Junoon - Aisi Nafrat, toh Kaisa Ishq


Junoon - Aisi Nafrat, toh Kaisa Ishq
Junoon - Aisi Nafrat, toh Kaisa Ishq

~* Happy Birthday Stunning Mouni Roy!~*

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Mouni Roy

Some people make our lives brighter just by virtue of their presence in it, no matter how ephemeral. As fans of an actor, we are all familiar with this - few of us have a personal relationship with  the actor, yet, we rejoice in their successes, are as affected by their sorrows as they are  and  want only the best for them. And when it comes to celebrating them, what better day than the one that gave us reason to have this special person in our lives?

On the 28th of September, a  girl was born . The first girl in the extended family in 15 years, she was brought up as the cherished darling of all. True to her Bengali roots, she excelled at her studies and many forms of art: music, dance, painting,pottery and puppetry. From the sheltered environs of a small town where she knew everyone, she bravely moved to a big City - Delhi - to  pursue her interest in the humanities, in college. Life, however,  had other plans for her, and a  lighthearted audition, given to while away a boring evening, changed the course of her life. She moved to another city,and entered a new, difficult  industry. The beautiful girl matured into a gorgeous, confident, talented woman, who, has made her mark in a notoriously fickle industry as an excellent actor, dancer and host. 

Today, we celebrate her: Mouni Roy! To her fans she is no less than the embodiment of all that is ideal in an actor - her skill in portraying characters on screen, her talent at dance and her sense of style and fashion. But above all that - her sweet nature. From the friends she has and the way they rally around her in her times of need, to her interactions with fans on social media like twitter and instagram, her wishes for fans on their birthdays : she never fails to bring joy. Her enthusiasm for continued learning (her wish to learn Ballet being the  latest one), her comments on books she reads(an avid reader with eclectic taste, she has an enviable book collection), shows and movies she watches - all contribute to rightfully make her a crowd favorite. 

We all wish your birthday is filled with a sunshine of joys, rainbow of smiles and rainfalls of laughter. We also pray that for every extra candle on your cake, you receive an extra reason to smile. May your year be filled with wonderful friendships. 
May there never come a day when you find yourself lonely and blue.
May this year be the best one yet! 

Happiest of Birthdays to you, dear Mouni, and from those of us, older than you, Blessings for all you hope to achieve . 

Here's wishing our princess a  VERY VERY happy birthday!
There are a lot of surprises in here.. and a special message for Mouni , from her very very very very good friend ;) Do see everything..and let the page load! It's very very heavyLOL


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Mouni Roy was born on September 28, 1985 to Anil and Mukti Roy of Cooch Behar, West Bengal. She was brought up by a most loving family surrounded by music, dance and the arts.   Her father Anil Roy is a very good tabla player and her mother a classical music lover and singer.  With all these inherent artistic genes in the family, it's no wonder that Mouni is a natural with her own creative abilities. Her childhood was well-rounded with academics as well as extra-curricular activities such as formal dance lessons in the classical Kathak and Bharatanatyam dance forms, painting, sketching, pottery making etc. to name a few. Mouni is also a good singer and puppet maker.  All these activities were provided to her as rewards for her good academic achievement and exemplary behavior with family, friends, relatives and teachers.


Mouni moved to Delhi for higher education and completed her undergraduate course work at Miranda House to receive a Bachelors degree in English Honors.  She later completed her graduate coursework in Mass Communications and received a Masters degree from Jamia Milia Islamia University.  All this was achieved to pave way for her dream as well as that of her father's, of becoming an officer in the Indian Administrative Services.


