dilshad and her children for holding such importance in Rashid's life. 

-By Candice (cclove)

Najma/Imran (NajRan) & Nikhat/Farhan (NikHan)

 T   A   L   E       O   F       L   O   V   E  

These four individuals have a very tangled relationship. Imran and Nikhat were engaged to be married and due to Imran's mother's thirst for money and dowry, Nikhat and Imran's engagement would constantly be broken and fixed, putting Nikhat through and emotional rollercoaster. Imran's mother would constantly abuse Nikhat's parents, verbally, Nikhat, Shireen, Rashid and Ayan would bear the nonsense just for the sake of the relationship. Nikhat slowly fell in love with Imran and had full faith in him. If Imran loves her and is with her, she can bear all the taunts by Haseena bi, including that upon her skin tone. However, Imran was not Nikhat's prince charming by angle.

It turns out, Imran has quite a few skeletons in his closet. Imran was apparently in a relationship with Nikhat's older step sister and Asad's sister Najma, in college. Najma and Imran loved eachother but Najma's fear for Asad's strictness, broke it off with Imran leaving Imran heart broken. Imran's broken heart led him to make many blunders including sleeping with a prostitute, none other than Tanveer. Imran found out Tanveer is pregnant with his baby and Imran, although denying the fact, is adamant to cover up his mistake. So, he gives into Tanveer's demands for money. 

Nikhat eventually learns that Najma and Imran love eachother an after a few exchanges of words between families, Najma and Imran get married with Nikhat's blessing. Meanwhile, Nikhat gets another proposal for money thirsty Haseena bi, for Nikhat to marry her older son Farhan. Nikhat agrees simply to move on in life and to save her parents humiliation in society. After more hassle, Nikhat and Farhan get married. Little does Nikhat know, her cursed romantic life was not to end anytime soon. It is revealed to the audience that Farhan also has a few skeletons in the same closet as his brother. Farhan is into spending nights with prostitutes and is not at all romantically interested in Nikhat. He drugs her on their wedding night and sneaks out to sleep with a mistress. 

Currently the track between these four characters is focusing on Farhan's backstory, Nikhat and Najma having weird encounters at their sasural and Najma feeling uncomfy seeing Nikhat and Imran's closeness on occasion. 

-By Roshni (-Shayari-)

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Congratulations to the ENTIRE Qubool Hai Team, Writers, Directors, Producers, Crew Members, and of course our WONDERFUL Actors: Ketki Kadam, Surbhi Jyoti, Karan Singh Grover, Vikrant Massey, Shalini Kapoor Sagar, Neha Laxmi Iyer, Archana Taide, Vaquar Sheikh, Vidya Sinha, Tej Sapru, Alka Kaushal, Farhina Parvez, and all other supporting cast! 
Congratz to the ENTIRE Team for completing 1 YEAR of Qubool Hai.

The strong story, incredible acting, and mesmerizing chemistry between actors has led the audiences to say Qubool Hai for a full year. May it continue to breed success so long as the story remains solid and our favorites AsYa and AyRa are always intact. 

God Bless the show for giving us incredible moments of laughter, sadness, shock, thrill, confusion, twists, and applause worthy moments. 

Qubool Hai rocked, and hope, wish, and pray it continues to rock!

Love AsYa and Love AyRa

Happy 1st Birthday QH!


Congratulationsss Qubool Hai .. Karan , Surbhi and the Whole Crew And Cast of Qubool Hai 
You guys Have made the Show rocking best on tb ryt now its better thn any othr show on tv 
plzzz plzzz plzzz plzzz plzzz 
For God fakes else QH wud Go frm 2 to worse ratings ever and i dnt want that to happen cuz i Love QH 

Congratulations to Gul and Team for maintaining the suspense and giving us a drama and a thriller and a  romantic comedy...

Keep up the good work, guys...we are with you  through your ups and downs...

Happy 1 year anniversary to the best serial Qubool Hai. Hope it has many more years! Never have I been so enveloped and affected by a show than with this serial. It just ropes you in and makes emotions rush forth. Through the good and the bad tracks we watch and enjoy, love and hate the characters and cry along when our favourite couples are separated.
Congratulations to Qubool Hai for this feat and for giving us a show that we can't get enough of and jodis that sizzle in AsYa and AyRa respectively...  

