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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Blast from the Past Thread #17, pg 72, epi 188

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The day has finally arrived
When two lovers are to unite
Both coy and feeling shy
Set to marry on Valentine's night
Towards the next chapter the couple move
Finally, their dreams come true 


Another couple are set to confess
All their misdeeds, they yearn to redress
But a thunderbolt on their love, had to fall
Between them the creep stands like a wall
The hearts butchered into a million pieces
Hate like never before, on her, he unleashes


Two weddings on a single night
But one couple in a gloomy plight
The happy ambience becomes tense
Their silence is now their pretense
Their love enters a difficult time
To emerge clean, bright and shine
And we are ready to watch Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon every week night at 8pm again. A most enthralling set of episodes coming up, and a night everyone will remember... hamesha.

The frightful period dreaded by the blasters
Those painful episodes are now upon us
No more excuses to escape the heartbreak
Welcome to BFTP #17, to Payash's wedding day

Credits: The opening lines and poem come to you from DurgaS, the banner collage is created by ArshiHamesha, supriya.arshi has made the thread #17 banner as well as the Akash and Payal edit and the A Night Like No Other collage, The gif banner is designed by Roshini1494. The Blast notes are by indi52. Katelyn is our music lady and has put together the beautiful mix for this thread. Please scroll down for rules and index.

we start the week with two of the happiest and most romantic days of ipk. and then suddenly upon us is the night. treacherous, venomous, ugly and dark. a turbulent black hole of evil that won't let anything escape, certainly not light. it would throw two clean innocent souls into turmoil because they had no idea that such malevolence could exist. for a moment there shyam would be an iago with immense luck on his side. and asr, like the credulous othello... for he feared too much and loved no less. feared that again a loved one might go, believing the lie because of the first and till now the most terrible night of his life. the black hole will swallow all the light and coil around it. and yet. something will escape to bring back the  day. love. in another beautiful and mysterious form... nafrat.

welcome to blast's thread #17.

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10. Seat belts on please, the road is about to get rocky.

Big smile

The Dhak Dhak Files
By cinthiann1758

Dhak...Dhak.  Dhak...Dhak. 

A thought comes in his head. 

The thought of a woman, whom only hours ago he thought may be hurt or worse dead, as he watched the ambulance with its sirens blaring, drive away wheels screeching.



His heartbeat suddenly quickens, rapidly firing, his breath quickens and a realization occurs as he looks at the glass sliding door at his reflection, he realizes that this physical response is not due to any ailment but a woman;

 a crazy, zany, pom pom wearing woman.


her name slips from his lips.


Dhak...Dhak.  Dhak...Dhak

She hears her name...Khushi.


Her heart beats faster.

 He is thinking of her and she of him.

 A set of bangles gifted to her by him, she wears upon her wrists.

The bright and gleaming bangles, a reminder of him, caress her wrists and fit snuggly; he managed to get the perfect size.

She wonders why he has bought her bangles?

 Why was he so concerned about her before when he thought she had an accident?

 Why would that bother him at all? 

Why was he yelling at her about the other bangles she wore and then was injured while wearing them?


She smiles and she listens to the beautiful music his bangles make as she shakes her wrist.

Who would believe that Arnav Singh Raizada would gift bangles to Khushi Kumari Gupta?

She is very happy.



Everyone's hearts are a flutter,

 a wedding is to take place.

Rushing and dashing around, wanting everything to be perfect!

The bridalware must be delivered to the bride's home and two young men are vying for their ladylove's attention.

Finally, the man has a purpose to bring the outfit to the Gupta house.  He finally realized his reason for his racing heart, his attraction to this zany girl.  No longer will he fight it.

 He has dove into the sea of love.

He will take the outfit to the Gupta's.

Arnav has beaten NK this time to the goal!

And Anjali and Nani are very much aware,

And are happy!


Dhak...Dhak.  Dhak...Dhak

A characterless man's heartbeat is steady, not even skipping a beat as he is planning his wife's demise.

His right mind clouded, as he loosens the bolts of the car and cuts the brake wires because of his obsession with another woman.



A couple, whose brother and sister will marry, who too have found the realization of love, will meet and serve dinner to many guests while every moment spent together will ignite the fire building inside each other.


 Beautiful episodes of blooming love will make our hearts go...


