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austen_TanHa IF-Sizzlerz

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Sneha Kapoor : A simple girl next door whose life revolves around her family and dance. A caring friend, a loving daughter, a quiet and gentle human being.

Sharon Rai Prakash: A mean bitch, an arrogant diva, loud and impossibly bossy. She lives her life by her own rules. She is the best and not only does she know it, she makes sure everyone else knows it too.

The two girls above seem like the opposite ends of a spectrum who can never meet. But meet they did and history was made.

12th April 2011- 18 Oct 2012:  18 months of sheer brilliance

Sneha Kapoor erupted on our screens like a flash of lightning that instead of dying only burned brighter as the months went by. Her portrayal of Sharon's arrogance, her pride, her joy, her fear, her love, her pain, her clarity and her confusion gave the character so many dimensions that she became indefinable.

When Sneha's Sharon was mean, we wanted to shake her; when she was scared, we wanted to comfort her; when she fell in love, our heart danced for her; when her heart broke, the pain rolled down our eyes. We did not watch Sneha's Sharon, we lived her. We didn't know her, we experienced her.

Diction can be improved, voice modulation can be taught, body language can be directed but eyes can not be trained to speak, one has to be born with it and Sneha was one of those divinely blessed actors who was born with it. Her eyes spoke, so much so that she never needed dialogues to portray Sharon's complexities.  Her co-actors heartily agree, her production team admits and even her critics are forced to accept that Sneha Kapoor- the actor, is a class apart.

As a dancer, her grace is unmatched. Every posture, every stance is etched with beauty. She doesn't move, she glides over the dance floor. The pure joy of watching her dance is addictive. As Sharon, be it the street routines with the dazzlings, the fiery passionate Haye Rama or the flirty Aaja Aaja, she owned them all. Every time the music started and she appeared on our screens, magic happened. From the hard hitting pumps of Boom Boom to the saucy copa of Salsa and the soft glides of Apologize, she was poetry in motion.

Today she is successfully running her own performing arts academy -SKI

We are proud to be her fans and on this 30th of Sept as she celebrates turning a year older and wiser, we wish this actor, dancer, entrepreneur and most importantly human being par excellence, a lifetime of joy, celebration, love and success.

Stay blessed, Sneha Kapoor , our Queen of Expressions.

edits credits: Marium, Lasya Priya and Saher Creations

banner credits: Marium

design credits: Sowmya, Archana, Lasyapriya and Oindrila

Sneha Kapoor's Institute for the Performing Arts, popularly known as SKI was launched in Dec 2012, two months after Sneha quit D3. Within a short period of 10 months it has achieved immense popularity and has become a shining testimonial to Sneha's passion, determination and entrepreneurial skills. She has a dedicated team assisting her and her students have only good things to say about SKI.

In her own words:

"Our motto is to help loosen up people through dance. Even if you have two left feet you're welcome! :) Infact here we are taking up the challenge for people who call themselves 'Pappus' saying we can't dance, lol! Trust me, everyone can. And for people who know how to groove already, well what can we're going to have the time of your life here..Our institute is for everyone. We are going to have fun, de-stress ourselves and be fit through the beautiful art form of 'Dance'."

Classes in Freestyle, Bollywood, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Contemporary, Belly Dancing, Salsa. Latin Ballroom are currently held in 4 locations across Mumbai:

1.      Thakur Village, Kandivali (East)

2.      Adarsh Nagar, Andheri (West)

3.      Bandra (West)

4.      Juhu Scheme

Sneha believes that everything in the Universe has rhythm and everything dances, we agree. Approve

Pictures credit: SKI

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austen_TanHa IF-Sizzlerz

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wishing u a many many many happy returns of the day sneha Star

may all your wishes and dreams comes true...n u get all the sucess diva...

Love u sneha kapoor as Sharon diva Smile ur true diva Big smile

You are soo beautiful sneha...loved the way u act/dance Big smile

starting never liked sharon character but ur atitude,dance,acting,diva looks ne majboor kardiya and den starting like sharon all thanks to u sneha...

Loved ur n shantanu chemistry...dono ne SwaRon mein ek jaan dal di thi...wen u left D3 bhot dukh hua tha hum apko dekh nhn payeinge n all but thank you soo much apne fans k liye fb pe active rehne k liye :-D...

Good luck sneha am sure SKI bhot rock karne wala bcoz of u diva...

