OS Amarprem - Chapter 53 Part 2 page 2

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here's link to chapter 52
Chapter 53

                                                                                     ' No way i am going to Mumbai with a maid!' ...snarled krishna in anger... ...'we just can't refuse , krishna...' said sajjan , clicking his tongue... krishna looked away in frustration n his eyes fell on the tickets on the tea table... ...'why r u doing this to me bauji...? in normal flight? U know that I hate being around people...Where is our jet?...'  he asked irritated ...' chief minister rented it for one week ... I had told chandu to charter one but i think he forgot ... where's he gone, btw... not picking up calls either...' said sajjan, his tone concerned... krishna too wondered as he dearly needed chandu to be with him... to ease that constricted feeling in his chest... ... krishna groaned n climbed the stairs ... everybody is conspiring against him!!!... her ! ...n even all around him!!! 2 days...! he didn't want to see her ever , want nothing to do with that bitch n here ! ...she is going to be near him for 2 days!!!... his eyes met hers as he reached the landing ... hatred n anger n pain assaulted him... why r u feeling hurt? Didn't he knew that she was a bad egg?... she had already tried to frame him with rape !!! what she did now was nothing compared to that! ... trying to seduce him by offering herself to him n get herself near to him! that she could get back to his room n to the status of mistress ! if not wife!.. no! She will never succeed in it!... n anger at himself that he was feeling hurt by such a mere ...girl!... why is he bothered ?... that she is stooping so low ? ... n pain ! raw pain as his eyes took in her eyes... n her face... it looked exactly as he saw it in his dream! ...pained...tortured !...n accusing ! she was staring at him as if he was the cause of all the misery in her face... a new wave of anger rose inside him... how dare she? She is the one who came to his room, goaded him n finally offered herself , the thing that he wanted the most in the world now...her ... n was standing there looking at him as if she was being tortured ! women ! n their incomprehensible games!! u don't want her! Ever!... why r u lying to urself krishna? U want her! ... u r craving for her! ... n more than that u want her to smile ... get rid of that ridiculous creases of pain on her beautiful face... which u caused, ! he felt a jolt!...she is poison!... he glared at her , his eyes piercing her as he walked past her towards the corridor to his room...

                                                                              pratigya held his piercing gaze till he walked past her , her heart thundering in her throat... 2 days! She was to go with that devil for 2 days! Mumbai!!!!... just when she thought every hope to save her mother has vanished , now , she could see a faint silver lining... Mumbai! ... where her friends resided ... where her professors resided ... where she would be going along with her mother , if she ever managed to get out of the hell now surrounding her!... but for that she need to get those files ! ... n for that she need to get inside his room, know about his room... n for that she need to give up her body, her everything to him!!!...  but ... but... he had rejected her ! completely ! ... he didn't even want her to be anywhere near him!... she looked around frantically... the informer, whoever it is , would know by now what happened ... she had tried ... they must know that... they should not harm her mother, knowing that she tried ... in the most shameful way...! never in her wildest nightmare had she imagined that she,Pratigya... would be offering herself to a man...just like a mere slave... let alone as wife!!!... she closed her eyes as the mortification filled her ... n the pain ! ... she could feel it ! drilling into her chest ! ... now that her head seemed clearer the magnitude of kind of words she spoke to him , the horrible way she had laid out herself before him, all bombarded her mind...! Pratigya ! oh what have u become? ... from an upright , headstrong , dignified girl to a mere s**t!... No! Don't think about urself u selfish girl! ... think about ur mother! ... ur honor is the price for ur mother's life...her freedom ! ... she opened her eyes , tears flowing incessantly ...

                                        she climbed down the stairs , feeling like dead... bec now that treacherous part in her which secs ago felt bad at his rejection was feeling hopeful!... 2 days! ... he can't resist u , u know that! ... n u know that u can't resist him either...u can't stop him!... u don't want to stop him! ... not just bec u r helpless bec of ur mother ! but also bec u want to feel that addictive happiness again which u dreamed of in his arms ...! no! Don't think about it! ...pls... help me ... she didn't notice sajjan glaring at her all the while as she walked towards the kitchen corridor ... he continued to glare at her until her frame disappeared along the corridor... he grimaced in dislike n walked towards the garden...


