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~ || Chhanchhan bids Good-Bye with 100 Episodes || ~

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Appy: Hey Ali. Do you know.. your favourite show is going off-air?  Geek

Alina: I know..Unhappy I heard. Ouch Chhanchhan is such a beautiful show and the're ending it without any proper reason?! AngryAngry

Appy: I heard because of the TRPs? Ermm

Alina: Well.. yeah but I think every show should be given a chance.. it didn't even complete six months and it's ending already! Stern Smile

Appy: It was a saas-bahu show like many others so it was obvious that it will go off-air! Sleepy

Alina: no dear.. it's not! Chhanchhan is not a saas-bahu saga but it's a story about to individuals who are born in different families and have a different culture and their way of living, their lifestyle.. everything is different. It's the story about Chhanchhan who falls in love with Manav and has to face her future mother-in-law. After their marriage, when there were more scenes of the saas-bahu, many thought it's a typical show but they forget to see the CVs point I guess! A modern girl was trying to do her best to live happily ever after with her entire family and not just her hubby. I'll really miss their romance. Blushing Sanaya and Anuj have a mind-blowing chemistry, Supriyaji also did her part wekk playing a strict mother-in-law who doesn't hate her Bahu but just want her family to be happy. Not just 'em but the whole cast has done an amazing job! Clap Will miss Sanjana-Ranjana Bhabhi and Manthan's funny scenes. I'll miss everything! Cry

Appy: I've seen a scene after their suhagraat when Manthan awakes Manav.. it was damn funny! LOL

Alina: I remember.. Manav's expressions were worth watching..ROFL 

Appy: I'll definitely watch it now.. I've heard a different review from you! LOLTongue

Alina: definitely but first you should scroll down a bit and check the characters description and something on ChhanMan too! Wink

Appy: I will! Approve 

Alina: aand.. not to forget.. let's celebrate Chhanchhan's 100 Episodes also! PartyDancing

Please Join Us in this Celebration and don't forget to post your message, your views about the show, cast and etc. The Thread will be tweeted to Anuj! Cool and whoever is on Twitter, please follow and tweet him the link of the Thread! Embarrassed In an interview, he said he reads all tweets so he may visit the thread! Day Dreaming

Come on Chhanchhanians.. let's talk about our show! Approve

Not to forget, on behalf of all forum members, we want to thank our Written Updaters who provided WUs and Sano, Gunia & Ravjot for keeping our forum clean and far away from bad things! Big smile  i.e. thanks for moderating! Hug

Maine pehne party shoes
Gonna let my body loose
Aur lee hai thodhi booze,
Let's party on my mind 
Hai hobby hobby ride
Cause saturday hai night
Aur music bhi hai right
Let's party on my mind mind mind.

|Lyrics belong to Race 2|

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Chhanchhan Sarabhai is a modern girl who lives in Ahmadabad with her family. During her friend Poorvi's wedding, she meets Umaben who is in need of money. Realizing this, they stop the marriage immediately. From then on, Uma hates Chhanchhan. Chhanchhan meets Uma's son, Manav, and they hate each other at first sight. Despite the hatred, they keep bumping into each other and subsequently they begin falling for each other. One fine day, Manav confesses his love to Chhanchhan, and she shares his feelings.

Chhanchhan's family learns about her love and is happy for her. Then, Umaben finds out that her son loves Chhanchhan, so she pretends to be ill to get Manav to listen to her. Uma tells her family that she will only get better if Manav marries a girl of her choice and Manav accepts her decision. Meanwhile, Himanshu, Manav's friend, says that he will make Uma and Chhanchhan meet each other so Manav can marry Chhanchhan. They meet at the ashram where Chhanchhan works, and she finds out that Manav is Uma's son.