To be honest i luv sneha more den sharon bcoz sneha is extra sweet :-$

D3 ho ya SKI we always love u diva...

beauti wid brains<3<3

keep rocking sneha

keep loving ur fans...ur fans love u soo much :-D

Happy bday diva...ap ki umar 1000 saal ho :-P

Good luck for ur future project :-D

enjoy ur bday wid ur family,friends n ur fans :-P

happy bday once again<3<3

love Nisha :-D

Anu_TanHa aka Archana

Sneha Kapoor The main reason behind me falling for an arrogant character like Sharon.
Its you and only you who made it possible with your mind blowing acting. You never needed heavy dialogues to express emotions , just your eyes were enough to emote the feelings of Sharon's pain, guilt ,shyness ,hurt ,and love.
And the way you switched between different emotions in just a fraction of a second is mind blowing and just world class. For me You were,are and will always be the ONLY Sharon THE DIVA 
Your chemistry with Shantanu is a bench mark in the history of tele-world and can never be created again. TanHa's brilliant chemistry and acting skills made me to fall for Swaron. TanHa are the ONLY Swaron i know and they ended when you left as i refused to move-on. For me TanHa are the Soul of Swaron. But i respect your decision as its requires a lot of strength nd stamina to let go of fame and listen to ur heart. 
.Sneha you are a sweet ,simple girl next door who loves her family a lot nd this makes you more special.You are just opposite to Sharon, the character u played in real life but still made Sharon looks so real. its a testimonial to the beauty of ur acting, i never hated Sharon's character becoz of ur acting. Sharon acted rudely but at the same time looked really cute nd all credit for that goes to u Sneha. You made Sharon's character real nd more alive.
To be honest I still wish to see u back,acting nd dancing on screen once again. You are a treasure trove of immense talent please do not waste it. All we can do is request you so pretty pleaseEmbarrassed
Really miss u a lot Sneha.
Wish u all happiness and success you deserve and pray that SKI touches new heights everyday.

The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.So enjoy each nd every second of life

May you always have enough happiness in your life to keep you sweet, enough trials and errors to keep you strong, enough success to keep you trying, enough faith to give you courage and enough determination to make each day a good day to remember.

 I hope you get whatever you wish for when you blow out the candles! I can only wish for you what I wish every year- may you enjoy the good things in life. 



Joshua_TANHA aka Sowmya

I never followed any soap more religiously than D3. Though started watching it as a swayam fan never knew when I joined team sharonTongue. If there was any person who made me fall in love with a bitch like sharon then it has to be you sneha kapoor.  You played arrogant DIVA and sweet innocent girl with elan.  I can never thought I would ever like a character like Sharon. But if I see if there was  any realistic character in D3 then it was sharon.  You potrayed the complicated Sharon really well . You took the sharon to another level and no one can match up to you there

You never needed face, your eyes used to speak volumes. Your split second change in expression. Your wonderful dancing Your awesome acting..May be the reason why I could never move on and D3 ended for me the day you left.

Though I am not happy with your decision of quitting acting because I believe you have a rare  gift of acting but I do respect that. It takes guts to leave fame  and follow the heart.

Miss you like crazy ...

I wish you are happy in whatever you do 

I wish a your dance academy SKI reaches new highs

Wish you a very happy Birthday Sneha Kapoor.

From morning till night,
May your birthday be bright.
Many Happy returns of the day...

Happy Birthday and enjoy the day with family and friends
PS: We need dance video as return gift Tongue

lassipriya aka Lasyapriya

They say best things are always limited, that is why we should value them and so you are to me. You are a gem Sneha just perfect and unique in your own way. For me you are a perfect example of a born star. You have won the hearts of people with your talent, beauty, simplicity and honesty. Your talent in acting and dancing cannot be matched by anyone.
Though I have started watching D3 because of Shakti it was you and your acting with shantanu which  made me fall in love with swaron. It was only you who could play the complex character role of Sharon brilliantly and make us all fall in love with it. You took it to another level where no one can reach it. When talking about your acting it is never completed without talking about your eyes, it does major part of the acting as they speak volumes.
We miss you a lot Sneha.. Im still hurt but the love for you is way too stronger and your happiness counts at first place and we respect you for what you are. What you gave for past two years were the most precious moments and will always be cherished. Im proud to be your fan. 
On this special day as you celebrate your birthday I wish you all success and happiness you can ever have and a birthday filled with sweet moments and wonderful memories to cherish always. May all your dreams and wishes come true. Lastly, congrats for the success of SKI and I wish you all the best for it and it reaches more and more heights of success.
Sening you a birthday wishes wrapped with all my love.. 
Happy Birthday Sneha!!!

