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~*22 Sep Bole Toh MJHT Bday*~Celebrating 5 Years of MAGIC!!!

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Hellooo MJHTianz...HugHugHug...First & foremost , a Very Very Happy 5th Birthday to our beloved show  -


"SHOW BOLE TOH MJHT"- This is what any hardcore fan of this cult show will say whenevr u ask them which is his/her fav show ever...ApproveApproveApprove... 5 years back when this show entered our lives on 22 Sep 2008 9pm none of us MJHTians knew then ki its goin to be a FOREVER BOND v fans will have with the show then.. But now 5 years later,v knew n v cherish the show not just today but for the years to come...ApproveApproveApprove... Iss show ka charm kaho ya magic kaho,ek baar iske spell mein aap gaye,then forget the thought of getting out of this MAGIC...LOLWink...

5 years back when this show made entry to tellywood-it came as a breathe of fresh air among the monotonous soap operas that time..ClapClapClap...  Kudos to makers for INDEED trying out something diff n presenting before us... And spl thnx to channel-Star One too for allowing this show to be run on their channel by trusting n giving this unique show a fair chance it DESERVED..StarStarStar...

Yeh kahani thi do behano ki who were polar opp from each other..
Yeh kahani thi kuch aise lovers ki who redefined the word LOVE onscreen...
Yeh kahani thi kuch aise doston ki who redefined the word FRIENDSHIP onscreen...
Ulitmately yeh ek aisi kahani thi kuch aise 7 youngsters ke jinki lives mein itna zyada twists n turns aaye due to each other n for each other...

Love, Friendship, Family, Fun, Ego Clashes, Fights, Misunderstandings, Drama,Separations,Reunions - u name it all n this show offered it all...Big smileBig smileBig smile...

This show ran for 2 years 2 months.. And being an MJHTian i can proudly say-this show ALWZ maintained its BASIC RELATIONSHIPS irrepective of whatever happened in the show in the name of twists n turns... And thts one MAJOR reason this show STILL rules the hearts of viewers..StarStarStar...

This show have given us fans countless memories..And the happiness these memories still give us fans,even after show being ended 3 years back is PRICELESS & IRREPLACABLE... From makers to fans, whoever attached to this show will say - this was NOT just a show, it ws lik a PART OF OUR LIVES..

So for this EPIC EVERGREEN show,i am dedicating this post i made on the eve of its 5th Bday today... I and my team-v all hv tried to show u all through this post ki WHAT IS MJHT and WHY V SAY - MJHT BOLE TOH ZINDAGI..Big smileBig smileBig smile...

So ppl PLZ go through ENTIRE FIRST PAGE of this thread..Big smileBig smile.. These r the contents...

POST #2 - STARS BOLE TOH(About 7 Stars of MJHT)

POST #3 - CHARACTERS BOLE TOH(About Various MJHT Characters)

POST #4 - LOVE BOLE TOH(About 3 MJHT Love Stories)

POST #5 - DOSTI BOLE TOH(About Various MJHT Friendships)

POST #6 - MJHT BOLE TOH(Spl Tributes to MJHT)

POST #7 - YAADEIN BOLE TOH(Messages From Makers & Fans)

POST #8 -

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Arjun Bijlani, the actor par excellence, with his effortless and brilliant portrayal of role of Mayank Sharma made the character a phenomenon.This extremely good looking and incredibly talented actor got into each and every shade of the character Mayank Sharma with so much perfection, ease and sincerity that it appears that he was born to play this character.He only he was meant to be our Sadu yet so lovable Mayank Aka Mayu.Arjun Bijlani with his natural charishma, finest acting skills and so expressive eyes did commendable job as Mayank.He made us blush, smile, cry & he made us fall in love. Mayank Sharma..An Ideal guy..looked so real thanks to Arjun's flawless performance. His sizzling on- screen chemistry with Rati pandey gave us our Magical, Mesmerizing Mayur...the most passionate on -screen Couple.For playing the role of Mayank,Arjun got Young Achiever's award, Kalakaar Award &Lions Golden Awards for fresh male face of the year. He was also nominated for Best Male actor in ITA awards.It's because of Arjun's brilliance, Mayank Sharma is what we all know, love and cherish today.Khudos to Arjun..!!

RATI PANDEY was the woman who breathed life into the very amazing and beautiful character of Nupur Bhushan Sharma. With her easy charm, elegance, and expertise the lady depicted Nupur' as a perfect blende of beauty, innocence, "nautanki", vivacity!!.With every twist in the storyline, the viewers were awestruck at her wonderful  way of handling her side of the story. She was a pro and that was evident in all the scenes she enacted making Nupur so much acceptable for the audience. Together,with Arjun,they made ArTi  a fabulous  "Jodi" who weaved magic as THE most beautiful and engaging onscreen pair for their uncountable fans. Rati continued her heart-warming performance of portraying Nupur for almost two years before a very unfortunate change of events forced her to quit her role for a couple months. However due to the immense love and support of her fans, she was brought back to the show wherein she re-started her journey as Nupur again. The show culminated that very year, 2010. During the entire journey of MJHT, Rati has emerged as a brilliant actor and has always delivered her best.

Miley Jab Hum Tum was a trend setter and hugely popular among the youth. One of the leads, Debutante, Mohit Sehgal woke to fame and popularity with his sheer brilliant depiction of  College Heart-throb Samrat Shergill in MJHT. His amazing performance made Samrat come alive on screen, wining him several nominations and an award. As Samrat he achieved in winning over million of hearts across the world. Mohit's chemistry with his co-star sanaya made their fans crazy and his bonding with Arjun, Rati, Naveena, Jaskaran on-screen made MJHT fans to get wonderful and amazing moments in MJHT. It was a dream opportunity for anyone to play samrat shergill and surely mohit has lived upto it. As Samrat, Mohit set a benchmark spreading his charm as an actor and performer. Throughout the journey of MJHT Mohit bonded well with his co-stars, winning him lifetime friendships. The Golden phase of MJHT and Samrat will always be etched in the hearts of all MJHT lovers thanks to mohit's hard work and dedication for this role.

