Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Blast from the Past Thread #18!! Wedding Bells !! pg 132, ep 199

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Let me not to the marriage of true minds
Admit impediments. Love is not love
Which alters when it alteration finds,
Or bends with the remover to remove:

O no! It is an ever-fixed mark
That looks on tempests and is never shaken;

It is the star to every wandering bark,
Whose worth's unknown, although his height be taken.
Love's not Time's fool, though rosy lips and cheeks
Within his bending sickle's compass come:
Love alters not with his brief hours and weeks,
But bears it out even to the edge of doom.

If this be error and upon me proved,
I never writ, nor no man ever loved.

There has never been a night such as this.

A temple marriage resolved to solemnize
Angered and bewildered, the groom and bride
One with fire in eyes, the other with tears
A solution brought to confront all fears
Left all alone by the whole family
She wept and wept, clueless about a remedy
He drove all night, seeking out the enemy
Declared to the creep, 'she's my patni'
A wedding bed where no one slept
The groom went chaotic while the bride wept
A confession of love in the guise of hate
Will realisation dawn, before it's too late?


Thread eighteen of the blast from the past
Unbelievable we are galloping so fast
Excruciating pain in their hearts they carried
Welcome as Arnav and Khushi get married

Credits: The poem on top is Sonnet 16 by William Shakespeare,
supriya.arshi has made the thread #18 banner as well as the On the Edge of Doom Stood Hamesha collage, the opening lines and welcome poem come to you from DurgaS, chalhov has made the wedding invitation poster, the banner collage is created by ArshiHamesha, Katelyn has created the gif banner and also brings us music. The sindoor edit and the Blast notes are by indi52.

he held her hand and looked into her eyes. "marry me?" he said, his voice husky and gentle. his intent look seemed to plead with her to say, yes. she gazed back into his dark chocolate eyes, what was shining there? a promise? yes, a promise of love forever. her heart leapt up. she believed. believed in his love. oh, she would say yes. in the end, it wasn't really a question of whether a thing was true or false, it was whether you believed, whether you had vishwaas... "shadi karni hogi... mujhse" his voice was husky and cold, his eyes bore into her, "abhi." you have to marry me... now. "chay mahine ke liye..." for six months. he held her hand and looked away from her eyes. he dragged her up the temple steps without saying a word. and married her without her knowing why, without perhaps even her yes. but with sindoor, with mangalsutra, before god, before agni, while mantras chanted in the desolate night and swaying bells ululated. "for six months," he said. the howling winds cried, "forever."

was this the edge of doom, or the first step to hamesha.

Please scroll down for rules, index and more wedding news.

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10. No matter what, believe in love. Dotty as that might sound, it's absolutely a must... samjhe aap?

Broken Hearts

 by cinthiann1758

A joyous occasion has turned to one of terror and sadness. 

A threat has forced a young woman in love to be saddened and she will do anything, 


to save her family, especially her sister. 

Her heart filled with love, passion and caring has been shattered, broken into millions of pieces. 

Her shame is deep.


How will her family ever forgive her?  How will she ever forgive herself and HIM?

A devil has been revealed and he has destroyed everything like evil always does.  Sadly, our hero has fallen for this devil's devious tricks causing a misconstrued view of what he has seen on the terrace.

But our hero has taken the solution into his own hands! He has forced the woman to marry him.  He will protect his Di in every possible way, even if it means giving up on his own happiness by marrying a woman he now hates; the woman whom only moments ago he was running to share his love with her. 

His intentions were destroyed as he opened the terrace door and viewed a scene so heinous that changed the reason for his destiny.

His heart broken, shattered into millions of pieces seeing the woman he loves in the arms of another man and not just any other man but his brother-in- law, his jijuji.

How can this be?

His confrontation with his jijuji confirmed the relationship.  Shyam blatantly confirming his undying love for Khushi and his bold statement said that the only person in the way of their love was Rani Sahiba, his wife Anjali.

Broken heart put aside, he would like to hurt his brother-in-law but realizes his sister now carries her husband's child in her womb.  He must protect her in every possible way.

His psychiatrist's couch, his car, his chariot is the place that becomes his cocoon, his safe haven.  He races to a place far, far away to sieve through this unfathomable change of event.

