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Posted: 30 September 2013 at 9:04am | IP Logged
Some of my thoughts Smile

1. Star of this week. Poongodi (Twinkle twinkle liitle star)
Poongodi, Poongodi little star, 
How I marvel at what you are, 
Fiery and fiesty, cool and unafraid, 
Left your amma and paati shocked and dazed, 
Poongodi, Poongodi, shining star, 
keep on being who you are

Second runner-up Kali (Baa baa black sheep mathiri) 
Baa baa black heart
Why are you so cruel?
Yes sir, yes sir, I am no fool
Play with her mind, drive her mad
For I am Mental Kali and I am baaad

Third runner -up Swamy (My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean)

My Rani has forgotten
My Rani's lost her memory
My Rani has forgotten
Oh bring back my Rani to me, to me
Bring back, bring back, bring back my Rani to me...

All three of them were brilliant this week, in different ways. Poongodi got everyone cheering with her dialogues and the way she delivered the lines. Palar! Palar! Arrey to the right, arrey to the left, female version of Muhammad Ali. She said what a lot of us felt, and again people were applauding. See, the viewers psyche is like this - we want the good guys to win. Many serial directors do not understand this - the baddies will win all the time...and almost all characters are bad. The good characters are appavi or behku.LOL Orukka win panniruvanga, apparom lose panni kitte povanga. Poongodi spoke her lines with aplomb, and the contempt she showed was a nice touch. I also liked the part where she answers her uncle "Yosikkiren mama" and walks off. Very well done.

Kali anne...yen ney ungalukku ippedi oru manasu. Seriously, facial expressions ellam nalla iruntha thu. The way he looked when thinking of ways to torture Selvi, when he was hiding and looking at her and smiling whilst she was flipping the newspaper and the way he looked when Sura was blasting his head off. Bhaboos boss, dhool. This serial is going to bring you the fame that you deserve.

Prithivee pathi solle thevai ille - poor guy...yean sar avare ippidi veyil le nadaka vakiringe. He did his role so well that sometimes I really had to strain my ear to hear what he was saying. Poor guy, I felt like taking him for a banana leaf lunch and feed him. But no more crying, boss!! You have big gorgeous eyes, no more tears, ok!! So much sadness.

Of course, need to talk about Radhikaa...avangala patti solle thevele but I loved her as Rani this week. Sweet, innocent, does she manage it??? Such a joy to watch her. Neha as Thenu also deserves a mention - ayo, antha chinna kuzhanthai ye vachu ange inge oda vavirringe le. Arun Kumar Rajam, Vicky Krish all did their roles well too. 

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Karthikka IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 October 2013 at 8:03am | IP Logged
Episode 179

(Pussycat, pussycat where have you been? rhyme)

Little Thenu, Little Thenu
Where have you been?
I've been all around Chennai
Looking for my Queen (Rani)
Little Thenu Little Thenu
What did you find there?
I found a kind man who has a scary stare!!!

Another fabulous episode. I cried, not once, not twice but many times. Enga pakathu supermarket-il irundha tissue boxes elam gali...what great acting - today it was Neha and Vicky Krish who grabbed our heartstrings. Unlike some of you guys, I found Gautham's despair heartbreaking. Saravanan @Manaas Chavali also did his role well, but please stop crying for everything. Adi vanguna aluvuran, pechu vanguna aluvuran, pirachanai vantha aluvuran...thamby, nallike exam questions hard ah iruntha, aluvingala?? Tissue box flight le anippe vekkatha? LOL

Rendu vishayam ennaku pidichiriunthathu. First, the man with the scary stare. Ul manasu sonnuchu, ithu Vani Rani - vithayasama than irrukum. He won't be one of those child kidnappers. But still, tension tangale.LOL Odanai forward pannithen - Gautham Thenu ve katti pidichutu thanks soluren moment partha piragu, oru sigh of relief vittu tu than thiruppi rewind panni parthen. LOL Enna pidichirunthuchana - oru stereotype eh avoid pannitingga...athavuthu a bald man with a stern face means he is a kettavan. Nalla than viewers eh ehmatinge ponga!! Second vishayam I liked was the way Gautham and Point dealt with the police inspector - again people were talking about the brutal treatment by the police in the previous episode. So now inspector got nice dose. Intha episode loose ends eh tie pannitingge.

