Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2


Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2
Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2

FF: Just We Two.. An Incomplete Fairytale (Ch 7, Page 12) [25/01/14]

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Chapter 1

"Breath in! Breath out! Breath in! Breath out!" Megha suggested her best friend Prerna while trying to calm her down. "Stop wasting your precious time by being mad. He ditched you cause he wasn't worthy of you, got it? Now chill and enjoy life like me!" she grinned as she was proud of herself for giving such an awesome advice to her best friend. "Anyways go and don't make me late for work." she pulled Prerna's cheeks and before Prerna could frown at her act, she rushed to the washroom with a mischievous smile.

Prerna ended up chuckling at her friend and her antics, but the next moment, her face turned gloomy and her eyes became moist. "May you get all the happiness in the world, Megha!"


"She will come, she won't come, she will come, she won't come." Mohan paced around the corridor of his newspaper publication office Prabhat Leher and desperately waited for her. "Megha, you know I won't be at peace without having a glimpse of yours. Please come." he was restless."Don't torture my heart!" he touched his chest and heaved a deep sigh dramatically.

Megha entered the office with a wide smile on her face. "Good morning guys!" she greeted her coworkers while Mohan dreamily smiled, gazing her and leaning against the wall.

As Megha sat on her desk, Mohan sat before her on the chair. "15 mins late!" he pouted in a sweet anger. A slight smile played at the corner of Megha's lips. "Mohan, stop being so filmy. You are my closest friend, but you act as if you're my..." she stopped and suddenly turned serious and the sight of a serious Megha was indeed rare.

"As if I am yours...?" Mohan had a flirty smile playing naughtily on his face. He stood up and walked near her. Holding the handles of her chair, he cornered her, leaned forward and staring deep in her eyes, he asked in an intense voice, "Boyfriend?" he raised his brows, pretending to be unaware of how his closeness was affecting her.

Megha's heartbeats raised. She clutched the handle of her chair and had shut off her eyes, trying to not let her hidden feelings be visible there as eyes spoke louder than words. Mohan held her wrist, gently pulled her out of the cabin to the corridor and pinned her against the pillar, while Megha yet would not look at him.

"I love you!" Mohan whispered lovingly in her ears and just the next moment, tears gushed down from Megha's eyes at a high speed.

As Megha sniffed, Mohan realized that she had been crying. He instantly sprang apart and looked in her eyes. "What happened?" he asked, baffled and shocked.

"You're just a friend, Mohan." Megha looked in the other direction while wiping her tears.

Mohan walked in front of her and looked at her face. "You know you cannot lie."

"I am telling the truth. You're just a friend. Please don't spoil our friendship by giving a new name to our relationship. We are best buddies and will be so till I..." Megha stopped, realizing what she was doing to say.

"Till you...?" Mohan confusedly asked. Megha faintly smiled and looked at him. "Forget all these and lets get back to work. We are still friends but nothing more, alright." she walked away before Mohan could question her further. "Is she hiding something?" he wondered.


'Megha, why didn't you tell him the truth? That you love him too. Don't hold yourself back!' Prerna insisted with the lines of worry on her forehead.

Megha shifted her stare from the moon and looked at Prerna with questioning eyes. 'And then I will let my love be the biggest punishment for him, won't I? Would that be right for him? Won't I be spoiling his life then?'

'But he deserves to know about you feelings at least. You can't just do this to yourself cause you...' Prerna became silent as she did not have the courage to complete the sentence.

'Being quiet won't change the truth, and trust me, Prerna, I am fine and happy. Like always, Megha Vyas won't stop living life to the fullest just because of one stupid truth.' Megha held her friend's hand as an attempt to make her feel better and grinned broadly.

Prerna embraced her. 'How can you do this, Megha? How will you stay without your love? How can you---' She sniffed and sobbed.

Chuckling at her filmy best friend, Megha gently stroked her hairs and tried consoling her. 'Stop being too sentimental, idiot! I am doing nothing, just following my heart. He deserves a better life, which is not with me.' her voice weakened to realize that she was not the one made for the man she loved so much.

After they broke their hug, Megha slightly smiled and wiped off Prerna's tears. 'Go and sleep! I will be home in 5 minutes.' Prerna nodded while sniffing and walked inside home.

At the time of Megha standing by the railing of the terrace and staring at the moon with a calm expression on her face, a breeze of cool air touched her face softly and played with her silky, long hairs. She shut off her eyes and a lone tear fell from her left eye. 'It hurts when your love is waiting for you to make you his partner during the journey of life and you cannot even hold his hand.' She thought in her mind and smiled mockingly at her fate.


As the sun shone brightly the next day and filled Megha's bedroom with its rays, Megha steadily opened her eyes and to her utter surprise, Mohan was standing just in front of her, gazing her so deeply and tenderly in the way he wouldn't probably had never done in the past.

Startling, Megha jumped up and covered herself with the blanket. 'Can't you knock? I was in my nighty.' she asked annoyingly.

'Is it even a matter to be getting tensed about?' Mohan sat in front of her and holding her arm rightfully, he pulled her closer. 'I will anyway see you in this nighty after our marriage.'
He naughtily said to her and winked.

'You have seriously lost your mind. I told you yesterday that we are just--'

Mohan leaned nearer and whispered sensuously, 'Just friends?'