Mouni's destiny however seems to have led her to the silver screen when she was approached by Balaji Productions in 2006 to audition for a role in the popular TV series, Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, while she was still in college.  She debuted in the role of Krishna Tulsi, aka KT which brought her much fame and name recognition in the TV industry. She has since played the protagonist as Sati along with the actor Mohit Raina in Devo ke Dev Mahadev for which she has received many accolades from her peers as well as a big fan following.  After her role ended as Sati, Mouni went on to play the role of Meera  as a protagonist along with the actor Aditya Redij in the show Junoon Aisi Nafrat Toh Kaisa Ishq.  This show recently ended leaving her many fans in bitter despair due to it's abrupt ending.  Mouni had also done many cameo and episodic roles in several television shows such as Kasturi, Kaho Na Yaar Hai, Kya Dil Mein Hai, Arre Deewano Mujhe Pehchano, Shhh.. Phil Koi Hai etc between 2006- 2009 and also acted in a Punjabi movie called Hero Hitler in Love with Babbu Maan.  In addition, she also anchored in Comedy Circus3 ka Tadka, Humsafar and Telly Talk. Mouni was nominated more than 6 times for several categories in television between 2007-2012. 


Although Mouni loves acting, her true passion is dancing and she takes every opportunity afforded her to perform in as many dance shows and competitions.  Mouni was the recipient of the Best Airtel Dancer of the Series in Zara Nachke Dikha in 2008 and won Rs. 1 Lakh in price money.   She is always favored to perform in most Television Award ceremonies such as ITA, Boroplus, Gold, Veerta, CINTAA etc.  as well as special events such as Mother's day, National Festival days to name a few. 

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Happy birthday to our darling moun.. We luv you so much.. And" moo meri hain "as jiyana says it. We are family and are blessed to have each other. You will always be my first born but who has now grown up and is handling her own battles.. So proud of babydoll..wishing you loads of happiness, success and peace ahead! Lots of luv and hugs!  
- Jiyana, Amit and Ruby Tandon

Till now, Mouni has played VARIOUS roles in different shows. Here's a small insight about some of her most famous shows :

Mouni began her acting career on TV in the big leagues. Her first role was as Krishna Tulsi (KT) in the extremely popular show
Kyunki Saas bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi. Her getting the role was an accident in itself, as she auditioned as a lark, on a boring 
Sunday evening, when there was nothing to do in the hostel.  

The role of KT was a prominent one, taking the Virani family forward. KT was a bubbly, simple girl, who had her values in 
place and was a go-getter. A real character. Mouni went through some trouble fitting into the culture of the set of a 
daily serial, unaccustomed as she was to the long hours of waiting, and being before a camera, but she was soon the crowd favorite.
Her chemistry with co-actor Pulkit Samrat was much appreciated, but the character of KT went through the usual 
convoluted troubles of women on TV, including sexual assault and an unhappy marriage to someone else. 
She was in the show until its end in 2008.


Mouni Roy , our winsome Bengali Beauty has a difficult task of portraying an incredibly complex character  as well as one who is literal other half of  a mythical and supremely powerful God. Sati is a character replete with so many  nuances and subtleties, the trails of doing justice to her cannot be underestimated. Yet, Mouni makes it look almost easy . Mouni has the unenviable task of playing both the antithesis and perfect complement to Mahadev.

Mouni showed her mettle has a talented and versatile actress.
this lovable lady breathed life into the woman who made shiv, the most powerful of all gods, fall in love. Sati is the original feminist, a dutiful daughter but still brave enough to rebel for love. a woman who can stand up to anyone , even her soulmate if needed, accomplished in every possible mortal way but still "unrealised" as to her own potential and almost unaware of her own power and true origin.


Mouni's recent role as Meera Singh in Junoon - Aisi Nafrat toh Kaisa Ishq opposite lead actor Aditya Redij was completely different from her last role as Sati in Devo ke Dev Mahadev.  In Mouni's own words, she described Meera as a dabang character who is a total contrast to her own mellow personality.  Meera is a city bred, educated, independent young lady with a go-getter type of attitude who does not let any obstacles or challenges stop her from pursuing her dream of re-uniting her terminally ill mother with her long separated father of many years.  In that journey, Meera travels to a far away village called Baragaon where she believes her father, Daata Thakur still lives.  She encounters villainous characters in the village who are bent upon molesting, maiming or even murdering her to prevent her from meeting Dataa Thakur.  In spite of all these obstacles, Meera ends up successfully worming her way into her father's household.  Meera is constantly at odds with her father's ward, Prithvi,  an orphan and a son of the soil type of rugged, rustic individual who was brought up by Daata Thakur since childhood. Prithvi's main intent is to protect his Daata and will go to any lengths to preserve his caregiver's interests.  Prithvi is given the responsibility of ensuring Meera's safety until her return back to the city, which is totally against Meera's wishes. This story is about how these two individuals at odds against each other find a deep and fulfilling  love that would eventually test every relationship that they hold dear and brings them closer in spite of their initial intense dislike of each other. 


