Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

*|| Treasures for Saraa: Happy Birthday, Mrs. K ||*

|Persephone| IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 October 2013 at 3:35pm | IP Logged

Alina: Hey guys! Guess what day it is? Big smile

Gunia: *sticks her head out of her books* Hump Day?! Ermm The day that I finally snap and go crazy? LOL

Alina: Erm... No Ermm Fairy Baji?

Fairy: I know! It's Saraa Day!!! PartyDancing

Gunia: OMG! I can't believe it. I forgot! Saraa is going to kill me...Dead *runs around in a frenzy while everyone looks on*

Jenifer: And now that Gunia has finally snapped, let's move on with why we're all here! Celebrating Saraa's birthday!!! Cool

Alina: Yea! Saraa Aapi deserves the bestest birthday party Approve with lots of gifts and cake and sparkles and those cute little snacks and cards... oh and balloons and...

Jenifer: *grabs the mike* I think everyone is batshit crazy today, so I guess I'll just have to hand off the mike to the only sane one - Fairy.

Fairy: *looking extremely pleased and important* So I guess we'll take you all to the beginning of the grand journey that started it all...

On May 1st, 2006, a special someone landed on the mystical land that was India-Forums, and no one knew how important this someone would become and weasel their way into all our lives. It all started with a cute, typical introduction post and a call for forging some bonds:

And even though she chose to write in all capitals, many new friends were made that day. The pretty lass went by the name of Saraa and the ID of rajeev_eijaz.

She continues spreading joy and love everywhere she went. And a few months went by in this way. On a fine fall day a few months later, we saw the first hint of ambition and what the future held. :O

Some said she wanted power, others laughed her off, but the true believers knew that she only wanted to help us mere mortals with a new position! Smile

In April 2007, the prayers were finally answered and she was bestowed with the honor of becoming lady of the SBS forum (viewbie). Alas! Misfortune befell and she left her kingdom to go on an adventure... the adventure of marriage! Day Dreaming However, she remembered her I-F people and came back a mere few months later, but without a kingdom to call her own! Embarrassed

However, her efforts were recognized and she was once again given a place to call her own in October 2007 in the form of Antakshari the Great Challenge Forum (Coolbie). She continued her service to the masses and provided written updates for numerous shows including Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar, SBS, IPKKND, LMYAM, etc. Her efforts were rewarded and she once again had a kingdom in the form of Babul Ka Aangan Chootey Na in May 2008.

But perhaps, she is most known for her work in the IPKKND forum. She kept spreading her love and joy and managed to win the hearts of many! Heart In November 2012, another feather was added to her ever-growing list of accomplishments when she became a BollyCurry Buzzer. Now, she could reach an even wider audience! But it does not stop there, her majesty continued her expansion and in March 2013, she became a Crazy Creative!!! 

So what do you need to know about her?! Just this - she's everywhere, is super helpful, is much loved and today is her day!!!

And here is some juicy gossip: Her Highness was already aware that this royal event will be taking place this very day. Proof? Scroll down...

Now, let's get right to business and wish this superwoman who leaves no stone unturned to make everyone smile!

So join us in wishing this wonderful member of the BollyCurry Buzzers, Crazy Creatives and I-F Development Team - Saraa aka DeviatedTesoro. a very very happy birthday!!!

***Disclaimer: This thread is purely in good humor and jest. The IF DT does not claim to be royalty in any way, shape or form.***

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OnlyHope IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 14 October 2013 at 3:36pm | IP Logged

 True friend who wants to brings out the best in me (& all other friends).

 Always knows what to say at the right time.

 Never leaves friends alone; always there in times of need.

 Doesn't hold grudges.

 Has a cute, unique, and an adorable way of somehow getting people's attention.

 Extremely strong-willed and determined!

 Wants to make EVERYONE happy; spreads smiles all day long, regardless of how her own day/night has been!

 Gives you all her time!

Great listener!

Gives honest & sincere advice.

 Never ever says no. It doesn't exist in her dictionary.

 Has the most amazing sense of humor.