A shy and loving couple will get married, a celebration of their sweet love...

 but there is a twist to our story.


Come and relive the sweetness of love,

And the pain of misconstrued passion

As our hearts beat


Anxiously awaiting

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon?



Warning: You are about to scroll down to the Drool Corner by BarunDiwani, even a cursory glance may cause severe palpitation, tachycardia, and other strange sensations. Do be careful and take normal precautions, such as what we have no idea of course. This is a registered, trademarked... well almost and certainly completely owned property of the Blast from the Past. Come, fall in dhak dhak.


IPK banner credit Risha_ipkknd, Asr gif by Katelyn, Rules poster by ArshiHamesha.

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- By ArshiHamesha


Blast from the Past #15

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Blast From The Past #18 !! Wedding Bells!!

Blasters' takes Episodes 181 - 185


Holding onto love even in Pain

Devastated Souls...



Everything happens for a reason but sometimes I wish I knew what that reason was. Some moments need to be there to unfreeze all the moments of devastations among all but you have to face the torment to feel the tenderness . The moment gets frozen for Arnav Singh Raizada today the very same way or may be the worse as that night when a gunshot took his ability to hear or see clearly with his teary eyes.That day he lost his Mother ,his anchor ,his survival.Today he lost his Love ,his life , and the reason of his survival.That day he gathered himself for his sister and today he is shattered because of her.Mistrust and betrayal two strong emotions were looming then and now but blowing extreme danger with it at this time.


Life is a mirror ,two sides of a coin as what goes around ,comes around. Arnav and Shyam both have approached towards life  in a different ways yet both have committed some crimes ,some sins intentionally or unintentionally to pay for.The very same applies on Khushi and Anjali as both wanted to remain blind towards the evil and just saw the goodness .The Slithery snake who has emerged as Basilisk [kind a dragon] because of these two and their approach towards him but these two are pure souls who will be tested yet can't be defeated.Shyam is playing with fire without knowing that he is moving in between too.Shyam has reached to its limit from both ends ,from Khushi as well as from Arnav.He told Khushi how he followed her moves from Luknow till now and that opened the eyes of Khushi to see the real animal obsessed soul in him who has no respect for anyone.He told Arnav how his sister is the biggest hurdle. A murderer always leaves tracks behind leading to him.Shyam has indeed dig his own grave by making these two ,his biggest enemies especially Arnav.His survival is hidden only in one soul,Anjali  who is in dark from all of this heated fire which is going to consume two pure souls in this process of reincarnation but at the end SHE is the one who will pay the biggest price ever.

Khushi has to go through with the realization which his father told her.."har ek ko apne jaisa saaf dil ka samjhat hai..."[She think every heart is clean like her]...Se has to save Anjali as well as Arnav from this slime ball who just know how to destroy , But her words  "Aap Anjali ji ko chod kyun nehin dete".are going to haunt her as well as some one who is stamping em..."Chup gaya hai "...There is no doubt, He left no stone to make this pure soul wounded along with him by misunderstanding her.The day, his heart will finds its way  to her ,he will not leave any stone either to keep her inside his golden heart for forever though he couldn't throw her out in any state...


On Diwali night,Arnav Singh Raizada  garlanded Khushi with the immense  pain and today he is on the receiving end  yet he gave her deliberately and she is totally unaware of it today.Thet night Khushi cried with her parents ,with her Devimaiya under the stars and today he is  standing embracing all the devastation by all means.It's a pay back time.It seems her tears,her convulsion ,her devastation wasn't  gone unheard that night and all the divine forces are taking a revenge on her behalf. Devimaiya gifted Arnav with Khushi just like a north star in his embrace who always shows him way...though he took the way with rage and acrimony that night in Sheesh Mahal which became a reason of  broken marriage of Payal,Khushi's sister  and today Devi maiya is making him realize the fact which Khushi says that day.."agar aapki jiji ki shaadi toot jaye tou..."[If your sister's marriage breaks then...]...Today he is meeting with that pain ,his own sister's marriage is at the verge of breaking because of Khushi. But Devimaiya is not only Khushi's mother...she is Arnav's mother too and both of these are her favorite kids.She wants her favorite kids to join hands to vanquish this Basilisk together and that's why today DM is revealing the true face of him in front of these two.