austen4ever aka Oindrila

I became a fan of Sneha Kapoor the actor the first time i saw  you act, a fan of Sneha Kapoor the dancer the first time i saw you dance and a lifelong fan of Sneha Kapoor the person when i saw your farewell video.
For as much as that video broke my heart it also told me that you are a one in a million person. The kind of person our teachers and all our moral science stories keep urging us to become.ClapClap
 It takes a lot of guts to bare your inhibitions on a public platform but it takes even more grace to take responsibility for something that is not even entirely your fault, knowing the brickbats that would follow and that most people would misunderstand. You gave an example of loyalty towards your team that exasperated me and impressed me at the same time. The honesty and the dignity with which you handled what was unfortunately an extremely disgusting situation is something that will always inspire me.Star
As an actor you made me fall in love with Sharon Rai Prakash. Along with Shantanu you set fire to our screens. You both shared the kind of chemistry that had to be seen to be believed. No one will ever be able to create that magic ever again. I had never before become as attached to a fictional character as I did with Sharon and its something that I know will never happen again because genius like this only comes along once in a generation.  The Diva became who she is today because of your sheer brilliance and hard work.
As a person you give me the courage to reach for my dreams. you may be a girl-next-door but this girl-next-door  single-handedly started and is running her own dance academy.Clap
It gives me immense pleasure to know how well SKI is doing and renews my faith in the belief that life is sometimes fair. You deserve every bit of happiness and success you receive.Big smile
You are an inspiration Sneha and I'm blessed to have gotten the opportunity to witness your genius.Embarrassed
Keep smiling and always be happy.

an_skyfighter aka Anam

Happy birthday SK
you r truly the most amazing dancer I have seen on TV and your acting skills match ur dancing talents equally. Miss u onscreen miss u as Sharon but mostly I miss to watch u dance.
Oh yes plzzz post the pic u promised on ur last bday
I m not going to leave u !!!!
I want the pic
Be happy always and may u get all the happiness and success
Hope to see you soon onscreen of course!!!
Come back plz


Happy Birthday Sneha

You are our Star, Our original DIVA, Love your Sweet Nature, Simplicity and Style.

May you get all
the Happiness you Desire, May all your Dreams and Wishes Come True. :)

Happy Birthday

swaronlove001 aka Anmol


I hope all your birthday dreams
and wishes come true.
A simple celebration, a gathering of
friends; here is wishing you great
happiness, a joy that never ends.
May your birthday be filled with
sunshine and smiles, laughter, love,
and cheer.
Happy Birthday and many happy
returns of the day.
May the best of your past be the
worst of your future.
Happy Birthday to someone who is
forever young.
May your special day be filled with
memories and flowers, friendship
and happy hours.
Have a wonderful day and fabulous
You're older today than yesterday
but younger than tomorrow, Happy
Wish you a very happy birthday
May life lead you 2 great happiness
success and hope dat
all your wishes comes true!
enjoy your day.
On your birthday,
I would like to give you
some words of wisdom
Smile while you still have teeth.
Many many happy returns of the
May ur birthday bring
each special thing
that u have waited 4
& everyday ahead holds
lots of happiness in store..
May ur special day...
Surrounded wid happiness,
Filled wid laughter,
Wrapped wid pleasure,
Brightened wid fun,
Blessed wid love,
Remembered wid joy,
...and enriched wid hopes.

Lastly, congrats for the success of SKI and I wish you all the best for it and it reaches more and more heights of success.
Sening you a birthday wishes wrapped with all my love.. 
Happy Birthday Sneha DI!!!

dashinggirl aka Mehvash

this is your SPECIAL DAY so celebrate it  EXCEPTIONALLY...
and about your DANCE U R A AWESOME DANCER simply LOVED and ADMIRE IT Heart
U R such a DOWN TO EARTH PERSON and i really LOVED this QUALITY in U 
U R very SPECIAL to ME  
i m a really BIG and PROUD fan of YOURS 
i really LOVE and RESPECT U a lot  Heart
i really MISSED U a lot SE BHI ZYAADA Cry
 but nevermind hope to see u on SCREEN very soon
so once again MANY MANY HAPPY RETURNS OF THE DAY PartyPartyDancing
from my side big HUGS and KISSES for U with LOTS and LOTS of LOVEHugHeart
this is a small GIFTS from me hope u like it...



A very happy Birthday to you sneha :) Big smile

You have stolen all of our hearts by playing sharon in the most brilliant way possible

Your talent in dancing and acting cannot be matched by anyone Smile

You are the best actress D3 has ever had and will have

You are an inspiration to all of us , that we should always follow our dreams and listen to our heart :) !

So glad that you have decided to pursue your dreams and it makes you really happy 

Congratulations on the sucess of SKIPAThumbs UpClap

You completely deserve the appreciation and success that you are receiving !