Dearest Team Qubool Hai, 
It has been a year so soon with you all that it's unbelievable. But the journey I must say has been marvelous, full of surprises, shocks, twists & turns, fun, family drama, sweet romance to intense Love. it has been a journey worth doing with all of you.
I would love to congratulate every single person on the sets of Qubool hai, from the spot boys to director behind the scenes to have put in efforts to make the story worth seeing & remembering. Everyone on-screen, I want to congratulate you all for making this story & it's characters so real for us. You all have done a great job. 
Now to My most favorite & the only reason to watching this serial, Karan Singh Grover. A hearty congratulations to you for your par excellence acting. Karan, you were the only reason I had to see this & still am despite the heart breaking track. You have made me fall for you over & over again with your stupendous acting as Asad Ahmed Khan. Believe me it makes me weep seeing you shed a tear & smile like a love struck teenager to see you smirk. May the Al-Mighty always bestow his choicest blessings on you always. Tonnes of love & best wishes for a beautiful future for you. 
Surbhi, My Gorgeous, Bubbly Zoe. You've become one of my favorite people. Your acting as Zoya has really taken my heart away. I really really love you. it's a request, please go back to your Mr. Khan. May you succeed in accomplishing your dreams & be blessed always. 
Wishing you all the best of luck & that you create new heights of fame with every passing day. Looking forward to spend the next 2 years with you all.
Lots of love,

To the whole team of QH,

Wishing you all a very Happy First Anniversary!

One year ago, this show started and who had thought it would be such a beautiful journey.
There are many factors why this show is different than others:
1) KSG - He is the strongest pillar of QH
2) Surbhi Jyoti - She is the beauty of QH
3) Vikrant Massey - He has give a whole new life to the character Ayaan. One of the best things that has happened to QH so far
4) Alka ji - She is a devil in disguise par excellence
5) Shalini ji - A mother we all would like to have
6) The whole cast - QH has one of the best ensemble cast with great talented and senior actors.
7) The PH - 4Lions is famous for their on-screen hit jodis, their way of storytelling and their guts to think out of the box. That is exactly what they are doing with QH
8) Muslim background - Probably the most challenging factor. Gul Khan made the impossible possible
9) Raju Singh - Yes, let's not forget the maestro behind one of the most melodious background scores. He has done it in the past with other 4Lions shows and with 'Mitwa' he has created yet another hit
10) The symbolism - QH scenes are full of symbolism and one needs a good pair of eyes and brains to catch and understand it

Every show has its shares of ups and downs, and even flaws but that is the hidden challenge for the makers: it keeps and makes them going.
A huge round of applause for the entire cast and crew of QH. A big thank you to Gul Khan and Zee TV for giving us a fresh, new, different and epic story like Qubool Hai. 


A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work
Let the journey continue...

Best wishes,

Narges, a fan from Holland 

Hey all, 
Happy Anniversary to every single one of you out there. One year Of Asya, KV, SM, and Much more.. Its been one year since the forum has stayed intact and hopefully it will stay intact for the upcoming years. Happy Anniversary To the entire cast of Qabool Hai. Every single person who puts their effort into make Qabool Hai. Hopefully there will be many more years to come. Qabool Hai Rocks. 
Love Aleena 

A big shout out for the entire team of QH for turning One year Old many more to come,I would like to Thank each and every member of the team for giving us QH and our wonderfull Asad and Zoya!! Love u all keep rocking and wish u all the very best for future!! QH and QHIANS rocksss 

My soul sister was so so so happy that KSG was coming back with a show called as QH Smile 

She made me watch the Show and i forever will remain grateful to her for making me watch such an Epic show. Clap

QH is my addiction, my weed for normal living, i am addicted to it. LOL

When the leads cry i cry, When leads are happy i am ecstatic. LOL  
But the best part about QH was is and will remain is that It has always showed the Real emotions which a Human Being goes through, in his life time. Smile  From Excruciating Pain to Excruciating Happiness. Smile 

QH gave me great friends, and also i came to know such wonderful people through this forum. Smile 

Haiyee mera baby Ek Saal kahogaya pata bhi nahi chala Dancing Embarrassed LOL 
Dear QH tum jeeo hazzaro saal Saal ke din ho hazzar o hazzar Embarrassed Hug

No matter how ghatiyah the Twist you deliver us, you will still remain my fav most show ever Embarrassed Hug
Love you loads QH, you are one of the main reason why i smile LOL

Happy 1 year anniversary to all the Qubool Hai team!!
I can't believe it's been a year already when it feels like just yesterday I watched the first episode!
QH is seriously amazing and I'm so proud not only of the whole team but proud I am part of such a fandom!
Insha'Allah there are many more episodes to come, and the TRP's continue to rise
Karan and Surbhi lead the show fantastically, their chemistry is mind-blowing but the show wouldn't be what it is without the rest of the wonderful cast and everyone behind the scenes! 
Party on my behalf, eat even more cake on my behalf and lets look forward to the 2nd anniversary! 
- Lots of love and hugs, Taniya :))
PS- please can the QH team visit England would absolutely love to meet you guys!