 Being around her, and in a bad mood? Can't happen at the same time.

 Constantly on the lookout to help people; puts others first.

 Very responsible and loyal towards everything/everyone that is her responsibility.

 Remembers minor details about people to use/say at the right time sometime later in the future.

 Talk to her all day, yet you won't be bored.

 Lover by birth Wink 

 Very efficient at whatever she does.

She does not sleep. Why do I love her for this? Because she knows just how to get everything done!

 A student, a wife, and a mother of two, along with so much more, yet this girl always manages to make everyone feel special. How can anyone not love her? Embarrassed

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beautiful. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 October 2013 at 3:36pm | IP Logged

It was 7th February 2013 when I pm-ed you for the first time ever and a sweet journey began! BINGO! I remember the exact date. PartyDancing 

I had the Valentine's OS Contest Idea and God knows why between the three Moderators there.. I selected you and sent the pm. I really don't know why! Confusedbut it was Destiny I guess! Big smile

I first met Saraa when she was on the hotseat in IPK forum. Found her to be extremely sweet and friendly! And for some odd reason, I invited her to the Masti Khor CC. And then the rest is history <3 

As far as I remember, I met Saraa in BollyCurry first? And then in CC. I don't remember interacting with her much in BC though. CC is a different story. XD

I still remember the first time we met. We met through Stuti on the CB section i think haina? LOL and then followed by Boredom CC and then VB threads. 

I came to know about u in Sony Forums..

So she was preparing Gun's birthday thread on the EHMMBH forum [which I handle], and people who were not supposed to reserve a post had reserved a post, much to both of our annoyance. Thus began our PM exchange about what to do about those posts, which turned into getting to know one another, and us freaking out and going hyper cause she grew up in Singapore and I study there, and now I consider her to be one of my closest IF friends :)

How did I met her - long, time back in one of our PM convo , which started with some DT related work, but recently we got to talk something outside DT'ing .. and that is when I realized she is crazy Maiyya (Ekta) show fan like me, with Sujal-Kashis, Prem-Muktii being her fav !! Day Dreaming  She is much fun to be around, always ready to help.. it's absolute pleasure to know someone like her ! 

Met her through the IPKKND forum

Er.. I'm pretty sure it was when Saraa became a Coolbie and joined Neethi and myself in C/V section..? Yea, that was it Approve

I met her in Luv marriage vs Arranged marriage forum i guess...that was the time i began taking part in banner contests and i had taken part of the BC of that forum and she was the viewbie of that forum so we had a formal pm chat...then i guess later it was in Bollycurry.

I met you on DC, so nothing much about it...
Never thought we were gonna be such a great team together.

I had seen Saraa a lot of the forum. She did help me once in something graphic related, at the Help Desk of AaS Forum. Officially, met her when I was assigned Fashion team after the team changes. I am hopelessly hopeless when it comes to fashion so writing my first fashion related article (IIFA!!) more or less reduced me to a crying mess. It was really late at night, plus Ramzan! And Saraa was there and she helped me a LOT with the article and stuff and more or less saved my life. She keeps doing, I never realized I love her so much Stern Smile But I guess I do! Slave driver hai, but sweet hai Embarrassed

Though i knew her as she was the IPK DT but interacted with her personally after becoming a BC buzzer... She ended up sending me a pm to remind me i needed to complete an article even though i was not a part of her team LOL

Met her on newsroom recently, she used to do my work when i disappeared if i remember well.LOL

Though I've seen her a lot around the IPK forum it was in the IPK Anniversary Preps thread where we properly interacted. 

Its more than a year now , i met her in Pyar Ka Dard forum when we were there at initial days of show. Its been adventurous journey .

She joined BC and decided that 'tis I she would join hips with and unfortunately, she hasn't budged since. Saraa, my dear, explore the BC world. Find other avenues. Leave me be, please! (you dare go anywhere and I'll personally hunt you down).