Sanaya Irani landed with her first lead role as Gunjan in a youth based show Miley Jab Hum Tum, a character which got her instant recognition and helped her establish a strong foothold in the industry. Who was not spellbound by Sanaya's histrionics every time she entered our drawing rooms playing the reticent Gunjan. The reticent Gunjan was a far cry from Sanaya's real persona, but Sanaya managed to pull off the character with great aplomb, getting every sensitive nuance of her character spot on. Sanaya managed to make her presence felt and emerged as one of the strongest characters on screen, her eyes that spoke volumes struck a chord with our hearts without the need of dialogues. Sanaya managed to make her presence felt with a mature and understated performance. Sanaya gave Gunjan depth and meaning which elevated the character to a whole different level altogether. Samrat & Gunjan popularly known as SaJan, managed to captivate the minds of the viewers, making it hard to take your eyes off them every time they graced the TV screens. Sanaya managed to seize the audience's attention from the moment she first appeared on screen with her arresting beauty and talent par excellence. She breathes life into the character with the kind of candor actors seldom invest in their craft and today she has emerged as one of television's finest actresses.

The Cute Chubby Brother of Hritik Roshan in Kaho Na...Pyaar Hai,many years later came before us once again.Cuteness retained,but this time all grown up as Benji-Samrat's best friend and sidekick in Miley Jab Hum Tum.Abhishek Sharma played the character of Benji with elan-as rightly said by him once,supporting characters too contirbute to the story.Same applied to Benji-that may have seemed like a small role,but Abhishek with his impeccable comic timing and srtong acting skills shown in a role,that despite being a relatively smaller character in the show Abhisheks performance stood out,and 3 years on from the show,Benji still stays with not only him but us as well.

Navina having played smaller parts in episodics came to the forefront with her glamarous character of Dia.Dia who was unlike any character within the show-grey,conviving,selfish,proud gave ample scope for Navina to perform.As Dia transformed herself from being vampish to being the soft hearted Dia,Navina truly gave the role justice through every transformation of Dia-making Dia truly a different character which like all characters of MJHT-unique and special.

Jaskaran Singh debuted with Miley Jab Hum Tum-effortless slipping into the role of Dodo a.k.a Uday.While the rest of the characters were relatively sane-Uday was Dumb as a Dodo and this is what made Uday,a diffrent and challenging character for Jas.He with his impeccable comic timing,and brilliant acting-made Uday a joy to watch.He potrayed Uday's dumbess with subtely,never bordering of being annoying or irritating.Be it Uday's craziest antics,silliest dailoges or random bafoonery - Jas did it all with a straight face,leaving the audience in splits.

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MJHT was an assimilation of the journey of seven young independent people. One among them was Mayank Sharma (Arjun Bijlani). When asked the meaning of love, he replied it was a mere textbook concept and only existed in literature. That was the initial soul and essence of Mayank's character. Books his only companion, and his only confidante his mother, until his path crossed the firebrand Nupur Bhushan (Rati Pandey), marking the start of a beautiful journey of reaching out to the others soul. The strong willed, No-nonsense attitude, confident, high on morality, focused and the unbeatable academic champ, isnt the complete description to Mayank's nature but just a facade of the tough exterior shell that he Bourne. However deep down Mayank was a lovable, caring, compassionate and charming character, oozing with sweetness, bearing a childlike soul who would be enraged in a jiffy and would later "dil se" apologise for his misconduct.  Completely a Mamma's boy! An eye candy for the girls, with muscular built, deep set dimples adorning his smile only added to his appeal. Mayank with Nupur had lived all the relations, from a competent dance/project partner, caring friend, from doting to even demanding, jealous and even a "Sadu" boyfriend. The best mate to Samrat, big brother like figure to Gunjan and Diya, boosting up their spirits in times of turmoil, to even supporting them through ordeals. Later after his marriage to Nupur, overcoming his shortcomings to transforming himself into a dedicated and understanding husband trying to achieve their goals and proving himself capable in the eyes of his father-in-law. However with the tragic turn of events leading to his separation from Nupur he dwelt in her memories imbibing Nupur in his soul. Ultimately their love overcame all obstacles and as the show proceeded towards culmination Mayank Nupur became the proud parents to two baby boys. Mayank, a man of limited words, yet whose act spoke volumes about him...a character that lives on today even after a long tenure that the show has gone off air, a character we believed in...a character who was close to our heart and still etched in our heart forever...

Nupur ... the wife , the mother-cum-sister, the friend , the daughter . One of those rare characters who was mature n was a baby at heart at the same time . Whether it was being a mother-figure to her kid sister , a support system to her bauji , a great and true friend to samrat n the gang, or being the soulmate to Mayank ,she was - she cared for all her relations more than her life . In real sense she was a 'PATHAKA' - always lightening up the lives of her close one and if anyone challenges her - GONE !! And as Mayank aptly called her 'Jhansi ki rani' , she could go to any extent to protect her loved ones . If she was chirpy , witty , fun loving ... she was also caring , loving and understanding . Whatever she had in her heart , was  on her lips..As the show progressed , Nupur grew alot - from being a girl who dreamt of her 'RAJ' and never wanted to come out her dreamworld - to being a girl who accepted her love for Mayank amidst a turmoil of emotions infront of whole world and could fight the world for her Mayank . She could go through just ANYTHING to protect the people of her life - whether it was to protect Mayank , Gunjan or Samrat , she never thought twice ! She even went away and lived a torturous life with Dhruv just for the sake of her loved one's lives! She was surely the lifeline of the show , who connected the other characters in a very close-knit manner ! Nupur was , is & will surely be one of those once-in-a-lifetime characters , who charmed us since day one.

A bundle of energy seemingly wanting to play peek-a-boo behind the harsh reality of his emotional life gushing across all the materialistic challenges in life with an aggressively astonishing smirk right on the face of it, which could turn any blonde and modern beautiful girl on;make any stereotypical Indian country side, so called "nerd" wander her big fat eyes beneath her rectangular cynically chiseled spectacles searching for a kitten small cupboard or an obese book to hide or her gleaming porcelain textured cheeks turn pink which he would with the least effort and shame claim BLUSH- THAT is Samrat - an inexplicable work of extra ordinary effort by the dude which every one else claim to be God, a character of beauty.Samrat was invariably everything. Everything just doesn't mean the teenage infatuated "everything". It meant mistake, love, friendship, flaw, rust, lust, imperfectly perfect, yet carrying an aura of his style. As the opera proceeded, the viewers saw people marking a presence in his life and few a marking 10 little scars on his body. And few such remarkable characters were gunjan bhushan- his best friend, soul mate, love and maybe much more. Mayank,nupur,benji,uday and dia- who remained as strong pillars of friendship. People say characters come into our lives and stamp a trademark on us and leave. MJHT Season 2 portrays exactly the same. The aura of Samrat brightens as his characters goes for a whirlpool and he comes out as a much stronger person not just challenging materialistic issues but emotional turmoils.

