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The day has come when one of the cutest sweetest member of our TANHA AT group celebrates her birthday.

She proudly calls herself "Sanki"Tongue. (we, just as proudly, agreeLOL)

She is one the craziest TANHA fan we have ever seen, who never gives up on them . Jiske irade mazboot hai ekdum Ambuja cement type.LOL

She threatens to go on Vanvas several times, Gets angry , does emotional  black mail .but still comes back to AT to  discuss TANHA scenes with us. Embarrassed

Highly emotional , sweet but completely  gutter minded when it comes to TANHA.LOL

Someone with overflowing ideas for OS and SS , who doesnt approve until we write the *ahem ahem* partsWink

She is None other than our dearest , sweetest, cutest , craziest 


Anu , Wish you a many many happy returns of the day !

On this special day, we wish you all the very best, all the joy you can ever have and may you be blessed abundantly today, tomorrow and the days to come! May you have a fantastic birthday and many more to come... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Shantannu and Sneha having dinner on ANu's buddayLOL

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Happy birthday to you Anu.                                                                                           Many many happy returns of the day . Happy birthday to you Anu . I wish u all ur dream come ture . Always have a brand smile on ur face . I am so glad to wish u . We became friend on At . But now you are very close friend of mine . Thanks for my nick name . I really like to talk with you . I know how much u love TanhA that helps a lot to have talk on At . Whrnever I am busy , not participate at At . U always rember me n ask for me . U are such sweetheart . From few days I got to know that , u r awesome writer too . So I wish u write os on TanhA Wala swaron . I really appreciate that , thanks being me my friend . I know u r craziest fans of TanhA , so do I . Some time back we are sad . Specially I want to quit because if u . I cannot quit because of u . Thank u for that . Lots of love n wishes . And I know ur biggest wish is to see TanhA back . So I wish u , this wish of urs fulfill very soon . At last , have a wonderful n blast birthday .love u


Wishing you all the very best for your birthday and the future ahead... Actually I don't know how old you will be turning Embarrassed but I hope you get lots of presents and lots and lots of love!!!

You're such an amazing person and an even better friend Smile I'm truly glad that I got to meet someone as incredible as you and your love for Tanha is so inspiring!! I hope you always stay happy and I hope all your dreams will one day come true!!

Lots of love and wishes,

Rae Heart

Happy Birthday, Anu. I don't know you very well but I know you're an important part of the TanHa AT and I'm happy to have you there.

I hope this birthday is a memorable one for you. Hope all your dreams come true and May God bless you always. Have a great birthday and I hope you like what your friends here have done for you. Smile
Dear Anu,
Wishing you  a very happy birthday!!
May all you dreams and fantasies come true!!
Wishing you successful and extremely joyous year ahead!!
May God shower blessings on you and you have a wonderful day ahead with family and friends!!
Lots of love,


On this special day, i wish you all the very best, all the joy you can ever have and may you be blessed abundantly today, tomorrow and the days to come! May you have a fantastic birthday and many more to come... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!  Smile

 Celebrate your birthday today. Celebrate being Happy every day.  Smile

Dont be so optimist and forget about the candles. Cake will catch fire as you become so old now... Anyways Happy Birthday.LOL

Lo Thooso Tongue

On this special day, i
wish you all the very best, all the
joy you can ever have and may
you be blessed abundantly today,
tomorrow and the days to come!You are special and I
hope that you float through the
day with a big smile on your face.
May you have a fantastic birthday
and many more to come... HAPPY

My dear friend Anu I wish you many more Happy Returns of the Day
May your birthday be filled with sunshine and smiles, laughter, love, and cheer.

You are a very special friend of mine and will always be..Hug I still remember the pm sent by you of Tanha AT if i wouldnt have got that may be i would have left IF by now and would have missed all the masti and disscussions we do in the AT and most importantly i would miss Tanha wala swaron and all the crazy tanhanians in the AT.. It will always be remembered and cherished..You was always there for supporting and encouraging us..we all love u anu..Heart 

Happy birthday, may this day always be a special one to remember.

I hope that for every candle on your cake you get a wonderful surprise.