Braking to a furious halt, rubber burning and screeching. He jumps out of his chariot and screams with every essence of his soul and being.

His broken heart feels the pain he once lived before with the death of his parents and now the "death" of his love has destroyed him as well.

ASR has been reborn angry, hate and fury.

But revenge is sweet.

And he will have his revenge on both of them.

His life no longer matters but his Di's does.

Oh, a wedding will take place,

 oh yes, they have been planning and it will happen beautifully


Hearts will be broken for sure.

Come and see

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon?




credit to uploaders


Warning: You are about to scroll down to the Drool Corner by BarunDiwani, even a cursory glance may cause severe palpitation, tachycardia, and other strange sensations. Do be careful and take normal precautions, such as what we have no idea of course. This is a registered, trademarked... well almost and certainly completely owned property of the Blast from the Past. Come, fall in dhak dhak.

Broken Heart

IPK banner credit Risha_ipkknd, wedding collage and edits by indi52, To Love To Hate collage by supriya.arshi, Rules poster by ArshiHamesha, no butterflies as Titaliya is so sad.

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- By Saloni

Blast from the Past #15

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Blast from the Past #19 !! chill out at 200 !! creations album

Devastated Souls...



Everything happens for a reason but sometimes I wish I knew what that reason was. Some moments need to be there to unfreeze all the moments of devastations among all but you have to face the torment to feel the tenderness . The moment gets frozen for Arnav Singh Raizada today the very same way or may be the worse as that night when a gunshot took his ability to hear or see clearly with his teary eyes.That day he lost his Mother ,his anchor ,his survival.Today he lost his Love ,his life , and the reason of his survival.That day he gathered himself for his sister and today he is shattered because of her.Mistrust and betrayal two strong emotions were looming then and now but blowing extreme danger with it at this time.


Life is a mirror ,two sides of a coin as what goes around ,comes around. Arnav and Shyam both have approached towards life  in a different ways yet both have committed some crimes ,some sins intentionally or unintentionally to pay for.The very same applies on Khushi and Anjali as both wanted to remain blind towards the evil and just saw the goodness .The Slithery snake who has emerged as Basilisk [kind a dragon] because of these two and their approach towards him but these two are pure souls who will be tested yet can't be defeated.Shyam is playing with fire without knowing that he is moving in between too.Shyam has reached to its limit from both ends ,from Khushi as well as from Arnav.He told Khushi how he followed her moves from Luknow till now and that opened the eyes of Khushi to see the real animal obsessed soul in him who has no respect for anyone.He told Arnav how his sister is the biggest hurdle. A murderer always leaves tracks behind leading to him.Shyam has indeed dig his own grave by making these two ,his biggest enemies especially Arnav.His survival is hidden only in one soul,Anjali  who is in dark from all of this heated fire which is going to consume two pure souls in this process of reincarnation but at the end SHE is the one who will pay the biggest price ever.

Khushi has to go through with the realization which his father told her.."har ek ko apne jaisa saaf dil ka samjhat hai..."[She think every heart is clean like her]...Se has to save Anjali as well as Arnav from this slime ball who just know how to destroy , But her words  "Aap Anjali ji ko chod kyun nehin dete".are going to haunt her as well as some one who is stamping em..."Chup gaya hai "...There is no doubt, He left no stone to make this pure soul wounded along with him by misunderstanding her.The day, his heart will finds its way  to her ,he will not leave any stone either to keep her inside his golden heart for forever though he couldn't throw her out in any state...


On Diwali night,Arnav Singh Raizada  garlanded Khushi with the immense  pain and today he is on the receiving end  yet he gave her deliberately and she is totally unaware of it today.Thet night Khushi cried with her parents ,with her Devimaiya under the stars and today he is  standing embracing all the devastation by all means.It's a pay back time.It seems her tears,her convulsion ,her devastation wasn't  gone unheard that night and all the divine forces are taking a revenge on her behalf. Devimaiya gifted Arnav with Khushi just like a north star in his embrace who always shows him way...though he took the way with rage and acrimony that night in Sheesh Mahal which became a reason of  broken marriage of Payal,Khushi's sister  and today Devi maiya is making him realize the fact which Khushi says that day.."agar aapki jiji ki shaadi toot jaye tou..."[If your sister's marriage breaks then...]...Today he is meeting with that pain ,his own sister's marriage is at the verge of breaking because of Khushi. But Devimaiya is not only Khushi's mother...she is Arnav's mother too and both of these are her favorite kids.She wants her favorite kids to join hands to vanquish this Basilisk together and that's why today DM is revealing the true face of him in front of these two.