Her eyes could speak of million emotions more than she could express verbally, the purity and innocence of her heart always made her more beautiful. The innocence, honesty, her dignified persona  always stole our heart ,her one glimpse reflected her purity, Gunjan Bhushan , one of the Much Loved and adorable characters of Miley jab hum tum played by Sanaya Irani , who got popularity with this character. Her di nupur's baby sister ,  best friend and samrat's soulmate gunjan! Gunjan's life underwent a revolution  when she shifted to Mumbai and enrolled in Excel College for her studies along with her sister. she got best friends in excel and found her soulmate in samrat. MJHT portrayed two different shades to gunjan's character from the shy, naive, innocent Gunjan, living in a shell securely protected by her sister and friends, in first season to a metamorphosed Gunjan, who was bold, oozing with confidence, and  who could maturely deal with her pain and personal loss. With the wake of the second season Gunjan  was an independent working woman inspiring new generation. Beauty with brain that's the combination she possessed , while the first season focused on gunjan s college life, the second season dealt with her life's new chapter from grieving over her sister's death, to ultimately reuniting with her sister and the start of her journey with samrat as soulmates, Gunjan had evolved all through as a stronger person.

Samrats sidekick,childhood best friend and parter in Crime-Benji.A character who's full name is a mystrey till date-no one knows what his full name is. Benji trully defined being a sidekick to Samrat,stood by Samrats side by hook or crook-be it in his mischief or his confusion,his sadness,his happiness or his love,Benji was a loyal friend.Although as time passed,and Samrat and Mayanks bond grew stronger,Benjis loyalities towards Samrat remained intact.He was witty,smart and always left one and all with a smile on thier face.Benji shared good relations with everyone-be it Mayank,Nupur or Gunjan,Benji bonded with one and all with everyone else-except Dia.He hated her-as well as her brother,but as fate had it one fine day the winds changed and he fell in Love with the girl he once hated.The leap came-winds changed,and Benji was gone from the show.But as the curtians closed for MJHT Benji did come back to finish the love story that was left incomplete.Benji was another beautiful color to the rainbow of MJHT-who will always be remembered.

Dia Bhushan started of as the "Bad" one in MJHT-ensuring that her Bhushan Cousins life was made miserable in Excel college. Selfish,Self Obsessed,Mean,Proud and Arrogant Dia was the most popular girl in Excel and she knew it. Dia from day one vied for Samrats attention,but lost out to her shy demure cousin Gunjan.Then came in her "perfect match" in form of Ranvijay,who gave her a taste of her own medicine and left her hurting,with the realization of how good her cousins exactly were.Henceforth Dia's character changed for the better-being a good sister to Nupur,Gunjan and Uday,while being a loyal friend to her Sammy(Samrat).As Dia changed to being a better person,got closer to her cousins,life also drew her closer to the person she once hated and ignored-Benji.And their unlikely bonding slowly grew into the cutest most surprising love story in the show.

U-D-A...errr Y-Uday! Uday was the funniest character in the show from the word GO. Confused,un-intentionally funny,crazy,silly,stupid Uday,fondly called Dodo by twin sister Dia,was MJHT's permanent Joker-With a goofy smile and bright eyes. Dodo was a loved brother to Nupur and Gunjan who loved thier "Uday Bhaiyya" to bits,while to Dia-he was always her Dodo.Uday thought he was cool,but never was,yet he never gave up on trying to be so. Despite being on the silly side,Uday had a good heart and was loyal to all his friends,sticking with them through thick and thin.The Joker of the group,Uday was perhaps the only one who was unlucky in love and didnt get anyone in the end. But Uday's charm went beyond that,making him the one of the most loved characters of MJHT.

These 7 characters,mentioned above,were the MAIN characters of MJHT.

But this show had so many wonderful positives side characters,cameos too-which were-

Shilpa Aunty,
Bauji,GuNur's chacha,Bui,Suhaani,Adhiraj,Chinky,
Principal Sir,
Shukla Sir, Devdhar Sir,Miss Aha,Tamanna Ma'm, CJ,Annie,Chacko,Vatsala,Purab,Cheenu,
Chiru jee,
Lucky Mishra,Chunky Mishra,
Adhiraji's Dad,Adhiraji's Daadi,Baby Zara,
The Detective Couple,Riya,Neil Oberoi,
Samrat's Mom
, Rohan,Ash,Riya,Nirbhay

And ofcourse there were few grey shaded or negative characters too- which were-
,The Political Brothers Duo,Arpita

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Mayank and Nupur are special. It didn't take three years to realise that. It was a given from the very first time we set eyes on them. That first wave of the hand that Nupur gave in a divasque outfit in the promo or the first glimpse of Mayank with his books safely in hand. That was how they were, chalk and cheese, a talkative small town girl who dreamt big with a sarcastic cool dude interested in studies, focused in his life. There have been so many imitations, none can quite match the magic these two characters had, as individual characters or as a couple.

Mayank and Nupur started out as two characters that were at loggerheads with each other. He had a goal in life and he was working hard towards that when a hurricane called Nupur arrives and completely derails him. Initially she irks him, then he sees something in her, he likes her, then he hates himself for liking her, then he cant help but fall helplessly in love with her, he is in denial, he is unsure, he confesses. For her, its far more complicated, she has grown up with a dream of finding a prince charming for herself, someone like Raj of DDLJ, of a Sapnon ka Rajkumar who would come on a white horse and sweep her off her feet. Mayank wasn't that guy or so she thought, until slowly without her realising it, he made way into her heart, when he confessed, she did too, yes she said, she was ready to give up her dreams of the white horse and flowers all for just a look from this "sadu" "akdu" guy.

