The Buddy Project  Season 2 - Now in College


The Buddy Project  Season 2 - Now in College
The Buddy Project  Season 2 - Now in College

||Happy Birthday to the hottest guy ever - FAHAD ALI. Join in||

relentless. IF-Stunnerz

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17th September is a very special day, in fact the most special day ever! Yes you have guessed it right, on this very fine day the sexiest, cutest, sweetest, and well, the most chocolati-est guy of Television Fahad Ali A.K.A. our SexyFace was born. *sighs* With his messed up hair, that cute smile and a charm that misses no eye, Fahad has managed to steal millions of girls' hearts in no time!

Fahad's loved and adored by people all around for his extra ordinary to die for looks and an amazingly hot personality, but at the same time he is LOVED and ADORED for the kind of a person he is, so raw and amazing. He is one of the most honest, genuine, down to earth celebrity with a pure and golden heart one can ever come across. There is a fan following that can even die thousands of deaths, just for him, and yet he maintains his humble, polite, sweet, down to earth nature and respects the love he receives. Fahad has managed to gain immense respect and love of all his fans and every single person that knows him because of the beautiful human being he is! Which surely makes us pops our collars with the fact that yes we are Fahad Ali fan's. We are Fahad'oholics.

He could have disappeared, like hordes of starry-eyed youth do every day
He did not ' he persevered, he endured and he became the heartthrob of everybody's dreams
His charming smile, lively eyes and a positive attitude hid all the obstacles he must have faced on the way. His name is Fahad Ali, and he will make even the toughest hearts scream.

Life is a journey and in it we come across different people, some come and go without a trace, there are only a few who leave an everlasting mark. Today we fans celebrate the birthday of the one, who has become a part of our lives in a matter of few years.
This journey for him has not been easy, he is not an actor about whom you can say the fairy tale line "He came, he saw, he conquered" the more apt line would be "he came, he struggled, he learned, he survived, he worked hard and he conquered" ' and in fact he still continues to struggle, work hard and excel his own past achievements. "A man who believes that acting is all about getting into the skin of his characters...and who marches to the beat of his own drummer" (Lizzy)

Getting into the skin of the character is certainly what he does ' that too in an industry where scripts are usually vague, stories and character keep on changing ' he still manages to portray his characters in a way that even when script goes haywire you are able to relate to the character, feel his pain, laugh with him, understand his emotions ' this is something Fahad adds to a character, something very few actors are able to achieve.[center]

[center]Its an unwritten bond, a strange relationship but one that is filled with trust, the trust he has developed over the years. Our faith in his ability as an actor is one thing where he has never disappointed us. We would all love to have a new chance to see him in yet another new character, living and breathing it, making it memorable! Because that's what he dos write? Act as the kiss of life' for any character.

There's a phase that " Eyes are windows to the soul " He's one of those rare actors who can actually EMOTE with their eyes ... And flip the switch, so to speak, of emotions they feel so effortlessly"

We fans adore him for the person he is but more than anything else he has won our hearts and minds through the sheer splendor he is on screen! That is why none of us think twice before stating: "For me, he is the best actor around who can emote as amazing with his work as with his eyes, his expressions and body language.. Its a pleasure to watch the TV screen even when he is mere present.. One of the best dialogue deliveries are by him"

Welcome everyone
to the birthday bash of

F  A  H  A  D   A  L  I

who has won a million hearts
by playing the character of
Keshav Desai.

Lets celebrate his birthday and make this day a very special one for him. We love you Fahad, you've won us over by playing an amazing character in The Buddy Project. Stay blessed always, and may you achieve all the success that you've always wished for. Heart

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relentless. IF-Stunnerz

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Irresistibly hot. . 
a bundle of talent .. 
someone whose sole motto is
Never Say Never.  .
Dedicated . .
simple .. 
yet sophisticated..  .
he's surely one to catch your eyeball. . 
wondering who I'm talking about?
the One guy. . 
for whom. . 
Work is Worship. .  
a Guy brings out any character he portrays to life. . 
full of Fun .. 
someone who never stops. . 
keeps trying .. 
and brings out the best in him .. 
its none other than
Fahad Ali.  .
A very happy birthday to you.