Crawling back on the bed and looking elsewhere, Megha fetched a shawl that was kept on the sidetable wrapping herself with it, she stood up on the floor. 'Wait and I will just get ready.' she said plainly, avoiding eye contact with him, and made her way to the washroom.

Mohan threw himself on the couch in the room and sighed sadly. His eyes turned moist just when he looked at Megha's photo, hung on the wall. 

'Lets go!' Megha came out, wearing a white kurta and blue jeans.

Instantly Mohan stood up, and turning around, he wiped off the lone tear that was at the corner of his eye. 'Yep!' he murmured and walked out immediately.

'What happened to him suddenly?' Megha wondered, confused.


Mohan parked his bike at the entrance of a sea beach.

"Why did you stop here?" Megha inquired, baffled.

Mohan held her hand and led her near to the sea.

"Mohan, we're getting late for work." Megha firmly reminded him. No matter how much she was happy-go-lucky, she was always strictly punctual at her job.

"I have informed the manager that we won't be coming today. Don't worry!" Mohan informed her in a low voice.

Megha looked at him, surprised. "Why?"

"Why are you lying, Megha?" Mohan faced her and demanded an answer seriously.

"I have told you so many times that I am not lying. I really don't have such feelings for you." Megha lifted her gaze to the sea as his intense eyes were compelling her to reveal her emotions.

Stepping closer, Mohan cupped her face lovingly and made her look in his eyes. "You're lying, or else you wouldn't be avoiding to look in my eyes. You wouldn't be crying silently!" his voice was sharp and intense.

Megha sprang apart and lowered her eyes nervously, feeling herself weak at that moment. Her heart was slowly taking the power of her mind, while she was trying heart and soul not to let it happen.

"No use of hiding your feelings, Megha. I can already see love in your eyes.. Love for me!"

Unable to hold back any longer, Megha, at last, let herself shed tears which were telling the stories of her restless heart. No matter how hard she tried to seem as if nothing happened, her heart was tearing apart every moment.

As Mohan could not bear to see her in that way, he gently wrapped her securely in his arms and caressed her head to soothe her pain. 'I'm sorry, I should not have---'

'I love you!' Megha hugged him back, as tightly as she could and closed her eyes to live the moment to the fullest. 'I love you a lot...'

Smiling with teary eyes in happiness, Mohan tightened his grip around her and shutting his eyes off, he too lived the sheer bliss of having his love in his arms.


'Lets get married!' Mohan ecstatically suggested while he and Megha were walking together, holding each other's pinky, beside the sea during the serene sunset.

Megha froze on the spot and reality dawned upon her. 'What the hell am I doing?' she questioned herself, shocked. 'How can I forget---'

'What happened? We love each other, so lets make it legal.' Mohan flashed a wide smile excitedly.

Megha stared at him helplessly. 'Mohan, I want to tell you somethi---'

'We have lots of time to talk, right now I guess we should inform Prerna and Guru about it. After all, they are our best friends. Wait, I will go and call them.' Mohan walked away joyfully, leaving an anxious, helpless Megha. 'How will I stop this now? I cannot spoil his life, knowing everything. I won't be able to forgive myself...'



Chapter 1- Pg 1

Chapter 2- Pg 3

Chapter 3- Pg 5

Chapter 4- Pg 7

Chapter 5- Pg 9

Chapter 6 - Pg 10

Chapter 7 - Pg 12

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_SilentSoul_ IF-Stunnerz

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updated :)

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masttt hai re

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aww that was so cute...
It reminded me a scene of yaadein,were kareena refused to admit that she loves him...
When hrithik asks ''kya tum mujhse pyar nai karti?
She replies ''karti hu,kartii rahungi sirf ek dost ki tarah''
Hrithik emotionally ''bas''
Kareena ''bas''
That scene was so awesome...
Kunnu karega toh Day Dreaming
U cant belive hw i am missing these two ki kal sapneme mohanmegha were celebrating karwachauth on chath..
I always wanted to see mohan megha celebrating karwachauth n diwali but colors Censored

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Bidzie...ClapClapClapClapsuperb ...loved it  yaar...
MonuDay Dreaminghis pouting ...his smile u have kept all ths charm of Monu ...Monu trying to hide his tear frm corner of eye...Monu ka punch dialogue's EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
PL office...Monu leaning near the wall ,waiting for Megha ClapClapClap superbly described .
u have kept flavor of Monu alive.Blushing
Megha' part  was  cute one .. thank god..Megha did tell at least I love u...I was like again this Megha vl start Darmiyaan darmiyan darmiaan kuch toh tha tere mere darmiyaan Wink ..n make Monu cryCry
Monu ka  just go with flow styleEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed Monu ka mannerism u have kept alive n literally cld see Monu doing those mischievous faces  BlushingBlushing
lets make it legalLOLLOLLOLLOL
Prerna n Guru r also part of this ..wanna c Guru ka role WinkWink
great going Thumbs Up

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Soo sweeett MM again!!! Day Dreaming Nicely written with the flavors intact, dear Clap! It is a pretty visual of every scene between MM Day DreamingHeart!!! You made everything happen right in front of me Smile! Megha in her own emotional character and Mohan in his cool and charming form Big smile!!! The morning scene in Megha's bedroom was sweet Embarrassed! And Mohan holding his position rightfully!!! That's lovely to visualize!!! Big smile

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Superb update,,Smile

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