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ArHi FF: INTENSE LOVE THD 4 - PART 17 l #5 PG.147

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Part 13

Khushi just reached at the Hospital with Arnav.. A Nurse come forwards with an wheel chairs for Arnav who was injured.. She was holding him through forearms while the other hand was wrapped behind his waist.

Arnav(Looking at the nurse): "Get her wound dress first.." They were surprised hearing this.. But Khushi wasn't satisfied much when he was trying to neglect his health..

Khushi: "I'm fine.. Just take him.." He eyed her for disobeying his order.. He storms to towards the nurse for delaying his words..

Arnav: "Can't you hear..?? I said get her wounds dress.. DAMN IT..!" with gritted teeth..

Khushi: "Arnav.. Just stop it.. You are injured more than me.. So just seat on the wheel chair now.." He turn and looked at her with red blood eyes..

Arnav: "I won't move a step from here unless you diagnosed your injuries.. Took it as a command.." He was too stubborn to crack for.. She sigh..

Khushi: "Okey I will.. But for sake.. Just seat on the wheel chairs.. You are not even able to stand properly.. I would do what you told me to do and for that you too have to pay attention on my words.." She wasn't that fool to be fooled and knew very well how to play with her own string..

He didn't utter an words and seat on the wheel chairs.. The nurse took them in the Doctor's cabin.. He was waiting at the corridor for her to come out so he could sigh in relief seeing her safe and sound.. The nurse insisted him a lot to get his wounds dress but he didn't give damn and in changes he blasted the uniform worker..

After few minutes, she was out from the Doctors Cabin and was surprised seeing him still undress waiting in front of the Cabin..

Khushi: "Why are you being so stubborn Arnav.. Can't for a change you listen to me rather than showing your hardness here..!!" She shouts at him in between maintaining her voice..

Arnav(Eyeing her): "Mind your own business.. My responsibility towards you ends here..!"She frowns her brows not understanding by what does he means..?? "I was the one made you trapped in this situation and all those bruise was just because of me so it was my responsibility to safe you.. And I have done more than enough.. So Ms.Malhotra you are free from Arnav Singh Raizada.. Just Get Lost.." Her eyes popped out.. His words pricked her hearts.. It was way too harsh.. He never care if his words cause bruise to the other person.. While, He don't give damn to anyone in this world.. He was proud what he is and he will always proud of that..

He signed the nurse to take him as he wasn't interested to be at the corridor and looking at her.. From now on wards he won't come in front of her nor he would chase her.. He free her from himself and the force friendship.. He knew it will be difficult to avoid her at RM as they share the same roof but it wasn't impossible for Arnav Singh Raizada.. The more he stay far from her the more it would be better for her and him.. He have made her understand his words by not accusing his mother and he was sure she won't drag HER anymore.. Hence, She would stop interfering in his life if there are some barriers between them..


Khushi was seating in her room.. The other family member went to visit him at Hospital.. She purposely didn't follow them as she can feel he doesn't like her presence beside him.. But somewhere she felt she was wrong. She shouldn't bring his mother in between their fights.. Mahi have told her about his Mother's death.. Even not fully but still was aware about the fact.. But still she provoked him and she cursed the soul which wasn't in this world anymore..

She knew how it felt of living without an motherly love.. She too has lost her parents at tender age. She only have two important person in her life and that is her Nannu and Brother who loves her more than anything.. She took out an photo frame from the side drawer and stare at the two important person in her life who gives her birth..

Khushi: "Mom and Dad.. I missed you a lot.." Her tear rolled on her soft cheeks.. She brings the frame near to her heart and hugged it tight as she was hugging her parents in real..


After few days..

Arnav was discharged from the Hospital and was back home. The Raizada family was excited to welcome him. Tanuja prepared an small pooja's thali.. She wanted to welcome him with God's blessing.. They wasn't aware regarding the truth.. He have lied to them and told them they meet with an accident while crossing the roads.. And that was enough for them to stop asking further.. None of the family member question Khushi regarding this and that really surprised her but later she come to know from Mahi that he already explained everything as clear as crystal..

That's when the car horn echoed in the Mansion signing the respective member that their son was here.. Tanuja, Nani and Mami was standing at the doorstep waiting for him.. While Anjali, Mahi and Shyam went to fetch him.. Khushi was standing at the upstairs and she could see everything clearly.. She told the family member that she wanted to take rest but she couldn't stop herself from seeing him after ONE whole week..

Tanuja circled the Pooja's plate in front of her only SON.. Even he was step but she never consider him with that tag.. She have loves him more than her own daughter Mahi..

Arnav(Irritatingly): "I'm tired.. I wanted to rest.." He showed his annoying looked.. He don't like to be part of this rituals and all the family traditions.. It was his taste of medicines.. He always prefer staying away from all this..

Nani: "Chotte.. Little more.. Then you can rest in your room.." He nodded weakly waiting for this to end as soon as possible.. But somewhere his heart was looking for someone.. He was aware but he didn't want to comment nor he didn't want to look here and there to see HER.. One week passed and they have created an wall between them and he didn't want to break it at any cost..

Once everything was done.. He walked to his room.. He was tired and wanted to retired on his bed.. Aman was handling his works.. He was back from Business trip few days ago.. While, climbing the stairs he could felt her presence near him and he really hate himself for giving him such signs.. He remain his stern face and marched up.. But when he saw her standing at the corner and looking at him his heart skipped a beat.. He gulped down an big lump in his throat.. They have an eyes lock for few seconds which he was the one to break it off..