May all Your Wishes and Dreams Come True, Happy BirthdayParty

hi Anu

wish you avery happy birthday
God bless you which is always better for you
your dreams come true
you live more  more n more with your family n friends
i hope once day you meet your own tanha
so celebrate your birthday with enthusesiam
once again 
happy birthday n all the best

Anu Darling...HAPPY BUDDAY..Party
You are the fiercest, most loyal friend ever. Having you in my life makes me believe in karma coz i must have done something right in my previous life to have you in this one.
Your devotion to TanHa and us makes me feel elated, lucky and inadequate at the same time. I can never be like you coz no one can ever be like you. YOU ARE THE BEST.Star
You are like a little child who swings from one extreme to the other. One minute you are so mad that you make us all ready to go charging into battle and the very next moment you have us all in splits with your funny words. You are a full paisa vasool entertainment package and I LOVE YOUHug



You are my partner in dharna outside you know whose houseWink
My partner in sending 'bhejo green veggies andolan'

I can't put what you mean to me in words. I never thought when i first spoke to you on the AT that in a few short weeks you would become one of my closest friends. We've never met, never heard each other's voice, we don't even know each other's last names yet you are close to my heart than most people i have known my entire life.

There is something about inexplicable energy that makes everyone who interacts with you love you.
I feel blessed to be able to call you my friend. I hope i always remain this blessed.

Happy birthday, My precious friend,
My love for you, I wish to extend.
Experiences filled, with joy and laughter,
Special memories, I shall recall after.
From the beginning, you made me smile,
Accepted me, without any trial.
Never judged or jumped to conclusions,
Exciting friendship; random infusions.
I cannot ask, for anything more,
So many things, I simply adore.
Hope this birthday never ends,
In my heart, time transcends.
Happy Birthday...Party

Anu, wish you many many happy returns of the day.

You are my officila first  friend in AT . You are always there for me, supporting me, encouraging me , listening to me and all those other things that friends do. Happy Birthday Friend.
You bring such a positive energy in the AT. It becomes really soona when you are not there. Embarrassed
And your TANHA madness is beyond crazy LOL
Wishing you a day that is as special in every way as you are. Happy Birthday.

Happy birthday Anu  Party

may u have many many many many more
stay blessed and always be happy my friend 
keep smiling Big smile
you are among one of my best friends on IF and i love u so very much dear 
worry less and always love TanHa 

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Just Another Day at the Shekhawat House


"Sharon candle dhund rahi ho yah bana rahi ho! Jaldi karo, mujhe darr lag raha hai."

Sharon sighed and shook her head. This was her knight in shining armor, the guy who vowed to protect her from all evils, who promised to stand like a rock between her and all things scary...her saakshaat pati parmeshwar Swayam Shehawat, who had frozen with fear and had refused to even grab his phone to light her way as she went hunting for candles.

"Sharooon...kahan ho? Yahan weird awaazen ho rahi hain."

"Papa there is nothing to be scared of, main hun na, aapko har awaaz se bachaungi."

 Sharon giggled as she heard their 3yr old daughter comforting her 27 yr old husband. She was going to give him hell for this later she thought smirking.

"Sharon" she heard him whine again just as she entered the room with candles in hand.

The way his eyes lit up, she could swear they hadn't been this bright when she had accepted his proposal. Hmphh

He grabbed her and hugged her tight as soon as the candles were lit and paid no heed to either her scolding or his daughter's giggling.

They were having dinner, candlelight by default, when the grandfather clock in their living room declared it was 9 with a loud gong and braveheart Swayam jumped up a mile in the air.

Sharon burst out laughing. It was too funny, Swayam had dropped the hot gravy all over his delicate areas and was now jumping around like a cat on a hot tin roof. She knew she should help him but she was too busy rofling.

"Papa kya hua, aap aise uchhal kyu rahe hain?" Tanya asked worried.

"Papa, bas gravy hi toh hai. Layiye main wipe kar deti hoon." She offered. Swayam again jumped away as she came near him with a napkin in hand.

"Nahi Tanya, you finish your dinner. Mom will do it." He said trying to stop his over zealous daughter from coming any closer. But mom' was still in hysteric fits on the floor and this did not sit well with Tanya at all.

"Mom stop laughing and help Papa. He is in so much pain." She ordered. "Aapko mere Papa ke pain pe hasi aa rahi hai." She yelled.

"Oye..hahaha..Papa ki chamhi...hahaha...kuch nahi hua hai unhe...hahhah...he doesn't need my help." She managed  to choke out in between peals of laughter.