Arnav is going to emerge as a savior,a restorer, a destroyer, and eradicator, a protector...a HORUS for not only for his sister but for his Khushi too.He is not only going to keep these two important people safe guarded but also those who are intact with them.This Fire within is going to reincarnate him and will make his golden heart glow with all the love of this universe .Fate seems cruel yet gold has to go through the Fire to be molded into a unique piece.He has to come out of this delusion that this is not always  true what you see or hear and that day his heart will finds its heartbeat miles away to rejuvenate his beliefs,..."ek atoot Vishwas.."


Arnav has to go trough this realization process to come and surrender to God..."mein Bhagwan peh yakeen nahin karta...mein apni kismet khud likhta hoon.."[I don't belive in God as I write my own destiny..]...but Khushi has to be with him to stamp that fact,"apne jo kuch bhi likha hai who Dm ne apka haat pakd keh likwaiya hai.."[whatever you did ,it's all DM's permission]... and Devi Maiya made sure of that...Though his hasty and impulsive decisions are making him stand where he is today yet he is not alone... and He will make sure Khushi will never leave him . Today Lavanya's words came true..."agar tumahai Zindagi mein pyar aa jaye...make sure tum use apni Zindagi se khabi jane mat dena.."[Make sure you never let your Love go from your life] He stepped towards his love to embrace it yet remained empty handed...but not completely as two devastated wounded  souls found their ways towards each always...Hamesha...

But this time It's a Hamesha of emptiness, a regret, a cindering rage of mistrust , disbelief,  deception ,and treachery which is binding them together in rage of extreme Love  but there is a time for that auspicious moment to emerge as ONE Devine Di's prayer is stamping this divine union along with whole universe ..."Inki Zindagi mein koi aisa aye jo inki zindagi keh dard ko Hamesha keh liye khatam kar de..."[May someone come in his life who diminishes all of his pain and agony ]...Indeed he will be free from all of this for forever..Hamesha 

A New Beginning...With a Curator and a protector for forever...


for six months," he said.the howling winds cried, "forever."

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Picture credit: supriya.arshi  

Some of our contributors have been regularly posting their work on the threads. Here is an index of their works.
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Some other links:
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* * *

Wiwy got into an editing mode, poetically

What if I had lost her

A dark to never shine

What if I had never known

I love her

She is mine

What if she had stopped breathing

It would have

In oblivion killed

The tiny little

 Heart in me

Forever forever stilled

* * *

with the IPK stars by the blasters
Some of our blasters have been lucky to interact with the IPK stars in different ways.
1. Ami managed to send a letter to Sarun  Embarrassed 
2. Katelyn has met Sanaya at the Artesia festival Big smile
3. Wiwy has had a phone conversation with Barun  Blushing
4. Indi wrote a note on behalf of Team Sobtians which Barun read, intently  Wink

* * *

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Warning: Music player is on!  There are 4 tracks: Temple Marriage, Arshi's entry as man/wife, Khushi's breakdown and family sad, and Rabba Ve  (sad ext version)
Music player by Katelyn

Holding onto love even in Pain

Katelyn made these catches for the last thread and wanted to know the viewpoints on these episodes. Some of the blasters made their comments
I can't take credit for the text because it was inspired by a song from one of my favorite vm! Embarrassed
I do feel the dhak dhak of ASR...menacing for sure!  Poor Khushi, she had no clue what made him change!  Her looking back at him may have trigger a spectrum of overwhelming emotions.  From these scenes, I get the feeling that the forced marriage was not planned.  This heartbroken man made the decision on impulse because he couldn't bear to let her go or be with someone else!
Indi and Blasters/Boasters, please share your thoughts on these scenes! 
in pink, katelyn,

no doubt about it. there were many ways of dealing with someone who you believe is a threat to your sister, marrying them is actually not one of them. the chaos of that moment when he saw shyam's arms around khushi and then khushi saying, why don't you leave anjali ji... it must have thrown him into a tail spin of extreme and terrifying velocity. when he could focus, all he wanted to do was have her near him. he thought it was to protect his sis...

