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Devon ke Dev Mahadev
Devon ke Dev Mahadev

Devon Ke Dev Mahadev: 500 Episodes! Congratulations & Celebrations

-Araina- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 23 September 2013 at 3:30am | IP Logged
\|/ D e v o n  K e    D e v   
 M a h a d e v \|/


A Journey which began on 18th December 2011
Today, 25th September 2013, marks it's 500th Episode Anniversary

A half century, along with it brought, 
Many new faces, tracks, knowledge
To be watched upon by one and all. 

We loved, we hated, we disliked,
Above all, we watched Mahadev.

We all come together
To put our hands together,
And celebrate this success

Congratulations Mahadev for successfully completing  500 Episodes of this journey, embarked to bring its viewers a whole package. 


It all began with the journey of Sati (Mouni Roy) and Shiv (Mohit Raina) : A beautifully told love-story between a Lord and the daughter of Parajapati - Daksh. Along came many ups and downs, agreements and separations, love and pain: of not only the duo but many other stories told where the two played a hand in. Merely worlds will not be able to describe this. 


Then comes the loss of Sati and her end; the beginning of Parvati's (Sonarika followed by Pooja) life and Mahadev's loneliness. Until the time came when Parvati won his heart and managed to rid his loneliness. Thus began yet another beautiful story followed by Mahadev's acts, his avatars, life-lessons, the birth of Ganesh, Kartikeya, Ashok Sundari. The love of a mother, the love of a child for her mother, Ganesh's tiff with Mahadev.. It all leads to captivating viewers. 

We've seen forms of Adisakti, first appeared by Sati and then Parvati, Mahadev's different avatars and battles, Jalandhar, Andhak, Aghori, among the many. Stories of his devotees, Ravana being the greatest of them all. 

Once again, mere words are not enough to wrap it all around the story till now and appreciate the cast and crew for all their hard work. Detailed can be seen below by Srushti Big smile

Once again, 
Congratulations & Celebrations. 

All the Viewers of DKDM. 


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-Araina- IF-Stunnerz

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m e s s a g e s    f r o m     f a n s . .
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

 >> rajshrip << 

Congratulations and thank you to all members of DKDM team and actors/actresses for bringing such a wonderful show in our lives. The show has taught us so much about life, forgiveness, love, devotion and truth.
The hard work and dedication of all the actors/actresses of the show is commendable from working such long hours even in sickness, they have portrayed their roles perfectly.Clap
Mohit, Mouni, Sonarika and Pooja have acted excellently as mahadev and parvatiClap. All characters of the show have been well chosen, the music is mindblowing especially karpur gavurav and Shankar shiv bholeDay Dreaming. The special effects are wonderful. Clap
I am so addicted to the show that it is difficult to survive without DKDM on weekendsSmile.
I love how DKDM has been presented in such a way that we all can related to it in terms of following the truth, never giving up, respecting each other. The list is endless. All I wish is that DKDM continues for yearsClapClap and wish all the actors dreams come true.Clap

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

 >> kaatayani << 

18th December 2011... a journey.. a story.. a phenomena was in the making...!!!

the journey and the story of the most feared God of the Hindu Trinity... none other than Devon Ke Dev.. Mahadev..!!

Who thought that there is a soft side to this most strict and rigid Lord.. one who invokes fear by His mere presence..!!

But on 18th December, the very perception for Him changed.. the Most feared God became the Most Admired and Adorable God...

We the audience... did not remain mere spectators.. but we became the part of the saga of Mahadev.. 
We felt his Dilemma, His sorrow, His happiness, His mischief, His love, His compassion, His rage, His desolation..

Each day brought us closer to His life and philosophy..!! We got to Know Him better.. 

100, 200, 300, 400 and now 500...!!  the journey continues with vigour with each day a new learning experience..!!

Coming to the Show... the experience as viewer has been a roller coaster ride.. feeling the emotion of the characters...
this was possible only due to the brilliant team efforts.. 

In the successful and fulfiling journey of 500 episodes the credit goes to the technicians, the ppl involved in the special effects, costumes, writers, researchers and finally the actors who fructify the background work onscreen..!!

