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Originally posted by Arjunkibehen

SISSY!!! KYA BAAT KYA BAAT!! Thread 3? Tum to rail gaadi daurane lagi ho behna..!! 
Anyways.. SUPERB Part!! Jitni marji baar padhoon maza phir bhi aata hai!! :D!!

LOVED it!!!

Muah! for this story!!!!!!!
kahan rail? discont nhi krti to ab tak 5 thread ho chuka hotaLOL

glad u like it

Originally posted by cute_ariya

awesome story loved it plz plz update fast love ariya 
will update soon

Originally posted by Anushass

nice update dear... continue soon...
thank u

Originally posted by Aabish_02

It was awesome part
precap is interesting
cont soon
will do

Originally posted by ashmijoseph

super update
thank u

Originally posted by khemanisarita

beautiful update
love it

Originally posted by Radhika Shah

Great update
Congrats on new thread
thank u

Originally posted by khemanisarita

beautiful update
love it

Originally posted by skrafty

congrats for thread 3
update was superb
loved rathore's confession
precap is very interesting
waiting to see what happens next
glad u like it

Originally posted by Shivi1997

Awsm update
continue soon
Big smile

Originally posted by shah10

Wow. Love it

Originally posted by nakshatra92

nice part...
shai is so funny...

wow ETF ladki bhagane keliye jaa rahe hai... LOL

update soon
plan to aisa hi hainLOL thankx for comment

Originally posted by ll_megha_ll

for new thread.

it was awesome, blossom, amazing, fantastic, fabulous, super, duper, blockbuster and mindblowing update my dear riyu.
loved the way rathore is proposing shaina.
loved song.

my choice sweetyCool one of my fav song
so arjun is indirectly proposed riya in front of everyone
all zre trying to manofy rathore for ladki bhagao abhiyanROFLROFL
so shree says to riya that usse arjun ko patana chahiye.ROFL
continue soon.
and thanx for pm.
glad u liked it and thankx for cake

Originally posted by devildiva21

congratz rii for the new thread...!!!!TongueLOLWink
sukriya...hopefully this will be last threadLOL

ab update pe kya bolu... teko phle se hi pta hai..
but chal dobara bol deti hu..!!!!
haha bol de i like to hear my taarif again and againLOLLOL

superb yar...!!!
so finally sam ji proposed shaina...!!!! am loving this crazy shai...LOLLOL
tujhe pata hain na kaisi shai chahti thi main?LOL chalo ye bhi achi hain...pata nahi itni pagal shai kahan se ban gayiLOLLOLLOL

aur wo shai ke parents se baat wala scene..!!!
by god sab kitni tension mai theROFLROFL
chalo finally engagement bhi ho gyi..!!!Wink
aahan kya song choose kiya.. my fav...
my choice fav song tooWink one of many

omg arjun proposed riya.. chalo indirectly hi sai but he kind of proposed naWink
lol ladki bhago.. mission chalu...ROFLROFL kya dhamaka hai shai ki engagement pe...!!!
ab pran star ki engagement mein dhamaka to hona hi chahiyeLOL

omg arjun will helpWink phir aayga asli mazze...1!
continue soon..!!!
will do..iss baar chodne wali nahiWink

Originally posted by life93

hi riyaHug...awesomeWink...
congo on 3rd threadParty...
finaly shai and rathore ki engagement ho gayiWinkLOL...
wow an arjun and rathore ameena ko hagayengeShockedShockedShocked...
update soonHug
thank u...plan to aisa hi hainLOL stay tuned

Originally posted by AnjuRish

he hehe now ri has to convince arjun to help amina and chotu
well its the plan i supposeLOL

Originally posted by pihu_angad

Congrats for new thread..
Awesome update.
continue soon..
thank u

Originally posted by Kaval05

i am so happy that you have started to continue this ff. really love it especially how you try to have part of every ones life. update soon looking forward to see what arjun gets in return for helping Riya
well it was a stupid idea to discont itSleepy and its not about arjun riya only, everyone in this FF gets a chance in their love and life...glad u like it

