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Pavitra Rishta Written Update 14th October 2013-Completed

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Pavitra Rishta Written Update 14th October 2013


Episode begins with Ganesh Vandana.

Then Maa Durga, Radha Krishna, Goddess Kali, Lord Venkatesh and various temples are shown alongwith Gayatri Mantra in the background.


A big grand house in Canada:

An old lady is shown coming down the stairs, her reflection can be seen on the wall clock

Archana's voiceover: Years have passed, still my habits have not changed. I still get up at 5 am. I am still the same, morning is the same, but this is not like the chawl  type morning. Theres neither the sound of the milkman, nor the quarrels of the women filling water at the corporation tap. How would that be possible, as this is not Mumbai but Canada.

Archana stops in front of the clock and puts on her glasses, then shes shown as an aged lady. She opens the door and picks up the newspaper.

Voiceover continues: In Canada, only newspapers come this early! If only everything was the same as before...

Some unseen guy outside the door says, Madam Good Morning!

Archana smiles at him and says, Good Morning!

A young man just skips past Archu and enters the house. Archu calls out: GAURAV!

He turns and its Sachin's son (Nivin Ramani)...he looks like hes been caught red handed.

Archu demands to know: Where did u go so early in the morning?

Gaurav says, Aaji, I had gone for a morning walk. I have to be fit and this is the best option!

Archana says, But... morning walk? I know u had gone to a party! Not for morning walk! These modern kids don't listen to anyone!

Manav comes down the stairs in a blue jogging suit. He has gray hair and glasses.

Archu sees him and says, Manav listen...Manav shushes her and listens to some rustling sounds.

 He asks Archu: Did u hear something? Some sounds?

Archu gets worried: Thief?

Manav says, Its a Thief from our own house.

He pulls Archu towards the kitchen, where in semi-darkness, a plump teenaged girl is eating something, sitting on the counter.

Archu exclaims, Pushti, so early in the morning?

Manav goes to the girl and holds her ear: You will never reform! What are u doing? Youre getting so fat and you're still eating this dessert?

The girl is crying as Manav boxes her ear: Ajoba, I didn't eat many pieces! I was sleep-walking..

Archu asks Manav to let go of Pushti's ear as she was sleep walking.

Manav says, Sleep walking? No Pushti No! Not done! Whole day I make you control your diet and ur eating this dessert early in the morning? You've put on so much weight! Come on, u need to walk! Get ready!

Archu protests: Why are u always after her? Shes not that fat!

Manav says, Archana! If shes this fat at this age, she will be doubly fat when she grows up! I cannot see that! Come on, lets go...

Archu says, Pushti, ur Ajoba wont listen to me...

Pushti gets down from the counter. Manav tells her: Go get ready! Im waiting!...Pushti leaves.

Archu protests, By force? Manav says, By force? If she gets fatter, later on people will tell me only! Look at me, Im so fit!

Archu says, Yes, I know how fit u are...Manav asks her if newspaper had been delivered, she says yes.

Manav goes to living room, sits down and reads the newspaper. Archu comes and asks him to return from his walk a little earlier. Manav asks her why?

Archu asks, Did u forget? Manav looks surprised: Forgot what?

Archu looks disappointed: Let it be...its Nothing! Newspaper, newspaper...

Shes leaving muttering to herself.

Manav tells her, Babes, do u know 40 yrs ago, a girl married a mechanic but she wanted to marry a mechanical engineer, but still their marriage was very successful. And today is their 40th wedding anniversary, in Canada!

Archu asks, This is all in the newspaper? Manav says, Yes, come and look!

Archana looks at the paper, theres  ArMaan's photo and a whole article headed :Mr and Mrs Deshmukh celebrate their 40th anniversary!

Archana smiles at Manav: So u remembered?

He jokes, I have to live in this house! Do u know, I have told all my grandchildren abt this. And in the last one month, I got at least 200 reminders abt this.

Archu asks, Do u need to be reminded abt this?

He says, No, to be on the safer side, if I forgot, then I would get beaten up!

Archu complains, How can u forget this date? We have been married for 40 yrs and u forgot?

Manav holds her back, I am aging, my memory sometimes betrays me.  He holds her face and says, Wrinkes have also appeared.

Archana hugs Manav and says, These aging lines are of experience, they make me remember all the good times and bad times we spent together. Our love has not declined through the years, instead its increased.

Manav says, And today it's the celebration of our love!

Archu smiles, Children have organized a party naa? Many people are coming...

Pushti comes down the stairs, pulling at her tight jogging suit.

 Manav exclaims, This is the limit! Her jogging suit isn't fitting her!

He goes and takes out two candy bars from Pushti's pockets, he gives them to Archu, Look here, see , she was taking along a whole candy store!

