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Opposites attract16+ (virman ff)part 13 and onwards

mebigirl Groupbie

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Posted: 12 October 2013 at 1:58pm | IP Logged
part 1-12

I run to the bathroom to rinse my crazily bleeding nose. I rinse as I sniff the water in and then let it out. I grab my hand towel and hold it against my nostrils not caring if I ruin the cloth with blood. I walk out of the bathroom and look at the mess I made in the past 30 minutes. A smile crept my face as I remember virats diary entry. Omg jeevika! I have to tell her this! I jump over the couch and dodge the bed and run like a ninja to my side table and get my phone. I text her right away:" sos!"


"What? I was at work!" she yells as she enters my bedroom door. I turn around as I was busy cleaning my cupboard. I look at her with a big smile and again like a ninja run towards her and grab her in a big bear hug scaring her a little. "YOU ARE HERE???!!!!" I yell in excitement. "ya antie let me in ub bataoo ..." . "VIRAT LIKES ME!" I yell with all my voice interrupting her sentence. Jeevika jumps and holds my mouth tight which was totally out of my expectation as I thought she would freak or be shocked but she's holding my jaw like this? Like W*F? "sshhh stupid! Pagal do you want your parents to hear this? Loser!" she scolds me while hitting my head and then jumping on my bed. "Oh ya "I say realizing I would be in so much trouble if my parents found out. "Why aren't you surprised?" I ask with a curious expression, slowly walking towards her. "I am surprised it's just that I don't know I guess I kinda knew that this was meant to be." She says sounding so serious. "HEH?matab?" was all I could say at the moment."uff matlab it was always so obvious so I'm not as much shocked as you." She says calmly and picks up my phone from the bed and unlocks it and starts going through it. "lekin why wasn't it obvious to me? Virat always acted angry and stuff how could you have known." I say with a dry mouth. Jeevikas eyes look up towards me from the phone screen. "abha yar dekho it wasn't that obvious from virat the thing was we all knew virat was an awesome guy but he was a big fat jerk in front of you . It was so fishy everyone knew something was up and obviously like a kinder gardener he was picking on you just because he liked you." I deeply think about her statement and nod but then my mind shifts towards virats fake behavior. "NOOO NOOO he wasn't picking on me he was pretending because apparently he was hiding some kind of secret" I say with worry all over my face. Jeevika looks at me with curious eyes. I knowing she would ask what I meant, without saying anything hand her the ipad and point towards the diary app. She gives me a funny glare and then started reading. While reading she gave a few omgs and then after she finished she was staring at the blank wall with an open mouth. I was staring at her for a while trying to find any movements in her body but unfortunately I couldn't she was as still as a statue.

"Hello? Earth to jeevika?" I say while waiving my hand in front of her eyes. "OH MY GOD!!!" she screams suddenly and jumps on me and we both fall on the bed. "Now I get everything!" she yells in excitement. "What?" I ask curiously. "virat wants  to you know  with you" she says with a naughty expression while giving me elbow strikes. "heh?" I asked as I was super confused. "Duffer he wants to sleep with you!" she says with the most mischievous face ever. I right away bend my face down and blush like crazy as a reaction to her statement."oye hoye" she says in excitement. "Shut up! kuch bhi? Gandi! "I say and push her off the bed and she falls on the ground. "What's ganda about it?" she asks casually. "You are seriously asking me that question?" I ask. "Fine first marry him then toh ok na?" she asks with a annoyed expression.  "haan" I say in a cute town with the silliest expression to which jeevika laughs and I then realize what I said. "Wait no!NO!" I yell. "Fine then sahddi sa pehla?"  "NO!" I yell. "NO SHADDI SA PEHLA AND NO SHADDI KA BAAD?" she asks.. "Wow that will be a pointless relationship!" she says. "CAN YOU STOP THINKING ABOUT *** FOR A MOMENT? I MEAN THAT HE IS HIDING SOMETHING. THERE IS SOMETHING THAT IS HOLDING HIM BACK. WE CAN NEVER BE TOGETHER "I yell and then burst in tears and hug her in a jerk. "aww I'm sorry phir one night stand challa ga?" she asks as I weep on her shoulder. I look up towards her with the deadliest and anger filled expression ever. "GET OUT!" I yell and push her off the bed again. "haha" she bursts out laughing and literally rolls on the floor laughing and I just start to cry more. She looks at me silently for a while and I look back at her then she bursts out laughing again. I make a sad face and just hide my face in the pillow and let out a loud growl. "acha baba im sorry" she says as she sits beside me and pats my head. I don't reply I was too angry. She was being so annoying."yar please let it go already don't we have to find out what virat is hiding?" she says while rubbing my back. I get up and sit on my tip toes. "Fine" I say while wiping my moist eyes with my hands.


"Have you tried talking to him?" jeevika asks as she quickly brushes her hair with her fingers. "No" I say in a low tone. "Come with me!" she says and suddenly drags me off the bed and towards the door. "Wait what?" I ask in confusion while pulling my hand back. "uff just trust me" she says. I raise my eyebrows in confusion and look at her suspiciously. "We need to get you a makeover and make you and virat meet face to face" she says and this time with more force drags me out of my bedroom, through the living room and out of my apartment within a minute. I couldn't grasp what happened and when I started thinking I was already in jeevikas car. "Wait jeevika , mummy!" I yell realizing she started the engine. "kya mummy?".  "I have to tell mummy I'm going out with you" I say as I am not allowed to go anywhere without informing my parents.  "uff ok" she says and takes out her new 5s(iphone) and dials a number. "Hello. Haan antie mein or manvi neecha ha hum thori shopping ka liya jaraha ha ok? Ji theek ha. Don't worry ill drive safe" she says and throws her phone vigorously and it lands on the back seat and she starts the engine in a millisecond and we drove off.