Originally posted by pankhuri96

Superb ria di.
Awsm updt...
Aab etf dulhan vi vagayegi...
thank u

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awesome story loved it plz plz update fast love ariya 
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Posted: 19 September 2013 at 2:20pm | IP Logged
nice update dear... continue soon...
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It was awesome part
precap is interesting
cont soon
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Posted: 20 September 2013 at 5:12am | IP Logged
super update
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buhhahhahahhaLOLLOL yeah so soon another updateOuch

actually i am sooo happy... hopefully LBC will be over in another 6- 8 updatesParty 

my KBBs i know u guys are thinking how it will be over in 6-8 updates? woh aise...i cut short many partsWink and will be over in 6-8 part maxDancing so my deaires, please bear with the last chapters...i seriously hope u like all the madness and seriousness, and long updates tooEmbarrassed


''shhh .chup ho ja, sun mera plan.'' He said something in her ear, and literally pushed a reluctant riya towards the place where Arjun was standing and sipping juice, while scanning the whole party through his eyes. Riya  gulped down in fear, and sighed deeply.

''sir .'' She started, while arjun jumped that she was suddenly talking to him.

''err .yeah '' he was speechless.

There was silence from both the sides. Riya cleared her throat after some seconds, after getting repeated glares and signals from shree from some distance.

''err sir .woh, chotu ka call aya tha he needs help. Umm so I was  ..err .aap ayenge?'' she directly asked the question, without going roundabout.

''huh?'' he didn't get what she was saying. She repeated again.

''who, chotu is in some kind of trouble.he called, he need help. So we all were thinking if u come with us to help him.''

''what kind of trouble?'' he asked.

''err .'' She had no answer, shree again shot a glare and she cover it up, ''umm kuch nahi bataya .he just said to come quickly.''

Arjun's eye brows joined in confusion, but he nodded, not before teasing her.

''to sab chahte hain ki main ayu?''

She nodded.

''aur tum?'' he stared at her intently. She was speechless again. This man was too much he actually said those 3 words tonight through song, and now this. She didn't want to answer, but another glare from shree and thinking of chotu, she answered.

''main bhi .. ab pls, chale?''

Arjun smirked, and nodded. Then he followed her towards where Rathore puja shai was standing. Shree also joined them.

''arjun, sun rahe ho ki kya keh rahe hain yeh?'' sam asked, without knowing what is going on and what riya has samjhaoofy him.

''haan I think we should help.'' Arjun answered, without thinking anything.

''kya?'' sam was shocked like nothing. Puja shai also shocked, shree smirked in mind and saying himself thank u, while riya cursed shree  in mind.

''haan .he needs help, and we should help him.'' Arjun said what he knew, and sam was speechless.

Its called love .ur all senses are gone . Sam thought in mind, and shook his head in disbelieve. Arjun said,

''so, chale?''

Everyone came out from shocked state. They all nodded and soon they were out of party.

''chotu will say thank u to me.'' Said shree to riya.

''u are going to face him .'' threatened riya , and shree's smile vanished to think about facing rathore and arjun after all.

The whole team snick out from the party, and went to the address which chotu msged to riya. They reached the venue, its small jhopri type house, and from far the sound was coming from a big house, where a wedding was being held.

Chotu was relieved to see riya and shree, but was scared when saw rathore was glaring at him.

Shree approached him, and he was smiling little, ''thanks yaar aneke liye.''

Shree tried to hide what chotu was saying about, ''haan .ana hi tha, dost muskil mein jot ha.''

Arjun asked, ''chotu, tumhe problem kya hain?''

Riya cursed shree and glared in a you tell him look. Rathore was surprised, ''tumhe nahi pata ki hum yahan kyu aye hain?''

''yeh pata hain ki chotu kisi problem mein hain.'' Arjun answered, and his eyes brows joined as he saw riya was biting her lip in tension and glaring at shree, while the other was scared.

  Rathore shai puja was shocked. Rathore nearly yelled, ''hum yahan pe ladki bhagane aye hain arjun, aur who bhi chotu ke liye.''

