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Posted: 19 October 2013 at 1:25pm | IP Logged
Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day Sweetie
Happy birthday sweetie 
Hope you have a great birthday
I know ki hum ab kum baat karte hai but always remember im alway there when you need me i always will be there for you.
I know you are busy even i am busy but i always have time for my friends i miss you alot.
Hope you get all the thigs that you want.
Hope you have a great day.
Hope you get all the happiness in the world.
Live life the fullest 
Live in the moment 
- ur cutie pie.

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Himuarsha Newbie

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By: sumimita

happy birthday to u...
many many happy returns of the dayHug

happy birthday !!!

hope this brings loads of joys to you
and all your wishes come true...

may you reach the heights..
and be successful in life
have fun on this beautiful day with your friends and family..
but do not forget IF Wink

happy birthday
enjoy !!!

-- isha Embarrassed
hey konpal happy birthday dear!!!!
let all ur dreams and wishes come true!!!
be smiling!!!!!

Happy Birthday

A day filled with blessings,
Finally arrives,
Shower you with love,
Laughter and surprises,
Hope you enjoy everything,
In all seasons,
Wish you  Happy Birthday,
with smiles and hugs 
from darshita 

wish u a very happy wala bday konpal

have a great day
may all ur wishes and dreams come true 
may u smile like this ur whole life 
may ur life be like a beautiful fairytale where u are the princess
enjoy ur bday 


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Posted: 19 October 2013 at 1:27pm | IP Logged
A small gift from me.

After taani left and went to jodpur. By the way rey broke up with her when she GS remember since than they went different ways no close scenes. Today swayam & all louians were going to swayam's chachu son's wedding. Swayam has 2 uncles 1 older one 1 younger one. rishi is the middle one. 
They reached their bade papa's house where the wedding was taking place. Well his dad & dadi never got along well his bade papa & dadi were ok with each other. They reached the place the mansion was quite big. Swayam hugged his bade papa. Rithvik singh shekhawat & priya singh shekhawat. It was around 5 in the evening. A girl came in wearing a animal printed 3/4 sleeves t-shirt, flower printed pants with weages. She was holding few books in her hand.

Ri: bacha college kesa tha 

G: it was ok dad i will go & finish up my assignments

 She left & went to her room before anyone could see her face. Ranveer the girl's brother was there to. 

Ri: ranveer beta swayam aur uske dosto ko pura ghar dekhao 

ra: ji dad

Ranveer showed them around the ground floor then showed them the first floor where him & his sister rooms are.
They also had a living area on first floor. Then they were looking at ranveer & his sister's childhood pictures then they came to their recent picture all were shocked to see the girl's pic. The girl who left without saying a word to them. All were wondering how did swayam & taani knew her but their faces said that they were not aware of her being their cousin. They went to her room. Ranveer knocked 

g: come in 

ra: hey di what r u doing.
G: finishing up my assignments 

ra: thats why i tell u finish it before time

 g: shut up they new assignments that i will turn in after bhai's wedding.

 Ra: oh by the way humare bro. The Great kab arahe hai. 

G: IDK. Just than her phone rang. Without looking at the id 

G: hello

G: ha toh

G: no ways he did not 

G: he will pay for it use bhi pata chale Kriya Singh Shekhawat se mess karne se kya hota hai

Kr: ya i will take care of it bye 

Louians were looking around kriya's room it was big & well dacorated. There was a huge picture kriya with another guy who ranveer said was rajveer kriya's childhood bestfriend. There many family pics than some picture of kriya childhood with her dad & some with her mom. Some with her friends in school days some with her friends in early college days. She was smiling wide in all the pics one picture that caught everyone's attension was of kriya in her early college day with her friends on beach where all the guys were shirtless & girls were either in a short dress or in a swimsuit with shorts on. Rajveer was holding kriya by waist she was wearing a tubetop which stop 2 in. right before her belly botton & she was wearing her shorts. Kriya turned around saw the louians. Ranveer left because priya called him. Before anyone could say anything kriya's phone rang again.

