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Rosid first meet

Our hero Siddhant had a filmy/heroic entry. Roli was married to Prem but she never wanted him. She was in very trouble for her college issue so she left bharadwaj house in tension one night without informing anyone. She was about to meet an accident when Siddhant saves her.

    This was the first time when Rosid were seen together on screen.

Rosid friendship starts and Mataji decides Rosid's marriage

Rosid became friends after knowing each other. Their friendship was noticed by Mataji. She gets a thought of Rosid's marriage. As Roli knew it was the best way of uniting Prem and Simar, she agreed for the marriage when asked. After knowing Roli's decision Siddhant too agrees to marry her.

Rosid Marriage

The truth of Prem and Roli's marriage comes in front of everyone. After which Mataji declares Simar-Siddhant and Prem-Roli's marriage. But all were shocked when Prem's bride was found to be Simar. Then everyone comes to know that Prem-Roli get divorced on the same morning on which Premar get married. Then Mataji criticizes Siddhant for taking such a wrong decision which can spoil Roli's life forever. Having no choice, Siddhant takes Roli to the temple and puts vermillion on her forehead.

Friendship becomes strong

It was a compromise for both Roli and Siddhant, their marriage. Both of them loved their bro and sis very much, they did this for them. But they continued their friendship. They fought, they shout at each other but they both knew+ that they were best friends, forever.

Love started blooming during Mumbai Trip

It was the most memorable part of Rosid. As they fought every time, Premar decided to send them on a holiday and send them to Mumbai. They enjoy their lot but situation becomes complicated when Roli gets shoot but goons. Luckily, this had a positive effect; Siddhant realized his love for Roli in fear of losing her.

ROSID leaves Bharadwaj House, Their Love confession

The evil Khushi plans to kicks Roli out of the house. She succeeds too but Siddhant holds her hand and leaves with her. That was the first time when they confess their love for each other. They spent some lovable moments during this struggle but they were happy because they were together.


Rosid Separation

Time becomes worst for Bharadwaj family when Khushi and Veeru take all their property. Having no choice, they agrees to stay in the store room coz simar's daughter was with Khushi. Knowing Veeru falling for her, Roli decides to get back all the property from Khushi and Veeru making him on her side. She starts going Disco and assumes to be modern. She gets misunderstood b all when khushi brings siddhant along with premar to the disco where Roli was. Roli was helpless; she decided not to go back after coming so close to her ambition so she proved herself bad in front of everyone. Siddhant was heart-broken and this made Rosid get apart from each other.

Rosid Re-union

Roli takes all her steps successfully and made Veeru name all the property as her. When Siddhant comes to know about Roli's sacrifice, love and affection for the family, he cursed himself for not believing his Roli but she says him not to feel guilty. This was Rosid's Re-union.

Roli was declared dead

Rosid were assumed to remarry on their marriage anniversary but evil Veeru kidnaps Roli. All reaches the point but Veeru jumps with Roli and his car. Their dead bodies were not found then also all believed Roli's death except Simar and Siddhant.  Siddhant says if he is alive, then Roli is also alive.

Roli returns to Siddhant and founds to be kidnapped

After a very long interval, Roli returns to bharadwaj house along with Simar, which becomes a surprise for all. Siddhants happiness out of the world. All were informed she was kidnapped but they were happy for her return.

Rosid's Re-Marriage, Happiest Couple in the world

After Roli's return, whole family decides for Rosid's Marriage. They get married, took the 7 vows, gave 7 promises and they lived happily ever after...


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This AT is opened with permission .From now on wards this is official AT of RoSid

This AT is opened for the fans / admirers of RoSid, apart from them no other member is allowed to post any comment here This is a strictly members only thread

To post comments here you will have to be part of this AT i.e your name should be in members list 

To join this AT send  buddy request  or PM  to HemaG(Hema) Please its must . 

Follow IF Code of conduct ,a must , which includes no bashing no explicit contents , no type of abusive  language to any member   , against any actor or character, no name calling .This is Appreciation thread not  frustration thread .