  Surya aka Arun, eppidi paa antha koral oru geeky koral ah mattininge...nalla touch, shave panname, dishevelled look, mudi comb pannama - intha chinna touches make the story believable. And thank God for Poongodi, she has more brains than the boys. Otherwise Thenu would have gone off with the Mottai Mama.

Most brilliant moment for me was when Thenu looks at Vani through the window and the background music. Now, this time the BGM was brilliant and little Neha's "Periamma, Thenu vandu irruken, Periamma" was so heartbreaking. Anaikattu udanju pochu!!! That girl is so talented. That BGM was so right. ...ithu oru genius touch. Intha mathiri little touches, thoughtful, emotional - these are the effective touches that make Vani Rani stand out from other serials.

For 178, I wrote something but it disappeared from the post. Please avoid the plots of the mokka serials. I am talking about the hospital scene where Surya and Poongodi and Swamy are next to each other and they do not see each other. Nanga antha scene paaka pothu, tension one was shouting "Dei, ange unga chitappa da...parunga da". We all were like "Of course they are going to miss each other...ethanai serials le patu irupom? So athu than my opinion. Ennaku VR different ah irrukunom.

Episode 178 rocking. Dialogues simple, sweet, shocking, sad. Bhoomi maritharar? Saravanan marithana? Burning questions. Tune in the next episode to find out the thrilling answers! Tenteden!! (Suspense music) Clap

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Karthikka IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 October 2013 at 4:43am | IP Logged
My review

I'm coming home
I'm coming home
Don't tell Appa I'm coming home
let the rain wash away
all the pain of yesterday
I know my family awaits
and they've forgiven my mistakes
I'm coming home
I'm coming home
tell the world I'm coming home ***

Today the episode was a bit dull but I know that it is building up to something exciting. I liked how you portrayed Mekala and her husband. That they are not evil villi and villain (maybe Rajmithran is a villain but only to his father-in-law). I am so glad that Mekala has fond memories of the sisters and understands how they are connected to each other. Smile

Little Neha is stealing every scene she appears in. I always look at her reactions when the adults are talking and she continues to amaze me with her natural acting even though she is not directly involved in the scene. I am waiting for the old Thenu to come back and I hope that my dream scene - between Thenu and Shenba - will materialise one day. LOL

The reunion scene between Gautham and Swamy was wonderful. Both actors managed to convince the viewers of their love for each other. It came across very well. Well done Vicky Krish and Prithivee.Star

Thank you for avoiding the common and annoying plot of the characters missing each other. I was glad Gautham and Saravanan bumped into Mahalingam. When he went into the toilet, I said "Oh no" but luckily he went into the toilet, otherwise he would have left the hospital by the time the boys had come down. Good job!

Good interaction between Surya and Saravanan. Dialogues again was great. Only thing is I would have been convinced of Saravanan's kolaveri if he had stopped crying. Hahahaha.LOL

But Radhikaa madam owned the episode. Her portrayal of Rani was fantastic. From the way she looked to the way she walked - fitting the character. Seriously, if they do a remake of Navarathiri, they should do a female version with Radhikaa in it. I said it once, I said it twice and I will say it again...this is her best serial, even better than Chithi.

Promo 58 shows Manikam trying to commit suicide. I hope he succeeds. LOL. LOL

***Not a rhyme but lyrics from a song called I'm Coming Home by this singer called Skylar Grey. International hit in 2011

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Karthikka IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 October 2013 at 6:30am | IP Logged
Episode 181

Paar magalae paar 
paar magalae paar
neeyillaadha maaligaiyaip paar magalae paar
un nizhalillaamal vaaduvadhaip paar magalae

paar paar magalae paar

Manikam's song to our dreams!!! Tongue

Loved today's episode (watched it three times)...cried again (I swear ennaku aha supermarket puthu tissue stodk order panna poranga). Radhikaa 's acting was fabulous as Rani. ClapHer looks of innocence, bewilderment, fright were so natural. When you watch the episode, make sure you look at her expressions whilst the rest are fighting. Seriously, I think she is just superb. 

