WU: CID Rahasya Dweep - III (4th October, 2013)

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Scene 1

Continued from the end of the previous episode, ACP sir and the others arm themselves and cautiously approach the entrance to the bunker to see who's entering. It turns out to be Daya sir and Nikhil. The two parties update each other about everything that happened to them, how Rajat fell into the ravine and Purvi and Pankaj are still missing. Mentioning the burned bones they'd found, Daya sir says there are cannibals on the island and wonders why they kidnapped Dr. Salunkhe. Shreya mentions the bullet shells, fresh bloodstains and rifles they found, indicating that there are people apart from tribals on the island. ACP sir tells Daya sir and Nikhil to search the spot where they found the shells and blood, and the others to re-search the bunker thoroughly.


Scene 2

Daya sir and Nikhil search the aforementioned area while the others search the bunker. Shreya finds a stash of old radios, which ACP sir construes were used to send out signals and instructs her to take them along. Daya sir finds a trail indicating someone was dragged along the earthen path.  He and Nikhil suddenly experience a bout of dizziness and decide to move away from there. Daya sir realizes his nose is bleeding, and collapses. Meanwhile, Sachin finds a soldier's very old diary describing his melancholy loneliness and fruitless attempts to escape, and some mysterious force on the island which destroyed most of his teammates. The notes abruptly stop before they can discover what his mission was.  Sachin find pieces of paper in a niche in the wall and joins them to create a mark, reading "Digging work to be done by army men". ACP sir notes the area surrounded by trees where the digging was to take place, and wonders what was buried there.


Scene 3

We see Purvi and Pankaj making their way through the jungle. Purvi gets annoyed at Pankaj when he suggests resting, saying that they need to focus on their mission. Apparently to entertain her, Pankaj... eh... dresses in drag and does the hula.  Purvi angrily follows him and they end up getting trapped in a hidden net lying on the ground.


Scene 4

ACP sir, Sachin and Shreya arrive at the spot where soldiers had once been ordered to dig, and notice that it's been freshly dug. They search the area to find out what the diggers had been looking for. Suddenly, all three of them get dizzy and experience nosebleed as well. ACP sir wonders what's there that's causing this. Sachin spots Daya sir lying unconscious in the distance.


Scene 5

We see a band of tangos leading a greatly weakened Dr. Salunkhe through the grasses. He collapses due to exhaustion and begs for water. One of the tangos whips out his water bottle but quietly adds some unknown substance in it as well.


Scene 6

ACP sir and the others revive the unconscious Daya sir and Nikhil, who explain what had happened. ACP sir says the diggers probably found whatever they were looking for, and their priority now is to find their missing teammates. Sachin suggests using the radios they'd found. Shreya says that their batteries must've died out after all these years; Daya sir suggests using their phone batteries and tuning the radios at different spots to locate the radio base. ACP sir leads them to Freddy sir, who has the radios.


Scene 7

The tangos roughly make Dr. Salunkhe drink the now contaminated water and laugh cruelly at his plight. He experiences heavy giddiness and realizes what they did, but it's too late and he soon faints.


Scene 8

Daya sir and Nikhil meet Freddy sir. Sending him back to ACP sir, they take the radios and proceed to do as planned. Nikhil points out that there's a jammer installed on the island, but Daya sir says all they need to do is locate the same and the radio base from which Dr. Salunkhe had transmitted the message to them. They split up to tune the radios in different spots and plan to meet at the same place 30 minutes later.


Scene 9

We see a high-tech (sorta) base where the tangos' leader surveys scientists working on numerous computers and surveillance equipment in the control room. One of the tangos informs him that Dr. Salunkhe has been given the Veritaserum thingy and he'll only speak the truth now. D'oh They move to another room where Dr. Salunkhe has been pinned to what looks like a lie-detector machine and is being questioned by another doctor, eventually made to reveal that in 1983 he'd conducted some experiment in college and invented a special sort of explosive. The doc demands for its formula.


Scene 10

Daya sir and Nikhil are seen tuning their radios in different spots and eventually receive two messages saying Charlie is fine and the doctor is to be killed once the work is done. They meet and update each other. Daya sir construes their mission is codenamed "Charlie" and Dr. Salunkhe's is being kept alive until they get what they want from him. They proceed to look for him.


Scene 11

ACP sir and the others are seen looking for Purvi and Pankaj. Freddy sir eventually finds a piece of torn bloodstained cloth, which Shreya recognizes is from the shirt she'd gifted to Purvi on her birthday.  They follow the trail to look for her and Pankaj.


Scene 12

Daya sir and Nikhil use a makeshift arrangement as they move ahead to locate the radio base and eventually arrive at a thatched hut from which the signals are being broadcasted, and approach cautiously with weapons drawn. We see three tangos waiting inside for some message regarding money. One of them hears the cops' footsteps and goes out to check. Daya sir ambushes and kills him, alerting the other two. He shoots down another while Nikhil captures the last one, who swallows poison and commits suicide before being interrogated. Daya sir recognizes him as one Suraj. They enter the hut and find the phone there non-functional. Daya sir wonders where Dr. Salunkhe contacted them from.


