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holla people...i am very happy to welcome u guys in the 3rd thread of LBC aka Love By ChanceBig smile

uff...3rd thread...i bet we were in 5 th thread if i had not discontinued it...but its better late than i am, with the 3rd thread, to pakaofy u all...LOL hope fully u all will bear me like always...atleast i hope soOuch

new chapter in below...well its long like all time...

link of thread one 

thread 2

summary of thread one

the story start after Riya Mukherjee, a research specialist and criminal psychologist entered in ETF after many years. she was part of it earlier but went back to USA for some personal reasons.her best friend, Shreekant Sen was elated and soon she mixed up with the Team.but she and the second hand command, Arjun Suryakant Rawte, were loggerheads with each other.there are some cases, their bondings, as well as some past revealed. Arjun left his parents yers ago only to marry his love of life, Roshni. but fate was cruel and she was killed by Sikandar, a ruthless criminal.Rathore's parents were also killed by a gang of underworld , as his father was a police officer too and he was handling a mission to finish them off.Shree was in love with a girl, but her family was  killed by Sikandar and she was brutally assaulted. she was now in mental hospital and shree looked after her . Chotu's father was a part of drug dealing gang, and was killed during a police encounter. he had to live all his life listening to mockings made by people as a son of a bad man.he was trying to make his aai proud, and make his life better.Riya's sister commited suicide, after giving birth her child, as the father of the child refused to take their responsibility.there is also new faces, Shaina Singh, ASP and part of Crima Branch and Puja Singh, her sister, IT head and part of Crime branch, the daughters of Commisioner Singh. Shai is also the best friend of Sameer Rathore, and they both share a special bond.Shai loves him, but he is not sure about his feelings.the girl in shree's life has died, and shree is heartbroken. but he still tried to move on with the help of Riya, his best friend and Puja, a new friend who is just like him, Gazette freak.

many days have passed, team ETF was never so strong than now. the team share a special bond.the trio choRee-riya, shai- riya , puja-shree, sam-shai and of course, chotu-amina(11.30 wali Amina)...all are connected with each other. Ariya are also more tolearant to each other and at some point they both feel a attraction for each other.but now the questions are,if ariya could fall in love? arjun cant think of other person than Roshni and Riya is scared to love,thanks to the example of her sister.will they be together ever? will Sameer realise that shai means more than friend for him? will shree fall in love with puja and give love another chance?what will be the future of choMina? and most importantly, will Sikandar and pathan lala be caught? what will the impact of them in the characters life?

summary of thread 2

in this 2nd thread there is some shocking revealations...before that arjun's deep feelings for riya, and his own realisation he loves her. now how chotu's father was not a drug dealer, but a police informer, who helped rathore's father in the secret mission. riya's past, and pathan's entry and very soon exit. riya's breakdown, ariya near kiss, riya's hiding her emotions as she fears arjun will hate her thanks to her connection with a criminal. sam proposing shaina and their soon to be engagement, shree puja deep going frndship.

so will arjun ever come to know about riya's past? will ever riya able to move on and give her desire a chance? what will happen to chotu amina and shree puja?

jaan ne ke liye padte rahiye LBCWink

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Sameer was waiting impatiently for shaina in the backyard of a 5 star restaurant. It was beautifully decorated, and was booked especially for them. He was very nervous, and excited too.suddenly he heard footsteps and turned.and his breathing stuck in his throat.

Shai was looking breathtakingly beautiful in a deep green gown. She blushed a little, and slowly come towards him.he continued to look at her like that.

''you look beautiful.'' He whispered in her ears as soon as he hugged her. She whispered back.

''don't I look beautiful other time?''

''ummno.'' he teased and earned a slap from her on shoulder.

The couple settled down and soon engrossed in their talks. They were friends from many years, they are dating from past 2 months, they talk frequently on the phone, but still their topic of discussion was never ending. They are a unique couple, being bff for many days, they knew each other too well, and they are the only couple in world who talk about cricket match on a date! They can pass days after days only talking about everything, and never getting bored.

Rathore happily let her know that Arjun is back in his life, to which she was very happy . she knew how much he missed him, and now he is very happy. Sameer's whole life is finally at ease now, the culprit responsible for his parents dead now dead himself, thus freeing him from the ghosts of past.he also get his old friend back. He is now truly happy. She wished his smile remained intact like this forever.

After finishing their dinner and drinks, it was the time of test for rathore. He took a deep breth, and slowly get up from his seat. Shai was little surprised at first, but her eyes were went like saucers as he took out  a small box from his back pocket and bend on his knees.

''oh my god.'' She gasped and in excitement, she also leaned down in front of him.

''dammit shai, you are ruining the mood. The man is supposed to bend down on knees.'' 

Sameer scolded her, being so silly.

''oh'' she got it and quickly stood up. The smile was like nothing on her face. Her eyes were shining with joy, and unlike the other girls who start to cry even before the proposal, she was ready and happy.

