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Kya Yehi Pyaar Hain?-FF LAST PART PG 133

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I am starting another fanfic, Kya Yehi Pyaar Hain? hope you guys like it!Wink but don't worry, i will still be continuing my other fanfic also, Pyaar To Hona Hi Tha...

Here is part 1:

She stares out, from her tiny balcony, at the beautiful sunrise, shooting sunrays all over the place. The gentle breeze sends her hair flying, making strands of her shiny black hair stick to her glossy lips. Her duputta gets caught in the wind and slips off of her body. A sweet smile spreads across her beautiful face. Her radiant skin glows from the sunlight. A voice echoes, calling her name, "Bani di!" Bani turns around and sees her sister running up to her, looking very excited. She giggles by seeing her sister in this state.

Bani Dixit is an ordinary girl, from a town called Mount Abu, and is 25. She happily lives with her two sisters and her father, who she loves equally. Bani cooks, cleans, and takes care of everyone. She is known as a sweet, beautiful, and adorable girl, who is also very well cultured. She lives in a middle-classed family. Her father has a decent job, as a bank accountant. Although, bani hasn't experienced it, she truly believes in love. She doesn't want an arranged marriage like her mother and father had,…that didn't turn out so well. She wants to have a love marriage and live happily. Bani has also wanted to travel, she is sick and tired of Mount Abu, she wants to go somewhere new and exciting.

Bani: what happened, pia?

Pia is one of bani's sisters, but she is more of a best friend. She is a year younger than her.

Pia: Bani di! Papa is here!

Bani's sweet looking face glows with happiness.

Bani: Saach?!!

She looks over the balcony and sees her middle aged father, holding his traveling bag with both hands, walking up the driveway. Delighted, bani begins to run downstairs. "Wait, di, there's someone-," bani didn't get to hear the rest of pia's sentence, because she dashed out of the room and quickly ran down the stairs, with her hand sliding down the stair railing. Bani runs past her other sister, rano who is drinking out of a juice box, and bangs open the glass door. "Papa!," bani screams while she runs into her father's open arms. She buries her face into her father's chest.

Nikishant: Bani (he says while smiling)

Bani: papa, I missed you so much! We all did! How did you enjoy your vacation?!

Bani had paid for her father's vacation to Singapore, from her savings from her part time job. Her father had deserved it, he always was tired and always upset, because of their money troubles. He needed a break.

Nikishant: It was wonderful, bani! Singapore was beautiful, and everyone one there was so nice! And most of all, I had fun!

Bani: (smiles) I'm glad to hear that.

A rugged looking man, with deep blue eyes, and a goatee cough, intruding into the lovely father-daughter moment.

Nikishant: oh, bani. This is Mr. Patel, a guest of ours who will be staying with us for about a week.

Bani gets a cold feeling when she looks at Mr. Patel, it wasn't that he wasn't good looking, but there was something about him, that sent shivers down her spine. Mr. Patel looks about to be in his late 30's, very late. Bani forces a smile on her face.

Bani: pleased to meet you, Mr. Patel. (she extends her hand forward)

Mr. Patel: (smiles, wickedly) as am I, and please,…call me Raj.

Raj Patel takes bani's hand, and instead of shaking it, which bani expected him to do, he kissed it gently and winked at her. Bani's eyes flinch with disgust. She was definitely going inside and washing her hand with soap.

Nikishant: come in, Raj.

All three enter the small, but cozy house. Raj seats himself down and Nikishant sits across from him. Bani heads for the kitchen, but is stopped by her father.

Nikishant: kahan jhare ho tum, bani? Come and sit.

Bani immediately obeys her father, without protest. She sits next to Nikishant, quietly. Raj touches his goatee with his sturdy fingers, while looking at the very quiet, innocent, and very beautiful looking bani. Bani keeps her eyes glued down to the ground, avoiding the gazing Raj Patel. She could feel his harsh, cold, dark blue eyes examine her body.

Raj: (deep voice) So, bani?…tell me about yourself?

Bani is silent, refusing to speak. Nikishant, noticing bani's discomfort, speaks for her.

Nikishant: Raj, my bani is a very sweet girl and also very intelligent. She had topped all her classes with excellent marks! She knows how to cook, clean, (laughs) …she's like a mother to her own sisters!

