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Arvi/Ashvik Heaven#162 Lamha Tera Mera

Huma- IF-Sizzlerz

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Banner credit goes to Esha (eshaaa.x3) thank uHug

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*Arvi Ashvik AT#21*Sajna tere bina

*ArVi AshVik AT#22*Jab Tak Hai Jaan

*ArVi AshVik AT#23* -Tune Jo na kaha

*ArVi AshVik AT#24*- Rani tu main Raja

We got a special message from Rithvik himself wishing us Smile
Celebrating 25 threads of ArVi Heaven RD's msg pg1(25th  AT)

*ArVi AshVik AT#26*- Teri Ore Chale

ArVi AshVik AT#27- *Ishq Sufiyana*

ArVi AshVik AT#28- Naal naal tur na te vith rakhna

ArVi AshVik Heaven #29 - Bin Tere

We celebrated with awards to AT members Smile
ArVi AshVik Heaven #30 - AT Awards!

ArVi AshVik Heaven #31 - Dreamum Wakepum

Arvi Ashvik AT#32 Hona hai Kya

ArviAshvik Heaven #33 Ek duje k vaaste

ArviAshvik Heaven #34 Dynamite teri meri Jodi

ArviAshvik Heaven #35Pyaar kiya tu Darna kiya

ArviAshvik Heaven #36 Adhoore hum bin tumhare

ArviAshvik Heaven #37 Nahin saamne..mere pass hai

ArviAshvik Heaven #38 Tumko Na bhool

ArVi AshVik Heaven#39 Rab Ne Bana Di

ArVi AshVik Heaven#40 The Best Jodi

ArVi AshVik Heaven#41 Suraj Hua Madham

ArviAshvik heaven 42 kitne door kitne pass

ArviAshvik heaven#43 Bin Tere kiya hain Jeena

ArviAshvik heaven#44 Milke Bhi Hum Na mile

ArviAshvik Heaven #45 Khudaya tu Bata

Arvi Ashvik Heaven #47 Deewana MUJH SA NAHIN

Arvi Ashvik Heaven # 48 Hum Ko Pyaar Hua

ArVi AshVik Heaven# 49 Ek Tu Hi Nahin

Arvi Ashvik Heaven #50 celebration Thread

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ARVI/ ASHVIK heaven 52 Ishq Shava

