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Happy Birthday, Vijay!

*Shruti* Global Moderator

Joined: 26 April 2006
Posts: 127810

Posted: 15 October 2013 at 11:52am | IP Logged

Vijay. Naam toh suna hi hoga..

From Agneepath to India Forums, the name is synonymous to a very cool person.

While Agneepath gave rise to the iconic Vijay Dinanath Chauhan, IF got us acquainted with Vijay Bhatter.

Started off as a small blog to appreciate the show Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin 10 years ago,  I-F soon turned into a huge platform where people all over the world come to discuss their favorite Hindi  tv shows.

And this is all because of one person, Vijay.

He is the founder of, Tellybuzz, Zing magazine, wassup and meme4you.

He is very passionate about computers, latest technology in the cyber world, phones and latest ventures from apple as the founder of apple happens to be his biggest inspiration, Steve Jobs.

Today being, October 23rd,  marks a special day in the calendar because its the day our dear admin graced the world 3 and half decades ago.

So let us take a moment to partake in his happiness, and wish him a very Happy Birthday!

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vijayJaipriSweetBunnyninetails9999JeeMaanSarunarshiydrashti100Jerry11vidya0906munnihyderabadIndraDagaDhruvieSweet.SarcasticBARUNODAYAloveyoupreetoMissKaifBarbie_girl02..PT....Zindagi..-RD-mnx12AtheneYuvika_15BilliCat.-Misek-.DivaDeluxe.Hina69strawberry143alcantaranjrshweta2728Nakshian4ver.Kore.Dazzler.arabian_love-Khush-lizzy84cherrycoollVruShan_MaNanzephyr29Johnny.Balrajadyluvskat..Asya..-Naresh-PavaniShiny-GredForge-anodaksgfanLumosswethasyam08-MissBoiiVamp--LiveLaughLove-MariyaOshin..FuggyMehra..twinkle-starVishalrx.Panache.MADHU.BARUNdebaleena_tunaiTeriGalliyan.stg1Amit.Ghangas.Mandy.Angel-Jot..StarryPhoenixsupercool3-Anarkali.hopper_ocean--geny--BerryBlush07-FrozenRain-aNkItA.C-RK_Ki_Biwi-GodhuliLogonDae_drmerMystic_nights_.SobtiLicious.Proud-India-Candz-sheroo9000Amanat..Tanmaya.susan7-Marie-_Deepika_honey-sweetyIPK..JennyEarlyYoungTimes_saumya_Bobbi.JugniPHPristineSoulInfofananu93siva2901.Farzi.Little_Mermaid.PoochiePieOtakuGirl-Debopoojahandayoga23priyaSaru...IntrepidajnawazBinKuchKahe.Asherkibiwifizii_gurlSia889PutijaChalhov-Nadii--Sara.shaliSuper Kool-Cutyeeayishasilluminated.pallavi25Cutiepie Raninikita_88pickachuAASUSmishti_17Sue101itsokaysammy-Araina-NestleToulouseRoses-khushikmfan_2riti4uNandiniRaizadaa-Vaish-.Khamosh..MyriadOfHues.AbhiLovesShreya..SupreMe..-Chipper-Treat-SenoritaaaAngel_LuvArnieBoyBarun*Dev.*.Mohabbatein.-Deepali--Koeli_Appy-BornThisWay-BerryCharm-Nichuss--RockStar--.shinchan.-chrys--Mr.CooL-..Bebolove..-Swetha-Hdhd-.SapnokiRani-.VishaD.minuuMs.S.K.Liana.

Aahaana Global Moderator

IF General Sections
Joined: 22 October 2005
Posts: 44076

Posted: 16 October 2013 at 11:46am | IP Logged

Question -You are the big boss of I-F... but do u proudly maintain that status at home?? who is the real boss at home?Wink

Vijay- I never see myself as Bigg-Boss and nor it works that way in I-F or in real life. I am very much a happy go lucky kind of person and never had to throw my weight around to get anything done.
Tell us one of the most craziest thing about your self that would shock everyone on IF?
Vijay: About myself ... I can bend my finger backward and make it touch the backside of the palm... 