I think next to Anaconda, I detest Manikam the most. I just realised something - why both the tata and the paati characters are nasty and evil? Wink And why was he screaming his head off - I thought he was going to get a heart attack. I was waiting for the spittle to come out. LOL Saravanan and Gautham should have just whacked him. Angry Poor Rani ma...Cry

Swamy shone today too. His dialogues with Bhoomi was just too good. The way he looked, the break in his voice, the tears - no more, big boy. Come on Babloo...we want to see more of Babloo than Swamy. Surya stood out as well. The five men in VR's lives interacting. Great scene. Poor Bhoomi - he shouldnt say "naan thirinthen". The more he says it, the more people won't believe him. Glad to see Saravanan's face pretty face still purple and pink still. Realism. Good. (But what happened to his limp? OK, don't ask too many questions)

But the magical touch - was when Rani polamburaning about her mama. That was totally unexpected. Brilliant touch. I did not expect that at all (I know, I am repeating myself).

Promo 58 shows Manikam trying to commit suicide. I hope he succeeds. Please let me know if assistance is needed. I will be glad to oblige'.LOL 

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Karthikka IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 October 2013 at 9:16pm | IP Logged
Episode 182

For Bhoomi and Manikam

pOyum pOyum manidhanukindha
budhdhiyai kuduthaanae- iraivan

budhdhiyai kuduththanae -adhil
poiyum purattum thiruttum kalandhu
bhoomiyaik keduthaanae - manidhan
bhoomiyai keduthaanae

The star of the episode today is a surprise for me - Mekala. This is one of the little things that I like about Vani Rani. No one is 100% evil - whether it is Kali (love and loyalty for his niece is a positive side to the character) or Manickam (he still loves his son, he did take in his nieces when they were made orphans). Same thing with Mekala and Balu (finally found out his name). Dialogues by Mekala were superb. Sila nerathil engal viruppam ethirra nadappom, because of our loyalty to our family and friends. (Karnan being the classic legendary example). But Megala finally stood up to her father. *clap*. Even though the promise her father got from her father was extreme, at least the viewers now know that Megala has different aspects to her character, and not the one-dimension serial characters have. Crook na avan/aval crook ah veh irrupan/irrupal, nallavan na avan nalavane irrupan, appavi na avan appavi ye irrupan, behku na avan behkavei irrupan. But all human beings have different angles - manithan pathi mirugam whilst initially Megala was supporting her father, she stopped when she realised that her father was cruel and unreasonable.

Prithivee rocked as well. He was a man who was no longer willing to act as a doormat, no longer Mr. Pushover. Sadness, anger, despair, ellam mix panni avarin unarchigal theliva mugathilum varthaigalilum showcase paninar. Looking forward to the development of his character from a wallflower - athavathu avar ange irrukar but no one gives him importance - to a strong man of steel. LOL

I was noting Surya's facial reactions when Swamy was talking to Bhoomi and his reactions were very apt and appropriate to the nature of the scene. Sogam and veruppu together. ClapGautham was a little stiff I think - all he does is scrunch up his face, he needs to do more than that. Should observe Radhikaa and how she executes her emotions.

If anything convinced me that Bhoom had changed, it was the scene in Rani's room. Honestly that moment when Rani was polamburaning about her mama was a touch of genius. The reactions from the men outside her door were fantastic. Bhoomi didnt need to act when he was alone with her - but then again, this is Bh

Ravi Kumar as Manikam also did his job very well although I do feel that he should tone down his shouting sometimes.  I just felt like slapping him...grr...AngryBut what a twisted character, yaar. So hard and unforgiving. Vani Rani yil perusanga ellam crooks pola. Hahaha!!!