B  i o g r a p h y

Fahad Ali, hails from a muslim family in Dehradun, Uttarakhand. Born on September 17th, 1987, he finished his studies from KV FRI School in the beautiful Doon valley. He was raised and brought up there. He loves his family, and is extremely close to his dad.

C a r e e r

He began his career with small roles, in different shows. He played the role of Nimit Ajmera in Zindagi Kahe- Smile please, Tinnu in Choti se Zindagi and Shravan in Balika Vadhu. But his breakthrough role was and is Keshav Desai in Channel V's - The Buddy Project. He is known as the stoneface in this wonderful show, and has brilliant chemistry with Kiya (Bharti).

He has come a long way since he first began his career, he is a very talented actor. A great human being, loves his friends and most importantly fans.


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relentless. IF-Stunnerz

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M e s s a g e s  &  G i f t s

Message by Rads:)

so the day we all were sooo desperately waiting for is finally here. 
I dont understand from where to start. 
I m just so excited  that words fail me. S
o 1 st n Foremost..
Wishing U a very Happy Birthday.
Fahad. .. 
our very own Angry Young Man 
Mr. Perfect. 
May God Bless. 
May reach the greatest Heights..
may all Your Dreams come true. 
n may u find ur Better -half of ur soulmate soonBig smile 
(if u dont already have ieWink)..
Here are a few somethings I made for you..
I do hope u like them

You're one of the best actors I have come across .. and seem to be so simply, genuine.  .n down to earth..always remain the same and Keep rocking and Smiling...ur tweets have 
always been inspiring. . 
n I absolutely respect the following qualities in u
ur Hard work , dedication..n the fact that u fit in sooo well in any character u play...its like u are living the very character. . aah . .I can just gooo on. . guess need to stop here
Happy Birthday once again...your greatest Admirer
-serendipity- aka Rads aka
RadhaBig smile

||Video Mix by -Haari- ||

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relentless. IF-Stunnerz

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M e s s a g e s  &  G i f t s


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relentless. IF-Stunnerz

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M e s s a g e s  &  G i f t s


awwwieee today is a very special day coz today is our ROCKSTAR FAHAD ALI's birthday

Wish u a very happyyy birthday Fahad ' may this birthday brings lots of love , happiness and success in ur life have a superb and a fantastic birthday

Have a mindblowing Year ahead

u r one amazing actor and a very good person by heart u as KD in TBP is just fabulous !!! m soo lucky that i share the same b'day month with u it feels amazing

keep shining and rising Fahad love u alot MUAAHHH HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN

Like all of us here, I'm a big fan of yours. I started watching The Buddy Project just beacause of KD! I love him so much! I just want to wish you a very happy and prosperous bithday.
-With lots of love, Sanjana

Hey Fahad, wishing you a very happy birthday. May you achieve your desire goals and may you get all the happiness in your life Heart Love you.

Phool khilte rahein zindgi ki raah mein,

Hassi chamakti rahe aapki nigaah mein,

Kadam kadam par mile khushi ki bahar aapko,

Dil deta hai yehi dua baar-baar aapko.

Enjoy your day :D your hardcore fan




Your way fragrant


Here's wishing many many more happy b'day to charming,attractive and rocking personality. . .

May god continue to bless you with many more wonderful year.

Hope you get whatever you wish for when you blow out the candles.

Wishes you happy ending and great beggining.

Have a magical b'day.

Birthday Joys Fahad Ali!
Albina Joshy

[center]Wish u many more happy returns of d day fahadParty
Hope your day is filled with lots of love and laughter!Party

May all your birthday wishes come true.Smile

May ur special day...

