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Tuesday Oct 1st Updates

Thenu calls Gautam and that idiot cuts it repeatedly. Poo questions and he says someone guy calling non-stop for personal loan. Ignore it . Angry Mottai staring at Thenu. He tells Thenu come with me and I shall take care of you. Ouch Thenu asks for one last chance to call. She calls.Cry This time thank God Poo picks it up.Clap Then cries and tells I am lost. Gautam plucks the phone from Poo, apologizes for not picking the call earlier and consoles Thenu. He asks her about their whereabouts. Thenu says I am lost. Please help. Gautam talks to mottai and says she is my sister. We have been searching for her. Please take care and I shall come immediately and pick her. Mottai says come to valluvar kottam and hangs up.Ouch He drags Thenu with him. A scared Thenu walks crying. Ouch While the duo are waiting, Gautam drives to fetch her.  

Gautam finally finds thenu. Hugs her and thanks mottai for the help. Mottai says does not matter. My looks would have scared your sister. (We too were hell sacred.. Mr mottai) Take care and walks off. (ada paavi gala.. eduthku da.. ippadi oru scary look and BGM.. anyways happy that Thenu is safe.) Thenu says all are lost. Sara whisked away by police. He was beaten black and blue. Gautam says no worries lets go to the police station and save him. Thenu says " Anna pasikudhu Anna". CryCryCryCry Gautam hugs her screams Ayoo and cries. (Heart wrenching scene.. CryCry but Gautam did not act well. Shocked His tears didn't come naturally.. Thenu was perfect..Clap )

Gautam takes Thenu to a hotel. Thenu gobbles food hurriedly. Cry Thenu worried about Sara. Gautam calls Point. Not reachable. He calls Surya and says Thenu found. Sara in trouble. Give the phone to Point. Gautam tells Point Sara whisked away by Nungambakkam inspector.  Please contact the concerned inspector before any case is registered and save Sara.Thumbs Up (Gautam .. good presence of mind.. Clap) Point is not able to reach the inspector. He hurries without divulging any details to Surya and Poo. Inspector gets a call, he apologizes and hangs up saying Ok Sir. He summons Sara and says I am Sorry. Why didn't you tell that you are Vani madam's sister's son. Angry I hit you badly Sorry for that. Sara says you hit me for swindling the collection amount. Here it is. Not a penny less. Inspector says Please don't mistake me. Finance company owner is known to me, this is risky business and I had to act on his complaint. Sara says I agree it is my mistake for not giving the collection amount on time. But you should have given me a opportunity to speak. Thumbs Up Why did you hit me till I faint. Irrespective of being vani's relative I am a honest guy. Clap As such my family is scattered and I am shattered. You have added another pazhi. Gautam, Thenu and point walk in. 

Gautam and Point fight with inspector for hitting Sara. Ins says I had to act on the complaint of money swindling. Sara says leave it and asks Ins.. money given. Can I go. Inspector says of course and apologizes for the mistake. Point screams If Vani gets to know, your gadhi adogathi. LOL Inspecor shaken. LOL The gumbal takes Sara and walks off. Gautam scolds Sara for enduring the pain and not revealing that he is Vani's son. Sara says my father has refused to accept any help from Vani and came out challenging that he will stand on his own leg. How can I use her name and hamper his challenge. Cry Star Gautam hugs Sara, consoles him and asks about Rani. Sara says Rani is hospitalized. He narrates what happened after they left home. Flash back shots are shown. Mega RKO.  Point says Vani too battling for life. Sara and Thenu shocked.  The gumbal reaches hospital. Bhoomi questions them where is Rani and Swami. He tells I am brainless, why did you guys walk out listening to my mindless talks.  Vani is battling for life. I feel your presence will cure her. Please talk to her. Gautam says ignore him. None of us bother to talk to this guy. Wonder why he is still around. Sara says first lets meet Periyamma. He too ignores Bhoomi's talks and walks off with Thenu and Surya.Shocked Bhoomi tells Point anne. Point too walks off. Shocked (Felt bad for Bhoomi... Cry thirinthi varumbothu all are ignoring him.) Nurse does not permit Thenu and Sara to go in. They stand out and see Vani. Thenu screams Periyamma naan thenu vandhu irukken. CryCry Thenu and Sara cry inconsolably.


