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ll Ansha Sayed- Innocence Personified ll(FC #2)

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                                                           TO THE 



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Reshh16 IF-Sizzlerz

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Ansha Sayed was born on 16TH July and her full name is Ansha Reshma Imtiaz Sayed. Ansha is a fun loving girl and has a craze for driving cars. She is also a hardcore novel reader. 

HER FAVORITE FOOD: Her favorite food is the mutton pulao which her father makes on Eid.

She always looks forward for Eid for her friends come to her house and they have a blast.






















CHANGELING & many more lovely movies.



























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Ansha Sayed is Super Happy Playing Character Of Purvi In CID

Ansha Sayeed is quite kicked playing her character Purvi in Sony Entertainment Television's super hit crime detective show CID.
"She is a subtle girl who does her bit on the field. Purvi is also very calm and tries to understand the situation before coming out with her opinion," this Mumbai-born and brought up B. Com graduate avers.

"It makes me proud just by thinking that I represent females in the CID team. For one, it is quite a challenge every day when you meet all types of people and do different types of scenes. Unlike other daily shows for which you shoot indoors with the comfort of AC, we are always on the run outdoors on the roads, in malls etc," she describes.

Ansha ,who has earlier done Bandhan Saat Janmon Ka and Laagi Tujhse Lagan (both for Colors) further adds, "For a long time, this Fireworks-produced show was watched more by men and kids while women stayed away for they preferred family dramas. But now, all that is changing as we have three women in the team, Shreya (Janvi Chheda), Dr. Tarika (Shraddha Musale), who is in the forensics team, and me."

Coming to her looks, Ansha has no issues with the fact that she does not get to dress up much. "Our costume is quite smart and chic. We (female cops) don't have much of a make-up to do and our hair also has to be always tied up as well. After all this, if you still look good, you are a pretty looking girl right," she smiles.

"Although Laagi' had given me some fame, it was CID that changed the entire ball game for me as an actor. More than the money, what I really love is the respect one gets from people for being a part of this longest running show on the National TV," Ansha ends.


The courageous officer Purvi aka  Ansha Sayed is happy being a part of SONY TV's long running popular crime thriller show CID and she shares her journey about the show and much more with TellyBuzz.

Tell us something about yourself...

I am happy playing Purvi in CID and I am a chilled out, easy going and relaxed person in real life.

Tell us something about your early life. How did acting happen to you?

After completing my graduation, someone approached me for acting. I was more interested in Mass media and accounts so I asked my father about it and he said if you wish to give it a try then you can go ahead. I did few episodics in Aahat, then Laagi Tujhse Lagan and few other shows and now here I am, playing the character of Purvi in CID

How has been your journey as officer Purvi so far?

Its been amazing so far and I know that it will be amazing for me always. Purvi for me is Ansha because Purvi is also focused about her work just like Ansha is. I am very happy to do  CID and I wish to do it forever.

Do you think that CID is a turning point for your career?

Yes, definitely it is a turning point for my career because it has given me the recognition and lots of love and respect. Its a pleasant experience to work with this team. All the actors in the team including the crew and the production team is so lovely that anyone who will come here won't like to leave. 

Which has been your most challenging task portraying Purvi so far?

I remember one scene, in which I was on a harness and I was hanging. It was like the scariest experience for me. I was hanging and from one side, Daya sir (Dayanand Shetty) was holding my hand and Abhijeet sir (Aditya Srivastav) from the other side. I got goosebumps and I was scared thinking what if this harness will break (laughs)!

Anything which you have learned from the character of Purvi?

I have get to learn a lot of things like I have learned to run. I was wearing a saree while doing Laagi Tujhse Lagan and here, I have to wear shirts and trousers and run. I know how to run but Purvi taught me to sprint and how to slap. I discuss a lot with my co-actors and get to learn a lot from all of them. Purvi has given me a new family.  

How do you feel being a part of the long running successful show CID?

The people on the sets of CID are so humble despite being part of the longest running show which holds a record in the record books. I am so proud and honored to be a part of the show. Being a part of this show is just like I am getting an award every day.

Your best performance till date?

It was 'CID Mein Gaddar' episodic which was a Purvi centric episode. I did my best in it.

What kind of bonding do you share with your co-actors?