''kya?'' arjun shouted back, and glared to riya in you are so gone look, and riya went behind shai to hide herself.

''yeh shree ka idea tha.'' Riya mumbled in a small tone, and shree was looking here and there to find a way to run, while puja laughed aloud.

Shai said, ''oh ho ab jo ho gaya, so ho gaya chotu, kya plan hain?''

Arjun was shocked more than anything, ''main yahan pe ladki bhagane aya hoon? I just cant believe this.'' He continued to glare at riya, and she was hiding more herself behind shai.

''ab barbar yeh bolne se kuch badal nahi jayega arjun, agar tumhe itni problem ho rahi hain, to jao.'' Shai answered him back, while arjun was getting more angry.

Shree also tried to change the topic, ''haan, chotu, bol na, kya plan hain?''

Chotu mumbled, and little ashamed too, ''umm who, hum sab andar jayenge, aur main switch off kar denge. Uske baad andhere ke beech amina ko lekar bhaag jayenge.''

Everyone stared at him open mouth, ''wah, kya planning hain chotu kahan se sikha?'' asked puja, and shai riya shree giggled. Rathore also tried to suppress his laughter, and arjun rolled his eyes.

''wah, kya planning hain waise tumhe pata hain ki main switch kahan hain? Aur humein amina miegi kahan bhagane ke liye? Kahin hum ladki ke room mein ghush ke use kidnap to nahi karne wale na?'' arjun was more pissed after hearing chotu's lame plan.

''sirf plan ke loop hole nikal ne se koi fayda nahi '' riya was little angry at arjun now, for not helping chotu and lecturing him more, ''agar koi acha plan ho to bataiye.'' She crossed her arm on chest, and stared at him.

Arjun was surprised at the way she answered him back, and also she stared at him. He cleared his throat and tried to say something, but was cut by riya.

''rehne dijiye hum chotu ka plan follow karenge .agar help karna chahte hain, to kijiye, warna chup chap kone mein khare ho jaiye.'' Riya snapped more, and everyone was open mouth at the way she shut arjun up. Rathore could not help but say, ''wah !'' to her in mind.

Soon, the 3 ladies were ready to go into the house.they were already dressed for a function, so there was no problem in it. Chotu had already brought a gift, so they were ready to go. But the problem was how the boys will enter.

''mere paas ek idea hain.'' Shai said and rathore riya cursed in mind. Rathore remembered all the plan of her he had witnessed, and riya remembered the way she mixed bhang in cold drinks during holi and their entry through back door in commissioner's office.

Shai planned to make the men wear burkha to hide themselves. Puja make shree wear it, and shai just glared to rathore, and he happily wear it. Arjun was not ready at all decided he will seat in the car, and will be ready. So the final plan was they all will enter the house, except arjun. The ladies will be with amina, and the gents will find the main switch. As soon they turn off the main switch, the ladies will run along with amina, and the gents will follow them behind.they will reach the car, and arjun will drive fast and soon they will be out of it.

So as per plan, the ladies entered with a gift, and introduced themselves as amina's friends. They introduced the gents as their cousin sister, and got entry. They entered the main hall, where all guests were sitting. The ladies settled down, while the gents roamed to find the main switch.

Rathore was already irritated with all this, and now this was itching badly, and he could not remove it. He yelled in frustration, ''dammit!!!''

Shree and chotu jumped on him and placed their mouth on his.Rathore was nearly expired with so much pressure on mouth, he was having breathing problem.thankfully none heard his yelling.

''sir abhi nahi .bahar jake jitna dammit bolna hain, bol lijiye.'' Chotu said pleading. Rathore glared through the eyes, and choree quickly removed the hand. Shree mumbled to himself, ''iss chotu ke wajeh se aaj main samjhey ya samjhaoon, aur dammit, dono se pitoonga.''

Soon the gents find the main switch, and stood there. Rathore quickly msged to shai.

''abhi karoon kya?''

Shai got the msg, and replied

''nahi baad mein.''

So the men stood there waiting for the girls's msg.