                                                          Angad paced the hall of the estate , busy phoning somebody ... the other end answered ...'yes?'... it was a man , who was the right hand of the gold shark whom krishna killed in Mumbai bec of fake n treacherous deal... ...'hello, consider me as ur friend '...angad said curtly into the phone, his heart thundering in half fear n half excitement ... if his plan works krishna will be dead ...if it fails the man at the other end will be dead, but he should make sure that he , angad, remains out of harm...' krishna singh thakur, ever heard of this name?' ..he continued cautiously into the phone... the man, sawant, sat straight in his chair , his eyes narrowing ...'what do u want? Who r u?'  he asked sharply, a note of fear n confusion in his voice ...' as I said, consider me as a friend'... repeated angad ...'he killed our saab...' grunted sawant into the phone angrily...' i believe u r looking for an opportunity to avenge ur master's death ... well, I will inform u about one... he is coming again to Mumbai , to his apartment ...for another deal...2 days...his flight will reach there in about 2 hrs...  ...get ur revenge done ...n mine...' angad cut the phone, smiling slyly, throwing away the sim...


                                                                             'get up , u lazy bitch' ...snapped gayatri as she hit meera over her shoulder ... meera sat up , sleepily rubbing her eyes n stifling a yawn ...'why r u shouting?' she mumbled ... 'things r getting out of our hands ... that girl is an utter waste ...failure ... she ruined everything , but luck is with us ... krishna has to go to Mumbai for some deal n the girl should go too... this is her last chance... i want u to reveal urself to that girl n convince her that we r not playing hide n seek here...her mother's life is at stake !...' hissed gayatri at meera... meera stood up hastily ... 'what?...this soon?... how?' she stuttered , suddenly tensed ... 'I will tell u' smiled gayatri...


                                                                                'oh god! What happened ?' exclaimed sumitra as she saw pratigya stumbling towards her room , her face even more tortured n dead looking than last night ...she had hears krishna's voice coming from the hall, angry n irritated ...she wondered what must have happend... Pratigya didn't hear her ... she slumped to her cot , trembling in shuddering sobs as the 2 parts in her waged a war inside her ... the sane part in her was horrified at that insane part ... she felt a hand over her shoulders n she looked up through misty eyes ... it was that old lady ... sumitra gasped ... shocked ... the girl's face looked tortured n pained alright ! but it was her neck , the throat precisely which caused her eyes to widen in shock ... anybody could have mistaken the now sore , red skin over there as the sign of passionate love making but she thought she knew what it was ... it was sheer brutality ...that is if they rn't looking at the girl's face... bec the face n eyes of the girl told a completely different story... ... sumitra felt like choking as she realised that he son did it! ... how could he be so ...cruel ?  never had she felt disgusted at her son !

                                                       but...but... didn't he throw this girl out last night? How come the girl ended up with him? Did the girl go to him? ...didn't she come here as his wife purposefully ? ...didn't she willingly submit herself to all the ridicule n humiliation?...wasn't she ready to do anything for money ?...then why was she behaving as if she was being forced upon? if she is not willingly submitting to him? ... her confused eyes travelled down to pratigya's right elbow n her shock increased ... it looked red... she caressed it involuntarily n felt the girl shudder , suppressing a gasp of pain... sumitra looked up at pratigya's face ... the look of deep pain that she could see her disturbed her...! it looked like krishna had manhandled her ...again! ...may be he must have pushed her down on floor!!!... n humiliated her !!! ... bad or not , no girl deserves such brutal treatment !... how could her son such a maniac?  Whether the girl is willing  or not , she won't let her son treat a girl like this!!!... As far as chandu had told her , her son never abused any girl !... what's more disturbing is that how could her son hurt the very girl he loves?... but she knew the answer ! she had first hand experience of it years ago... ...

