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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Blast from the Past Thread #19 !! chill out at 200 !! creations album

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when we started out, we knew it was going to be a journey,

but did we ever imagine it would be such a ride?

she was a jhalli crazy gorgeous tradition honouring girl, her own woman; he was a laad governor khadoos arrogant rich handsome man, in a way a renaissance man. together they created a khtarnak chemistry no formula could contain, the lab exploded har baar. and they took us for a ride we'd never forget. we'd never want to forget.

we'd want to go for it... again... and again.

gifs by Katelyn

blast from the past has reached episode 200... thanks, doctor and risha for thinking of an idea which had many miles in it. not all ideas have that, not all treks end on the top of a mountain, not all distances are traveled with such joy. nor with so much trepidation as the ride vrooms and careens through known territories yet they throw up so many surprises and new vistas that you stop and look and stare and say, hey, did you see this the last time we went this way? is this new? or are we new? looking at things with a different eye, a deeper heart maybe, a dhak dhak dimaag?

as 200 brings us to a most interesting bend in the road, just past halfway to the last episode of iss pyaar ko kya naam doon, we'd like to get off the track for a bit and sit around enjoying what's gone before, catching up, looking at some paths that seem to have interesting trails as yet unexplored. we'll take a break for two weeks to begin with, to be extended should we feel like it.

come join us as we chill and delve into ipk, and hang on real tight... begging to be taken for a ride.

We've been running long, need to take a break
A desire to halt, refresh and rejuvenate
Welcome to the breather, the fourth one
Let's celebrate the 2nd century and have some fun

gif by Katelyn

he'd landed once on 6 june 2011, but last year on 3 december 2012,
he touched down once more,
and so began our little trip called blast from the past,
starting right from episode 1.

 20 decades on, a few glimpses,
a run through the deadly,
but uffly rewarding route.

indi52's edit

decade 1, why did life/fate/call it what you will, bring asr and khushi face to face again and again? two people from two different worlds, yet their path seemed determined to cross.

indi52's edit

decade 2, tuhi bata mere maula sang the qawwaal as four young people dreamed, khushi found many brothers and a sister spoke of a "saansey ruk jaaygi" kind of love. a nasty bro smirked.

BarunDiwani's edits

indi52's edit

decade 3, so much happened between two people who just didn't get along... the first rabba vey and that rain hug. he went looking for her in a building caving in, and for the first time ever said, "khushi."

supriya.arshi's collage

decade 4, remember that resignation? how he suffered and raged. how she raved and ranted and after all that said, "hum theek nahin hain."

Katelyn's gif

decade 5 and it was a time to run and catch a girl who didn't matter at all, koi faraq nahin padta, yet there he was at teej, breaking her fall, giving her water; and rakshas he is, yet she can't bear to look at him helping his girlfriend end her fast.

ArshiHamesha's collage

BarunDiwani's edit

indi52's edit

decade 6, he thought she'd left, she thought she'd leave... for hamesha... instead she returned to be here forever.

indi52's edits

decade 7 brought moving episodes of rakhi and more, khushi saw a side of asr she'd never imagined and papad ka tukda was wonderfully ukhda, his love for his sister and hers for him touched hearts.

BarunDiwani's collage

ArshiHamesha's collage

decade 8 took sanka to a higher level. oh the fights, the feelings, the revenge plans and then that smile in 75 when sanka devi said she had to use mango juice because orange wasn't available. anyone remember the red hot chest of hotwa, and the all buttons off frontal shot? tee and hee.

supriya.arshi's collage/title, cinthiann1758

chalhov's collage

decade 9 and a "devoted" husband got more entrenched in conniving and cheating. but this was really a time for parents. the story of three orphans, their endless love and yearning within. and a priceless "sorry."

indi52's edits

supriya.arshi's collage/title, cinthiann1758

supriya.arshi's collage/title, cinthiann1758

Katelyn's gif

decade 10, hospital hug, straight after the craziness and tumult of nainital, why couldn't he hug her back, though he did want to and she needed him to?

Katelyn's gif... everyone's heart attack

Credits: introduction by indi52, welcome poem from DurgaS. supriya.arshi and indi52 designed the bike collages, banner created by ArshiHamesha. Music is edited by Katelyn. Please scroll down for rules, more reminiscences from the decades, and more.

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10. Take a break from that hectic rush of life and enjoy the road via ipk.

Katelyn's gifs

indi52's edit

katelyn's gifs

indi52's edits

BarunDiwani's collage

ArshiHamesha's edits

decade 11 was time for diwali, jaadoo, nasha and things so heady that one had to get lost. she finally knew why she couldn't marry shyam, and all he knew was he had to walk toward her.

indi52's edits

..Anita..'s gif

ArshiHamesha's edits
Katelyn's gifs

decade 12 he told her she means nothing to him... koi matlab nahin. yet he had to tie a bandage on her bleeding wound. the unique bandagement at the auspicious hour. by the end of this decade both were engaged, only not to each other.

Katelyn's gifs

BarunDiwani's edit

supriya.arshi's collage

decade 13 and in walked vishwaas. baat sach ya jhoot ki nahin hai, baat hai vishwaas ki. were the creatives trying to tell us about something intrinsic to pyaar? faith, belief. don't look for proof, have faith. finally that's what it all came to, she believed she loved him and he loved her, and he believed he loved her and she did indeed love him, and that somehow was enough.

ArshiHamesha's edit

indi52's edit

decade 14 had khushi planning how to make payal say yes to akash. asr said the plan wouldn't work, of course it did. pagal that she is. and right in the middle of joy, khushi found out about shyam.

ArshiHamesha's edit

Katelyn's gifs

decade 15 and a new turn approached. an engagement ended, as had another. a beautiful woman left and a cute guy came over. farewell la, hello nk.

supriya.arshi's collage

indi52's edit

decade 16, he knows she is no longer bound to someone else, new year is here, whose face will you see at 12 midnight? the happiest days of asr and khushi are fast heading this way, but before that, shut up, khushi.

Katelyn's gifs

BarunDiwani's edit

ArshiHamesha's collage

decade 17 has the jhalli and laad governor getting terribly attracted and doing all they can to fight it. a challenge is on...yaalgaar, etc., who will win natraj ki moorti.

Katelyn's gifs

IssPKaur's edits

wiwy's edit

Katelyn's gifs

ArshiDiehardfan's edit

decade 18, dance with me, be mine, let me kiss you, let me love you, let me want you, this colour doesn't look too bad on you either. wear my bangles... what if i lost you! tell me, have you bought these bangles? bataiye na.

indi52's edit

ArshiHamesha's collage

indi52's edit

IssPKaur's edit

decade 19, i can hear my dhak dhak, who would have thought that laad gov would have bought bangles for me, oh i must tell you why i give a faraq, tumse baat karni hai.
and then there was heartbreak or what came to be known as mu.

salooni's edit

IssPKaur's edits

decade 20, mujhse shadi karni hogi, abhi. you got to marry me, right now. and so a chot is received and a chot given... what's to become of the two... rabba ve.

..Anita..'s gif

ArshiHamesha's collage

thanks for being with us up to here. yay... 200.

supriya.arshi does a fab banner

curtains up!

a blast joke that has been going on for a while, involves a curtain and four known contenders for it... though there are many hidden ones we're sure. barundiwani (ami) presents a zany view. anyone else wants to join? send all requests to the dreamy guy standing there.

have a great break and let's get back in a couple of weeks' time.