Mouni has done an excellent job portraying this character of Meera in all it's nuances.  Her on-screen chemistry with both of Aditya Redij's dual roles in the show burnt up TV screens and left many fans wishing for more of their scorching romance before the show ended abruptly after completion of a little more than 200 episodes.  Fans of Mouni Roy and Aditya Redij continue to keep their dream story alive by creating fan fictions of these two favorite characters on the show's forum and are waiting patiently for Mouni's return to another daily show shortly.

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Mouni Roy is a package of multi-talent. From acting to art to singing to dance. She's good at EVERYTHING... =)


The Hallmark of a good actor is when you don't see the actor but the character in the role. When you add great beauty, eyes that speak volumes, and an enviable chemistry with co-actors, success is assured.

Mouni started her acting career as Krishna-Tulsi in the popular drama, Kyunki Saas bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi in 2006. She is best known for her portrayal of Sati in Devon ke Dev Mahadev, where she brought alive the pampered princess who falls in love with the Vairagi Shiva, and marries him in the teeth of parental opposition. Her depiction of falling in love, her confusion and sorrow at her family's opposition, her fight to be able to marry the man she loves, her despairing surrender to her father's wishes, and finally her recognition of her true self as Adi-Shakti and her death were all so well done, it is unsurprising that it is as Sati that she is most beloved, with fan clubs devoted to her portrayal and an immense fan following dating from then, despite her portion of the show running only six months. Her previous role was Meera, the heroine, in Junoon, Aisi Nafrat to Kaisa Ishq, where her courageous handling of the convoluted vicissitudes the story puts her through is much appreciated.

Mouni has also done cameo roles in shows such as Shivani, Shhh..Phir koi hai and Do Saheliyan.

She has also acted in a Punjabi movie, Hero Hitler in Love.


While acting is the first skill on her resume, Mouni's first and enduring love is dance. She is a classically trained in Kathak but is skilled in many other forms of dance, and is always looking to more forms to her repertoire with Ballet as her latest attempt. She won the Best Dancer of the Series on Zara Nachke Dikha. Almost every award show or function on TV has Mouni dancing, Some standout performances include Just Dance, Big Star Entertainment Awards, the recent Boroplus Gold Awards and too many more to list! No description of Mouni's dance skills will be complete without a mention of many fans' favorite, including mine: Sati's dance in DKDM. That dance, in which she danced to express her love for Shiva, and compelled the supreme yogi to join her in a divine pas dedeux, epitomizes her grace and mastery.


It is said that good dancers need to be good choreographers too, and Mouni has proven this many times over, choreographing sequences in both DKDM and Junoon. The famous Sati - Shiva dance was choreographed by her, as was the Ardhanareeshwar dance during the Sati phase. Mohit has credited her with helping him, a person with NO classical dance training, do a very credible job. In Junoon too, she has choreographed and performed a couple of very different dance sequences, one a ballroom dance and another, a mujra, both of which showcased her considerable talent very well.


Every description of Mouni mentions her glamorous looks and sense of style. Quite rightly, she's known as a style icon and fashionista. She said in recent interview that Style to her is originality and Fashion experimenting. You can see her sense of style has evolved over the years. Her favorite designers are Rohit Verma and Gucci. She rocks Indian looks as well, showcasing  Neerushaa's Womaniyaa line of clothing in DKDM and Junoon. Her sensuous look in saris could make anyone weak in the knees and she must be credited with inspiring some young women to try out an item of clothing that is reputed to be hard to wear!

Mouni is also known for her love of designer accessories: shoes, purses and sunglasses - her instagram feed is envy inducing!

With a clear idea of what suits her, she also designs clothes - two noteworthy looks being the red ghagra she wore to Arjun Bijlani's Sangeet and the gold ghagra at Sohanna Sinha's Eid party.


