[AS] SS: At First Blush - part 2, pg 9 DC (Page 6)

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Originally posted by Aisha.Vashishth

[ROFL]   [ROFL]   [ROFL]

THE LAST PART already cracked me up...

nic prologue sakshi nd arjun are chaddi buddy foes...ha ha ha...sounds cutely funny...lolz...

it will b fum to read this one..

continue soon angel...

bt no pm to me?????

nxt time i wanna pm...nd i mean it...

or else...

*I m watching u* plz dnt show me dat ** thing huh...m a joookinnngg...


'ola Aisha Wink

glad you liked it..

and I didn't send any pms for this.. so meri kasoor nehi hai. Will PM from next part, pakka Embarrassed
Lol.. nehi dikhati.. main itni buri bhi nehi hu, you know Wink

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Chapter One

9th grade

Her first day in high school wasn't dry. Why? Because when Saakshi walked into the school, a bucket full of ice water was dropped on her.

As she wiped the water from her face, she counted exactly how many people had seen this and it was the whole school. She was their early morning recreation, a good laugh and God forgive her, she wanted to persecute them.

And she would start with him. Standing in the middle, he was giving his special-smirk' to her. 

"Welcome welcome.. aap aaye aur anand hi anand cha gaya!" he mocked, flapping his hands at her.

Saakshi's jaw clenched and she was almost gonna fist punch him to death but then the bell rang and everyone went to their respective classes; including him but not before giving her a flying kiss.

You're gonna pay for this Rawte.

Arjun was slightly confused at people as he walked down the hallway. As he waived at the girls, they giggled but as soon as he passed them, they gasped and started laughing. Even the boys were giving him a look before laughing their arses off.

What exactly was going on, he wondered.

Naksh, one of the basketball player, nudged him and asked, "hey captain, yeh kaise hua huh? Humhe toh pata hi nehi tha ki tum.. " and he started laughing, high-fiving his other team members.

"Main kya?" confused, Arjun asked but just then Saakshi walked by and stopped beside him; which was really unusual.

"Awww.." She made a sad, sympatric face at him. "I hope tumhe dard nehi ho raha ho.. poor you!" As he leaned a little to glare at her, she pulled his cheeks.

Arjun smacked her hands away. "Kya bakwas hai?" he asked, no one in particular, but Saakshi answered him, "Mood swings huh? Aise time pe Aisa hota hai.. koi na. You take care!" She patted him on his back and walked away, giving him an evil smirk'. 
"Buttcrack" she chuckled.

"Koi mujhe batayega ki hua kya hai?" Arjun yelled at his team-mates and they pointed at his back. He walked straight into the bathroom and turned his back on the mirror.

"shit!" he cursed.

There was a huge red spot on his white three-quarter pants right in between his bum.

Which he figured out happened during their art class when Saakshi "Accidently" bumped into his back and even said sorry'.

Sorry! She never says sorry.. God, he should have known better.
You're so in trouble, doremi. He snarled.

Later that day, their PE teacher had to untangle them as both of them were strangling each other; pulling hairs, scratching and what not.

By the end of the day, they got 2 weeks of detention.

10th grade, high school

"Give me my phone back, you jerk. Now!"  Saakshi screamed, trying to reach for his hand but Arjun just tossed it in his other hand and backed her up with his free hand while going through her phone.

She pinched, pushed, smacked and tried everything but he was out of reach. It totally sucks when you are barely 5 feet and you're opposing with a 6 feet tall buffalo.

So she tried the evergreen trick of "kick-that-jerk-on-the-shin".  But he was actually anticipating that move, so he pinned her to the wall using his legs. 10 years of making her life hell, Arjun by now had mastered all her anticipated moves and actions.

So she screamed and cursed. But there was actually no one who could hear her. The school buses had already left with all the students and only she and Arjun were remaining. 

"Dating I see?" he spitted out, going through her messages; she figured out.
"You bas**rd.. you can't read my personal messages." She yelled but he just glared at her and resumed reading. "is that the boy from 12th grade?" he asked, again.

"Main tumhe jawab kyu du?" she protested, glaring back. He ignored and spelled out his next question, "aur tum dono yaha akele' kya karne wale thhe?"

"Tumse matlab?" She snapped back which didn't go well with him and he smashed her phone on the ground while she yelped as if she was in pain.

"what the fu...!"

Of course she was.. her family won't give her new phone and this was Adhiraj's old phone. It was in pieces now!

Saakshi felt her eyes sting but controlled her anger, she won't cry.. not in front of him. 10 years in hell, and she never gave him what he wanted.
She didn't cry like other kids.. or complained. If she was having a bad day because of him, she sure as hell made sure that he had one too.

"you.." she snarled and emptied her entire slang book at him while he listened to her -amused.

"Hey.. leave her." Their little banter was broken by a honey-eyed boy from the senior class - that very same boy who was dating her. He came at him with his fist raised but clearly terrified of Arjun ; well, who wasn't?

He was an a** with his all bad-boy glory.

"Hey kid.. din't anyone tell you.. no one." He seethed at the poor boy, who was 5 inches shorter and 50 pounds lighter than him. "No one comes in between me and her."

"No one.. samjhe ya samjhau?"

Arjun released his grip on her to make a full SYS on him but Saakshi took him by surprise. She shoved him as hard as she could and actually managed to make him fall on his arse.

She took out his expensive phone out and smashed it like he did to hers. She even stumped on it just to make sure it was broken enough. "I hate you!" she snarled, stumping his phone with every word uttered.

He stood up and dusted off the mud, glaring at her and then her boyfriend'. Saakshi went by that boy and took his hand, pulling him with her. "Come on baby." She said to that boy', giving him one last disgusted look.