Arnav is going to emerge as a savior,a restorer, a destroyer, and eradicator, a protector...a HORUS for not only for his sister but for his Khushi too.He is not only going to keep these two important people safe guarded but also those who are intact with them.This Fire within is going to reincarnate him and will make his golden heart glow with all the love of this universe .Fate seems cruel yet gold has to go through the Fire to be molded into a unique piece.He has to come out of this delusion that this is not always  true what you see or hear and that day his heart will finds its heartbeat miles away to rejuvenate his beliefs,..."ek atoot Vishwas.."


Arnav has to go trough this realization process to come and surrender to God..."mein Bhagwan peh yakeen nahin karta...mein apni kismet khud likhta hoon.."[I don't belive in God as I write my own destiny..]...but Khushi has to be with him to stamp that fact,"apne jo kuch bhi likha hai who Dm ne apka haat pakd keh likwaiya hai.."[whatever you did ,it's all DM's permission]... and Devi Maiya made sure of that...Though his hasty and impulsive decisions are making him stand where he is today yet he is not alone... and He will make sure Khushi will never leave him . Today Lavanya's words came true..."agar tumahai Zindagi mein pyar aa jaye...make sure tum use apni Zindagi se khabi jane mat dena.."[Make sure you never let your Love go from your life] He stepped towards his love to embrace it yet remained empty handed...but not completely as two devastated wounded  souls found their ways towards each always...Hamesha...

But this time It's a Hamesha of emptiness, a regret, a cindering rage of mistrust , disbelief,  deception ,and treachery which is binding them together in rage of extreme Love  but there is a time for that auspicious moment to emerge as ONE Devine Di's prayer is stamping this divine union along with whole universe ..."Inki Zindagi mein koi aisa aye jo inki zindagi keh dard ko Hamesha keh liye khatam kar de..."[May someone come in his life who diminishes all of his pain and agony ]...Indeed he will be free from all of this for forever..Hamesha 

A New Beginning...With a Curator and a protector for forever...


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Picture credit: supriya.arshi  

Some of our contributors have been regularly posting their work on the threads. Here is an index of their works.
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DurgaS's Index - For original poems and parodies
indi52's Index- For reviews that make you glide through the air and water
Katelyn's Wonderland - For a collection of promos, vms, sbs/sbb videos
samin6's Index - For out of the box reviews of episodes
sohara's Index - For analysis replete with new words and vms
supriya.arshi's Collages - For amazing picture collages and episodic pictorial edits
wiwy's Index - For some mind-boggling riddles
Some other links:
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The Thobda Post- An Entertaining thobda post containing poems by the blasters and picture edits based on them by supriya.arshi. This post is made on the occasion of BS's birthday on Team Sobtians thread.
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SI's Birthday post The combined post of blasters on Sanaya Irani's birthday thread
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* * *

Wiwy got into an editing mode, poetically

What if I had lost her

A dark to never shine

What if I had never known

I love her

She is mine

What if she had stopped breathing

It would have

In oblivion killed

The tiny little

 Heart in me

Forever forever stilled

* * *

with the IPK stars by the blasters
Some of our blasters have been lucky to interact with the IPK stars in different ways.
1. Ami managed to send a letter to Sarun  Embarrassed 
2. Katelyn has met Sanaya at the Artesia festival Big smile
3. Wiwy has had a phone conversation with Barun  Blushing
4. Indi wrote a note on behalf of Team Sobtians which Barun read, intently  Wink

* * *

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Warning: Music player is on!  There are 3 tracks: ASR heartbeat, ASR admiring Khushi and Rabba Ve
Music player by Katelyn 
Picture credit: BarunDiwani 
With an agonising period up ahead, we need these smiles to keep us going.
All the times Khushi brought a smile and laugh in Arnav's face
(by samin6)
There is something about love that is always associated with bringing happiness. Arnav was of course as Khushi said did not know how to laugh. His laugh was so rare that it was only present in three occasions, but his lopsided smile was reserved and associated with Khushi, her madness, her khuraphati dimag, her multiple dhamakas, or when he was planning to win a deal against Khushi.

1.       After Khushi joined ASR when Arnav was thinking that Khushi could not take measurements of the models, when he planned to keep Khushi the whole day of Payal's birthday. Those smiles were the self satisfied smiles which were wiped soon enough.

