Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


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Ever since I had this thought I knew the day I write,its going to be solely dedicated to one person.

This OS is dedicated to Nish(Nishu_Shorna).Nish,I worked so hard of it otherwise you know how lazy I amLOL only because I want to post it before you go inactive for sometime.You are crossing such a big threshold in your life,your whole life is going to change for the best.Wishes are from heart so I am not going to speak them aloud.Just want to say don't be nervous,make others thatWinkyou are awesome the way you are,may the D- DAY turns out to be the most beautiful day of your life and doctor sahiba you better come here soon. 




Khushi laid back on the recliner keeping the phone  down after talking to her amma.She was getting tired to cook up excuses now,her constant refusals making her disturbed.From past one week each of them her Amma,Bauji and Buaji called up to persuade her to come to Lucknow and stay with them for few days.They said they understood their dear Arnav Bitwa's work pressures that he was cannot afford to take so many days off his work but she can come.

Earlier she has been reprimanded by Buaji because she hasn't accompanied Payal when she has gone there and now since it was already some days she has been there everyone wanted her to come over too.Its not that she didn't want to go,she did but she was helpless.


It was all that Laad Governor doing ,she grimaced to herself,it was all his fault,first he has to be the perfect son in law no son she corrected as everyone believed he was. Amma and Buaji ahe appreciation and  her Babuji the pride clearly visible in his eyes whenever he has looked at them, speaking ounces of the fact how much he was proud of her choice.Her Babuji has told her once that even he wouldn't have been able to find a better man for her,he was all she needed.


Her phone beeped ,it was message from the Devil himself,saying "Had dinner,Now go and eat too".She stared at the phone for some seconds and took a deep sigh.She was being unreasonable she knew,here he was working late in the office for the upcoming winter collection and she was blaming him for something that he hasn't even done.

Getting up she looked at their life size portrait .The one from their wedding hanging in the extreme corner of their room.The memory of how much she has  troubled her husband to get the exact frames,border,textures to get the picture exactly the way she wanted it and yet he has been so patient giving in to her every demand and wish.


Khushi was very well aware of why she was blaming her helplessness to go alone on him. The reason as viable as loving him was to her.It was  only him on whom she could show her anger at,she has never knew she can get so angry at someone unless he has come along,he was the one who always brought extreme emotions in her.Being with him she has discovered a side of herself,which though existed but have come to surface only when  he was around.


She being true to her name was always a girl smiling at everyone,hiding her pain behind that infectious smile of hers.He has been the one who has broken the shields that guarded her heart and made his way so deep that now it echoed only one name.Their hearts beating together.

"Arnavji,Iss Duniya Ke Sabse Acche Pati Hai".(Arnavji is world's best husband).

She has told it to her mother when she was asked about him all off a sudden,it had been so inprompt that she has said whatever has come to her at that moment.Now she knew,it was her subconscious speaking,a truth her heart has already known only the acceptance of it has come later.

He was the best thing that happened to her,her Devi Maiyya's biggest blessing she can never thank her enough for.It was because of him that her Babuji has recovered and was hail and hearty,it had been him who has consulted the specialists and gotten the best available treatment,he has been there like a solid rock wall for Amma and Buaji throughout.

Once Babuji has recovered,it has been his idea and though initially upset at not being an arm distance from her parents,she knew it was the best decision they have taken of shifting to Lucknow again.Their roots laid there,Arnavji has explained to her,he has felt that yearning in her Babuji's eyes and therefore has gone ahead and bought back his shop back to him.

Khushi sat on the bed hugging his pillow missing him all the more now remembering the incidence when he has given those papers to Bauji.The memory of him making her laugh aloud as how living with her even he has started to act filmy when he has uttered to her Babuji that they are making him a stranger by refusing him.

Though he has said that to lighten the atmosphere honesty and genuineness has been visble,a silent communication that took place between them making Babuji accept the papers smilingly.

She lay on the bed fully now staring at the ceiling above,it was adored with stars ,they glinted in dark giving the room an etheral glow.It was the thought behind his doing rather than the surprise that even after a long time still overwhelmed her.

"Kahan se doondhegi ek asa bewakoof,jo tere har bewakoofi bhare sapne ko poora karega".(From where will you find a person who will be mad enough to fulfil your every stupid dream and wish).

Jiji has said it to her many times whenever she narrated any of her dreams to her.Her hopes,her wishes,her idea of falling of love.The same sister who every now and then told her that she was lucky to have a husband like her Arnavji.

If someone asked her,she would tell them she was the luckiest girl on the planet,she had found that man after all or he found her.He has been the one who knew her better than she knew herself,who could anticipate her every move,he always knew what was going on in her mind often leaving her wondering.


He fulfilled  her every wish before she could voice it out,never been the one to ask anything from anyone,he has made her exercise her rights on him.Another thing she didnt knew she could ever do but then it was Arnav Singh Raizada she was talking about.The only man who completed her in all ways.

It had taken time but he never the one to back out,has made her realise that they were one entity and it was her right to demand,to lay her right on what was hers which he so huskily has said to her many times whenever she thought she went overboard with something "Relax,Hai Hai Tumhara Mujh Pe".(Relax,You Have Right On Me).


He was not the quientisational prince charming ,she has listened and read about in the fairy tales in her childhood.Theirs was not a cliched love story and she was happy it wasn't.He has surpassed her every expectations she has ever had making the reality much more beautiful than her dreams.

It was truly said that God has better plans for us than we make for ourselves.Their journey had been tough,full of roadblocks but it had brought them to where they were today together where they belonged.