Uma says that she prefers a traditional daughter-in-law in contrast to Chhanchan, who is modern. Manav hears this and plans to run away that night. Uma finds out and attempts to stop him but fails. That night Uma Ben faints again and is rushed to hospital. Manav finds out and Chhanchhan also comes with him. Chhanchhan calls the doctor and tells him to save Uma's life. When Umaben is better she finds out that Chhanchhan saved her life, and she tells Manav that she will make Chhanchhan the youngest daughter-in-law and that she has accepted Chhanchhan. But Uma actually hates her and is planning to ruin the wedding. Manav tells Chhanchhan's family and they are happy and the next day Chhanchhan's parents go and meet Umaben. Umaben is very happy about this. Chhanchhan and Manav begin searching for the man who pretended to be Chhanchhan's ex-fianc. They find him and the man reveals the truth: that he lied about him and Chhanchhan. This truth is revealed to both families. Chhanchhan and Manav's marriage proceedings start. Chhanchhan and Manav get happily married. But Umaben vows to get Chhanchhan out of the house within 30 days after her Grahapravesh. Umaben tries to create difficult situations for Chhanchhan in the house but Chhanchhan always had a solution for it. Chhanchhan meets a girl named Sonali in her sister Rushali's parlor. Sonali and Chhanchhan are both surprised to hear that Chhanchhan's husband's name and Sonali's fiance's name is same, Manav. Chhanchhan is shocked to hear Sonali's fiance's full name is Manav Borisagar. Chhanchhan realises that Umaben is trying to make Manav marry to Sonali. Chhanchhan reveals this truth to Manav and next day they both meet Sonali and ask her fiance's full name.Sonali lies about her fiance's full name telling name Manav Nagar. Chhanchhan decides to investigate the truth. Chhanchhan leaves Manav's house and goes to her parents house. Chhanchhan starts to collect proofs against Umaben and Sonali so she follows Sonali to a temple where Uma is telling Sonali that she will kick out Chhanchhan in one month and make Manav to marry Sonali. Chhanchhan overhears this and records in the video camera. Uma's true face is surfaced. Chhanchhan confronts Umaben about this and asks about the reason. Umaben reveals that she hates Chhanchhan because she broked Purvi's marriage at first, accusing Umaben for forcing to give dowry and Umaben also tells that she fears that Chhanchhan's modern thoughts will break the house. Chhnachhan promises that she will win Umaben's trust and never let her house break. later differences are created between Komodi and Mughut as Mughout start liking Mayuri who used to double cross men for money. Chhanchhan and Manav re-unite them as Mughout sensed the true colours of Mayuri. Then from that time Umaben starts to like Chhanchhan and another day Manav's father suffers a cardiac arrest. Then he decides to add a competition for choosing the right pair capable for his successor this now starts creating differences in the whole family. Chhanchhan is now sensing that Manav is getting closer to his ex-girlfriend Rupali and Manav is sensing the same for Chhanchhan's officemate Vineet.

On the other hand kaumudi and chhanchhan feel that the family is drifting apart due to the competition wherein the family members have started to foil each others work. Soon Umaben leaves for a teerth yatra. Meanwhile manav gifts chhanchhan a western dress and asks her to wear it for him. However chhanchhan refuses stating family members would oppose it but later agrees. However on the night she is supposed to wear due to some circumstances she is unable to wear the dress to a date with manav. Manav gets angry and scolds chhanchhan for this. Rupali enters the scene and taunts chhanchhan for not satisfying manav's wishes. Chhanchhan insults rupali by saying that she has no indian values. Rupali leaves the place in anger. The same night rupali calls manav angrily and asks him to meet her the next morning regarding the contract she had to give.

The next day rupali proposes to manav and asks him to leave Chhanchhan for her. She says that she loves him from college days and also make him successful in life. Manav scolds her and leaves the place. He also throws the contract papers on her face. Rupali takes this as an insult and plans to get back on manav.

The next morning a case is filed against borisagar enterprises stating that they had supplied inferior quality materials. Manav gets in a fight with the claimant harish, in front of the police, since he insults mathilal. Next day manav and Chhanchhan go on a drive to ease the mood. A person on a bike wearing helmet deliberately comes and collides with manav's car and falls unconscious. it is revealed to be harish and in the hospital he is declared dead. Manav is arreated upon charges of murder of harish and is jailed. Chhanchhan realizes this is all rupali's doing and confronts her.

Due to the case the borisagar family starts to lose respect in the society. Their business runs into losses. People start to insult their family. Umaben is removed as head of mahil sanstha and people seeking mansi's hand for marriage turn back.

Amidst all this it is realized that harish is alive. Manav records proof of this in his mobile. He shows this to rupali stating that he will show this in court the next day. The next day rupali hires goons to beat up manav and retrieve the phone in which they succeed.

Everyone welcomed ChhanChhan and Manav. The entire family celebrated Dadaji's 75th Birthday. ChhanChhan along with Manav, Manthan performed a skit on ChhanChhan's journey in Borisagar house. Uma Behen confessed that initially she hated ChhanChhan but now she thinks ChhanChhan is best for her family. When it was time to announce the winner of the contest which was given by Babuji, which couple would be eligible to rule the house, all the brothers agreed to work under their father and help him instead of anyone ruling the entire family business. Dadaji was very proud of his family and everyone lived together in the Borisagar house happily ever after.