Imagine, you and your wife have met for the very first time and you immediately have a huge crush on her and want to ask her out on a date. What is the best pick up line you would come up with to woe her?
Vijay: Mine was almost like love at first sight and I ended up proposing marriage on the first day only... and I am lucky that it all worked out fine..

Vijay, in the current year, what's your favorite show on TV. 1 Fiction and 1 Reality. And oh oh, we need a reason

Vijay: I hardly get time to watch TV shows.. 
If I have to chose one it would be:

Fiction: CID (I like investigative crime thriller)
Reality Show:  Dance India Dance.. (I like their show format and the some of the dancing stars that have come out of it are really great)

Favorite color, and why. How many clothes do you have in your wardrobe which are of your favorite color?

Vijay: Grey / Blue / Black

Well have never counted .. 

What song best describes your work ethic?

Vijay: Woh sikander hi dosto kehlata hai Haari Baazi Ko Jeetna Jise Aata Hai.. (Jo jeeta wahi sikender) 

Kandhon se milte hain kandhe .. (Lakshya) 

What's your favorite song?

Vijay: There are so many songs that would make it to my favorite song list from the movies:

- Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaayenge
- Dil To Pagal Hai
- Bombay 
- Taal
- Hum Aapke Hai Kaun
- Hum Saath Saath Hai

If you could travel in a Time Machine would you go back to the past or into the future?

Vijay: Past is known so there is not much fun going back... Future is uncertain ... I would like to enjoy the present as it come...
What is the last book you read?
Vijay: The Accidental Apprentice by Vikas Swarup
If you could trade places with any other person for a week, famous or not famous, living or dead, real or fictional. with whom would it be?

Vijay: Can't think of anyone... Happy being myself

If someone wrote a biography about you, what do you think the title should be?

Vijay - Simple Yet Extraordinary

How/where do you see yourself / your work in next 3/5 years from now?

Vijay: Build something that would make life better for everyone, create job and money.

What is your favorite holiday spot/food/gadget?

Vijay: Switzerland and Scotland 

Swiss Fondue / Pav Bhaji 

Currently iPhone 5S
Who is your inspiration/role model?

Vijay: Steve Jobs + Bill Gates + Narayan Murthy + Richard Branson  + Warren Buffet

Anything you want to share/tell with the members ?

Vijay: Always Be Happy :)

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vijaySarunarshiyJerry11sweetypie225vidya0906munnihyderabadIndraDagaSweet.SarcasticloveyoupreetoBarbie_girl02mnx12AtheneYuvika_15BilliCat.-Khush-_mahi_Hina69strawberry143.Kore.Dazzler.cherrycoollJohnny.Balrajtheloupgaroux-LiveLaughLove--MissBoiiVamp-twinkle-star.Panache.madmadonaMADHU.BARUNMariyaOshindebaleena_tunaiTeriGalliyan.-Naresh--GredForge-Lumosswethasyam08.Mandy.gk_09.StarryPhoenixAngel-Jot.hopper_ocean-Anarkali.supercool3Bobbi.PutijaChalhovMyInspirationzHashiBooPristineSoulyoga23priyaPoochiePieOtakuGirl-Debo.Farzi.BearNaNaBinKuchKahe.Saru...-Sara.aNkItA.C.Tanmaya.MeeraHKSwerveBae.Shree.-Marie--Candz-IPK..Jennyhoney-sweetyEarlyYoungTimes-Cutyee.Khamosh.-Chipper-Treat-..SupreMe..ArnieBoyBarunpallavi25Cutiepie RaniALUJNA21Sue101illuminated.NestleToulouseRoses-khushikmfan_2*Dev.*-Koeli_Appy--Deepali--Araina-somergasm.NandiniRaizadaariti4upickachuAASUS-Vaish--Swetha--.SapnokiRani-.Hdhd--RockStar--minuu..Bebolove..tomnjerry2VishaD..shinchan.-BerryCharm-Nichuss-Mr.CooL-Liana.

illuminated. IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 01 May 2006
Posts: 31874

Posted: 17 October 2013 at 8:40am | IP Logged

Doraemon. Just like Doraemon, Vijay has the solution to every problems members faces on India-forums.