Arvi/Ashvik Heaven #53  God Bless Ashvik

Arvi/Ashvik Heaven# 54 Ek Duje Ke liye

Arvi/Ashvik Heaven #55 How DO I Live without you

Arvi/Ashvik Heaven #56 Jus wanna spend My life wid u

Arvi/Ashvik Heaven # 57 Against All Odds

Arvi/Ashvik Heaven #58 Saanso ne Baandhi Hai Dor piya

ArViAshVik Heaven#59 I want u to be mine always

We had Christmas surprises for our AT members Party

ArViAshVik Heaven#60 Christmas Celebrations

Arvi/AShvik Heaven#61 In Lamhon ke damaan mein

Arvi/Ashvik Heaven#63 Tere liye Tujhse Hoon juda

Arvi/Ashvik Heaven# 63 Nahi Lagta Tere Bina Dil mera

Arvi / Ashvik Heaven #64 ter Aahatein Nahi

Arvi / Ashvik Heaven #65 Pal bhar ki Judai

Arvi/Ashvik heaven # 66

Arvi/Ashvik heaven # 67 ishq de raste jaave

Arvi/Ashvik heaven # 68 Tere pyar ka nasha

Arvi/Ashvik heaven # 69 Tu Jaane Na

Arvi/Ashvik heaven #70 Yun pyar kar Beinteha

Arvi/Ashvik heaven #71 Ye pyaar Na hoga kam

Arvi/Ashvik heaven #72 Tera Mera Hona to hai

ArviAshvik Heaven 73 lagi tum se mann ki lagan

Arvi Ashvik Heaven #74 Rab ki neemat hai teri Nigahein

Arvi /Ashvik Heaven #75 celebration Thread

Arvi/Ashvik Heaven #76 Dil hai tumhara

Arvik Ashvik  Heaven #77 Hatoon mein Mere Tere lakerein

Arvi Ashvik Heaven #78 Meri saari Saanse teri Jagerein

Arvi/Ashvik heaven # 79 Tak taka tak kamla

Arvi/Ashvik Heaven #80 Bahoon k Darmiyaan

Arvi/Ashvik Heaven #81 Tere lIye Ham hain Jiye

Arvi/Ashvik Heaven #82 Thoda Sa pyaar hua Thoda baaki

Arvi/Ashvik Heaven #83 Hum deewane hain tere

Arvi/Ashvik Heaven #84 Ki kasoor si mera

Arvi/Ashvik Heaven #85 Kaho Na pyaar Hai

Arvi/Ashvik Heaven #86 Ishq Masoom hai

Arvi /Ashvik Heaven #87 tu hai tu ill b Alryt

Arvi / Ashvik Heaven #88 Jiya Dhadak Dhadak

Arvi /Ashvik Heaven#89 Bahara Bahara

Arvi /Ashvik Heaven #90 Mjhe tu teri lat lagai

Arvi /Ashvik Heaven #91 pal pal dil k pass tum rehatee ho

Arvi/Ashvik heaven #92 jiya Lage Na tum Bin Mora

Arvi/Ashvik Heaven#93 muskaanein jhooti hai

Arvi /AShvik Heaven #94 Kuch Dard khaas Hai

Arvi/Ashvik heaven # 95 Khuda Hai gawah tere pyar ka

Arvi Ashvik Heaven #96  Hum Saath Saath Hain

Arvi/Ashvik Heaven #97 Arjun Purvi Forever

Arvi/Ashvik Heaven#99 pyaar hua Iqraar hua

A special message from AshVik, celebrations and certificates for AT members Big smile
Arvi/Ashvik Heaven #100 Celebration Thread (Feb 1, 2013)

Arvi/Ashvik Heaven #101

Arvi/Ashvik Heaven #102 Jeena sirf Tere liye

Arvi/Ashvik AT Tujh ko dewewane ne Chun liya

Arvi/Ashvik Heaven #104 Kaisa yeh pyaar hai

Arvi/Ashvik Heaven #105

Arvi/Ashvik heaven # 106

Arvi/Ashvik Heaven #107 Teh tere pyaar ki hai Jadugari

Arvi/Ashvik Heaven # 108 Dil Hai ki Maanta Nahin

Arvi/Ashvik Heaven 109 Dil kyun Yeh mera Shor kare

Arvi/Ashvik Heaven #110 - AT member Veno's baby shower celebrations Smile

Arvi/Ashvik Heaven#111 Tere liye

Arvi/Ashvik Heaven #112 Welcome Princess Kirlosker

Arvi/Ashvik Heaven#113 Mujh mein tu, tu hi tu basa

Arvi/Ashvik Heaven# 114

ArVi/AshVik heaven#115 Meri Duniya Tu Hi Re

Arvi/Ashvik Heaven # 116

Arvi/Ashvik Heaven # 117

Arvi/Ashvik Heaven #118 Pyaar ki pungi

Arvi/Ashvik Heaven #119 U me aur Hum

Arvi/Ashvik Heaven #120 Papa ki pari hoon main

Arvi/Ashvik Heaven #121

Arvi/Ashvik Heaven #122 Mujhe Haq Hai

Arvi/Ashvik Heaven # 123 kabhi na kabhi tu miloge

Arvi / Ashvik Heaven#124 Mere Ghar ayi ek nanhi pari

Arvi/Ashvik Heaven #125 celebration Thread

Arvi/Ashvik heaven # 126

Arvi/Ashvik Heaven #127

Arvi/Ashvik Heaven #128 Is pyaar ko kiya naam dun

Arvi/Ashvik Heaven #129

Arvi/Ashvik Heaven#130

Arvi/Ashvik Heaven# 131

Arvi/Ashvik Heaven #132

Arvi/Ashvik Heaven #133 Tu Aaja Jaldi AajaPiya

Arvi/Ashvik Heaven#134 Yaadein Yaad Aati Hain

Arvi/Ashvik Heaven #135 loving u is losing My soul

Arvi/Ashvik Heaven #136

Arvi/Ashvik Heaven#137 Meri Aashiqui Ab tum hi ho

Arvi/Ashvik Heaven #138 Welcome our Veno's Pari!!

Avi/Ashvik Heaven #139

Arvi/Ashvik heaven #140 Saadi Gali Aaja

Arvi/AShvik Heaven #142 Badtameez Dil Maane Na

ArviAshvik Heaven#143 Tu Meri ibaadat Hai

Arvi/Ashvik Heaven#144 - Congratulations Rithvik, for ITA!!!

 Arvi/Ashvik Heaven #145 chahun Main Yaa Naa

Arvi/Ashvik Heaven #146 BADE acche lagte hai

Arvi/Ashvik Heaven #147 Jeene laga hun Pehle se Zyada

Arvi/AshVik Heaven #148 Re Kabira maan Ja

Arvi/Ashvik Heaven #149 Hona tha pyaar

Check out the certificates, awards, celebration and fun Big smile
Arvi/Ashvik Heaven #150 Celebration Thread