Confessions done, then their love story goes through highs and its share of rough patches, but nobody can doubt the love. It changes him, it changes her. He wants to be the perfect man, the one she dreamed of, and she learns to love him just the way he is, appreciating everything he does for her. They are plagued by a minor misunderstanding that threatens to break them and distances that keep them apart, but nothing comes in the way of the love that is strong and consistent and ever-growing. When circumstances force Mayank to make a decision on marrying Nupur, he doesn't hesitate for a moment in spite of it being contrary to everything he had planned until then. Even when left homeless, she is his strength. There is a genuine understanding in the way they make a life overcoming all the obstacles that come their way.

The biggest test of their faith and love comes in the form of an accident, in which Mayank believes that he had lost his beloved wife forever and he lives a life keeping her memories close to his heart. Nupur, who is actually alive and away to protect him and her sister and the people she cares about, continues to be devoted to him. The phase when they come face to face was definitely one of the most dramatic highs we have seen. The intense longing and feelings that threatened to overwhelm common sense. The reconciliation and a life made together again, overcoming the years of separation and finally a happily ever after (with a pair of twin boys no less!), it was everything we wished for and some more.

They were unique, more importantly they were real, they had failings and flaws, they were prone to making mistakes but you could count on them to make the right choices. The magic of watching Mayank and Nupur on screen is in the characters, the situations, the storylines, the acting, the chemistry, the feelings they were ableto evoke in us. What we felt when we watched them will forever remain as a memory that will be cherished and stand the test of time

Some Love Stories are  Epic and everlasting , which lasts in everyone's heart for eternity , Eternal love story of Eternal couple , Miley Jab hum tum gave such couples and both couples were popular among the masses. Samrat and Gunjan (popularly called SaJan) one of Most Januable and adorable couple of  MJHT made special place in everyone's heart , Naive n Innocent Gunjan n college's dashing hunk Samrat's love story won million hearts , their soul connection ,pure friendship , Unconditional  and Selfless  Love was the USP of Sajan.

Their journey Started as Strangers , they became friends , fell in love  and their bond grew with passing time , life tested their friendship and love in different way and their bond grew more and more winning over all difficulties , samrat , heart throb college hunk fell for pure hearted girl gunjan , they became soul mates and they connected with each other with their friendship and finally falling in love , their journey of love was not easy but as it is said love always   finds the way , same happened with Sajan their love found their way n they confessed their feelings , gunjan who was first one who recognized her feelings for samrat but she  didn't share her feelings to samrat  and on the other hand samrat was not aware with his own feelings for gunjan , but their soul connection made them realize abt their feelings for each other.

Gunjan and samrat always supported each other from beginning of their friendship , trust , faith , understanding were always there in their bond and it grew more and more with passing phase of time , both  samrat and gunjan were totally opposite but as it is said opposite attracts here both found heart to heart connection . Love is when u give your everything to your loved ones and Sajan set example showing it , their feelings spoke volume , they always understood from each other's eyes , they had two different phase of life in one phase they lived their college life , finding each other , loving and trusting each other.

Second phase of their life made  their love stronger and mature , destiny played with them and they separated physically ,  but mentally they were together in years of separation , finally after long wait of their separation they met again reliving their love where their love maturely won over destiny making them one n they tied In one sacred knot of Matrimony.

Sajan's love story was just like fairytale , like Prince samrat came in life of His princess Gunjan , they fell in love , won over destiny and became one , Everlasting and eternal  love story of Sajan which will be always remembered.

Benji and Dia started off on a bad note-He Samrats closest friend and she the girl who vied for his attention.He hated her she hated him-the feeling was mutual-as they sneaked each other disgusted looks behind Samrats back.

But as fate had it-being the two singletons in a group of coupels(baring Uday-who annoyed both of them no end),Dia and Benji got close.

She seeing the goodness in his heart that she always ignored,and he seeing the girl behind the "Diva" she was.And hence they became friends and stayed friends with a little spark of chemistry that stayed between them-like when Benji stared at Dia when she dressed Indian,or them giving hi fis to each other. And then suddenly one day-when a screaming Dia Ran into Benjis Arms(courtesy a "fool proof" plan that back fired")-the audience as well as Benji stood stunned-"KUCH TOH HUA...KUCH TOH ZAROOR HUA".

And Lightening struck Benji-Haila!he was in Love.Then his moony eyed glances to Dia,whole hearted attention,fumbling,mumbling,goofy smiling ensured-much to everyones amusement.There always was a Something-when Dia and Benji looked into each others eyes,or smiled.The Love was there-they just never said it.Till One day Benji layed his heart out to Dia in front of the entire college and then fainted.

Dia and Benji stayed together for a while-then in the wake of bad circumstances seperated-then came back together once again in the finale.Benji and Dia was a short story-sweet beautiful full of smiles and is trully memorable for all the Benia lovers till date.

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"Some friendships teach you, some test you but some will bring out the best in you" - well that can be said so rightly about our ever beloved...ever adorable ...ever sexyy - SaYank!! Samrat and Mayank - Two guys as different as chalk and cheese yet the ones who ended up being the closest pals. This was what made them special...very special! They were competitors yet not foes. Even different from each other the respect they held for each other's passion made the two of them the coolest dudes of our rocking Excel. What started as a bond of mere college mates began transforming into a strong friendship specially with the entry of our pyaari morena sisters ..!! While Mayu never never left sammy's side on his dark days like when Sammy got arrested or when he had an accident, Sammy too proved his friendship at every stepping stone...whether it be handling adhiraj in absence of Mayu or Bauji being against Nupur-Mayank wedding...with every problem GuNur faced...the bond of our Jai and Veeru strengthened too. And now they were just not two buddies or best of friends...they were sandus (brother-in-laws)too...threatening each other to take care of their respective saalis! And this was when their rishta got the biggest jerk-when sammy accidently landed the four of their lives in a mess..!!Three years passed and Mayank hated even the sound of the word Samrat...But he still cared...still in some part of his heart he knew...his once best friend never wanted to kill his wife.He somewhere wanted to forgive him,wanted to re-unite SaJan. And as once again the SAMRAT SHERGILL made a full fledged re-entry in MAYANK SHARMA'S life...Mayu accepted his bestie back!! And with all the dhols and dhamakas this was our two sweethearts again becoming janam janam ke saathi leaving us with happy tears.