This AT is not concerned  with whats going on outside it and  peeps you too avoid to discuss the  activities  of this AT outside In case you are not part of this AT so you are mocking members of here  and activities here   at your places .This is against IF Code Of Conduct  and will be reported  if caught

Try to do  discussion about RoSid the most here and keep discussion about other characters to the minimum You can discuss about Avika Manish here

In any case you have any problem with any member of this AT so feel free to PM the DT of this AT  Don't do wars here or run to mods  

The DT of this AT has every right to ban any member who  will keep breaking the rules Only one warning will be given then name in banned list and report send to mods 

Avoid writing in caps here This  is considered as shouting 

Don't quote more than 3 as it is against Rules .Do less quoting 

Every member here can share pictures , articles , news , videos related to RoSid but kindly see through pages if it  has not been shared before if it has been  then avoid repetition 


Follow rules a must and enjoy a healthy discussion here 

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ROSID  FIRST MEET and Siddhant save Roli's life - 21 SEP 2011

ROSID Siddhant put sindoor on Roli head - 8 DEC 2011

ROSID First wedding night and they become friends - 12 DEC 2011

ROSID They first sankranti - 20 JAN 2012

ROSID First EYE LOOK - 21 JAN 2012

ROSID Siddhant give to Roli 1st gift teddy - 9 FEB 2012

ROSID Roli hurt leg and Siddhant take care of she - 22 FEB 2012

ROSID First hug - 22 FEB 2012

ROSID Sidd look at the Roli when she wearing saree BGM SAIBO - 28 FEB 2012

ROSID First HOLI - 7 MAR 2012

ROSID Honeymoon to Mumbai - 11 APR 2012

ROSID Roli wear Siddhant  shirt and eye look - 12 APR 2012

ROSID Share some romantics moments - 13 APR 2012

ROSID First dance on What's Going On - 16 APR 2012

ROSID Siddhant lose Roli, when he finds her they hugs each other - 17 APR 2012

ROSID They go out and Roli drunk - 20 APR 2012

ROSID Some mans want to shoot Siddhant, but Roli runs near him then Roli was shoot - 23 APR 2012

ROSID Siddhant kiss Roli on head and realizes his love for Roli - 25 APR 2012

ROSID Roli wakes up and Siddhant help her to wear mangalsutra - 26 APR 2012

ROSID Come home and Siddhant take care of Roli - 27 APR 2012

ROSID Siddhant gives to Roli white rose for peaceful friendship, then yelow for strong friendship, then red rose for their love - 11 MAY 2012

ROSID Siddhant tells to Roli that he loves her, but she tells to him that she loves him only as friend - 12 MAY 2012

ROSID Roli go visit parents, and that she can there learn for sudies, but Siddhant miss her a lot. - 5 JUN 2012

ROSID Roli is back after some days, and ROSID meet each other. Share some romantic moments. - 14 June 2012

ROSID On the Simar B-DAY party family thorwn out Roli from the home, and Siddhant dicide go with her. - 23 JUL 2012

ROSID They sits in the park and Roli confese Siddhant love. They have love hug. - 25 JUL 2012

ROSID They find their own house 27 JUL 2012

ROSID After to many problems they back again to B house 17 AUG 2012

ROSID Roli kiss Siddhant hand while he sleep, and remember that Veeru confees to his love. 12 NOV 2012

ROSID Roli and Musi ji have a plan that roli over Veeru recover property. In this episodes Siddhant is heartbreak. Starts of epi 3 DEC 2012

ROSID Siddhant is in office, while whole family have prayer Roli is heartbroke beacuse he isnt here. But in last moment Siddhantentry, Roli is happy. 5 DEC 2012

ROSID In the therrace R and S reconcile and share love moments. 11 DEC 2012

ROSID Roli remember how heavy was toward Siddhant, when he ask for opnion about shirt. But Veeru was looked them so she must do that. In the office Siddhant are heartbreak. 19 DEC 2012

ROSID Veeru tells Roli that loves her, she tells to him to prove and take whole property from Khushi, in office Siddhant remember what Roli tells to him. And distance between them. 28 DEC 2012

ROSID Roli was hurt in head, in the room Siddhant take care of she. Both are heartbroken. Roli apologize to him.He accept sorry. 5 JAN 2013

ROSID  Khushi tells to family that she saw Roli in the disco. And take Siddhant with her to show him. When Siddhant sawe in disco Roli he is angry and heartbroke. 9 JAN 2013

ROSID At the home Roli tells to family that she want to live, she doestn want to become daughter in law family. Tells to Siddhant that dont love him. He cry. 10 JAN 2013

ROSID No one want talk with Roli, in the office Siddhant is anfry and cry think f Roli hurts him self hand, Naina take care of him. Veeru gives to Roli divorce paipers if she want property. 14 JAN 2013

ROSID Roli give divorce paipers to Siddhant. He takes them, and go out. 21 JAN 2013

