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Stunning, Happening & SimplyAmazing..HappyBirthday Sanaya NOTE-752 (Page 2)

DiyaS IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 September 2013 at 11:39pm | IP Logged
Sanaya's Journey in the World of Showbiz 

Sanaya Irani - Self confessed geek and tomboy in school and college, she completed her graduation in commerce and wanted to do her MBA, till her mother saw the spark in her daughter and asked her to give the glamour world a try. So Sanaya entered the world of showbiz armed only with her own self-confidence, poor Hindi speaking skills and complete lack of any acting background whatsoever. 

She first did a small role in Fanaa, where she decided that the world of films was not for her. She then tried for ads and was rejected. That's when the grit that characterizes Sanaya first surfaced. Rejection only made her more determined to succeed. If she want the best, she wasn't the worst either, and if girls not as good as her, were getting ads, then she could do the same. And she did. Sanaya went on to do over 150 ads in the next year, with known personalities like Amitabh Bachhan, Shahrukh Khan, and Priyanka Chopra. Point proved.

Ads done, what next? She turned towards television. Again criticism surfaced - she didn't know the language, she lacked acting experience, she didn't 'look Indian'. All these only spurred her on to prove the opposite - not to the world, but to herself. She used her roles as her learning ground, and started off slowly with a cameo. As she herself confesses, with the self-deprecating humor that is so characteristic of Sanaya, her costars in her first show Left, Right Left 'dreaded shooting with her' as she was so bad in Hindi.
But even in her first show, her talent was appreciated - she was signed for a cameo in season one of LRL and was called back for a permanent role in season two. 
Next she played a glamour girl with grey shades in Radha Ki Betiyaan.
During the show, she was approached for a lead role as Gunjan in MJHT, and she took it up. 

After that there has been no looking back. Sanaya was widely appreciated for playing Gunjan, a role she herself felt was 'boring'. But Sanaya made the boring, nerdy Gunjan into a lovable and very popular character. Unlike many other actresses, who undergo makeovers during their shows, Gunjan retained her simple looks and spectacles till the end of the show, which ran for over two years. Her acting talent was further honed and polished during MJHT. Gunjan was a character completely opposite to what Sanaya is in real life, and she played her beautifully, never once slipping out of character. So much so that when she was signed for IPKKND as Khushi, even her fans wondered whether she would be able to do justice to the role of a bubbly chirpy girl, so deeply was Gunajn ingrained in the viewers' minds. Sanaya changed their minds ... and how! Khushi is Sanaya's most successful role till date, and for many viewers, IPKKND was 'the Khushi show'. 

After Khushi, Sanaya has played Chhanchhan, which is yet another different character, bubbly like Khushi, but nowhere near as whacky, Chhanchhan is modern, sensible and pragmatic, pretty much like Sanaya herself. 

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DiyaS IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 September 2013 at 11:40pm | IP Logged
Sanaya's acting talent lies in the fact that she gets deeply involved in her roles. Lalit Mohan, one of her IPKKND directors, called her the 'most intelligent actress in the TV industry'. She puts a lot of thought into her character, and the differences between the characters she has played show not only in superficial looks and dressing, but also in her body language, her speech and diction and her entire demeanor. 

Her voice modulation has to be among the best in the business, and the expression and emotion she can get into her dialogues is amazing. 

Her eyes, hazel green and amazingly expressive, mirror her every emotion and draw in her audience to feel her joy and sorrow alike. If Sanaya's character on screen laughs, the audience laughs ... If she cries, the audience weeps. 

And the change in her body language is astonishing ... she has played a shy demure college girl Gunjan, a small town young over-expressive, over-enthusiastic bubbly Khushi and a mature, sedate modern girl Chhanchhan, and the difference in the characters can be seen in the body language, the openness or shyness of her smile, her entire demeanor, even before she opens her mouth. 

You can't mistake one character of Sanaya's for another, she has made each one of them so completely distinctive. 