Me and jeevika went to this fancy mall where I never had been but jeevika always talked about it. I had to say the mall was less of a mall and more of a banquet hall it was so big and luxurious. I felt so weird wearing a yellowish brownish sweat shirt and khaki bell bottom pants. Whereas jeevika was wearing a sexy   purple studded half top and low denim shorts that were along her crotch. She was looking hot I had to say today she was showing a little too much skin. She dragged me in a boutique and just acted like she owned the place. I pulled her back from picking up the clothes off the rack." Jeevs I can't afford these clothes" I whisper in her ear trying to control her excitement. "Don't worry it's on the house" she says and starts looking at the dresses while I just stand there all confused. Gosh jeevika is crazy. She picked a sexy pink dress that was strapless and was really short. Like it was so gorgeous but I don't wear clothes like that. "jeevs you know I don't wear dresses like this" I say calmly. "Please manvi one time won't hurt!" she pleads. "NO!" I yell dragging all the attention towards us. "Fine" she says sadly. Then she made the cutest puppy dog face ever. I give her a look. "UGH fine butt! I will wear leggings so my legs don't show and an over coat so I am not sleeveless." I say firmly. "Ugh fine "she says and drags me into the dressing room.

Jeevika bombarded me with dresses one after the other while I was in the dressing room and she threw the dresses from over the curtains. " ooo manvi I got something hot to help you with these dresses" she says and flings a bra from over the curtains and it lands on my face. I hold it in my hands and look at it for a second. It had a thick layer of padding, really thick. "You got to be kidding me "I say with an annoyed expression. "Oh just try it, trust me on this" she says. I hear a dialing tone from a phone nearby but before I knew it jeevika barged in my dressing room and gestured me to look towards her phone. She was calling virat! She called virat while I was trying on a bra? How convenient! Jeevika puts it on speaker and places the phone on the chair in the dressing room. "Hello" virat says. "hellow virattt it's me jeevika ! How are you?" jeevika says with excitement while she gestures me to try on another dress. I strip out of the dress I was wearing and try the next one but this time I had so much extra padding thanks to jeevika. "Nothing much you tell what's up?" he says in his deep manly voice which sent a shiver down my spine which jeevika obviously noticed and giggled. "virat I need some help" she says as she looks at me  in the dress with a concentrating look. " ya shoot!" he says. Jeevika nods a no and pulls out another bra from the pie of clothes in her hand " yar yeh walla bra pehno" she says out loud and I look at her in shock and she bites her tongue. "Bra pehno? Excuse me?" virat asks. "Shit no no not you!" she says tensed. "Are you with someone? Is this a bad time to talk?" virat asks. "NO! No it's the perfect time to talk. Can you just meet me at caf chocolaty at 7?" she asks. "aa ok " he says. "And dress formal please, I'll explain it to you latter. K?" she says while helping me zip up my dress. "Ok I guess bye". She says and cuts the call and sighs in relief.

"Stupid you almost ruined everything!" I yell at her. "Don't worry anyways damn you look hot in this red dress please just wear this forget the over coat and shit" she says pulling the dress a little down to show a little cleavage. I pull it back up in anger." NO! You agreed with me!" I say. "Ugh fine but shaddi ka baad esa kero gi toh virat bhag jae ga "she says annoyingly. "Obviously I won't do that then loser!" I say and then end up blushing." Oye hoye" jeevika says in a flirting tone and I blush more. "Omg you know what if today it works out then tonight you can wear this" she says and holds up a two piece really hot lingerie. I open my eyes wide in shock and push her hard. "You know what you should wear this tonight when you are going to be with viren." I yell in anger.



Ok im done n lol I made jeevik a little kokko in this update but ya please comment please? Please?

Precap: virman meet. Will it be a date? Will it not? Will they fight? Will they patch up? Will virat tell? Will manvi ask? Will they make out?

You wanna know? Then comment so I can buddy you and send you a pm.

part 13:page 1
part 14 : page 4
part 15: page 7
part 16  page :11
part 17: page 14
part 18: page :17
part 19:page19
part 20:page 21
part 21: page24
part 22 :page26
part 23:page 28
part 24: page 30
part 25: page 31
part 26: page: 33
Part 27: page 35
part 28: page 36
part 29: page 38
part 30 : page 39
part 31 : page 41

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niki795 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 October 2013 at 4:21pm | IP Logged
awesome update dear
sorry for your previous account
I was waiting for this update for long time
precap seems interesting
continue soon
pm me plz 

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Kicha111 Senior Member

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Posted: 12 October 2013 at 7:32pm | IP Logged
Wonderful update
aftr a long time u r updating
jeevika s really nice n d update
fone conversation ws super
 Do cont soon
precap seems interesting...virman meeting
5roseparvin Senior Member

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Posted: 12 October 2013 at 7:56pm | IP Logged
hey friend, thank god finally I find u... m really gone mad when I can't find ur story... plzzz accept my friend request and also pm me...
angelrj Groupbie

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Posted: 12 October 2013 at 11:29pm | IP Logged
very good update :) was waiting for this one Smile it was fun reading their convo...update soon n pm me Smile
neetnia Senior Member

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Posted: 13 October 2013 at 12:10am | IP Logged
actuallu ye part 12 hai nah??? 
shaalivirman Senior Member

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Posted: 13 October 2013 at 3:15am | IP Logged
OMG...tat ws fab...Clap
luved the updateHeart
precap sounds intrstingBig smileLOL
and u dint get ur old acnt...???Confused
pinkynishal Newbie

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Posted: 13 October 2013 at 3:42am | IP Logged
itsss fab... supb...update sooonnn...

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