                                                         The words of gayatri echoed in sumitra's mind ...'its only a matter of time ... ur son is a devil right now... soon he will be an outright monster '... no! ... she won't let her son to an evil monster ! ... n he shouldn't behave as one ! sumitra ran a caring hand through pratigya's hair ...she remembered the way the girl had clung to her bosom n cried last night ... tears filled her eyes as she bent down n kissed on pratigya's forehead ... 'forgive me ... forgive me , beti...' she said trying to keep her voice from wavering ... but it broke , as she said the next line ...' I ... I apologize on his behalf ...forgive my son for his brutality ...' the words took time to penetrate Pratigya's pain addled brain ... but when they did penetrate , they struck like shreds of glass...  she felt like she was inside a fog ...'ur son?'... she managed to whisper ... but sumitra didn't hear it... she had already gone out of the room...


                                                                      Pratigya stood up, her eyes seeing nothing as her mind processed what she thought she heard the old woman say... he is her son!... her mind reeled back to what she had told her when she was brought here last time... that his mother was someone who tried to kill his father n ended up killing his father's best friend ...! n that he hated her! ... then why was the woman still in the haveli? ... pratigya took deep breaths , trying to calm herself down ...oh ! that explained so many things ! ...the old but beautiful, expensive looking saree she gave her that day! ...the ornamental sindoor box...! but...but... why was the woman living like a mere maid in the haveli...? ...she sat down weakly to her bed as reason caught up with her ... may be , when she got caught she would have been made a maid n forever fated to live like a slave ... ! she inhaled as she thought about the kind of life sumitra lives even now... a husband n a son who hates her n treats her  like filth !... but she had tried to killed her husband ...pratigya gasped as she remembered ... the woman also killed her mother in law!!!... Pratigya looked up confused ... but ...the woman seemed so kind... so good... so benevolent ... no! ... she couldn't have done all those things !... but she had told her as such, didn't she ?...

                                                     pratigya felt her tears dry up as her mind jumped to him ... swiftly...  she thought she was living in hell all this time bec of an evil, selfish father ...n him! ... he had a more horrible mother!... what kind of a childhood he must have had!... she lived in constant dread about her mother's life all these years n ...he lived all these years knowing that his mother is a murderer... !... Pratigya could feel her heart getting heavier ... he must have been through hell!... he must have cried like her all his childhood! ...he must have ... No! ... stop! ... stop thinking about him!!!!... pratigya fisted the sheets in her hands , grinding the sheets as anger n pain returned ... what's happening to her? She is trying to empathise with that devil? ... no! ... she shook her head to clear all images of him!... the lady ! ...she should be thinking about the woman!... the woman was so kind... no! she must have regretted her doings long ago... she must have realized her mistake ... ! the kind of punishment she has undergone was long enough n brutal enough to make her realize her mistakes ...yes! that must be it... ! there is no way that the woman is still evil!...she was too good to be evil!... pratigya shrunk to the bed, crying silently , her thoughts around sumitra n her mother...


                                                         'How r things getting along?' smiled shalendra into the phone... 'I will tell u how things r getting along!...' hissed gayatri into the phone...' what?' asked shailendra, confused ... 'ur daughter is utter waste ... ! not only she has managed to get herself out of his room , but also she has now made him so angry that he don't want to see her face ever again... n all this before he even touched her!... ! I have never seen such a dry meat in my entire life!...' thundered gayatri into the phone ...'that bitch! ... I guess she doesn't love her mother even one bit...!' shailendra said, angry ... 'give the phone to her, now!... I will right her addled brain!...' he continued , his face contorted in rage... 'no need ... i have given her 2 days time... keep her mother alive.'.. said gayatri curtly into the phone as she saw chandu's car entering the compound...


