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Sasoo ki zarurat hai tu..KR os check pg5

Kriyansh.Pooja Senior Member

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Posted: 17 October 2013 at 11:19pm | IP Logged

hello everyone...i knw i hv to update my works n this 1 is not my new is the continuation of my os tere bin na jee sakengeWink .thanks alot guys for all the love n support u means alotBig smile n extremely sorry for the delay... here is the link to the first part if u hv forgotten.LOL.

Previous part: 
Tere Bin Na Jee Sakenge ...kriyansh

     ...Sasoo Ke Zaroorat Hai Tu...

As soon as kria left Rey broke down till now he held him back so that kria should not lose her hope but now he felt like he lost himself..he was crying like hell never bothering about his whereabouts.. he never realized for how long he hv been crying like this...after what felt like eternity he stood up n made his way out in the hope of collecting the scattered pieces of life...

Every1 was lost in their thoughts regarding wht all happened in FL but 1 soul was completely tensed n i.e sw he was feeling restless after FL he haven't talked to both rey n kria..Somewhere he was not  feeling gud  abt it..he wanted  to talk to them he taught to call kr but again decided against it as it was too late to call her so he thought to talk to  rey n knw what is wrong...he tried to call him but his ph was coming off tht was making him more tensed..he called @ his hm n came to knw he haven't reached yet... sw was getting hyper now he was sure tht there was definitely something that he is unaware off..  then he thought to find rey n ended on the place where rey would usually go whenever he was upset i.e basketball soon as sw reached there he was taken aback rey was crying like hell...never sw have thought to see rey broken to tht extent as according to sw he was the most strongest guy he knew...without waiting a sec he rushed to rey n hugged him n rey just broke down in his arms n was just mumbling something...sw tried to understand wht rey was saying but that was useless..his cries were so loud tht he was not able to hear his words..   so he hugged him tight to make him calm but how can he get  calm when a storm is gng inside him..after sometime he was a bit relaxed n getting an opportunity sw asked rey wht happened n rey kept on mumbling who chali gaye..mujhe chod kar chali gaye...

Hearing this sw was shocked his words were scaring hell out of sw held    rey tight n asked in the serious tune...

 Sw:kaun chali gaye...kya bhol raha hai tu????Confused

Rey who chali gaye sw!!!mujhe chod ke tujhe chod ke..hum sab ko chod ke.Cry..


Rey: kr..kria.Broken Heart.

Rey just murmured kr name again breakdownt a fresh tears starting flowing from his eyes...sw was shaken to the core..he was not able to digest it but when his mind registered rey words he was broken too..first time ever in his life he started depending on some1..he felt there was sm1 who will be by his side forever n accept him the way he his...but now tht person left him forever as soon as this thought passed his mind many questions arise whose answers were only with kr n sw somehow gathered  himself n asked rey n he brusted out everything making him broke more...without knowing wht to do sw informed every1to come to bb court..first sh argued but after knowing it was related to rey evn she agreed...once they reached bb court they were shocked rey was sitting near the wall resting his head on it n tears were flowing frm his eyes n next to him was sw in sm wht similar state...seeing them like tht sh n vic rushed to them while the others followed tried to talk to rey but he didn't respond where vic tried to ask sw n in broken voice sw said the whole truth...all were in tears esp weaklings they were in themselves celebrating their victory never realizing wht cost there friends paid for it..on the other hand dazzlers were hurt too they were sad tht they hv lost the competition but here  their bff have lost their love..their life..all were feeling completely quilty ...they were in tears but they dnt knw wht to do as after listing to truth they came to knw tht both KR n have left their love on fate so  they cant help them but @ the same time they didn't want their friends to suffer...

Sh went to rey n placed her head on his shoulder letting him now tht no matter wht his friends r with him  esp soon as sh came to rey sw left then n moved away...sensing his bff near rey took hold of her hand n closed his eyes letting tears flow..all were crying @ the same time trying to be strong for each other...but there was 1 person who was restless n was walking to n fro n atlast he was abt to move out of the bb court when vic stopped him...

Vic:kaha  jar aha hai sw??(yep he was sw)

Sw:kria se milne ...

Hearing kria's name rey opened his eyes n spoke for the first time after gang came to bb court..   

 rey:sw tujhe pata haina...

B4 rey could complete sw cut him in btw...

