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Jodha Bai
Harka Bai
Heer Kunwari

Unknown, Real ---->>  Facts about AKBAR's First HINDU wife...
Read this patiently, this one is worth reading and better than MOST FALSE CRAPS spread all over the internet...



THEir story is ReAL...!!!!!! i do not support this serial(atleast initially),  but can't help it if i get evidences supporting the story of MUZ-Akbar

" Those who have Read this part.1.

For them, i have uploaded part 2 also.

Part 2 Jodha Akbar Serial is NOt Fiction


if u have not read this this then go to part2.  "


well, can't help those..who are following internet as their source of information and getting confused.. or those who do not want to accept the truth...and dictate their own history..!!!

Below, in the end of this post, i have updated the REFERENCES. Study yourself, if anyone has an iota of doubt.Smile..

                         NOW START,Thumbs Up..

I dont understand, why people just dismiss this serial JODHA AKBAR as pure fiction. I have been doing a lot of research on the story shown in this serial and surely its not only fiction. HATS off to the makers for doing such a great research on this subject.

The disclaimer which runs at the start does not say that its fiction but only that they dont guarantee the events shown are with utmost historicity, since they have to add some events. In any historical show, for sure 100% events can't be true, some element has to be added.

And , whatever I have written here, is not my imagination, but after reading many books.

I could gather this much info with PROOF. i am still finding more. History mentions a lot on akbar but not on his first hindu wife maryam zamani/ harkha/jodha bai/. Just reading on internet never gives true picture, as people say anything , write anything as per their convenience.

For example: Wikipedia page on maryam zamani, has been changed several times,in last 3-4 months ..!!!

Regarding face-off, let me make it clear, Amer had a face-off with mughal forces around 1561.

In akbarnama(akbar's biography), its clearly mentioned, and also that, bharmal's son and 2 nephews and army, were taken hostage, by ajmer's subedar sharif-ud-din. in the book, even the names are mentioned.SO DO NOT SAY AGAIN THAT BHARMAL OFFERED HIS DAUGHTER HIMSELF!!! (as per movie)

jalal had a policy of marriage, because he wanted a 'guarantee' from rajputs for their loyalty. the marriage was in sambhar in feb 1562. Infact, initially it was his policy to have matrimonial alliances with rajputs for loyalty. Though this changed afterwards, as he realized, there promise meant a lot. He did not insisted on having marital alliance with ranthambore.

I will surely discuss his rajput policy in another post.

And chugtai khan, who was at time a subordinate to sharif-ud-din, was the mediator in this political settlement. He was a friend of bharmal as shown, here, since once his life was saved by bharmal in 1556, during some war with afghans.

Regarding jodha changing akbar's attitude, let me inform that, she surely had an impact on his life. few of the reasons :

1. in akbar's era, lived an historian, Badayuni(perhaps 1 of his court historians), who has written in his memoirs displaying - "unhapiness at the development and harps on the role of akbar's rajput wife on his liberal religious policy, who has began to turn His Majesty into an infidel (kaafir) ".!!
  clearly, it refers to his change in attitude, towards other religions.



2. moreover, a "fatwa", was issued against akbar by maulvis and ulemas, when they thought, that he was denouncing his own religion, as he had started worshipping sun, light and fire, even in mughal court!! (all hindu symbols).many more reasons, they will show this in the serial, I feel.

A call for JEHAD against akbar was made by the ulemas in entire sultunate.

3. issued coins displaying ram sita on 1 side and his picture on another. (hindu belief)

4. also coins were issued in his name displaying sun on 1 side and his picture on another.


5. his 1st rajput wife, maryam zamani / harka bai, was given incharge of the Haj department, seeing her interest in commercial affairs. (HAJ used to be a very very im[ortant dept. in those days)

6.She was given incharge of the ships used in overseas trade,(from port of surat), this made her really rich, something, which salim / Jahangir also mentions in his memoirs.

7. in 1577-78, her biggest ship, named Rahimi was seized by the Portuguese, despite the ship having clearances and right to pass the waters . This really angered Akbar, since it was a blow to  his prestige too. The Portuguese, were asked to surrender the ship or face WAR!

