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Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin - Daily Update
Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin - Daily Update

Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin 9 Nov 2004

deadly Senior Member

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Posted: 09 November 2004 at 12:29pm | IP Logged

Purab is rushing out of the house with the mobile in his ear. He is telling Jassi that he is out of the house and has closed the door. Suddenly his eyes fall on a green-wrapped present. He does n't have time to ponder on it as Jassi keeps insisting that he comes on time. He dumps the present in the car and drives toward Jassi's house. Meanwhile Jassi is stuffing her breakfast. Bebe warns her that she will start choking but Jassi doesn't care. In the end she does start choking. Amrit as usual asks her whats the rush. Jassi explains that she needs to be on time. Bebe tell her that she is not missing a train. Jassi further explains that she already lectured purab on being on time so she herself can't afford to be late. She takes her file and go out. Amrit and bebe has that look "what will we do with this girl ?". Just then Jassi comes back and pick up some papers she forgot. Then bebe notices some floppy disks. Jassi is back again. She looks around for the floppy disks. Bebe smiles and give it to her. Jassi rushes back only to come back again. This time she says that she forgot to take arshiwad from them. And she really needs it as it's a big day. Purab comes and park his car. Jassi comes and sits quickly. Both of them apologizes as both were late.Jassi then tell Purab to hurry as Meenakshi would soon come. Suddenly Purab mobile rings. Its Meenakshi. Purab says loudly "Hi meenakshi" to indicate to Jassi who it is. Jassi face suddenly fall (no jealousy some thing else) Meenakshi excitedly asks Purab how did she like the present. Purab looks confused as he still hasn't open the present. Meenakshi insist that he opens it now. Reluctantly he asks Jassi to open the present as he was holding the mobile. Jassi opens it to discover a photograph of Purab and Meenakshi in a gorgeous frame. In the photo Purab has this really weird pose (his hands are indescribable position) and Meenakshi is leaning are arm on him casually. Both are looking very happy. Jassi faces again fall. Purab's face also falls. Meenakshi asks if he remembers when they took the photo. Purab says that he will talk to her later.

The scene changes to Gulmohur where the gang are waiting for Meenakshi. All of them are joking that she is late because she must be taking so much time in make-up and dressing. Meenakshi enters and find the group. One of the member says that she must be telling the driver to drive slowly as she has just polished her nails. Veeru also reminds them of Sheetal's behaviors when ruby mom suddenly notice Meenakshi standing.The gang becomes aware of her presnece. Meenakshi comes forward and strictly says "I know the joke is about me". Unexpectedly she starts smiling amusingly and adds "Not a bad joke about me". Purab and Jassi has finally reached their destination. Purab looks to her and apologizes for being late. He asks her if they are late. Jassi says that she will find out now. She suddenly stares at the photo in the back seat. She gets out. Suddenly she comes back and asks if she has forgotten something. Purab says yes. Jassi looks puzzled and asks what. Purab says "me". Jassi says "You are not easy to forgot. Or she would n't have remember this all". Purab doesn't know what to say. Meanwhile Menakshi is waiting for Jassi in Armaan's cabin. Armaan says " Waiting for the CEO is an advantage that I get to talk to you and know you further." Meenaksi jokes back "And I do not like chairman who flirts." Armaan says that he is not flirting and that thanks to Jassi he can drink herbal tea with her. Meenakshi seems surprised that he knows what she likes. Armaan jokes that this is his duty as a chair man( to keep track of things client like) as the rest of the work is done by the staff. Meenakshi says that he has a great sense of humor. The tea and coffee come. Meenaksi asks why coffee. Armaan says that herbal tea doesn't suit him. Just then Jassi rushes in. Armaan tell her to relax. Jassi apologizes for the gang's behavior. Armaan asks what is he missing. Meenakshi smiles and say that your staff has a great sense of humor like you .Jassi further says that the gang might joke but they are also hard working. Meenakshi says that she can make out judging from Gulmohur success. Meenaksi turns to leave with Jassi. Armaan shakes hand with her and tell her what a pleasure it was to meet her. Jassi first looks a bit surprised when Armaan just keep holding Meenakshi's hand but then her face is back to normal. She doesn't seem bothered about it. Then Jassi escort Meenakshi to show her every thing Gulmohur. There is this scene where Maithle actually hides behind the clothes on seeing Meenakshi.

At Jassi's home Billu puts the blame on Nandu that because of him Jassi's guest list is not prepared. Nandu asks why as he has completed and given it to him. Billu grumbles that half the guest in the list he doesn't know. He points at a lady's name. Nandu exclaims that how he does not know her. That she was Jassi's fifth grade teacher. And when Jassi was small and kids use to tease her she use to run to Mrs. Fernandez (the teacher) The teacher use to comforts her and tell her that someday she will fine the prince of her dreams. So Nandu feels that the teacher will be very happy to hear that Jassi found the prince of her dream (as well ides, kanchi , and the list goes on… ok just joking) Then billu sarcastically says that they can invite the tailor, carpenter etc as well. Nandu looks pleased and says that he had the same idea. Bill jumps on him and scolds that no way will anybody he doesn't know will come to Jassi's engagement. He tells Nandu to get lost. Nandu leaves.