Sw:Pata hai rey but listen rey I m sorry...tu tho janta haina maine humseha tera saath diya hai...humesha par aaj nahi...aaj tere is kismet pe main apna sab kuch nahi chod sakta.tu apna pyaar apni zindagi ko apne naseeb par chod sakta hai par main apni dosti ko nahi...

Rey: sw tujhe kya lag ta hai..mereliye ye bahot aasan tarah haat par haat rakh kar beitna jab ki mujhe pata ahi ki mera pyaar aaj mujhse dur jaraha hai aur sayed main use kabhi milna hi pavonga but I m helpless sw...I hv to do this...

Sw:fine !!!! tu apne pyaar ke liye kar raha hai n plz mujhe mere dost ke liye karne de ...mujhe use milna hai main use janne nahi de sakta...I cant...i  need to see her...

Saying this he started to walk but was stop bcoz of wht he heard...

Tho kria ke liye karde...

 Hearing rey's words sw stopped n turned to rey with a shocked expression infact all were shocked for wht rey said...they were confused tht wht the hell does he mean...

Rey went to sw n placed his hand on his shoulder n said..

Rey: sw kria ki halat theek nahi hai...its too difficult for her...who tut rahi hai ander se n agar usne tujhe dekh liya tho wo puri tarah tut jayege sw sayed kabhi khud ko jodh nahi paayege...

Sw:exactly dude she needs me...she needs her bff now...

Rey: tujhe kya lagta hai who tujhe bina bataye itna bada kadam uthati..was it easy for her?aur agar usne ye kiya hai tho iska yehi matlab hai ki who nahi chahti ki tujhe kuch pata chale...sw wanted to say something but rey continued...

Rey: sw itna sab kuch hone ke bawajood use khushi hai ki uske friends khush hai...plz uske ye khushi mat cheen..usse ye nahi pata chalna chahiye ki tum logo ko pata hai..plz sw main use aur tutte nahi dek sakta..plz dnt make it more difficult for her...plz dnt break her more...I cant see her like tht plz I beg u...

By seeing rey like this sw hugged rey n both cried silently...but after some time sw broke the hug n said

Sw: but ek baar hum try to kar sakte haina...I mean is tarah haar manlena bewakofi hai...sab jante huve bhi anjaan nahi ban sakte na?

Rey: tujhe pata hai sw sone walo ko jagana aasan hai par soneke ka natak karne walo ko jagana impossible hai...

All were confused to wht he wanna say...

continued in next post...


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Kriyansh.Pooja Senior Member

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Posted: 17 October 2013 at 11:19pm | IP Logged

Sw: kya bol raha hai rey tu??

Rey:guys main sahi bol raha hu... ye mere liye aasan nahi hai apne pyaar ko khud se dur karna par main ye b janta hu ki kr ke liye yahi sahi hai...agar kr k mom mujhe na pasand karti ya phir mere bare main doubtful hoti tho main kuch b karne ke liye taiyar hu unhe ye yakeen dila ne ke liye ki main hi kr ke liye sahi hu par yehsa nahi hai...

Sh:matlab kya hai rey tumhara..agar aunty tumhe napasand nahi karti tho problem kya hai??

Rey(sarcastic smile): problem ye hai sh ki who mujhe napasand nahi  balki mujhse nafrat karti hai...jab maine unke aur kr ke baat suni thi tab maine unke ankho main apne liye dislike nahi hatredness dekhi felt ki unhone ye decide karhi liya hai ki is puri duniya main mujhse bura aur koi nahi...itni nafrat n the worst part is tht idk the reason behind it...I agree ki maine unke samne ek perfect image nahi banayi thi par I dnt think ki maine itni buri image banaye hai ki who mujse is kadar nafrat karti hai...agar maine use baat b karne ki khosish tho it would result in nothing but hurting kr more..aur main use aur dard main nahi deksakta sw..

This time sw was the 1 who hugged rey n made him sit on the floor...he was feeling quality...extremely quilty for being selfish n thinking only abt his bff n ignoring the person whose love,life was snatched started to move towards rey but simmi stopped her n thru eyes asked to let him b with sw sh nodded n stayed back..all settled n were lost in thoughts never bothered abt time all they were thinking was having all of them rey was broken so much then wht would b the state of kr..this thought brought fresh tears in their eyes,,,they silently prayed to god to takecare of kr n some how make her stay according wht they came to knw it was time for kr's flight..all were hell tensed n lost in their own thought which was broken by the ringing tune of rey's cell...every1 got alerted vic was abt to move to pick it up but sw signaled him tht he would get it making rey settle on floor correctly sw went n took seeing the caller id he frowned n thought to cut it but his heart wanted to pick it he did

Sw:bolo shiv(yes tht was shivam) sw is with his best buddy not sw plz put ph on speaker I hv an amazing news to tell u...