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Posted: 10 October 2013 at 6:30am | IP Logged
Episode 183

Awesome. Rocking. Exciting.

For Rajesh (special mention Sura and Mano)

Unakkulle Mirugam
thoongivida ninaikum
ezhundhu adhu nadandhaal,
erimalaigal vedikum

  I saw this episode at 2 a.m. Orre thrilling episode, kai thatthunen. Oru thadava alla, pala thadava. Clap Ennaku oru muttu mathiri oru observation kidaichuttu....In the beginning, Anaconda Senior planned to go to Vani's house and split up the family. She finally succeeded splitting them up but at what price? Nalla anavikitthum. Than vinai thanaye sudum i.e. you reap what you sow) ... Shanthi Williams was very good with her facial expressions and tears, but I did not feel sorry for her. I thought serves her right. And this Jyothi - ithu thiranthathu. Nandri illatha oru jenmam.Angry

Rajeshkku oru ooo podunga!! Did not expect that but one of the best moments of Vani Rani...about time. Mettai le kuthichutu kai thattinen. (Sorry Bhaboos, neenga nalavanga). Selvi is back to her crying, whining self and I wish she stops saying "Please"...pichaikkaran kooda ippidi please nu sollamathan (ok, konjam English therinja pichaikkaran). When Kali said " Uun please kleese yaaruku vendum?" I actually was agreeing with him, but for a different reason. Hahaha.

Kali deserves the slap. Yes, he is the father and Rajesh is the son, but that does not mean he can say what he likes or behave the way he does. For once, this is not a case of thantai solvikka manthiram illay. (Kali kku manthiram theriyuma?? Thanthiram theriyum, ahnah manthiram?) This is the problem with many Indian parents. They treat children like their property and not human beings with their own minds, personalities and emotions. But ithu engey poi mudiyummo? Kanna Rajesh, antha Shenba ve miratta pombathu, konjam baiyamuthrura mathiri pesalame. Rendu naala sapadu ille ya? Athu than sound-eh kannoma? But good job bro. Eh, veetukku thirumbi vandurathe. Anga unga appa aruvaloda sutturan!!

Mano's house. Brilliant segment. Poongodi is how a girl should be - how Selvi should be. Bright, smart, principled. Mano - finally showing dill - appadi podunga aruvale!! There are still some good people in this world. Jyothi will not learn her lesson unfortunately. AngryBut one thing - evanga ellam thirinthuna, kathai le kick illama poiyudom.

Sura's dialogues were fantastic. I listened to them over and over again Pa Raghavan sar - antha padippu than ya meiyana sothu. *Clap*. Love it. Something I say all the time - your education is your strength. I firmly believe it.

Some questions raised by the fans 1. How long will the story in the hospital go on for? They think it is dragging now, so athukku eppa mudivu? 2. Selvi character romba peyarukku pidikilla - crybaby, maman ne ethirtu neenda pin pazhaiya padi oru padicha muttal mathiri kammikiringa...just some of the views that I got.

Oru episode-il Thenu vum Shenba veiyum interact pannungale. Jolly ya irrukum. Hahaha. LOL

Star of the episode or rather stars: Rajesh and Sura. Dialogues outstanding. Camera sutturaning sutturaning thalai also sutturaning. Hahaha. LOL

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Karthikka IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 October 2013 at 10:01am | IP Logged
My review

Episode 185

Anaconda Paati kku oru pambu paatu

Nadhar mudhi mel irrukum nalla pambe 
Unakku nalla peyar vaithavar yaar

sollu pambe
Bhoominathanin thalayamarndha aanavama
Avan panathoda vilayaadum dhayiriyama 

Today's episode was stunning. Each segment kept me gripped to my seat. Vasanathai pathi solla thevalai, but as usual this episode too had its gems.  I think I want to start a collection called "Gem Quotes from Vani Rani". LOL