I share a great bond with everyone on the sets like ACP sir, Abhijeet sir and I have a lot of respect for them. Daya sir is like a friend and I share a very special bond with Tarika, as she is just like me on the sets. She is bindaas and sweet. I don't get much to shoot with Shreya but whenever I do, then its just like a girls gang on the sets with me, Tarika (Shraddha Musale) and Shreya. Hrishikesh Pandey and Shreya are very good co-actors to work with.

What are your interests other than acting?

Watching movies, driving, and listening to music. I like reading but not that much.

Define Ansha in one word.


What kind of roles are you looking forward to play?

I am very happy doing Purvi and I would like to focus on Purvi only. I am not really interested in doing saas bahu sagas since I am happy doing a crime show. 


Ansha Sayed who is seen playing the role of Purvi in Sony Tv's CID, gets candid with urlremoved, about how she started doing acting.

What made you chose a career in acting?

It just happened, it was in my destiny. I was never keen on acting, I was never keen on doing Television, it just happened. I was in college and had attended a Jam session and some guys came up to me and asked me if I would like to do modelling. I then told my father, and I got clicked, did a portfolio and it all worked.

What challenges have you had to face in your acting career?
Not really, it took some time for me to understand how the work happens here, but once I understood it was all good.
You have played the role of Purvi for a very long time, how has the experience been?
It is lovely and I am enjoying it. I want to be Purvi. It is like an achievement to be part of CID, and when I joined CID I had that in my mind that I will be doing CID for a very long time, And I said that at the time when I joined it. It has been Mashallah 2 years, and I am still saying it, so you can imagine how much I love CID and Purvi.
When can fans expect to see you in something different than Purvi?
Not right now, because Purvi is a cop and in the show we do a lot of disguise. You get to do different kind of roles when you are undercover, you shoot at different locations and with different actors. It is very interesting that you get to meet new people and every day is a new day.
Rapid Fire :

When is your birthday: 16th July.

Pet name: Yes I do, but I don't want to say that, because it is very funny and I don't want people to call me that.

Favourite outfit: Saree, I love wearing saree.

Friendship is: Most important bond that you share with a person, it is extremely important, pure, innocent and lovely.

Websites you like to visit: Google, I keep googling something or the other.

What is your typical day like: Shooting on the sets of CID, going back home and spend time with family, that's a typical nice, ideal, lovely day for me

Food you like to eat: Mutton, I go crazy on non-veg.

Favorite Bollywood Actor: Ranbir Kapoor.

Favorite Bollywood Actress: It keeps changing all the time, right now I extremely adore Kareena Kapoor and Deepika Padukone.

A TV show you can't miss:  CID, not because that I'm doing CID, but when I was kid, I used to come home from school and watch CID and Hum Paanch.

Finally, a message for all the fans who love you? I would like to thank them for loving Purvi, and keep watching CID. The whole team of CID loves them.

Writer: Nadia Malik.

Interview of ANSHA SAYED


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It's already been nearly two years since Ansha ma'am joined our show as the brave, dedicated and beautiful CID officer Purvi, and yet it feels like our journey together has barely begun. While she was known for her notable roles in TV shows like Laagi Tujhse Lagan, she was also no stranger to CID when she joined our team back on 30th July 2011, having already enacted supporting roles in a handful of older episodes, most notably in the famous "Case of the Bomb Robbery" in early 2007. Her character in the same was both dark and sympathetic, and seeds of her acting brilliance were already apparIent in her remarkable performance there. It is no surprise that, four years later, she brought to life the character of sub-inspector Purvi with a cool combination of zeal, charm, audacity and sheer unyielding energy. The fact that she won acclaim from a majority of CIDians on her first day itself is a notable achievement and testament to her talent.

I'm grateful to the casting department for their impeccable decision, and FireWorks for making Purvi's character a rare recipient of generous spotlight and plenty of development. Its common knowledge that most female cops in CID (and many males as well) had been unjustly sidelined to mere supporting roles, either serving to blurt a quick "yes, sir" or turning up to deliver the classic slap to female criminals. We Purvi fans, however, have been blessed with plenty of episodes where Purvi played a central part, allowing us to enjoy Ansha ma'am's diverse performances ranging from warmth, loyalty and fellowship to anger, grief, courage, tenacity and selflessness. Not only is Purvi a gallant and brave officer, but also a loyal junior and gregarious colleague. She's also shown to have a strong bond with her other female teammate Shreya, more or less a first time in the history of CID (complimented by the two actresses' real-life friendship). We see her soft spot for children in plenty of episodes as well.