IPKKND banner created by Risha_ipkknd, Rules poster by ArshiHamesha, glitter banner by salooni

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          - By Saloni


Blast From The Past #16

All the Episodes from 1 to 180 with Sbs segments and Promos can be found in link given above

Blast From The Past #16 Extn : The Picture Album
Breather 3 : 2nd to 15th September

Blast From The Past #17

Episodes 181 - 188 with promos , sbs segments and vms

Blast From the Past #18 Wedding Bells

All the Episodes from 189 to 200 with Sbs segments and Promos can be found in link given above

BFTP #20 !!Nafrat Door Jaane Na De!!


Blasters' takes Episodes 191 -195 

Blasters' Takes Episodes 196 - 200


                               BOND OF LOVE




A story of a brave heart who first time starts its real beat with the sight of a mesmerized princess full of innocence and charm. Unlike Cinderella , she left "pearls "  with him to follow her heart full of emotions.A butterfly [ Titliya ] whose wings spread colors not only in his life but everywhere.She beats all the odds reaching his heart and finally finds the wings of her belief " Brave heart does have a heart".That day she transfers a heartbeat to his heart just by one touch of hers.He accepts it graciously and leaves her in the midst of wilderness of searching her erratic heartbeat .Their hearts find the solace in each other's proximity under the stars and the acceptance in each other's eyes.Words lose their tracks when hearts race while delivering  desires, yearning, inclination, aspiration, and wishes which started building a bridge , a connection and a bond ...

 ...A bond of Love...

Love of brave heart finds it hard to accept the love and breaks the innocent heart into tears , tears of pearls one more time scatters around his heart which bleeds along with them yet determined to remain heartless as this is his shackle towards his heart who doesn't want to build this bond...

...A bond of Love...

Love of innocent butterfly does not stop sprinkling her pixie dust to bring the color of joy, laughter and livelihood around brave heart and his heart starts preparing a welcome party to these tiny steps of colossal heart princess with apologizing yet throwing her around with challenges.She completes all the deals to reach for the one and the only one  deal ..., "His Heart shall be mine"...A feeling of a beautiful bond occurs but gets stolen by a haunted wizard on its way but the strength of this connection was too strong and tenacious which couldn't  get tainted .The union of hearts was written divinely and the bridge was built heavenly ...and it happened spiritually and ethereally .An unbroken promise in  an adamantine night gets bound by this bond...

 ......A bond of Love...

 Love and its tender feet take its ground firmly and builds its bond over time with faith, with beliefs, with trust, and with promises to be one and remain one for eternity as this bond was not only divine and holy but also mystical, celestial and angelic. A bridge connects these two innocent souls in an armored and shielded bond ...

 ...A bond of Love...


pic credit to creditor

                   '''SPECIAL MOMENTS '''




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        ArshiHamesha has delightfully put together allthe
Blaster's creations

BFTP and overtime contributions of Blasters are not hidden from anyone.Each one of them is exploring the love of this show in many ways.Their unique pieces , updates, discussions and creations speak for itself.Smile

the intimacy of this frame has me riveted. so very very close to each other they are really, she seems to yearn to be near him, he's reaching out and in for her sake, he's ready to go far and deep into this whole thing... no holding back.

once is happenstance. twice is coincidence. three times, it's enemy action.
~~~ auric goldfinger, goldfinger, ian fleming~~~

Indi's beautiful words...Sept,3rd
on an evening of silken green we met as two lovers never knowing
what was, was it love? was it not? the green swirled and we forgot to ask.

on a blush rose the dawn of a longing unknown, we wagered, we plundered
pink tore asunder our fallacies of innocence, indifference, it all
the augury of pink distilled panic.

turmeric touched the day taking license, skin gleaming gold
yellow drowned out all light all sound, leaving a lost feeling around
where are you, my heart, at the end of xanthous is there respite?

effulgent orange that sunset hour whispered a name as it laughed and
jangled, i want to make love to you it said, we lightened, we hungered
at last we knew why it made a difference at all.

and so came the night of crimson with its dark embrace, anaerobic
we held each other tight and let it all go, perhaps knowing was our folly.

                                                                                                ~~~  Indi's Creations  ~~~                      

               Parody on 'Character Dheela' song from the movie 'Ready' 


Apne gusse se har kisiko daraake rakha hai
Lavanyaji ki marzi ka bhi na khayaal rakha hai
Shaadi karni nahin hai, phir bhi unko ghar mein rakha hai

Aapka to poora character dheela hai

Aapka to poora character dheela hai


Shaadi karoon ya na karoon, tumhe nahin lena dena hai

Ye zindagi hai meri apni, apni marzi se jeena hai

Ladkiyaan rehti hain ird-gird, kisiko bhi na cheda hai

Phir bhi kehti ho mera character dheela hai

Phir bhi kehti ho mera character dheela hai


You have kept everyone scared with your anger
You did not even bother about Lavanya's opinion

You don't want to marry, but still you've kept her in the house

Your whole character is loose
Your whole character is loose 
I get married or not, you don't have anything to do with it
This life is mine and I will live as I wish
Girls are always around me but I never flirted with anyone
But still you say that my character is loose
But still you say that my character is loose

                                                      Dhak dhak...
Paas unke aaoon to hai dhak dhak
Door unse jaaoon to bhi dhak dhak
Kaisi ye raftaar hai, kya kadve ka dakaar hai
Gadbad si hai dhadkan ki ye dhak dhak
[Dhak dhak...
If I go near him there's dhak dhak
If I go away from him, then too dhak dhak
What is this speed, is it sour burp
It's become problematic, this heartbeat's dhak dhak]

A cosmic dance with everlasting effects
An 'A' in the hand, someone's name it reflects
A devastating hi, a scintillating kissing sound
Thud, thud, thud, fangirls falling all around
Anxious moments spent, full of concern and worry
On the road was Arnav, on the phone was Khushi
Gift of bangles, the very first one
The round of Prasad, had to be won
Did not disclose the gift's reason
The heart beats, however, were now in unison  
Feel her, touch her, her face he had to hold
With anger and concern, he spoke words of gold
Do you even know what I have gone through?
What if ... what if I lost you?

Originally posted by DurgaS

News update:5/3/13 
People have been talking about certain aromas coming out of the Bftp thread. Aromas of samosas, jilebis and a hint of Bengali sweets are all over the thread. Investigations into the matter revealed that a certain samosa eating episode started the trend. This was further amplified with a picture of yummy, delicious, mouth-watering samosas, posted by Chalhov. The talk related to the picture made Katelyn post a hot (yeah, pun certainly intended) food related vm which completely unsettled the members of the thread. Now, recipes for jilebis and samosas are being lapped up and information related to the outlets where the best jilebis and samosas are available are being discussed. The talks are still going on. Please stay tuned for further updates. Till then, enjoy the discussion.
And, me going to see those vms. Wink 
                                   ~~~ Durga's verses ,news updates and the edits~~~

                                           ~~~ Creations of BarunDiwani ~~~

                                                   ~~~ ArshiHamesha's creations ~~~

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ArshiHamesha has delightfully put together allthe
Blaster's creations



                         ~~~ Anita's siggy creations ~~'

Looks like they are getting married! Six  concentric circles of diyas surround them in holy matrimony. Six pheras, six steps together hand in hand. And the seventh phera, the penultimate step? That will come later, when they profess their undying love for each other. Then their union will be complete, hamesha ke liye.

by wiwy

Which logical but earth shattering act
of Anjali in episodes 65, 66 could have sounded
the death knell of IPKKND?


                                            ~~~ Creations of wiwy The Riddle Maker~~~


jinhe hum bhulaana chaahe, wo aksar yaad aate hain
bura ho iss muhabbat ka, wo kyon kar yaad aate hain

bhulaaye kis tarah un ko, kabhi pi thi un aankhon se
chhalak jaate hain jab aansu, wo saagar yaad aate hain

kisi ke sunrkha lab the ya diye ki lau machalati thi
jaha ki thi kabhi puja, wo mandar yaad aate hain

rahe aye shamma tu roshan, duwa deta hain parawaana
jinhe kismat mein jalna hain, wo jalakar yaad aate hain

Song for this scene
Odh Le Chunariya Tere Naam Ki 
Odh Le Chunariya Tere Naam Ki 
Chaahe Duniya Jo Bhi Sochay Humko Karna Pyaar 
Pyaar Kiya To Darna Kya 
Jab Pyaar Kiya To Darna Kya 

Episode 100 (Arnav Khushi La  Hugs) whats in a hug
The starting of a voluntary hug from one of them
Is all about a hug of Khushi gave and wanted from Arnav and which he did not give her but gave La the hug given to a wrong person the sympathy expressed to a wrong person( which actually Arnav wants to give Khushi) the inner turmoil which both face because of that hug
the hug Khushi wanted from her LG her Arnavji but what the... did he
Sometimes a hug speaks volumes
When someone's feeling low
And more then words are needed
To set a heart aglow

Remembering poolside with chalhov's cool graphics

pag pag man meraa thokar khaae
chaand suraj bhi raah na dikhaae
aisaa ujaalaa koi man me samaae
jisake piyaa kaa darshan mil jaae
raat aur din
(the essence is that despite there being lamps everywhere day and night my heart is in darkness where is my lover who fills my heart with brightness)
                ~~~ One of Chalhov's songs selection with some edits ~~~



                          happy 2nd anniversary IPKKND

                                    ~~~ some of sohara's gif hunt collection~~~





                                                         ~~~ Katlyn's creations ~~~


                                                    ~~~ craetions of IssPKaur ~~~



                                                       ~~~ creation of Horizon ~~~




                                                      ~~~ Salooni's Creations ~~~

                                        ~~~ Arshidiehardfan's Creations ~~~

Eyes gazing,

Fingers intermingling,

Their steps in sync,

Rhythmic movements,

 Sensuous swaying,

 Their breath and heartbeats as one.

He sings to her the words...

Aa ..

Teri meri, meri teri prem kahani hai mushkil...