A very happy birthday to you once againParty

May all your dreams and wishes come true :)


arjuhiswaron007 aka Vedika

Dear Sneha,

I wish you luck, happiness and success today, tomorrow and beyond.

As you look back on yesterday, may your memories be warm ones. As you celebrate today, may your heart be filled with happiness and joy. As you look ahead to tomorrow, may your deepest hopes and dreams come true for you!

Wishing you happiness 
To welcome each morning, 
Wishing you laughter 
To make your heart sing and dance like there's no tomorrow. 
Wishing you friendship 
Sharing and caring, 
And all of the joy 
The birthday can bring!

I wish you lasting friendship, true love, and precious memories.

May the angels watch over you and bring you peace on your special day and every day of your lovely life ahead.

You truly are my inspiration... Your dance, your expressions, your personality, your gorgeous looks and your flawless persona...Uff teri ada! Hehe :P

Happy Birthday to the sweetest angel I know...
May all your wishes and dreams come true and hope mine come true too ( Kya karu thodi selfish hoon.. hehe :P...actually my dream is to meet you :P )

Lots of Love,

Vedika (From Dubai)


happy birthday sneha...
Realy hope u reach great heights...
M realy proud of u as u hav guds to complete ur dream...realy hope u n SKI reaches great height...
Luv u sneha...keep doing ur gud wrk n make ur fans more proud...
-m a proud sneha fanCool


Happy Birthday Sneha Party
Wish you all the best for ur future. .
May you achieve all success in ur life n u reach great heights..
Ur an amazing dancer n an super amazing actor as well..
I just love d way u dance its just out of d world..
U made me fall in love with sharon. .
Congratulations for the success of SKI. .
U truly deserve all success. .
Wish u many many happy returns of d day Big smile


Ok so it is our be precise THE DIVA'S BIRTHDAY...Wink

What should I say...I still recall flipping over channels and then suddenly my eyes fell over a girl in white thinking as to how she should explain it to someone something...shit that scene...I still skip a beat thinking about it...just after RDX sir's party...the scene in which Sharon was thinking of calling Swayam to clear out things well that was my first scene of D3 ever...and well then I got hooked.Embarrassed

It is this lady who first attracted me towards a show like D3 which I was inititally unaware of...the way she portrayed a character so innocent yet so beautifully complicated...shit I didn't even know and i fell for this girl.LOL

And today when I look back at times and see how time flew so easily and now she has moved on so much yet not so much in terms of the love I bestow upon her...I feel sad...I miss her big also tweeting her and seeing the warmth she has towards her feels that she is still there or rather the urge to see her dancing one last time grows more and more...but the fact that she is happy in her space and has achieved something she always wanted to and doing something she was born to---DANCE...I respect her all the more.

Wishing her all the love and luck in life..and hope that there are many more birthdays to come in her lifeParty


Love Zoha


Wish u a very happy birthday Sneha Di.
You was,n u will always remain the best actress of d3.The dancing diva who made us fall in love with the most strongest and unique character.Thank you for portraying the role of sharon so amazingly n for giving us our TanHa Wala SwaRon.
On this special occassion I pray that hope u get all the happiness in your life.Keep dancing,party hard n have lots of fun.
once again A very happy birthday Di.

raj_tanha_fan aka Rajeshwari

Sneha, Wishing you a very happy birthday!! On this special day of yours, I won't spread negativity and hold back all my grudges against your personal self! The fact remains that you were and the best actress and Sharon D3 can ever get!  I definitely thank you for raising the bar of acting and setting the standard all  TanHa wala SwaRon fans have!Thanks for giving us such a beautiful portrayal of such a complex character!! Thanks for the amazing dance sequences on D3 you have given us!!You with Shantanu did an almost impeccable job!!Many Happy returns of the day!!


may everyday bring something new and exciting for u..
may this birthday turn out to be as amazing as u...:)


Wish u many many more happy returns of d day snehaHeartHeart
hope all ur wishes cum trueParty
and may this day brings u all happiness and success in ur lifeHeart
you r our dancing diva and wil always bEmbarrassedStar
lubbb yaaaHeart
May god shower his blessings always upon u and make u happySmile
Hav a blast and party hardThumbs Up

wit lots and lots of love


-Marium- aka marium

HugCongratulations and blessing for you on your big and happy day, Sneha Di. Hug

Love you alot, everyone does. Miss you alot. May God bless you with his showering love and safety. May he bless you with all the happiness and luck of this world. May he shows you the beautiful and right path in your life. May he make your life like a heaven on earth.  Stay happy and healthy, Di. Smile

And from me, i will pray for lots of success for you. Enjoy your life to the fullest. I miss you a lot. We love you a lot, though you are not a part of D3 anymore but no once erase your beautiful smile and bakwaas jokes from our heart. It feels so nice to get to see your pictures from SKI or from anywhere. May you more and more popular with SKI and touch the ski heights. Approve

Party hard, then dance, then do oh lalalala.. and shout to everyone that how happy you are. LOL

H a p p y  B i r t h d a y , S n e h a  d i. 