Sanaya has chosen very distinctive and different roles so far, which is quite an achievement in itself in the Indian TV industry, where most heroines of daily soaps are indistinguishable from each other and from their own roles in different soaps. She tries to keep her scenes as subtle and real as she can, even within the scripts which call for overblown exaggerated displays of emotions. In a recent poll. She was chosen by fans to be the best telly actress in breakdown sequences. 

So here's wishing Sanaya, our Queen of Emotions, our Sunshine Girl - a Very Happy Birthday! And hoping to see her back on screen soon to enthrall and delight her fans.

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princessunara IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 15 September 2013 at 4:47am | IP Logged
Ragz sweetie this is MAGICAL!! AMAZING work!! Hug

Happy Birthday My Angel

Stars in her eyes
as they twinkle in mirth
windows to a soul that is 
so pristine..

rosebud for a mouth
that puckers in a pout
Or rounds in a perfect 'O'
taken in surprise
and curves in a smile
so sunny & bright.

spirit so free
full of innocence
She brings joy
laughter and bloom
as her giggles
brightens my day

Like a butterfly 
with a skip in her step
she flutters through life
like quicksilver

joyous soul
like a sunbeam
that brightens my world
as as she enters

she makes me smile 
makes me laugh 
makes me think &
makes me dream 

The irrepressible joy
that is Sanaya
effervescence at its best
as she enraptures
every heart she comes across
because what you see 
is what you get
no lies, no deception
no matter what
she will stick
to the very clear truth

Blessed with an angel's face
and a heart to match
she is a blessing
that the heavens sent
down to earth
for which i thank
every day in my life

Happy birthday my angel
love you

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princessunara IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 15 September 2013 at 4:48am | IP Logged
Happy Birthday Sanaya Irani

Sanaya Irani, where will I begin..

Like an angel u came in to my life, made a place for you in my heart.. and today you the center of my world..because knowing someone like you in one lifetime is a blessing...
someone so unspoiled... someone who is so genuine and pure.. someone who has so much innocence and natural warmth...because these are the things I have come to learn about you..

Usually we idolize celebrities for their looks, for their superior acting talents..but how many out there idolizes a celeb just for their beautiful personality? And on the other hand how many celebrities can qualify to be idolized for a effervescent angelic personality that captures everyone's hearts?

You are that one exception that has taught me what a wonderful role model a celebrity can be for a young girl..someone to look up to.. to respect..

And let me come to the person I first got to know you as...

Khushi Kumari Gupta... the name said...she was a joy to behold..she brought so much happiness in to my life along with Barun as Arnav...u guys became the center of my world.. and today and forever you will remain so...

And once I loved u as Khushi..ur chulbuli, pagal harkate har din mujhe hasarahi thi.. when you laughed I laughed.. when your eyes filled with tears I wept..
that is the extent of you impact as an actress.. you live the characters you play.. you breath life in to them so much so that we who watch them and fall in love with them start reliving those emotions with those characters...

As I loved you as Khushi I went back in time through the videos to get to know you as innocent Gunjan.. such a placid and soft person I have never known.. such gentleness..such softness.. she was delicate as an innocent little glass doll.. And being the outgoing, livewire I knew you to be it was a shock to realize how talented you were to see you portraying that soft spoken, painfully shy Gunjan... I watched Gunjan and Khushi as well as you off screen as Sanaya side by side for 2 whole weeks..
And never for a moment I saw traces of either Khushi or real Sanaya in Gunjan..

Gunjan was a class of its own., her husky soft spoken tone...hearing that I may have never guessed it was you who was speaking.. says a lot about the extent of your voice modulation ability doesn't it?

As Khushi you played a myriad of expressions that left one spell bound..

And as I followed your next steps in to Chhanchhan I saw a girl so very different from both the above.. so Gunjan.. yet so outgoing like Khushi.. but so self confident and aware of herself like neither of the other two was..
Chhanchhan at first seemed very much like Sanaya herself.. but then I realized it was just the convictions, beliefs of the 2 that seemed similar.. not their nature.. Sanaya's effervescence was little less in Chhanchhan.. Chhanchhan was more serious than Sanaya...

So subtle..but these nuances she had so perfectly identified and brought about through her acting is what makes her an actress far superior to every other actress on TV right now..
She is intelligent...