Surya scolds Sara - where did you guys go. We went mad searching for guys. Where is Chithi and chithappa. Thenu says they are lost. I too got lost finding them. Sara says fate. We walked out and lost each other. Finally we came back here. I have learnt what life is. No one can understand our pain. Surya screams what nonsense. We are pained more than you. Gautam the bold guy was crying non-stop. Amma is battling for life. We were searching for you guys like mads on every possible roads. So what if elders fight.  We did not have any grudge against you right? Thumbs Up Why didn't you reach us. Did you forget us forever.Star Sara says I don't have answers for any of your questions. Angry He walks off with Thenu. Bhoomi asks Sara and Thenu.. Did you meet Vani and talk to her. Did Vani wake up. Did she talk to you. Sara screams loudly Vendam periyappa. Mariyadhai kettudum. Dhayavu senju inge irundhu ponga..  Shocked            


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Wednesday Oct 2nd updates

Gandhi Jeyanthi Special Programs

No Serial telecast

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Episode 180
Thursday 3.10.2013

I'm coming home
I'm coming home
Don't tell Appa I'm coming home
let the rain wash away
all the pain of yesterday
I know my family awaits
and they've forgiven my mistakes
I'm coming home
I'm coming home
tell the world I'm coming home

At the hospital

Continues from yesterday. Saravanan and Thenu come out and Bhoomi keeps asking them about Vani.Saravanan shouts at his periappa and tells him to get out. Everyone looks stunned at his outburst. (He still continues crying, so don't get too happy if you thought he had stopped). He says yeah you all are so shocked that I could get angry but if you have been kicked around (literally and metaphorically) like I have, kovam than varum. I did not change, you changed me. This is not kovam, this is kolaveri (Thamby, if you want us to believe that you have kolaveri, you shouldn't say it whilst crying. Difficult to take you seriously) Surya asks him to calm down. Saravanan screams how to calm down? Your father branded my father as a thief and chased us out of the house. Someone branded me as a thief and and I got whacked by the police. Do you know what pain is? You don't. Both him and Thenu tell them about Rani. Bhoomi looks shocked. Surya yells at Saravanan, what are you doing here? Go and look for him. Crybaby Sara says he lost Mahalingam's visiting card. Gautham (thank God he doesn't cry much) asks Sara whether he knows where Maha's hotel is. Sara says yes., Surya, using the sharp legal brains that he inherited from his mother, asks them what are they waiting for and go to the hotel to find Rani ma. Gautham, not to be outdone, also sharpens his brain and says if his mother's condition is caused by her separation from Rani, Rani ma's condition is also caused by her separation from Vani. If Vani can be healed by bringing Rani to her, Rani too can be healed if she is brought to Vani. Clap Both he and Gautham rush out.

Bhoomi asks crying Thenu what happened to Rani? Thenu is looking at him and crying. Nice acting by Neha. ClapSurya takes Thenu away. Bhoomi says "Kadavule" and looks upset.

At the same hospital 1 floor below

Swamy with Maha, they got the medicine...Swamy still crying polamburaning to Maha how they were and how they are now etc. Maha tells him to calm down, gives him the money and goes off, saying that he'll be in touch.

As he goes off, Maha decides to go to the toilet under the stairs and meanwhile Gautham and Sara rush down the stairs. I honestly thought that this was going to be another one of the now-you-see-them, now-you-don't scenes but thank God it wasn't. The boys bump into him and Maha tells them not to worry, that Rani ma is in this very same hospital. He explains the diagnosis of the doctor. G and S again rush up to see Swamy.

Really lovely reunion scene with Gautham and can feel the love between both of them. Gautham tells Swamy that Vani is admitted in the same hospital too...Swamy shocked asks Gautham what happened to anni? Gautham tells Swamy that Vani is fighting for her life because of her separation from Rani. They all rush to Rani's bed but surprise, surprise Rani is not there. Big smile

So again the search starts. Saravanan screams at his father how could he let this happen, this is how we lost amma in the temple? I couldn't recognise Sara at first - then I realised why. He wasnt crying. LOL Search, search, search, including Surya. The bloody nurses and staff are so rude when they ask them whether they had seen Rani. Angry

Meanwhile shot of Rani ma walking on the road, looking lost. A car nearly hits her and the driver yells at her. (So the worry we had after watching the promo was unfounded). She continues walking and sees her Appa Dead leaving the temple. She calls "Appa, Appa" but the blardy Manikam walks off without hearing her.