Scene 13

Purvi and Pankaj are hanging from a tree in the net now enclosing them. The latter panics while Purvi tells him to calm down and think how to escape. We see a wild-looking man with a hunting knife slowly approaching them. Though not sure if he's friend or foe, they call out for help. The man walks towards them with grim deliberation.


Scene 14

ACP sir and the others are seen looking for Purvi and Pankaj. Daya sir and Nikhil arrive and both parties update each other about what happened. Daya sir mentions that Suraj was an oil smuggler they had arrested several years ago, who was released later. ACP sir they need to find out who's been hiring and bringing such dangerous criminals to the island, and why. He's alarmed to learn about the message and threat to Dr. Salunkhe's life.


Scene 15

Dr. Tarika is seen alone in the bureau, desperate that none of the CID members is being contacted. Abhijeet sir arrives from Delhi and greets her, oblivious to everything that had happened. He's alarmed to learn about the situation but is determined to go and help his teammates. He asks for Aishore's (?) address and decides to meet him to get to the island. Tarika insists on accompanying him there, and he eventually agrees.


Scene 16

ACP sir, Daya sir and the others come across the cut remnants of the net hanging from the tree. Freddy sir finds Purvi's badge lying nearby and they construe that she and Pankaj have been captured. They proceed to follow the trail.

Scene 17

Purvi is seen lying unconscious on the ground. She slowly regains consciousness and revives Pankaj who's lying next to her. Unable to recall what happened, they're about to leave to look for their colleagues when they spot the wild-looking guy crouched nearby, watching them. He explains that he saved their life and cut open the net; they were knocked out upon falling to the ground. He introduces himself as scientist Ranvijay who's been trapped on the island for 5 months. He and his now deceased colleagues were researching the electromagnetic field on the island created due to sea waves (??), Confused due to which mobiles and compasses go haywire. Suddenly, tribals arrive and shoot him in the shoulder with arrows. The three of them flee with the tribals in hot pursuit.   


Scene 18

ACP sir, Daya sir and the others are moving when suddenly Freddy sir is ambushed and held at gunpoint by a tango; many others surround them. ACP sir demands about the whereabouts of Dr. Salunkhe; the guy says he must be close to death now. ACP sir strikes him and another tango shoots him in the shoulder. Just as the group as about to attack, gunshots ring out from offscreen and shoot down their leader. The rest of the team seizes their weapons and mow them down with bullets. On the other end, Purvi hears the sounds of battle. Ranvijay warns that it's very dangerous, but she reminds him she's a CID officer and bravely prepares to risk her life to save her teammates. Clap Meanwhile, the others tend ACP sir's wounds and wonder who their unseen saviour was. It turns out to be none other than Abhijeet sir who emerges from the bushes in style, Clap Cool along with Dr. Tarika and the Aishore guy. After updating each other on the events, they're ambushed by tribals   who are seen having Rajat in captivity as well. Unable to shoot for fear of harming him, they're all captured.


Scene 19

Purvi leads the way and the three of them observe their teammates being led away in a procession by the tribals. She exchanges discreet glances with Sachin, who gestures her to stay away. Ranvijay dissuades her, but Purvi is determined and continues to go after them. In the procession, Rajat explains that after he fell down and was knocked out, a tribal boy found him and the others tended his wounds. Eventually we see the team tied up by the tribals and kneeling on the ground, and apparently preparing to cook them.  Purvi, Pankaj and Ranvijay watch from a distance; Pankaj decides to distract the tribals while the other two free the team. They try it but the attempt fails as the tribals return before Purvi and Ranvijay can untie the others, having captured Pankaj too. The tribal chief arrives  and, upon learning that they're from the CID, releases them. He explains that they were mistaken for the tangos harming the tribe, and reveals that they are not cannibals either. ACP sir offers help to fight against their common enemy. The chief accepts and leads him, Abhijeet sir, Rajat and Ranvijay into his tent.

The chief explains that the tangos had arrived about 2 months ago, captured or murdered several tribals; ACP sir construes their bodies were mutilated so that people were scared off the area thinking it housed cannibals. The chief also mentions about their digging exercises while Ranvijay explains about the electromagnetic field which causes dizziness, and which can destroy the island if not controlled. The chief adds that their ancestors hid some precious objects in the island which they're sworn to protect along with the island. He shows them the map of another island where the tangos have been gathering an army, and offers to help them get there. ACP sir and Abhijeet sir insist Ranvijay to go back to civilization and update the government about what's been happening on the island. He leaves with Daya sir to a tribal boat which shall take him to the same. ACP sir says they'll declare war on the enemies in the morning.




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Thanks 4 lovely and supar fast wu ravi bro Star Star and emotion too Star

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Thanks Ravi 4 d wonderful n super fast updateClap
ur emoticons r mindblowing as-usualClapLOLLOL

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Thanks for lovely WUSmile

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thanks for the quick update ravi bro

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thanx for the lovely update

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Thanks ravi 4 d wonderful updateClap

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Double Thank You for bearing this crap and still making WULOL. I liked the superb emoticons far more than update Wink.

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