A beauty with brains...

Now finally I will come to admire the beauty that captures our eye and takes our breath away...

Every day I see you I wonder if you are aging in reverse.. because normal humans grow older in looks.. but you..simply seem to get younger and more fresh and childish...
And then a quote from Zing magazine comes to my mind.. 'Its the beauty of her heart that shines through her face'

And I realize it is indeed so true...
Her Iranian genes gave her that porcelain peaches n cream complexion.. her green grey doe eyes.. her soft brown locks of hair...
but the twinkle in her eyes.. the angelic smile that never stops beaming at the world.. the vivacious personality that draws everyone towards her... these r essentially what makes Sanaya Irani more beautiful and breathtaking than any simply outer beauty...

And when you dance..the world forgets to breath as u dance away like a light on your steps.. like a butterfly.. so beautiful to watch...

And today is the day when gods from heaven above decided to lend earth out of its most precious angels.. And thus on 17th of September Sanaya Irani came to this world..

And today she has become such an amazing person who makes her per parents proud of the wonderful upbringing they have given her.. and lucky r those parents to be blessed with such a daughter...

And lucky are us.. who get to share this wonderful angel as a part of our lives...

And today may I wish with all my heart for a wonderful life, happy fulfillment of every joy that your heart ever sets on..
May you have a life that is filled with every joy, every happiness, every success you desire and more..

May you always remain this beautiful human being that is so precious and lovable..
And here are wishes that may this birthday bring you every thing you wish for.. and with loads of love and blessings a girl from your neighboring country wish you health, wealth and happiness..

May you have many more such wonderful birthdays to come...everyone happier than the other...

loads and loads of love

Love you my angel girl Hug

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-Drishti- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 September 2013 at 10:16am | IP Logged


Here's hoping that your year(s) are filled with the joy and happiness that you fill all our lives with. May you always find success at your doorsteps, and you have a healthy life to look forward too!

What can I say about you Sanaya? So full of life, so honest, so down-to-earth, so hardworking, so beautiful and just so damn AMAZING. I have followed you since you played the meek, timid, geeky Gunjan Bhushan, whom you portrayed with such innocence and grace that left me absolutely stumped! I remember so many scenes where you had no dialogues, where you would just stand at the back, but I would always look at you because of the play of emotions on your face that spoke a million times more than the words being spoken by the other characters.

And then once again you stole our hearts as Khushi Kumari Gupta (Singh Raizada), whose stark contrast from Gunjan has never gone unnoticed by the viewers who followed MJHT too. The bubbliness, the innocence and most importantly your eyes stand out again. The eyes that can convey so much more than the words you speak. IPKKND and the character of Khushi has given you the opportunity to play many different aspects, and you have played each one of them with utmost perfection - the comic scenes, the romantic scenes, the emotional scenes.

And then, coming to your most recent project - Chhanchhan. I am so proud that you went beyond your comfort zone and choose something completely different from your previous shows, for following your heart and for never letting your gorgeous smile waver no matter what the circumstances. Thank you for taking up a show that went against the norms of Indian Television! It is hard to believe that Gunjan, Khushi and Chhanchhan were all played by the same actress.

Off the camera, I love your attitude! I love the way you are so friendly that people who take time to open up are so easily comfortable with you. I love the bond you share with your past and present co-stars, your ability to brighten up our day with just a smile, your genuine and honest nature and the fact that you haven't either let criticism get you down or success get into your head. Sanaya you truly are a gem, both onscreen and offscreen.  You are the only one who can make crying look graceful. You are the only one who can beautiful in the most hideous of outfits. You are the only one who can make OTT scenes watchable. You are the only one who can diss yourself on television without getting embarrassed. You are the only one who does such justice to roles even though you cannot relate to the characters at times. And Sanaya, you are the only actress who has the ability to make us laugh when you laugh, make us smile with your smile and make us cry with your tears.