The girls were waiting impatiently for the bride to come. And the bride came too, looking beautiful, with many friends and relative accompanying her.she slowly came and sat in the middle of the hall room.

''wow kya choice hain chotu ki.'' Said shai to the other ladies, and the others nodded. Amina was looking really nice. The saying , girl look most beautiful during their wedding, is clearly proved by her.

The 3 ladies went near her, amina recognized riya. She smiled a little, and the 3 ladies smiled back in assurance. Shai quickly msged rathore.

''abhi .jaldi.''

Rathore got it, and said to the other men, ''it's the time .'' The 3 men placed their hand on the handle, and rathore said, ''on the count of 3, 2 1, and .''

Suddenly, the whole house was dark due to load shedding .shai was most close to amina, and she grabbed her arm, and quickly make her steady. The 4 ladies then ran through the main door like their life is depended on it, without stopping or looking at anything. because of the darkness, none realized what is going on, or some were running passed them.

As soon as they turn off the main switch, shree yelled, ''run!!!!'' and the 3 men ran like a maniac through the way they came. Chotu was about to go another way, rathore dragged him with them, and soon they were also out of the house.

The 4 ladies were now out of the house, and looked here and there for the car. Arjun's eyes fell on them, so he quickly drove near them, and pressed the horn. The ladies ran towards the car, and quickly sat in the seats. Soon the men also followed them and settled in the seats, and arjun drove like a racing driver and in no time they were out of this all.

The car was silent for a while, then soon all the person yelled, clapped, cheered, and hugged each other in excitement and happiness.all teased chotu and amina, and they blushed. In the mean time, shai's mother called, and she quickly made an excuse of private celebration and hung up.

''abhi kahan jana hain?'' Asked arjun.

''mere ghar.'' Chotu answered, looking at amina, and she blushed.

''arre, chotu, tune aai ko bataya ?'' asked shree. everyone was suddenly tensed.

''haan, in fact yeh bhagane ka idea unhi ka tha ..'' confessed chotu blusing, and everyone was open mouth in surprise. Then all burst in laughter. Arjun also smiled, and his eyes fell on the mirror, where riya's image was captured. Maybe riya also noticed him staring at her  through mirror. She looked at it, and said thank you through eyes.

The night passed, and the very next day, chotu and amina was married in marriage register office. Everyone was very happy .the madness was worth of the smile and shine on chotu amina's face.chotu took everyone for treat, and rathore arjun politely excused themselves, there was a meeting with commissioner. Chotu's mom also excused her to leave the children alone, and then it was only shai, puja riya and shree with chotu amina.

They were eating pure mughlai khana, as per amina's choice. Riya asked, ''amina, tumne apne ghar walon ke bare mein kya socha? I mean kab bata rahi ho unhe?''

Chotu was tensed, and everyone stopped eating. It was a vital question, and riya cursed herself to say it in such a good mood. Amina answered.

''humein nahi lagta humare ghar wale humein abhi apnayenge .'' Her sad tone was unavoidable.

Shree could not help but ask, ''chotu humesha kehta tha, kit um apne father ko bohot manti ho .to unke khilaf jana .'' He didn't finish. Amina sighed.

''haan hum unhe bohot mante hain, bohot mohabbat karte hain unse, par hum unke pasand ke ladke saath kabhi khush nahi reh paate ..'' she paused, and then smiled, ''humein yakeen hain, ki jab who humein khush dekhenge, tab who humein zaroor maaf kar denge.''

The atmosphere was little sad, but when puja is there, why fear? ''arre, chodo na in sab baton ko guya .to chotu apni love story batao shree aur ri ko to pata hi hain .par mujhe aur di ko to nahi pata na ..come on .''

Chotu blushed, and soon the atmosphere was full of love, friendship and teasing.


what the hell shree chotu are doing outside shai's bedroom's window?Ouch pitne ka irada hain kya rowdy rathore se? ROFL

guys, please write a little more in your replies...2- 3 lines about the update, please?Embarrassed

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Wow. Superb update
Love riya
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awesome update

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