''shaina singh, '' sameer took a deep breath and started, smiling fully, ''will you do me the extraordinary honor of marrying me? Will you spend 365 days, 12 months, 7 days in a week with me? I want to live my life with you, grow old with you, laugh with you, care for you. I want to be with you as long as I live. So, will you be mine, forever?''

He expected the answer, though he already know what it will be. The smile and shine on her face was only positive. ''yes.'' She said, smiling more broadly, and he hold her hand, placed the ring on her finger, and kissed on the fingers softly.then he stood up and hugged her tightly.

''thank you.'' He whispered. This is it. If heaven is so full of happiness and peace, he can say it is the ultimate heaven for him. His life is now perfect. 

Jo khwabon khayalon mein socha nahi tha

Tune mujhe itna pyar diya

Main jab bhi jahan bhi kadhi dhup mein tha

 Teri julfon ne mujhpe saya diya

Haan tu hain, haan tu hain ,meri baton mein tu hain

Meri khwabon mein ,tu yaadon mein tu, iraadon mein tu hain

Iraadon mein tu hain


''so, papa se kab baat kar rahe ho?'' she asked him, still in his embrace.

''err..'' he had not thought it. And he is feeling very nervous about it.

''jaldi puch lo.i cant wait to be your fiance.'' She whispered back, and he smiled more.

Hain teri inayat mujhpe giri hain

Hothon pe mere hasi jo khili hain

Yeh mera chehra chupa bhi na paye

Tujhe pake haasil huyi jo khushi hain

Tujhe pake hasil huyi jo khushi

Haan tu hain haan tu hain meri baton mein tu hain

Mere khwabon mein tu yaadon mein tu iraadon mein tu hain

Iraadon mein tu hain


The 5 friends were sitting in shai's bedroom, biting their nail off in tension. The only relaxed person in there was Arjun. Well, they had every reason to be tensed. Sameer was talking to shai's parent about their relation. Though there was no reason for them to reject him, they already think of him as a son, and maybe they will accept him too. But this tensionit always come in every occasion.

''shaina, relax, they will say yes.'' Arjun said for the umpteenth time, and she rolled her eyes in reply. Sameer dragged arjun along with him, as he was feeling nervous to talk with shai's father. Thus he landed up in here, sitting in the middle of 5 tensed person.riya and puja was holding shai's hand in tension, while shree and chotu was pacing up and down in tension.

''why on earth they are taking so much time?'' shai was now on the edge of exploding. She wanted many time to go downstairs, but her friends hold her in track, and also Arjun lectured her about be frank, she don't like arjun, only tolerating him as he is sameer's friend.

Suddenly the door open, and shai's mother entered the room. She was quite serious, no trace of happiness on the face. Shai hold on to her 2 girl friends more. They all get up from their seat.

''your father said yes.'' She announced in a serious mode. Everyone mistook it , and thought shai's father rejected the relation, but Arjun's smile puzzled them and they understood the answer.

''yes.yuuuhooo.'' it was the reaction from chotu shree puja. While riya hugged shai tight and congrats her. She was stunned first, then realization sink in, and she started to jump up and down like a kid.

Arjun left the 5 in the room and went downstairs to join rathore. Puja started the music and put the volume in full sound.

''party time now.'' She yelled and the 5 friend were now busy dancing.



 It was the day of sam shai grand engagement. The whole team was present of course, and sam's uncle was also present. There was high security, because the home minister and the business tycoon, Devesh mukherjee with his whole family were also there. there were invitees  from most of the police force, and shai's office colleagues were also invited.all were present, except the great chandrakant patil aka chotu.

Shriya were calling him like maniac, but he was not picking calls. They were pissed off, but didn't stop calling him. Then they were busy in the ceremony. The party was rocking, but something was missing.

''kuch to choot raha hain.'' Said shree, and puja and riya stared at him. Puja answered, 

''haankaisi party hainmeri di ki engagement ceremony itni thandi? Naaa.not happening.''

Then the would be bride entered, and everyone was looking at her. She was looking out of this world, very gorgeous. And puja whispered something to shree, and at the same time, the lights went dim.

A spot light fell on the centre of the party, where shree was standing and started to speak.

''welcome all. And firstly, congratulations sir and shai.wish u a very happy life ahead.''

Everyone clapped at his words.

''guysdon't you think party mein kuch missing hain?''

Everyone was giving each other quizzical look. Shree again started to spoke.

''arre guys, it's a engagement ceremony, and no naach gana? Aisa ho sakta hain kya?''

Shai jumped on her seat, and was very desperate to dance on her own engagement. Her mother and Riya hold her shoulder to stop her.

''apni sagai mein koi nachta hain kya? Behave urself.'' Shai's mother scolded, and riya chuckled, where shai glared and rathore was amused at his crazy would be fiance.

Suddenly, music started, and then started the actual blast.

Ishq jaise hain ek andhi, ishq hain ek toofan

Ishq ke agey bebas hain, duniya ke har ilzam

Ishq mein sab deewane hain, ishq mein sab hairan

Ishq mein sabkuch mushkil hain, ishq mein sab asaan

Dekho pyare yeh nazare, yeh deewane , yeh parwane, hain ishq mein kaise goom


The party was pin drop silenced. Shree entered with puja on the dance floor.