Manikam's house

Mekala is talking to her husband. (Love her now). She tells him that since her father is not home. she wants him to go and see Vani in the hospital. She has no animosity towards Vani and Rani and she is distressed that all this should happen to them. Her husband says this is what I have been asking all this while (don't know his character's name but he is Rajmithran, who acts as the mandarvati Drumurugan in Shiva Sankari, now he acts as Krishna's assistant). As they are talking, Rani is shown walking towards their house.

Both Mekala and husband are stunned when they hear Rani calling Appa. They walk out and see Rani there. Rani then blabbers on about she has to cook,  Vani will be back from college, she'll be hungry etc etc. MH look suitably shocked. M's H asks her where is her husband? Rani says first tell who you are and then I'll tell you where he is . She polamburans under her breath that there are so many people who are not married e.g, Vani and why is he asking her?? Then she asks Megala who is this person? Is he the electrician that Appa has called to repair the lights?? ROFL Megala asks her husband to follow her. Both of them discuss Rani's sad state Cry and  decide to call someone to come and take Rani away before her father returns.Confused

Mekala manages to contact Poongodi and asks them to come and pick Rani up. Meanwhile they show Manickam walking towards to his house.


Frankly I am getting tired of Saravanan and Swamy forever crying. No matter how bad the situation is , tears won't help. I was informed that Sara's stint in jail would be a thirrupam moment  for him. Let's see. He still hasnt convinced me.

The episode belonged to Radhikaa. Damn, that woman is good. The way she acts as Rani - all innocent...even the way she walked on the road, what a performance. Loved the little comedic moments.

Thenu was good. When you see her crying, you feel like crying too.

Promo shows Manikam attempting to commit suicide. I hope he succeeds.

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Friday, 4th October 2013 - Written Update

Poongodi tells Megala she will send Gautham. She calls Gautham & informs him about Rani. Gautham, Swami & Saravanan are shown going there. Manickam gets there & is shocked to see Rani sitting next to Megala. He calls Megala & asks her to send Rani out. Megala asks him to keep quiet & explains what happened. Manickam says he's not going to believe any of it & pushes Rani out. Swami, Saravanan & Gautham get there... Saravanan grabs Manickam's shirt & fight ensues. Swami pushes Gautham & Saravanan to the side & explains Rani's condition to Manickam but he doesn't listen.

Outside general ward, doctor informs them that Rani's in a confused state & her memories are disordered. She says she will talk to Rani again after she wakes up & lets hope for the best. She leaves & Bhoomi comes there unable to face them. He asks Swami to forgive him & says he needs to see Rani & ask forgiveness from her. Bhoomi continues, he did nambikai throgam & asks for another chance. Swami says he cannot forgive him... enna drama panureenga? Swami tells him to get lost. Bhoomi promises on Vani that he's changed & Gautham tells him not to use his mother's name for his promises. Inside, Rani pulambufies "mama... mama... office kilambiteengala... she didn't prepare food..." Surya tells him to listen to Rani & says how she's always thinking about him. Swami says he killed their trust & Rani's anbu... now why is here? Gautham tells Swami about how he acted in front of his mother & told her to go away. Bhoomi says it wasn't planned & asks them to believe him. Swami asks him what he wants & he's ready to give anything apart from his uyir... he needs his uyir to look after his wife & kids 


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Monday, 7th October 2013 - Written Update

Swami says he needs to look after his family & asks him to leave. Rani asks Bhoomi to come inside & says food is ready, come & eat. Gautham tells him to leave but Surya asks Swami to send him inside for one minute. Bhoomi goes inside & Surya says he did it in the hope that it might improve Rani's health. Inside, Bhoomi calls Rani & asks her to see him as others don't want to see him or trust that he's changed. Bhoomi asks her to wake up & tell everyone that he's changed. Bhoomi holds her feet & then leaves. 

Manickam remembers Gautham & Saravanan fighting him. Megala comes in & says she doesn't like how he's behaving & tries to explain Rani's situation. Manickam says he's not going to fall for her drama & reminds her & husband about how he never stepped into their house... naan maanasthan. Megala says there's time for everything & this is not the time to show his anger. Manickam tells them not to talk in favour of them & he doesn't care about them. Megala says she's ashamed to be his daughter & there's no cure for his hatred viyaathi. Manickam tells her to stop & asks her whether Rani's more important to her? Megala says it's manithabi maanam & not paasam... she continues, she respected him as a father but not as a human being. Manickam says he understands everything now & she has thodarbu with her brother & sisters. Megala says 5 arivu ula animal kooda ungala maathiri ninaikaathu. Manickam asks if this is what she thinks about him & he's not going to stay here for a second... tells them to live happily. Manickam goes inside & locks the door. He pulls the bed under the fan & Megala calls him to open the door. Megala's huband  breaks open the door & gets him off the bed. Megala says he's important to her & Manickam asks her to promise him that she will not keep any thodarbu with them. She promises & Manickam's satisfied. 