~~~ one of Cinthiann's writings and the edit ~~~


I guess you mean the epi when they have water fight at the office. She gets home and changes into salwar suit. K is a practical woman and a jumpy girl. Following that she was again in the office for dealings and later racing in the room and pool side with the supposed divorce papers. She looked beautiful in sarees for those few days. CVs transitioned her to suits, as she was soon busy with mausum hai suhana, dabba business and all. I preferred her premarriage short kurtas to the post marriage long ones. She looked glamorous with her back exposed and adorned by the beautiful dori. Why I feel she was intentionally deglamorized. I have never seen such anaarkalis with wide borders. Looked like she was carrying drapes and the other kind had maternity dress cuts. 

The best part ASR never bothered about it, he was only after the biggest deal of his life and their talent outshone their costume. ASR adored K being herself at GH. He would be reminded of her pain and prize the return of her smile with her folks. He loved this innocent beauty a chaotic combination of goofiness, naivety, aggressive spirit, fierce independence and selflessness.

~~~  part of viv's  many beautiful discussions ~~~

 Let us see how our Arnav Bitwa calls Khushi  depending on his mood- 
 - When Angry- Khushi Kumari Gupta
- When concerned - Khushi
When wants to derogate her- Uss Khushi
- When irritated by her- Uss ladki
-When longing for her- Woh ladki
- When really really really  disturbed by her-  Uski
When speaking to Nani- Uss Khushi Kumari Gupta.
-When wants to contradict her ( yet to come)-- Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada).
 I was noticing- How even in memory  Uski (Her) to  Arnav meant only Khushi - not La or any other girl he knew . Also he never added ji to Khushi's name or added aapke in front of her name be reference.

 How Khushi calls Arnav we know but in this two episodes she crossed all limits. Which means she was really really really really overwhelmed with Arnav. She usually restricts herself to giving one name at a day to Mr Raizada but let us count how she called her only in this two episodes.

- When concerned or loving Arnav- Aap
- When angry and still  feeling professional- Mr. Raizada
- When love and hate collide- Laad- Governor
 When love and hate collide and still hate is more- Uss Laad Governor
-When love, hate and longing togather- Laad Governor Kahike.
When overwhelmed she starts giving him names randomly- She called him
 - Rakshsas,
     - Kanz
     - Ram teri ganga maili
     - BIna shaadi ke saat saath rakshas

 When talking with Anjali- So far the politest - aapke bhai
The name that Khushi never called Arnav-- ASR, tum or even meri. The closest was hamare (our).
Also realized that Khushi was more like Buaji then her mom. She called her all random names but with Payal she says only Payalia. We know that Khushi loves Arnav a lot and hates to love him so much. So made me realize just in this episode that Buaji also calls Khushi so many name because she is also overwhelmed by her love of Khushi.
~~~ samin's colorful of many ~~~




                                     ~~~  Some Collages by supriya.arshi ~~~



And then, He Proposed!!
- by Horizon
"Khushi, mujhe tumse kuch baath karni hai".. "bas karni hai" (Khushi, I have to talk to you, just have to!)... he said as he advanced towards her with that dream and desire for her in his  eyes..  she melted as she continued their reciprocal dance. But in the end, he didn't utter a word.. yet said it all..and an absolute contentment reflected in her eyes as if she imbibed what he implied.. a literal soulmate conversation!

It was one of the most beautiful sights of a man proposing to his woman... exactly how she would like it! ASR, caught in an unfamiliar and rather uncomfortable territory of expressing his feelings for his girl, found something that would exactly say what he meant to... a red bindi... as he looked dreamily into her eyes, yet his smart Harvard brain and a deft hand would make sure to align that bindi on the mirror so that it would exactly sit where its supposed to on her forehead, in the center of her eyebrows when she looks at her reflection! No delicate box with a glittering diamond ring, no kneeling down, no holding hand... but an exact culturally analogous act to propose to his girl... that that act takes one's breath away!

ASR, the suave man, who wouldn't believe in any of the orthodox rituals, in the end did give everything what his tradition adhering woman would dream of from her husband much feore they actually got married, a payal (anklet), chudiyaan (bangles) and a bindi (vermillion)!  Then she called him most tenderly "Arnavji" and he said "hmm..." most is moments like these.. couples like these .. who perhaps can make one believe that no rituals are necessary to feel and respect a couple's unison at many levels!

A beautifully crafted and enacted sight, that ends up alas as their last moment of bliss before it all went for a nose dive. "Ab jab meri manzil nazar me thi, toofan tujhe bhi abhi aana tha kya"??!! (now when my destination is well in sight, O  storm.. do you have to hit just now?)


