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Karthikka IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 November 2013 at 5:34am | IP Logged
My review
Episode 210

Poongodi's song

Vizhiyile En Vizhiyile Kanavugal Kalaindhadhe
Uyirile Ninaivugal Thalumbudhe
Kannangalil Kanneer Vandhu Un Peyarai Eazhudhudhe
Muththamitta Udhadugal Ularudhe
Naan Ennai Kaanaamal Dhinam Unnai Thedinen
En Kanneer Thuliyil Namakkaaga Oru Maalai Soodinen

Poor Poongodi.


1. Radhikaa's acting as Rani. She just carries the innocence of the character with so much skill that it is so difficult to belief that Vani and Rani are the same person.

2. Smart directing. The scenes between Rajesh and Saravanan and Poongodi and Selvi were so well done that it was as if they were all having a conversation together. That kept us all interested.

3. Dialogues. Really good and thought-provoking. I especially liked Selvi's explanation of what love is. And Saravanan "Selvi oru padicha muttal...antha Rajesh-u muthalluku ahmah podura kovil sami@. ROFL

4.Maha as Poongodi. This girl has really hidden talents. This is much better that the roles she did in Chellame and Uthiri Pookal. Her character here has a wide scope to develop rather than the one-dimensional characters she was doing before. It is one plus point of Vani Rani. (Besides other plus points)

Low lights

1. Stupid Selvi. There is no comparison between her life and Rani's life. Rani was not tortured and abused the way Selvi was and to say that she should be as patient as her mother was is ridiculous.

2. Saravanan. Irritates the hell out of me. His twisted logic and anger does not make sense. He does not use his brain. How was he ever one of the top students?

The meeting in the doctor's house is leading to something interesting.

Loved the end...I hope Rani whacks Swamy out of shape. (Sorry for the short review but I am keeping my energy for 211 and 212 - so much to say about them) 

~Vizhiyile En Vizhiyile En Kanavugal Kalainthathe~

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Karthikka IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 December 2013 at 11:16am | IP Logged
My review

(3 kannan piranthangal)

Episode 226
Monday 9.12.14

Vanthuthen...miss panninningala?? Very good. Sorry for not writing so long but I have been very busy. When I write the reviews I take extra care, watching an episode at least twice, sometimes three times. So if I am unable to write reviews for every episode, please forgive me...but I am going to write an evaluation or assessment of Vani Rani thus far - storylines, acting, viewers opinions and expectations so that you all know the response your work is getting. Feedback is valuable, is it not?

Like I said earlier, today's episode was lovely. It had me crying and laughing. I must say that it has been quite a while since I laughed at a Vani Rani episode so it was a pleasant feeling.

1. Plus point. This episode showed the family together after a long time. Anaconda Sr was right - it was a united family and everyone looked out for each other. We were touched to see such distress and worry on everyone's faces, including the two Anacondas.Smile

2. Plus point. This is one serial that allows all actors to shine instead of allowing the two principals i.e. Vani and Rani to dominate. Today, it was the young cast and I was particularly impressed with Reshma Pasupelti, who is making an impact with her understated acting, her nuances and her energy which comes through crystal clear. I was very doubtful of her as a jodi of Surya (not Reshma but Devika), but now I am convinced. Waiting to see her in her rocking sunnies! (sunglasses).

3. Plus point. Arun Kumar as Surya really lived his role. We all know Arun is a fitness freak and is trim and buff, but as Surya he really was a bumbling nerd. He was running like a vaathu, all limbs and clumsy but earnest and determined (and scared).

4. Plus point. Nice little touches. Vani's reactions. Completely ignoring Anaconda Sr. Gautham's determination and confidence. I like that young man. Poongodi's silent tears. Little Thenu kicking her legs so hard - my God, I felt tired watching that little girl doing aerial jog. The individual shots of the four young people freezing in shock when they hear a splash in the well and then the collage and then the four of them running to the well...brilliant. 

5. Plus point. Some humour. Surya made me laugh when he narrated to his chitty how he fought the kidnappers and that Gautham and Saravanan could learn from him. Everyone laughed. It was good to see. Smile More moments like these, please.