Selvi's phone rings & Gautham informs her Rani ma is found. Selvi's happy & shares the news with Rajesh. Gautham tells her not to get tensed but Rani ma's not well. Selvi asks him about Rani ma & he asks her to come. Selvi asks him to say & Gautham reveals about her memory loss. 



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Tuesday, 8th October 2013 - Written Update

Gautham informs Selvi about Rani ma's memory loss & she starts crying. Rajesh asks her to give the phone to him but she continues to listen to Gautham. He asks her to come to the hospital & cuts the call. Rajesh tells her not to worry & Rajesh's mum (Sundari) asks both of them to go to the hospital & not waste time. Sundari adds god only tests good people. Rajesh goes to get his key & asks Kali whether he took it. Selvi informs him that Rani ma is found & is admitted in hospital. Kali says he cannot give it & they shouldn't touch his auto. Selvi pleads him to give the key & Kali reminds them about petrol price & Rani sethu tholayattum. Rajesh slaps his dad & Shenbegam drops the key in shock. She rushes inside her room & locks the door. Rajesh picks up the key & tells Shebagam to get lost. Rajesh takes Selvi to the hospital. 

Poongkodi calls her dad & informs him about Rani - she's admitted in the same hospital as Vani. Mano asks her what happened to Rani & Poongkodi tells him about her memory loss & she doesn't know what's happening around here. She tells him about what happened at Megala's house & Jyothi questions her how she knew what happened at Megala's house. Poongkodi says she's not like her... Megala athai called me & I sent Swami mama to bring Rani athai. Mano asks whether Rani forgot everything & Poongkodi explains she still remembers him & about them living together. Poongkodi asks him to go & see her as she remembers him. Anaconda patti stops him & reminds him about what happened when she went see Vani... thevayilaama problem varum. Mano says his sisters are admitted in hospital & he's going to see them. Jyothi echoes what her mother said & Mano asks her who's her mother to tell him not to go & see his sister. He asks Jyothi to ask her mum to decide whether she wants to stay at this house or not. He leaves with Poongkodi. Jyothi asks her mum not to take his words seriously & she's there for her. 

Sundari tries to knock some sense into Kali & Shenbagam about Selvi's goodness... nee iruntha enna, setha enna? Kali says he'll destroy everyone, goes into is room & picks up an aruvaa. Kali says father-son relationship is ove, he's going to kill Rajes & Selvi & feed them to the meengal in kadal. 

Mano gets to the hospital first & asks Swami whether Rani ka forgot everything? Swami tells him she remembers some things & not others. Gautam & Bhoomi are nearby listening. Mano says Poongkodi told him that Rani ka said his name & Megala's house. Gautham says that means she remembers the time until Vani ma went to college. Swami takes him inside & Mano asks eppadi irukka akka? Rani looks at him...


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October 9 - Wednesday


Samy taking Mano to Rani - Mano telling Rani that I am going to tell truth to you - Maama did frame Samy and Vani asked you to leave the house - you and your family were in the street with nothing - you are still thinking Maama is a good man why - he did this to you and your family do you remember any of this - Maama is stone hearted person he didn't care about your family - Rani looking at him silently until then - now she point a finger at him and ask who are you - don't say anything bad about Maama - go away from here - Mano tells I am your brother acca - she yells go from here - don't bad mouth maama


Mano come out and go to Bhoomi and tells him - you did throw them out and treated them like slaves and Rani forget everything but she remembers you and she is still thinking you are a good person - you will never hurt her family - this is the punishment you get for your lifetime for cheating them -  God punish you worst way - you will die with guilt and daily you have face it too - Bhoomi standing there tears in his eyes ( I think he really changed ) Goutham come there tells him I thought Mano can bring back Rani amma back but no she still think you are noble person - is it enough for you - I don't want to see your face here go from here