A hearty Congratulations to Team DKDM for completion of 500 episodes...Clap 

You have been the source of Changed lives.. Continue to be so in future too..!!Big smile

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
 >> Nikki_SAS-Holic<< 

1st of all i wanna wish DKDM a very very heartiest congratulations for completing GLORIOUS 500 epis...ClapClapClap... This show can be PROUD to be THE TRENDSETTER in tellywood coz this showed paved way for tellywood to c many mytho/historical shows coming back to tellywood in various channels..Big smileBig smileBig smile... But no show could beat DKDM-as it hv set milestones in various fields...Also DKDM is a PERFECT example of perfect combination of actors,story,sets,costume, direciton,produciton etc-a PERFECT BLEND of all vich resulted in makin this EPIC show n only coz of tht its RULING viewer's hearts frm the very 1st epi aired on 18th dec 2011 to the 500th epi shwn on 25th sep 2013 and it will continue to do so evn AFTER the last epi this show will hv in future...Star... This show hv givn tellywood one of the perfect actors tellywood has recently seen n thts Mohit Raina.. Makers ka jitna thank u bolu utna kam hai for choosing Mohit as Mahadev.. And Mohit with his SHEER BRILLIANCE in Acting and hardwork and dedication, he hv left a PERMANENT impression in ppl's minds as MAHADEV-The HOTTEST God ONSCREEN.. Ab toh Mahadev n Mohit Raina hv bcome synoym to each other for tellywood...Big smileBig smile...And am SO PROUD to be fanatic of such actor... Will alwz be grateful to this show for giving Mohit Raina... Not just tht DKDM hv alwz been SPOT ON when it comes to casting n they make sure to bring out the best in them like Mouni Roy as Sati, Puja Bose as Parvati,Rushiraj as Karthikeya,Saadhil as Ganesh,Kumar,Kumar Hegda as Nandi etc... Also my heartfelt congratulations to evry person behind the screens of this show esp Nikhil Sinha Sir, Utkarsh Naithani Sir, Anirudh Pathak Sir, Nitin Jai Shukla Sir,Sohanna Ma'm,Animesh Verma Sir,Abhishek Chouhan Sir etc... These ppl deserve a HUGE round of appreciation for bringin such a CULT show lik DKDM to our lives n continuing to give us awesome tracks back to back since 2011 vich hv made them reach this stage of 500 epis completion...ClapClapClap...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

 >> sushitaindia<< 

This is very very very SPL moment fr me ...DKDM is very close to my heart! this show has given me so much .i have learnt so many things n still learning! whenever i get upset i watches ..some of grt epis of this show! Sati era,Neekantha avtaar,jalandhar era n now Andhak n Aghori epis  r some of those eras which gave me so much pleasure..!
             Epis in which i laughed,cried n enjoyed ..i wanna thank channel LO ,Nitin sir,Nikhil sir Anirudh sir,abhishek sir n utkarsh sir n  so many ppl coz of them we r watching #Mahadev! 

Lastly n MOST impt ..MY MOST fav n awesome actor Mohit Raina ..i have got coz of this show .! An actor who has turned into as ICON fr every body now! ..i cant describe in words how much gives me pleasure to see Mohit as Mahadev or any other avtar in this show! 
             Thank u,thank u thank u so so much LO fr giving me Mohit as Mahadev n M so happy that m lil part of DKDM n Mohit as a viewer! 

I  wanna congratulate  DKDM  fr achieving such a deserving milestone n wish May u achieve more success n milestones .! This show truly deserve more than 1000 epi!    

all the BEST DKDM ...THE BEST show on TV!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

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Sia889 IF-Sizzlerz

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PartyPartyCongratulations Team DKDM for successfully completing a milestone of 500 episodes of divinity. DancingParty

Thank you for enlightening us on unknown stories of Shiva's life , entertaining us with some of  your own purana.LOL

ClapWinning the hearts and awards.Clap

StarBreaking the orthodox paradigms and TRP records for a mythological show in prime time, sustaining the same popularity as it was when it began.Star

Video Mix - 1

The tale of a soul in search of completeness- Finding the other part of her


Video Mix- 2

The soul at last finds its soul mate- Its now complete and rejoices in celebration of being complete.


Video Mix -3

Shiva- the one who is in each atom, each cell -each element of the universe. He is the ultimate truth.

In his Rudra form- saving the srishti, the prakriti- putting the srishiti above everything that may hinder its betterment.

He is the manifester of Vedas.


Thanks for watching the videos.


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-Srushti- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 September 2013 at 7:24am | IP Logged
Finally I reserve..But I may not dereserveTongue

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OtakuGirl-Debo IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 September 2013 at 10:39pm | IP Logged
S u r p r i s e   P o s t
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Welcome to all DKDMians. First congratulations to all of you for Devon Ke Dev...Mahadev completing 500 successful episode. Now you all must be thinking what is the surprise right?Wink...Well a month ago I just had an idea and so I discus with our Nikki and then asked Khushi and Minaxi for permission and with their permission I managed to get some of DKDM old & new cast member's for this celebration.Big smileBig smile..I asked then 3 question which are-

1.How is/was your Journey with DKDM? 
2.Your massage for for DKDM on completing 500 episode? 
3.Your Massage for IF's DKDM Forum members?