Khushi: "Arnav.." She called softly but he didn't wait there any longer and storms into his room.. He slammed the rooms door indirectly telling her that he wasn't interested to build any conversation with her.. She was broken seeing him neglecting her.. She just wanted to apologize for her mistake and there he wasn't even giving her a chance to speak..


Yet another day passed and there were no changes in their relation.. Most of the time he was in his room.. He had his meals in his own den without stepping out.. She was feeling guilty as she couldn't able to talk to him and apologize for dragging his mother in between them.. She knew he would never seek for apology for his horrible deeds but she wasn't like him.. She been thought to ask forgiveness if she was wrong and here she did an big mistake by accusing his mother and interfering in his life by giving idea to bring Krystal here..

The entire family went to Mandir while the males went to office.. She took the opportunity to have a words with him.. She marched towards his room and there she saw the room's door was open slightly.. She sneaked in only to surprised him to the core.. He was working on his laptop wearing his three piece suit..

Khushi: "I.. I.." She stammered..

Arnav: "OUT..!!" with sharp voice.. She was taken back with his voice but she was determine..

Khushi: "I'm not going out not till I'm finish.." He shut the laptop angrily..

Arnav: "I'm not interested to hear any of your words.." He ON his bluetooth and was talking to his clients totally ignoring her presence in his room.. She was waiting for him to finish and it was taking a lot of time.. He was purposely doing all this.. He just want her out from here and his sight.. But she was hell bend to wait for him to end the call which he did after few minutes..

Khushi: "I wanted to say..Th.." been interrupted in between..

Arnav(Turning furiously): "I said OUT Damn It..!!" He shouts his lungs out.. Her feet was rooted on the ground.. She was lost of words.. He storm towards her and hold her arm firmly and throw her out from his rooms.. He closed the door behind him.. He seat on the recliner and start doing his works on the laptop after switching it ON.. Ten minutes passed and he was typing an mail and there he was about to roar again realizing her presence here.. Before he could blurt out he saw her standing in front of him holding her one ear with teary eyes..

Khushi: "Sorry.." Her voice chocked.. "Sorry.." She repeat again only to feel tug in his heart.. She was about to hold her another ear and said SORRY but he hold it gently signing her to stop.. Her tear rolled on her cheeks.. "How many times I have to repeat so that you would forgive me..?? I shouldn't accused your mother.. I was wrong.. I have no rights to bring her in between our fights.. [PAUSE] I'm sorry Arnav.. I'm sorry.." She cried in between her words..

Arnav: "Shh..." He wiped her tear and made her seat on the coffee table by putting his laptop aside..

Khushi: "Arnav.. I..." He placed his index fingers on her lips signing her to stop.. He cares her cheeks and looked at her beautiful face..

Arnav: "Is your bruising causing any pains..??" She stare in his eyes.. The concern was surely visible in those intense eyes.. She nodded an NO and wait for him to continue.. But he was lost.. Lost in her.. He missed her Damn much and today he taking this opportunity to adore her.. "Khushi.. I have something to tell you.." She gives him an go ahead sign.. "Since we have meets there were only rift between us.. We didn't treat each other well and over fights continue for each single topic.. I have think on this very careful so now I'm informing you.. Is better we stay away from each other.. You lead your life in your own way and I would lead mine.. I won't bother you anymore after this.. You are free to do whatever you want.." He said everything smoothly making her understand that if they are together then the problems and fights won't come to end.. Both agree to create distance and would never interfere  into each other life..

To be continued..

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wonderful update...
God he is stubborn damn It!!!
He didnt dressed his wounds until she
agreed to get dressed hers..
I was loving his caring side but when he yelled at her and
told her he was just taking her responsibilty here
i was like wat d hell!!
he dragged her in this and then made d goons
hit him and then told her
about his past and her precious mother
he was just making sure she is safe bcuz he is d only here who dragged her in this...
khushi was feeling guilty and neglected and
i was crying seeing her CryCry
missing her parents... afterall she is also an orphanCry
loved it how family was excited to welcome arnav wen d discharge from the hospital..
actually I loved Tanuja here a lot.. she loves arnav
like her own son...
Wen i read previous updates and saw
Arnav was  caring towards Tanuja
i was little weird bcuz anyone like a dark character
who loves his mother a lot and was attached to her mother
can love his step mother but later
i realised he is not that Bad but just  had built
a wall around his heart for everyone...
and waiting khushi will break it soon...

I was feeling sad for khushi here
bcuz she was trying so much to ask his
forgiveness and he was not giving a Damn to her...
i was so angry wen he throw her out of his room but later on
wen she hold her ears and said sorry again and again
god u made us remember IPKKND scene again where she was saying
sorry again and again and he hold her hands to stop her and
here too he did the same...
that scene was a true AWWWee...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
and loved he was lovingly caressing her cheeks and told her that
from now on they will stay away from each other as their meeting creating only prblms for them...
they both agreed to that...
but i know they will be not stay  away...
and Damn if u made them kaminiAngry
waiting for next part now eagerly...
lovely chappy...Hug

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Congrats on new thread
Loved d update

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akankha Goldie

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Posted: 11 October 2013 at 2:21am | IP Logged
wonderful part!

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Arnavruchi Groupbie

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Posted: 11 October 2013 at 2:24am | IP Logged
Lovely update

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superb update

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keenu_kk IF-Sizzlerz

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amazing dear
lv it
so again asr pushing khushi frm him
i just feel khuhi to go bck to her mansion dear
then may be their lv cn increase more dear
plsss send her bck to her mansion dear
and w8 to see next update

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