Not content with the many hats she wears, Mouni has also done a few other things. She is a good singer, though she gave up formal training. She was a contestant in Say Shava Shava and is known to sing at private parties. Anchoring shows is another of her talents. Popularly associated with Zoom Tellytalk, she has also anchored shows like Humsafar and Comedy Circus 3 ka Tadka. 

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messages from fans

From Ria ( chand1234 )

Hieee Mouni...a very very very happy birthday to you! Best of luck for ur future...we all LOVEEE u a lot! I really hope u like this thread... we've put our heart n soul at it.. 

You are the BEST-EST actor ever to me..! =) You ROCK..u n Mohit r superbly awesome...love u two! u guys rock rock rock! Ur smile is one of the sweetest thing in the world...n ur acting is too good..luv u loads...ur best performance till date is undoubtedly SATI..my most fav character..! u were AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING! Meera is a lovellyyy character too! 

The dance diva u r! Ur dance is mindblowwinngg! Really, how do u dance so well? *__* Gods! <3 <3 <3 <3 n u are a fabbb fashion-designer..awww!!! 

I hope you have a bday party today..will be waiting fr the pics.! ^__^  It's my dream dream dream dream dream to meet u! Really hope it comes true someday! All your fans - Saumya , Foram , Rutu , Aishu , Ratna , Tannu , I - we ALL love you to the core! All day long , our topic of discussion is - you and Mohit!LOL

Loveee you forever! Take care! =)

From Saumya ( coolfizzy )

MOUNI!! Happy Happy Birthday!!I LOVE u!!n it was love at first sight u stole my heart as Sati...each an every expression of urs has captured my mind and heart...ur smile...ur laughter...ur tears...everything!!ever since I saw u as sati...my love for u continues to grow more n more n more n even more! Be it sati or meera...u hv never ever let me down! After reading every intv. Of urs...watching every video of urs...it feels as I've come even more closer to u! its not just ur phenomenal acting n obvious good luks that made me ur ardent fan! But its ur personality! Ur style! Ur dedication! Bcause of which we LOVE u and today v r making this thread for u...to express our love and gratitude to u! Happiest Happiest Birthday once again!! u are, were and will remain my favourite!!

From Foram ( foram. )

Mouni...! U r rocking rocking rocking!!! Have a mindblowing bday n enjoyyy!!! Really luvd u as sati / meera n each n evry role of urs...waiting fr u to cme back on screen...luv u..happy bdayHeart


My Dearest Mouni,


Happy Birthday..Gorgeous..!! Uff where do I start .what do I say..Kehene ko bohot hai but feels like Nothing when it comes to writing it down. Im not a great magician with words, but I write what I feel deep inside my heart & always say what I feel, so please take time & go through these few words from my side.

I think by now you know I TRULY Love you...Infact I want you to know all of us here in this Mohit Mouni fanclub thread in India-forums,  adore you to the power of infinity.


 Yeah it may look childish & absurd to some ppl, & mind you we are all busy students, professionals, housewives & mothers & sisters & daughters & what not..but we all believe in one thing called expressing what we adore the most & its YOU & along with you..if I may take the liberty of saying your other half Mohit Raina..!! It is a selfless LOVE to both YOU & Mohit & that's why it is PURE I say..we don't expect anything from you..Just that you be together & you be the happiest & that makes us happy..!


On this joyous day of your Birthday we wish you everything happiest that you wish for & pray that, God keeps all the Negatives away from you, your beloved & your Family forever & You be happy Smiling..healthy..& Gorgeous & Stunning & sweet & down to earth & simple as Ever..!!


A special mention here to your beloved Dad..who is watching you in a world up above the sky..!! I know you will cry for him all your life..& nothing can lessen that grief..But I pray that you remember all his fond memories of your previous birthdays with him..& remember that he is next to you watching you..guarding you in every single step or breath that you take..GOD BLESS..& LOVE YOU..unendingly..forever..!!

Im sure u will get best gifts from every special friends that you are surrounded with..wish I could also meet you & present you...Hope I get that opportunity in my life..Would love to give you a marriage gift..hoping that you will invite me for sure..!!