Hay.tumse milke dil ka hain jo haal kya kahen

Ho gaya hain kaisa yeh kamal kya kahen?


Everyone was clapping and cheering for the couple on the dance floor. And shai was impatient to join them. Arjun was staring at riya intently, while she was ignoring him. Puja suddenly dragged riya on the dance floor.  Arjun also joined them, and everyone was shocked at this.puree left them alone.


Tumko puja hain, tumhari ibadat ki hain

Humne jab ki hain to fir aise mohabbat ki hain.


He has practically proposed her in front of everyone. She just stood there motionless.


Jana leke jaan aya hain tera yeh deewana

Jana tujhpe mit jayega tera yeh parwana

Jana mere dil mein kya hain tumne yeh na jana

Jana tujhko yaad ayega mera yeh afsana


Puree and the other dancer joined them on the dance floor. Everyone was dancing around her, and she just motionless. Puja dragged her and they both dragged sam shai on the dance it was time to fulfill the wish of would be bride. Sam was dancing with her, and all left the floor.


Dil to hain ek rahi jana, dil ki tum manjil ho

Dil to hain ek kasti jana , jiska tum sahil ho

Dil na fir kuch mange jana, tum agar hasil ho

Dil to hain mera tanha jana, aao tum mehfil ho


Everyone joined them again, this time all the party men, and all the elders too.


Ishq se hi sari khusiya, ishq hi barbadi

Ishq hai pabandi lekin, ishq hi azaadi

Ishq ki duniya mein yaaron, paap ki abaadi

Ho gaya ho jisko manjil, ishq ne dikhladi

 Dekho pyare yeh nazare, yeh deewane , yeh parwane, hain ishq mein kaise goom

Hay.tumse milke dil ka hain jo haal kya kahen

Ho gaya hain kaisa yeh kamal kya kahen?


In between this all happiness, laughter , clappings and masti, sam put the ring on shai's finger.


In between all this, Riya got a call. There was too much noise, so she went in a corner.


''Rimain hoon chotu.''

''tum ho kahan? Kitna call kiya humne.'' Her words were cut by him. He informed her something, and her eyes were wide with shock.

''okhum abhi ate hain.''


''Puri team, shai, puja?''

''arre, sir ko mat la'' he was little scared.

''shut up chotu. Leave it.'' And before he can argue further, she hung up. She went inside the hall, and gathered everyone.

''guys, chotu ka call aya thahe is in trouble.''

Everyone was tensed.'' Kya hua? '' shree asked.

''who amina.'' Before she can say more, rathore interrupted.

''amina, kaun?''

''errhis GF'' she said guiltily, and Rathore gulped in realization.

''ok.go on..kya hua?'' shai was ever so impatient.

''aaj amina ka nikah hainaur who bhi uski marzi ke khilaf, kisi aur se.'' she informed.

''to humein kya karna hain?'' asked shree.

''ladki bhagani hain, aur kya?'' said puja excitedly.

''kya?'' it was from rathore and shree jointly.

''dimag to thik hain tumhara?'' shree yelled at her, and rathore also glared at his soon to be saali.

''err.woh thik keh rahi hain. Chotu ka bhi wahin plan hain. Aur amina bhi ready hain.'' Informed riya. Rathore was angry, and speechless.

''wow.mere sagai mein exciting.'' Shai jumped in happiness.

''uska dimag to thikane mein hain? Aisa kuch nahi hone walaladki bhagana? Really?'' rathore at all was not ready for this plan. After much pleadings, he was just the same.

''ab to bas ek hi rasta hain rathore sir ko patane ka'' shree whispered in riya 's ears, after dragging her from a safe distance from sam shai puja. He didn't like this plan, but he very much wanted to help his friend.


''Arjun sir ko patina padega.''

''kya?????'' she yelled and shree put his mouth on her mouth.



now ETF chief and second in command will help juniors to bhagaofy a bride????Ouch

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ye res kis khushi mai hai??WinkLOL

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what the hell man??? bloody newbieAngry

res thread 3 ke khushi mein divi

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Originally posted by riyasarkar007

what the hell man??? bloody newbieAngry

res thread 3 ke khushi mein divi
samjhi nai maiROFLROFL

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what the hell why this mid always come in between cant they understandAngry
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Originally posted by devildiva21

Originally posted by riyasarkar007

what the hell man??? bloody newbieAngry

res thread 3 ke khushi mein divi
samjhi nai maiROFLROFL
ata maji stakali kya re?Angry LBC ka thread 3...tum logon ne itni spamming ki that its noe in FF forum ROFL

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Originally posted by devildiva21

Originally posted by riyasarkar007

what the hell man??? bloody newbieAngry

res thread 3 ke khushi mein divi

samjhi nai maiROFLROFL

oye Its LBC 3 Party

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