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Posted: 19 October 2013 at 1:28pm | IP Logged
Kr: yes RV 

Kr: no u r coming by tomorrow if u r not here than i will not talk to u 

Kr: ok fine 

Kr: ya i will take care of it 

Kr: IDK i hope not i dont know a thing about those. Ya i can get other things done. 

Kr: hm ya i will check with muma & daddy about it. 

Kr: me too 

Kr: bye

Louians started their question. Kriya looked uneffected. 

Kr: done

Ne: huh

Kr: r u guys done

Sw: ya 

Kr: u may leave 

Lo: what

Vi: u need to answer us miss kriya Ghai

Kr: 1st of all its kriya singh shekhawat 2nd its my choice that i answer the question or not. 

Before they could say anything servant came called them down for dinner. 
All came down. 
Pr: kriya tera assignment ho gaya

Aryaan who's wedding was taking place.

Ar: nahi hua toh shaadi ke baad finish karlena 

Kr: yes boss 

Ri: bacha

Kr: hmmm

Ri: kahan finish kar fir muje tujhse baat karni hai 

Ra: di u r in trouble 

Kr: im not but u will with me 

Ri: ranveer usne kuch nahi kiya hai mujhe bas use baat karni hai 

Ra: ok

After dinner kriya was with rithivk talking about something.
While others were sitting in the living area. 
The door bell rang ranveer opened the door. Rahul aryan's younger brother a famous singer.

R: bhai how r u *while hugging rahul*

Ra: mai thik hu tu bata. 

R: mai bhi thik

Ra: wase kiddo kaha hai

R: bhai aap aye nahi ki aapko bass di se milna hai 

Kr: kisko kis se milna hai veer 

R: bhai ko aapse aur kisse

Kriya looked at rahul. Kriya gave him a tight hug 

Ra: kisi ho 

Kr: mai thik hu aur aap itne late kyun ayeh 

Ra: arey baba jo early flight mili use aya hu.

Kr: fine u r forgiven 

Ra: thank u madam kya ab mai undar a shakta hu. 

Kr: ofcourse 

Rahul greeted everyone.

R: so kuch khale wase bhi bore hone wale hai

Kr;ar;ra: antakshari

Ri: ok tum bache ek side hum bade ek side pe 

Ar: ok

In middle of the game. 

Pr: ok ek kaam karte hai kuch players tumhari team mein se humari team ajayege

Kr: ok but bhai aur mai nahi ane wale hai so aapko kisi aur do ko pick karna hai karo.

Ri: aryan

An: taani

Kr: ab toh bangayi inki team *wishpering to raghav&ranveer*
Both the boys giggled. Sharon was jealous of kriya as she was more close to sharon's brother more than sharon was. Kriya's mom & sharon's mom were sisters. Aryan just made a face at kriya. Kriya just stuck her tounge.
They played antakshari until 12 

Pr: chalo bacho ab so jao
All went to their rooms.
In the morning everyone was wake up by 8 except our princess kriya.
In kriya room

B: wake up na baby 

Kr: emm mujhe sona hai

B: baby plz

Kr: hmm. She got up sat on the bed

Boy pick her lips 

B: good morning baby 

Kriya hugged him

Kr: good morning jaan 

B: baby no more sleeping come on get up

Kr: ok fine 

Kriya went took a shower.