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~~~~QH Anniversary Wishes ~~~~
Happy One year anniversary to my favorite show in the history of shows Qubool Hai! Hope you had a great one year because Asad and Zoya stole the hearts of the fans! Please unite them! 

Thank You!
Happy 1 year Anniversary!


OMG QH is 1 YEAR??
I still remember episode 1 like it was yesterday!
Congrats Qubool Hai
I hope the show surpasses 2 years .. 3 years and so on
not one episode I have missed and have loved it from the start
ASYA are amazing
And AyRa have become epic
Without them the show wouldn't be here so thanka to them for the AMAZING show
So many things have happened in 1 year of QH that I have loved EVERY MINUTE OF IT
Been through the ups and downs of the show and will be forever how lon this show goes on for 
I hope by the time this goes out either ASYA and Ayra are together again or its going that way

Hello...I still can't believe it has been 1year..I remember last year during this time i was eagerly waiting for QH to air only because I am a crazy fan of KARAN SINGH GROVER...But the 1st episode stole my heart with its unique concept..and not to mention my dream man's entry wid "tere bin sanu soniya"...And thus my love love affair started with QH..And in a matter of days I fell in love with the other characters too..And today looking back I am so proud that it has completed 1year..because I feel its not only 4lions ka show,but my show..Like I am a part of this world..In this one year QH has become my drug,my weed,my stress buster..I laughed with Asad,cried with him,felt his and fell in love with him..I really wish this show complete many many more years..And I want to write a long paragraph when it completes 1000 episodes..
        And it is also special because this gave KARAN his 1st BEST ACTOR AWARD...
        A very big CONGRATULATIONS to all the cast,crew and to me..(because its my baby too)..And hope my dream comes true of writing a paragraph on its 1000TH episode...

Ankita Bhattacharya

Qubool hain has been the second show with which i feel so much connected...the primary and one of the biggest reason for it is definitely Karan Singh Grover.. Infact he was the only reason why I started to watch the show in the first place... but slowly AsYa has made an irreplaceable place in my heart...the roof breaking chemistry of KaBhi is a treat to watch...Yes I am one of the loyal fans who still watches the show in spite of the recent poor storyline...but there was a time when I used to bunk my classes to catch QH I was so much addicted to it .. but still i have this belief AsYa will re unite soon because they are the soul the show.. well i actually could not believe our show has completed one successful year... and I would like to congratulate the whole team ..May QH run for many many more years.. and the actors get many awards because their great acting has really saved the show ... and I cannot thank QH enough for giving me some of the best friends of my life ... 

Love Ridz  

Qubool hai has completed one year! And trust me it was one hell of a ride!

I still remember the beautiful Dargah Scene'...that made me fall in love with QH!... And from that very episode we have seen everything, From Zoya's mad shayaris, Asad's Woh actually', The cutest mother daughter duo of Dilshad-Najma!, The crazy Sidiqui Mansion people! and of course the ever so cunning Razia and Oh My god how can I forget our dearest Tannu!!  And Badass Badi Bi! 

Qubool hai has given us reasons to smile, reasons to cry and not to forget a million reasons to drool over our very own Jahanpana six-packs!

This show is beyond perfection and with the right mix of drama, suspense, horror(read: Jannu SR), and LOVEEE (Asya Rocks!) has given us a whole year of Pure enertainment!

Qubool hai is truly MAGIC! With a brilliant star cast and lets face it.. a bunch of very talented makers! (Don't we just love to hate them?)

 And even if at present it's not how we would like it to be but still I am sure...Qubool Hai is as special as it EVER was!

A Big CONGRATULATIONS to everyone...our baby has turned one!

-Shubhangi (McdreamyKSG)-

Ps. I hope its not too big!


Congrats Qubool Hai for having one year and I hope you continue BUT ONLY WITH ASYA  Please show us Asya back so I can watch Qubool Hai again and so that the Trp's can also go back to where they should be which was number one when Asya were there. Congrats again

Party time...!
Finally Quboolhai is completing one year!
Im so happy and a hearty congratulations to Quboolhai team!
Actors,director,producer,all the cast and crew without whom this wud not be possible
Its been a wonderful journey and we hope its goes like this and completes many more years
Qubool hai is lucky to have an amazing star cast...Leads,villians,side characters,everyone are just amazing!
KaBhi...Love U

May God bless QH. Its Keep growing day by day and get Success on the earth.