Swayam had stopped burning by now but looking at his two sirens an evil plan was taking shape in his mind. Junior siren karegi meri madad aaj ki raat yaadgaar banane mein he thought smirking as the voice inside his head started resembling Satan's.

"Ahhh...deho na Sharon kitna dard ho raha hai...ahhh." he howled in pain. Sharon raised an eyebrow and thought kuch zyada hi smart samajhte ho apne aap ko .

"aaah Sharon, kitna jal raha hai...plz kuch karo" he continued.

"Mama Papa ko jal raha hai." Tanya joined his wailing as he did a little victory jig in his head. Ab bachke kahan jaogi Mrs. Shekhawat .

"Tanya baby, I said na Papa is perfectly fine. He is not hurt, stop crying sweetheart." Sharon consoled her even as the innocent little girl let out an ear-splitting howl. Her Daddy was in pain and she was going to tear the world apart with her screams if her mom didn't ease it. Swayam saw Sharon's attempts to calm her down go in vain as the victory jig turned into a full-fledged stage performance.

"aaahhh" he howled.

"UWAAAIIINNN." Tanya screamed.

"Shhh Tanya chup ho jao. Fine I'll take care of Papa, ok. Now pls stop crying." Sharon assured defeated, covering her ears with her palms. Gosh this girl was too much like herself!

Swayam grinned as Sharon shot him a filthy glare.

"Pakka?" Tanya asked.

"Haan baba pakka. Tumhare Papa mere bhi kuch lagte hain Tanya." Sharon sighed.

"I know, he's your lover boy." Tanya replied innocently. Swayam spat out a mouthful of water as Sharon turned beetroot red.

"Who told you that baby." Swayam sputtered.

"Nobody told me, I heard Mama call you that yesterday when you were making out in the kitchen." There was a stunned silence as Swayam and Sharon looked like they had just found out their baby was actually a 100 yr old Russian spy.

"M..making out!! Who told you what that means?" Sharon asked sounding strangled.

"I heard it on T.V." she replied nonchalantly, completely oblivious to her parents' shock. "Mama help Papa." She screamed again.

"ok go to bed, I'll help Papa." Sharon replied as Tanya gave her a wide smile and after kissing them both trotted off happily to her room.

Sharon was keeping the plates in the sink when she felt Swayam's presence behind her. Swayam heard her sharp intake of breath as his own heart started pounding. Even after so many years of being together, their palms would get sweaty and their breaths would become heavy whenever they were near each other. Sharon closed her eyes as Swayam's arms locked around her. He placed a soft kiss on her nape. She leaned into him and he buried his face in her hair. Sharon gasped as his fingers slipped under her top and caressed the soft skin of her stomach. Her hands clutched his hair and she leaned her head back to capture his lips with hers. His firm lips felt so good against her plump ones. He traced her waist with his finger tips. Their lips were writing their own tale of desire and love. Neither knew who entered whose mouth first. They were too lost in the other. Sharon couldn't get enough of him. She wanted to taste every inch of his body. He did this to her every time, she went wild with just one touch.

Once upon a time she had detested his ability to break her shackles, now, she reveled in it. She had discovered how uninhibited, untamed, wild and free pure passion could be and she was never going to let the prison come up again. She turned around and pushed him hard against the counter top. Swayam's hands were roaming all over her body hungrily. She unbuttoned his shirt, ripping a few off in her urgency and moaned as she felt the smooth planes of his chest against her fingers. She kept her hand over his heart and absorbed his pounding heartbeat into her soul. She could hear them chanting her name and it gratified her. Everyone expected the Diva to be strong and independent and for the world, she was, for him though she was weak and hopelessly dependent. Everyone thought she was a dyed-in-the-wool feminist who would resent the idea of belonging to anyone but she loved belonging to him. Contrary to their friends' belief she loved wearing vermillion on her forehead, bangles on her wrist and the mangal sutra around her neck because they were all signs that she was his wife. Make no mistake, she was still the Diva through and through whose idea of a rain dance was jazz and who would not be caught dead with anything less than the latest MiuMiu creation on her arm and Louboutins on her feet. Simmi had once dared to sport a cross-bag in her presence, Sharon had given her such a vitriolic glare that the poor girl had returned home and burned it. Its just that she loved Swayam enough to want to do anything that made her feel closer to him.