ArshiHamesha's exclusive edits

Enjoy more gifs here

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Warning: Music player is on!  There are 3 tracks: ASR Entry, Arshi bg4 and Rabba Ve (Piano Version)

Picture credit: supriya.arshi  

Some of our contributors have been regularly posting their work on the threads. Here is an index of their works.
..Anita..'s Index  - For impactful analysis and hilarious comments  
ArshiHamesha's Index  - For detailed analysis replete with symbolisms, connections, pauses
BarunDiwani's Index  - For indepth analysis and the superhit drool corner
Chalhov's Index  - For picture stories and songs
cinthiann1758's Index  - For detailed takes and interesting titles 
DurgaS's Index - For original poems and parodies
indi52's Index- For reviews that make you glide through the air and water
Katelyn's Wonderland - For a collection of promos, vms, sbs/sbb videos
samin6's Index - For out of the box reviews of episodes
sohara's Index - For analysis replete with new words and vms
supriya.arshi's Collages - For amazing picture collages and episodic pictorial edits
wiwy's Index - For some mind-boggling riddles
Some other links:
Blasters' Takes Index - Links of Analysis, picture edits, poems, videos, etc. 
Thobda poems - Poems and parodies by the blasters on the thobda
News updates - Last but not the least, updates about the happenings on the thread 
Engagement Discoveries- A combined post of blasters on the IPK 2nd Anniversary Thread
The Thobda Post- An Entertaining thobda post containing poems by the blasters and picture edits based on them by supriya.arshi. This post is made on the occasion of BS's birthday on Team Sobtians thread.
BS's Birthday post-  The combined post of blasters on Barun Sobti's birthday thread
SI's Birthday post The combined post of blasters on Sanaya Irani's birthday thread
AD's Birthday post-  The combined post of blasters on Akshay Dogra's birthday thread

* * *

with the IPK stars by the blasters
Some of our blasters have been lucky to interact with the IPK stars in different ways.
1. Ami managed to send a letter to Sarun  Embarrassed 
2. Katelyn has met Sanaya at the Artesia festival Big smile
3. Wiwy has had a phone conversation with Barun  Blushing
4. Indi wrote a note on behalf of Team Sobtians which Barun read, intently  Wink
* * *

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            Through Opening pages...

Journey started with Doctor, Risha , Roshini and all...ThankYouClap
               THREAD 1&2

Hola People! 

So finally it's Monday, the day when our "new" show starts. We will be posting the episodes of our beloved show "Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon?" here. And today is the day when the first episode will be posted at 8:00 P.M. (IST)

So we officially welcome you to the 

First banner is made by Risha (Risha_ipkknd)
And the second banner is made by our friend Roshini1494. Thank you so much Rosh!
                         Banner by Sia
                "Blast from the Past"



                         THREAD 3
                      PartySupriya's entry

         Banner by Supriya-arshi addition to the Thread 1&2 Banners

                          Thread 4
     Indi took the charge as our CaptainParty

dear mad about ipk people,
by Indi

We have made it to thread #4. Love ain't showin' no signs of waning here.

As everybody knows this is the official place to re-live Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon? We post old episodes of IPKKND from Monday to Friday at 8 P.M. (IST). People watch it together, discuss the old episodes and cherish the beautiful moments of our beloved IPK. 

Thanks a tonne to Doctor and Risha for coming up with the idea. You started the thread, Monday 3rd December 2012, straight after the Friday IPK formally ended telecast end November. And so we never suffered, never went into withdrawal. It was the sweetest, smartest, most happy making thing anyone could have done. 
Doctor, Risha, see you soon when you're back from all your AD demands and engagements. 

                           Thread 5
                        Entry of DurgaParty
durga (DurgaS) has a little rhyme inviting all 

Blast from the Past, we have reached thread five
Come on everyone fast, let's all do high five
62 episodes are done, we had so much fun
Let's make this thread too, a rocking one!

          Entry of wiwy's RiddlesParty
by wiwy

Which logical but earth shattering act
of Anjali in episodes 65, 66 could have sounded
the death knell of IPKKND?


   Entry of BarunDiwani's Drool Corner

 dear seriously ipk people
BY Indi
you are now entering #5. hope you're ready for the pyaar. khushi is about to come and start work at RM. we don't have to tell you what this means...


                           THREAD 6

dear lovers of ipk
by Indi
a new level and a new thread. nafrat and pyaar have now reached "mera ghar... my house!!!" raizada mansion. looks like it's going to be fun. and thread #6 is just delighted to catch as much of it as possible. come join us on this trip. bring along flying dupatta, hot tea, some gussa, tricks and treats, we're starting with a musician's birthday party after all. (a salaam to la for her sweet, unforgettablecluelessness.)

                        Entry of SaminParty

Sweet Revenge

(by samin6) 
Episode 72 and 73 : 
 This is one of my most favorite episodes.-Guess why: Because I fell in love with Khushi. ClapBefore that I liked her but love definitely was in this episodes.
If I were Khushi I would rhyme, " I am too sweet for myself, I am too sweet for myself, I am too sweet for myself."Dancing
 Was thinking ,  For Khushi- Revenge is a dish best served sweet. Now thinking of,"Sweet Revenge," who really would have thought that instead of Revenge our darling Khushi wound focus on the sweet part.Silly
 See how
-- For  damaging the car she uses one type of a crystalized sugar-sugar cube.
-- For embarrasing Arnav bitwa in front of client - she used of all the songs-- Jalebi Bai??(of course her favorite sweet) 
--For making Arnav bitwa a laughing stock she used -- Mango juice (by far the most sweet natural juice). 
 --For burning Arnav-- She used hot tea ( if I am not mistaken people still put sugar in their tea).

Guess why she used so many sweets in her revenge-- Because she herself is sweet and second- Arnav bitwa's - Techniki Kharabiya, the very first one she came to know of was- Diabetes aka sugar ki bimari.EmbarrassedSo inspite of his tej dimag- Mr Arnav bitwa should have realized that Khushi had not broken his laptop.Confused Reason-- His laptop is not sweet, too bland for the taste of our cute sweet Khushi.
                                         Entry of ArshiHameshaParty
        the opening banner is made by ArshiHamesha and Risha_ipkknd

It is Blast from the Past, thread six,
Welcome to this delicious mix,
Reviews, videos and wonderful pics,
This is a journey, you'll never want to miss.
by Durga

                   THREAD 7

the blast is on
three months and a bit are over, nearly 80 episodes done, and here we are, all set for #7. it's been a hectic time at ipk, the last we heard hot tea was being flung at handsome faces (and ahem, chests), laad governor had acquired another name, magar machh, and he was "jaaing jail" for "tadpaaing khushi" where, as is the norm in such cases, he was going to be "chakki peesing peesing..."

on the bright side, two girls from opposite sides of the planet had become pals. while the bad guy with a sweet smile had not been able to accomplish a thing, other than get many new names from the indomitable blasters: slither being the current fave.

the good guy with no smile was carrying on regardless being his usual mean and nasty self, but right toward the end of the thread he decided to do us in and broke into a lopsided smiliya (refer episode 75, if you wish to be struck).

coming up next, the shadi shenanigans at rm. come join us as we watch, swoon, chat, analyse, sing, write poetry, solve riddles, tally "tum theek ho," and do other such supremely important things, on the thread that truly appreciates ipk. we look forward to your hello hi; lau is, never having to say bye bye. 

we welcome you to the

Welcome to BFTP thread seven
This place is just like heaven
All the work here is IPK driven
For its love, their time each one has given

thanks to all the makers of banners/collages/poem here 
the opening banner is made by ArshiHamesha and Risha_ipkknd. the second banner is created by Roshini1494. 
supriya.arshi has designed banners 3 and 4. the poem inviting all comes from DurgaS.