6. Plus point. Dialogues. I particularly liked Samy's comments to his brother...really deep comparison. I also appreciated Samy's behaviour. Looks like he hasn't lost his common sense after all. Prithvee's portrayal of this man who from a spineless doormat to a roaring (and sometimes irrational) tiger is remarkable. Smile Venu Arvind also was impressive (I don't know why in my notes, I wrote GJ...hahahaha, oh dear) - it was really lovely to see him being concerned about Thenu. However, I still can't help wondering whether he has changed, whether he set this up to gain sympathy from his family...but I prefer that he has changed and now his past is catching him...this storyline is much better and refreshing. It is different (but I dont watch any other serial except VR, so not sure whether this type of storyline has been done in other serials).

7. Minus points...rende rendu than. First, I thought the chase in the jungle was a bit too long. From 4.31 to 12.16. Nearly 8 minutes. Could have shortened it and made it tighter. Second, I thought Rani was a bit over-acting - making the mouth too big and too much polamburaning. But Vani rocked.


8. Yen ella serialeiyum and in movies too, they will yell Dei Nilra. Gautham kattuna pola, avan nindruvana? Hahaha.

9. Everyone I know are relieved that Rajesh will shave his beard. They asked me to ask you to get him to comb his hair. I said "Please, alle vithurunga...I asked the director to shave Rajesh's beard, he is sending him to Sabarimala...if I ask him to get Rajesh to comb his hair, he will send him to Thirupathi and mottai his head!!"LOL But now Sara...such a handsome boy whose looks is now spoilt by that huge kaadu on his face. Kadavule.

10. People want more happy moments, more humour. We miss Rani's comedies. 

Thank you all for a brilliant effort. I know you all worked very hard for this episode and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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Karthikka IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 December 2013 at 12:11am | IP Logged
My review
Episode 227

Aarrrggghhh 227...where is the severu? Angry

After the pleasant and happy ending of 226, 227 was quite unpleasant and made us unhappy. Not all of it though. First 10 to 15 minutes were really nice. I wonder how Reshma felt having to act with two jambavans. If she felt nervous, it did not show at all...smooth flow of dialogues, suitable facial expressions and understated and natural make up (or lack of it Big smile). Good addition to the VR family.

I also loved the shots of the cast walking through the temple - fathers and sons, fathers and daughters, mothers and daughters. Heart The shots of Vani and Thenu were lovely and warm, Heartand the interaction between Thenu and her mother were amusing. Lovely moments too with Poongodi and Saravanan - sad but not crying sad. Maha Lakshmi, good job, eppidi ma unale antha mathiri santhosham apparom hurt look kooduka mudiyuthu? Arun N (Maha's husband) (not Arun Kumar Rajan ) kitte practise pannivingalo? LOL .Really great camera work, and the montage was nicely done. However, I knew that trouble was around the corner and sure enough, I was right.

Swamy is the main culprit today. I think director sir, the character should not change too extreme, otherwise it would be unbelievable. I cannot get over the fact that he is blaming Vani and Bhoomi for his failures. He said before that he kept quiet for Rani's sake, but that is an excuse of a weak and spineless man. Seriously, I could not stomach his behaviour and words last night to the extent of not believing even his own nephews. One thing though, whilst Swamy is raising his voice, he is shouting. Athe one or two levels kuraikkalame?

Chandramukhi (sorry, avangala antha get-up il partha piragu ennaku Chandrfamukhiyin face than varuthu nyabagathukku - LOL) is rombha over. Swamy is still her brother and why is Mano keeping quiet like an idiot? His wife is screaming and insulting and he is just standing there. And everyone is yelling at each other vaiya pothu, nee summa iru etc but the good guys are keeping quiet??

How does Shanthi Williams manage that look? Like I don't care but your arguments are wasting my time look.

Having said that, I am glad Poongodi's feelings for Saravanan are out in the open. I was worried that they might misunderstand that it is Gautham who has feelings for her and drag the suspense for another 10 episodes. It is good that you resolve issues quickly.

Hope we see some inprovement today.Smile

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Karthikka IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 December 2013 at 8:35am | IP Logged
Episode 228
Wednesday 11.12.13

I don't know what to say about this episode - Confused  only that we are expecting more. As usual the acting was superb and the dialogues were really great. 