I know I sound like a starry-eyed fanboy when I continually praise Ansha ma'am, but I honestly believe her joining to be one of the best things to happen to CID in the past few years. To debunk a popular myth, we don't like her for her good looks alone. Yes, she's beautiful enough to put Aphrodite to shame. And yet, Ansha di is not a mere beauty queen. She's a really gifted actor and a wonderful human being. She can effortlessly make her incomparably unique voice soothing as fragrant breeze or deadly as a lightning bolt when the situation demands. Her wardrobe, body language and demeanor are apt for a cop. Her stunts and disguise scenes are brilliant, and emotional moments are touching. Several cast and crew members and many fortunate fans who met or talked to her have mentioned what a humble and compassionate person she is. I feel that she truly deserves all the praise and appreciation she has been receiving for her efforts.  I truly wish to see her in CID forever and earn an exalted position of admiration and respect in the hearts of all CIDians.

30th July, 2011. Episode 746.  All the diehard CID fans flopped down in front of their TV sets, waiting   expectantly for another new episode of their favorite show. What we expected was to see the usual: Gory murders, a bit of blood, ACP Pradyuman wagging his finger and saying "Kuch to gadbad hai", Daya kicking down doors, some more finger wagging from the ACP, Daya slapping the taste out of someone's mouth and the criminal getting arrested. But what happened was a classic instance of serendipity. A new woman would burst onto the hallowed turf of the longest running weekly episodic show in Indian television; this new woman was not only beautiful, smart but also had the spunk and X factor that would enthrall and captivate us for times to come. A decisive, unyielding woman, she was the Elixir of Beauty that CID desperately needed.    This new CID officer was masquerading as a pretty nightclub-going girl but her main objective was to catch a drug gang red handed.  This new woman, known to the world as Purvi on screen and Ansha Sayed off-screen, would become the cynosure of all eyes, not only due to her alluring beauty but also for her effervescence and ebullient disposition.

Ansha Di, as I like to refer to her, has been mesmerizing us week in and week out with her wondrous beauty and sensational acting skills. She has seamlessly conflated into the tightly-knit CID family with her dulcet voice, sempiternal beauty and scintillating acting. In such a short time, she has become a quintessential part of CID.  She has had some memorable moments in CID, the most prominent of which have be the Purvi-centric episodes where her acting skills and emoting skills have been head and shoulders above the others.  Not only is she an exceptional actress, but also a remarkably unique one. Personally, I have always associated actors and actresses to be arrogant, irritable, disrespectful, brash people who just throw tantrums for fun and act as if they own the world. Ansha di is just so far removed from this conception. She is simple, humble and acknowledges every one of her co stars and fans as her own family. From the interviews that I have seen of her, she is so warm, friendly, and most of all sweet. She is like our sweet, protective and caring elder sister. Her smile is just divine; I have never seen such a beautiful smile in my short life. We all know that Padmapriya had the opportunity to speak to her and the conversation that followed was such a fulfilling experience for both Padmapriya and for us readers. One could just feel the excitement and gratitude in Padmapriya's words and one could also feel the warmth exuding from Ansha di's words.  She constantly referred to her as 'Beta', never once expressed any impatience or irritation and spoke to her in the same elder sister tone throughout. 

One thing we also have to mention here is that Ansha di is not a one-show wonder. She hasn't suddenly dazzled us all with hitherto unsuspected acting skills. She has had successful runs in leading roles in a plethora of the leading daily soaps of Indian television like Laagi Tujhse Lagan, Kesariya Balam, and Rang Badhalti Udhan etc.  A detailed panoply of her work would well and truly form a sumptuous pastiche, dazzling enough for the most posh exhibitions.   Her performances here have earned her well deserved plaudits and critical acclaim nationwide. But for youngsters like us, this Angelic Beauty has eased her way into our hearts and souls for her almost transcendental performances in CID.  Ansha di, in her daily life is an avid reader of newspapers, novels (like Mistress of the Game by Sidney Sheldon) and is the dearest member of a mellifluous and concordant family.  She has also spoken of her love and admiration for her little brother whom she absolutely adores. She loves eating Mutton Pulao cooked by her father and has admitted to being a very spiritual person. This spirituality suits her too because she is one of God's finest creations. Even God wants her close to Him. She is also an avid driver and loves to explore new cars; a trait one doesn't normally associate with females but then again, Ansha di is extraordinary.