Arvi/ASHVIK Heaven#151 Jodi above all jodis

Arvi/Ashvik Heaven#152 Dil sambhal Ja zara

Arvi Ashvik Heaven#153 Ishq Waali Manmarziyan

Arvi/Ashvik Heaven# 154 Yeh sazzish hai Bondon Ki

Arvi/Ashvik Heaven #155 Mera pyaar pyaar Tujh mein

Arvi/Ashvik Heaven#156 Ishq ki sazzishein

Arvi/Ashvik Heaven #157 Dil Mil gaye

Arvi/AshVik Heaven #158 Jodi Aasmani Ho gayi

Arvi/Ashvik#159 Main Rang Sharbaton ka tu Meethe ghaat ka paani

Arvi/Ashvik Heaven# 160 Their Chemistry is class Apart

ArVi/AshVik Heaven#161

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Huma- IF-Sizzlerz

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~Members List~

Shar19SNoshin 'LoveLiveLife
-Asmi-jayashs TanHa911
white.bandcyrine -Amby-
NightStarrRockStarHuda sr-medha
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bones88pssh9876 pinky charm
Durga56desi chicangelfreak96
ANANYAVEECHA ...SheWolf...Sharee12
*Dakoo_Minzy*saniya92 palakprincess6
pulu1995siditi ven
sweetshabAminah007 Aishh.
idreamaboutyoumaya.sethi17 helen_of_troy
peachesnplumsArViAshaRocksAshvik _lover
shruarvigeetrana45luv_ ashvik
Cherry-Blossom Diana72Asha4RD
srijasrij              sunshinesamuef shreya2094

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Huma- IF-Sizzlerz

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Awards & certificates for 150th AT

Previous ATs with awards & certificates for members 
100th AT
30th AT 

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Huma- IF-Sizzlerz

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Guys here are the Arvi/Ashvik SBS/SBB/E24/Ibn7/Telly Tadka Daily Motion links

Purvi finds out Manav is her Baba SBS

ARVI's First Interview Together SBS


ARVI Pune Dance SBS

Day out with Rithvik Dhanjani SBS

Arjun's Confession SBS

ARVI Airport Confession IBN7

ARVI Airport Confession SBB

Engagement Fiasco SBB

Purvi ka toota dil SBB

Arjun and Purvi ka toota khwaab SBS

Arjun Aur Purvi Ki Tahraar E24

Arjun Purvi and Punni ki masti SBB

Arjun's favorite time pass E24

Asha Rithvik and Jia Beach Segment SBB

Arjun's Fitness SBB

Slap Fest E24

Slap Fest SBS

Slap Fest SBB

Arjun Purvi and Foxy SBS

Arjun Leaves Home E24

Shirt da Button and Balti Fight SBB

Arjun and Purvi meet Salman SBS

Arjun becomes a Mechanic SBS

Arjun takes Purvi for a ride SBB

Arjun chases Vishnu SBS

Purvi's Monsoon Shopping SBB

Asha and Jia's Dostana SBB

Janmashtami Celebration SBS

ARVI Engagement SBB

ARVI Engagement SBS

Purvi's Birthday SBS

Purvi's Birthday Surprise SBB

Arjun's Haldi SBB

Purvi's Mehndi SBS

Purvi's Mehndi SBB

Bride Switch SBS

Post Wedding SBS

Post Wedding Party SBB

Post Wedding Party SBS

Arjun's Ganpati E24

ARVI dream dance sequence E24

Ganpati Arti and Celebration SBB

Ganesh Chaturthi Celebration SBB

AshVik promote ZEEs 20th anniversary

April 6th SBB Segment: Arjun and Purvi on their way to Pune

June 27th SBB Segment: Rithvik Dhanjani & Asha Negi (Shirt da Button scene & Balti War)

August 8th SBS Segment: Arjun and Purvi's engagement

August 27th SBB Segment: Arjun's Haldi ceremony

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PoohLover IF-Sizzlerz

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DancingCongo Shongo On The New AT Arvians/AshvikiansDancing

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ashfaque2012 IF-Stunnerz

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Congratulation new AT.

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ashfaque2012 IF-Stunnerz

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One day or the other, we have all encountered the wrath of the traffic police and have always bargained about the fines laid down on us.

On a lighter vein, we asked some of our Telly celebs about their traffic cop experience:

Rithvik Dhanjani: 

It so happened to me once when I got caught by a traffic police for two accounts; one for not wearing my seat belt and the second for not carrying the registration card of the new car that I had just bought (the registration card is delivered after two months). So I had my papers but not the card. When the cop approached me, he obviously recognized me. I should say that he was a genuine fan of mine; he did charge me for the seat belt offence but not for not having the registration card in my possession.

Asha Negi: 

I have never encountered such a situation before but think the cops will charge me a fine for not following the traffic rules and regulations.

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-Jeny- IF-Sizzlerz

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Congragulations on a new AT Party
New AT n we get a good news..Humari Purvi Maa Ban Ne Wali Hai (firse LOL)..Baby Dhruv on his way..Tongue


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