                           THREAD 8
                      Entry of CinthiannParty
Beauty and the Beast
 by Cinthiann1758
Picture credit: supriya.arshi 

jalebis, anyone?

BY Indi

it feels good to wait for monday again. and this monday begins a journey to the most dishy act with jalebis, which will, post a minor besan detour, take us all the way to a room by a dhaba on the road to nainital. hope you're ready as we start out on thread #8.

but before the sweet, something salty, a delicious treat
a tear rolling down when it least expected to and a pair of eyes looking at it with utter confusion and that something else which we've been trying to figure out for several months now, almost two years really. research still incomplete and so back we are for a second round of ipk,episode 88 on the agenda nextah, the thirst for knowledge, of course that's what brings us here every day and makes us cogitate, agitate, analyse, write poetry, quote songs, create collages, edits, and race through threads at breathless pace.

but still we can't keep up with the thing that makes asr fight with khushi, and khushi give it right back to him. "shut up!" "aap shut up!";"what nonsense!" "aap nonsense""
sorry hai ya gold medal...!" "di, mujhe lag raha mein paagal ho rahan hoon." oh, may these two never stop. and believe us, whatever anyone or your sugar count might say,jalebis are good for you. get your bite right here... join us and have a wink... what?... wink wink wink... huh??! 
       BY DURGA               
Welcome to the dhaba, BFTP eight
Variety dishes we serve on your plate
Reviews, pictures, poems; for your appetite to satiate
Your regular visits, we'll always appreciate

                      THREAD 9
             chalhov's entryParty

A note from DurgaS

Dear IPK lovers,
As we enter #9, we discover a feeling of forgetfulness.
We've already witnessed him, forget himself, as he beat up the goons. Soon, we'll see, as she forgets herself, when she hugs her business tycoon. We'll also see him, forget himself, as she jumps up and down with glee. There's more, as they're lost in themselves, when from lights, he sets her free. It doesn't stop here, for they forget everything, when in a Rangoli embrace. Furthermore, he forgets about the watering plants and she too is lost in his gaze.
So, shall we, forget ourselves, as they get lost in each other. Let's gear up, as these events unfold, leading to the most mesmerising scene ever.
The countdown to the poolside scene begins...

We've already reached 
BFTP nine
It's time to cheer, cause it's Diwali time
Preparations galore with Rangoli and Lights
Let's all gear up for those wonderful sights

Here's to the creators of this post

 As you can probably tell, more than 90 episodes on, the blast people are still happily blasting away. join us and don't forget to bring all your emotions, ponderings, thinking/feeling caps, eagerness to learn new tricks, ear plugs, space suits, you know the usual things. shall we lift off?

                 THREAD 10
         Katlyn's Entry with GifsParty
         Entry of Indi's Blast notes

A man kneels down to put on an ornament on a woman, is that a proposal?
The man leans forward to fulfil his desire and the woman does not decline, is that an acknowledgement?
An engagement is announced, for the eldest son of the house, but is the bride's name correct?
The engagement takes place, at the most auspicious time, at the most auspicious place, Devi Maiyya's abode on the Earth, her temple, but does anyone know?
Nobody knows. But Devi Maiyya does. For She has started making arrangements for the marriage of Her favourite child Khushi, to her rajkumar, Arnav. The conch has already been blown.
All are invited to witness the rasams as arranged by Devi Maiyya, but unknown to anyone,  in order to unite Khushi with Arnav in a bonding that will last forever, hamesha.
By DurgaS

Welcome to thread #10 of Blast from the Past

It is hard to believe, it's BFTP ten
We welcome you all to the Blasters' Den
Emotions are high, very difficult to measure  
Passionate or otherwise, great moments to treasure

Here's to the creators of this post

The opening lines and the poem come from DurgaS. the thread #10 banner is designed by supriya.arshi. Arshihamesha has made the BFTP banner. The gif banner is by Roshini1494. and that poster just after this, that's by chalhov. below that a collage by supriya.arshi and blast notes by indi52.

We do hope you are ready for red. It's upon us now. 

hard to believe, but we are into the second hundred of iss pyaar ko kya naam doon, and something as treasured as the poolside diwali scenes are just moments away. it's been nearly six months since the show was abruptly wrapped up, leaving many of us somewhat lost. we'd made the mistake of falling in love. with of all things, a tv serial. there was bound to be heart ache, oh and there really was. but there was also unbelievable joy. that joy, i think brought us here, to this thread. and here we've hung out together, right from that first "hai re nand kissore" and a crazy gorgeous girl falling into a cold angry hot young man's arms. we really had no plans, no clear idea how far this would go. maybe soon we'd pall of it, maybe other things would suddenly become more interesting and our love would wane, or maybe we'd be here till the end. no one knew when we started out on 2 december, and even now, no one can say with any guarantee what's really going to happen. but the fact is, lots of chatting, writing, discussing, debating, gushing, gritting, gossing, giggling later, here we are... at 109. second century. not bad, huh. feels rather good, doesn't it, blasters. thanks, supriya for that gorgeous collage up there... may nafrat and mohabbat always do what they must do, but only in the way they did it right here in iss pyaar ko kya naam doon. come join us, and let's ipk again once more... shall we repair to the poolside, i say.

               THREAD 11
        Katlyn's Entry with MusicParty

Another proposal, this time direct with a loving heart
A ring game, played with lot of faraq of the crying heart  
Jealousy, a new emotion one discovers
Sapnon ki Duniya, a famous dialogue one delivers
But then, there is a starry talk, quite khaas
Because afterall, it is all about vishwaas
So, let's watch as sparks fly in the most interesting track, faraq padta hai
But before that let's Ooh la laOoh la la...
By DurgaS

Welcome to thread #11 of Blast from the Past

Thread eleven of the Blast from the Past
Unbelievable, we are galloping so fast
Enthralled with the talent of IPK cast
Welcome all, here discussions are vast

Here's to the creators of this post

The opening lines and the poem come from DurgaS. the thread #11 banner is designed by supriya.arshi. Arshihamesha has made the BFTP banner. The gif banner is by Roshini1494. The poster below is by chalhov. Finally, a collage by supriya.arshi and blast notes by indi52.

when do you think love got discovered? how do you think we found out, us fragile mortals, we who last but one life and dream of a cycle of births, that there was something called love between a man and a woman that transcended time, that was different from all other loves we knew? there was a faraq in it. it was all about that faraq. what exactly that was, was always hard to put into words. but we tried valiantly. stories, novels, songs, poems, plays, movies. so much stuff really around this one thing... love. what's the faraq if there weren't any love? oh how one quakes at the mere thought of that, and how giggly i feel when i realise that despite the best efforts of our times, money has still not surpassed love as the thing most wanted. not for over fifty percent of the population, at least. because we know what a faraq it makes. and so we give a faraq dammit. into the second century decisively now, the blast people chat about love and know it was a hindi serial that really could somehow get the meaning of that word across, maybe because it didn't try too hard? just let love do its own things... nafrat, mohabbat, the whole shebang. thanks ipk for that... hamesha.