Archu defends Pushti, But if she doesn't have chocolates then who will?

Manav says, I wont have and she wont have either..she has to get slim, shes going to run the Canada Marathon with me next year!

Pushti makes a bad face and sits down. Manav pulls her up and drags her out of the door, but Pushti stops, turns around and tells archu: Aaji, one of ur promises is still had said that u will tell me the love story of you and Ajoba?

Archu smiles, Ok, u go and come back, then I will tell you.

Pushti and Manav leave for jogging.

Archana is standing near big windows, voiceover resumes, The sun has come up here in Canada. A few hrs later, sun will also come up in Mumbai. Years have passed since I came here but I haven't been able to cover this distance of 14 hours! When its 7:30 pm here I feel that now its 5:30 in Mumbai and then I start remembering the Mumbai mornings in all their details. Why does it happen like that? Everything has changed, yet why does it feel that nothing has changed? Our lives went forward, but we were left behind! Now theres nobody of ours in Mumbai yet it feels as if some thread still connects us to that place. Someone close to us who still lives there!


Mumbai: A local train is rushing through the suburbs

An alarm clock rings in a chawl bedroom. A girl is sleeping on the floor, three more on the bed. The girl on the floor reaches out and stops the alarm

She gets up and calls: Mansi, Mansi, come on get up quick, its 5:30, u had to get up early and study, naa? Come on get up!

Mansi grumbles without opening her eyes: Tayi, let me sleep naa, I will study later..

Ankita says, What later?... Get up now, I have to get ready and leave, u also have to leave

Mansi asks her to be quiet.

Ankita starts picking up some books from the floor, saying, Why have u scattered all ur books on the floor? What is this, Mansi? You have to take a little care of the house!

She picks up more stuff, saying, Pranav, why haven't u packed ur school bag? Who will do all this?

She wakes up her little brother, Pranav, then she picks up her little sister, Sonu from the bed.

She goes to the other room, calling Prashant, her teenaged brother whos sleeping on the sofa: Prashant get up, u have to go to work!

They never show her face the entire time.

Shes speaking to Prashant while rushing around the house, goes to the kitchen and starts making tea: Today my results are coming out. I know I will pass but Im still feeling tension! But as soon as I pass, I will get a job, I know that! And u know naa, as soon as I get a job, u have to resume ur studies again and quit ur job! Pranav, get up and brush ur teeth quick! Get up Im making tea, milkman will be coming soon!

Theres a knock at the door, she opens it, the milkman is there, she tells him, Give me 1 Litre milk.

Milkman says, I didn't come to give milk, I came to collect my dues.

Ankita requests him, Give us the milk today, tomorrow I will pay you! Milkman tells her u take the milk tomorrow as well.

She requests, Please Dada, give us today naa, see there are 4 kids at home! They need milk ...give us the milk, I will pay u tomorrow.

Milkman gets angry, For last 4 months Ive been hearing that! You wont get anymore for free!

Prashant comes out brushing his teeth, Why Dada, always fighting? Now stop arguing and change the topic.

Milkman threatens Ankita, If I don't get my money in 2 days, then I will...

Ankita says, Just consider how will I pay all ur dues in 2 days?

Milkman says, I don't know abt that! I want my money!

Prashant sneaks behind the milkman and steals a packet of milk from his cycle carrier. He passes it on to Pranav whos also brushing his teeth outside.

Ankita says, Ok, if u don't want to give milk, then don't! Just leave!

Milkman leaves while grumbling, Pranav brings the stolen packet of milk inside.

Ankita (they still haven't shown her face, just her back and hair) she sits down at a table and writes down the milkman's accounts. Her brothers are watching her.

Prashant comes and asks her: Tayi, why are u keeping log of this?

She says, Prashant, we are poor, but not thieves!! Today u took the packet of milk but I will pay the milkman when I get the money. Today my results will be out. I know I will get a job somewhere!

Prashant says, Tayi, its 6:30 am. 

Ankita says, Yes, today I will get a job then u can quit yours.

Prashant shakes her hand: Tayi, all the best!

Ankita thanks him, then she worries how they will manage to buy food for the day as there was nothing in the house, there was no money so...



Canada: A decked up woman is speaking on the phone

She says, Now Deshmukh family is certainly not short of money! This is one of Canada's topmost Indian families. Most popular, most rich! This is their anniversary function and party will be according to their status. I have mailed the party details to you, it should be outstanding! And yes, call all the hotels, I want all kinds of dishes!

Sachin comes into the room, talking on his cell phone.

 The woman, his wife calls him, Sachin! Im talking to you!

 Hes busy her repeated calling...he turns and says, Of course Im listening, and I remember what u said too! Today is Ayi Baba's wedding anniversary and I have to participate very actively, right? I have an idea, let me sleep a little now, then I wont feel sleepy at night! I will be fresh and active! Makes sense, no?