Your Crazily...& insanely loving,


HemaKini  (aka TOTAL_ROMANTIC My user ID here in India -forums..!! )

From Tannu ( sushitaindia )

Happy wala Bday .Mouni Hug
u r the one of the finest actress n dancer in television industry! ..m fan of urs coz of ur amazing acting as Sati in Mahadev! ...u were awesome in that role! 
u r gorgeous n have beautiful mind n heart! .loved ur friendly nature!
hope u get many more success n achievements in future too!  
May God bless n showers his blessing on u!
thank u fr entertaining us! Hope u do in future!
all the very BEST! 

From sukhi..

Happy birthday Mouni...luv u loads...god bless...tc

From Rutu ( ritzs200 )

On this special day, may you have:
All the joy, your heart can hold;
All the smiles, a day can bring;
And all the blessings, a life can unfold.
May God bestow you with His bounties and blessings!
Happy Birthday!
n again happy birthday my princess luv u lots  PartyParty

From Ratna ( --Ratna -- )

angel line

From liza ( liza81 )

Happy Birthday Mouni Big smile
god bless u Heart
loved u as Miu Embarrassed 
your and Aditya chemistry is just superb Day Dreaming 
smile always Big smile

From Rayan ( MrToolConfuser )

MouniG, a Very Very Happy Happy Birthday to you.

May God bless you with infinite Prosperity, Happiness and Success. 

May the Lucky stars be on Your side in time of need. 

May all the wishes of you that were incomplete, be complete Today, by God's grace. 

May this Day be the Most Happiest Day of your Life that You ever had wished for. 

Once again... A very happy happy Birth Day to You.

From Aishu ( aisumalvika )

May your dreams fly high..
May you reach new heights in your life!
May your life be filled with happiness,Goodluck and loads of smiles...Big smile
Hope all your wishes come true...Smile
and this birthday turns out to be as amazing as you..!!
Have an amazing birthday dear...

From Mallu

Have a fantastic day, filled with everything you love most. Wishing your birthday brings you as much joy & happiness as you give to those who know you!Smile

Some people in our lives radiate love and shine like the stars, bringing joy and happiness to those around them. You are that wonderful person. Never stop being you and follow your heart. Have a wonderful birthday, girl, you deserve it.

The perfect recipe for your year ahead should be 20 percent love mixed with 30 percent luck. Add on top 20 percent courage and garnish it with 30 percent health. Say cheers to life and have a 

Wishing my friend a beautiful day 
Hopes and dreams I'm sending your way 
May all be good and all come true 
On this very special day for you!

You are such a special friend, 
Who deserves a special day, 
For being who you are and 
Bringing joy in every way. 
You make me smile and laugh, 
with everything you do, 
So today I get to send 
A special Birthday wish to you! Embarrassed

May you enjoy a day of doing 
The special things you like to do, 
Because today is your bday 
And it's all about only you! Smile

Hug Happy Birthday Mouni!!Hug

Have an awesome one! 

Cut Creamy Cakes 


Manahil aka Mallu  

From raj ( rajshrip )

Mouni, a beautiful and talented princessClap. Happy birthday and many happy returns of the day. HugWe loved you as sati in DKDM, krishnatulsie in KSBKBT, meera in junoon.

You are a wonderful actress, dancer, painter and a lovely person. ClapClapWe want to see you again in other serial. wish all the happiness and hope all your dreams come true.HugHugParty

Festive Bright Bouquet

From SilverFairy

Happy Birthday Mouni Roy. Loved You As Goddess Sati. (: Embarrassed

From hopeenlight

Dear Mouni,


You will forever live within my memory as Princess, Goddess and Devi Sati.  I thank you for bringing this magnificent feminine power to my attention when I needed it the most in my life.  Your portrayal of Adishakti is indelible in my brain and you have found yourself another fangirl for life in me.  For me, this is the first time I've ever admired a cine persona with such adulation.  You are about the age of my nieces for whom I am a godmother and I never imagined that I would ever become a fangirl at this time in my life.  Kudos to you for your acting, dancing and musical talents. You have all the attributes that I admire and wish for a young woman to emulate.  Wishing you a birthday that will be as special as you are and may this year bring with it all the success and fulfillment that your heart desires..