               THREAD 12
     Re-Entry of Doc with her Edit Party

Again proposed, again refused
To solve the tangle, a plan is produced
A brother and a sister team up
To unite their siblings, they gear up
A comfort in the relationship is reached
Meanwhile the trust in someone is breached
Out of the blue, a shocking truth she discovers
As the wily face of a shrewd man uncovers
KKG teaches ASR, filmy stuff with great pride
Kya bolun ab, this is going to be a roller coaster ride
Welcome to thread #12 of Blast from the Past

BFTP twelve, that counts to a dozen
In IPK land we all are still frozen
From cliff top to terrace top, revelations galore
Welcome to enjoy, these scenes as we explore

blaster's log, stardate 01122011.33. is our trek any less of a mission or adventure than the famous one to the stars and planets unknown? hyuk hyuk. how engrossed we are in discovering spaces and emotions where no man, woman or buaji has gone before; and how fearless our enterprise. rain, hail, or black holes that suck you right in such as exams, deadlines, family functions, we get right back on deck and continue the journey. eyes sharp, keyboards cracking, hearts dhakdhak. happy to report that after a prolonged battle with klingon course work and evil syllabus, doctor found her way back to the thread main post with a winning banner. welcome back, captain, we are delighted you have returned, may you blast long and prosper. this is our 398 episode submission to a higher force some call pyaar, others don't know how to name. well into the second century of our journey, from the observation deck it is clearly visible that stranger new stars are about to shine, and unexpected alliances are going to threaten our pulse rates. a reprieve from shyam will be granted, you think? but we are sure our man with the stick out (if not pointy) ears will save us no matter what. while on the topic, a special thanks to durga for saving #12 from indi's no show, and doing all the work, the formatting, everything to make sure blast continues unhampered. you are a true flying dupatta ipktrekkie, sir. and now shall we go boldly into iss pyaar ko kya naam doon, the final frontier. 

                         THREAD 13
The wily man is spared, with just a warning that he's got
A couple gets engaged, while another does not
A heartbroken girl wins a million hearts
As she leaves, to give the lovers an open path
Enters NK and creates a shaky confusion
A coctail party is coming up, with a desi intrusion
Welcome all to BFTP thirteen 
Back to work with an interest keen
Towel in place of dupatta, NK in place of Lavanya
Equations changing all over, but slowly, rafta rafta

she looked ott, she talked silly, she didn't know the difference between the different dals, but when it came to it, she knew what really mattered. and from her lips the writers let us hear perhaps the heart of it all. "because love is greater than everything," she told the man she'd grown to love this essential truth even though she knew she had to let him go. people are not just convenient little characters progressing a plot: good and bad, daft and clever, deep and shallow... people are people, with a bit of this, a bit of that and a bit of something else too. ipk showed us that, and how. when la said what she did it was the most subtle, layered, honest, and surprising character writing one had seen in years. to be valid, or nice, or lovable, you don't have to wear traditional clothes and do round round, girls in short dresses who live in with their boy friends and do "sab kuch" that married people do without being married, also qualify. i don't think i have seen any hindi telly serial go so close to this truth and not back off fearing audience backlash. la went out of ipk with head held high, and lots of nani ji's and our love, also keeping asr as a friend. 

poignantly and uff too good-ly, her "kyunki pyaar sabse bada hota hai" connected with the five most incredible words shouted out one night on an inflamed terrace. when khushi asked if customs, traditions, wedding rituals, nothing means anything, "toh phir aap hi hume bataiye kis cheez ka koi matlab hai?" what has any meaning, you tell me. and he did, "that i love you, dammit."

yay, it's the roll of episodes again, and who's that cute young boy with very powderful hindi.

             THREAD 14
Entry of Ramanchi in between Indi & Durga
     In exchaging their positions for funBig smile 

faraq nahin padta is rapidly moving toward faraq padta hai as we get into thread #14. heady days at ipk. but perhaps what's kind of super thrilling is that the day we post episode 150, ipk will go on air again.

yes, a second run of ipk.

on star india's life ok channel, overseas feed. some of us at blast will get this re-telecast, some won't, but i know we will all celebrate. we'll rejoice and yell and shout and do a salaam e ishq even maybe, what say. when everyone thought it was over, we didn't. we were here with a thing called "vishwaas," a bunch of "paagals" (oh yes, if he'd seen us, he'd have said that in that holi way and i presume i don't have to tell you who "he" is), and we were ready to see episode 1 on 3 december. it ain't over till it's over, picture abhi baki hai... bahut baaki hai. channeling filmi khushi here.

 finally, even the channel had to accept, what's great is great... 

is it wishful thinking to imagine all our love also had something to do with keeping ipk centre stage and very hot?

faraq, in the end, padta hai. you can act cool, pretend it's just another show. even run scrolling titles passing the buck and the blame. but sachha pyaar it always was, and that makes a difference. beyond trp and petty politics.

here's wishing ipk a fabulous rerun. may you get several, plenty, and more new viewers, may you spread extreme dhak dhak and the meaning of love all around the universe... and beyond. and may there always be rabba ve.

blast from the past thread #14. this is not a members only thread, do join in, only requirement, you gotta love ipk. 

Welcome all to BFTP fourteen
Brothers baffled in devising a scheme
From coctail party to new year date
ASR is on time and NK is late

the story is entering a changing phase as just days before the year changes the lovely la leaves letting nannav's naughty nk to make his way into rm. nk's character was a temporary one, introduced only to induce jealousy traits in arnav. a character who was openly pursuing the female lead and everyone enjoyed that, of course mainly because they got to see a possessive and jealous arnav. some even arguing that khushi is better off being with nk than with arnav. the character of nk proved to be another feather in the cap of ipk. never before a character, introduced half way into the show, has been loved so much that he had to be recalled on public demand. haye re nand kishore, didn't the show start from these words? and now here's nand kishore, aka, nk, proving that he had always been a part of arnav's paagal family.
and while on it, nand kishore's darker version, shyam is changing into a more menacing being, conspiring to give fatal shivers to his rs. it is the start of a series of attempts he makes to eliminate his wife, one of the many heinous acts that remain undisclosed till the end.
and what do we see here, devyani and madhumati, heads of their respective families have now changed into dancing competitors? the jugalbandi of these two is enough to blow the daylights of these two is enough to blow the daylights off the stern and strict ms. madhubala.
                THREAD 15

Silence, he declares. Silence, he gets
The plan succeeds while he frets  
A slap delivered, a flower snatched
To defeat one another, schemes are hatched
Challenges at stake, tensions on the rise
The Lord of dance, is the winning prize
From ek do teen to Jiji tere Jethji
Khushi once again gives the chuckles to Arnavji
While the green lady waits, who's gonna steal the chance
To lead his sweetheart in a sensuous dreamy dance

Blast from the Past thread #15. this is not a members only thread, do join in, only requirement, you gotta love ipk. 