I would urge all of the CID fans to please check out the most memorable performances of this wonderful human being like inCID Mein Gaddar, Rahasyamay Hotel, CID Aur Commando, CID Ki Kidnapping, Bank Locker Ka Raaz, Ravan Dehan, Rahasya Bachchi ka, Target 15th August, Freddy's Village, Sammohan Se Hatya etc. We also need to give credit to Fireworks for ensuring a blissful and apposite development of Ansha di in CID. The character of Purvi can be summed up eloquently, in the words of the great Peter Drury, as simply being: Beautiful in its conception, clinical in its execution. We will forever hold you in an exalted position in our hearts. Who knows , one day we might even say ACP Purvi. We Love you, Ansha di.

Ansha Sayed as Inspector Purvi is one of the best officers for me. I have to confess that i did not like the character but in course of time she went on to steal my heart with her absolute elegance, eloquence, body language and her exquisite style. Purvi might simply be a character for someone but for me she is a living component and will be with me forever. Her harmonious bonding with her seniors and a friendly nature with Shreya is worth a million. Ansha Sayed is truly an amazing actress and I will love her forever..!

All i want to say is I love ansha mam fom the bottom of my heart for her lovely nature which can now a days be seldom foundSmileAnsha mam, our dear poorvi,to me is a brilliant actress.Smile the reason why i like her is not just merely because she is beautiful but because she has a heart of gold! Ansha mam indeed is one who can bless even those who hate her.Ansha mam for me is one of the sweetest actress in tellywood. She loves her fans. The reason why most of us purvi fans love her is because we find ourselves in her. Ansha mam's sweetness, cuteness, innocence, bubblyness somehow helps us relate to the character of purvi very wellSmileAnsha di to me is also an perfectionist. She gives her hundred percent to each and every scene she gets. Even when she dosent have any dialogues she makes her presence felt very wellSmile Ansha mam pulls off stunts very easily wether it is jumping from a fifty feet tall wall or  getting out from a moving vehicle she gives it her best shotBig smile Ansha mam  hasnt got many centric episodes lately but when she does she rocks itWink . Another great quality of ansha mam is she bonds extremely well with all our co starts. So to me ansha mam is a friendly and sweet actress who is one in a million and such people can seldom be found who before doing anything consult their parents

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some pics from other showsBig smile

Some pics from CID:

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photo edited for free at www.pizap.com

photo edited for free at www.pizap.com

photo edited for free at www.pizap.com

photo edited for free at www.pizap.com

photo edited for free at www.pizap.com

photo edited for free at www.pizap.com

photo edited for free at www.pizap.com

photo edited for free at www.pizap.com

photo edited for free at www.pizap.com

photo edited for free at www.pizap.com

photo edited for free at www.pizap.com

photo edited for free at www.pizap.com

photo edited for free at www.pizap.com

photo edited for free at www.pizap.com

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Charming as the shining moon, one that never does wane
And yet tough and forceful to be the enemy's bane
A perfect blend of virtues, one truly called unique
A guardian of truth when evil makes its path look bleak

Courageous and agile, skilled with both sword and pen
In every way she's proven herself equal to men
In every case she proves adept, playing a crucial part
Beneath her tough exterior, there's a pure and human heart

The innocent and guiltless she protects until the end
Despite what the threat is, with the foe she does never amend
Even an inch from death, when every heart's filled with worry
She stops at nothing until her team stands proud with victory

Intelligent in investigation, skilled in martial fight
Expert at disguises, observes sharply everything in sight
With every member of her team, she shares a special bond
Respect and gratitude they share, of her everyone is fond

A voice both dazzling and tender, unforgettable once it's heard
To aptly describe her beauty, there's just no worthy word
Full of admiration, respect and reverence are we
To the most courageous and brave officer Purvi