The one and only, MR BEANROFL LOLLOL Don't ask why because honestly speaking I have no idea why I chose him maybe because I knew it would make everyone smile.Big smile

ACP Pradyuman for CID. Like ACP sir, Vijay bhai is strict, but caring. He is strict as in he wants everyone to adhere to IF rules, but he also cares for the IF community and with his team is always working to make IF a better place.

Shree of Zee Marathi serial Honar Soon Mi Hya Gharchi Tongue Like Vijay, Shree also is a caring, loving and affectionate guy and a successful businessman Embarrassed

Mr.Mihir Virani of Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahut Thi

The voice of Bigg Boss. It's just in the way he gets everyones attention by saying "Bigg Boss Chahtay hain..." That totally reminds me of VB when I have to think of a character.

Edited by DeviatedTesoro. - 18 October 2013 at 2:00pm

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vijaysweetypie225Jerry11vidya0906munnihyderabadmnx12AtheneYuvika_15BilliCat.-Khush-cherrycoollHina69strawberry143.Kore.Dazzler..Panache.MADHU.BARUN-JujuKMariyaOshintheloupgaroux-MissBoiiVamp-TeriGalliyan.debaleena_tunaiswethasyam08twinkle-star..FuggyMehra..-GredForge-.Mandy.gk_09supercool3-Anarkali..StarryPhoenixAngel-Jot.hopper_oceanOtakuGirl-DeboPoochiePie.Farzi.BerryBlush07honey-sweety.Shree.aNkItA.C.Tanmaya.IPK..JennyEarlyYoungTimes-CutyeeMyInspirationzBobbi.PristineSoulSaru...-Sara.Cutiepie Rani-Araina--Vaish-AASUSSue101.Khamosh.-Chipper-Treat-..SupreMe..*Dev.*-Koeli_Appy-NestleToulouseRoses-khushikmfan_2-Deepali-HdhdNichuss.shinchan.-BerryCharm-..Bebolove..-Swetha--.SapnokiRani-.VishaD.tomnjerry2minuuLiana.

Roshini1494 IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 27 December 2010
Posts: 26308

Posted: 17 October 2013 at 11:09am | IP Logged

Dear Vijay, I pray that God always provide you with the most precious things in life: health, love, joy, peace and prosperity. Happy Birthday with lots of love and blessings. Hug 

Vijay many many happy returns of the day ..May all your wishes come true and may God bless you with more and more success and happiness in life .. On your birthday I hope you reach greater heights of success in your career .. And also one day India-Forums will surely go places with its already growing popularity and reach Star

Wish you a very Happy Birthday Vijay !! 
May you have all the success, prosperity, happiness, health, peace, love, harmony and friendship in life. Have an amazing and wonderful birthday and may you celebrate many more to come !!
Kudos to your strong conviction to go forward and execute and implement an idea or a thought into a pioneer brand, India-Forums,which is synonymous with Indian Entertainment . Heartfelt wishes for all your endeavors in professional and personal life.
Have a wonderful birthday with family and friends !!
Best Regards

Many Many Happy Returns of the Day Vijay. Here's Wishing you a life time of happiness, success and joy and a wonderful year ahead. Happy Birthday

Wish you a many many happy returns of the day. May God bless u with health, wealth and wisdom. Hope this day brings lots of happiness and joy for you. Have a blessed day and an even blessed year ahead. Wishing u all the luck in all that u do. Thumbs Up

Thank you for a wonderful site like IF and thank you for all you have done for us. May you achieve all the success in life and be happy always. Star

Have a blast. Party


Many Happy Returns of the Day Vijay bhai.

Hi VJ,

Here's wishing you a very very Happy Birthday! I thank you from the bottom of my heart for coming up with India Forums; its a place where I've met many amazing people and made some lasting friendships. I wish you and your site all the best, and may God always bless you :)


Ritchelle AKA BalamPichkaari

Wish u Many more Happy Returns of the Day, Vijay :)
Hope u have an awesome day with your family and friends !! 
A big thanks to you for giving us a Platform to discuss our guilty pleasure Desi soaps &  also helped us in finding some virtual really cool like minded friends in the process. 
Again Wishing you have many more birthdays filled with success , good health and happiness! 
- Deepzz

Happy Birthday and thank you so much for creating an awesome site like India-Forum's that brings everyone together from all parts of the world. May god bless you always. 