Jassi and Meenakshi enters her cabin. Meenakshi says that she is really impressed with Gulmohur and the way Jassi has done so much. Jassi smiles and say that she hasn't done any thing. That this was puru uncle dream and Armaan carried out further while she become the CEO just now. And she intends to make it even go further. Meenashi still thinks that the credit goes to her. Just then Meenakshi starts asking personal questions. Like where does her father work. Jassi explains that billu has retired as his company was moving. Then Meenakshi asks for the other family members. Jassi faces glows as she tell about how bebe holds the family together and Amrit take care of everybody.Meenakshi says that it shows that she comes from such a family because her feet is on the ground. Out of the blue Meenakshi asks Jassi that what is she doing here. Jassi looks surprised and asks what. Meenakshi explains that Jassi some how doesn't fit in a fashion house. That doesn't she find Purab, Armaan and Raj different. Jassi asks in what way. Meenaksi asks that does n't it seem weird when you are talking to Raj as if he is from a different world. Jassi thinks about and agrees that it does feel different. Then Jassi explain that Nandu is also in the same world. Meenakshi smiles & point out that Nandu takes orders while she gives orders. Jassi doesn't look upset and say that "differences" help. That her bebe says that when black is out next to red the red shines even more. Just then Malika enters. Jassi introduce malika to Meenaksi. Meenakshi tell Malika that she has heard much about her. Malika hopes that not from Jassi. Meenaksi says that she went to sheetal's wedding and was very impressed. Malika says it was her idea to bring sheetal here in India. Then Meenakshi drops her a hint. She says that some lady who has three daughter one of them is getting married. So if Malika knows her better get in touch with her again. When all this is happening Jassi becomes lost in her world and think what Meenakshi just told.

Purab stares at the photo which meenaksi gave. He keeps it down. Nandu comes and see the photo and start comparing it with his and Jassi' long relationship. Purab explains that he really doesn't know Meenakshi that long. Then Nandu says "Now that Meenaksi has gone to Gulmohur. Jasi will impress her and Gulmohur will win the contract. And the things won't be balanced any more like the see-saw thing.". Purab looks dead confused and asks Nandu to explains to him properly. Nandu replies " When we were small and we use to sit in the see-saw. Things were never balanced. When Jassi was up I was down. And the same thing always happen in life.". Purab smiles and says "You should be happy that at least Jassi is up".

Jassi and Armaan are talking. First Jassi seems doubtful that they will win the contract. Then suddenly she starts smiling and say that she is sure that Gulmohur will win the contract." Armaan smiles and says that if Jassi always keep smiling at the time of crisis like that they will sure to win any thing.

Meenakshi is lighting candles in Purab house. Purab brings champagne for them. He asks her what she is doing. Meenakshi happily reply lighting candles. Then Meenakshi starts talking about Armaan. That what a charmer he is. Then she says that if she had met him before it would have been difficult for her to decide who to give the contract. Purab asks why she needs to see them. Meenakshi explains that she always looks at the person she is working with. Then Purab points out that she should be comparing him with Jassi. Then Meenakshi starts describing Jassi. That how hard working and innocent she is. Suddenly Purab stands up to get some thing. Meenakshi casually mention that Armaan is really nice. Purab seems surprised. He then takes the frame and gives it back to Meenakshi. Meenakshi asks why is he giving back. Purab points out that he already has the memories to remember things but its not good to bring back the past in the present. Meenakshi says "But you should also remember that past will always be a part of you. And its not easy to rub it out".

ides IF-Dazzler

Joined: 22 September 2004
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Posted: 09 November 2004 at 12:43pm | IP Logged
Great Update as usual Deadly.....ClapClap

So Nandu feels that the teacher will be very happy to hear that Jassi found the prince of her dream (as well ides, kanchi , and the list goes on…

hey I'll be happy to hear that Jassi has found the prince of MY dreamsWink.....

Looks like Meenakshi's presence has more to do with purab and jassi's relationship than 3T and Gulmohar.......

well good to see that Jassi has started feeling insecure abt Purab......with Meenakshi on the fringes, she'll think twice abt voicing her favourite threat (off with the sagai) to Purab......

Edited by ides - 09 November 2004 at 12:43pm
gupta Newbie

Joined: 11 August 2004
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Posted: 09 November 2004 at 12:43pm | IP Logged
thanks deadly.as usual an excellent narration.
sowmyaa IF-Dazzler

Joined: 23 August 2004
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Posted: 09 November 2004 at 12:45pm | IP Logged
thanks alot deadly for your great detailed update..you're really so good at it you never miss a thing..thanks again!
anitha.b IF-Dazzler

Joined: 06 September 2004
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Posted: 09 November 2004 at 12:56pm | IP Logged

thanks deadly.

I wonder why Purab is entertaining meenakshi even know...when he knows she is stubborn and gets her way and when he knows what they had in past...

pj04 Goldie

Joined: 02 September 2004
Posts: 1623

Posted: 09 November 2004 at 1:03pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by smisha

thanks deadly.

I wonder why Purab is entertaining meenakshi even know...when he knows she is stubborn and gets her way and when he knows what they had in past...

if you figure that out , let me know

Minnie IF-Rockerz

Joined: 20 September 2004
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Posted: 09 November 2004 at 1:04pm | IP Logged

                  Great update as usual.

   Ides,u are one hell of a girl.You don't mind sharing the man of your dreams with other eligible girlsWink

    Anjali,Puja,Annie,KK....r u listening?????

    Jassi right now seems more concerned about the contract than her relationship with Purab.

    I wonder why she came out with " Purab you are not easy to forget"??

    A hint for the things to come perhaps????? maybe a situation when she has to forget all about him?????

ruta Goldie

Joined: 16 June 2004
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Posted: 09 November 2004 at 1:16pm | IP Logged

uh-huh i know minnie that seemd a to be like a very popped-out-of-nowhere dialouge!!really!!!i mean purab leaves jassi to office everyday and sometimes even picks her back in the evening..........gosh!!!

remember in yst episode meena says that she has some imp work to do and so she wraps up the meeting but then 5 mins later she is all set to go out with purab!!!!Hmmmmm........kept me wondering


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