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Qubool Express
.N.e.w.s. .L.e.t.t.e.r.

Main Yahan Hoon, Yahan


.O.P.E.N.I.N.G. .R.E.M.A.R.K.S.

HI. Big smile So, basically im the new NL person .. incase some of you don't already know. Ermm I shall introduce myself Tongue

My name is Roshni but people know me and call me as Rosh. Hug Thats all everyone really needs to know i guess. LOL

Anyways, Vishu baby (the wonderful lady in pink that stalks our forum to make sure we are good bachas Blushing).. blackmailed me into taking up this job. Sleepy besharam lady. Ermm...ROFL just kidding. I volunteered. Big smile biggest mistake of my life D'oh

Kidding again. Big smile I love this job... *rolls eyes* ROFL

Okay I dont really know what Im saying anymore. Ouch

Okay, let's just get to the NL. LOL

Before I present all the sections.. I would like to thank the following members for their contributions for the sections! And yes I am thanking myself in two sections. LOL (Jazzy- hows that for stick up my butt? ROFL)


Summary of the Week : Drea_QHfan1
Best Scenes of the Week: cclove
Best Character of the Week: cclove
Allah Miyah What's Wrong with You Moment of the Week: Ridz_rox
Libaaz of the Week: -Shayari-
Mitwa Moment of the Week: Drea_QHfan1
Villain of the Week: -Shayari-
Ratings of the Week: Drea_QHfan1

Most Active Member of the Week: *Khushii*
Most Active Topic Maker of the Week: *Khushii*
Video Mix (VM) of the Week: -Deepali-
Animated/Non Animated Icon and Signatures of the Week: Sunshine Girl
Avatar of the Week: Sunshine Girl

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Summary of the Week

Razia has begun to poison Shireen's mind against Zoya and is even attempting to do the same with Humeria. Preparations for Nikhat's marriage to Farhan went on the way with the Haldi ceremony where Ayaan and Zoya managed to have a trip, fall and catch in front of everyone and all the haldi fell on them. Afterwards Zoya and Humeria had their very first conversation since the accidental marriage. Zoya assured Humeria that everything will go back to normal after the wedding. But Humeria questions if everything will really be that easy.

Badi Bi and Razia have a confrontation in which Badi Bi claims that destiny has defeated Razia by getting Zoya into their house and now she would have to watch Ayaan and Zoya as a couple. Afterwards Razia declares that if Humeria can't perform the rituals she would see to it that Zoya doesn't either.  At Farhan's haldi ceremony, Haseena constantly taunts Asad and Zoya and even made Zoya gift her "brother-in-law" a shawl. Later on Tanveer called up Asad and informed him about a scorpion she placed in Zoya's purse. Asad panics and upon seeing Zoya with the purse, threw it away and hugged her in front of everyone.  It turned out that Tanveer was lying about the scorpion. When checked there was nothing in the purse.

Razia tried to spoil Zoya's face by putting a substance all over her make up. But it eventually backfired when Humeria ended up putting on the makeup instead while getting ready for Nikhat's wedding.  Razia tried to place the blame on Zoya by accusing her of mixing something into the makeup on purpose. Ayaan came to her defense though. Tanveer called up Zoya to taunt her about Nikhat's marriage not happening and out of frustration Zoya broke her phone. Farhan seemed to have been kidnapped as the car drove off without waiting for his family to go to the wedding. Haseena and Co. panic as they can't find him. Asad remembering Tanveer's words deduces that she's behind Farhan missing. Someway, somehow Asad finds Farhan and carries him to his wedding. Before he can leave everyone asks him to stay. Nikhat is finally married.

Later on that night Zoya was packing in preparation to go back home but Ayaan tells her to forget about it and to come along with him. His injuries from fighting with Vikram and his goons had begun to act up but he ignored it. While waiting for Zoya to return home. Asad dreams of what would happen when she gets home and he imagines them dancing and romancing to Jaanam Dekh Lo. He receives a call from Tanveer and she harasses him as usual. He worries as to why Ayaan and Zoya have not reached yet. On the road Ayaan succumbed to his injuries and passed out while Zoya panicked. Farhaan has a secret. Where he needs to drug Nikhat every night so that he can go out to feed his addiction to prostitutes. He claims that they are not meant to be and that she will never find out about the secret. Zoya managed to get Ayaan to a hospital where he got stiches and she had to change his clothes. She informed the rest of the family. Asad managed to reach the hospital also and there once again they have an emotional conversation where he asked her to trust him and assured her that they will be together after a few days.