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vijayJerry11sweetypie225vidya0906munnihyderabad-RD-mnx12Yuvika_15Athene-Misek-Hina69.Kore.Dazzler.cherrycoolltwinkle-starMADHU.BARUN-JujuKMariyaOshintheloupgaroux-MissBoiiVamp-TeriGalliyan.-GredForge-swethasyam08-Naresh-.Mandy.gk_09Angel-Jot..StarryPhoenix-Anarkali.supercool3hopper_oceanOtakuGirl-DeboPoochiePie.Farzi.aNkItA.C.Tanmaya..Shree.IPK..JennyEarlyYoungTimesBerryBlush07-CutyeeBobbi.PristineSoulPutijaChalhov-Sara.Cutiepie Raniilluminated.AASUS-Vaish-Sue101.Khamosh.-Chipper-Treat-NestleToulouseRoses-khushi-Araina--Deepali-*Dev.*-Koeli_Appy-Nichuss-BerryCharm-.shinchan.Hdhd-Swetha--.SapnokiRani-...Bebolove..tomnjerry2minuuVishaD.Liana.

gk_09 IF-Veteran Member

Joined: 10 May 2005
Posts: 24724

Posted: 17 October 2013 at 2:01pm | IP Logged

Vijay bhai first of all a very happy birthday! And secondly a huge thank you for giving us a site like India Forums. When I first joined India Forums I never thought I would get so hooked to it that it would become a part of my everyday life. So for that I would really like to thank you from the bottom of my heart! May you continue to celebrate many more splendid years and keep everything going well everywhere!!! Once again a huge Happy Birthday!!!

Wishing you a very Happy and Joyous Birthday, Vijay.
Hope the coming year is full of happiness, surprises, and success for you.
All the best with the upcoming ventures for India-Forums, we aspire that they are in the interest of one and all.
Have a great day ahead!
BollyCurry Buzzer,
Sonia R.

Happy Birthday Vijay! Hope you have a wonderful day with your friends and family! Here's wishing you all the very best for the upcoming year and may you achieve much more success.

  Happy Birthday Vijay! Hope you have a great day and an even better year! Cheers to being a year older and wiser! 


 Happy Birthday Vijay! Party

May this coming year brings you loads of happiness, good health and prosperity.
Thank you for giving us platforms like India-Forums and BollyCurry. I hope that today is the beginning of another remarkable year for you. Have a blast and keep smiling =)

Gurprit + the BollyCurry News Room Team

Smileyface, Jenifer., |Persephone|, .sio.angel., Predator.,  DeviatedTesoro., OnlyHope, scarlet.moon, -Eris-, KS_Shreya, Angel-Jot., Strawbella, aftermath..., .SilentPrincess, SilentPromises, Anhdara13, -medz-, lonelyshadow,  -Mayu-, spicySugar..., -BlackBeauty-, MarshP, fizzi_gurl, *Khushii*, kweetrockstar, tes_v1, -.Preet.-

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sweetypie225SarunarshiyJerry11vidya0906munnihyderabad-RD-mnx12AtheneYuvika_15-Misek-Hina69cherrycooll.Kore.Dazzler.-JujuKMariyaOshintheloupgaroux-MissBoiiVamp-TeriGalliyan.MADHU.BARUNswethasyam08twinkle-star-Naresh-.Mandy..StarryPhoenixhopper_oceanAngel-Jot.supercool3-Anarkali.Bobbi.OtakuGirl-DeboPoochiePiePristineSoul.Farzi..Shree.aNkItA.C.Tanmaya.EarlyYoungTimesIPK..JennyBerryBlush07-Cutyee-Chipper-Treat-.Khamosh.NestleToulouseRoses-khushi*Dev.*-Koeli_Appy--Araina--Deepali--Vaish-AASUSCutiepie Raniilluminated.minuuVishaD...Bebolove..tomnjerry2-Swetha--.SapnokiRani-.NichussHdhd-BerryCharm-.shinchan.Liana.