On this joyful wondrous day, we present our tribute

To a gem, a shining ray, as tough as she is cute

An officer brave and bold, her loyalty most steady

Impressive from start, behold, it's been two years already


With an entrance verily apt, she left a strong impression

Spirited and quick to adapt, with many a great expression

Memories of a tragic past can't hope to weigh her down

No matter the hurdles cast, her duty stands renown


Agile as a leaping deer, quick as a youthful colt

Brave without a hint of fear, sharp as a lightning bolt

Valiant and upholding truth, talented with the gun

Combating the vile uncouth until justice has won


Skilled in words and questioning, self-controlled likewise

Aiding seniors' reasoning, accomplished in disguise

Selfless in thought and action, fearless to sacrifice

Fitting in without traction, her loyalty precise


Unhesitant in the face of dares, into the realms beyond

With the ACP she shares a very special bond

With Shreya she gets along like a sister verily

With the team she does belong, seamless as family


Her eyes shine like oceanic pearls, with enthralling entwine

Her hair flows like the cosmic whirls, her smile is just divine

A voice simply impeccable, powerful and yet warm

Like something out of a fable, majestic as a storm


A respectful bow to her, an upholder of law

Be it with splendor or tears, she leaves us up in awe

For she is our dear Purvi, our bonding shall break never

May a pillar she always be, in C.I.D forever.


                                   THE VIBRANT INSPECTOR PURVI

Boldly and briskly comes a woman,
With potential no less than a man,
With beauty and bravery fusing ,
To form the Vibrant Inspector Purvi.

Valiant and dauntless in each act
She is one of the bravest ones,
That is nothing but the fact,
Because she is the Vibrant Inspector Purvi.

A criminal, petty or dangerous,
Shudders at her countenance,
One slap makes it disastrous,
Because she is the Vibrant Inspector Purvi.

A strong will and burning desire,
To save and serve the country,
From the hands of riots, tussles and fire
Thus becoming the Vibrant Inspector Purvi

Despite suspicions and accusations
Undaunted. she rose to her feet,
Absolved herself of the allegations
Thus blooming as the Vibrant Inspector Purvi

Plethora of qualities making a pure heart
Never from her duties does she sway,
Because, of CID she is an indispensable part.
The Vibrant Inspector Purvi

With much of these qualities,
Who would not but adore her?
Full of thanks to you are we,
For bringing in the Vibrant Inspector Purvi.

Purvi- The Valiant Woman

Into CID, a brave woman came,
Possessing might equivalent to man is the same.
An inexplicable bond with all she shares,
For everyone from her heart she cares.

On every case she works with zest,
And stops not till she conquers her quest.
No clue escapes her eye whatsoever,
She will be the best forever.

At her sight, the criminals fear,
'Coz the brave woman cop is here,
On seeing atrocities on women she burns with rage,
She slaps the criminal with the utmost damage.

She is a valiant beauty so adorable,
Having much traits respectable,
Loyal and true she is in every deed,
She is our dear cop Purvi indeed!


                         Bholi si surat hai.
                Ankhon mein aasma ko chune ke aarma hai...
              Kya kahe sab taraf chaaya aapka jalwa hai...

                  Suraj ki roshni, Chanda Maa ki Chandani...
                  Jhansi jaise Rani, aapki hai madhur vani...

                  Jab bhi aapke aankhon mein aansoon aaye...
             Laage jaise Pyaare Phool pe kisine Mothi barsaye...

                 Aapka lakshya hai Sach, Sahas,Aur Sarthak...
    Aap se hi hai na jaane kitne logo ke chehre pe muskurahat...

                         Aaye chahe kitne bhi khatre ho...
                              Aage aage hai badhna...
    Sachai ka saath aur maan mein Vishwas banaye hai rakhna..

                         Aage chahe jitne bhi Mushkile ho...
                          Himmat na kabhi hai harna...
                  Harne ke dar se picche na kabhi hai hatna...

                                 Aab jo bhi ho jaaye...
                          Desh aur Deshwasiyon mein hi,
                        Aapne aapka Chehra hai Dekhna...

                       Aap Mein hai ye saari khoobhiyan...
                       Isiliye toh humein aapko hamesha ,
                 CID Officer Purvi ke roop mein hai Dekhna...


