Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon


Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon
Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon


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Dimpu - Dhol bajne . .laga... gaon sajne laga... koi laut ke aya hai..

Shivu - *thinks* yunke kaun laut ke aya hai??

Dimpu - Wohi jiske aane se.. show color se black and white ban g
aya hai

Shivu - U mean koi anti ageing cream ke zamane me ageing cream ban ke aya hai?

Dimpu - Yessshhh .. jiske aane se... har mandir me ghanti aur Rishbala love story pe INTERMISSION ka board lag gaya hai

Shivu - Grr .. isse pehle NL pe tala lag jaye.

Dimpu Chal khatam kar lete hain NL ka kaam


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Monday,30th September 

The episode starts with RK inviting all to attend the muhurat and he invites Kuku as well. All off them gather. Kuku asks Bittu where is your heroine and RK enters and asks who are you and he insults him. Mehul asks Madhu what he can say to make her agree but Madhu asks what did he say. Mehul says when she came to ask him to make the movie he said no but she did not give up. He says he can only request her and no one can force her. RK  says he wants to asks her but his love for her is stopping him. Madhu tells RK that she heard Bittu's words and she starts crying but RK asks her not to worry assuring that he would handle this. He assures Madhu that he will successfully start his film,asking her not to worry. Press members start to interview RK.

Tuesday,1st October 

The episode starts with Mehul telling the reporter that he did his first film with his father Mohan Kundra and this is poetic justice that his comeback film is with his son RK and smiles. Bittu informs RK that Simmy's face got rashes on her face due to allergy. RK gets angry on hearing this and he goes and locks the door and breaks all things in his room. Bittu calls Madhu and informs about RK. Madhu gets shocked and Madhu and leaves to meet him. Reporter asks where RK is and where heroine is. They also ask if  that she has withdrawn her participation .Mehul says in front of press he does not want to talk to anyone. RK is drinking. Madhu knocks the door and asks RK open the door. RK opens the door and Madhu says she will find solution ans asks him not to worry. RK tells Madhu that she should tell in front everyone that she is RK's film heroine. Madhu is surprised.

Wednesday,2nd October

The episode starts with Guruji asking Pabho what is she thinking. Gurji tells he knows what is she thinking and he tells about Madhu. Guruji asks Radha about Madhu's details. Radha tells Guruji about Madhu's birth details Guruji seeing Madhu and RK's wedding photo and he tells Radha she is Madhu he knows about her she is not right for RK's life. All of them get shocked. Guruji asks where Madhu is. Radha tells him RK called her so she had to go. Guruji tells Pabho that she needs to to stop everything as whatever decision Madhu takes, will be wrong. Pabho and Radha gets confused. Mehul informs in front of everyone that he going to be announce  the name of the heroine of RK's film he tells the name is but he does not tell the name and says everyone  to see her. Heroine emerges from flowers,during a song sequence and it is Madhu. Sikky and Kuku get shocked and when they see RK. Madhu is startled too.

Thursday,3rd October

The episode starts with Mehul presenting Madhu as a heroine. Reporters clap and cheer  madhu. Reporter tries to ask questions to Madhu but RK stops them. RK tells he wants says something to Madhu and she asks him what. RK says Madhu ,in front of everyone I LOVE YOU and everyone cheers for them. Madhu is surprised with RK and she smiles. Kuku wonders what had happened. Sikky says what happen she is Madhu and Amar says RK did not star her for his film. Reporter calls Deepali and informs Madhu is RK films' heroine. Deepali gets surprised to hear this and becomes furious. RK and Madhu enter just then and she fights with RK. Deepali tries to tells Pabho about Madhu but RK tells Pabho he will tell her and he says that Madhu is his film new heroine. Pabho gets shocked. RK and Madhu take blessing from Babho and Deepali leaves.

Friday,4th October

The episode starts with Deepali telling Pabho that RK is lying to her. Pabho tells Deepali that if she is thinking she can poison her mind and take advantage of this then she is wrong. Deepali tells Pabho  to see this with her own eyes and she plays the CD where Mehul recorded Madhu's entry in the red sari. Pabho tells RK that Madhu cannot be the heroine in RK's film and RK is gets shocked to hear this. Pabho and Rk are fighting with each other and Pabho tells RK about Guruji's words and says Madhu is not right for him. RK replies that he does not trust Guruji's words. Madhu tries to talk her but Pabho tells her stop and asks her not to interfere but RK asks her to stop and says Madhu is his wife. Babho angrily looks Madhu and she leaves that place and goes and lock the door. Radha calls her but she does not listen. Deepali,Kuku and Sikky are very happy on Pabho's decision. Madhu tells RK that she is his mother and she tells him go to asks apologies from Babho but RK says he will not ask apologies.

Saturday,5th October

The episode starts with RK and Madhu coming to Pabho's room to ask apologies from her. Pabho is not there in her room so they wonder where Pabho is and they go to asks Radha who is unaware so RK and Madhu go to search her. RK tells Madhu that he is responsible for all problems so Madhu tries to console him. Madhu and RK come to temple and search for Pabho. Madhu seeing her in a temple is very happy and asks where she was going ,all tensed. Madhu tells her that what she has agreed  so Pabho tells her she should not work in RK's movie. RK asks apologies to Babho and she smiles , afterwards, they go back. Pabho is back to home so Radha is happy seeing her and she asks her to promise her not to do this next time she. Babho tells Deepali that she decided to throw out Madhu from RK's life so she needs help from her.  

