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Pieces Fall Into Place - Vina FF Updated Part 2 Pg 3

Vihaana Groupbie

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Posted: 22 September 2013 at 7:58am | IP Logged
Hi Guys Hug I am writing a FF on my one and only favorite couple ViNa Heart This is my first ever FF so please ignore my grammatical and spelling mistakes. 

Character Intro 

Vihaan Agarwal 

He is 24 year old boy who has an attitude, very rich, spoil brat, arrogant and business minded person. He runs his father's business with his brother. He won't mix his business deal with his personal life. He doesn't believe in love and flirt with any hot girls. For him love is useless thing. Girls are mad over him. He knows about how crazy girls are over his killer looks and his sexy smirk so he take advantage of it. He believe that girls don't have ambitions in their live. He love his family very much especially his brother.

Rachna Garg

She is 21 years old girl who is ambitious, caring, loving, innocent, funny, mature and sometimes childish too. She wanted to become a fashion designer. She doesn't believe in love. Her life starts and complete with her family only. She assume herself as strong hearted person and will never fall for anyone. Share a special bonding with her sister. 

Rajeev Agarwal 

He is 26 year old. Vihaan's elder brother but totally opposite him. Running his father's business along with his brother. He is an introvert person. He share a wonderful sibling bonding with his brother. Unlike his brother he believe in love and respect girls.

Gunjan Garg

She is 23 year old. Rachna's elder sister. An extrovert person. She always stand for her rights. She is a fun and loving person. Don't think much about her future. Not ambitious at all but will always encourage her Rachna to pursue her ambition. She loves partying and hate her father. 

Shayl Garg - She is loving, caring and supportive mother. She will not go against her husband's decision but smart enough to manipulate him. 

Dayal Garg - Strict, He believe that daughters should married early. He always want a son so he love his nephew, Mayank Garg more than his daughters.

Mayank Garg - Rachna and Gunjan's cousin brother. Caring and protective brother.

Chaya Singh - Racna's childhood and best friend. Happy go lucky person.

I have no ideas about the other characters in the FF. Will add them during story progress. The 1st part will be update by Monday or Tuesday. 

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MaayaRam Newbie

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Posted: 22 September 2013 at 8:07am | IP Logged
Wow.. It seems very interesting..  I am looking forward for the 1st update. 
prernagirl Groupbie

Joined: 02 August 2013
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Posted: 22 September 2013 at 8:29am | IP Logged
Thank you very much for writing FF.. Love to read especially if Vina FF. Please continue and don't leave it half way.. 
DramaKuween Senior Member

Joined: 10 July 2013
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Posted: 22 September 2013 at 11:11pm | IP Logged
Aww Vina and Gunjeev.. Please continue. I like you make mayank gunjan's brother here ROFL

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PariDsouza IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 September 2013 at 4:57am | IP Logged

Please continue

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Vihaana Groupbie

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Posted: 23 September 2013 at 5:03am | IP Logged

Pieces Fall Into Place - Part 1

In Garg Niwas, Mumbai.

"Its 6:45 wakeup" struck the alarm. A hand came out of the blanket to turn it of. Without wasting anytime she got out of the bed moved towards the cupboard and picked the first dress she saw and went to take shower immediately. Then she dressed herself with a light pink chuditar suit with her tied in high pony tail. She look herself in the mirror and says "Rachna Garg, all the best for your first day job". 

Rachna reached to dinning hall and see her mother arranging the table while her Seema and Sangeetha bring the foods from kitchen. 

Rachna: Good Morning everyone..
Shayl and Prabhu: Good Morning beta.
Prabhu: Avo beta. Nashta karlo, 
Rachna: Nahi chacha ji, hume bohat ther horahi hain, hum yeh sandwich or coffee me hi kaam chalalenge.
Mayank: Morning, Rachna chinta mat karo i will drop you at office. Tum aramse nashta karo. 
Rachna: Teek hai baiya
Shayl: Lo kaalo

Her whole family is there in dining hall except Gunjan and Dayal. She knows very well that Gunjan won't wake up at this time. She was worried about her father. She hesitantly asked shayl "Mummy, kya abhi bhi paapa humse.."

Suddenly, someone hugged Rachna from behind. She was surprised to see it was Gunjan. 

Rachna: Are Gunjan, Tum itne jaldi kaise ut gayi?
Gunjan: Are, meri pyari behan job ke liye jo jarahin hai, so here i am to wish you all the best. After all meri all the best ke bina tumara koi kaam nahi chaltha. Right? 
Rachna: Bas bas.. Anyway thank you so much.
Gunjan: Thank you se kaam nahi chalega, tum meri liye na ek badiya sa evening gown gift karlo tumari first month salary se woh mujhe apni birthday celebration pe pehna hai.
Rachna: Acha tum isiliye jaldi utgayi kyunki tumhe new dress chahiye. 
Gunjan: Kya farak partha hai Rachna. 
Rachna: Lekin Gunjan gown? Tumhe lakta hai paapa tumhe gown pehne thenge? Woh bhi tumare birthday par? 
Gunjan: Oh oh Rachna, subah subah kiska naam leliya?

Shayl interrupt the sister's communication. "Gunjan"... 

Gunjan: Alright mom..
Mayank: Rachna, we are getting late.
Rachna: Ji bhaiya

Rachna take Shayl's blessings, Shayl smiled and kissed Rachna's forehead. Gunjan also hugged Rachna and wished good luck. Rachna smiled though she was a little disappointed that she couldn't take her father's blessings at the same time she she also didn't want to disturb him so she sighed and took leave from her house with a hope to ace her job on every step.  