Bani looks at Nikishant, giving him a look to tell him to say no more. But, he does not get the message and continues to praise his eldest daughter. Raj looks impressed and continues to stroke his goatee.

Nikishant: Bani, Raj Patel is a rich business man and a very loyal friend. He has everything any woman could wish for. And I must add, that most woman go crazy for this man's handsome looks!

Bani had to stop herself from laughing when her father said this. "Handsome?…are you serious?," she thinks to herself. Bani quickly gets up from her seat.

Bani: papa, I'll make some tea for you,…(again tries not to laugh) and Mr. Patel.

Raj: Tea would be lovely, thank you.

Bani hurriedly walks to the kitchen and sees her two sisters listening eagerly near the corner of the wall.

Bani: What are you two doing?

Pia: Trying to listen of course!

Rano: Di, if Raj Patel is so rich, then why is he staying with us?

Bani had also thought of this question, while sitting down.

Bani: I don't know, rano.

She does her task and takes out a tea kettel, to make the tea. After a couple of minutes, she heads back into the living room, but stops in her tracks, to listen to the harsh whispers coming from the living room.

Nikishant: Give me some time, Raj. I'll tell her soon.

Raj: no, Mr. Dixit. You will tell Bani right now. I cannot wait any longer. As you can see, I am a very impatient man.

Nikishant: she won't agree so quickly, she has to know you first-

Raj: Mr. Dixit, the deal between us was that I help you by giving you money and getting you out of financial problems, and you give me your eldest daughter to marry. Now will you tell her or not?!

Nikishant doesn't get a chance to respond, because he gets interrupted by the sound of glass breaking. Both, Nikishant and Raj's attention go to a shocked bani, who has overheard the entire conversation. She doesn't bother to pick up the shattered cups, and runs straight upstairs to her room. "Bani beti!," her father calls after her. She runs into her room and opens the window doors, to the balcony. She wraps her trembling hands onto the balcony railing and looks, with her watered eyes, out at the now raised up sun, beaming at her. Her shoulders begins to shake as she cries, while covering her mouth with her hand. "Mr. Dixit, the deal between us was that I help you by giving you money and getting you out of financial problems, and you give me your eldest daughter to marry! Now will you tell her or not?!," echoes through her mind. She cries in disgust. A warm and gentle hand touches bani's shaking shoulder. She turns around and sees her two wonderful sisters, looking at her with concern. Bani hugs them both, and both pia and rano return the gesture. Nikishant approaches them, looking worried. Bani opens her eyes and sees her father starring at her, she lets go of her sisters and turns the other way, not wanting to see her betraying father. She chokes down her tears.

Nikishant: Bani…please listen to me.

Bani: (silent)

Nikishant: I am very sorry that you had to find out the truth like that. Bani, please try to understand, it is very important for you to get married to Raj, because I had promised him in order to get out of our money troubles.

Pia gets very angry with her selfish father. Ever since she was little, she had always been getting in fights with her father, she was used to it. Pia only sees her father as a selfish, greedy, and an awful man. She had started to hate him more, when their mother had left all of them because of him. But a little part of her, still loved him.

Pia: (angry as hell) So you're going to give away your daughter for money?!!!! (disgusted) You should be ashamed of yourself, papa!! What kind of father are you! No father would ever do such a thing!

Nikishant: (raises his voice) I was helpless, pia!!! I had no other choice! It's not like I offered bani to him, he asked me! And what's so wrong about bani marrying this man?! He's rich and can support bani! The man needs a wife and a mother to his child!

Bani receives yet another shock.

Bani: A Daughter?!!

Nikishant: yes, he has a daughter. His first wife passed away 5 years ago, he has been very lonely since then and so has his daughter.

Pia: Are you crazy?! (she screams in shock)

Nikishant: Hain, maybe I am crazy!!! (he screams at pia)

Pia is silenced by his response.

Nikishant: bani, if you don't marry this man, …then he will make all of our lives a miserable hell! I have already promised him, and if you back out now,…(begins to get scared) who knows what he will do to us!

Pia: you are a coward! A selfish coward!