At home Ayaan woke up and insisted that Zoya must go back to Asad. She tried to calm him down by calling up Asad so that he can talk to Ayaan himself. Its decided that he would pick Zoya up the next morning. Razia encourages Zoya to take rest in Humeria's room. Next morning Razia locked Humeria's door from the outside to trap Zoya. But Ayaan wakes up coughing incessantly and breathless. Not knowing what to do she's forced to unlatch the door to Humeria's room so Zoya can get out. Everyone blames Zoya for not taking proper care of Ayaan as he began turning blue and stops breathing. Zoya tries to pump his heart and he regains consciousness. The doctor eventually arrives and declares that it was an allergic reaction, that Zoya saved his life and that Ayaan would be alright in seven days. While all this went on Asad arrives outside the house waiting for Zoya. He enters the gate. They're shocked to see him. Lying, he claims that he came by to see Ayaan and Zoya is instructed to carry him to their room. Once in the Ayaan's room Zoya asks him how long does she have to stay? He assures just until Ayaan is alright again. Ayaan began to cough and Zoya rushes to take care of him. Seeing this Asad leaves. On the way out he realized Zoya was running towards him and he opened his arms but she just wanted to give him his phone. He takes it and leaves. But she stops him and they passionately embrace. Shireen and Razia sees this. Razia poisons Shireen's mind once again.

Zoya leaves Humeria to take care of Ayaan for the while. Shireen discusses with Razia that Asad and Zoya are just friends. Razia questions her if she would really want her son to be married to someone who doesn't love him. Asad pulls up outside the house and at the same time Zoya sees him standing there. She runs outside to see him not realizing that the front door locked back on its own. They meet and express how much they miss each other. Shireen happens to see this and Razia continues to poison and instigate her against Zoya. Ready to go back inside...Zoya meets the doors locked. She has forgotten her phone inside and now wonders what to do.

And the story continues...

Best Scenes of the Week

Everything Will Be Okay- Zoya & Humaira

I couldn't decide how to choose between these two scenes so I'm not choosing. The Zoya/Humaira scene was a great scene last week with Zoya taking the step to converse with Humaira about their present situations. Humaira shared some hard truths with Zoya on things never being the same because of this marriage but Zoya reassured her that everything will be okay. Why this scene stood out? It was a sort of sisterly scene and though unknown to them, they are really sisters. It was a sweet bonding moment between the two.

Janam Dekhlo-AsYa

Second, how could I not acknowledge the sheer beauty of AsYa's reunion dream sequence? It was well directed and I'm sure fooled some who weren't sure if it was real or fake or still hoping. The song, the setting, the characters. The entire scene was exquisite and dare I say the best romantic dream sequence on this couple. Or the best sequence over all. I'm sure I wouldn't have been the only one to kill the replay button ;)


Best Character of the Week

Dilshad Ahmed Khan

You might ask why Dilshad when she hasn't been present much this week or since the track started really. But when you look at it, all we've seen is negativity upon negativity from Haseena's constant BIL dialogues to AsYa and Razia trying to ruin Zoya's face to Badi Bi trying to play cupid. Dilshad in one episode gave much needed positivity in her blessing to Ayaan and Zoya and in keeping Asad from stooping to Haseena's level by reacting to her taunts.

Her simple blessing that they both get what they want. A simple blessing and apt considering how others are forcing their opinions and match-making efforts upon them.


Allah Miya Whats WRONG with you Moment of the Week

Hello guys..long time... i know 99% of us are pissed of with the current track... SleepySleepy ...but as it is said there is always a silver lining behind the dark clouds..and i am sure all this torture will get over soon... InShaAllah Embarrassed okay for the section...i dnt know whats wrong with our Zoya.. why she is taking all this crap and not standing up for herself... Ouch ..but still one scene which really took my heart away was how Zoya hugged her Mr.Khan EmbarrassedEmbarrassed that too in the middle of SM in spite of knowing the fact that there are people like badi bi, raziya, shireen... LOL ... the way she initiated the hug by pulling Asad was really heart warming...that was a sign of assurance she gave... ClapClap that we are one...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...