Gunjan: Mummy, woh aaj mujhe ghar aane mein ther hojayegi. 
Shayl: Why Gunjan, where are you going
Gunjan: Woh mummy mujhe aaj meri friend hai na Deepa uski birthday hai so i have to go. 
Shayl: Tumare paapa se kya kahegi?
Gunjan: Who cares? Mujhe sirf aapse matlab hain, Mujhe kisi aur se kuch nahi kehna hai. 
Shayl: Bas Bas.. Mo bandh rakho tumari. Kehatiya na jao.
Gunjan: Aww.. Thank you mom.. You are such a sweet heart.

Gunjan kissed in Shayl's cheek and leave happily. Shayl always wonder how both the girls are different from each other even though they have been brought up with the same tradition and values. Gunjan always been Shayl's sweetheart. She curse herself for not being able to convince Dayal for Gunjan's further studies and now she is brave enough to go against her father but totally lost interest in studies. She find her happiness in clubbing but she knows her limit very well. 

In Agarwal Mansion - Mumbai

"Hey sweet heart missing you too Maaya, but why you called me so early in the morning? He yawned and spoke irritatedly. "Of course dear i love you, we meet today night alright dear, bye". He put down the phone sighed a relief and shouted immediately Ramu... Ramu...!!! 

Ramu came running towards him and asked "Ji Sir". Rajeev come in and asked "Kya hua Vihaan itna chilla kyun rahiho? 

Vihaan: Kuch nahi bai, Ramu!!! Kitne bar kahon tumse ki meri utne se pehle mera coffee raka karo. Itni si baat nahi hota tumse? 
Ramu: Woh sir, aap tandi coffee nahi peete hain na..
Vihaan: Ha toh?
Ramu: Aapke udte udte 2 coffee tandi hogayi, isliye mein theesra coffee banane keliye neeche gaya tha.
Ramu: What nonsense? Tumhe itna bhi nahi pata ki mein kis time pe utonga? Ha? Jao jake coffee leke avo. jao. 

Ramu immediately leave to bring coffee and Rajeev started to laughed at Vihaan.

Vihaan: Bai, whats so funny now?
Rajeev: Vihaan, bechara Ramu par kyun chilarahi ho tum? 
Vihaan: Everyone irritating me early morning. This Maya and now this Ramu. 
Rajeev: Ho jao irritate. Kisne kaha tumse ki itne sari Girl Friend's rakne ko? Vihaan tum abhi abhi toh India aye ho and how many GFs you made in this 3 months? 
Vihaan: Bai mein kya karoon? Its not my fault, the ladies are after me i am not after them.
Rajeev: Vihaan now be serious, tum abhi bache nahi ho ki tumhe har chees samjane parte hai. You can't play with girl's emotions. 
Vihaan: Bai.. Bai.. Bai.. Aaj nahi, woh mujhe bohat sara kaam pada hai office mein. I have to complete it by 6. 
Rajeev: Kyun kahin jaana hai kya.
Vihaan: Aaj mujhe Shreya ki saat date hai 8pm. 
Rajeev: Parr.. kal tum kisi Maya se baat karta ta na? 

Vihaan says while get down from the bed "Maya? Kon Maya bai?" Then he went to take shower. 

Rajeev: Haat hai Vihaan, mark my words one day you will pay it off. 

Vihaan shouted from bathroom "Bai i have marked your words, lets see". 

After taking a long shower he dressed up himself with branded suit and went to downstairs. He straight away went to dinning hall and sit beside his father, Shailesh Agarwal and greet him. Shailesh Agarwal is a well known business man. He set up his business in various countries. Vihaan was handling his father's business in London for the past 3 years and he came here 3 months ago since then he he was enjoying his life with the same routine clubbing and girls but he has a great passion towards his work. He is very sincere when it comes to work. He doesn't like to mess nor will let anyone mess with his business. 

On the road

Rachna was lost in thoughts. She was thinking about how her father was against her education but somehow she manage to complete her studies with the support and encouragement of Shayl and Gunjan. She always obey her father. "Paapa i have never go against your decision even today i didn't wan't to. I know you doesn't like me going job but i need to take this step Paapa. I feel so guilt that i burnt your shop. Your 20 years hard work. My silly mistake have break your confidence into pieces. You felt so helpless now but i cannot sit at home and curse my self. I will help you to rebuild Dayal Textiles again. Thats my only aim now paapa. I am sorry if i hurt you by going against you". Rachna come to her sensus when Mayank stop the bike. 

Mayank: Rachna we have reach your office. 
Rachna: Thanks Bhaiya

Rachna about to leave when Mayank stops her. 

Mayank: All the best, Rachna. Don't get nervous. Everything will be alright. Don't worry you will win everyone's heart in the first day itself. 
Rachna: Bas Bhaiya.. Hum bas kaam pe jarahi hain apna sasural nahi. 
Mayank: Jo bhi ho Rachna, mujhe pata hai ki meri behan sabse best hai. Or yeh meri taraf se hain. 
Rachna:  Yeh kya hai bhaiya? Pen? Thank you so much bhaiya.
Mayank: Acha teek hai, ap kaam pe jao pehli din hi late hona hai kya? Acha suno Rachna you want me to pick you up after work? 
Rachna: Nahi Bhaiya, hum aajaiyenge. 
Mayank: Okay bye
Rachna: Bye Bhaiya. 

Rachna was standing at the office entrance. She was nervous than before but she try to not to show it on her face. She take a deep breath and enter the office. 

So here i complete my first part... Will be back soon with the 2nd part... Hope you guys like it... Ouch LOL Big smile

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purplefreak43 Senior Member

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Posted: 23 September 2013 at 9:35am | IP Logged
nice one i like it...please continue... 

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MaayaRam Newbie

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Posted: 23 September 2013 at 11:24am | IP Logged
Wow.. its good. When will be the next update Embarrassed

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