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OnlyHope IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 14 October 2013 at 3:37pm | IP Logged


(Meri) JaanHeart My EVERYTHING



Also, for me i would describe my Saru as a person with positive attitude! Big smile

CRAZY! (like I said in my message) ROFL 


Awesomesauce Cool

CuteandSweet (that's one word, with no spaces WinkLOL



Hmm..A word to Describe Saraa isn't enough. 



One word that describes you could be Inspiration, Caring, Adorable, Hyperactive, and so much more...
But I thing the appropriate word is Life.
My Life, Her family's Life, Bollycurry ki Life, Drama Central ki Life - Saraa Baaji Heart

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beautiful. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 October 2013 at 3:37pm | IP Logged

Heyy Aapi! Hug Umm.. I suck with wishes actually! Ouch I don't know what to say! Confused I always Thank God for bringing you in my life and you're a really really special person to me: my best friend, sister and umm.. a motherly figure. LOL Ok.. seriously. Thanks for helping me always! Hug Even after being on IF for two years.. I never know who are mods and how all the sistem works. I didn't even knew what are sigs, avis.. how to make 'em and didn't knew even how to use avi as my dp. ROFL BUT.. then I met you.. and everything changed! I learned lots of things from you and will continue to do the same! From Psing to everything.. you have been an amazing guide, tutor.. not on IF only but also in my real life. I know that when I have a problem and need someone (who can understand me)'s msg, I have to send a msg to you and my problem is resolved. Cry *Khushi k ansoo* Thanks a lot. Even a Thanks is not enough for thanking you.. for everything you did for me! I bothered you SO much.. only you know that! LOL Aur kya keh sakti hun me? Embarrassed Umm.. I better stop or I'll take the whole post! Dusre logo k bhi to msgs parne he na? LOL LOVE YOU! Hug Don't change ever and be the same you are now! You're a truly inspiration for me: a perfect daughter, daughter-in-law, student, sister, bhabhi, wife and mother! Approve LOVE YOU A LOT AAPI! HugHug I really hope and pray to Allah that our relation will never break.. and it will become stronger day by day! Heart

Last but not the least.. Wish you a really really happy birthday and may God bless you always with lots of happiness and success (in journalism tooTongue). May all your wishes come true and spend a lovely day (Eid actuallyLOL) with my Jeejaji and Bhaanjees! Hug

Sooo..let me start with a not-so-famous hobby:

Khuda aapki har khwahish ko poora kare
Dil se nikle jo aapki sada usay fauran sun le
Gham aur aansu bhool jayen aapki zindagi ka raasta
Aur har khushi aapki zindagi ki raah chun le

The sunshine of my morning, the moonlight of my everything! <3

I have SO SO SO much to write, but I've no idea where to begin or what to write. BUT, it's your big day, so anything and everything for you <3

Sabse pehle wish you a very very veryyy Happy Birthday!!

May Allah bless you with nothing but the besttt! Ab yeh to keh nahi sakti ke acha shohar miley..aur bahuttt saarey bache hon :P already yeh blessings hain Mrs. RK ke pass, mashaAllah mashaAllah..BUT, aage bhi life mein may you alwaysss be granted with happiness and love!

You know what you mean to PATA THA...RK ke chakkar mein main kahan yaad rahungi :(

You're the one person I know I can blindly trust and count on, KABHI BHI. No matter the time or the circumstances, I know you are and will always be there..and this doesn't just go for me needing your helping or for some faltu kaam...this holds true ALWAYS..even if it's when I want to vent about something or need sisterly advice..or if it's just to tell you that I love you, woman! <3

Know that I truly and honestly love you lots, beyond what I can put into words. Meeting you online was fate, but it was definitely a beautiful coincidence that I now have someone in my life who is so dear to me, someone so genuine and sweet that I'm glad to call my friend and a sister. Can't wait to meet you now! Cool

Love you infinity x infinity, and even that to the power of infinity! NOW, don't start calculating it...there's no measure HugHugHug

Fariha aka Farii aka FSB aka LakhaniBai Embarrassed

Happy Birthday Saraa Party

May all your wishes and dreams come true. May this coming year bring you loads of happiness and success into your life. Hug You're an awesome, reliable and fun person to work with in BC Cool  Your witty messages on WA make me smile :)  I made you a little something (didn't come out that great so apologies in advance) 