He goes towards the bed to sleep, his wife grabs his hand, saying, You wont sleep now, Sachin, listen to me! Today is Ayi Baba's anniversary, they are almost in their 70s! Who knows, maybe today they will make an announcement? You are their only son, u must be in front of them, with them!

Sachin says, Come on, I will be with them! Why do you take tension in everything?

His wife says, Sachin, u always have to be with them, otherwise he has 2 daughters, naa, one biological and the other...

Sachin gets serious, Nina please, don't talk abt Purvi like that!

Nina says, how does it matter whether I say it or not? Shes adopted, that's true! Anyway, that Purvi and Pari, I don't like them at all! Shes always hovering around Ayi Baba all the time! Just wait and watch, one day she will take all the property!

Sachin sternly says, Nina, u don't have to take tension abt Teju and Purvi! Got it? You have changed me so much in last few years. At one time, I was always with Ayi Baba, I loved them, I lived for them, with them but since I married you, its all abt  your children, YOUR demands! It seems like I am only yours now! I know why u insist on staying with Ayi baba because after theyre gone, u want their property! And u want me to help you get that!

Nina says, So whats wrong with that? Didn't I do anything for you? When u were crazy with grief abt that dead Gauri of yours, then I married you! I took care of your household, I brought up ur kids! And ur saying Im wrong? And what am I asking for? Your rights? And Sachu, ur telling me I'M wrong? WE are your family, not them!

Sachu smiles, Ok, Okay! I will talk to Ayi Baba abt this!  Let me see what they think..Now let me sleep a little, Im very tired, please! I will talk to u at night! Bye bye, see you! Take care...

He lies down and pulls the covers over himself. Nina throws a pillow at him angrily and leaves.



Nina goes down the stairs, Teju comes out of a room downstairs. Nina asks her: Teju, where are u going?

Teju says shes going to the office.

Nina chides her, Come on Teju, theres such a big party tonight at home and ur going to office?

Teju says, I have to go, its Urgent!

Nina tells her to return quickly as she has to get ready for the party too and she must wear some nice clothes tonight, like designer suits! Who knows maybe some guy at the party will like her. Anyway, nowadays, even grown up ladies can get nice guys for marriage.

Teju smiles sardonically, Oh really? Even now I can get a good boy? You still feel that I can get married? I had given up hope, I felt my age for marriage was gone, that now I wont get a good boy, Thank u so much Vahini (Bhabhi)

Teju hugs Nina: You know Vahini, u care for me a lot! By the way Vahini, if ur bald headed brother was not yet married, then..

Nina gets angry: Teju, please! I don't want to hear any nonsense abt my brother!

Teju says, Exactly! I don't want to hear any nonsense abt myself! I am not the type who will dress up nicely, trap a guy into marriage and then try to grab his parents' property!

Nina gets defensive, What do u want to say? I married ur brother...

Teju interrupts, I didn't mention any names! Then why are you feeling so guilty?Anyways I will see u at the party? Bye!

She leaves, Gaurav waves her bye from the stairs.



Archana is on the phone complaining, Purvi, Im waiting for u since when, why didn't u come back yet?

Purvi's voice on the phone: Ayi ayi ayi, don't worry, Pari and I will be there before time!

Archu says, Ok, now keep the phone, and come quick, guests have started coming! Its almost evening.

Archu looks down from the window, where shes standing. They show a big garden on the waterfront with white tents and decorations. 

Savita and Teju are standing near a table, Savita asks Teju why shes having so much tension?

Teju says, I have so much to do, office work, party preparations, decorations! Anyway I don't know much abt decorations! Now which one should I choose, red or white?

She shows a white and a maroon fabric to Savita who says, Why are u asking an old woman? My eyes are too weak. I have glasses.

Sulo is sitting and watching them with amused smile. Savita turns to Sulo and complains, Look what shes asking me..

Teju says, If only Ovi was here, then...

She stops, everyone looks sad, Archu too, everyone looks at her, she turns and leaves.

Teju complains that the 2 Aajis are not helping her decorate, she begs them to help.

Finally Sulo says white will look nice. Teju gives the white cloth to the Canadian decorator.

Sulo asks her where shes going?  Teju says shes going to the office, she will just go and be back in a jiffy!


Canada stock shots. Party scene in the evening.

 White tents and flower decorations in the same garden, a white stage with blue flowing water background. Sulo is in a wheelchair being carted around by Sundari.

Guests coming in, wishing ArMaan a Happy Anniversary.

Manav tells them he hopes theyre enjoying the party.

Manav in a suit, Archana in a red bordered white silk sari with white gajra in her hair.

Purvi arrives in a maroon and purple silk sari. She goes up to ArMaan's table. Manav says, There, Purvi has come! Archu gets up and hugs her.