our mind tries to rationalise our impulsive decisions all the time. he really couldn't bear the thought of her with anyone else, and he could not could not let her go.

but interestingly same with her i feel. yes she would do anything for her sister. but would she, who believed so deeply in the idea of marriage, marry anyone just to save her sis? would she marry shyam for instance? when she was being forced to get engaged to him, we saw her resistance... or nk, for that matter? or did she also somewhere feel a trust, a connection, and so let it happen.

of course, she would go to any length to make sure her sister's marriage didn't break again, but still...

Stunning gifs. Your bottom gif, I read a complex combination of pain and rage minus the hatred in ASR's face. He is charged with a determined vengeance as if trying to say, "how dare you? No not this time, I am not going to hurt alone. I suffer, you suffer, but suffer we will together". This is what I feel for the specific gifs regardless of the story of the episode.

Kat Hug Hug Hug Hug Hug

for these gifs...and the message is from looking at your message ...
As I watched these keenly and going to watch with courage when I will do the's painful...How can he let her way he came so far that there is no returning point...Hate ,Love has no meaning...SHE IS HIS NEED...HIS REASON OF SURVIVAL...REASON OF BREATHING..

Yes he decided to bind her for sake punishment as ppl  are seeing it but from my's the extreme side of love...If I am burning you will be with me...
AND SHE IS I was explaining this to sohara...She didn't say yes just because of her sister only..that is one reason just he is doing for his sister...
THEY ARE DOING IT FOR putting themselves at the stake of FATE TRUST is in its initial state but LOVE is in its extreme...BOTH can do anything for each other...If he would ask her to drink poison for example ...she would go for it...There is no doubt for it...and at the top she takes all the heat and never opens her mouth and that is not gone UNNOTICED by him with a BIG surprise either...DOES he need any proof of justice and innocence from her...No and that is why Later she did not need any Sorry from him ...That was totally unnecessary...There are certain things we understand through experience of life...That's all I have for you...through these gifs...

Kate, your gif made me speechless.
 You are awesome my dear.Clap
i absolutely agree with ArshiH,  it was such a painful moment between them. If his pain is abysmal, her pain is also tantamount.When I will watch the episode again, I don't know how will I describe their agony. But as ArshiH said, he just didn't marry her to save his di's marriage, he married her to make her of his own. you must remembered what he told to Shyam after the marriage, 
"khushi is my wife now, so don't dare to look at her."
Let's just see the whole thing from Khushi's POV. She was so sure of her Arnavji's attraction to her. But his sudden change of behavior confused her. She certainly couldn't get his acrimony. so if you keenly contemplate her look, you can see the query in her eyes, beside her pain. As Arnav was ready to do everything for his Di, Khushi also was ready to do anything for her jiji. so it was completely a melange of feelings of them. I don't know how can I justify Arnav's manhandling to Khushi. Yes his anger could conflagrate anything at that momen. Khushi's betrayal was unbearable for him. Neither i can blame him for the pain he caused to her nor i could bear Khushi's grief. she was innocent, completely unaware of Arnav's asperity to her.  I wsih if he would talk to her openly. May be his self respect coerced him not even talk to her. It was really was such a painful and complex phase of their lives.
My song, with english translation ,dedication to you Katelyn  its for you and your giffs but also for whom you made them

e chaand sa roshan chehara, zulfon ka rang sunehra
(This glowing face like the moon, the gliding locks)
ye jheel si neeli aankhein, koi raaz hai in mein gehra
(These eyes blue like a lake, Within them lies a deep secret)
tareef karun kya us ki, jisne tumhein banaya
(what praise can I offer to the one who created you)