Nikishant ignores his disobedient daughter. He walks in front of bani with folded hands, and fearful eyes.

Nikishant: please, bani…

He pleads to her, but bani doesn't say a word.

Nikishant: I guess, you need some time to think. I'll leave you alone.

He then leaves, letting bani watch him with disbelief. She breaks down crying and goes into the room, and onto the bed. Pia and rano follow her to the bed and sit next to her. Pia wraps her arms around bani, hugging her tightly, while rano wipes away bani's tears and strokes her hair. She blurts out, "how can I marry …that-that man! I don't even like him OR know him!!! And-and on top of that he's already had a first wife, he's middle-aged, and has a daughter!!".

Pia: di, you don't have to marry this man! And you won't!

Rano: yes, di! Pia is right!

Bani looks at her sisters, affectionately, and hugs them, while they soothe her.


Part 2:

Bani had kept herself locked up in her room, thinking all day. Her head throbs with pain from all the hard thinking. Her heart tells her to not to marry the man. How can she marry him, when she feels no fireworks, but feels only coldness from him. Her mind tells her that her father is asking her to do a favor for her whole family, and if she doesn't marry Raj Patel, then they'll be in for some heavy consequences.

The next morning, bani comes downstairs, looking very gloomily and depressed. She walks into the kitchen and sees pia making breakfast and everyone else seated at the table, including Mr. Patel. Even on the mention of his name, she shivers with fear. Bani seats herself down, away from the wicked looking man, who was staring at her with those cold hearted eyes. Nikishant quickly comes to the point.

Nikishant: Bani, have you come to a decision.

Bani gives one hard look at her father and then slowly to Raj. She quickly looks down onto the table.

Bani: yes, papa….

Nikishant: and…

Bani: (her eyes start welling with tears) I accept this proposal.

Nikishant sighs in relief and smiles at his favorite daughter, bani. Raj wears a devilish smile on his evil face.

Raj: (roars in happiness) Well this causes for a celebration!

Nikishant agrees, and the two men hug. Pia drops the wooden spoon from her hands, looking traumatized with deep shock. She looks at her upset looking sister with questioning in her eyes. Bani looks away from pia, feeling ashamed of herself. Rano can't help but feel so torn up inside, her sister was going to ruin her life.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

All five, Nikishant, rano, pia, raj, and bani are seating in the living room talking about the wedding.

Raj: We will have the engagement in two weeks! And then the wedding will follow a week after! (says happily)

Pia heart sinks to know that her sister would marry this horrible man in three weeks, no way would she let this happen. Somehow she has to delay this wedding.

Pia: the wedding in three weeks?!

Raj looks at his soon-to-be sister-in-law, puzzled.

Pia: I mean, don't you think we should leave the wedding date to the priests?

Raj: I am not traditional and do not believe in checking our horoscopes.

Rano: oh but our bani didi believes in all of this! (gets what pia's up to and joins her)

Raj looks at a flushed looking bani, amused.

Raj: oh really?

Pia: (speaks on bani's behalf) oh definitely!

Raj: if my soon-to-be wife wishes this, then why should I be against it?

Bani's face hardens, when she heard raj saying "soon-to-be wife", it made her sick to her stomach. She excuses her self by saying that she is very tired and wishes to sleep. Bani sulkily walks to her room and shuts the door behind her. "oh god, why is this happening to me?," she asks with her back against the door, weeping.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~

A Week Later:

Bani folds her clothes, looking very depressed, and puts them into her black suitcase. Everyone was already packed and ready to go tomorrow, to Mumbai to stay with Raj Patel in his house until the engagement takes place. Bani is the only one left to do packing. She tries to imagine her life with the 40 year old man that she is soon to marry, and shudders with grief. Her thoughts are interrupted by a loud ringing from the telephone. She picks up the phone in a haste. It turns out to be her best friend, Aarti, calling her from Europe.

Aarti: Bani, I have really great news! (sounds extremely excited)

Bani: (not really her cheerful self) oh,…what is it?

Aarti: I'm going to be married in a month!

Bani: (shocked out of her wits) WHAT?! (she screams into the phone)

Aarti: (giggles with happiness) yes, bani.

Bani: How-when-to who?

Aarti: He's Rhaul Khanna, and I am recently engaged to him.