2.       When Khushi came to apologize to Arnav after she had thrown hot tea at Arnav. Her crying for hurting him seemed to strike a cord in him where he was realizing that pagal hain but cute hain.

3.        When Khushi put flour all over her face. There Arnav was trying to tell her that there was only one spot on her face where flour was smeared and there she put flour on her other cheek, on her forehead and probably Arnav was imagining how she was going to look like if she continued with her putting flour all over her face. People talk of smearing some one elses' face black and there was our Khushi smearing her own face white from guilt of causing Arnav to lose consciousness.

4.        After Khuraphati dimaag Khushi made the drama that she was married to Arnav a couple of hours back and the sardars stopped Arnav from leaving. When Khushi started dancing he took the matter in his own hands and his shatir dimaag came into play when he said " Shaadi aaj huyi hain to suhaag raat bhi aaji hogi na."

5.       During the Oh la la song where the entire family started dancing Arnav was happy after a long time watching how Khushi was bringing happiness in the life of his family and they were all dancing to make her happy. This probably was the first time where they returned each other's smiles.

6.       When Khushi came to take her engagement ring from him before Arnav knew it was her engagement ring. He smiled thinking he was going to win a second deal with Khushi by making her say sorry to him even though he was at fault. That smile continued when Khushi said sorry but was completely wiped from his face when he learned it was her engagement ring.

7.       On the hilltop when ARSHI were arranging PAYASH alliance. Khushi pretended that the reason Akash took off his glasses was so that he could jump easily from the hilltop and her adding " Kyun Arnavji." Would have made the most mad person smile imagining how she could make the most serious situation hilarious.

8.       When an angry Khushi was laughing saying that Nanhe ji aap buriya hoon. Khushi's pleasure seemed to infect him with happiness. This was the first time he could appreciate that she was feigning happiness to bring smile in Payal's life forgetting about her broken engagement and he imitated the same to bring happiness in Akash's life.

9.       During Payash sangeet there were many occasions where Khushi brought smile in Arnav's face. After he saw NK's performance anticipating Khushi's fall, when he of course saw Khushi imitating him, when he challenged her  saying that she needed him in every aspect of her life.

10.   The self satisfied smile of Arnav Singh Raizada when he saw Khushi was worried for him, and said sorry to him, all through him kissing her and then challenging her to kiss him.

11.   When Arnav saw that Khushi was wearing the bangles he had given her and when he tricked her into showing him after the puja by making her remove the dupatta from her hand. This showed how he knew how to crack a deal with Khushi.

12.   The day of Payash marriage was filled with occasions where Khushi brought a smile in Arnav's face. First when Khushi was so engrossed in Arnav's presence that she fed the leaf plates to the cow, second when he flirted with Khushi when serving the Gupta guests- making her think that he did not understand her, then when she came to give Akash's cloths he smiled when he saw her choosing the saree which he wanted her to select and not the one by NK, when they came for the wedding and and he was anticipating giving a bindi to Khushi and her anticipation in his gift. Then the smile continued when he was imagining telling Khushi- the reason it makes a difference to him when she is hurt.

13.   The fake lopsided smiles Arnav gave for the benefit of Mamijee and Anjali when putting on mom's bangle in Khushi's hand and feeding Khushi Kheer respectively. Till the moment Khushi realized the smile was fake she was engrossed in him and Arnav was fully taking advantage of the power of his smile on his Khushi.

14.   Holi probably was another occasion where Arnav could not stop his smiles at KHushi and her antics: from when Khushi was dancing , "Hain mere Zohra Jabeen" to please Nani, when Khushi was making bhang, when he for the first time felt Khushi touching his face when she applied holi on his face, when an intoxicated Khushi came to tell Nani and di the reason they were married and Arnav intervened saying" No one needs to know what we do when we are alone." He could not stop smiling when he himself was intoxicated and saw Khushi dancing and expressed his feelings to Anjali " Khushi is beautiful, her smile, her hair, her eyes". He smiled like a love lorn teenager approaching his wife to dance with her and throughout his dancing with her. After they expressed their feelings to each other he smiled reflecting his joy at them gaining the courage to express their heart, when he would not let her leave his hug, when he refused to go and wait when Khushi told him " Kiska- hamari dhadkan ka."