Libaaz of the Week

Has to go to the one and only Ms. Farooqui who is temporarily Mrs. Ayan Ahmed Khan for society. Her black and white salwar that she wore during the ever so romantic, captivating, and mesmerizing, Asad Ahmed Khan Veer Zaara dream sequence, captivated everyone. 


Mitwa Moment of the Week

Zoya had come back home to Asad after the 7 days just like it was planned ClapClap. Ayaan dropped her off, the two of them had a Salman Khan argument again and then he was off. Leaving Ms. Farooqui and Mr. Khan all alone.  Asad covered her eyes and led her to his room. Entering the room, her eyes open and rose petals are showered upon her. They hug and dance romantically and intimately with each other to Janam Dekh Lo Mit Gayi Dooriya Asad even tries to kiss her (embarrassed). I'll let the pictures talk.

Then the wind blows, the window opens and we're all rudely awakened along with Asad that this was all just a dream. Disapprove

But what a dream it was huh?! Clap So even though it was still his imagination, It is the Mitwa Moment of the Week! Big smile

Credit Candy for the pics.


Villain of the Week 

Villain of the Week, is usually given to either Raazia or Tanveer or Gaffu or someone truly VAMPISH. But, recently in Qubool Hai there is one specific character that has become a true villain for our main couples. None other than Daadi Ahmed Khan. Vidyaji, aapko positive character hi suit karta hai. Please stop being a pain in all of our butts. We don't like seeing Daadi evil.. but recently all you make us wanna do is comprise a million ways to commit your murder. Not good Daadi. Not good. Geek


Rating of the Week

The episodes lately have had the spotlight on the negative characters such as Haseena constantly taunting Asad and Zoya and making them feel uncomfortable and awkward. Most of the viewers have now turned against Badi Bi since she has decided to take revenge against Razia through pushing Zoya and Ayaan together constantly. Even had a bit of Tanveer with her harassment to Asad. AsYa have not reunited after the 7 days and now Zoya is taking care of Ayaan like a good wifey Ermm. There have been a few nice AsYa moments though but everything combined I've decided to rate this week's episodes as 6/10. 

Star Star Star Star Star Star

(Continue reading for more)

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Most Active Member of the Week

Most Active Topic Maker of the Week


For her Topic: Side effects of ZoYaan ;) 


Video Mix (VM) of the Week

VM made by:  devixksgian

Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vw4r_58wUNA


Animated Signature of the Week

by: ..Kirann..


Non-Animated Signature of the Week

by: saher_90


Avatar of the Week

By: Anikta.M


Animated Icon of the Week

By: Ankita.M


Non-Animated Icon of the Week

By: .Siham.

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.C.l.o.s.i.n.g. .R.e.m.a.r.k.s.

That was a long News Letter wasn't it. Ouch Blame the people who sent the entries in... Big smile ROFL
Drea especially for her INCREDIBLY long Summary of the Week...hopefully Nandu keeps it shorter next time. Sleepy Kidding. LOL love ya Drea Baby! Hug 

Anyways, that was the FIRST NL under me Cool Hope that you guys liked it!

The NEXT Edition for the Qubool Express News Letter will be scheduled for Diwali Weekend: November 3rd, 2013! And I just may do something a little different...so watch out for it! Wink See ya than munchkins! Hug

Signature Prizes are created by: Reeti
Layout credit: -Shayari-

*Special Thanks to Visha for her assistance throughout and Drea_QHfan1 for filling in when I needed her. Embarrassed *

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Enjoy Guys! Hug Thanks to all the contributes and hope you all like the read! Congratz to all the winners in the edition! Feel free to use the Siggy Prizes! Embarrassed
And PLEASE PLEASE REMEMBER to Thank the entire team! Everyone who contributed to make this possible Embarrassed without the contirbuters this wouldnt have gone up Clap

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Rosh , it looks amazing ! What a terrific start to your career as NL Editor.
It looks so Roshan, just like the editor.
Looking forward to the next one.
Hopefully Tanveer will get back the coveted title !

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                              Congrats to all the winners! And great job on the NL Rosh! Thumbs Up

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