Surrounded wid happiness,

Filled wid laughter,

Wrapped wid pleasure,

Brightened wid fun,

Blessed wid love,

Remembered wid joy,

...and enriched wid hopes.

some edits by me:-

with lots of love





hope u have a gr8 yr ahead

enjoy ur day and have a blast

u r doin a gr8 job as ur acting

continue ur gr8 actingClapClap

hope u have a osom lyf 

and get all those u wish for SmileSmileSmile

keep smiling always SmileSmileSmileSmile

frm ur fanSmile


To my dearest Hero, & to our lovable Stoneface,

This isn't special to just you. Its special to so many of us, to me. And that is because you are so special to us . So...


To be honest...YOU were the first person whom I fell in love with out of the members of the TBP cast whom I adore & admire so much. As an actor, you had a fan in me from the moment I saw your portrayal of KD in the very first epi of the Buddy Project. It gives so much pride to see you one year later, going ahead of the immensely talented performance that you started with, & having moved on brilliance. I cannot count on my fingers the no. of times you made me laugh, cry, feel embarassed, angry, heartbroken, happy, for & along with your character. Honestly...I actually want to thank you for taking up the role of Keshav Desai. Because I may be called biased for this, but I can say without doubts, that no one could have breathed life into KD the way you have.

My immense love for you just grows with each passing day. Along with your 'reel' performances, so many 'real' incidents, such as your interviews & Piyu's on set experiences, make me feel PROUD to be a Fahad Ali fan. Your offscreen humbleness & persona just makes me fall more & more in love with you. I really can't express in words, how much you, have given to me to cherish. Being part of a fandom, makes a show, or a couple, or character, so much more than 'just entertainment'. My emotional attachment to this show, KiSha & my favourite TBP character- KD has been immense, & so, all those precious moments, that you have given me as KD mean so much. Again...THANK YOU. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being Keshav Desai. For playing with such perfection a characer whom I could grow to love so much, whom I could hold close to my heart. There are no words which can express how much I love & admire you as an actor, & a person <3

I pray from the bottom of my heart, that this success & love that you are seeing now, is not even 1% of what you will earn in the future. May you achieve everything in life that your heart wants, may you earn more & more fans who love you this way & may you always be safe & happy...Fahad Ali. I hope you have a great & cherishable birthday with your loved ones <3

Once again...wish you a very Happy Birthday!

Forever your fan,

Shahana(AKA Shaz) <3

angelic Shaz
As you look back on yesterday, may your memories be warm ones. As you celebrate today, may your heart be filled with happiness and joy. As you look ahead to tomorrow, may your deepest hopes and dreams come true for you!
Happy Birthday
love ShazEmbarrassed

Heyya Fahad !! A Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day To You !!

So where i can start , Fahad Ali : the star who melted every girls heart in just a look of his brown eyes , the one who gave life to the stoneface KD , the one who is so full of talent but still so much grounded to earth !! In all a total all rounder with a heart of gold !!

i know you must have got so many fan wishes and tremendous blessings from your loved ones , and this message from me is just nothing compared to many of others , but to me its just sheer luck of mine to get a chance to wish you on your special day and maybe get even more luckier if u see it so as i got this chance i wanted to tell from my whole heart , that i had never seen such a down to earth celebrity like you and seriously if i start on your qualities then the list just won't end you are the guy every girl dreams for (even me hehe) and every guy aspires to become !! even if i try i just can't put in words that how awesome person you are , every thing you do is just total bliss for me , be it your sketches , your love for music or even the way you love your mother You are just Perfect !!

Fahad Ali i just wanna say thank you for becoming our KD , because if that won't have happened i would have missed seeing such massive talent and such a generous person like you !!

Love you always <33 From your Numero Uno Fan , Razzy / Rasika

By the way made some siggies for you , though i am not a good editor but just tried hope you like them <33


So finally its 17th sept the day many such fans have awaited impatiently has arrived.