ek cheez qayamat bhi hai logon se suna karte the
(There is such a thing as catastrophe , I used to hear from people)
tumhein dekh ke maine mana wo theek kaha karte the
(Upon seeing you, I admitted they used to speak the truth)
hai chal mein teri zalim kuchh aisi ada ka jadoo
(There is, in your mannerism, o merciless, the wizardy of such wrath)
sau baar sambhala dil ko per hoke raha bekabu
(I protected my heart a hundred times, but it was insitently irrepressible)
tareef karun kya uski jisne tumhein banaya
(What praise can I offer to the one who created you)

ye chaand sa roshan chehara, zulfon ka rang sunahra
(This glowing face like the moon, the gliding locks)
ye jheel si neeli aankhein, koi raaz hai in mein gehra
(These eyes blue like a lake, Within them lies a deep secret)
tareef karun kya us ki, jisne tumhein banaya
(what praise can I offer to the one who created you)

har subah kiran ki lali hai rang tere gaalon ka
(The rosiness of morning rays, is the colour of your cheeks)
har shaam ki chadar kali saya hai tere balon ka 
(The black veil in every evening is te shadow of your hair)
tu balkhati ek nadiya har mauj teri angdayi
(You are an ever flowing river, every wave is your yawn)
jo in maujon mein dooba usne hi duniya paayi
(The one who drowns in these waves, is the only one who attained joys of the world)
tareef karun kya uski jisne tumhein banaya
(What praise can I offer for the one who created you)

ye chaand sa roshan chehara, zulfon ka rang sunahra
(This glowing face like the moon, the gliding locks)
ye jheel si neeli aankhein, koi raaz hai in mein gehra
(These eyes blue like a lake, Within them lies a deep secret)
tareef karun kya us ki, jisne tumhein banaya
(what praise can I offer to the one who created you)

main khoj mein hoon manzil ki aur manzil paas hai mere
(I am in search of destination and the destination is close to me)
mukhde se hata do anchal ho jayein duur andhere
(Move the veil from your face, for the darkness to wither)
mana ki ye jalwe kar denge mujhe deewana
(I admit that your splendour shall drive me into a frenzy)
jee bhar ke zara main dekhun andaz tera mastana
(Let me appreciate to my heart's content, your intoxicating vanity)
tareef karun kya uski jisne tumhein banaya
(What praise can I offer to the one who created you)

ye chaand sa roshan chehara, zulfon ka rang sunahra
(This glowing face like the moon, the gliding locks)
ye jheel si neeli aankhein, koi raaz hai in mein gehra
(These eyes blue like a lake, Within them lies a deep secret)
tareef karun kya us ki, jisne tumhein banaya
(what praise can I offer to the one who created you)

tareef karun kya us ki, jisne yeh giffs banaya
(what praise can I offer to the one who created these giffsClap)
Kate, these gifs are awesome. When I started to write my thoughts about the scenes, somehow, it went on and on, couldn't stop, Here it is.
It was a long night. Arnav had finally come to terms with his feelings for Khushi. He was no longer fighting it, even ready to confess when he reached the terrace.
The sight on the terrace was a double blow for him. One was his brother-in-law, whom he revered with high respect, seeked his advice, listened to patiently to what he would say and most important of all, he would keep his sister happy. Now, this same man was telling another woman that he loved her and his wife meant nothing to him. The other was a girl who had taken over his thoughts, was all over his senses, with whom he felt complete, without whom he felt breathless, to whom he had something to confess. Now, he sees the same girl in the arms of another man and telling him to leave the wife, his sister. The sight of his love in another man's arms troubled him no less.
Arnav Singh Raizada felt that events are being repeated again. Years ago, his father too went on to cheat his wife, due to which she allegedly committed suicide. But this time, he wouldn't let that happen. He would disclose the true faces of the creepy man and the characterless girl to his sister and would see that she wouldn't harm herself. But, that was not to be. Anjali declares that she's pregnant, leaving Arnav with no other option but to set things right then and there, so that his sister's happy life is not maligned.
So he goes on to do what he thinks is the best solution. Remove the other woman from the scene. In this case, she was also his love. He knew she believed in marriage. He heard her telling Shyam too to leave his wife which meant she wasn't ready to be his mistress. So, to stop her from breaking up his sister's marriage and to keep her binded to him, he forcefully gets married to her. For he knew, this was a bond she wouldn't break up easily. And somewhere, even in the state of extreme hatred, he believed that she wouldn't disrespect this bond by teaming up with Shyam. And thus, he wouldn't have to see her again in that wily man's arms, a sight which became the most unbearable for him.
So, soon after, he seeks out Shyam and warns him to stay away from her, for now she was his wife, his PATNI.
But for Khushi there were only questions for which she got no answers. She agreed to marry because she didn't want to be again the reason for her sister's marriage breaking up. But more than that, she believed that Arnav had a strong reason behind his behaviour. Maybe somewhere on the way to the temple he would be out with that reason and there wouldn't be any marriage. But marry he did. And Khushi was left to face the questions of the family, the answers of which she herself didn't know. But, still she never disclosed Arnav's role in it and waited for him to reveal the reasons.
Would Arnav and Khushi get married if it was someone else in the other's place? Absolutely not. 
Hey KateHug
Sorry forgot to commentEmbarrassed