Mehala and her husband walking and he tells her why did you promise to your dad - she tells he is my father I don't want anything happen to him - if I have to chose mano, Rani , Vani I will chose my father - he didn't have anyone else - husband saying your father is wrong your brother got married so why punish Vani & Rani - why this hated so long - they didn't do anything to him - he is a selfish person with false pride - he tells her that Vani help him to buy the house - your father need to pay lot of money they are going to take the house I talked to Vani - she gave me the money and told me to pay them the money and change the house to my name - otherwise we would be in street - Mehala angry - she saying my father have only pride nothing else if he loses that he will die - so sell the house and pay the money to Vani - Husband saying don't encourage your father to his false believes - she tells him I know that he lost everything except his pride don't take away from him - we can live in small house - let him die with pride - husband stand there thinking


Selvi and Rajesh come to the hospital - asking her father why didn't you call me - I am your daughter you forgot that part - Sami saying we don't want to burden you more - you already have problems - Selvi saying who don't have problems everybody have still you should have called me - it was touching scene - goes to see her mom - Rani saw her thali and ask when did you marry - who is your husband - maama looked good boy for you and he told me - now how do I face maama and acca - why did you do that - Selvi trying to explain but Rani not in the mood to listen to reasons - Goutham and Selvi saying Perriyammah was there when I got married - you know all of this - but Rani in denial - she keep telling you let down maama and acca - Selvi asked Rani who is important to you - your husband - kids or them - feels like your kids not important to you - Rani keep saying how could you do this to maama


Selvi come out crying asking Goutham why Amma asked about my marriage - she only remember maama and acca


Selvi calls Periyapah Amma asked me that you chose a mappillai for me - how could I do that to you

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Episode 185
Thursday 10.10.2013


Both Selvi and Thenu are at the temple praying. Selvi closes her eyes and polamburans to God. She opens her eyes and is shocked to see Thenu with kapuram on her palm and doing thirvathanai. ShockedSelvi asks what is she doing? Thenu replies I made a mistake. When Amma wanted to do this for you, I stopped her from doing it. I felt bad about it ever since. Maybe God has this in His Heart and that is why he is causing all these problems for us. Cry Now by doing this, I have corrected that wrong. Now at least God will change His Mind and cure Amma. The sisters hug and cry. Lovely scene.


Thenu receives treatment for her burns. Swamy asks her why she did that. She said that everyone is so busy doing something for her mother, but not she did  whatever she could be capable of, which is burning the kapuram on her palm. (Aww..Hug). Selvi tells Rajesh that she wants to stay back and be with her mother. Rajesh says even if she did not ask, he would have asked her to stay. Aww Heart (Watch the background scene makkals for the interaction between Swamy, Thenu and Sara. Nice touch). He then tells Thenu that he would pray to God that her burns will heal and if they heal, he will shave his head. Thenu says "Mottai ellam vendam. Indha thadi than kandraviya irruku. Athe motha edunge. " Everyone laughs. Including me. ROFL Vani Rani team haven't forgotten our problem with Rajesh's thaadi. Clap

Selvi and Rajesh walk out. Rajesh gives cash to Selvi. Selvi asks what is Mama going to say.? Rajesh says don't bother about all this. Just focus on your mother and if anything call me. Selvi says no, Rajesh had slapped his father. He says I did not slap my father, I slapped his thimiru, I slapped his agambavam. Clap I still respect my father, and that hasn't lessened.  But there is a limit to everything.  Selvi says Athai would have been upset. Rajesh says Amma would understand, if not, I will make her understand. You don't worry. One thing, when I went to fall at your Periappa's feet, you stopped me and said that I have a certain degree of self-respect and I shouldn't sacrifice it. Well, it is the same for me. I cannot see my wife being insulted by my father after a certain degree. That is why I exceeded my own limit and slapped him. So don't worry about all this. Look after your mother. He leaves. What I liked most about this segment was that Selvi managed to converse with Rajesh without crying. LOL

Jyothi's House Semma scene...worth watching half-a-dozen times. LOL

Jyo sees Mano drinking water.  She asks him how could he have spoken to her mother like that? Ever since he left, she hasn't been normal. (You call that normal??? Oh God, if that is normal, there is no hope for mankind)  Go and see her, she is sitting in shock like sittabrahmamum pidicha mathiri. If you don't like what she said,  just ignore her and walk away.  Why did you ask her to leave the house??. Please go and tell her that what you said was wrong, apologise and calm her downAngry...ayo this woman...needs slapped left right and centre.