Sneha Kapoor rocks! 


Your loving phanki Marium. 


Happy Birthday Sneha Di..

The Diva, the beautiful girl... an awesome dancer and also an amazing actor.. 
Love you di and also miss you.. May you get all what you wnat and God bless you always.. Heart
You made me fall in love with Sharon..SwaRon..and also TanHa...SmileSmile

As now you are in SKI... glad to see you active on Fb and hope your Dance Institute reach heights ! Embarrassed

Poem for u by me..

A Day...symbol of Love , some Extra...
And and happiness..Ultra... must..yet Compulsion...
Fun, party, be Free of Tension...

A True prayer..from your Big wala Fan...
Success be always in your hand...

Special be your day..and future always...
Wishing you today and Forthcoming Very very Happy Birthdays...

Your dedication...for dance is Appreciable...
Your sweetness for your Valuable...

I Thank you..Sneha Di..from bottom of my heart...
Hope the tag 'Star' from your name...never get Apart...

Wish you  a Very Very HaPpY WaLa BiRtHdAy...

Best wishes ! 
Love you a lot !Hug

Sakshi S..


Bdays are a way to tell how special you are...
we as sneha fans love u so much...thank you for giving us those beautiful swaron and sharey and krisha
you are a diva
a real rockstar
a women whom we all look upto ...
you are  a very special person for us
thank you so much sneha kapoor for coming in our lives
may this bday be very special for u
may all you want , all you desire comes to you
may your institute flourish
a very very happpy bday our diva...sneha kapoor




May God bless you with all the happiness in this world..
Wish you all the Good Luck for your future..
May SKI reach the more height n you get all the SUCCESSES you ever dream off n you deserveHeart
I am very very happy that you follow your dream n you are happy :)

Can never ever forget what you gave us when you were on d3..
You n Shantanu are the BEST ACTOR D3 can ever had n have..
N All know what an AMAZING DANCER you areHeart
I like sharon but alot more than that I love you as Sneha Kapoor n will always do ..
Please never change :)

Once again I like to wish you A Very Happy Birthday!!!
May this Birthday bring alots of happiness in your life..
Miss you alot..
Be blessed n take care :)


with alots of loveHeartHeart

cenation123 aka Harshita

Happy Birthday Sneha diii
I wish you all the happiness and success on this special day
Love you
Thank you for giving us The Diva Sharon Raiprakash.What you did was beyond words and I respect you truly.You were fire onscreen Bang on.I really wish I could still see you onscrren but still I am Glad that you took such a brave step and decided to follow your dreams.I love the glow on your face in any new PIC or IV.I am happy for SKI and its success.I wish you keep dancing and smiling forever.
Love you DII
you rock


Wish u a very happy b'day sneha Big smile
you are an amazing dancer and actorSmile
May all your wishes and dreams come true ...god bless youSmile
and all the best for SKI :)
you rock !!!!!


Wish u happy Bday sneha
wish u see on screen


A very Happy Birthday, Sneha di!!Tongue

You are an amazing dancer and you are true to your roots. You are doing what you like the most and that's important. Thanks for giving us the DIVA, but I'm more happy with you following your dreams and would like to see your SKI on the top. Be who you are and don't ever change. May all your dreams come true. You rock!Wink
Once again, a very Happy Birthday!!Clap
- Varada, your admirer and a well wisher.

happy birthday!


A very very happy birthday to d most sweetest doll love u Sneha may u get all the happiness,success & love in your life:)
You are one of the best nd beautiful thing happened to d3 miss u as sharon and not to forget best actress not only in d3 but in entire tellywood:)
You totally deserve al d apreciation nd love...really wanna see u onscreen but happy u dng great in your life SKI rocks !!!
Many many happy returns of the day once again love youHeart