They were both panting but neither was ready to pull out of the kiss. Swayam cleared the counter with one swipe and lifted her on top of it. He left her mouth and moved lower, nuzzling and suckling her soft skin. Sharon was wearing a low cut red shift dress and Swayam had been itching to get her out of it all evening. He pulled her dress down and started feasting on her lushness.

"Swayaaamm...we are in the kitchen...Tanya may walk in any minute." She breathlessly whispered as she felt his tongue doing unspeakable things to her.

Swayam picked her up in his arms and wordlessly carried her out.



" yahan kuch hai." He suddenly yelped. "Sharon..kahan ho tum?" he whimpered his voice quivering with fear as he realized she was not in his arms anymore.

"Neeche dekho." Came Sharon's voice.

He looked down to find Sharon on the floor. Even in the dark he could feel the promise of death radiating off her eyes.

"Oh..oh no...I'm so sorry..i didn't mean to drop you..woh there was something in my way..." he sat down begging for mercy. " there is something fishy here" he added in a whisper, his eyes darting around like a scared mouse's.

Sharon stood up fuming. "Yes there is. Its called a staircase. It's the thing that we climb many times everyday to reach our room." She snapped. "Our room which you will not enter tonight." She growled and stormed up the stairs.

"What!! Nooo Sharon, I'm sorry...plz aisa mat karo..main tumhara eklauta husband hoon baby..baat to suno.." he went pleading after her.


Next morning, Sharon woke up with a huge smile plastered on her face. She turned around to climb onto Swayam's back and go back to sleep in her favourite position when instead of his warm delicious skin she felt something cold and crispy against her cheek. She opened her eyes to find a bouquet of absolutely gorgeous purple and white orchids lying where her hubby should have been. She sat up and started searching for the card. She had often woken up to find her bedside covered with roses but orchids signified special occasions. Her eyes fell on a pale pink card peeping from the midst of the flowers.

A Queen only deserves the King of Flowers' it read. Sharon blushed as she remembered the first gift he had ever given her as her secret admirer. It had been the same flowers with the same note. Get dressed and come downstairs. I'm waiting." It continued.

Half an hour later she descended the stairs and Swayam forgot to breathe. She looked stunning but that,  she always did. What blew him away were the emotions shining in her eyes, there was joy, excitement, innocence, shyness, desire and the one overpowering them all - love. Their eyes locked as the memories of last night started playing in them and Sharon's soft pink cheeks turned dark red.

"You are beautiful." Swayam slipped his arm around her waist and guided her out. She smiled, the tingles already making their way down her spine.

They drove for an hour in soothing silence. Both had soft, content smiles on their faces.

"Where are we Swayam." Sharon asked confused as Swayam parked the car by the deserted roadside.

"Patience Sharon." He said unfolding a blindfold from his pocket and covering her eyes. He picked her up and started walking.

"wh..Swayam yeh kya kar rahe ho?" she protested.

"Shut up Sharon or I'll be very happy to do it for you." He replied, smirking.

10 mins later he placed her on the ground and took off the blindfold.

"OMG...This is...This is the same place...Its so beautiful..This is where we..." her awed whispered trailed off as she looked around.

"Yes. This is where I proposed and you accepted. This is where we conceived Tanya." He completed for her even as she continued to stare at the frozen lake surrounded by snow covered pine trees.

"Mama." She heard Tanya's voice and turned around to find her little bundle of joy leaping into her arms. She hugged her tightly as their laughter echoed among the trees.

"Swayam, yeh sab..whats the occasion?" Sharon asked her eyes swimming with tears of joy. To say she was overwhelmed would be the understatement of the century. She was used to Swayam doing little majnu-sh things for her but this was extraordinary.

"We've celebrated the most beautiful moments of our life here and I didn't want to break tradition. Last night after you slept I got a call from your doctor. Your tests came back positive. We are pregnant." He replied.

Sharon stared at him as his face split into a ear-to-ear grin and felt her own lips stretch into an answering smile. The tears spilled out as her husband engulfed them in a bear hug. She hugged her daughter and kissed her husband's neck as the smile turned into melodious, joyous laughter.

The trees rejoiced with them as the air filled with Swayam's whoops, Tanya's screams of joy and Sharon's carefree laughter as the three played around on the ice, unmindful of time and space, safe and lost in their own little world, excited and scared in equal measure about the new adventure they had set out on.