Mano erupts. Clap Big smile Don't, Jyothi. I think you are going to be humiliated in front of your mother. What is going in your head?? He left this house crying to goto  the hospital, did he see his akka, how is his akka, what condition is she in, what did the doctor say? Did you ask one, one word? But just because I said something, apparently your mother is in a state of shock. Kathaiya vidure?  Look, if you or your mother are not worried about me or my sister, that is your problem. If my sister has a problem, I can only think of her and worry about her.  I am not bothered whether your amma is upset or sitting in a corner. J asks why are you saying like that? Since when my mother became an unwanted person to you. Mano yells, Did I say that? Did I say that? She may not like her daughter-in-law but if she thinks I will stop liking my sister, it won't happen in this lifetime. Clap Anaconda walks down the stairs as he is saying this.  Mano says she was with them all this while, then she went off to your brother's and then she came back. Did I say anything?  Did I ask why is she staying with us? Did I ever ask her to leave? I did not want you to suffer without father or mother like me, that is why I tolerated all these years. Everyone have their good and bad and I  took your mother even though she did all bad. Jyo says don't. You are saying one thing and keeping another thing in your heart. Mano snaps "Aada chee, I am not like that. Only after my accident and I was bedridden, did you change your heart. Didn't I accept that? So why is your mother sulking now? A says don't mapillai. I am scared by your words,. I don't think it is you who is saying all these things. Angry Mano says Appo? Are you saying my akka told me to say all this? You may think like this but my sisters will never think like that. Clap Till now, both you and your mother did not ask me how my sisters are? (I love you Mano - what a fantastic brother you are). He cries, from childhood, thamby thamby nu en melai usure vachiirantha en akka, indaikku enna parthu, nee yaar endru ketkuranga. Anaconda Sr (bloody woman...vaiyile irundhu varuthu) says "Aval keppa mapillai...vendum endru keppa. Angry (sick woman).  That is why I asked you not to go. Mano says shut up. If you say anything more, I will take you by your neck and push you out.  A Sr and A Jr look shocked. Jyo says how can you ask her to leave? Mano says oh, you are saying who am I to ask your mother to leave since this is my brother's house?  Ok, then let us leave. A says I will leave. Jyo tries to stop her but A chases her back into the house.

A leaves the house crying. Party Dancing


Selvi, Swamy and Gautham. Gautham says that he wanted to take Ranima to his mother and get her cured. But now he can't even think about that and they all are polamburaning.

They overhear Bhoomi talk to the docs (background music lovely). He wants his wife and her sister cured. No problem about money, he is willing to take them to the US even in a charter flight etc etc.

Swamy yells and erupts. Shocked Why are you still talking about money? What can money do? This is the best hospital. He goes on in this vein. Bhoomi looks embarrassed and guilty and the doctors look down. and chases Bhoomi away. Bhoomi is upset as no one believes him. Bhoomi remembers what Vani said When you die, you need 2 pieces of firewood, not property. He is upset. (poor guy, now I feel sorry for him) Again, the dialogues rocked. Madichu vacha panam. kasaikku potta koope, kilichu ericha adutha nimisham saambal is just one of the gems.

Kali's house  Scary

K is waiting with the aruval. Rajesh comes home. K closes the door and starts chasing Rajesh around the hall with the aruval and scolds him and he says that he does not want a son like him. The dialogues are great and Bhaboos as Kali was superb.

Shenba tries to stop him. Kali pushes her away. Sura tries to stop him and he pushes her away, He turns to slash Rajesh but Shenba stands in front of Rajesh. Kali looks shocked (great facial expression by Bhaboos). Shenba yells at him you promised to marry me to Rajesh and you want to make me an unmarried widow. Dead If you kill him, I will kill you. I trusted you, believed you etc  when you promised that you will get me married to him. Now you want to kill him. Before you slash him, slash me first. etc. Dead Kali drops the aruval and walks off. Then Sicko walks off. Sura asks Rajesh is he ok? He does not say anything - he walks off.

Hospital (nice bgm)

Both sisters in their respective beds. Vani develops acute breathing difficulties.


Fantastic episode today. I love the way the story is turning out especially where Anaconda is concerned. She got Bhoomi to get Rani's family to leave the house, but she ended up leaving herself. This is what I want to see in serials - baddies getting their just desserts. And I am really impressed how the story team developed this sub-plot. I am sure Anaconda thinks that she is perfect and does not see the error of her ways but she now has felt the pain and heartache Rani and Swamy and Vani felt when something similar happened to them.

Now waiting for Kali and Shenba to get what they deserve.

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