Bani: That's fantastic news, Aarti! I'm glad to know that you're happy!

Aarti: Bani, I'll be extremely happy if my best friend comes to my wedding!

Bani: where is it taking place?

Aarti: In England of course!

Bani: (disappointed) oh,…England? (upset) gee, aarti. I don't think I'll be able to go then.

Aarti: (whines) why not?

Bani: You know papa won't ever let me go! He hates for anyone one of us (indicated her, rano, and pia) leaving him alone.

Aarti: (begging) oh, please bani! You have to come! I will be so heartbroken if my best friend doesn't attend my wedding! (becomes stubborn) I won't get married if you don't come!

Bani: (sighs and then giggles at her friend's childishness) I'll see what I can do. Here, I'll talk to you later. Ok?

Aarti: (happy) ok! Bye!

Bani hangs up the phone and throws it onto her bed. "Great, now how am I going to convince papa?!," she says to herself. She groans with frustration and lies down onto her bed. Pia comes barging into her room, looking happy as ever. She grabs bani by her hands and swings her around in circles.

Pia: Di, there's great news!

Bani: what? (gets dizzy from pia spinning her around)

Pia: We just got your horoscope matched with Raj Patel's, and the pundit says that you two can't get married until after four months! Isn't that wonderful?!

Pia hugs bani, in happiness. First, bani smiles to herself, feeling relieved, but then her heart sinks again and she frowns.

Bani: So what, pia? I'm still going to have to marry him! (sadly says)

Pia looks at her sister, and touches her rosy cheeks.

Pia: (giving her a confident smile) don't worry, di. We'll do something.

Bani: (hopelessly says) do what, pia? Nothing can be done, I am going to - (swallows down her tears) I'm going to marry an man, that is old enough to be my own father, and I will become a mother to his daugher, who is 18 years old! And if I don't marry him, then there will be drastic consequences for all of us!

Bani falls down onto her bed, crying her heart out. Pia's eyes begin to water, by seeing her sister in this state.

Pia: didi, I can't see you like this, all torn up! I just can't sit and watch you ruin your life! You deserve so much better than this!

Bani: maybe…this is what life has in stored for me, maybe this is my fate…

Pia: no, it's not. And it doesn't have to be! (shakes bani by her shoulders)

Pia looks at bani for a while, thinking to herself. She couldn't see her sister going through this, she loves her too much and can't bear to see her going through pain. Pia would do anything to make her sister happy, even if it would make her life miserable. She believes her sister is very special, and deserves to have a great life. Pia comes to a decision.

Pia: di, you don't have to marry Mr. Patel, and I won't let you. I want you to have all the happiness in the world, …I want to see my sister happy (holds her hands in hers) and only happy,…(becomes angry) I won't be able to tolerate to see my sister living a miserable life, and crying herself to sleep every night.

Bani looks at pia's eyes, sparkling with tears. She smiles happily to know how much her sister loves her.

Pia: and in order to see you happy, I am ready to sacrifice anything. (confidently says) I am willing to marry Raj Patel.

Bani stares at pia, giving her a look saying, "Are you crazy?!". Tears spill out of her eyes.

Bani: no, pia. I won't let you ruin your life for me. And besides, Raj Patel wants to marry me, not you.

Pia: di , what is the difference between us? We are exactly the same. The only different thing is that I am a year younger. Di, I know that nothing exciting will happen in my life, but yours…yours will, …you'll meet someone, fall in love with him, and get happily married. I know that you believe in love, and not in arranged marriages. And I personally don't care what happens to me in my life, because I don't believe in love or anything else.

Bani begins to feel proud for her sister, she was so grown up and mature, willing to risk her happiness for hers. This brings more tears to her eyes.

Bani: pia, I can't accept this sacrifice of yours.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

England (Rahul's house):

Aarti and her fianc, Rahul Khanna, are having a celebration party at their house, and are enjoying themselves in the company of their closets friends. The house is full with tons of guests, roaming around. Aarti and Rahul are in seated down, in the guest room, with their 3 best friends, one girl and two guys, and are chatting away.