"Sweet, crazy conversations full of half sentences, daydreams and misunderstandings more thrilling than understanding could ever be." - Toni Morrison, Beloved.  This thought is so closely associated with the Bhushan sisters. Nupur and Gunjan the best friends, and best sisters.Without a mother figure, they meant the world to each other. From the beginning, when the two sisters went off on a journey in a rickshaw, and nupur told Gunjan her aspirations of finding her Prince' in Mumbai, Gunjan had just understood what Nupur felt, without questioning her faith, or doubting it. Nupur was the chirpy one, embodying the spirit of life, and she always had faith in her little sister, and she knew the person behind those spectacles was worth adoring. Gunjan was always the intelligent, silent one, who trusted and respected her "dii" the most. Nupur always believed in Gunjan's hidden talents, in her singing, her voice, her music and her innocence. Gunjan had always known that her dii would achieve great heights, and she was always by her side through all her happy-days and turmoils. She believed and loved her dii even when she was said to be no more, and waited for her to return one day when fate had separated them...and Nupur did return. Gunjan was always Nupur's strength, and nupur was the face Gunjan looked for in every crowd. Without her di, Gunjan was only half, and with her she was herself. Nupur was always the bubbly small-town-girl who had a very caring side to her. All her motherly love was entrusted upon Gunjan. "Kabhi socha hi nahi tha, ki mere hote huye Gunjan ko is tarah kuch hoga..." Nupur had muttered, while her sister lay in the operation theatre after being shot. She had always thought Gunjan was her responsibility, like her child. She was dependant on Gunjan for many things too, but when it came to defending her, she was fierce. She fought with goons to save her sister, held her hand and proudly walked away. She ended up in Samrat's farmhouse when she thought Samrat would try to touch her sister. She was always overprotective, and loving, and doted on her. Such is a sister's love. Nothing can describe the bond the sisters shared. Nupur and Gunjan began their journey together, and in the end they were still holding hands, side by side, with love for each other still growing in their hearts.

MARS is made up of the amazing four leading actors of our beloved show i.e Mohit, Arjun, Rati and Sanaya. Though this word "MARS" is derived from actors names,its usually a term to name the relation between two onscreen lead couples of this show-MayUr & SaJan.. MJHT is the perfect example of a serial showcasing the most beautiful bond between its two lead pairs, the only show where the foundation of their bond was just pure love and friendship rather than hatred and jealousy. And this emotion was played to perfection by  our favourite MARS in both the seasons. Season 1 brought the characters together in an awesome manner to become an integral part of each other's lives while Season 2 further strengthened their relationship and intertwined their lives wonderfully. The absence of even one of these characters would have made MJHT incomplete for us. Whether it was the sweetest Jeeju-Saali bond between Mayank and Gunjan or the mastilicious friendship of Samrat and Nupur, the metamorphism from love guru-disciple to best friends and confidantes Samrat-mayank, or the best sister duo Nupur- Gunjan every relation had their inherent beauty, depicted after a heart-warming fashion by the awesome foursome leaving us delving deeper into the  everlasting memories of Mayank-Nupur & Samrat-Gunjan. We couldn't thank the entire MJHT team enough for giving us the best leading pairs who brought sheer magic to our television screens and their contribution to MJHT is irrevocable.

MJHT GANG aka Mayank,Nupur,Samrat,Gunjan,Benji,Dia, Uday-The 7 Most Adorable Mastikhors were the heart of the show. This Bindaas Bunch was a mixture of the extremes-from akdu to the Diva, from filmy to Gumnaam, from  Budhdhu to The Love Guru;  name it n they had it all! The first season revolved around their funfilled lives in Excel College with fests, outings and competitions meeting and dealing with new faces, childhood buddies, cunning rivals & acquaintances. It was a journey from being strangers to friends, best friends... and ultimately, into a Closely knit adorable family! As each member dealt with their share of heartbreaks, ego clashes, fights, misunderstandings, but all these conspired to make their strong bond even stronger. The season ended on a horribly tragic note of an accident that left all relations scattered...The 2nd season focused on how these 7 get back to become 1 again, stronger than before, now sharing an unbreakable bond! These awesome seven-some redefined friendship, masti, n love! N made us fall for them harder with every passing epi...This dream gang ruled our hearts for 2 yrs n their magic is still alive in all our hearts! Indeed MJHT redefined the values of friendship!

These were the FOUR MAIN FRIENDSHIPS of this show.. But other than these 4,there were soo sooo many other different varities of friendships too-which were- SaNu,MaJan,Mayank-Dia,Samrat-Dia,Benji-Uday,Mayank-CJ,Nupur-CJ,Samrat-Benji,Gunjan-Benji,Samrat-Purab,Gunjan-Vatsala,Dia-Annie-Chacko,Nupur-Gunjan-Dia-Suhani,Mayank-Samrat-Benji-Uday-Adhiraj.. Each one of these friendships was UNIQUE & SPECIAL in their own way..!!

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Here we will c wht the MJHT makers and fans have to say abt the BELOVED MJHT...I hv managed to get few msgs from both MJHT MAKERS as well as MJHT fans.

Anand Sir was one among the story writer of MJHT.. Heres his msg..

MJHT was a beautiful, fun experience. It was a happy show - we who worked on it had a happy experience and that happiness showed on screen. In a time where everything was about drama and sadness and misery, it was a show about love, fun, friendship, hope, joy - and that was and is so needed. Lastly it was my first show with Seema Sudhir and it set the foundation for a working relationship and friendship that has lasted to this day and has been one of my best partnerships ever.


Abhishek Sir was one among the cinematographers of MJHT.. Heres his msg..

It was great doing Mjht.