At once, the ship was returned.

       bit more info::

                             the ship rahimi was captured thrice..or 4times..

                           ist in i have mention it..
                           2nd in 1609
                           3rd in 1611
                           finally 4th time in 1613..

                             actually it was a bone of contention between mughals and portuguese..

                             as it will unrivalled for its huge size.

                              it could carry 1500 people at a time..way back in 1577 A.D.

                      its a long story..
                       i'll put up a separate post...on it...

8. She was the only lady in Mughal court, to have a direct command over a cavalry(force of horsemen),(in hindi - ghudsawar) of 12,000 men..!!! (out of 4, one being Emperor, othe being his son, and a third one being a close commander. )

9. she was among the richest ladies in the Mughal court.

10. Findly explains in his memoirs- "By a farman of Badshah(i don't know the year in which farman was given), she was known to receive a jewel from every nobleman "according to his estate" each year on the occasion of the New Year's festival.

Like only a few other women at court, Maryam-uz-Zamani was granted the right to issue official documents (farmans), usually the exclusive privilege of the emperor. So you can see that she was very powerful and had the emperor's ear at all times.

11. She was given a separate palace in agra also(after residing in haram for some time). This palace was decorated with frescos of hindu gods. This is mentioned by Edmund Berke in his memoirs , when he visited Agra Fort. Later on, Shah Jahan destroyed many building in Agra Fort, to make new ones. Perhaps, this palace was also destroyed, since now either it does not exists, or its existence is not clear. In the serial also, they have shown akbar ordering for a new palace for jodha but let's see if he gives her a new palace for sure. Lets wait.

12. I could not find till now , authenticity of Ajmer yatra and that tiger scene, but still searching. Maybe I can get some info if its true. But, in press conference, the show director, mr. santram verma,  in response of 1 question said, "regarding the tiger twist, that,  its not fiction and this event did happened 450 years back. EVEN , HE URGED TO THE VIEWERS, NOT TO DISMISS THE ENTIRE SHOW AS FICTION."     But, I ll try still to look for proofs.

13. In 1569(7 years after marriage), when she was pregnant with Salim, she was sent to Sikri near saint salim chisti's dwelling place.akbar too went there. There a palace called Rang Mahal was constructed by Akbar, so she could be there with all the comforts as in Agra Palace. The palace is still there and one can see how beautifully it has been made. It was here in Sikri, her son Salim was born.

                After this the capital was shifted from Agra to Fatehpur Sikri around 1569-70 onwards (in phases).

14. Now, the main event, of all the buildings in Fatehpur Sikri,in best condition is the spacious palace is of Maryam Zamani. It is one of the oldest surviving buildings in Fatehpur Sikri. The palace is still present. beautiful frescos of krishna have been stuffed there.

" Mariam was a Hindu, and this palace in all its construction and nearly all its ornamentation belongs to the Hindu and Jaina styles of Mariam's native country, Rajputana. It even contains a Hindu temple. It is also the most important of all the palaces.

 On the left of the entrance is a small guard-house. A simple but finely proportioned gateway leads through a vestibule into the inner quadrangle. The style of the whole palace is  less ornate than the other zanana buildings, but it is always dignified and in excellent taste. It must be remembered that the severity of the architectural design was relieved by bright colouring and rich *purdahs*, which were used to secure privacy for the ladies , and to diminish the glare of the sunlight.

Archologically its construction and ornamentation are very interesting. One of the most interesting features of the palace is the Hawa Mahal, a pavilion projecting from the north side, enclosed by pierced stone screens. from here the residents could enjoy the cool breezes and the view of the lake with the distant hills beyond, without being exposed to the vulgar gaze. The palace was formerly connected with Akbar's private apartments, Mahal-e-khas, by a covered way, supported on pillars, near the entrance. Akbar could directly visit this palace at any time. This was removed some years ago. "

                                --Compiled From Archaelogical Survey of India's handbook

15. The latest Handbook of Archaelogical Survey of India for Fatehpur Sikri says, the Diwan-i- Khas, which Akbar constructed, has a Hindu Chamber for worshipping in the west corner of the building, on the second floor. This was probably used by Akbar for worshipping or his main Hindu consort.