BFTP has reached thread number fifteen
Welcome everyone to relish each scene
Families get ready for the sangeet competition
While someone plays hide and seek with a deadly scorpion

sometimes i have to wonder, what is it with shyam? i mean the hairbrained plans to kaput his wife. like that scorpion. why? why not an easy hired gun, or elegant cyanide, or something of that sort? there's a horribly creepy contour to this character, but what's really intriguing is its framework. tip him a bit to the other side and he can become ludicrous, nudge him just a tad in the opposite direction, he'd be truly dangerous. where he sits, he is what he is... just a creep. born to be a knave, utterly devoid of any finer feelings, but even in this not the best of his kind. there too a lack of breadth, of moment; a most medium sized villain he is. certainly, not a ravan, nor even a duryodhan, or for that matter blofeld with his dream of world dominion. a mere constant cogitator of evil, expressions carefully arranged to look the role, just because that's all he seems capable of doing. never really a true antagonist to the protagonist asr turned out to be. nah, asr deserved a more worthy enemy. but at this moment, what matters is the faraq that is becoming impossible to keep under wraps. let shyam chase his pet scorpion, while we go and get ready to get stung by a man in black and a woman in green. scorpions do a deadly dance, the male and female clasped to each other, as part of their mating ritual... was shyam trying to tell us something with that lethal creature you think? after all, he is named after the lord... of course, this is a daily soap and one shouldn't think too much. but the villain is named after god and he is rushing about chasing a scorpion which indulges in a dance when it wants to mate, and while this is on, a lithe man in jet pulls a whipcord slim woman in jade into his arms and holds on to her with a firm grip turning their embrace into a passionate dance. sorry can't stop the mind from spinning out of control.  

                THREAD 16
          Entry of Color changeClap

A cosmic dance with everlasting effects
An 'A' in the hand, someone's name it reflects
A devastating hi, a scintillating kissing sound
Thud, thud, thud, fangirls falling all around
Anxious moments spent, full of concern and worry
On the road was Arnav, on the phone was Khushi
Gift of bangles, the very first one
The round of Prasad, had to be won
Did not disclose the gift's reason
The heart beats, however, were now in unison  
A fortnight full of fun, most awaited
The desire to watch again, never abated
Welcome to the magical thread of BFTP sixteen
Passions on the rise, romance never before seen

A new episode, every evening at 8pm, and all are invited to watch, chat, discuss, as we carry on with our second run of IPK here at the Blast from the Past.

when your heart can sense the rhythm, your gut says you want the beat, and your feet carry you to the place you long to be, that's when you know there is no letting this moment go, no matter what... it's time for me and you, you and me. time to look into your eyes, carry you in a sure embrace, throw you in a fling of passion, catch you back in hungry clasp. dance with you. dance with me? dance with me. this is the tango of love. who needs rehearsal. but why is it that we who are no strangers to dances on screen, still can't quite breathe when we see this one? it's been more than a year and a half, yet we can't stop getting all excited about a film song and two television actors, non dancers really, telling their kahani through it? oh the ephemeral yet eternal moments. who crafted them? can one craft such splendour? she dips so low you think she's fall to the floor, but his hand behind her head knows otherwise; she walks away and he calls her with a silent lift of his hand, a turn of head, forlorn he stands, how can she not run back to him; so many questions, so much inexplicable, you hurt me, you bother me, hold me tight, raise me high, twirl me through the edge of space, entwined let's go to the border of time. come, dance with me. and then let me steal a kiss. 

                  THREAD 17
             Entry of Salooni's GifsDancing
             Entry of Issk's EditsParty

The day has finally arrived
When two lovers are to unite
Both coy and feeling shy
Set to marry on Valentine's night
Towards the next chapter the couple move
Finally, their dreams come true  


Another couple are set to confess
All their misdeeds, they yearn to redress
But a thunderbolt on their love, had to fall
Between them the creep stands like a wall
The hearts butchered into a million pieces
Hate like never before, on her, he unleashes 

Two weddings on a single night
But one couple in a gloomy plight
The happy ambience becomes tense
Their silence is now their pretense
Their love enters a difficult time
To emerge clean, bright and shine
And we are ready to watch Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon every week night at 8pm again. A most enthralling set of episodes coming up, and a night everyone will remember... hamesha.

The frightful period dreaded by the blasters
Those painful episodes are now upon us
No more excuses to escape the heartbreak
Welcome to BFTP #17, to Payash's wedding day

we start the week with two of the happiest and most romantic days of ipk. and then suddenly upon us is the night. treacherous, venomous, ugly and dark. a turbulent black hole of evil that won't let anything escape, certainly not light. it would throw two clean innocent souls into turmoil because they had no idea that such malevolence could exist. for a moment there shyam would be an iago with immense luck on his side. and asr, like the credulous othello... for he feared too much and loved no less. feared that again a loved one might go, believing the lie because of the first and till now the most terrible night of his life. the black hole will swallow all the light and coil around it. and yet. something will escape to bring back the  day. love. in another beautiful and mysterious form... nafrat.

welcome to blast's thread #17.

               THREAD 18

Let me not to the marriage of true minds
Admit impediments. Love is not love
Which alters when it alteration finds,
Or bends with the remover to remove:

O no! It is an ever-fixed mark
That looks on tempests and is never shaken;

It is the star to every wandering bark,
Whose worth's unknown, although his height be taken.
Love's not Time's fool, though rosy lips and cheeks
Within his bending sickle's compass come:
Love alters not with his brief hours and weeks,
But bears it out even to the edge of doom.

If this be error and upon me proved,
I never writ, nor no man ever loved.

There has never been a night such as this.

A temple marriage resolved to solemnize
Angered and bewildered, the groom and bride
One with fire in eyes, the other with tears
A solution brought to confront all fears
Left all alone by the whole family
She wept and wept, clueless about a remedy
He drove all night, seeking out the enemy
Declared to the creep, 'she's my patni'
A wedding bed where no one slept
The groom went chaotic while the bride wept
A confession of love in the guise of hate
Will realisation dawn, before it's too late?


Thread eighteen of the blast from the past
Unbelievable we are galloping so fast
Excruciating pain in their hearts they carried
Welcome as Arnav and Khushi get married

he held her hand and looked into her eyes. "marry me?" he said, his voice husky and gentle. his intent look seemed to plead with her to say, yes. she gazed back into his dark chocolate eyes, what was shining there? a promise? yes, a promise of love forever. her heart leapt up. she believed. believed in his love. oh, she would say yes. in the end, it wasn't really a question of whether a thing was true or false, it was whether you believed, whether you had vishwaas... "shadi karni hogi... mujhse" his voice was husky and cold, his eyes bore into her, "abhi." you have to marry me... now. "chay mahine ke liye..." for six months. he held her hand and looked away from her eyes. he dragged her up the temple steps without saying a word. and married her without her knowing why, without perhaps even her yes. but with sindoor, with mangalsutra, before god, before agni, while mantras chanted in the desolate night and swaying bells ululated. "for six months," he said. the howling winds cried, "forever."

was this the edge of doom, or the first step to hamesha.

Credits: The poem on top is Sonnet 16 by William Shakespeare, supriya.arshi has made the thread #18 banner as well as the On the Edge of Doom Stood Hamesha collage, the opening lines and welcome poem come to you from DurgaS, chalhov has made the wedding invitation poster, the banner collage is created by ArshiHamesha, Katelyn has created the gif banner and also brings us music. The sindoor edit and the Blast notes are by indi52.