MJHT=My JAAN...!!! This is my ALL TIME FAV Show.. I have never loved/will love any show lik i loved/love/will love MJHT... I have been watching hindi serials since 2003..Have been crazy for many shows before and after MJHT..But MJHT bought the ULTIMATE craziness in my life for first n last time..I owe so many things n ppl to this show.. So soo many countless precious memories i hv coz of this which i am and will alwz cherish for LIFETIME.. I got my most fav tellywood actor(Arjun Bijlani),most fav character(Mayank Sharma),most fav tellywood love story(MayUr),most fav tellywood onscreen couple(ArTi aka Arjun-Rati),most fav tellywood best frnds duo(SaYank), most fav awesome foursome(MARS) and lastly most fav tellywood gang(MJHT gang) coz of this show... I joined India-Forums in 2009 coz of this show..I have got so many wonderful frnz coz of this show...I came to knw about writer in me,sig maker in me,vm maker in me,organiser in me coz of this show... And ultimately the happiness i got coz of this show n which i STILL get whenever i c the old scenes is PRICELESS.. Its been 3 years since the show has ended...But aisa ek bhi din nahi raha hai when i hvnt missed this show.. I miss this show alwz.. Love u loads n loads MJHT..Thanks a ton for everything..Aage chalke i may no longer be part of the forums,but my LOVE for u will STILL remain strong then too.. I feel so privileged tht i cud do whatevr i wanted for u MJHT jabse i joined IF.. But as they say "All good things HAS to come end one day"- THIS thread i made for u on the eve of 5th bday of urs is my THE LAST MJHT THREAD..CryCryCry...This was NOT easy for me..But i have to.. But this is no ending..My love,my journey with MJHT still continues n it will alwz remain there JAB TAK HAI JAAN..ApproveApproveApprove...

Miley Jab hum tum for me is more than just a show tht has entertained me for sum years.. its a source of eternal happiness to me... mjht has given so many things to me... a show tht became our life..inspiration to get back to writing...characters like mayank nupur samrat gunjan benji diya uddy... a crazy fandom after SRK for Arjun... tht I will cherish for lifetime..

It was only show tht I will for sure see in all repeats, at utube and still I watch it.. and I nerv get bored.. my mom feels im mad just like nupur( she call her crazy girl) who just cant stop drooling on the show.. less she knew im drooling on sumone else Wink

The best part about MJHT was tht not only the lead characters but the supporting were so amzing.. shilpa anty..chiroji.. Sheee naaa... princi I so love him... And humaray pyar prof shukla... There was not a single thing u cannot like about MJHT...

MJHT has made me smile, rofl, cry buckets with end of season I n  season II( specially mayank's part  hand's down to arjun on tht ), blush, feel happy and in awww.. evry emotion tht I never thought a show can give me and still continue to give ...

There is no single moment tht I can say tht it was it... there so many moments..

Miley jab hum tum is simply an experience of life time...

MJHT- These four letters were one of the biggest part of my life when the show was on air. It was after a long time that I came across a show which was entirely different from the Saas-bahu saga and planning and plotting and it was a serial which was so real and relatable that I instantly fell in love with it. Although I used to follow the show off and on but it was the play track which made me fall head over heels in love with this show and one of the primary reasons for that was the magical chemistry of Mayank and Nupur. Their characterization and enactment by Arjun and Rati was too adorable to not notice. One of the bestest things about MJHT was that these characters were an exact replica of people that we see in our every day lives and I guess this is the reason as to why we became instantly attached to them. After the play track therewas no looking back for me and I followed the show right till the end. Apart from MaYur, the entire MJHT gang and their friendship is too precious for me. MJHT is the show due to which I got into sig making and PS'ing and today it is one of my favourite hobbies. I also loved the cute chemistry between SaJan and BeNia and above all the friendship of the 7 principle characters. In those days we used to be excited over every moment, every scene, every dialouge, every picture and what not from the serial and I will surely cherish all those moments throughout my life. I need to thank the MJHT CVs and producers for such an amazing show and for bringing such great characters to life, the second thanks goes to the entire cast and crew for working so hard on the show and making it a huge success with their efforts. And lastly thanks to the IF and the MJHT forum where I made great friends, made creations, participated in discussions/drooling sessions,games, contests and fan clubs etc and overall had an amazing time. I will always love you MJHT and you will be my favourite show forever. Congratulations to the entire team behind MJHT and all the forum members and DT for the 5th anniversary of our baby. Hug

Miley Jab Hum Tum...the name to me is synonymous to life, fun, happiness and 9pm. The entire journey of this show was, is and will always be cherished by me. The journey of so many individual souls, bearing a stark contrast in character from the other and yet togethey defined LOVE, FRIENDSHIP, COMPANIONSHIP. Dealing with the basic regular situation a teenager faces in college, I could connect to this show. The show started in 2008 september when i was myself nearing the end of one phase of my life (school days) ready to take on the challenges that college would throw at me, and thus i found myself among the members of MJHT gang. Ever since 22nd September 2008 I have been faithfully following the show...the show had been my lifeline throughout my happy and sad days...i have livd every relation, cried and laughed with every character of the show...each character came out as a real person with me, just like my friends are to me...

I remember the first promo i had seen during Zara nachke was Gunjan with the yellow umbrella, and later Samrat and Nupur followed Suites, and finally with the promo of "love bole toh..." i was certain to be a part of the madness roller coaster ride...

The blooming friendship between Samrat-gunjan, the sweet-bitter fights between Mayank-Nupur, Diya and her quintessential followers all added to the flavour of the show. By the end of the show since the advent of the show, it had become my addiction...i couldn't imagine my day without MJHT...weekend seemed so furlong  and boring without the Charm of Sadu Mayank, or the histrionics of Nupur, By God!! Even though my favourites were decided somewhere I could see myself most in "Chasmish"  (:P). Be it Shilpa Aunty's contants teasing, acting as a catalyst in MayUr relationship, Uday-Benji's gags all positively added to the Charm of the show, leaving me demanding for more...

MJHT will always remain special to me and close to my heart...with so many many memories associated with many moments...

As it is the 5th birthday of MJHT i wish MJHT a very very happy 5th anniversary...i thank all the cast and crew creative and producers and channel associate from the core of my heart and deeper down for the "awesomeness" called MJHT, which we will cherish till the end of our lifetime!

I will always miss MJHT, for the void it created is irreplaceable...

Love you MJHT...

Love Mayank, Nupur, Gunjan, Samrat, Dia, Uday, Benji, Shilpa Aunty, Bauji, Bui, Adhiraj, Suhaani, CJ, and all other characters ever associated with this show...

With Love...