*keep on guessing ladka kon hai*

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Posted: 19 October 2013 at 1:29pm | IP Logged
After getting ready kriya went downstairs.
Rishi: kriya tumhe nahi lagata ki tumhe apni choti behan se kuch sikhna chahiyeh 
Kr: choti behan meri konsi choti behan hai mere srif do chote bhai hai.
Rishi: mai taani ki baat kar raha hu.
Kriya was looking at taani from top to bottom. Making wired face.
Kr: i dont think so ki mujhe taani se kuch sikhna chahiyeh aur agar mujhe kuch sikhna hoga toh mai apni mom se sikh lungi 
Pr: kriya
Kr: mom mera breakfast
Pr: yeh le ^giving her the breakfast^
After the breakfast everyone were seating in circle. 
Ri: wedding planner itni jaldi milne wala nahi hai so hum sab milke kaam karna hoga. That includes you too kriya.
Kr: what did i do now 
Ri: kriya i know that you dont like working with new people but you already know rey. 
Kriya gave her dad a look which clearly said he should not have said that. 
Kr: ok fine how about you guys handle the rituals and stuff we will handle the decoration, music, sangeet dance & other things
Fair & clear.
Pr: yeh thik rahega wase bhi tu rituals ki toh band baja degi agar tujhe diya.
Kr: mom mujhe pata iss liye bol rahi hu ki rituals ka jamela aap hi sumbhalo. 
Pr: ok 
The elders & youngster separated. Kriya decided who will do what work. 
Kr: ok i have decided raghav, vicky & amar will handle the food section.
Vicky & amar were happy with her choice. 
Kr: sharon, neha tum log bhabhi ke liye dresses, jewelry wo sab pick karoge mai tum log ko bhabhi kisi type ke kapde pehan na pasand wo list mai de dugi.
Kr: nil, simmi music 
Kr: rinni aur aashi decoration 
Kr: swayam, bharat aur veer  tum bhai pe nazar rokhge ki wo bhabhi ko sangeet ke baad bhabhi ko na mile
Kr: taani tum rinni aur aashi ki help karogi unhe humare family tradition ke hisab se decoration karne maine.
Kr: mai aur rey dance ki choreography karege aur bari bari sab ki help karnege ok kisi ko koi problem hai apne kaam se
Ta: mujhe rey ke sath kam karna
Kr: tum dance toh nahi ata aur bhai ke liye mujhe kuch special karna hai aur Rey ek acha dancer hai so wo meri help kar shakta hai. 
Taani shut up quickly. 
Everyone started doing their job. Rey kriya went to rehearsal hall in house top most floor.
They rehearsed few steps. Taani was passing by picked in to see what was happening
Re: wow really impressive baatcutter. He said hugging her from back. Taani was shocked by this move of his she texted everyone to come up there. Quickly everyone came there stood quite outside the door
Kr: kya kar rahe ho aap koi dekh lega
Re: kyun mai kya koi crime kar raha hu 
Kr: nahi par rey agar kisine dekh liya toh
Re: arey yaar tum legally meri wife ho you know humne wo fire ke around 7 rounds liye hai. Aur marriage register bhi kiya hai. 
Lo: what *except Sharon*
Rey & kriya turned around rey still didnt leave her. Kriya tried to get out of his grip but rey just tightened it. 
Ta: rey aap esa kese kar shakte ho aap toh mujhe
Re: oh plz yeh mat bolna ki mai tumse pyaar karta hu kya maine tumhe apni girlfriend officially banaya, kya maine tume i love u kaha, kya maine tumhe kiss kiya, kya maine tumhe kabhi hug kiya, maine toh tumhe touch tak nahi kiya aur tumne mujhe apna boyfriend bana liya tumhe lagata ki mai tumse pyaar karta hu then u r wrong mai srif aur srif apni wife se pyaar karta hu yani Mrs. Kriya Reyaansh Singhania. Aur tum jab mujhe apna boyfriend bol rahi thi iss liye nahi rok kyunki mai tumhe like karta tha mai yeh dekhna chata tha ki swayam ko apni bestfriend ka pyaar yaad hai ki nahi jise mai pyaar karta tha aur karta hu aur karta rahuga. Iss mujhe yeh pata chala ki swayam ko koi pharak nahi padta ki uski so called bestfriend kaha hai zinda hai ki nahi.
Kr: rey plz stop it ghar mein shaadi hai aur kisko yeh baat pata chali toh bohat bada hagama hoga plz for me.
Re: baby tumhe plz bol ne ki zarurat nahi hai. He said kissing her cheek.
Swayam & other realized they didnt try to find kriya after she left & they easily forgot her & moved on in life & b'coz of them rey had been in a relationship with taani just because of them. 
Taani was so angry on kriya. 