MY WISH: Please unite AsYa... Its the One thing a QH fan can wish... Now!

A vry vry happy anniversay to all qubool hai team members cast
Plzz plzz bring back our pure asya back with no zoyaan shadi drama n al 
We want our old qh with fun romance and cute fights back 
Plzz dnt spoil such a beautiful show oops i guess u al r already done halfway in spoiling d show
We cant actually keep any hopes with such a bad stryline 
 But woh kehte hai na na umeedi gunaah hai
Letz hope 4 d bst
Nywys a heartly congo 2al of al of dem

A very hearty congratulations to you "Qubool Hai Team" on your 1 year anniversary!!! All you members of the QH team have done a really great job this 1 year and wish you further more success on the upcoming days too!!!

We would like to see you soon on your 2nd year anniversary too!!! 
Wish you all success Qubool Hai Team!!!!

wooww its one year already it just feel like it was yesterday when i saw first promo of Asad Ahmed Khan "ishq waqt zaya karne ka zaria hai" now after a year we can see how right he was Lol 
for the anniversary i am going to forget all the negative tracks which i am hating right now but only cherish the good things about QH which made it the best show ever for me 
the show which showed us such strong sibling relationships first time on tv screen, such strong bonding of them, they can make u cry they can make u smile with tears, relationship of mother and son, be it Asad and Dilshad or Ayaan or shirin it was so beautiful how both sons will do anything for the respect and happiness of their mothers 
last but not the least, AsYa it is one of most beautiful pure divine simple real couple you can ever get in a show and Karan and Surbhi made it all more beautiful.
I have to thank QH as a  hardcore KSG fan bcz of this show I got to see new dimension of talent in him, all those power packed scenes of Asad which he did so brilliantly that made me even more proud of him.

God Bless Him
God Bless QH and Team
zara mallick

We turn one year old today!  

Been through a lot of ups and downs. Happy times sad times and extremely painful times. As we head into year #2...I hope that there will be many happy times and memories for our AsYa and AyRa and all other good characters. I've put in a lot of time into this show. So I will have faith that everything will go even better in the second year. The Qubool Hai team have done wonderful work so far. I hope it continues. 


Am i still dreaming? QH, have u really finished a year? aw yes, this had to be one day, i wish the QH production house, including the casts and crew a very Happy 1st Anniversary. u'v showered all the joys we wanted, thru emotions, hate, love and care. i love you all from the bottom of my heart. may you receive many happy returns, i hope you enjoy the success that u'v achieved, i plead u to not leave our hand. never ever wud we want you to be away from us. QH, may u always be showering this love to us and bring us more closer to you. live long, love you loadzzz.
once again, 

I want ayan zoya track to end as soon as possible and I want my asya reunited. And please please please I don't want to see misunderstandings between my asya!

Congrats on 1year. Pls help a viewer and have asya back so we can all celebrate Wink

Happy 1ST Anniversary Qubool Hai
We Have Lot of reasons to love it but
The most highlighted are-
1. StoryLine
2. KSG
3. Surbhi Jyoti
4 . Asya
5. Twists
6. Potrays True Life
7. Nice characters

Only 1 that is reunion asya sonn Please



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Thank you to everyone who has contributed and helped in making with this Celebration thread! The thread is open for everyone to post/share their experiences, VMs, Sigs and other things you wish to share with the rest. So let the celebration begin Wink

Intro Content: Visha_Dhami
Story So Far: Wikipedia
Tale of Love: Drea_QH1fan,  -Shayari-, cclove
Videos : -Shayari-
Main Title Headers: appy_indy-KD
Creations for Characters: Visha_Dhami
Name Tag for Fan's Wishes : Visha_Dhami
Random Avis/Images : Tumblr (credits to the original creator)
Anniversary Creations: blessing-beauty, -Rimsha-,..Kirann.., sizzles, starry.phoenix., saher_90
Compilation/Final post & Layout: Visha_Dhami

We once again would like to Congratulate the entire team of Qubool Hai for completing 1 year! It has been a wonderful journey and our best wishes for the future! Star

Love & Regards,

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AMAZING SO FAR. Uve outdone ursrlf!!!!! Its soo amazing! 


K i think you can add this to the creations:

And I think ill request Kiran or someone to make something saying Happy 1st birthday QH with Ayan and Humeira on it? Because there arent many creations at all for their fans to use.. Ouch idk if she can make it by tomorrow but i can try!

and until then.. maybe you can just add these to the TALE of love Section:


These are some really good BTS segments with Karan and Surbhi Masti 

(Shooting segments: AsYa)

(Shooting Segment: AyRa)

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