I loved the scene at the temple when the two sisters hug each other and cry. I think you have a rare jewel in Little Neha (sorry, enakku aval Baby Neha nu thonule...hehehe). But her hospital scene dialogue had me falling about laughing especially when she tells Rajesh "Mottai ellam vendam. Intha thadi than kandraviya irrukku. Motha atha edunga". Hahaha...oru second naan appadiya shock a poithen. Apparom siri siri nu sirichen. ROFL High five Thenu. Nanga sollikitu irukiriteh nee solite. Chamatu. VR team, kalakkal than! Two other things about this segment. Naan sonnen little things ellam note pannuven endru. When Selvi was talking to Rajesh, I was noticing the interaction between Swamy, Thenu and Saravanan in the background. Rombha natural avangaloda facial expressions. Good touch team!! The dialogue between Selvi and Rajesh kooda nala irantha thu. Rajesh Kali ya adichathu sila viewers ukku pidikilla. Avangalukku nalla explanation koodithinga. I did not slap my father, I slapped his thimiru, I slapped his agambavam.* Clap* I still respect my father, and that hasn't lessened. Good touch again team. Ahnah rombha pidicha vishayum intha segment il - Selvi did not cry!! LOL

Stars of the episode today : Kali and Mano. Star Swamy also deserves a special mention. They were very engrossed in their roles. Athavathu avargalin katha pathurangalil muzhu kavanathaiyum unarchigalaiyum seluthunangal. Bhaboos especially was brilliant - from athiram, avesam to atarchi...the look of shock when he sees Shenba standing in front of Rajesh was great, yaar. Dialogues appadiya azhaga theliva koodutharu. Antha paithiyathukku koodikira mathippum pasamum sontha maganukku koodukilliye. Confused

One thing I liked was oru chinna vishayamma irundhalum, neenga viewers eh remind panninge - athavathu Kali yin mutha marumagalin kathai. I like that. So don't forget antha plot!! I used to like the other Radaan serial, Shivasankari - engeyo start panni ippe engeyo I have lost interest. Ahnah VR team chinna vishayangal marakkama irukirenge - I like. Athey samayathil don't forget the elder son. Like I said, viewers are intelligent people. Pothuva matta serial directors intha fact eh consider panna mattanga. Intha kelvi ella directors' manasuleiyum nyabagathillum vachirukkinum "If I was the viewer and I was watching this episode, would I believe the story?". So far VR is maintaining the standard and storyboard team should continue to bear this in mind.

I wrote in my review before that I really liked how the story on Anaconda Sr (avanga peyar maranthuthen) is developing. And again that was highlighted today when she finally leaves the house. English le soluvanga "Irony" nu. Athu than Anaconda vin kathai. Yaareyo veetai vittu viratunum ne sathi potha, kadasile avalle veetai vittu veliyai pora nilamai vanthiriuchu. As I said somewhere else, Anaconda does not see anything wrong she did but she feels the pain, hurt and sadness that Rani and Swamy felt. That is karma!! No doubt we haven't seen the last of Shanthi Williams. Hahaha.

Finally Prithivee...transformation from a mouse to a lion is fantastic. Pavam Bhoomi. I feel for him, but it is good that nobody has forgiven him - not his brother, not his kids and even his brother-in-law and niece do not believe him. Swamy's anger was so real. Avorada athiramum vethanaiyum engalluku nala purinjikka mudinchathu...because of Prithivee's acting. My gem dialogue - madichu vacha athu panam. kasacichu potta athu koopai, kilichu ericha adutha nimasham aathu saambal. Brilliant!

Mental Shenba naala Rajesh thappichina? Ayo salikkilla. Angry

Ah, before I forget, eppa pathalum naan antha background chorus ah patti complain pannikittu irrupen. Ahnal indaikku rendu idathil the background music rombha pidichu irunthathu. When Bhoomi is talking to the doctor, apparom final scene with the two sisters in their respective hospital beds. Big smile

Nice touch.