So here goes the massages from DKDM Casts

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

>>  Sohanna Sinha  <<

The most pleasant proud and satisfied journey as we achieved more then we thought.Just one special message let's complete 1000 episodes and celebrate together.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

>> Nitin Jai Shukla <<

 hey its a nice good wishes to you all..ill ans in breif, hope that's ok..
1)this show is the most life changing and career defining show in my life .
2)we still have a long way to go. 500 is a big milestone..enjoy.
3)your feedback is all read and valued, many times we have rectified our mistake because of your feedback and we have got many story ideas from your comments. so keep giving feedback and keep commenting.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

>> Jiten Lalwani <<

1. My Journey with DKDM is actually 'Divine' !!! 2. Wow ! Thank you Mahadev and all the Gods for blessing us to reach 500 mark. Please Keep showering your blessing like this so that we cross 1000 episodes also... Hats off to the Entire team of Mahadev !!! 3. Thank you Viewers !!! Thank you so much for liking our show and watching it regularly... And Special Thanks to India Forum Members who take out their time and discuss about the Show and I believe they come up with nice suggestions also... I think Producers and Channel people must read the comments of forum members to understand them better...Which obviously will be better for the show also...!!! Thank you once again to all the members !!! Keep it up !!! All The Best !!! God Bless !!!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

>> Shilpa Tulaskar <<

Hi, deboleena
yes the show is going to complete 500 episodes this september and it has been a wonderful journey ! on behalf of the whole team of dkdm, i would like to thank all the viewers for watching our show ...
thankyou so much for loving n supporting us ...Smile

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

>> Tarun Khanna <<

it has been a gr8 journey. Lord Shiv has blessed us all Thts y it reached this stage. Thnx to all th fans for supporting us. Love u all. Tarun khanna.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

>> Rishina Kandhari <<

I congratulate them on completing 500 epis n wish many more come . To c d success of a show which v started makes me feel real proud congratulations to d entier team of dkdm n to my fav producer nikhil sir.. Smile lots of love Smile Happy Heart

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

>> Raj Premi <<

Bahut acchi yatra rahi meri DKDM mein 1 saal ki yatra thi aur Avismarniya na bhulnewali. 2) aaj ke daur mein DKDM ke 500 ep. Pure hone ka yeh matlab hai ki acche cheezon ki pahchan abb bhi logo mein hai. Aur jis tezi se DKDM jaa raha hai yeh 1000 ep. Bhi pue kar lega Aur meri shubkamkayein hai iss serial ke saat 3) Keep watching DKDM. God bless you all.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

>> Tanya Sharma <<

Dkdm was like a challenge ! I had issues with lang earlier buh later I got the hang of it !and also My co_star rushi is really good
2- weelll I hopee dkdm completes 1000 episodes moreee Big smile the whole creww is amazinggg n the serial is a hitt Big smile soo yess ! It rocks

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

>> Rajeev Bhardwaj <<

Playin saptrishi Kashyap in DKDM hs been a v.enriching n excitin creative experience Smile

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

So this is what I got.Hope you all will love this.Once again,
Congratulation & Celebration


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-Araina- IF-Stunnerz

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Shiv-Shakti: mnx12
Main post write up: *Khushii*
VM + Siggy contest: sankalp_prapti
Writeup: -Srushti-
Crew Messages: deboleena.manna 


Forum members- an officially congratulations and celebrations for completing 500 Episodes! Hug 

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hemavidz IF-Dazzler

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wow celebration thread is up nice thread for D dayBig smile

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foram. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 25 September 2013 at 4:14am | IP Logged

want to congratulate one and all associated with dkdm may be onscreen or behind camera

really apprecaite all efforts made by all

will like to thank the makers for this great show on lord shiva
i loved om namah shivay but never thought that in future someone will again make a show on lord shiva...
thanks nikhil sinha and team for this
 and want to thank to bring Mahadev,Sati ,Parvati and all others alive in our Tv screens it feels that they all are real...
perfect casting

thanks for Mohit,Mouni , Sonarika, puja , kumarji, rushi sadhil and entire cast... thanks for making them an integral part of our life...

thanks to Mohit-mouni,Sona , puja and all for putting their soul in the role taht we felt that wat we are witnessing is in real and happened in front of us and not kalpas ago...

thanks to all and congratulation to one and all who are and who were part of this epic dkdm which has made a huge benchmark for mytho shows and had set a trand ...

congratulations to dkdm forum wasis who are part of this forum since day one who joint later and everyone may be even a silent reader

BTW nice thread just one mistake in first post dkdm started on 18

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