                                                                    Krishna came out of the bathroom , his eyes soft as he took in his room was back to normal ... a new tray of food lay over the bed ...he munched an apple , walking towards the window ... his mind filled with her image as he drew the curtains back ... she looked breathtaking as she stood in front of his window, bathed in morning light... some vision to wake up into , every morning ... every morning! ... or may be she could lay next to him every time he opens his eyes... or even better , she could fill his arms instead of those ridiculously fluffy pillows , every morning, her soft , delicious body caressing his intimately... he suppressed a groan at the thought...or she could kiss him to coax his eyes open n if he didn't wake up she could shake him with sweet admonishment...may be he will lay faking sleep so that he could get a kiss every morning ... that would be too good!...NO! ... what was he thinking ? krishna threw the stump away in anger... what's happening to him! KST ! ... pining for a stupid kiss from a mere ...her!!! ...since when did he want something to kiss him!!!! ...U r going insane ! ... he started dressing ...a new mirror was in place ... his fingers trembled in anger as he thought of the trip ahead... n the next 2 days...! ...

                                                             he dialled chandu's number again , feeling restless... 'I am coming ... 5 mins...' chandu answered  n cut the phone... krishna threw the phone over to the bed n watched it bounce ...his mind filled with the image of her , on his bed ... bouncing slightly as he had thrown her over it... he shut his eyes tightly n took a deep breath ... don't think about her! ...he has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with her!... he opened his eyes in frustration as he started to put on his blazer ... he looked up at the reflection as he heard the door opening n saw a maid entering ... he began to turn his attention to his image in the mirror , thinking that the woman had come to take the tray away , but stopped as he saw her pull up her hood... he stared at the reflection in shock n anger n hatred ... it was that woman!!!! How dare she ?... his mind reeled back in pain as he thought of the last time  that woman came to his room...he had thrown her out that day n had heard her cries to open the door long into the dawn ... he had thought he would go insane that time... ... he whipped around , his face hard in anger n pain...

                                                        sumitra walked forward , her face screwed up against the morning light n his angry stare ... suddenly she was feeling weak... his eyes were so much filled in hatred ... at her !... no! Nothing ,even her son's hateful eyes can stop her now!... it was time she stopped feeling weak in love! ...  it was time to be his mother again, after a long 21 years ...or else she would loose her son forever! ... krishna couldn't believe his eyes... that vile woman is standing inside his room , right in front of him... his eyes searched her face , feeling the pain multiply , clawing at his heart was after a long 10 years that he was seeing her up close ... the face he knew had changed drastically ... her face looked sunken ... her cheeks hollowed ... but her eyes ...her eyes shone brightly ...which now was filled with tears ... of longing ... n anger ... SLAP... sumitra slapped him hard across his left cheek... krishna , his face turned sideways at the force , started hard at his reflection , his shocked eyes slits as anger spilled from them...

                            hope u liked it Embarrassed  Part 2 coming soon

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Good move by Krishna's mother...waiting for the next part Dhans...Day Dreaming

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Great Update DhanyaTongue

I'm feeling so bad for P this girl is having to deal with all sorts of trauma, don't know how she will ever be able to forgive K, but I sure you have a plan.

As for the slap that Sumitra gave to K all have to say is thisClapClap, loved how the mother in her finally stood up to her child and let him know with the slap she didn't like what he was doing.  Waiting to read about the Mother-Son confrontation.

Update soon.

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mommy rocksssClap

superbbb updateStar

waining fr mumbai nww,,,m ready to boardsmiley emoticon collection

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wonderful update dhanya just loved it the way mom slapped son
hope krishna should now realise his mistakes

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nice update...
SLAPS inevitable to KST too...Confused Shocked  now...

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wow ,wow and wow di... Clapsumitra slap krishna... Day Dreaming i think chandu told abt pandit's death to krishna and he may cancelled his mumbai trip and angad's plan failed...or may pratigya saves krishna when attacker attacks him in mumbai...cant wait di waiting 4 part 2...Smile

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