Purvi congratulates Ayi and Baba! Archu asks her, Where is Pari?

Purvi says, Ayi, u know Pari naa...she doesn't want to go anywhere or meet anyone, and after that incident...

She goes silent, Archana looks sad.

 Teju comes up and complains, Purvi u came so late? Anyway, Sachin Dada is going to give a speech, so come up on stage!

Manav tells Archana, Kids have planned something..

Sachin gets up on stage with Purvi and Teju on both sides, he says, Ladies and Gentlemen, can I have ur attention please? We brother and sisters would like to say something abt our Ayi Baba! I want to tell u exactly 40 yrs ago, this journey started. A simple girl, a car mechanic boy, both were single, suddenly they got married. Observers said this is a relationship of compromise, but you both made this successful! You have made an example for all of us! Every marriage has some good and bad moments but a sacred relationship (Pavitra Rishta) is one that still remains intact even after being apart.

ArMaan smile at each other, Sulo and Savita smiling and nodding.

Purvi takes the mike: Sachu Dada, ur absolutely right! Ayi and Baba love each other truly. That's why they are still together even after facing so many problems. Often it happens that two persons live together, then separate, but only a few of them can forget about those bad moments and go forward in their relationship!


Flashback: Purvi opens the door of Ovi's house and sees Arjun there with Ovi and her baby.

Arjun is shocked to see her there. She turns and leaves.


Flashback ends, Purvi continues, We all have moments in our lives, when circumstances defeat our relationships! Then we don't understand what to do, what not to do. What is right, what is wrong...what is true what is false...


Flashback: Purvi is packing a suitcase as she cries, saying, You have destroyed everything, Arjun!

Arjun trying to stop her, Purvi just listen to me, Purvi!!

She yells, I don't want to listen to anything! I know everything now, your truth, your deception! I know how you are...

Arjun keeps on saying, Purvi , I...but she shouts: ITS OVER!


Flashback ends. Purvi looks sad and pensive, then forces a smile: But some relationships leave all the problems behind and go forward in life! And those couples have a pavitra rishta (sacred bond)! So a celebration is in order!

Everyone applauds and smiles! 

A huge 2 tier chocolate cake with 2 candles saying 4-0 and Happy Anniversary in icing on a table...ArMaan blow out the candles and cut the cake. Everyone claps, Damo is also there, all of them still alive!

Manav and Archana feed cake to each other. They hug. Everyone applauds.


Archana with her granddaughter Pushti, shes telling her the story of herself and Manav.

She says, 40 yrs ago, I and ur Ajoba met. Very strange meeting it was, it was raining heavily. Do u know they say Mumbai rains are the most beautiful to see but there is something even better.

Pushti asks, What Aaji?

Archu says, The unseasonal rain. Whenever it rains suddenly, then a new chapter starts in ur life.



Mumbai roads, present time

Ankita is walking fast along the road to Vasai Road local train station. Shes in a green and blue salwar suit. They still have not shown her face!

She gets into a local train with another girl, the train is rushing along.

Inside the train, shes saying shes under a lot of tension.

 Her friend says, Ankita, don't be so tense. Look at the weather outside, today its definitely going to rain!

Ankita says, I don't want anything else, I only want to pass, only want to pass!


Her friend says again, Ankita, everything will be fine! Now just enjoy the weather! What a beautiful weather!

Train stops at a station, both girls get down, go on the overbridge, run to the college results board where results have been put up. They go through the list of names.

Finally they show Ankita's eyes! Then her lips, shes looking at the list, finally she smiles!

She goes out of the crowd of students, yelling, I passed! I passed!

She jumps in joy and throws her hands out, looks up at the sky and says Thanks, shes rejoicing. Suddenly it starts to rain.

Meanwhile Archana is telling Pushti in Canada, Mumbai's unseasonal rain is something else! When it comes, some new story always starts!

In Mumbai, it starts raining, Ankita covers her face and turns around, then she moves her hands and finally we see her whole face. Shes a carbon copy of grandma, but with side hair parting. Shes smiling with hands spread out, enjoying Mumbai rains.




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Thanks... Waiting 4 the rest!!! So wait... Who is pushti?? Whose daughter??

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Thanks for the update

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I loved the way you have written the update, felt like a new story was being told. Thank you :)

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Thnx :)

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Wow.. Pallavi.. Nice detailed update.. I watched d episode.. Man I'm so confused seeing so many new faces.. I think by Wednesday when its time for my update, there'll be more characters.. Hope I dont mix them up!!

ArVi separated.. Hate it!

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thanks for the wu. It's very interesting and well written.can't wait for the rest!

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Loved the way Teju replied to Sachin's wife Clap
thanks for the WU

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