Lights focus on Madhubala

She just looks away as the light is disturbs her. This is where she gets very nervous.
Then she notices a feel of a hand touch

And here it goes. RK Holds Madhu's hand tightly as he senses that Madhu is getting nervous. 

This was totally a Ishqian Moment. And one more moment which was really sweet was when RK said "I love you' to his BIWIDay DreamingBlushing

OMG ..what the h e l l Shocked Shocked

Yeh Pabho to bilkul Bhabo err Dangerous nilkli ... ! She tricked RK-Madhu into thinking she is ok with all the things...and secretly joined hands with Dips to get Madhu kicked out of the house and RKs life! Angry Iski to ... Angry

Jisse aap Yeh Ladki yeh ladki kehe ke bula rahin hain, Woh meri Biwi hai. 

Yeh hui na baatClapClap
I was also like, excuse me that girl is RK's wife.But just after that our hero stood up and bajoo that PabhoLOL Bichari ki bolti he band ho gayi thi.

Madhu ko kuch bhi kehne ka haq maine mere sivaye kissi aur ko nahi diya

CoolCoolNo comments seriously. ROFLDay Dreaming


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OMG this has to be the nailed it scene of the week.Day DreamingClap

The perfect Couple entering the bollywoodDancingStar

So Finally Madhu took the decision to be Heroine in RK's film. Stunning , she entered with a beautiful performance on stage with all lights focusing her. But She didnt feared of anything.  She just looked into RK's eyes, was just in RK's arm. 

Oh well oh well was the week of Madhus introduction as RKs well ...thats what makes it to the cut.. Embarrassed

'Jise aap ye ladki keh rahe hain.. woh meri Biwi hai... aur SAAT PHERON se zyada PHERON ki biwi hai..!' Clap  Clap

Woot Woot RK .. dil jeet liya... fabulous way to shut down Pabho ... who is so blind in her own beliefs that she is not ready to see Madhus true love for RK and that whatever she is doing is for RKs own good..! Angry Love u RK ..for that bbb of Pabho ..ji! LOL

Aww poor Silly Simmy ... became an unknowing victim to the whole Amar vs RK showdown ..

Right before RK introducing Simmy to the world as his heroine...she developed rashes and ended up having to be dropped from the movie..all thanks to some nutty chocolates!! Ouch LOL
Rishabala:Both stand by each other,madhu save the day for RK and RK returns his gratitude by standing up for madhu when pabhu said crappy things,love their bonding,love how RK makes madhu confident in front of media and love how beautifully madhu comes as RK's heroine. 

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This week it has to be both RishBala ..

Madhu/DD looked stunning in purple gown & RK/Vivian looked handsome in black suit Cool

This week I didn't like Madhu's suit. It was not that bad but not that good either . I say it was kaam chalao . She seriously needs to glam up . 

And ...and there is special mention for our not so "apni" Phabbo (new one) . I seriously hate her makeup . She needs to tone it down a bit and she surly doesn't need her cheeks to be all that red ..last I checked she was playing the role of an elderly woman who came from aashram .

Beginning of the week was superb! We had some superb episodes also filler ones at weekenedOuch 1st , 2nd , 3rd October episodes were fab!  Presentation of Madhubala as Heroine was superb! Specially when both RishBala does the RK pose Embarrassed Limelight , media clicking their photos. Another scene I liked was friday 4th October where RK defends Madhu infornt of Pabho. Now coming to fillers Gurji , Pabho , Deepali trio seems joining hands Angry Crapest scene was Pabho blaming Madhu for each and everything. Angry So I would like to rate this week 4/5 this week. 
Pabhoo dips are disgusting,again kitchen politics,pls end pabho's character and if possible end dips too,I think kuku and amar are doing good jobs as vamp.The focus should be on the critics of bollywood and their take on madhu instead of disgusting women. 
Guruji.. just by keeping his hand on Madhu's photo-frame he got to know all details about MadhuShocked this is so fake.!!

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Holla MBians !! This week was kind of spicy and was filled with lots of drama and so were the posts in our forum ;)

The most garma garam topic was Guruji and his oh-so-famous prophecy about our MRK . After that particular epi almost every post in the forum mentioned him one way or the other . 

The 2nd most garma garam topic was the saas bahu aur sazish drama by Phabbo . 
Every other post mentioned her and her hypocrisy. 

So that's all for this week :) 

Pabbo to join hands with Deepali!

High voltage drama to be seen in the upcoming episode of Saurabh Tiwary's popular daily soap Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon on Colors. It seems Madhubala (Drashti Dhami) is surrounded with problems only. Yet another hard time for Madhu which she has to go through.

In the earlier episode of the show we saw that Guruji comes to RK mansion and he reads the horoscope of Madhu which leaves Pabbo (Seema Kapoor), Radha (Shama Deshpande) and Deepali (Seema Mishra) in a state of shock. From here itself the bad time for Madhu starts.

Views  17060+  Comments : 522+  Rating :  Rating(272 Votes)

Pabbo will play dirty tricks with Madhu with help of Deepali . Madhu will get late for shoot & Pabbo will keep Madhu involved in household work . Mehul Chopra will get frustrated . New Heroine will come on set & will shout that why Madhu is given special treatment . In this whole thing Madhu will get sad & will be disappointed with herself . She might also tell RK that she is not able to fulfil her commitment for his movie . Then RK will give Madhu pep talk . There Ama behl might try to instigate Simmi's mother also . All in all this Pabbo plotting will carry on till  2 weeks more . 

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Superb NL!  Awesome efforts by all!  
Congrats to the winners 

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