Night Outing

She liked cartoons . Okay... it is unlike Sharon and one of the innumerable secrets about her that he knew and he was proud of it. Swayam Shekhawat was checking the comic counter in a book store for a good comic book to gift to Sharon on meeting her. He smiled at thought of it. Who knew Sharon Rai Prakash, The Diva finds happiness in such trivial things.  He could imagine how her face would face would light up upon seeing these books.  He wondered why Poisin Ivy is her favourite character. While everyone liked Batman his girl liked the villain . He shook his head smiling and continued checking the comic books. His thoughts drifting back to Sharon time and again . Had it been in sharon's hands she would have added orchids to Poiso Ivy's dress.  Finally he bough t4 books for her,got them billed and left the shop to meet her .

They were to meet for dinner and Sharon was waiting for Swayam.  She was sitting at the table reserved for them looking breathtakingly beautiful . They had a nice dinner where most of the time Sharon shared tid-bits about her dance academy  with him. He observed her, she showed a 1000 emotions simultaneously while she talking about dance. He always knew dance was her life but the exact magnitude of its importance, he came to know only after being in a relationship with her. Yes. They were going to get married in a few days and this was their last dinner together before the wedding coz after this will not meet until the wedding , why, he didn't know , but it was Sharon's order.  Therefore he decided to make this evening wonderful and memorable. After dinner  Swayam ordered her favourite beverage,hot chocolate with marshmallows. He knew how much she loved it . As soon as it arrived Sharon grabbed the cup to drink . In the hurry , she accidentally dunked the tip of her cute button nose in the cup. She was unaware and was talking and drinking simultaneously.  He cupped her cheek with one hand. Sharon who was talking stopped suddenly.  He brought her face closer and gently licked the wam chocolate off her nose tip suprising Sharon. She wasn't big on PDA but sometimes she enjoyed his impromptu  actions. She blushed hard and pushed him back rolling her eyes. Swayam loved that more as it was only him who could get her to blush and it made him very happy. They sat in the car after dinner.   "take it" handing her the gift box he said. "what is it" she asked while trying to open the wrapper.

"OMG ..where did you get and how did you know" she was spellbound , There were so many comics and she was happy he got her those. She quickly hugged him saying  " I love I love I love you"   . "I love you" he said stroking her hair smiling.   He put his arms around her and and was about to kiss her when she pushed him back saying "Not now" and laughed. Swayam pouted and grudgingly started the car making her burst into laughter.

Swayam didn't want to let her go so soon. He wanted to spend time with her today. Just the thought of not meeting her till the end  of the wedding was upsetting him.  He thought of a plan to stop the car a few meters away from her house and take a walk in his mind. And as per the plan he braked.

"what happened?" Sharon asked.

"Looks like there is some problem with the engine" he lied.

"OMG .. ab kya karein.. aur tum aise baithe kyun ho jaa kar dekho" panic started to grip Sharon .

Swayam went out opened the bonnet, tinkered around a little and came back .

"Looks like some problem. Anyways we are near your house so we can take a loonggg walk"

"but itni raat ko"

"main huna "

"will you stop your cheesy lines"

Swayam went and opened the door of her side. Sharon came out gripping her Chanel bag and comic books pouting.  She looked cute with that pout.  She was still standing leaning on the car and still pouting. Swayam always wanted to kiss her when she pouted like that.He went near her looking into her eyes trapping her between car and him. She was hypnotized by those eyes, she couldnot move. Swayam bent down, put his lips on hers and kissed her gently. Sharon was kissing him back when she suddenly realized that they are in the middle of the road at an odd hour of the night.  She broke the kiss and tried to hide her blush .

"I always wanted to kiss that pout"

Sharon rolled her eyes trying and failing to hide her smile.

"Ok lets go" Swayam intertwined his fingers with hers and carried her comic books in other hand.

As they were walking,  they found an ice cream trolley who was selling ice cream outside the park which was near Sharon's house. Swayam remembered the times when he used to come to this park for jogging all the way from his house. He would park car outside the park and would join Sharon inside the park in jogging. "Phew I don't have to do that anymore and will save petrol after few days  he thought and chuckled. He looked at Sharon whose eyes were glued to the ice cream trolley .


"Sharon, Ice- cream?"

Sharon nodded vigorously widening her already huge eyes which made Swayam chuckle. 

They ordered  two ice cream cones. Swayam bought a bunch of balloons and gave it to Sharon. They sat on the bench outside the park.