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(Sanaya Irani)

I belong to the new generation
Yet respect and practice all the old values
I have the patience
To solve all problems
My Family is my life.
My Love is my world.


(Anuj Sachdeva)

I am the pampered son of my family.
And the apple of my mother's eye
Loving my wife is my job,
Can never can see her sob.
Sometimes I trust people easily,
but that is just the job of being me.

Uma Ben

(Surpiya Pathak)

I am a protector
Hurt my family, and I will eliminate you.
Take a stand against me and I will crush you.
By breaking the rules, you invite my wrath.
But with my loved ones, I am a soft mush.
My family is my life.
My sons and Bahus are my world.


(Anang Desai)

The leader of the family,
He is the wisest one.
He holds a soft spot for his wife,
And wants his children to succeed.


(Rohini Bannerji)

Caring for others is my motto.
Happiness in my family is my lotto.
I am the invisible glue of my house.
I am as quiet as a mouse.
If you ask the mirror on the wall,
Kaumudi would be the most selfless one of all.


(Rajiv Kumaar)

He is a man in charge of his family.
But loves them all the same.
A man who was misled in life,
but was brought on the right path by his wife.
Responsible is his second name,
Mukut is his first name.


(Deepti Dyani)

She is clever fox of the family,
Who thinks she looks like a beautiful Lily.
She wants a romantic husband,
who is rather always on an errant.
She loves jewelries and clothes,
But supports her family when problems grow.


(Romanch Mehta)

He is the calm ocean compared to his brothers.
But unfortunately has too many medicines.
No matter how hard he tries,
His wife is never satisfied.
Being a diplomat is in his personality-
A smart man is he.  


(Anushre Bathla)

She seems like a puppet
But has a bug heart of her own.
Her innocent mind and queries
lightens up the families.
Sanjana loves her Sajan,
Who she holds the most important. 


(Jimit Trivedi)

Grey defines his as a character.
Comedy is his genre.
Thinks logically rather than emotionally,
but is always there for his family.
A man who loves to save money,
And his wife is his honey.


(Vivida Kriti)

She is the youngest of them all.
The only sister of 4 brothers,
she is pampered the most.
Her innocence makes her the most lovable.


(Arvind Vaidya)

His love for his wife is admirable,
And his wise words are important for the family.
He loves his family with all his might,
And wants his children to shine bright.
His family are his life,
but he still misses his wife. 


(Dheeraj Mighlani)

A man who is easily smitten.
He is a very dear friend.
His naivety steals out heart,
he is the cutest by far. 



Full of sweet is her heart.
Her wise words with albeit humor,
lightens up your heart.
She is most adorable of them all.


(Anjali Mukhi)

History is her favorite,
Mother is her name.
Gives freedom to her children,
while loving them all the same.


(Deepak Pareek)

The most adorable father he is,
His children are his life.
Holding a soft spot for Chhanchhan,
He is the best father of them all. 


(Cheshta Mehta)

She is a creative soul,
Tattooing is her talent.
She loves her family,
And is always there for them.


(Shraman Jain)

He is a carefree brother
who loves his family.
Wildlife photography is his passion.
A great friend describes him as a person. 


(Charu Asopa)

She is the best friend anyone can get.
A person you want in life, I can bet.
She brightens up your life with a smile,
She wants to life her life freestyle.

Other Characters are Deeya Chopra as Poorvi (Chhanchhan's friend), Tapeshwari Sharma as Sonali (Daughter-in-law selected by Uma ben for Manav), Shruti Bapna as Rupali (Manav's ex-girlfriend) & Vishal Solanki as Vineet (Chhanchhan's officemate).

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We met,
We fought
We argued, 
We lost.
Then the moment came
When you saved me
And finally one day
You proposed to me.
I lost my soul
I lost my heart
I understood that
We cannot live apart
Then like a prince you kissed your bride
Not caring about your mother's pride.
You supported me through the thick and thins
And you proved it that true love always wins.
The Rain Dance
You first gift
Our First night on the terrace
We joined our heart beat.

My life was nothing without you.
No matter what we do it always feels new.

Manav Saving Chhanchhan

The first feeling aroused between chhanchhan and manav was when manav saved chhanchhan from dying drowning in the lake. Manav not only saved Chhanchhan but he saved anarkali too despite of being allergic to dogs.
Eyes met and conveyed a silent thankyou by chhanchhan and a silent regret by manav
First step towards love friendship was started at this stage.