ROSID Siddhant say to Roli with singed papipers marrige doesnt end. He want that she give to him mangalsutra. In that moments Roli is hurt and wants to tell Siddhant whole truth but she see Veeru, and gives magalsutra Siddhant. He go out, they're both hreatbroken and cry.  22 JAN 2013

ROSID Roli gives divorce paipers to Veeru. After sometime comes Siddhant and tells to them that he must go in conference. 24 JAN 2013

ROSID On the confeerence Siddhant drunk with Naina. And they dance but he all around him see Roli. He think that he dance with Roli. They go in the room but he see Roli. On the other side Roli have bad feeling. 8 FEB 2013

ROSID At one hand, Siddhanth wakes up to find Naina lying beside him, and on the other hand, Roli gets ready to marry Veeru. Siddhanth feels guilty of spending a night with another woman while Roli demands the property papers from Veeru before getting married. 9 FEB 2013

ROSID After finding the property papers, Simar rushes towards the temple. Khushi tries to stop Simar, and both of them end up into a fight. Somehow, Simar manages to escape with Siddhant as the helping hand. 14 FEB 2013

ROSID Roli tells whole truth to family. Siddhant heard all that. He fells bad, Veeru by the force take Roli, Siddhant comes to them and defend Roli. They have eye look. 16 JAN 2013

ROSID Veeru by the force want marry Roli, but Siddhant stop wedding. Police arrest Veeru, Roli and Siddhant are happy. They share love moments. 18 JAN 2013

ROSID Roli make a suprise for Siddhant. They share a lot of love moments. And they dance. But this happiness break call of Naina. 27 FEB 2013

ROSID Naina's call on Siddhant's phone is being answered by Roli. Siddhant worries about what Naina could have said to her. Siddhant go out. Roli cry in the room, Siddhant out cry. 28 FEB 2013

ROSID Naina rings the bells of Bharadwaj house. Roli opens the door, but Siddhant pulls her behind a pillar before Roli could see her. Siddhant tells Naina that the night they had together was just a mistake from his side. 1 MAR 2013

ROSID Simar slaps Siddhant and tells him that Naina is pregnant with his child. Meanwhile, Roli takes Siddhant to their room and shows him the picture she got framed. 9 MAR 2013

ROSID Roli and Prem decide to plan a surprise for Siddhant and Simar, respectively. They blindfold both of them and take them to the terrace as they have decorated the whole terrace with flowers and balloons. Both couple have a dance. 14 MAR 2013

ROSID Siddhant and Roli indulge into a romantic duet while getting ready for their marriage anniversary. 16 MAR 2013

ROSID Veeru abducts Roli and tries to escape. Khushi who was trying to save Roli is pushed by Veeru and she hurts herself on the forehead. Meanwhile, Siddhant and the rest of the family also reach the point and try to stop Veeru, but somehow, he manages to escape. And then he comes to end of road, he jumo with Roli and car down the mountain. Siddhant hears Roli cals his name,he cry a lot. 20 MAR 2013

ROSID The police tries to find Roli and Veeru in Veeru's car which was drowned by Veeru. After completing the search for them they inform the Bharadwaj family that they couldn't find Roli and now they should accept the truth that Roli has died in the accident. But Siddhant tells family that he feels Roli is alive. 21 MAR 2013

ROSID Roli gains her conscious and finds herself on a hospital bed. The doctors come for a checkup and realize that she has lost her memory. The nurse calls Veeru and tells him that Roli might not be able to revive her memory again. 26 MAR 2013

ROSID Siddhant, who was lost in the thoughts of Roli, sees a handkerchief being offered by Naina to wipe off his tears. He tells Naina that they can never be together as he will always love Roli. 27 MAR 2013

ROSID Siddhant, was lost in the thoughts of Roli and their love moments. Meanwhile Roli wakes up. 28 MAR 2013

ROSID Roli gets out of the house in order to search for truth and her true identity. Meanwhile Siddhant have a dream about Roli, and that he want child with she. 3 APR 2013

ROSID After knowing the fact that Roli is alive, Mataji decides to bring Roli back and cancels Naina and Siddhant's marriage. Siddhant is happy. 29 APR 2013

ROSID Simar tries to make Roli remember that she is not Vidya and Veeru is using her. She tells her everything about Siddhant and their love. 2 MAY 2013


 ROSID When Roli disagrees to go with Veeru, he takes out a gun and shoots her in the abdomen. Meanwhile, Siddhant gets the intuition that something has gone wrong. 4 MAY 2013

ROSID  Simar tells them that Roli has died and her dead body is in the hospital. Siddhant cant belivie in that. 7 MAY 2013