This was a briliant catch!Star Clap
Arshi in love
and Arshi in pain...but still in love...

Kyun dard hai itna
Tere ishq main...Cry

rabba ve ...rabba ve...
rabba ve...rabba ve...

Good job, Kate!


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Arnav was shattered when he saw Khushi and Shyam on the terrace had he waited  for few more minutes he would have realized  the whole truth but then that is how the CVs wanted to go forward with the story it broke Arnav's heart and all our hearts We mopped for months along with them HAPPY WITH THE TITBITS COMING OUR WAY
do pal ruka khwaabo.n ka kaaravaa.n The caravan of dreams stopped for a few moments,
aur phir chal diye tum kahaa.n ham kahaa.n and then where did you walk off, and where did I?
do pal kii thii yeh dilo.n kii daastaan This story of hearts lasted only a few moments,
aur phir chal diye tum kahaa.n ham kahaa.n... and then where did you go, and where did I?
tum the ki thii koii ujalii kiraN Was that actually you, or was it a ray of light?
tum the ya koii kalii muskaa'ii thii Was that actually you, or was it a smiling flowerbud?
tum the ya sapno.n ka tha saawan Was that you, or was it the rain of dreams?
tum the ya khushiyo.n kii ghaTaa chhaa'ii thii Was that you, or did a cloud of joy pass overhead?
tum the ki thaa koii phuul khila Was that you, or did a flower bloom?
tum the ya mila tha mujhe naya jahaa.n Was that you, or did I find a whole new world?
do pal ruka khwaabo.n ka kaaravaa.n The caravan stopped for a few moments,
aur phir chal diye tum kahaa.n ham kahaa.n and then where did you walk off, and where did I?
do pal kii thii yeh dilo.n kii daastaan This story of hearts lasted only a few moments,
aur phir chal diye tum kahaa.n ham kahaa.n... and then where did you go, and where did I?
tum the ya khushbuu hawaa'o.n me.n thii Was that you, or was it a scent on the breeze?
tum the ya saarii dishaa'o.n me.n the Was that you, or was there color bursting in all four directions?
tum the ya roshnii raaho.n me.n thii Was that you, or was it some light on the road?
tum the ya giit guu.nje fizaa'o.n me.n the Was that you, or was it a song echoing in the atmosphere?
tum the mile ya milii thii ma.nzile.n Did I find you, or did I find my destination?
tum the ki tha jaaduu bharaa koii samaa.n Was that you, or was it simply a moment touched by magic?
do pal ruka khwaabo.n ka kaaravaa.n The caravan of dreams stopped for a few moments,
aur phir chal diye tum kahaa.n ham kahaa.n and then where did you walk off, and where did I?
do pal kii thii yeh dilo.n kii daastaan This story of hearts lasted only a few moments,
aur phir chal diye tum kahaa.n ham kahaa.n... and then where did you go, and where did I?


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Arshidiehardfan IF-Dazzler

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Congo on the new thread *yippie*
Wow wonderful thread Smile Great efforts everyone *claps*
Getting my tissues ready for the upcoming heartbreak...

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supriya.arshi IF-Dazzler

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Episode 189

Thanks, Katelyn and Indi for all the links.

Credit for the videos: Respective uploaders

Please click here to see

Blaster's takes Episodes 186 - 190

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