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The deep silence of the night is broken by his shrill cry. The floodgates had opened again and Arnav is purging the haunted memories out dissolved in tears of rancor and sadness in equal manner. A raging inferno impending to demolish everything in it's wake. The  heart what was suppressed with mirth  some while ago now got submerged in despair like the moon  gets veiled by dense swaths of dark clouds. Were they mere pawn at the hands of the omnipotent, a master albeit eccentric designer who had a twisted, warped sense of humor! God's power can surmount any evil. But why the capricious destiny again and again is throwing them in the vortex of turbulence!


Anajli is shocked to see the doctor report and Arnav is tensed, to see her perplexity. Anjali hugs him, she can't believe herself. She tells him that he is going to be an uncle. How Anjali reacted at the beginning, I thought she got some rare disease. But why she was shocked, she wasn't able to conceive or what? She can't believe that finally her dreams fulfilled. She had been waiting for so long to hear this news. When she sees Arnav is not showing any excitement she asks him, why he is not saying anything. How can he utter any words now, he came here to reveal the truth of her nefarious husband. Now how can he tell her the blunt truth, where she is carrying the child of that swindler? He is about to say something when Shyam enters the room. Shyam is in embroilment. He thought Arnav had revealed everything to Anjali. Both Arnav and Shyam look at each other with darting eyes. Anjali comes towards Shyam and starts to say that she has been worshiping DM devotedly for so long and now today she can't believe herself to hear the news. Shyam becomes incredulous whether Anjali came to know his secret! When he tries to assuage her, she gives him the news of her pregnancy. She hugs him and Shyam smiles at Arnav devilishly. Anjali is scrumptious to share the happiest moment with the most important persons of her life. She brings Arnav near Shyam and says,

Hume sabse zada pyaar karniwali hamari pati husband who loves me most...she cares shyam lovingly and resumes,

aur Humarai haar saans mei jaan denewali hamari yeh bhai...and my brother who can die for me any moment.

Aur ab ek nanhasa taufa, jo royega, khilkhilayega aur hume bulayega maa.

And a baby, who will cry, giggle and call me maaa

Arnav eyes get teary to hear his di's delight and Shyam's deception. Anjali gets surprised to see tears in his eyes. She asks him, are the tears for her happiness or for the sorrow to share her love with the little one. Anjali assures him that he will remain her chotey forever. She leans her head on his shoulder. Shyam is giving him a derisive smirk. Arnav holds Anajli as if whatever shyam does, he is here with her to protect his di. Anjali again goes to shyam and hugs him and Shyam again gives Arnav a snide smile. Arnav can't bear his grimace, so he leaves them alone.

How dare is Shyam that living in Arnav's parapet, leading a profuse life on Arnav's money, he is teasing Arnav? Arnav is also in a nonplus situation. How that devil entrenched Anjali that it's not easy to get her out from her delusional world.

In the inky night a distraught man is fluttering with his 4 wheeler. The expedition of his car is depicting the state of his clamarous heart. Arnav is driving insanely. Whenever he is vulnerable he drives to release his stress. But today he is invincible, nothing can soothes his tumultuous heart.  After a while he screeches the car to a halt. His grip tightens on the steering wheel. His jaw clenches in anger. lost in reminisces gradually all feelings of anger, rancor, anxiety spurts out from his mind.

 you are going to be an uncle.

She thinks her husband loves her immensely. But he only knows the ugly face of shyam. His mocking smile pulsates his anger more. A while ago he challenged him that his sister will not gonna mistrust the person whom she loves so much. He gets down from the car, starts to pace back and forth in convulsion. Shyam's sweet demeanor to anjali and  Khushi's words to leave Anjali, all are reverberating in his mind.

Khushi has become my everything, my life, my craziness, my madness.

Shyam's words are creating tremor in his heart. Shyam and Khushi's hug, his di's countenance, Khushi is telling Shyam to leave Anjali, all are creating tumult in his already blatant heart. He gets scared in anticipation to lose his di. With the ghost of scorching pain gnawing at his heart, he recalls the dreadful night of his di's maariage and his parent's death. The haunted night that remained imprinted in his mind and heart for eons and with heart rending, soul searing clarity.


The crescendo of his shrill scream pierces the silence of the murky sky. His bereaved heart and his kaput soul bleed with scorching pain. And with a suddenness, a deluge of bittersweet memories of Khushi, what he has quite deliberately suppressed and relegated to the confines of his subconscious mind comes gushing out. Shyam's subreption already made Khushi a characterless home wrecker to him. is he hating himself to love such an immoral girl! Again anjali's happiness, shyam's deception, Khushi's betrayal, avalanche of chaotic thought start to create havoc in his heart and mind. He slides down on the ground, rests his head on his hand. He is crying like a helpless man who is whirling in the vortex of conflicting thoughts. The fate had brought him in the middle of the quagmire of the situation that he has become completely petrified. He gradually lifts his head up, vendetta is spurting out from his flagrant eyes.

When Shyam was canoodling Anjali, their whole family storms in their room. Their happiness knows no bound today. All are congratulating them and getting elated to welcome the new member of their family. Akash gets worried to see Anjali's bandage, but NK aberate him. Gupta family also comes there to congratulate Anjali, though they are dithering for shyam. Bua reluctantly wishes Shyam good luck. Nani says that Payal's entry is really auspicious for them. Mami as usual doesn't like Payal's praise. She says Anjali that she doesn't want to get old by being a grandma so soon. Shyam comes to Anjali and says everybody that let the little princess comes to their life first. Nk gets happy to hear about the baby girl. Shyam says that he knows very well that they certainly will have a baby girl just like Anjali, who will complete their family. He knows very well how to inveigle Anjali and her naive family with his cagey words. Arnav comes there right then. He clenches his fist to hear Shyam's fallacy. Khushi also cogitates to hear this, cause she knows Shyam's intention very well. Clever Shyam looks at Khushi to see Arnav. Arnav looks at Khushi loathsomely. He thinks Khushi is upset to see Shyam with Anjali. I wish if he would know that she is in embroilment for the same reason of him. A frisson of rage goes through his vein.  Nk reminds Khushi that she is supposed to tell something to Arnav. khushi replies that she doesn't need to say anything now. She thinks herself that as Anjali is pregnant; she shouldn't tell the secret of Shyam, the things will get better by now. So there is no point to bring this issue. She looks at Arnav with intricate mix of emotions, but Arnav is now hating her so much that doesn't even look at her.

Really it's unbearable for me to see hate for Khushi in Arnav's eyes.

The ambiance gets rife with felicity again. All are finally gathers for the wedding. Anjali and nani get emotional to see Akash as a groom. Mami is crying, cause to welcome her DIL, she has to bid bye bye to her son.  Khushi brings Payal to the marriage hall. All get happy to see the beautiful bride. Amma gets so emotional, can't resist herself to come forward to her loving daughter.. She also accompanies Khushi to bring Payal. Whereas Khushi's eyes are searching for Arnav. It was such a good day for her. Arnav looked at her lovingly, brought truck full of leaf, became a waiter, selected a beautiful saree for her, gave her bindi and wished to talk to her. wasn't she expecting some kind of confession from him? But all of a sudden why he is playing hide and seek with her?

Akash and Payal both are ready with the jaimala. But Akash is not putting it on  Payal, as Arnav is not there. NK teases him that he is the one who will put the garland, not Arnav.. But akash will not do any rituals without his bhai. How sweet! Nani also banters him that  akash will not do anything without his brother, not even will marry. They all look for Arnav. nobody knows that he is getting prepared for his own jaimala.

crdeit goes to Zoha

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