Lots of love, hugs and many heartfelt blessings for a wonderful future!

From another fangirl,

Asha (@hopeenlight)


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messages from fans

From @aakanksharanjan ( Twitter )

The Day has FINALLLYYY ARRIVED!!Eeekkksss!!! ok! First of all...Happiest happiest Birthday to u Mouni!! I am more excited for your birthday than I was on my own birthday!! Believe me! I've neverrr ever been so so so so CRAZZZYYY for an actress!! I spend half of my day talking with Ria, Foram, hema di n many many other people about you [and Mohit] ...For me...now...u r not just a celeb or an actress! You are a part of my life! Our day is incomplete without sharing our craziness for you...what Juliet is to romeo...u are for us! I have sooo many things to tell u but the thought, that you'll be reading this is making me feel so so THAT! I dunno what! I bcame ur fan that very moment when the camera focused on ur smile! Nd dat dialogue "Didi dekho mujhe kya mila". And when Sati died...I guess I cried even more than mahadev! Seriously! You noe ur SMILE!! *sigh* is the most beautiful smile!! esp. the scene where Mahadev tries to manaofy u, he bcumes the sage n transforms nandi into an apsar...My god! I repeated that scene like 20-30 times! Be it Sati of DKDM or Meera of Junoon...time n again you've made me feel proud of the fact that I am YOUR fan! I cry when u cry...I laugh when u laugh...such is ur talent! Do I need to say anything bout ur Dance! Sorry but I cant! I don't have enough words! Everytime we see you onscreen...our heart skips a beat! U r a gorgeous person! Both in and out! Though I've never met u but I know this...the way you speak...the way you laugh...your eyes...everything reflects sumthing special about your personality! Hope u'll like the Birthday Thread we've made for you! We've literally put our hearts n souls into it! Hope this wl make u feel special! Cause you are really very special to us! Hope u liked the gifts...n the love attached to them! Hope that this will be one of your most memorable n special birthday U were, are n will remain our fav forever after!!Hope we'll get to c u on screen super doper trooper frooper soon! We all LOVE YOU very very very much! N will be there for you, NO MATTER WHAT! I love you! We all love you! N we'll keep loving you!! Super doooper trooper frooper happy birthday once again! Live it up and drink it down! With loads n loads n loads of love and good wishes, Aakanksha Ranjan [@aakanksharanjan]

From @maith_i (Twitter )

Dear Mouni,

Here's wishing you a very Happy Birthday! May the year ahead be filled with all manner of personal and professional happinesses.
My blessings and best wishes as always!


Maith Iyengar
@maith_i on twitter

From @Mohit_FC ( Twitter )

Hi mouni. You breathed life into sati &u breathed life into all women who believe in themselves. Happy birthday.
May god bless with you all that you want .

From @mouniroy_fc ( Twitter )

It's ur bday!!! woohooo!!! HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BDAY mouni!!! hope u get all tht u want to! we all luv u ...muahh

From @yashigangwar ( Twitter )

And finally the most awaited moment came!! Its Mouni's Birthday!! On this occasion i have a special message for her.
I am glad you were born..because you have brighten my life and filled it with joy!! Wishing you a Very Very Very Happy Birthday!! Wishing you all the pleasures and happiness of the world! Birthdays are filled with yesterday memories,Today's joy and tomorrow dreams!! Wish you miles of smiles in the coming years!! 

Now here's a short attempt by me..

Smiles and laughter,Joy and cheer
New happiness that stays throughout the year
Hope your birthday brings all these and more
Filling life with surprise and joys galore!!
Happy Birthday from My heart
Cause that's where all great wishes start!! 
Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day Mouni!!!!!