ROSID The resort manager declines to show the video footage of the conference to Prem and Simar. And they told everythig to family. They cancel marriage between Siddhant and Naina. Siddhant is happy beacuse he dont betrayed trust of Roli. 12 MAY 2013

ROSID Simar and Prem find gir Yhumki who is look like Roli, they wont that she help them to back property. That acting Roli sometime. But she refuse, Prem tells Simar that they cannot force Jhumki to help them in regaining their property. Meanwhile, Mataji and other members of the Bharadwaj family pack their bags in order to leave Bharadwaj house. They schoked when at the door they saw Roli ( Yhumki ). 21 MAY 2013

ROSID Siddant is schoked, she comesnear to Roli ( Yhumki ) and tuch her face. 22 MAY 2013

ROSID Khushi tells that girl is fake, and want prove. Siddhant comes to her and ask her ques. What is their love signal. But Roli ( Yhumki ) is silent. Then Simar tells them that she lose memory. 23 MAY 2013

ROSID In the room Siddhant hugs her but she doesnt want that. Siddhant is sad, but he think that she lose memory. 25 MAY 2013

ROSID Siddhant learns the truth that Roli has died and the girl with them is Jhumki. He becomes very furious and starts shouting on Jhumki. When he tries to take Jhumki to the cops, Simar intervenes and tells him that it was her plan. 25 JUN 2013

ROSID Bharadwaj family celebrates their victory over Khushi and Veeru. Mausi Ji ask Siddhant and Roli to dance, they dance but Siddhant are heartbroke. 1 JUL 2013

ROSID Uma comes to the terrace and tells Siddhant that Mataji is calling him. Siddhant goes to Mataji's room with a sad face. Mataji asks Siddhant if he is ready to marry Roli again, Siddhant agrees. But he in his mind dosent want that. 5 JUL 2013

ROSID Siddhant goes to meet Jhumki on the terrace and tells her that he is very grateful to her for having agreed to marry him. He also tells her not expect anything from him as he will always belong to Roli.  8 JUL 2013

ROSID Real Roli is alive and is shown in that quiet place. Someone comes and gives her food and asks her to eat it fast. Roli is sad and crying. Sidharth is sleeping and he gets up shouting roli. He takes roli's photo and says that she has made him very alone and why did she leave him? He says that now your siddharth is doing more wrong to her by getting married to jhumki and giving roli's place to someone else. And says he is very sorry and he has to get married to jhumki to save mataji's life. Roli and siddharth get flashback of each other spending romantic times with each other. Roli and siddharth thinking about each other. Music plays in background kitni yaadein. Roli is crying and while sleeping says siddharthji . Which siddharth is able to hear. 15 JUL 2013

ROSID Simar goes inside the room where Roli is tied unaware of the truth that the girl is Roli. She tries to help her and soon realizes that the girl is her own sister, Roli. 18 JUL 2013

ROSID Simar comes to home with Roli, everyone are schoked, Siddhant is happy. Roli is about to fall but Siddhant runs and catches her and eyelock. Roli touches Siddhant faces and says i told u i wont leave u alone and sid tries to go and roli grabs him with her pinky..and Siddhant stops..and smiles. 19 JUL 2013

ROSID Siddhant gets very happy to see Roli alive. Roli soon faints holding Siddhant's finger. Siddhant picks Roli in his arms and takes her to the bedroom while Prem calls the doctor. After the doctor arrives, she tells that she wants everyone to leave the room to check Roli properly. Siddhant refuses to leave. 20 JUL 2013

ROSID Jhumki tells everyone in the Bharadwaj family, that the marriage will take place as it was scheduled before. Everyone tries to make her understand, since Roli is alive, this marriage cannot take place anymore. Later, Simar goes to Jhumki's room and tries to convince her from backing off. 22 JUL 2013

ROSID Roli and Siddhant marriage coming to end with Siddhant putting sinndoor and magalsutra. Then Roli and Siddhant take everyones blessings for their happy married life. 23 JUL 2013

ROSID Roli wakes up scared. Siddhant tries to calm her down. Roli tells him about some girl who wants to kill her. Siddhant tells her that their is no one in the room. And he is with her. 24 JUL 2013

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if someone wants to add ur name in this list pls post ur name in this thread...Embarrassed

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this AT is opened...Party

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read the rules atleast once...
and start spamming..

thanks to everyone...who worked for this AT creation...

love u all...

and there are some editing work still pending..

no probs..

i can do it afterwards...

so now...start here...

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