Happy Birthday Sneha !!!! Smile   Big smile
Wish you all the happiness and success in life !!!!! Smile
May all your dreams come true ... Smile
You are an Amazing Actress and a Mind Blowing Dancer !!!! Smile
Stay blessed ! Smile

kespari aka Glaxy

hi mini di wish you vfery very happy birthday
god bless you 
May God bless you with health, wealth and prosperity in your life.
you are really sweet nice n cute girl
as sharon you did amazing work
your acting skills really really strong 
no one can say that D3 is your 1st daily soap
as well as your dancing skills also owsume n mindblowing
just bcoz of sharon i knew about yourself n i really love your nature
n thats way your D3 team also admire you alot
you had quited D3 its really sad
 i m really happy for your ski 
i hope your ski will be india's best dancing institute  
you have stolen our hearts
n no doubt we love you n miss you alot 
enjoy you rbirthday with your family friends fan n students 
once again wish you a very very happy birthday
Phool khilte rahein zindgi ki raah mein,
Hassi chamakti rahe aapki nigaah mein,
Kadam kadam par mile khushi ki bahar aapko,
Dil deta hai yehi dua baar-baar aapko.
dont forget your fans bcoz we still love you alot n miss you so much


Wish you a very happy birthday Sneha Ma'am!! Smile
Ma'am,may you always shine like a star and touch the heights of d sky!!
The spark and energy in your eyes is enough to make someones day brighter!!
The beautifull memories you gave us are cherished almost everyday(thanks to youtubeWink ) still you are missed more than a lot! Cry
Though i would love to see you onscreen once again yet i don't want it,because the happiness that can be seen in your eyes on sucesses of SKI gives me immense pleasure.And for my selfish desires to see you back,i don't want that happiness to go away from your ever enlighten face.
Maam,though i don't want to go in the past yet i can not stop myself from saying this that in terms of acting you were the best thing happend to d3.The bars you had raised are impossible to touch!
I guess i am no one to speak about your dancing skills because,the world has a proof of success of SKI in a very short period.
I would conclude by saying that you were and will always be the diva and we love this diva a lot.You'll always remain in our hearts fresh and alive!!
Once,again a very happy birthday!Best wishes!! Star
Love you!!Heart Heart Heart


Happy Birthday SNEHA KAPOOR

May you get all the happiness in the world and wish u all the success in ur life and career... hope to see ur smile always which always made me happy... you are a really sweet person and itz good to hear you talk. itz always a loss for us that u left acting ,still good to see you happy.may you be able to make everyone around you happy and wish the SKI grows more larger and popular. 
Enjoy your birthday... stay blessed and stay ya...



Happy birthday sneha kapoor... the original diva... love you loads... I wish you all the best in everything you do


Many Many hapy return day 2 u my lovey SNEHA di ...
I wish u always shine like a true star bcz u r a rockstar ...
As u had cross ao many hurddles still u r travelling do far ...
Bcoz we know u had always made yr passin = dedication...
Due to which always make yr lovers a g8t connection...
I always wish n hope we will be like that 4 life time...
Bcoz u personality wil always shine in limelight...
Heart LOve U 4EVer  SNEHa dII Heart

Star Cut         Sing   Live Star
Star Cute   Sweet    LongStar
Star Cake     Song     Life Star

HAPY B"DAY SNEHA DI   Big smile !!!! 


Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day Sneha Dii! Embarrassed May God shower his choicest blessings upon you and may you reach the zenith of success! Big smile May all your dreams and aspirations come true! You are the truly the Perfect Diva! Approve Love you so very much dii! <3 I missed you so much in D3 until I watched the show.. But Its so great to see you climbing the stairs of success with such authenticity! 
Its your special day, so enjoy and party hard! Party Dancing
May SKI keep growing and growing each passing day and May God fill your Life with all the happiness of the world! Approve Love you.. Dil se! <3 Embarrassed 

-With Loads Of Love and Well Wishes
Shivangi. Embarrassed


Happy Birthday Sneha
Hope u have a blast on your special day
And may all your wishes and dreams come through


Have a great one

D3_4life aka Suhail

Happy Birthday to the gorgeous diva & my fav. TV actress Sneha Kapoor Embarrassed
Your a reflection of a brilliant  dancer...  you have the beauty of a princess... & the brilliance of a rock star ...
You made the best couple on TV the vintage SwaRon ...really amazing and magical with your presence...
You define true Sharon the Diva for "Us"...

May god shower you with all the blessings and make your future full of love and success...
Happy Birthday Sneha Kapoor ... U are the best Thumbs Up


Happy B'day Sneha kapoor !!!Big smile

llyrics aka Vibhuti

HAPPY BDAY PRINCESS ...!! wish u have a wonderful life ahed and conquer all ur dreams !!

enjoy ur many more bdays, to come!

may ur beautiful smile always be, there!

and may u soon get ur prince charming !! Embarrassed

love u alot ...!!

whenever u decide to turn back we'll be there to great our one and only sharon rai prakash

bleu98 aka Rini

Many many happy returns of the day Sneha...