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Karthikka IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 October 2013 at 6:18am | IP Logged

Song for Vani and Rani

I love this song and when I saw the episode especially when both Rani and Vani see each other for the first time, this song came to my mind. TMS - Kannadasan- Illayaraja and of course Nadigar Thilagam. There is a P.Susila version somewhere but I couldnt find it. I have not set out all the lyrics. Just the most appropriate and meaningful ones

enthan ponnvaname anbu poovaname
enthan ponnvaname anbu poovaname
nenjil poratama kannil nirotama
athai nan parkava manam than thanguma Cry
enthan ponnvaname anbu poovaname

kovil illai endral theivam illai
inge ni illai yen kanne nanum illai Broken Heart
vanam illai endral mathiyum illai
unthan varthai iillai endral keetham illai

en rajathi kanney nee kalangathiru

Neeyum ille endral naanum engey selven
- isnt this line so appropriate for the sisters? Clap

Throughout the world of cinema and entertainment, many dialogues have attained legendary status to the extent that even today people quote those lines. Not only will they know which film the line is from, but who says it. Arnold Schwarnegger's "I'll be back" from The Terminator, Clark Gable's "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn" from Gone with the Wind, "May the Force be with you" from Star Wars "My preciousss" from Lord of the Rings. Tamil cinema too has its famous lines ( I am not talking about dialogues such as those from Parasakthi or Veerapandiyan Kattobomman) but the one-liners like "En vazhi thani vazhi" "Kelvi ye nee ketkiraiya?" "Ithu eppidi irrukku?" Today's Vani Rani's episode has produced such a one-liner. Simple and memorable. The magic of this line is not in the words, but the way it was said, the circumstances in which it was said. The correct intonation by Radhikaa is one factor. The other factor is that this sentence summed up the whole plot of the past two weeks. "Rani, enga di nee ponna?" was so brilliant in its simplicity that dams broke in many households with both men and women reaching for their tissues, bawling their eyes out. I was one of them. :)

It would be unfair of me if in my review I did not mention Radhikaa' s acting. Truly this lady deserves an award (or more) for the portrayal of identical twins with different personalities, different outlook and even different levels of intelligence but connected by a strong bond only twins could have. As Rani today, Radhikaa simply shone. Her facial expressions, her mannerisms, the way she talked and even walked were so natural. Credit must be given to director ON Rathnam for identifying her ability and making sure that it is used in the best way possible. I noticed how Rani walked through the hospital. She was confused, unsure and was in a daze. It was so well done and attention was paid to little details.

Prithvee had another stellar performance today. His facial expressions were so apt to the circumstance and situation. The fear and the worry were shown not just in his face but also the way he walked. I am pleased that Vani Rani has given Prithivee an opportunity to show the world that he can do other roles other than the villain. :) (But Ganga was also excellent, eh Prithivee?)

Arun did not have much to do in today's episode but whatever he had to do, he did it well. I don't know how he modulates his voice to sound geeky and yet concerned but he did a fine job. Waiting to see his metamorphosis (transformation) from geek to sleek. Hehehe.

The best parts of today's episode were the two sisters. No doubt about that. Really heartwarming and wonderful to see them together. This shows how fantastic Radhikaa is that I am talking about her as if she was two different women!! Hahahaha, I hope Sarath does not get confused. LOL

There are two things that I think I should voice out. This time I have something to say about the dialogue. "It is a medical mirahcle" (Not mirahcle, but miracle - you say it like mirror-cle)...ayo, kannungala, aala vithurenge. I don't know whether you were making a joke on us the viewers but when I heard this line, I groaned "Ayo kadavule". It is a standard joke in my family. We always laugh at this line and every time we want to make fun of the doctors (including my brother) we'll say "It is a medical mirahcle". Hahaha. Sorry.

Second thing. I did not notice this. But other viewers noticed it and they commented - I think one mentioned this in the youtube page. Vani is seriously ill and she has lipstick under her mask!!! Chinna chinna vishayangal notice pannuvanga. But I did tell them that make-up is needed because of the lighting. Unmaiya poiya theriyule, but ungala vittukooda koodathu le!! I also said that in the bigger scheme of things, this is irrelevant. Hahaha.

Great episode. Great line. Great acting. Great direction. No.1! No.1! No.1!!

Enthan ponvaname anbu poovaname


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