15.   After Arnav lost his voice he smiled watching Khushi getting all hiked up over her lost voice by cleaning the house, giving his warm water to drink, Kara and to the point of even bringing a sword to scare him, and self satisfied that he did not give the credit of his voice returning back to Khushi.

16.   In the Gupta house during preparations for Preeto's wedding, when Khushi falls on top of Arnav and all the flowers which they were trying to grab was all around them- they could just not stop smiling at each other imagining the hilarious nature of the occasion. This probably was the first smile at each other after Payash marriage fixing on hilltop.

17.   When Arshi meet after Khushi is kidnapped, Arnav smiled seeing a worried Khushi then again when she runs to hug him tight and again when he watched her pleasure in seeing thefireflies.

18.   When Arnav hears Khushi respond finally to his call when he helds her against his heart on hilltop after they escape from kidnappers. He was pleased because he had thought he had lost her.

19.   Arnav smiled when he smiled watching Khushi blush and said" Wow Khushi kumara Gupta Singh Raizada ko Sharmana bhi ata hain.

20.   On Khushi's birthday Arnav could not stop smiling with love when he saw his Khushi's antics at Buaji giving her blessings, with gratitude when he saw Khushi being happy with Di getting the roses, when he saw her anger after he gave her the cake.

21.   When Arnav described to NK all their old moments, when he tried to kiss Khushi after he was trying to recreate old moments, when Khushi ran to him after he returned from his cancelled Agra trip and he was satisfied that he had again won a deal with Khushi when she ran towards him and accepted him as her husband.

22.   When Arnav was trying his ASR way of charming Khushi back as his wife  watching her turmoil in trying to get Buaji's rent, when he made her Khushi TV, when he tried reading her eyes during back message, when she came to his office and showed her antics when he told her to come home in Amezing.

23.   When the bed gets broken by ARSHI when Arnav runs after Khushi to grab his nude baby photograph. I doubt anyone of us had seen Arnav laugh like that.

24.   When Arnav was irking Khushi with Suhaagraat rasm.

25.   When Khushi told Arnav " Hum bhi Aapse I love you damnit."

26.   During Arshi Shagun when he challenges Khushi " To tum abhi meri nehi hoon." And she says " hum to aapi ke hain." The same night he smiled when we saw the second telepathy of ARSHI whenKhushi told Arnav's picture to smile and Arnav did watching the stars.

27.   During engagement and the same night when Khushi was embarrassed thinking he was Akash

28.   When Arnav went to fulfil the rasm of asking Khushi in the mandir.

29.   During Arshi date seeing Khushi's multiple dhamakas.

30.   The day when Khushi came back for putting mehendi again seeing Khushi was mad at her and his puppy smile when NK said- Kisi ne sahi kahahe- pyaar andhe hone ki sath sath stupid bhi hota hain. He smiled again when he saw Khushi getting irked at him saying he would not hold her hand once he lets it go. He smiled at her when she said- " Aap aur hum hamesha andLaad governor Kahike."

31.   After haldi when Arnav won the game and put maustache on Khushi. It showed that Arnav after being in Khushi's  proximity was getting to be like her.

32.   During sangeet, farmhouse, and marriage there were numerous occasions where Khushi was the only reason Arnav smiled be that when he proposed, when he asked permission for bachelor party, when he whispered nothings into Khushi's ears, when the recalled their telepathy speech, when on the day of wedding the were remembering their night in farmhouse, when Arnav looked at the bracelet he has taken as a present for their wedding, when he saw Khushi had stayed for him in the mandap, when he finished all the rasms and in the end of the day when they banged their heads together under the bedsheet.

33.   On the day of Arnav's birthday self satisfied smiles anticipating Khushi's antics and also the one when he said " Sabar ka phal meeta hota hain."

34.   Arnav seeing Khushi watching and drooling at him as chef Khushi.

35.   During Shitall track when Arnav was thinking of Khushi with bankelalji, and when he pretended to get hypnotized by Khushi by making her jealous.

36.   On Karwachauth Arnav laughed at his Khushi giving up the thing she wanted the most,food, for him, so that she could stay happy with him. He even enticed her with aloo ke pakores.

37.   When in the Mrs India track Khushi walks the ramp in the blue dress after he had fixed it, when NK says Khushi can not leave without Arnav and of course in the very last scene when he entices her to say I love you Arnavji aloud.