1. Very disappointed with how Swamy's character is turning out. Screaming and shouting. He should realise that that is the wrong way to deliver his message. His choice of words was really bad, insulting his anni. Why is he being made out to be a villain? He was always somebody with visvasam. But now he is showing that he is ungrateful and arrogant and Sara was showing the same characteristics as the father. Prithiviraj was excellent. Especially when he was listening to Rani's polambals and then stared at her and insisted that she promise him that she wont have anything to do with her sister. I think that it is really mean and nasty of him to ask Rani to cut all ties with Vani's family. Doesn't he love his nephews? Why is Mano keeping quiet? And why did Saravanan lie? This is what we call male egos!! Akka ve thalai muzhugiratha?? Enna ippedi oru kal nenjakkaranna ayithan. Nallavanga kettavanga la mara maathanga. Anger will be there but in their hearts and at the back of the mind the gratitude will always be there. Deep down decent people will always be decent. And Samy is a decent man. Bring him back!!! Poor Poongodi and poor Surya, the hurt look in their faces and their eyes, Broken Heart Gautham looking angry. Well done, cast!

2. Chandramukhi and Anaconda were talking in the arrogant way...really have they lost their brains? Where is Girija?? And Chandramukhi was so rude to my heroine... I hate domestic violence so I didn't want Mano to hit her but I wished the temple bell fell on her head.LOL So happy when Vani walked off with the family.

3. Rajesh samiii...nice to see you without the beard. Finally. Me and hundreds and thousands of girls all over the world were waiting for this day. Now we can see your natural beauty. Hahahaha. Get rid of the pei!! I love Sura too - what a lovely mother and mother-in-law. Namakku vendathu enna iruthalaum, athu pei than - loved that. Very correct, Pa Raghavan sir. I like your reasoning very much.

4. Rani was excellent - from her polamburaning to her refusal to promise on Thenu's head (why make the poor girl bali aadu) that she won't see her sister. I was laughing at her polambals. But Swami really had a sinister look and scared the hell out of me. Hahaha. Mr. Prithivee hasn't lost his villain look!! Big smile

Fantastic ending shot with poor Rani crying and Thenu consoling her.

Waiting for bangs - nice one...make us smile more naa...miss the happy days. Thank you once again for your hard work.

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Karthikka IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 December 2013 at 4:53am | IP Logged
My review
Episode 231

Mixed feelings about today's episode. Confused Did not like Jyoti's behaviour and her filthy words. It was all poison coming from her mouth. I think sometimes the speeches/dialogues should be kept short to be effective. Bhoomi could have easily shut up by telling her who is she in asking him to get out of the house? Censored

I feel except for one or two episodes, you are making Mano a doormat again. He should put his foot down instead of just saying "Jyoti", What I was thinking when I watched this segment was that when we want them to shut up, especially Bhoomi and Anaconda, they talk a lot but when we want them to say something, they keep quiet.  Venu Arvind was once again superb with his understated acting Clap and Maha Lakshmi was also excellent. Thumbs Up Poor thing, felt so sad for her. Shanthi Williams too did a wonderful job with her conflicting emotions. Seriously though, Jyothi needs to be taught a lesson - come on, team...enough of the nastiness. Let's have some happiness and humour.

Interaction between Mr and Mrs Bhoominathan was nice and refreshing. It was good to see both of them sitting and talking in a nice husband-and-wife manner. Surya off to meet his new girlfriend vaa?

Everyone I spoke to want some happy family episodes. We are tired of watching sad and tension-filled episodes. We miss Rani and Thenu. The humour was refreshing and made VR different from others. Surya's little comic dialogues and mannerisms made us laugh. Big smile

Lovely moments with Sara and Rani too - I really like it when you have nice family moments. The scene in the temple after Thenu was rescued is one good example. Thumbs Up

Karthik's character - is he necessary?? And Saravanan - we need his story to be final too - we can't have him being angry all the time.

Plus points for me today were Vani and Bhoomi as well as Poongodi. Also Sara and Rani. 

Thank you all for your hard work.  