Though she has been close to Payal,her innermost secrets has been hers,she has never shared them with anyone but with him there have never been any hidden veils.She has confessed all her fears to him even when they claimed  to hate the sight of each other.

Now there was no place for any fear in her heart,it was filled with only love for the man who ruled her every thought.Nomatter how weird,how stupid ,how crazy her any dream sounded,her any wish may seem he never left any stone unturned to fulfill it.

She knew she can be the craziest and wierdiest girl in the whole world and at the end of the day he would look at her with eyes that would make her believe she was the most wonderful and beautiful woman that ever existed.He listened to her non stop talking paying attention to every small detail as if it was the most interesting thing in the world to do.

From making jalebis with her to watching a 3 hour Salman Khan movie he never said no to her.It may take some cajoling from her side but at the end he always relented.They have spend many beautiful nights under the stars talking to their parents,laying in each others embrace as they wove dreams of their future.

He would always be the one who would scold her for her clumsiness and then tend to her as if she was a doll incase she was hurt.He would stop her from eating roadside Golgappe and spicy food and then would give in seeing her sulking.If she got sick he would take care of her like a child before announcing that it wont happen again and she would just nod knowing the truth was otherwise.The times she felt like she was falling in love with him all over again.

If he was her Arnavji then he was as much ASR for the outside world,the one who strictly talked business when he was at work,his mentor,who has always motivated her.He hadn't curb her independence,pushing her over her limits that  has made her Dabba service one of the most sought after catering services in Delhi.Mrs Arnav Singh Raizada was one hell of a businesswoman and why won't she would be,she has learnt from the best after all.


As her eyes started to close sleepily,she knew all of it came later,the one quality that distinguished him from everyone else was that he was a pure at heart.A good human being,honest and genuine,a self made man,who never failed to fulfil his any duty or responsibility,the pride she always felt knowing he was hers for keeps.

The best brother,the best son in law,the best husband and she knew in due time he will be the best father to their children.And with that last thought her eyes finally gave into sleep taking her to her dreamland.

Khushi got awake from deep slumber with the sound of something falling on floor.Eyes still heavy with sleep she realised she has fallen asleep waiting for him,his pillow still in her hold.She rubbed her eyes and came to the view of Arnavji busy packing his clothes in a suitcase.It got her alarmed in an instant,he was still in his office attire meaning he has come not long ago.

Seeing her awake Arnav came near her and cupping her face said softly.

"Khushi I am sorry it woke you up,you go to sleep okay,Ill finish this and join you in sometime".

Khushi's gaze remained focussed on the suitcase as she sushed his hand away and walked towards the opposite side to have a better view of it.He was packing his clothes,it meant he was going for some trip without her,the thought of it making her eyes glistened with tears.

She asked in a shaky voice.

"Aap Kahin Jaa Rahe Hai Arnavji?"(Are you going somewhere Arnavji).

Deciding to tease her a little,he  kept his face expressionless and said in a straight tone.

"Haan Khushi,it's a business trip,I had to leave tomorrow morning".

His response wasnt to her liking a bit but she kept silent and  walked towards the wardrobe. Gathering a pile of his clothes  she dumped  it in the suitcase closing it hastily.Arnav watched amused waiting for her to finish.Khushi kept the suitcase on the floor and bit out.

"Lijiye,ho gayo aapki packing,subah ka intezaar kyun kar rahe hai,abhi chale jaiye naa".(Here,you are done with your packing,why are you waiting for the morning ,leave now itself ).

Arnav felt it in her voice and knew it would not be long before she starts to cry and that was something he could never bear,all thoughts of teasing her flewing out of her mind making him squint towards her.He pulled her close ,her resisitance making him tightening her hold.Knowing in vain she stopped struggling and Arnav turned her around,his arms on her waist as he pointed his finger to another suitcase that laid in the corner.

Realisation dawned as she looked at him sideways and he answered her unvoiced query.

"We are going to Lucknow tomorrow".

She turned in his hold ,he didn't needed to say anything else,their eyes doing the talking as all questions were answered.Soulmates as they were ,the innermost thoughts and wishes didn't required to be voiced ,it was a matter of heart,understood by those who knew and believed in the power of the love that was true and forever.

Khushi made an attempt to voice out her emotions,her throat choked when Arnav echoed her thoughts and spoke in a caress whisper.

"Jaanta hoon,Main Bhi Tumse Bahut Pyaar Karta Hoon".(I know,I also love you way too much).












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Nish,these Vms I specially found for you.Embarrassed


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Aww beautiful os

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Wonderful OS
Thanks for pm

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Simply Awesome OS 
Loved it

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superb one dear...

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it was awesome and Thumbs Up os.
lovely bound of them.
how carey arnav about her and her whole family.
loved it when he take care of her in food poisoning.
he fulfill all her accepted and un accepted wishes.
tf pm.

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WOW...Anku...Meri liye...I got emotional...Aaj toh thanks kehne de...I love you so much...
He is really The Prince of her fact of any girl's dream...
Padte waqt maine aalag hi duniya mein chali gayi thi...ArShi land pe...that world is so beautiful...
I sometimes wonder what would be happening in the show if it's still on air... but more than it I wonder how is Arnav ji & Khushi's life now, as if they are real...just some where we dont know...
and this OS perfectly shows how their life would be...because this is what has to happen...
her Arnav ji would take care of her happiness...fulfill all her wishes without voicing...keep her as his precious doll...this is way too beautiful Anku...
AND thanks for the VMs...they are lovely...
THANK YOU (I said this bcoz I couldnt stop myself today) for dedicating this to me...THIS is my BEST wedding present...saach mein...
love you...gonna miss u...and I will be back so soon that I wont even realized I've gone...pakka wala promise...

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