From Suman Gurudatt

Dearest Mouni,
First of all, I love you. Loads. :-)
 You are one of the people responsible for making me fall for Shiv-Shakti's love saga. You brought Sati to life. That arrogance yet that caring love which is clearly Sati's character was perfectly portrayed by you. But, I am one of your ardent fans right from Krishna Tulsi times (she was one more character you bought to life)
Sati was a huge influence in my life, and I mean this. And the credit goes to you. If not for your strikingly spotless portrayal of her, I'd never have fallen for her.  Meera is yet another subtle-yet-strong character. I have tons more to say...but I'll just end it by saying, keep smiling and stay blessed. You truly fortunate  are to have found this rare gift of incredible acting and dancing skills. God Bless. :-)

Sending loads of love from Bangalore,

From Sadhana

From Anu Radha

Advanced Happy birthday to you dearest Mouni Roy.I am praying God to bless you with all happiness and fortunes which ever you deserves.

From Archana Gupta

Dear mouni,
A very very very happy B'day to d queen who is ruling my heart after the superb portrayal of sati. You looks beautiful there is no doubt but u have a beautiful heart too which I came to know after reading ur interviews, tweets which I liked d most and now u lives in my heart forever..love u mouni..may god bless u all the love n success in your life..
Your one of d biggest fan,

From Aparna Thiyam

From Vinita Mittal

Wish you a very happy birthday mouni roy... ;-):-) may you have lots of success and happiness in your life...

This is my wish for u:
Smile:-) when sadness intrudes,
Comfort on difficult days,
Laughter:-D to kiss your lips:-)
Rainbows to follow the clouds,
Hugs when spirits sag,
Friendships to brighten your being,
Beauty for your eyes to see
Confidence for when you dought,
Faith so that you can beleive,
Patience to accept the truth, 
And LOVE to know yourself
  Wherever you go
        Whatever you do,
   May Happiness and Blessings follow you
  Happy birthday mouni. .. 
                        From Mansi

From Ram Kris

"May this birthday be a new Begining for you, May the Lord guide you in every pathway you choose & fulfill all your wishes & I wish Health, Peace & Happiness for you & Always remember that you are loved beyond measure. Wish you a very Happy Birthday Mouni!"

From @Pushpa_patil ( Twitter )

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a wonderful person!!!!!!. May GOD bless you with EVERYTHING that you ever wished for in life. I really love the work you do and will always be your fan...you are the best indeed...!! Hope every moment of this special day is filled with joy and happiness for you. Keep smiling:-):-) With loads of luv n best wishes!!!

From @akg_ebnj ( Twitter )

Dear Mouni,
Wishing you the very best on your birthday! You are one of the loveliest actresses on Indian TV these day. Being new to following any celebrity, I am so glad that I've gotten to know you a little bit. I love that you're so down to earth, interacting with all your fans in Twitter. You are an example to follow for all the young girls that are fans of yours. Always stay your cute lovely self.
Lots of love and success for the future...Anju @akg_ebnj

From Manavi Jain

Hii Mouni

Many thanks to Dkdm for introducing us to an amazingly wonderful personality. You looked fabulous as Sati. It showed how incredibly beautiful & talented actress you are! You made us feel the emotions of the character. I couldn't take my eyes off Sati. Thank you for accepting the role & carrying it off very gracefully.

Besides professionally, personally you are my favourite celebrity from Indian TV. Watching you dance is a pure delight. I aspire to have atleast half of your artistic talents-dancing, painting, etc..

What made me your fan is the fact that you are unique, intelligent, intellectual, artistic & superbly creative. Plus we share common interests wrt watching American shows & Jane Austen's works. Your personality & demeanour exude creativity, elegance & spark.

On this special day I would like to wish you all the happiness & joy throughout the years. May God bestow his love & blessings upon you. Wish you succeed in all ventures of life. You are truly blessed with looks, talents & personality. Wish to see you dancing & acting more!! Wish to meet you some day & get acquainted with the most beautiful & talented woman from Indian Television who is adored by so many. May you have a great year ahead

Happy Birthday 
Lots of love & good wishes
Manavi (Delhi)

From Seeta Veeraghanta

Dear Mouni

A very happy birthday to a very talented and inspiring artist.
May you always shine and succeed in all that you seek and do.
You have brought so much joy and happiness to so many of us.
May you also have all the joy and happiness in your life.
Here is to many many many more happy occasions in your life Mouni..
Have a wonderful year and a wonderful life.