Rahul: so which girl is it now? (he asks his best friend, since childhood)

The best friend, a VERY attractive guy, looks at Rahul with his breath-taking muddy brown eyes, looking puzzled. He is sitting very comfortably, with his back against his chair, is dressed in all black (making him look very sexy), and has cold drink in his right hand. He gives Rahul a very evilish grin, showing his two dimples. His fingers run through his wonderful jelled, jet black hair.

Jai: (acting innocently) what are you talking about, Rahul?

Rahul: Come on, jai. Everyone knows that you have a different girl every week.

Jai chuckles to himself, causing many girls giggle with pleasure, watching him. Hearing girlish giggles, he looks over and sees a bunch of girls staring at him, blushing like crazy.

Jai Walia, 29, is the best friend of Rahul Khanna, and always will be. He is a rich businessman from India. Jai is an extremely handsome man, and is a chick magnet. Every girl goes crazy for his looks. He owns his own mansion, and let's his older sister live with him with her three kids. Aditya, another one of his best friends, and his mother are recently staying with them also, but jai wouldn't mind if they decided to live with him permanently. As Rahul had said before, jai walia has a new girl every week. He can't seem to find the right girl for him, and his still waiting. Jai is staying in England with Rahul, for a month and a half because of the wedding. He is very excited for his friend.

Rahul notices every girl walking by, staring at jai while blushing. Ever since college, rahul would chase after girls, but all the girls would chase after jai.

Rahul: yaar, quit distracting all the women at this party (joking around)

Jai: (gives him one of his to-die-for smiles) I can't help it that I am such an attractive man (he jokes back)

When Jai says this, he looks at pooja, Aarti's friend, and winks at her. Pooja, who was drinking her diet coke, saw the handsome jai walia wink at her, causing her to spit out her drink. Embarrassed, she covers her mouth, while everyone laughs at her.

Aman (other friend): jai, man, when are you going to stick to only one girl? Cause honestly, it's hard to keep up with all these new girls you date.

Jai: I'm waiting for the right one, and I'm not dating these girls,…just being friendly.

Aman: (snorts) a little too friendly.

Jai, carefree, shrugs his shoulders and drinks his cold coke.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~

Pia hands bani a very beautiful, decorated card. Bani slowly opens it, not wanting to ruin it. Inside of it she reads, Rahul Khanna Weds Aarti Pandey. She sighs and places it on the side table.

Pia: (excited) are you gonna go?

Bani: I wish I could, but you know papa will never let me go. And plus, I don't think Mr. Patel would like his (pauses)….fianc, going to England, by herself.

Pia: Then you won't go alone, I'll come with you. They have to let you go, it's your best friend's wedding! And with this excuse, you can travel around Europe and see new exciting places, just like you've always been wishing to do!

Bani likes the idea, but forces it out of her mind.

Bani: I wish I could do that, but it's not possible.

Pia: come on di, do something exciting and risky for once in your life! …Try asking them atleast, …maybe they'll say yes?

Bani: (thinks)…I guess I'll try asking after the engagement.

Both, bani and pia, hear a harsh knock on the door. Pia opens the door, expecting it to be Rano, and is surprised to see Raj Patel, smiling down at her.

Pia: aph?

Raj: hain, main. (he lets himself into the room)

He looks around the bani's room, no reaction on his face. Raj then looks back at a still surprised pia.

Raj: (clears his throat) would you mind if I asked you to give me some private time with my beautiful soon-to-be wife?

Bani begins to fume with anger when he says this. Pia looks at bani and then back at Raj Patel. What she really wanted to say to the man, was "Hell No!," but instead she says, " no, I don't mind you if have some private time with MY sister". Pia glares at him and forces herself to leave the room, she didn't want that man alone with her sister at all. As soon as pia left bani with Mr. Patel, fear replaced the anger inside of bani as she stood and stared at Mr. Patel locking the door and turning to her, give her a cold smile.

What do you guys think? Should i continue?...Confused


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Please continue soon!!
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yes, continue, plz continue. I say you shud continue right now LOL
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Awesome dude!!!! when will we get to read the next part?
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plzzz plzzz plzzzzz continue......... infact i think u shud continue rite now......... plzzzzzzzzzzz Smile

its really good....... Clap
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Clap Clap Clap do cont plzzzzzzzzzzzz

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