Sharon was busy licking ice-cream and swayam was busy staring at her. He loved her , he adored her. Suddenly Sharon realized that Swayam was not eating.

"why are you not eating?"

"bas mujhe tumhe enjoy karte hue dekhna achcha lagta hai"

Sharon blushed " Swayam tum bhi na" said and blushed hard.

They walked towards Sharon's house holding hands.

"Thank You" Sharon said.

"For what"

"For everything, from comics to dinner to ice cream to balloons. Thanks for understanding me so well. Giving me my space , filling my life with happiness, accepting me with my arrogance rudeness  Iam not worthy of you still ...". The lump in her throat did not let her finish. In a fraction of a second his arms clamped around her like steel bands as he hugged her as if his life depended on it.

" I love you , love you a lot and stop saying that you don't deserve me. Infact I don't deserve".

She broke the hug and put her hand on his mouth to stop him.

"I love you too" Sharon said smiling through her tears.

He pecked her on her lips "Good night ,will miss you. And will come to take you with me for forever"

"I will be waiting"

Sharon climbed the steps of her house . She turned around when she reached the door and gave a flying kiss to him .

He caught it and made a heart out of it using his long fingers , which made her laugh. Waving goodbye to him she went inside.

Swayam  jumped in air once and went to his car to drive back to his house.

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resParty Dancing
doneBig smile


here is your cakeTongue

 your giftHug


you are such a darling Anu. you make me smile when i'm low and and always ready with an encouraging comment when im in despair over my inability to write.
you are my rock and i know whenever i need anyone in my corner i'll find you there, ready to go to war for us.
you always know exactly what to say. you are the most emotional person on the AT and the most entertaining.
it is impossible to imagine being on IF without you, which is why we get so hyper everytime you threaten to go on vanvaas (once every monthAngry). we need you on the AT and in our lives. i know i doEmbarrassed
i have met so many amazing people on IF thanks to TanHa and you top the list.
come back soon, abhi toh hume veggie baskets taiyyar karne hain and dharna plan karna haiWink

i know these are too many pics and wishes but i loved them all and i know you will tooWinkTongue

may you whole life be a journal of joy, happiness, love and dreams realized.
keep smiling and keep spreading your charm everywhere you go

ps. missing your night classesWink

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Anu Hug
Before I start, Wish you many many happy returns of the day..

I met you in difficult times right after Sneha left.. It was kind of formal introduction..hi hello types..we shared our grieves  , happy moments, talked about TANHA.
There were times when I was angry on Sneha for pushing us to this situation then you calmed me down, when i was sad because of all these you would bring positivity , and when I decided to go on vanvas you stopped me. Still we were formal with each other. Then you brought me to AT..I reluctantly agreed. You told me to keep TANHA alive through .. I agreed. then we started chatting about TANHA ..mean time formality went out of the window, then Oin came, then Pankhu Lassi ana vibhu raj kittu,we formed a gang... so if we all are there is AT then it ijj because of you...

You are wonderful person and I am happy to meet you in this forum..
Never believed in internet friends but and others are true internet friends for me Approve

I will write more once you come back...Please come back..This AT loses its charm when you arent there ... Ouch

Wish you a very happy birthday..hope you enjoyed your day

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You are such a special Friend, 
Who deserves a special day, 
For being who you are and 
Bringing joy in every way. 
You make us smile and laugh, 
Wishing you a happy, fun and crazy birthday filled with wonderful surprises!
Some people in our lives radiate love and shine like the stars, bringing joy and happiness to those around them. You are that wonderful person. Never stop being you and follow your heart. Have a wonderful birthday, girl, you deserve it.

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-Spirited- 26 4499 24 December 2013 at 10:17am by cherry_an
||~ Happy Birthday TASHU ~|| Shout it Loud !!!!

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Author: -DRoadSoFar-   Replies: 73   Views: 18102

-DRoadSoFar- 73 18102 27 September 2013 at 9:13am by somergasm.
!!...Happy Birthday Pari...!!

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Author: IPK..Jenny   Replies: 36   Views: 11996

IPK..Jenny 36 11996 27 September 2013 at 6:10am by -.Pari.-
||Birthday Celebration - Cest Moi ||

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Author: No2Pencil   Replies: 38   Views: 6229

No2Pencil 38 6229 21 September 2013 at 10:24pm by Freethinker112

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