May you get all the happiness and achieve all your aspirations.

Love you for being the person you are.

u-me-aur-D3 aka Rae

Happy Birthday Beautiful!!! 

Sneha di I wish u all the very best in life... may your success with SKI continue and may you continue to gain success in all you do di! I hope that God always keeps you safe and happy throughout your life!

When you first left I was incredibly upset, but somewhere between then and now I realised that there was a reason why you left... A reason which may not have seemed much to me, but it meant a lot to you. I don't blame you for leaving di, I never could, because what you did took a lot of courage... You followed your DREAMS!

You inspired me so much when you were playing the role of Sharon... your simplicity, you kindness, the grace with which you held yourself and your sincerity... these are just some of the many qualities that i admired of yours... but I can honestly say that my admiration of you only grew stronger when you left the show to purse and fulfill your dream!

That one action of yours has taught me to never give up on myself or my dreams... Di you are truly one of a kind and I'm so fortunate to have been able to witness you rise to success all the way from the very beginning in D3, to now in SKI!

I know that whatever you do in life, whatever career path you choose, I will be by your side 1000000% and support in till the very end. I can proudly say that while Tanha have been and still are an incredible important part of me, I am fan of SNEHA... an ambitious, determined and beautiful woman!

So here's wishing you a very happy birthday di. I hope you get lots of presents and have lots of fun. I love you lots, and always will.

- Rae (u-me-aur-D3)


 Happi Birthday Sneha di..!!!!!!!!!!!
hope u get all the success and luck in your life...may god shower all his blessings upon you...missing you like hell in the show..your are the best di..!!!!!!!
                                 with loads of love, 


Happy Birthday dear... Hope u r enjoying ur life more now with ur new project, Wish u to be the pride of ur family, always...



Nehal92 aka nehal

Wish you a very happy birthday dancing diva..wish u all the best for future may this  new year bring in a lot of joy n sucess.  All the best and keep dancing winning all the hearts again and again.Embarrassed



many many happy returns of the day! happy birthday...
may u get all the success in life..
keep smiling keep dancing stay happy..


happie birthday sneha...

you r one of the sweetest person i adore..

wish your all dreams be fulfilled and come true..

you have lots of fans and wel wishers who are always with you..

may you get lotsand lots of success in life..

god bless you and touch you with his hwwling hands
 and your hates too..

love u alot lot lot..

keep rocking yo yoEmbarrassed


Happy Birthday Sneha!!

So happy you're a year older. May you accomplish whatever you deserve in your life my angel Embarrassed
I dont have to mention D3 has got a bit boring without you're gorgeous smile in it. but nonetheless you're always amazing to me Luv yah!



May this year be your best ever. I hope all yourbirthday dreams and wishes come true. Not just a year older, but a year better. Here's to another  year of experience.  A Simple Celebration,

 a gathering of friends; here is wishing you great happiness, a joy that never ends. A birthday is just the first day of another 365 day Journey around the sun. enjoy the trip. Happy Birthday, may this day always be a special to Remember.

May the best of your future. Hope your birthday blossoms into lots of dreams come true. I hope that for every candle on your cake you get a wonderful surprise. May yourBirthday be filled with sunshine and smiles,laughter, love and cheer. Happy Birthday and

 Many Happy Returns of the days.



Watching you dance is pure bliss ...                      Smile Clap Star

Amrita_S aka Amrita

Many Many Happy returns of the day Sneha. Smile

You were the reason i started watching D3, you were the reason i gave Shantanu, SwaRon and D3 a chance. Later on TanHa together were the reason i was addicted to SwaRon and D3. You are one fine actress and for me no one can create the magic you created as Sharon. You were the reason i was head over heels in love with Sharon's character. 

Initially, i was very upset with you but not any more bcz now when i look at the bigger picture...i seriously can't thank you enough for quitting bcz you kinda helped me get rid of this addiction. 

Wish you all the happiness girl...have a gr8 year ahead. Blessed be Sneha Smile 


Happy Birthday Sneha...your name is synonym for grace and beautifully you portrayed Sharon the Diva to utmost perfection when its complete opposite to your persona...your eyes speak in volumes and it reaches your fan across the globe...your dance is divine which makes thank almighty for sending such an angel to earth for have chosen your own path of for your future...all the very best for a blessed you Sneha...keep smiling...