Aap Khud ko Jara Dekh lo..!!!!
Aap khuda ki pyari Pari,
Aap ye samaj lo..
Aap hai wo shakti,
Aap hai wo aandhi (Tufan)..
Aap hai wo Umang, Kuch kar dikhane ki hai chahat...
Jo bola wo aap kar ke dikhati hai..
Aapka hosla bhi buland hai..
Aap hai kabhi behti hawa ka jhoka..
Aap hai roop Kali Maa ka..
Aapki pyaari ye bholi..
Aapki masum si hasi..
Aapke ye sundar kale baal (Hairs)..
Aapki har ek wo aada...
Aap hai bholi si, Pyaari si khilti titali...
Apne andhar ki aawaz sun...
Apne aap ko dekh..
Kyunki aap hai hazaron mein Ek..!!
Aap chale to ye jahan chale...
Aapki pyari hasi se har ek chehre pe hasi Khile..!! 


The Vibrant Inspector Purvi

CID mein aai Ek Larki,
Jiska nam hai Poorvi,
Chehre par hai Pyari si Muskaan,
or Hotho par Hasi,
Dena Chahe ye to Sabko Khushi.

Chunoutiyo Ka Samna Karti,
Muskilo se Nahi Darti,
Atyacharo ka Virodh Karti,
Gaddaro ko Kabhi Maaf nahi Karti.

Bahaduri hai Uski Pehchan,
Julm ka Mitayegi Namonisan,
khai hai Kasam Desh ke Naam,
Desh ke Liye Hogi Kurban.

Nariyo ki Shaan hai Wo,
CID ki Muskaan hai Wo,
Julm par Prahar hai Wo,
Sahsiyo ki Nayi Mishal hai Wo,

Karti hai Viro ko Pranam,
Sada Badhayegi Unka Maan.

The Vibrant Inspector PURVI

An Entry of a Simple, Sweet, Soft and Quite Girl
Always She was standing at Back of Bulk of Male

She is doing Task with Hard work, Courage and Zeal
The Flair of being an Obedient Officer spark in Her every Feel

She merged with Her Colleagues Smoothly and Swiftly
She be at their back for Helping them with Supportively

With the passage of time, She moves ahead with Strength
So many Stunts and Cases She dealt with Her Calmly Stretch  

She have a Nice Companionship with Her Team mates
She must be Little naughty, but Respect all with Her Best
She had a sad Past, Accelerating Present and a Bright Future
She had that Vibrant Shade which makes Her a Tough CID Officer


I myself was truly very sad
becoz Asha nd Tasha leave my hand

After that Insp. Poorvi came as a Lady cop
Am realy very happy becoz she complete all my hope

She is very innocent, She is very kind
and also have such a great mind

She has power, she has guts
to keep the criminals mouth shut

Her beauty truly fazes me
Her beauty truly amazes me

she has a loving heart , a pretty smile
i realy like her way, her style

She 's perfect girl, a perfect cop
who fulfil all which i realy want

The way She talk, The way She move
I have no words to explain ,
the things that she do

I must say Insp. Poorvi you r a Vibrant Cop
and I like u most


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Vrinda Dawda/Taani FC~CuteneSS PersoNiFieD~

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Author: TaareyAddict   Replies: 547   Views: 21465

TaareyAddict 547 21465 07 April 2014 at 1:58am by navk
ll Ansha Sayed- The Elegant Princess ll (FC #1)

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Author: Reshh16   Replies: 1201   Views: 46497

Reshh16 1201 46497 21 October 2013 at 7:55am by Reshh16
"IAN SOMERHALDER FC" - Hotness Personified

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Author: Ankita_88   Replies: 31   Views: 2346

Ankita_88 31 2346 01 February 2013 at 7:26am by girl_rocks
Shazahn Padamsee FC // Beauty Personified //

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Author: -Zeenat-   Replies: 1152   Views: 31264

-Zeenat- 1152 31264 24 October 2011 at 8:42am by PrincessBushi
::Sanaya Irani FC::Beauty Personified::


Author: Khushi.   Replies: 11   Views: 8118

Khushi. 11 8118 21 June 2009 at 4:47am by Khushi.

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