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Karthikka IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 December 2013 at 8:16am | IP Logged
My review

Episode 232
Tuesday 17.12.2013

Oh no!!! Shocked 

1. The pei, why are you scaring us? I watched it at 1.30 a.m...and all this while, I was hoping kadavule, please dont let this story go the same way as Pillai Nila - not the serial but the pei story - where the pei was our own Mdm Radhikaa, with Mohan, Nalini and baby Shalini. There the possessed Baby Shalini pushes the grandmother (Radhikaa's would-have-been mother-in-law) off the train - after watching that movie, I didnt want to sing the lullaby  chanchadu aya chanchadu...straightaway when the woman said her husband's chitty had died, I knew the pei Shenvi (Shenbagam + Selvi LOL) will come out with this evil plan. Never knew of a pei that was hell bent on getting a man into her bed.  Eppa intha kathai ku oru mudivu?

2. Please don't kill Sura's character off. She is one big positive for VR.

3. New villain ah? Music scary...avaroda mugammum scary. Sai Prasanth, welcome back to Radaan serials. Arun Kumar Rajan, new talent for Vani Rani team in Super Kudumbam.

4. Jyothi - how could someone be so manipulative and arrogant? How could she have forgotten that she made use of Rani when she wanted to get married to Mano? Come on Rani, give it back left right and centre.

5. Saravanan is so disrespectful towards his Periamma. Really not impressed with his attitude. Very ungrateful. Not happy at all with his character.

Oh yes!!! Big smile

1. Surya's funny moments. Made me smile for a couple of seconds.

2. Saravanan telling Jyothi off. Fantastic...but why is he denying his love for Poongodi to that extent??? I was very happy about the way he shut Jyothi up, but he was really disrespectful of Vani. Bugs me big time.

3. Nikhila Rao as the evil Shenvi. Scarrry.

4. Managing director of five-star hotel in Deivamagal moonlighting as doctor in Vani Rani ah??? Eppe MBBS padichu mudicharu? Shocked

OK, my assessment so far. The pei story should come to an end soon. It is dragging for far too long. Karthik-Poongodi-Saravanan love triangle - athukkum oru full stop na. Reshma  is a good addition to the serial. The good guys must be given a chance to fight back the bad guys, not sit there like dumb idiots...when Mano reacted against Jyothi or when Selvi reacted against Kali, these were really fantastic scenes and had us applauding. Clap

Once again, thank you. VR team for all your effort and hard work.

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Karthikka IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 December 2013 at 5:13pm | IP Logged

My review

Episode 233

Wednesday 18.12.2013

 Na, I really regret asking you to change Saravanan's character when he was a crybaby. Ouch Appe azhuthe irrupan, ippe kattikitte irrukiran. Disapprove Pavam Maanas. Another thadi Devadas. Haiyo. I swear the next time I have a friend coming to Chennai, I will send a year supply of razor blades.  The new Saravanan is not a crybaby, he is a screaming baby. He  is too much, so rude and obnoxious.Angry We won't dare to talk to our uncles and aunts like that. He was yelling and screaming and was just awful. When is he going to calm down and become responsible again? I hope Vani teaches him a lesson today. If there is one thing that we learnt is that Rani can be forceful and determined if she wants. She should put Saravanan in his place. Please ask Saravanan not to shout so much - my ears are hurting. Just like his father, so ungrateful.

Someone should tell Karthik that when a woman says no, she means no.  I don't know why he thinks that he will get married despite Poongodi telling him no- he is not listening to his mother either. Ya, Saravanan num vendam, Karthikkum vendam...pesama Gauthamma match pannalam!! Actually many people think Poongodi should marry Gautham - because they are two strong personalities. But I think you can't have two people with the same characteristics - headstrong, straightforward and stubborn.  Just wondering where this story is going. Quick. Mudivu, Please. for your life. Oh God, when Devaki turned around after locking the door, I said "Oh no, another peiii..." God, you looked scary, Reshma. Another revenge story-ah?? Drag pannathinga please - because revenge stories are becoming common and we want Vani Rani to be different...yennathu yennathu...antha Vani ya??? It should be "Antha Vani madam..." You think she is as stupid and spineless woman like your mother?? So let me guess. She is going to mayakkaran Surya, change the geek to sleek, marry him and separate him from his family and then that will be the story for the next 1000 episodes??? Cheee, ennaku theriyum. neenga ellam appadi senju engala tarture panna matthinga nu. Or will you???

A couple of questions though. So does it mean that Devika was the one who was responsible for the Bhoomi drama? That she was behind it all? How did she know that they were going to Kutraalam? That the Pajero will develop a punctured tyre as it passes her stall? How does she know how Bhoomi looks like? Questions, questions.