Sanchari J

Happy fifth anniversary to MJHT , today i m feeling nostalgic , i have no words to describe my feelings abt mjht , it was my life's wonderful experience to get wonderful journey of MJHT , i miss everything abt MJHT , i m really thankful to whole team of mjht for giving us our life's best moments n memories which we will always cherish , thank u for giving us Sajan , monaya n whole team , i never attached to any show in this extent the way i was with MJHT, i miss mjht a lot but  i m happy we hv wonderful golden memories which we r cherishing n we will cherish n treasure forever 

with love 


MJHT ... one of the 'once in a lifetime' shows...Its hard to believe its been 5 years since mjht first started... Cos whenever I watch any scene , it seems totally fresh to me ! :)  For me mjht will always remain special cos it gave me my MAYUR Embarrassed <3 the best lovestory I hav ever come across onscreen ! :) Whatever happens , MN will never go away from me n that itself makes mjht , on the whole very very very special for me ! :) Though m a total MN fan ... still i wud say this k not only MN but other relations of the show were special in their own way too ! :) n the best thing about the show was , eventhough it was full of bloopers  n lame tracks sometimes , it never lost its essence..NEVER !!! There cant be no other MJHT , no other MN , no other MJHT gang :D Heart
 n ya as MN left , I never could get attached to any other show...LOL everyone gives that 'been there done that' waali feeling n i tend to compare LOL 
A very happy 5th birthday to MJHT n MN :) cheers ! 
n it feels great that even after the shows ended, we celebrate this day so grandly ! :) gives a real nostalgic n proud feeling !
Kudos to u Nikki di n ur partners ! :)
 Big smile

MJHT! Ahh Even now if anyone asks which is ur fav show...I still say its Miley Jab Hum tum! Mjht is the Best show I have seen till date, the most realistic show portraying each bond, each relation, each emotion perfectly with a fantastic Cast of the Awesome 4 - Rati di, Arjun, Sanaya, Mohit along with Navina, Abhishek, Jas karan and also Shilpa aunty and College staff! Mjht is the Only show which had a perfect balance of everything! It was a Complete Entertainment! Wht I loved the most was how realistic Emotions were portrayed between the characters...whtr betw the couples, siblings, frnds or  betw patrents- children. Each type of scene of Mjht was Fantastic, Story progressing, each track, phases of characters story, All was well written, well enacted! Kudos to the writers and the Actors tht in No Time MJHT made a special place in our Heart frm the very Initial days and still continues to hold so even after years aft its end.

The 1st Name tht comes to my mind hearing of thinking abt Mjht is Nupur and thn Mayur! Uff Mayur were just Rocking! I even loved every bond shown in Mjht- Cute and Sweet story of Sajan, Dia-Dodo-Benji jokes, Trio sisters scenes of Nupur, Gunjan, Dia, Lovely bond of Mayank & Shilpa aunty, Nupur-Bauji-Gunjan scenes! Though I started watching the show for someone else...ended up Loving Nupur / Rati di. My journey of loving Nupur was just like Mayank, initially I used to find her a little funny and thn Adorable! Nupur was the Best daughter, best sister, Best frnd,  best lover, best wife! Those days I used to wish I had a sister like Nupur, many times I wanted to replace myself in Gunjan's place just to get some Love & Care frm Nupur...hhahhaha. Watching Nupur had become my daily must  those days for which I used to skip many things/works so tht I can watch MJHT anyhow! Every day I used to feel whtevr Nupur goes through as though its someone dearest to my heart.  The 1st bond I loved in Mjht was Nupur-Gunjan, thn Nupur-Mayank and thn Nupur-Samrat.  I loved Nupur's character the most in MJHT and Mayur were Awesome as a couple and their story is Eternal...frm their Initial fights, nok-jok's, their Frndship, the unexplained feelings towards eachother, realization & confession of love and thn their love story, marriage and life aft tht...each phase of Mayur story was Brilliantly written...and Hats off to Rati di & Arjun tht we felt it more Real thn some Frictional show characters :P Till date I prefer watching MJHT scenes to change my bad mood...they still cause the same effect as whn watched 1st time.  Mjht has become a part of Beautiful memories which I keep refreshing every now and then. Watching those scenes gives me soo much Happiness even today!

I'll be ever thankful to MJHT coz of which we got to knw and watch such Amazing characters, Awesome story...and ofcourse coz of this show I came to knw abt Rati di...and have become her fanforever now! Thnx to the Entire Cast & Crew of MJHT - frm PH, Directors, Actors, Writers, AD's, spot boys and all...for giving us such a Fantastic show! God bless.

Firstly I would like to start by thanking Nikki and her team for this awesome thread Clap Kudos guys Big smile

MJHT... What can I say about this show, it has given us so much... From entertainment to drama, comedy, romance and not to forget the everlasting bond of friendship... I so miss this show and the half an hour of bliss!!! I don't think any show can replace or recreate the magic that MJHT did!!!
Here's wishing the entire cast and crew of  MJHT, a very happy 5th anniversaryStar WE MISS U Cry

Happy 5th Anniversayr MJHT..from where to start abt this show..this is the best show ever..It taught so many things to me..
MJHT is the definition of love and friendship Heart
i've have enjoyed every moment of MJHT ..the show has made us laugh ,,cried and taught us the importance of friendship..i've cherished evry moment of dis show Day Dreaming
cant thanks mjht enough for giving me MayUr/ArTi...the only jodi for whom i've been crazy like hell Silly for me they are the best couple in TV Day Dreaming its been 5 years bt still evry scene of them are so fresh in gives the same feeling everytime i watch it,,,also the other bonds of Sajan,Sayank,gunur..the whole gang Star
i've never ever been this much attached to any show or jodi..thanks MJHT for giving me my first crazy love Hug  the best show and it'll always have special place in my hearts Heart
MJHT truly rocks <33333

Hadn't it been MJHT, I would have never been so close to my cousin Gunjan,and hence,would have  never been a part of this beautiful forum.
MIley Jab Hum Tum was something I started watching when my cousin recommended it to me. It was like around the time of that RJ Hunt & Mohit Sehgal immediately grabbed my eyeballs. It was only for him that I watched the show regularly but sooner or later,I started loving each and every element of the show. From Shukla Sir to Princi. :)
The show's ending was a big steback for me,as it was no less than an addiction. I miss the show way too much. I gues,It taught me a lot.
Samrat and Nupur taught me to take life as it comes and enjoy it to the fullest!
Mayank and Gunjan taught me to give attention to studies as well and most importantly to be truthful.
Overall,The show taught me to value each and every relationship in life. I have a thousand memories attached with show.. So many..Maybe innumerable!
I miss the show! I mIss the cast!

MJHTian Then. MJHTian Now. MJHTian Forever!