Firstly a very happy birthday to You Fahad.
I have always hear 'the key to success is determination and hardwork.' Will i can see it come true as well. I am a huge KD Fan and used to love his Angry Young Man Avatar.

People are putting in so much efforts to make you feel special and loved. Its finally the day were a miraculous Actor was of the best days for many fans including me undoubtedly.

I absolutely have no clue how to wish you in words as for me i am speechless when it comes to your hardwork...dedication and also how can i forget your acting skills which has made not one but many to fall in love with Keshav Desai a fictitious character come alive and make a place in all of our hearts.
Its You who has made us love every shade KD...and It You who has brought the smile or tears to our eyes.
This is merely to wish you a Very Happy Birthday and also to say we as fans really adore You and look up to you for who You really are. You are a rockstar to us and we all love you a lot..especially Me!!
I hope You receive all the success in life and happiness as well...!! i will look forward to each and every show which you will do after TBP as well..!! Hope for make such amazing Birthdays to come.

FAHHHAD! So it is your birthday, right? I am going all so conscious writing this down. I had written you a letter earlier too and well my condition is worse this time. Anyway, hello hotness. You know that you define being passionate and cute at the same time, do you? You are the one who knows how to create sunshine even when the sun fails. YOU ARE MY ROCKSTAR, Fahad. There have been those hot television guys I've fallen in love with, I've got crazy for them, I've had millions of celebrity crushes but you, my boy, are something else. I fall for you not just once, but everytime I see you, may it be on Internet, on my television at the 6PM slot or wherever! My eyes have that stupid expression on them, and my mouth remains open, and I sit there watching you like one dumb idiotic person. I can like drool over you for a lifetime and still I won't get over with you. What you've given us is not just the character of KD being a lover, stoneface, friend and guide etc etc, you've given us a genuine person to be known more about. Your interviews are so down to earth, and that basically wins all my heart. I've always have wished to get a glimpse of your real self in KD but then I realise how unrealistic I'm being when you're completely satisfying the demands of being an actor, and fans wish to see your real self in that? NO. What makes you the best for me is your style, the way you carry yourself. May it be in your interviews, in the show or anywhere. In this one long year of TBP journey I can feel my life connected with yours. Thanks for giving us KD. Thanks for being the kind of wonderful person you are, Fahad. I love you, and I swear I didn't intend being any mushy here. It's just that I genuinely feel for how an innocent person you are.

And let me not forget, a very happy birthday to you from all my heart, cause that's where all great wishes start. Ugh, I am going to cry now! May you keep sizzling our screens for eternity, Fahad. Stay blessed.


Its finally 17th Sept Embarrassed

The Most Awaited day atleast For Me Embarrassed

Its The Birthday of the Most Handsome, Adorable,
Attractive, Dashing n also one of the cutest Person i have ever seen...

Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day Big smile
May ALLAH Bless You. Hope U get all the happiness in your life,
May U reach successful heights, Find True Love n Most
Important Inshallah Hopes to see you gettin and award soonEmbarrassed

Few lines I wrote For u...
"Tumhari Har Ada ko Kya Jawab Dun..
Bolo Aj Tumhe Kya Dua Dun??
Koi acha Phool hota toh tumhe de detay..
Par Jo khud Gulab ho usay Gulab kya dun?"

U r A Flower Embarrassed

You're really the Cutest n most Good looking Person
right Since ur childhood.. Embarrassed

With Your Acting, Style, Attitude n ur killer smile U made me Krazy for u..
And Now I'm krazy4KD Embarrassed

Your funny actions has made me more krazy for You Embarrassed

You're playing the character of Stoneface but whenever u smiled U became such a cutiee i must say Day Dreaming

And lastly my Signature Word...
You're My HERO... 


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M e s s a g e s  &  G i f t s






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-Serendipity- (Rads)
momentsofme. (Ayushi)

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come on join in GUYS Big smile

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