So can the love and smile that Arnav gave to Khushi and our happiness on seeing our favorite couple happy be forgotten. Is it not amazing smiling in all the smiles that Khushi bought in not only Arnav but our lives.

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Episode 181

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Episode 181
Khushi Arnav
aap ki nazron ne samjha pyaar ke kaabil mujhe
your eyes have understood me to be deserving of love
 dil ki ae dhadkan thaher jaa, mil gayi manzil mujhestop,
oh my heartbeat, i have found my destination
aap ki nazron ne samjha
your eyes have understood me
ji hamein manzoor hai aap ka yeh faisla
yes, this decision of yours is acceptable to me
ji hamein manzoor hai aap ka yeh faisla
yes, this decision of yours is acceptable to me
keh rahi hai har nazar banda parvar shukriyamy
every glance is saying, oh lord, thank you
hanske apni zindagi mein kar liya shaamil mujhe
you have blended me into your life with a smile
dil ki ae dhadkan thaher jaa, mil gayi manzil mujhe
stop,oh my heartbeat, i have found my destination
aap ki nazron ne samjha
your eyes have understood me
 aap ki manzil hoon main, meri manzil aap hai
i am your destination, you are my destination
aap ki manzil hoon main, meri manzil aap hai
i am your destination, you are my destination
kyoon main toofaan se daroon, mera saahil aap haiwhy
 should i fear a storm, you are my shore
koi toofaanon se keh de, mil gaya saahil mujhesomeone
tell the storms that i have found my shore
 dil ki ae dhadkan thaher jaa, mil gayi manzil mujhestop,
oh my heartbeat, i have found my destination
aap ki nazron ne samjha
your eyes have understood me
pad gayi dil par mere aap ki parchaaiyaan
your shadow has fallen upon my heart
pad gayi dil par mere aap ki parchaaiyaan
 your shadow has fallen upon my heart
har taraf bajne lagi saenkdon shehnaaiyaanin
every direction, millions of shehnaais indian instrument are sounding (used mostly in weddings)
do jahaan ki aaj khushiyaan ho gayi haasil mujhei
have obtained all the joys of both worlds today
aap ki nazron ne samjha pyaar ke kaabil mujhe
your eyes have understood me to be deserving of love
dil ki ae dhadkan thaher jaa, mil gayi manzil mujhestop,
oh my heartbeat, i have found my destination
aap ki nazron ne samjha
your eyes have understood me

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Res! Will come back!Big smile
(Please tell me why is it showing error when I am pressing the like button using my lappy.Cry But I am able to press like from my phone and Ipad!)  

Better late than never!Embarrassed

THREAD 17 : A roller coaster beginning

DURGEY perfect set of poems for the upcoming episodes!Star
Two coy lovers getting married on Valentine's nightBig smile and two others sharing a gloomy plightOuch

INDI your blast notes, thanks for the warning on the upcoming dark episodes, of ASR as the credulous Othello! Hope this time round I will be better off watching the episodes with my Blaster friends!Hug Last time I watched it teary eyed all alone in my room!Cry

CYN thanks for cheering me up with your dhak dhakHeart files! Superbly written and beautiful pics! Thanks!Thumbs Up

ARSHI Devastated Souls is not for the faint hearted! It is such a touching piece!Clap Arshi I especially loved the comparison you drew between Arnav's loss of mother and loss of his love, Khushi. I made an edit on that for you. Hope you like it.Your banner and edits and collages and gifs are mind blowing. They inspire me.

SUPI how sweet of you for placing me on Arnav's heart again! I can never thank you enough for all the dhak dhak your blaster collage gives me! Hug

KATE waiting for your catch!Day Dreaming Thanks for the music! There is definitely some magic in it! I was listening to it at a low volume when my hubby said it was okay if I turned up the volume! Can you beat that!Star

SAMIN thanks a tonne for the list of the times Khushi made Arnav smile/laugh!Big smile How thoughtful of you!Clap We will need to refer to the exhaustive list from time to time with the upcoming hate marriage track!

Its a blessing though that when reel life is about to plunge downhill real life is looking up! Today was Vishwakarma Puja which heralds the beginning of the Puja season in Bengal! Yay!

Vishwakarkma, the deity of manufacturing, architecture, engineering in Hindu mythology.

Vishwakarma Puja: Why Is It Celebrated?

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