Ta: i hate you kriya i really hate you. You took my parents away from me then you took my brothers away from me now you took my love away from me.
Kriya lost it & slapped taani.
Kr: first i didnt take your parents away from you. You were the one who left them. And same thing with your brothers & rahi baat rey ki rey aur mai ek dusre se bohat pehle se pyaar karte hai tum humare bich mein aayi ho. Tum rey se pyaar nahi karti wo tumhara obsession hai kyunki pyaar mein apni khushi nahi dekhti jaati apne pyaar ki dekhi jaati hai. Hum humare pyaar se unki khushi chinete nahi hum unhe khushi dete hai. Apne Pyaar ki khushi ke liye apni jaan tak life sacrifice kar dete hai.
Sh: aur tum yeh kabhi nahi sumjogi taani
Kriya, sharon & rey left from there. All went back to their jobs. 
At night during dinner time.
Pr: so bacho tayari kesi chal rahi hai 
Sh: achi chal rahi hai massi 
Ra: ha massi di ne sabko unke type ke jobs diyeh hai
Pr: ha tere face ki smile se pata chal raha hai ki tujhe kitni khushi ho rahi hai. 
Pre: wase kriya beta ache se kaam bata hai tumne sab mein
Kr: thank you mom
Rishi & aunshka were shocked by hearing kriya calling preeti mom 
Ra: acha tum bacho apna dinner finish karlo aur ha rahul, arohi, aryaan ne khana kha liya hai so unki wait mat karna
Kriya was eating when she saw spoonfull of noodles in front of her.
Kr: rey kya kar rahe ho
Re: arey tumhe kahana kila raha hu
He said while stuffing the full spoon in her mouth. 
Kriya made a cute face. Rey just kissed her cheek. 
Sh: rey seriously public main bhi jo karna hai wo bedroom mein karo 
Sharon said as if she was getting angry with her. Rey just pouts.
Kriya hugged him & kissed his cheek 
Kr: sharon tum rey ko kuch mat bolo warna massi se bol ke tumhari shaadi fix karwa dungi 
Re: ha baby esa hi karo fir mai dekhta ki mujhe kese dati hai
The feeding sestion went on for kriyaansh. Taani was burning like hell. After finishing dinner they went to respective rooms rey went to kriya's room.
Kriya was about to go change when rey hugged her tight from back 
Re: i miss you alot baby 
Kriya truned around hugged him tight rey hugged her back same way. 
Kr: i miss you too
Rey pulled back cupped her face kissed her lips she recorperated same way both showed through their kiss how much they missed eachother *rest you can imagine*
In the morning kriya was sleeping peacefully on rey's chest. Rey had his hand wrapped around her waist. His other hand was on her back. 
Rey was stareing at her with love. He kissed her forehead. She cuddled closer to him again making full skin contact with him.
Re: baby
Kr: hmm 
Re: baby common get up 
Kr: no i want to sleep 
Re: ok fine than let me get up
Kr: no i want to sleep with you 
Rey smile at her cuteness he knew that if she sleeps in his arms than she want to wake up in his arms.
Rey started doing his job he was kissing her neck 
Kr: rey kya kar rahe ho
Re: arey you only said you wanted to sleep with me.
Kr: rey plz im tired 
Re: fine baby he said pulling her closer putting her head back on his chest he slowly come through her hair. He looked at the time it was 6. He didnt know when he fell asleep. Kriya got up at 7 she looked at his cute sleeping form. How much she had missed him he even told her many times to join him but she didnt he didnt mind he would always come and meet her over the weekends. She kissed him on his lips he woke up. 
After that both got ready went downstairs hand in hand. 
Daadi was standing there both bent down & took her blessing.
Da: bhagwan tum dono ki jodi ese hi banayeh rakhe
Both smiled 
The wedding function went really well. After the wedding when it came time to all of them to return. Kriya went to mumbai with rey. They were really happy to be with eachother. They were always by eachothers side. Kriya forgive them for what they did. But the equation between swaron took time to change. 
Kriyaansh lived happily ever after.

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:* (: :D

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Happy birthday k Party
May all ur wishes cum true Smile
Lub yaa Embarrassed

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