Manav Proposing Chhanchhan

He finally realized his love out of the fear loosing chhanchhan .The confession was sudden and unexpected but the feelings were true.The words"I Love You" made them toghether forever.

Chhachhan Manav marriage

Thier marriage was not like a normal one. Problems came in thier path but they crossed all the hurdles bieng toghether. Their biggest hiatus was Manav's mother who was dead against their marriage and who silently tried to break it. But their trust and love for each other won over all the hatred.

And crossing all the hurdles they were finally married to each other.

Manav's First Gift to Chhanchhan

Manav gave kamarbandh to chhanchhan during jagaratra. It was their suhaag raat as well. but their mother Uma Ben purposely kept it so that Manav and Chhanchhan becomes to tired to enjoy their Suhagraat. However Manav called Chhanchhan in the gazobo and very romantically gave her a beautiful kamarbandh. He himself tied it round her waist then then kissed her on her lips for the first time.

Roof top suhag raat with rain

Cancelling thier trip to gir forest chhanchhan pissed manav and too make up to him chhanchhan decorated their rooftop garden to surprise him...When Manav reached their in search for Chhanchhan it started raining It was as if even God was on their side to make their night romantic. Manav acknowledged Chhanchhan effort and forgave her. They danced together, laughed together and spent some quality time with each other and at the end they made love.

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Introduction: Alina

Chhanchhan Ki Kahani: Wikipedia

Chhanchhan Ki Family (Characters): LazilyAnonymous - The Original Description Idea goes to Titaliya_AP & ..SankiMedhz/IPK Forum.

ChanMan, Ek Pyaar Sa Bandhan: Appy & ..hrideyy.. | Poem by Appy

Graphics: Appy & Alina

Layout: Alina & Appy

Special Thanks to my sweetheart Appy Hug for everything! LOL

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Dear Team Chhanchhan,
I want to thank you for entertaining us for the last six months. The show tried to do something new and sometimes this pays off and other times it does not, however your effort is recognized and appreciated. This show highlighted some important social and gender issues and handled them without much melodrama or tears. In a lighthearted way it communicated many important messages.

I really think this show had one of the most talented set of actors. Each one fit the role well and brought their respective character to life. A special mention for three main leads though every actor was awesome. Sanaya Irani has made a special place in my heart as the sensible, mature and calm Chhanchhan. She has the rare ability to make each of her character distinct and relatable. She is one of the finest actresses on Indian television today. Supriyaji is truly a class apart and what an enormous talent. It was a treat for us to watch her as Umaben. Last but not the least, Anuj brought back to life the character of Manav and made him one of the most endearing hero on television. 

Good Luck to the entire cast and crew, wishing you all greater success and happiness in life and thank you again for bringing a smile to our face. Though it was a short journey you guys left a deep impression in our hearts.

By: showviewer

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Amazing post.. Especially loved the character intro/Chhanchhan ki family part..
As about the show, i really liked the fact that they tried to make a difference, to try something new in a world of stereotypes.. It was a cute family show and loved the way they depicted the contrast between the 2 families- the Sarabhais n the Borisagars. 

The portrayal of a couple with perfect understanding and totally in love was very cute and the scenes with the extended family added flavor to it..

Although it was a very brief duration i liked how the character of Umaben progressed from totally hating Chhanchhan to making her the laadli bahu in real sense.

There were flaws n there were issues.. Nevertheless it was a nice viewing experience.

Wishing all the very best and success to the entire cast & crew of Chhanchhan. Anuj Sachdeva special thanks for making the show so much better, still wish u had been there from the beginning.. Supriyaji wonderful performance as usual. And i'd like to say i really really really liked Dadaji, my favourite character after CC, Arvind Vaidyaji u r awesome.

Thanks Alina & Appy for the post !

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This is a wonderful thread!!! I love it!!! Good Job Alina and Appy especially!!! 

Anuj and Sanaya created one of the cutest couples as Manav and ChhanChhan!! They were one of the most realistic couple. Their relationship was based on trust and understand. Kudos for Sanaya and Anuj for giving us this realistic yet adorable couple!! 

I have followed ChhanChhan since the beginning. It was a old concept of saas-bahu but they planned to show this relationship in a different light or from an different angle. They were successful to some extent. It was a brilliant idea which needed a stronger foundation. Nevertheless, it was a treat to watch ChhanChhan. 

All the actors have portrayed the characters in a way which touched our heart!!!

Thanks TeamChhanChhan For Giving Us ChhanChhan

~ Lazy

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