Sneha many many happy returns of the day
May you achieve grand success in your life hope your ski reach the new heights of success
Miss you a lot in d3


Happy Birthday SK!
Wish you all the luck and happiness, may you get what you desire.
Be blessed and spread merry everywhere :)
Keep dancing and all the best for SKI.


kunta aka kriti

Many many happy returns of the day . Happy birthday to u sneha . I wish u all ur dream come true . Always have a smile on ur face . Ur achieve all the height of success . Missing u sneha so much n lots of love dear . Really missing ur beautiful big eyes , ur charming smile n graceful dance n about acting nobody comes near of u . Plz don't let it go sneha . Just want u back . Love u so much . At last have a blast birthday . Enjoy


Happy Birthday Sneha di Big smileHope all your wishes come true, just like how you made Sharon and swaron, a dream come true for us EmbarrassedMiss U on D3... But glad that you're happy doing what you like :)Hope you have many more awesome birthdays SmileLove,Vadhana <3


HBD ...Beautiful gal . ..
i love u ...can never forget dos expressive eyes ...




Happy birthday sneha !!!!!!!!! I love you and wish you a lifetime of happiness!!!!
 You've always been a role model and trust me you'll always remain one!!!

Hope you enjoy your birthday to the fullest with your friends and family!!!

         Hope to see you on tv again until then best of luck dear!!


Happy birthday sneha

wishing you loads and lottts of love fun and happiness ahead

may you have an awesome and successful year ahead

always loved you as the dazzling diva The SHARON RAIPRAKASH

hope SKI reach all the new heights...keep dancing

love you forever and always


Party""Happy Birthday Sneha""Party

May all dreams cum true...Hug

u r so sweet,gorgeous...Embarrassed

hope u cum back in d3...n blow us by ur Attitude..Cool


Happy birthday Sneha Kapoor. Enjoy your birthday with your family, friends and now with your new new students of SKI. Good luck...

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austen_TanHa IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 September 2013 at 1:34pm | IP Logged

by cenation123 aka Harshita

by Sakshi

by mjht_one

by EmaraldRockstar aka Sammy

by Shivangi_Taarey

by Tasha

by Sankruti_tanha

This is a ff written by bleu98 aka Rini on the occasion of Sneha's birthday. It focuses on TanHa wala SwaRon and D3
D3-As I Cherish it

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Joshua_TANHA IF-Addictz

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Posted: 29 September 2013 at 2:10pm | IP Logged
Happy Birthday Sneha!!!

On the occasion of your birthday day I wish you loads of Happiness and success. Hope SKI reaches new high. 

Enjoy your birthday with family and friends and ofcourse with your students.

You were are and will be the Sharon for me .Forever !!!!
PS: Please reconsider acting Embarrassed

We bunch of IF  unpad's took the responsibility of making this thread!!
it may look amateurish but we have put our best effort into it!!
Thanks Marium for the intro gif and the banner..It is really beautifulEmbarrassed
Thanks for the others for sending the edits.Nice to see Sneha getting the amount of love which she deserves...
Oin , fantastic thread...Proud of you

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Kunta_tanha IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 September 2013 at 2:20pm | IP Logged
A very happy birthday to you sneha.                                                                                                                     You have stolen all our heart by playing Sharon in the most brilliant way . You are d only Sharon I love n no one can ever replace u , cuz u made me fall in love with u n TanhA . Noone can match ur grace or take ur place . Sneha , you're the best Sharon rai Prakash ever . Noone replace you had that attitude, looks, acting n dancing . Forever you will always be in our hearts . No matters even if 100 Sharon are replace , you will be the only Sharon rai Prakash for me n u will for lifetime .                                                  God has really given u all the beauty n charm , he had in his store . You are most adorable person I ever seen in television . U r beautiful internal and external both way . I miss u n love u deep from my heart where u always stay . No matter wat happen , I never change ur place from my heart .                                  U look most stunning while smiling ... So be happy & keep smiling Always .                                                  At last , many many happy returns of the day . Happy birthday to u sneha , have a blast birthday dear !!!

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Lassi_TanHa IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 September 2013 at 2:22pm | IP Logged
Its a special day, a very special day for you so enjoy it to the fullest.  
Party Happy Birthday to the Dancing Diva Angel Sneha Kapoor. Party

May all your wishes and dreams cum true

Thank u for giving us the diva Sharon you are our only sharon which will be always remembered by all of us forever.

Sending you birthday wishes wrapped with all my love have a lots of fun on your birthday..

I wish you all the very best for SKI and hope it reaches more heights.

Keep Smiling and Dancing as always

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-Araina- IF-Stunnerz

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Happy Birthday Sneha!

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DilBanjara IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 29 September 2013 at 2:25pm | IP Logged
Happy bday sneha :-D

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