With blessings and the best best of wishes

From Bistiee

Dear Mouni Di 
My name is Bristy , My name is Bristy moni in Twitter and Real name is Bristy Adhikery ,I m from Bangladesh , A bangali 
Many Many Happy returns of the Day , I always Pray to God That Thus He will give u All happiness and May God Bless u alway and U r gift is a lot of Love ,
I m missing u so Much , waiting for ur upcoming show , When will be back ,I m missing u so much , and I really Love u as Meera , Meera and Prithvi actually both was nice ,My dream is to see u again with Aditya redi ,Any way ,I pray and good Wishes is always With u hope u will be back Soon ,Love u so much did  .i have edit this Pic for u specially for Ur birthday , OK didi Love u so much

From Rutuja

hey Mouni wish u many many happy returns of the day :))
I am big big fan of u and Mohit.. this is fr u...

From Itidal

Happy birthday our lovely queen Mouni Roy.
I am Itidal from Yemen. I am a fan of you after watching Junoon aisi nafrat toh kaisa ishq. You was wonderful as Meera. 
Wish you a happy and successful life. 
Lots of love.

From Athira

Finally am here 2 write a B'day message for you princess. Wat shud I write?? Was thinking this for the last 1 month. Oh yeah it's 26th September 2013 today. Yesday I dun went 2 sleep..was up at 12.00 a.m. U noe y??I thought it's 28th september yesday n it's ur b'day na??even wished u Happy B'day on  twtr n den deleted d twt...JJ nw am happy I hve sum more time 2 write a message for you.

            Princess I have neverever luvd sumone as much as I luv u...u are beautiful,gorgeous.elegant,stunning n above all a truly good hearted person. First of all on ur b'day am so much thankful to your parents for giving us such a wonderful princess. 

I hope u get what u always dreamed about. Always keep smiling bcoz I always want to see you happy and that will make me happy. JJ

            Here's wishing a HAPPYYY HAPPYYY BIRTHDAY to the most charming, attractive and rocking personality in the whole world...

I wish you love,courage, strength faith and wisdom...

May all your dreams desires n aspirations be fulfilled not only on dis day but in the many more years to come...

Have a great dayyy...

Have a million smiles todayyy...

Let your heart be filled with love...

                        Dance to your favorite music...

Someone like you deserves sooo muchhh princess...

The very best that life has to give...

So when I think of what I wish for you

I wish for your happiness...

No chocolates, cakes or roses...

Only lotzzz n lotzzz f luvvv..hugsss...kissesss n prayersss













With lotzz n lotzzz of luv



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chand1234 IF-Sizzlerz

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Creations b fans

From Ria ( chand1234 )


From Foram ( foram. )

From Ratna ( --Ratna-- )

From Liza ( liza81 )



From Kalyani ( kalyani_shiva )

From aisumalavika

From @yashigangwar ( Twitter )

From Radhikerani

From Mac ( LuvMishalRaheja )

From Upasna ( Twitter )


By Aishu ( aisumalavika )

By Rajesh 

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A BIG BIG BIG thanks to all the people who helped make this thread...without u guys, this thread would have been incomplete..thanks a TON!Hug A special thanks to Foram ( foram. ) , Saumya ( coolfizzy ) , Hema ( TOTAL-ROMANTIC ) , @mouniroy_fc ( From Twitter ) and Akanksha Ranjan ( From Twitter - @aakanksharanjan ) for their immense help! And also thanks to DrRubyTandon and family for giving a lovely birthday message for Mouni!Hug

All the avis used in the thread : Credit goes to the respectful makers. THANK YOU SO MUCH! =)

Welcome banner 1 : Bhavaani
Welcome banner 2 : Trouble.
Intro write-up : maith_i from Twitter

Divider : RadiantTreasure

Banners for post#2 : RadiantTreasure
Write-up for post#2 : hopeenlight

Banners for post#3 : chand1234
Write-up for Mouni as KT : @maith_i from Twitter
Write-up for Mouni as Sati : Shruti from Mohit_FC
Write-up for Mouni as Meera : hopeenlight

Banners for post#4 : chand1234
Write-up by : maith_i from Twitter

Thanks to everyone who sent in their messages / sigs / VM's for MouniHug 

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