*Check below*

Happy Happy Birthday Saraa <3 As much as it kills me to be nice to you, I'd like to wish you a very happy birthday and hope you have a wonderful day. Since its your day, I shall be nice to you and offer you cookies *reluctantly hands you one*. Treasure this moment. But it kinda sucks cause you turn another year older which means you're now what, 343434 years old? Shocked Anywayyy.. hope you get tons of gifts and whatnot. And I wish I was good at making sigs and stuff.. But I'm no graphics maker.. so unfortunately, all I have is my.. love for you. Big smile



Wishing you many many many happy returns of the day. Hope you have an amazing birthday with loads of surprises and gifts. 

May you have a blessed birthday. Star

God Bless. I shall give u birthdae gift soonish! Approve

Love you loads,

Saraa Many many happy returns of the day dear HugHugHug .. May God bless you with lots of love , happiness and success in life and may you continue to reach greater heights of success in your life and career .. Enjoy this day to the fullest and have lots of fun with your family and friends Party

I still remember the day I came to know about u in Sony Forums ..I was really amazed with your hard work and dedication  Embarrassed .. I always knew that one day u will really make it big on IF for sure and I m so glad to see u today among one of the best DTs on IF today ClapClapClap... You are really a wonderful friend to interact with ..Always remain the same .. fun loving and a caring girl HugHug

Happy Birthday to you once again HugHugHug 

Wish you a very very Happy Birthday Saraaa HugHugHug May you have all the happiness, prosperity, love, peace, friendship, harmony, health and smiles in life .. Have a wonderful birthday with the loved ones, eating loads of cakes .

Once  again have a wonderful Birthday HugHug

Loads of love and best regards !!

Happy Happy Birthday Saruu! You've been such an awesome person and such a good friend of mine in such a short period! I hope and pray you have a wonderful day with your family, and you have an even better year ahead! God Bless You always, and may you always be smiling :)

Happy Birthday Saraa! I hope you have a great one!! I was so excited when you joined the Uttaran DT...i knew that i finally had someone to share my Uttaran woes for helping out with all the drama! Enjoy your special day! Big smile


On this special day, i wish you all the very best, all the joy you can ever have and may you be blessed abundantly today, tomorrow and the days to come! May you have a fantastic birthday and many more to come... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Hey Sara!

Happy Birthday hun! hope u have a wonderful birthday filled with lots of gifts and surprises! make sure u eat up all the chocolates before ur kids get to them. lol...

I've spoken 2 u the most from the new CCs (excluding preet, aanchu and khushi whom I knew from before) and I got to say ur an amazing person and have been so helpful...I can never forget how much u helped out with the eid thread and stepped in last minute when I got really busy. thanks again! ur a star and I wish u the very best in everything. here's two birthday sigz! hope u like them!

*Check below*

S A R A A A A A A A  Jiii! Hug Hug Hug

So it's finally the birthday of one of, if not the most proactive member of India-Forums!
I know that there's hardly anyone who hasn't heard of this superwoman, whether I'm referring to DT stuff, CC or BC related things, YOU are always there to get anyone's back in time of need!
On this day, hope the sun shines on you, the wind is at your back, your food tastes good, you see Inaaya's smiles and hear Eshaal's laughter everyday, not just on your birthday cos you are abso-flippin-lutely-awesome! Love you for who you who are! 
And finally, 
H A P P Y    B I R T H D A A A A A A Y! Hug Hug Hug
Okay. So I am not creative at all, especially when it comes to PSing. But here's an ugly one, with a super awesome tagline! Cool

*Check below*

Hugs, kisses, and lots of love,

Happy B day Saraa!! Hope you have a rocking day and successful year ahead Big smile

Hey Sarahh!!!! 