What can I say...its been 5 long years! So let me start by wishing all the star cast of MJHT, the production house and creatives...everyone who had any involvement with this show a heartfelt note of gratitude for giving us a show that despite its end still lives in our hearts till today after 5 years and may continue to do so forever. Thank you all so very much for giving us a gift that we cherish for a life time to come...

Now personally, the show Miley Jab Hum Tum was a revelation to me. I was never so keen to watch soaps especially Indian ones...I just didn't find the whole "saas-bahu" saga very attractive to be honest and never thought its worth my time. So when my friend requests me to watch this show 5 years ago, my response was the pre-recorded dialogue that I give to everyone about why I don't like watching Indian shows etc etc. But after repeated pestering and just to get her off my case, I agree to watch one particular segment that she forces me to "analyze" and that was "Khuda Jaane...". For me, that was it! It hit the chord somewhere straight away and I was compelled to see that whole episode and thereafter instead of watching the show from that point onwards, I actually started going backwards simply because I wasn't interested in the story..I was just dying to understand the characters mainly Mayank and Nupur. Of course, the other characters worked on me alongside but the magic that MaYur created in me was something I never felt before! I watched the show for as long as I could and with all my heart and after MJHT, I never watched anything else on Indian telly with so much consistency and passion. So MJHT till today maintains its throne in my heart...perhaps forever. Every now and then, when I get the time I randomly watch some segments and to my great surprise, each time it never fails to ignite a flame..somewhere dark and deep inside me. It makes me smile, makes me shed tears (I never cry by the way) and above all MaYur make me believe in love all over again. People watch TV shows for entertainment...they watch, they enjoy and some even talk about the show for quite some time and a few write fan fictions on them. But MJHT is a show that turned a leaf in my life and even today it never fails to fill my heart with joy and hope. The effects of this show, I believe will go on and be carry forwarded by many of us for many many years! As for me, the memories of MJHT will live as long as I shall live and Mayank and Nupur will always inspire me to find that solace in times of need.

Congratulations on the 5th anniversary my favorite show on earth. I blow the candles with a wish in my heart to see Arjun and Rati again in a show like this...hope all 5 candles are blown and my wish comes true Smile


Miley Jab hum tum <3 The first serial ,which I started seeing and fell head over heels in love with Heart It gave us Samrat,the cool dude,Mayank-the padhaku,bholi bhali Gunjan,Natkhat Nupur,Dodo ,Dia,Benji ,all of them ,who we could relate to so much <3 It gave us SaJan and MayUr , and an offscreen couple as well, MonaYa Heart It told us how friendships can be formed between two individuals of opposite natures and how those friendships always remain ,over the years <3 And today,we celebrate the 5th birthday ,Happy birthday MJHT,the one and only show to have captured so many hearts Heart Many many many more happy returns of the day,may we continue to celebrate every milestone,with the years to comeApproveHeart


It's been 5 years since MJHT started... But still I'm that much crazy about it as I was 5 years back... MJHT will always be my fav show it gives me MayUr "The Magical MayUr" I can't express how much I luv these two... I'm here just because of them... Not only MayUr I luv the whole MJHT gang... They r the best... Every character was unique and different... The cast of MJHT give life to their characters... Arjun Rati Mohit Sanaya Navina Abishek and Jas they made us to fall in luv with them... For me MJHT is all about friendship and it's the best show ever... Well before MJHT I never watched any show with such a craze nor after MJHT...It just change my life... I used to think about them day and night (still I think about them day and night ) MJHT is an epic show it will always remain in our heart forever... Today is a big day not only for me but for every MJHTian... it's our MJHT's 5th Birthday (still can't believe it)...And I wish we all celebrate MJHT's Birthday year after year...

Happy 5th Anniversary To MJHT and To All MJHTians Hug

Happy 5th birthday to MJHT. Congratulations to all the actors that were part of the show. This is one unique show which showed friendship, love, and fun. Arjun's chemistry with rati was amazing. Mohit and Sanaya's jodi was good. Best wishes to all of them for the future and hope to see all them again together in a show.

 ITS THE BEST SHOW EVER...!! Humhesha mujhe College KI , Frndz ki yaad dilata tha, Samrat, Gunjan, Mayak,Nupur were amzing, 

Want MJHT Back with same team Smile


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WriteUps for "Stars Bole Toh" Section - PREETI(well-wisher on Arjun),
DEBLINA(-RageOfAngelz- on Rati),
AASHI(aashizin on Mohit),
SONU(ght_sajan on Sanaya),
SHRUTI(-ShrNi- on Abhishek,Navina,Jas)

WriteUps for "Characters Bole Toh" Section - SANCHU(--Sanchu-- on Mayank)
NIKITA(.Perk. on Nupur)
AABHA(Aabha.M on Samrat)
AASHI(aashizin on Gunjan)
SHRUTI(-ShrNi- on Benji,Dia,Uday)
NIKHILA(Nikk_SAS-holic on Others)

WriteUps for "Love Bole Toh" Section - DIVYA(myownarea on MayUr),
AASHI(aashizin on SaJan),
SHRUTI(-ShrNi- on BenIa)

WriteUps for "Dosti Bole Toh" Section - MALIKA(Malika on SaYank)
YASHU(LittleMissWittyon GuNur)
RIDA(Mysterygirl_me on MARS)
HINA(samratrockson MJHT Gang)
NIKHILA(Nikk_SAS-holic on Others)

VMs in "MJHT Bole Toh" Section - DAKSHA(.Daksha. on MJHT Season 1 Story),
FIZA(drfizaahmed on MJHT Season 2 Story),
NIKHILA(Nikk_SAS-holic on MJHT Cast & Crew)

Msgs from Makers & Fans Collected By -

EDITOR For Many WriteUps -

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Author: Nikki_Titli   Replies: 58   Views: 5487

Nikki_Titli 58 5487 19 October 2012 at 10:05am by Daffodilee
||SHOW Bole Toh...MJHT||~*Happy 4th Bday MJHT*~

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If its Uday's bday then it shd also b Dia's bday

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brinda_ght 26 3767 26 June 2009 at 12:38am by Afreen22
Mohit's Bday!:Bday siggies!

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Author: anwaya   Replies: 17   Views: 2764

anwaya 17 2764 10 November 2008 at 8:26am by roseflower_07

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