16. on birth of his son, Danial. he was born in ajmer , at the place of sheikh danial. he was sent to Amer, after few days of birth, to be brought up by Raja Bharmal's wife, so that he may attain etiquettes(obviously to be brought up in hindu traditions). This move was stiffly opposed by Mughal nobles, but akbar went ahead. Clearly, this shows, though he may have many wives, both Mughal and Rajput, but still Amer was somewhat more close to him.

i do not mean daniyal was hindu, but only that he was sent to amer to be brought up there, as per rajputana culture.

                                I wonder how many of you knew of it. Atleast, for me it was tough to digest.!!


17.  Again, while proceeding on a war in Gujarat in 1572-73, the city of Agra with the Imperial Haram , which was the residence of prominent Mughal ladies(akbar's mother, aunt, foster mothers, other wives, etc.), was stationed under control of Bharmal.,since there was danger of simultaneous attack from bihar and bengal...!!!

It is said the war was to be a gamechanger in jalal's life. For the first and only time, a Mughal king, left his entire family/pride/whatever you say, in hands of a hindu king.this was because there was a danger of another attack from bihar and Bengal, simultaneously.

Clearly its  A mark of great respect/love/belief or close ties with amer.

A fearsome battle was fought in Gujarat, where akbar life was once again rescued by bhagwant das and man singh. 

(previously bhagwant das saved akbar's life in battle of paronkh, as shown in the show.. the battle is true..!!it happened really. bhagwant das took a bow shot on akbar on his body and also offered him his water. Paronkh - is a village in today's uttar pradesh, in eta district.)

They(man singh and bhagwant das) arrived in time with reinforcements. Young prince Man singh led the army and bhagwan das fought/stood, side by side with akbar in entire battle. A force of 3000 warriors comprising some mughals and mostly rajput warriors defeated a force of 20,000 afghans!!! Shocking but true. Akbar recounts it in his memoirs as one of the most important battles in his life. this changed his attitude towards rajputs considerably.

In this battle, the raja's elder son, Bhupat Rai/ Bhupat Singh was killed.(They have not shown him in the serial till now, hope they will introduce him also.) Akbar made bhupat's killing a personal issue, and allowed Maryam Zamani to go to Amer for mourning Bhupat's death. Again, the outcry of mughal maulvis and ulemas and nobles was severe, as they indirectly accused akbar of giving large freedom to his hindu wife. But akbar again defied them and allowed her to go.

Now, he launched a manhunt for shah madad, foster brother of muhamed Husain mirza, who had killed bhupat. He was caught and personally beheaded by akbar.!!

Clearly, these events show that amer had great meaning in this life. But, akbar was such a big personality, that a lot has been written about him, his wars, but not about his personal life.


One needs to dig deeper and deeper to understand it.


Or its all fake.???                              THINK ONCE  rationally.

Even the 19th century memoirs of Tod talk of these two people.

There are many ways of deciphering history. it's just how u interpret it.I have given some points which atleast convinced me, that the show is not entirely FICTION BUT SOME EVENTS HAVE TO BE PUT IN,TO MAKE IT WORTH SEEING .


1. The ARCHIVES AT Agra.

2. The historical archives at Central Arc. Library, Delhi.

And, nothing can be more authentic than above two sources!!!




would like to have your  views...Smile

kindly spread a word regarding the post, so that more people may know atleast some truth.!!!

HIT Thumbs Up and comment...

this thread deals exclusively with the historical authenticity of JA..if psbl, go thru the comments page as well...

though, i have taken efforts writing  everything correctly, .0001% error may be there.

(Part 3 also launched...Glory of Faith::-> Akbar with Mariam Zamani Begum)

Link is..

Part 4 also launched-->>How Holi started under Mughals..And..Rajputana and Mughal Women style of dressing..

Link is ..

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I know but There some problems

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have u read the entire post..
so quickly..??
i mean, just now i posted it..Smile

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i am new to the forum..
please share this post with more they may read..
i am just learning, more about this forum..Smile
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TFS Smile

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nice oneClapTfs

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really a good one  and much needed info here

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