Wishing you many happy returns of the day Buzzer Jee ;) God bless you heaps this year and many years to come. Hopefully you'll become more wiser too Ermm If you think am gonna be nice on your birthday then double think about it Stern Smile Okay, i wonder if i will be taken rather in a humourous sense, since we barely know each other...but nonetheless have come across at times on NR ;P I shit at writing birthday messages, must have realised that now, havent you? Ok man Jesus bless you and may God bestows his love and happiness all throughout. Have a rocking and amazing birthday with your close ones. On this i pray that you have a surprising and awesomistic day which is unforgettable. Keep rocking and do amazing work around you. You're great!


From Virina

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARAA (the slave driver)!!!  Okay, I ridiculously suck when it comes to giving birthday messages. So, just..happy birthday Stern Smile Tareef karoon? Confused You're sweet, bit of a slave driver but definitely my ultimate savior when it comes to fashion! For that, jhappizzz!! Hug Yaaay! It's your BIRTHDAY!! Have a blast, go wild and when it's all over, sit back and let the realization sink in that you are growing older! Evil Smile You should make sure that you let the realization sink in after you are done enjoying/celebrating the day. If you realize it first then all the fun would be gone which would be no fun at all. See, I care about you so much Embarrassed

Now, I'll go jump off the cliff cuz this message sucks that bad Stern Smile

Lolz LOL

But seriously, Happy Birthday Stern Smile 

Happy Birthday to my dearest Saraa Baaji (I just realized I can use the word when I am not asking for something)...

Dude I love you sooo much I cant tell you...

You know when I think of you, the thought comes as an inspiration...

The way you manage your life, what a balance between studies, family and India Forums? thu thu thu thu thu thu...

Knowing you has only made life better...

I hope you realize just how much you being in my life means...

I have amazing nieces, beautifuuul (thu thu thu thu thu), an amazing sis like you, and an apparently handsome bhaiyya too (lets keep the language censored here, asli feelings only on watsapp)


Hey Saraa Di...

naa not di anymore...ur my sweet Aapi nowEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Many many happy returns of the aapi and im so glad to have come across such a wonderful and helpful person like u in IF...ur those rare gems whom id treasure for sureEmbarrassed

i still dont remember how our conversations began n grew...but we knew each other definitely before bollycurryLOLLOLthen working with u in BC and the ipkknd anniversary thread was some wonderful memories<3<3

i started my long notes here too so i better stop...ROFL

k before i leave...keep a piece of ur bday cake away from urself Evil Smile, eshaal, inaya, n the other buzzers just for meCool

luv u<3

n yeah i have something made for u...actually i could only manage barun n arhi...sorry if they arent gudEmbarrassed

*Check Below*


to my lovely 10 day older former Beta.

Wow, you're literally just 10 days older to me - AND YOU ALREADY HAVE TWO KIDS. I cannot believe it.

I also cannot believe we lived in the same little island for years and never knew each other. THERE ARE BARELY HOW MANY POEPLE IN THIS PLACE?

ugh just think about Saraa, we could have spent birthdays together. how awesome would that have been?

but we cannot change what was, I'm just glad I got to know you now! Writing with you, getting to know you, has been a pleasure, and I want to wish you a very happy birthday from the bottom of my heart. you are a sweetheart and a wonder, inside and out, and I am honoured to call you a friend.

also this is going to sound weird, but please give your little ones a huge hug from me because they sound adorable and from all you've said about them, I already think of them as nieces so - hugs and kisses to them!

now, present time for mrs future saas of the baby prince:

*Check Below*


I was very tempted to record something in Singlish for you, or to write this entire message in Singlish, but I realised I hate the sound and look of it and if ever I feel the urge, I will just text you something in Singlish la.

(also very tempted to link you to the national anthem. or recite the pledge. you must be missing that lol.)

I SHALL BE STRONG AND RESIST, for you. just for you.