Angel-Jot. IF-Veteran Member

I-F Crazy Creatives Head
Joined: 24 March 2008
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Posted: 18 October 2013 at 8:42am | IP Logged
Vijay, Many many happy returns of the day! Hope you have a fabulous day ahead and an amazing year with tons of good wishes and memories your way.

We can never be short of words on thanking you for creating I-F and the reason with which we have made some amazing friends who have become a part of our daily life now.

God bless!

Hey VB ,
Many many happy returns of the day , May all your wishes come true .Thankyou for every effort you put up for making IF a better place. Being a CS student I always wonder how you do all the coding so fast , I totally need some coding classes from you LOL .Enjoy your day and treat toh banta hi hai..!


Best wishes on your birthday Vijay. Hope you have a wonderful day and a great birthday overall. Big smile On this special day, I'd like to thank you for providing us this amazing website, India-Forums where we have all discovered so many great friends so a big thank to you.
Happy birthday! God bless:)
Thanks for giving us india-forums:):)
Happy Birthday Vijay!

Have a super duper enjoyable day & a fantastic year ahead ! Here's wishing you the very best on your special day Admin Ji LOL !!!

PS- Thank you for giving us IF Big smile

Best Wishes

Many happy returns of the day VB. HugMay everyday bring something new and exciting for you. May this birthday turn out to be as amazing as you are. Star

Thank you for giving us india-forums - it is what it is today because of you. Thank you once again - because if you hadn't founded this site, we would never have been able to closely connect to our starsEmbarrassed so thank u very much.
May God bless u with all the happiness and success you wish to achieve.Smile
Best Wishes

A very happy birthday Vijay! Hope you enjoy this day with all the people you love and have all your coming days as wonderful as this.
Hope you have a great health and a greater life.
Thank you for the ever present return gift for us , i.e., India-Forums , which connects us all together in all spheres of time!


Happy Birthday Vijay!
I hope you have a wonderful day and enjoy every bit of it with your family and friends!
Hola VB,

You're an amazing guy for creating something like India-Forums for us. This place is a home for a lot of us, we have people here that we treat like family, friends and ofcourse, enemies.

So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Have a fantastic day and an awesome day ahead!


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vijayvidya0906munnihyderabadmnx12AtheneYuvika_15BilliCat.-Misek-Hina69.Kore.Dazzler.Bisweswartwinkle-starTeriGalliyan.MADHU.BARUN-JujuKMariyaOshintheloupgaroux-MissBoiiVamp--Naresh--GredForge-swethasyam08-Anarkali.supercool3.StarryPhoenixgk_09hopper_oceanBerryBlush07aNkItA.C.Tanmaya.EarlyYoungTimesIPK..Jenny-Cutyee-Sara.Bobbi.PristineSoul.Farzi.OtakuGirl-DeboPoochiePie-Araina-NestleToulouseRoses-khushi-Deepali--Vaish-Cutiepie Raniilluminated.AASUSSue101-Chipper-Treat-.Khamosh.*Dev.*-Koeli_Appy-Nichuss-BerryCharm-.shinchan.tomnjerry2..Bebolove..minuuVishaD.-Swetha--.SapnokiRani-.HdhdLiana.

BilliCat. Viewbie

Joined: 12 January 2009
Posts: 19040

Posted: 22 October 2013 at 12:36pm | IP Logged
Just reserving first incase VB is giving out chocolatesTongueROFL

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*Dev.* IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 09 January 2012
Posts: 28397

Posted: 22 October 2013 at 12:37pm | IP Logged
Happy Happy Birthday Vijay sir!Party
God bless you & may you get happyness & joy with eternity!

Thankyou for giving us India-Forums where we got great friends to have fun with . Its like second home to us.

Many many returns of the day !

Regards Dev.Embarrassed 

Awesome Thread Shruti , Melz & Gur and all others! Clap

Edited by *Dev.* - 22 October 2013 at 12:54pm

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