Sw was irritated but still he did it..

Sw: bolo kya bolna hai?

Shiv: chill yar..i guess u r getting desperate

Every1 was first shocked n then confused by hearing shiv voice n thn wht  he has to say..but vic was not able to hold back here his bff was shattered n this shiv was irritating them...

vic: just say it out r cut the call..

Shiv:oh my...sab saath hai..i mean whole gang...

Sw: so wht

Shiv:nothing..infact I m happy to gv this news to all of u together..kya log ho yar tumahri dost waha zindagi aur maut se lad rahi ahi n u guys r having fun...not fair...

This made every1 shocked..they hv no idea wht he was saying but they were hell scared..

Sh: wht the hell r u saying??

Shiv: chill baby...I m talking wht is true...shiv ko koi reject nahi kar sakta aur jo karta hai use uske sazaa zaroor milti hai..

Sw: saaf saaf bolo shiv warna kuch bolne ke layak nahi rahoge...



Shiv: yep kria sw ki bff n rey ka pyaar..

Hearing kr name rey came came back to his senses n rushed to sw n shouted on the ph..

Rey: kya bakwaas kar rahe this some kind of joke!!!!!!!!

Shiv:joke.joke tho tumhari kr ne meri bannane main koi kasan nahi chodi thi...jab maine use propose kiya she rejected me for wht way there is no1 who can say no to shivam n jisne kiya uska wahi hasar hoga jo kr ka huva if u want to see her for the last time then rush to the life care hosp...

sayng this he cut the call..this was an big blow for every1.all were rooted to their placed finally they came to back their senses by the breaking sound of the cell as it got slipped from sw's hand...when they realized wht shiv told them they wanted to kill him but ri8 now kr was more imp...@tht time they realized wht rey might be feeling all turned their focus towards rey but to their surprise he was not there...without wasting a sec they all rushed t hosp...girls were crying to hell were guys were trying to console them but they were crying too but still they tried to make themselves strong...but their was 1 soul which was too obvious to all this the words tht his bff is fighting for her life was playing again n again in his mind...he tried to drive as fast as he can n  they reached the hosp asap...

On the other hand as soon as words said by shiv registered in rey's mind he rushed out of bb court to meet his love,his life...@ tht time it seemed like all his senses went numb n only his heart was the 1 which was working...never bothering abt others he just rushed to hosp drived as fast as  possible n reached hosp in no time...


  His state was unexplainable he was broken completely yep he was sad b4 but he was content tht his love was safe but now she is in hosp fighting for her life.this thought itself was  enough to shaken him to the core...

As soon as he reached he enquired abt her n got to knw tht she was in ICU..he just ran towards ICU but as soon as he came near to it his legs stopped themselves...he was hell scared to see her like this..never in his worst ni8mare he could imagine to see her in tht state he would rather die thn see her in this state..but he knew he hv to b strong for her..for them..taking a deep breath  he went to ICU he aws abt to enter but some1 stopped him...

DNT U DARE TO MOVE FORWARD...a voice came frm behind making him stop in his track..he very well knew who the person is n also tht now he might not be allowed to meet her but still he with a hopeful eyes looked at tht person...

Rey:aunty plz ek baar mujhe kr se milne dijiye.i wanna see her plz...

His eyes were totally red n they were pleading her...any1 could tell how vulnerable he was feeling...he was crying to the worst for once smriti felt tht may b she is wrong in judging him but her ego never allowed her to accept it...

Sm:kyu abhi tak chain nahi mila meri beti ko is hala main pahucha kar..sirf  tumahari wajah se aaj meri beti maut se lad rahi hai..itna kafi nahi hai plz stop playing with my child...

She accused rey for wht all happened...she  was completely broken to see her child in tht state n she let out all her pain n anger on rey..but little she new tht her words were killing some 1...