Saraa Hug Though I've not know you for long it feels like I've known you forever.Embarrassed You're one of the sweetest person on I-F I have ever come across.Approve You are so approachable. I'm blessed to have a friend like you. May you have an amazing birthday, just like you. ;) Wishing you all the happiness your heart can hold. Partyy Hard.Cool Love you loads! Heart


P.S : You're gift is on hold. Will send it to you later in the day.Hug

Hello Saraa Di! Hug 
Wish you a very Happy Birthday! party
I pray that all your dreams come true and may god bless you with all the happiness and success in life. big hug   
Love you loads,Heart

Happy birthday my dear Saraa <3
I wish you all the best for your future and I pray to God that you get everything you want in your life.
With Love Baki

!Happy Birthday Saraa!

 May everything happy,and everything bright
be yours on your birthday
from morning till night.

And then through the year,may the same thing hold true
so that each day is filled
with life's best things for you!

!!Have a Happy Birthday!!

Here's ur cake-

Treats from me-

Last but not least Here's ur gifts-

*Check Below*

Wishing u a great year ahead.God Bless n Good wishes!

With Lots Of Love,

Happy Birthday Saara Embarrassed. God bless you ! may you get happyness ,joy & eternity & all what you want. Embarrassed Many many returns of the day!HugHappy Birthday Scraps, Wishes with Graphics for Orkut, Myspace

Happy Birthday Scraps, Happy Birthday Graphics for Orkut, Myspace

DevBig smile.

HAPPY BirthdAY Sara Aapi
It's Yo Birthday today Many Many Happy Returns of the day sweetheartEmbarrassed
May God bless you with Thousands of more BirthdaysEmbarrassed...and I wish for you that This day you would get everything you wantBig smile
You are too sweet and Cute and I love you enna saaraHugHugHug

A small gift for you:

*Check below*


Saraa, as I sit here trying to think of a sweet birthday message, I find myself drawing a complete blank. It's just not in my character to be...nice. So shall wish you a very somber happy birthday and gracefully move on. No? What do you mean you demand more? Always demanding, aren't you? I want this! I want that! Give me this! Give me that!

*takes a deep breath and plasters a smile*

Saraa, you're the most amazing Beta the News Room has had the fortune of recruiting. An asset to all situations, I don't know how I would've ran our beloved Fashion Police without you and your insistent pushing. I love the Good Cop/Bad Cop thing we got, me being the obvious. Ahem. Your ever-lending ear (read: WhatsApp) is a true source of pain relief and in short, I have trained you well. You're my protege and I wouldn't have it any other way.

I can't do this anymore. It physically pains me to be this forcefully nice. Now help me recover and pass me all your cookies. 

As you know, I am graphically challenged - I can't even draw stick men properly - so I have no works of creation to pass onto you and too prideful to ask others. But I know my message trumps all so all's good.

Happy birthday once again and have a fantabulous (that is a word) one.

Birthday Greetings, scraps, glitter images

Wish you a very Happy Birthday Saru !

Hope you get all pleasures of the world, and always stay happy !

May god bless you with all Happiness and success Big smile

Stay blessed and Happy forever !

Loads of love

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OnlyHope IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 14 October 2013 at 3:37pm | IP Logged

Itna sare gifts mil gaye.. mujhse kya chahie? ROFL Ok.. seriously.. I don't think I need to gift you anything! You're always free to ask me anything you want to.. anytime Approve I'm not a good sig-maker so not making anything + you have to use all this stuff so Thank me. ROFLROFL But if you really want anything.. message me! Hug





Saraaa! I love you! <-- Yup, that's my gift Approve *blame my crashed PSP + exams + IAs + XYZ you don't wanna know* 

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|Persephone| IF-Sizzlerz

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Introduction Post:  |Persephone|

Humein Tumse Pyar Kitna: OnlyHope

Headers and Dividers: appy_indy-KD

Name Tags: OnlyHope and -ILoveSobti-

Overall Organization & Management: -Alina.

Special thanks to -JungleeBilli-, Mrs.Dhawan, ..enchanted.., -Nidz-, -Eris- and .Kriti. for making gifts to help liven this up! And Angel_Jot for helping with collecting messages.

Thanks to everyone for sending wishes & gifts! Hug

Please PM -Alina. or |Persephone| if your gifts or messages are missing.

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OnlyHope IF-Stunnerz

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Happy Birthday, Biwi! Hug

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