But the star of the show was...Poongodi.  Clap Thumbs UpOh my God, just loved that segment of the episode = must have seen it three or four times. There were some people who were suggesting that Poongodi might commit suicide if she does not get married to Saravanan but I said that will not happen because her character is bold and strong, and even though she might face hardships, she will overcome them...and when she came out with the gasoline and matches, I just knew that she was going to do something different and sure enough, I was right. I laughed and clapped as she threw the gasoline on Anaconda and threatened her. Anaconda Jr (can't call her Chandramukhi anymore since Chandramukhi has gone back to Andhra) also must be taught a lesson. Hahahaha!!! Fantastic scene. Well done. We need puthumai and puratchi penn like this.

You see, it is stories like this that make VR different. That is why we like VR compared to otherss. We don't want the same stories that other serials have. If you have the same stories, then there is no need to watch Vani Rani, we can just watch other serials, right? But...

We love Vani Rani.

It is different. We want the comedies, the happiness and the family unity that we saw before.

Thank you.

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Karthikka IF-Dazzler

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Makkals, my apologies. Seriously, work issues. I will try my best to do a daily review, ok? Late ah vanthalum latest ah varuven (doesnt really make sense but what the heck LOL)

My review
Episode 245

Star of the episode today was Surya. He brought much needed relief and humour in an otherwise intense and bleak episode.  Loved his facial expressions, his nerdness and his naivete. He had me giggling with his look of outrage when the mini king kong ( he is a mini King Kong, that's why I used small case...Wink) I feel very bad that he is a pawn in Krikki, sorry Devi's vengeance game with Bhoomi and I am really angry that the stupid woman is abusing his friendship when he is innocent. I don't like her scheming and I think it is ingratitude to make use of him when he was so helpful to her. (I think the director and the story team have been reading too many Danielle Steel novels. LOL) Where is the storyline going? As director says, wait and see...or rather wait n c.

Also enjoyed how Surya, even though he had transformed from geek to sleek, did not lose his geeky mannerisms and other things like the way he walked. I thought he was cute the way he waddled like a vaatu to his house after getting down from the auto, looking hesitantly before going into the house.  Great job of showing that even though his outlook appearance has changed, the inbuilt habits and mannerisms haven't changed. (Devi is always looking evil nowadays with her Chandramukhi- wannabe looks, kannu vazhikapothu). The family's response to his makeover was fabulous, and really the actors did a very good job of showing their delight -  Shree's Heartthrob aka Gautham's wonderfully surprised reaction to Vani's total delight and Bhoomi's astonished happiness. Also Surya's remark that only now he knew that there are beauty parlour for men and showing his mother his contact lens were little touches that made the scene memorable.

That old chestnut "It is a medical mirahcle" came again courtesy of SH. LOL VR team is cheeky!!!

Felt bad when Vani called Krikki sorry Devi, Rani. I hope she is not subconsiously replacing her with Krikki, sorry, Devi in her heart and mind. Am tired of her monologues now, so I am not going to comment on that.

MOM should be taken outside and shot like a dog...actually, that is an insult to a dog because dogs are grateful. Really mental, that girl saved his life and made him happy for a short while and he talks about her in such derogatory terms. I felt sorry for Karthik but no sympathy. He deserves it. He should have respected her wish right from the beginning. When a woman says no, she means no. She was right when she called him "loosu". But MOM was disgusting and cruel. Such an egoistical man, whose ego is so huge that he does not care his grandson is hurting. Intha kathai eppa mudiyumo?

When are Vani and Rani going to meet again?
When will they find out that Krikki, sorry Devi was responsible for Thenu's kidnapping?

Suggestion to VR team:

You should have had two shots of Surya. The pre makeover and the post makeover, with the caption "Ivarukku bathilla ivar". LOL

Thodarum...but faster please

Hey Hey.. Style Style.. Super Style..
Stylelu Stylelu Thaan Ithu Super Stylelu Thaan
Un Stylelu Kaetha Mayilu Naanuthaan
Key Touchchu Touchchu Touchchu Touchchu
Enna Touch Me..
Oah Kichu Kichu Kichu Kichu Enna Kichu Me..
Aezhu Maniku Maela Naanum Inbha Lachumi..

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