Every word frm sm was killing rey...he couldn't take can she accuse him?how can she question his love?  Jis insaan ke frown ko smile main convert karne keliye who kuch b kar sakta hai who use ke gum ki wajah kaise ban sakta hai?? Jis insaan ko ek choti karoch tak pahonch the huve nahi dek sakta aaj use maut ke muh man kaise bhej sakta hai? Jiske saare zindagi sirf khushi se barn eke khwaab sajata raha who uske zindagi ko khatre main kaise daal sakta hai?? He was questing himself when realization drowned upon him...he realized tht somewhere she was ri8...he was the reason bcoz of whom she was leaving her friends,her dance,her dream n now bcoz she loved him she is made to fight for her life...his mind started accepting tht he was the reason but his heart was shouting tht he love her dammit n he is the 1 who she needs the most...he was shattered n his mind was questing tht was he so bad tht he was reason was the for his love's suffering??he was abt to collapse at tht time gang reached their n seeing rey sw rushed to hold him...

Sm:tum sab yaha kya kar rahe ho??sm asked referring to the gang..

Ne: aunty hum kr se milne aaye hai...hw she is??all tensing for her

Sm:abhi tak dr ne kuch nahi kaha..she replied trying not to cry...

Sw knew rey was shattered n the only thing he needed is to meet kr..bcoz it is impossible  to control rey until he meet kr...

Sw:aunty emm...kya rey kr se

Sm:no way sw ishi ke wajah se aaj meri beti is halat main hai...he cant meet her...

B4 any1 could respond...

Rey ko kria se milne se koi nahi roksakta...

Came a voice frm behind...every1 turned back to see who the person was n they were literally shocked...may be tht was the ni8 of shocks for them... 

Here ends the part...i nw u all were waiting for KR reunion but sorry guys it cant be included in the part...i will try my best to complete it in next part...

so hows it??as i m not satisfied with the outcome n if u think the same thn feel free to attack aly(kriyansh_alisha) as she was the 1 who gv me a deadline of 2 days n this was i could come up in such a short time..

do leave ur feedback..



 next part: Mera Wajood Tujhse Hai

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Posted: 17 October 2013 at 11:20pm | IP Logged
pooja ki bachi hate u.Angry..kya emotional part diya hai yarBroken Heart...rula di mujhe n tht song u knw na i always end up cryingCry  but ya it suited situation perfectlyThumbs Up...
rey was so shattered n sw tooCry...felt bad but i really loved it bcoz i m missing these reyam who can do anything for kriaEmbarrassed..
i loved the gesture where sharon kept her head on rey shoulder to let him knw she is with him...aww shareyClap...
the way sw reacted after knowing kr's is leaving...i loved it so kriyam missing them so muchCry...
tht shiv..gosh hate himAngry..poor kriaDisapprove...
the way rey reacted knowing kria is in hospital..made me cry so muchCry...
sm blaming rey n thn rey's thoughts...wowClap...loved it.Heart...
lastly tht voice...i think i knw who tht person isEvil Smile...
update was written beautifullyStar...
full of emotions yarBig smile...loved it like anythingDay Dreaming...
update next part soonAngry...ya phir phir se deadline deni padegi...Wink
love u..Hug.

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Princess_Devil IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 October 2013 at 4:04am | IP Logged
awesome update...
loved it...
it was tooo emotional Cry
kriya ka accident Shocked
uss shivam ki wajase hi sab kuch galat horaha hai Angry
smriti y dont she understand rey...
who was that person...

Edited by Princess_Devil - 25 October 2013 at 3:34am

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jas_ArSha_MaNan IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 October 2013 at 4:20am | IP Logged
res res
hayeee frstly i cant belive k os mila hain humein
finalyyy yipeee
hayeee di title is so awesome of this part
the song
i just luvd it
coming to the os
faadu update tha
bolee to mindblowing
kya likha tha
just spo aweosme
padke hi maza aagaya
it was so awesome
luvd it to the core
my god di...y r u such an amzing writer...truly di in  just luvd
fantabulous di
very well penned down
so so so so so so so awesome
gr going  my didus
kudos to u both
chalo aab next chaaht yaa ibaadat ka update dedo

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anjali22 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 October 2013 at 4:33am | IP Logged
awesome update
update next part soon

Edited by anjali22 - 18 October 2013 at 8:32am

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Kriyansh.Pooja Senior Member

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Posted: 18 October 2013 at 7:26am | IP Logged
anjoriii IF-Rockerz

Joined: 11 January 2013
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Posted: 18 October 2013 at 7:40am | IP Logged
damn ... !!! 
you made me cry ... Cry
such a nice os!
just loved it to the core ... <3 <3 <3 

Edited by Anjori_ArSha - 18 October 2013 at 8:02am

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