And he really hated that word "baby".

Junior Year, High School

Oh how she had prayed and even bribed Lord Ganesh with his favorite Modak but nope, she had a pure bad luck. Who could do anything about it?
She made her pencil extra sharp while he staggered his way towards the table she was sitting in. He was smirking, looking absolutely pleased about this situation. 

If she didn't need that extra money, Saakshi would smack that grin off his face and leave right now. But she did need money to buy a present for her brother.

So yeah, she'd sacrifice her Friday night with this jerk. Worse, teaching him math.

On the other hand, Arjun was as pleased as he possibly used to get everytime he came across her. His Doremi.

When his math teacher had put him in this situation, Arjun didn't think he'd be stuck with her. 

No staff, no teacher, no student, even no janitor would put these two together in a room. Being a newbie to this school district, his math teacher scheduled him extra classes with one of the brilliant students - Saakshi.

 And frankly, he didn't know it would be her.

Plus, even though he knew that she was the best nerd in town but he was damn sure she'd decline as soon as she learns about her student'.

Now this tuition was gonna be a hell lotta fun, he grinned and as if hearing his inner monologue, Saakshi rolled her eyes at him.

He glanced at the empty library and grinned again. 

"Do.. re.. mi" Arjun teased as he reached the table she was sitting in. She let out a sigh and dropped her pencil on the table with a thud.

"Dekho.. I know you can give a damn about this but I really need to do this." She started but as always, he played dumb to get her more flared up - if that's even possible.

"Do what? What do you wanna do to me?" He asked innocently, putting his arms around his chest. Saakshi shot him a disgusted look and he just smirked some more. Jerk!

"Mujhe tumse koi baat nehi karni hai.. aagle do ghante tak chup chap yaha bethe rehna. Mujhe pareshan bilkul matt karna aur badle mein I won't complain to your teacher that you didn't learn anything. Hell, I'll even take the blame on me. Samjhe?" Saakshi snarled, pointing her finger at him.

He put his hands up , "I'll behave, I promise." He said in his innocent voice to which Saakshi snorted. Of course, she would believe that if she didn't know better.

She'd be lucky if he sits quiet and not' doing anything to her for five minutes. Like binding her to this chair and leave her here for the night like he did in 2nd grade.

But she had a whole new agenda today so she took her homework sheets out and started doing them. Surprisingly, he sat quiet, silently admiring her too engrossed in her books.

Minutes passed and he got bored. If he wasn't bound by a promise, he would have arranged something for his entertainment. Like messing with his doremi.

But he feared her bigass brother.. if he knew that Arjun had hampered her study, Adhiraj would make sure Arjun was in pieces. Adhi wouldn't give a damn what he did to her otherwise ; which was a good thing. Even her brother knew well that Saakshi was sent to this earth only to be tortured by him - Arjun smugly mused.

Bored Arjun was his least favorite.. thus to waste some time, he opened his workbook and stared at the math problems. Slowly, he started doing them.. he didn't even pay attention when Saakshi helped him understand a problem and he solved it.

2 hours passed and he was done with all the math problems. He beamed at the paper gleefully before looking at her. Saakshi was arranging her stuffs and grinning - Arjun could see it.

Then it struck him. This was her plan all along. She knew he'd eventually start doing them once he gets bored.

"I get it know." He told her, grinning. 

"Tubelight." She remarked at him, before leaving.

"oyee.. " he snapped but by then she was out of the door. He gathered his stuff and went behind her,

There was no way he'd let her go home alone at this time. She didn't have any BF after the last one left for college (Thank God) and her family actually gave a damn about her safety. So he decided being the gentleman and walk to her house - from a distance, like he did every night.

And he still hadn't made her life hell for the day, he smirked.

And he dangled upside down from a tree as soon as she got on the corner of the deserted road and she screamed at his sudden appearance. He had a torchlight which he flashed on his face, making his face equally frightening in the dark. He laughed while she tried to calm her erratic heartbeat.

This was the best part of his day.

Scaring the daylight out of her.

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Hello.. LOL
so yeah.. I ain't gonna say anything.. Tongue 
wanted to put flashbacks somewhere between the chapters but then thought it'd be better to write the first chapter full of flashbacks so that you know, how they are! LOL

Anyhu... haven't proofread... so mwaafi magte hai Tongue gotta sleep.. mommy maregi nehi toh Cry

PMs tomorrow.. till then, laters baby! Wink


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Buahaah I love the banner! OMG his smirk!Blushing

Aww these two are so cute!Embarrassed So Arjun likes her, but loves to irritate the hell out of her!LOL
Love this story Tahi!!!Big smile Update soon!

BTW, I hope you are doing better nowEmbarrassed

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awesome starting!
Loved it
Very well written
Im just laughing by just imagining arjun and sakhsi as little kids in preschool and then in highschool .. LOL
Update soon
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Damn yA apple and auto-correct -___-

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Amazing story...really ...!!!!
Iam so so so much enjoying this story...!!!!
Kaash ...i mean it !!! kash is story pe koi ek show likh de...!!
I mean through out the time...while i was reading the back of my mind this was ringign like a bell...please koi ispe ek show bna do...!!!
M really haoppy you did this...i mean included this as a chapter and not as flashback...because isse we are more clear what is the equation exactly between Arjun and Sakshi...!!!!
M really excited for the next updates n i mean it...!!!!
will be waiting for it badly...please jaldi kahtam mt krna please please...!!!!!
M really enjoying your story like anything...!!!!!!!

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It's look really really crazy but nice please update soon

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