And yet again, this message is not enough to show my love for you because it is something I cannot write in words. Happy Birthday Sanaya, I love you loadsss!! Keep rocking, Rockstar <3

-Drishti (-Drishti-)

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-nrityanjali- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 September 2013 at 11:09am | IP Logged
Happy Birthday my golden girl, my doll, the most adorable in Telly Heart

Brilliant work to Ragzie, and thanks for crediting me with the title meri sweet Ragzie LOL ILY so much but credit actually goes to you <33

Sanaya, this is my first birthday of yours that I am celebrating on IF. And why? Simply because -- Girl? You KNOCK my socks off alright? You are FLAWLESS. In every single way Heart

I first saw you in Fanaa and I fell in love girl. There is no explanation. Your smile hooked me. Right then & there I knew you were something SPECIAL. Your beauty & smile in Fanaa in Chand Sifarish dazzled me, and I began to question who this girl is.

Then I saw LRL for you, cause I was curious, and I was thrilled to see your acting skill!YOU ARE SO VERSATILE IN EVERY SENSE. You can play ANY ROLE and play it to perfection, and your stunning & beautiful face and great figure and peach complexion just mesmerize EVERYONE. Ignore you? No one can ; You DEMAND attention girl <333333

I saw you in MJHT and I fell in love with the sweet and chashmish Gunjan who charmed me with her innocence! Your BIG EYES, Sanz, they're gorgeous, and your face isthe most beautiful in Telly!

And then IPK, where I was TRULY blown away. Seeing you play such a different character from Gunjan and play it to perfection was UNREAL. Khushi touched EVERYONE's heart, and you with your gorgeous screen space just made her ETERNAL. 

And then CC, where you chose practical, modern CC who paves the way for progression of womanhood.

Can I express how much I love you Sanaya? Can I really? You are extremely beautiful, and secondly, your PERSONALITY WOMAN.

You are a GOLDEN GIRL woman <33 You bond with EVERYONE, and you are so comfy! ALL YOUR COSTARS have NOTHING to say but good things, and your BLUNTNESS AND NOT BEING AFRAID TO SAY IT LIKE IT IS MAKES YOU CLASSY AS HELL Cool


My queen, have a rocking birthday! You rule everyones' hearts, and will continue to do so! May God grant you all the success of the universe and keep your flawless face happy and free of trouble! I as your ardent fan am awaiting your return to Telly with EAGERNESS <333 Telly for me is YOU Sanz, and everyone, even those I love, pales in comparison.

Forever one of your biggest fans, 

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.DivaDeluxe. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 September 2013 at 11:09am | IP Logged
On the 17th of september 30 years ago an angel named Sanaya Irani was born. Happy birthday to you happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Sanaya happy birthday to you! HugWoah my barbie doll's birthday is finally here, it's time to celebrate!

Where do I start? I could go on and on praising you 'cause: you're one in a million, once in a lifetime Heart there's so much I'd want to say to you but it's hard and near to impossible to express how amazing you are in words, but you're seriously the best. What first attracted me towards you was your amazing portrayal of the character Khushi in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon. To say I'm in awe of your acting would be an understatement. With every character of yours you keep amazing me with your towering screen presence and par-excellence acting skills. You just outdo yourself every time I think you can't get any better. Sanz you're honestly the best actress the indian television has ever witnessed.

There are only a handful of people in this world whom I can connect and identify with, and you are definitely one of them <3 More than your onscreen portrayal of your various characters I'm fond of your offscreen persona. Despite being a celebrity you're calm and composed and haven't let fame get to your head. You're hardworking, you always speak your mind, and you have a heart of gold. Sometimes while watching your off screen segments I'll look at you and think it's me. Because honestly we two have a whole lot in common; our awful memory, emotional sensitivity and love for chocolates being a couple of them LOL Heart

The most correct definition of the word beautiful is you! Your big brown-greenish eyes speak volumes, they express what words never could. And your smile is so infectious; it could brighten up the darkest corners of a room. Aahh and your skin is so damn flawless, it's unfair. It should be illegal to be so beautiful, Sanaya Irani!

With each passing day I find myself falling more and more in love with you! And the reason I love you is YOU, being YOU, just YOU Heart
Sanaya; I hope this birthday is one of your bests, and may you keep shining this way for eternity. I wish you all the success and happiness in life, because you deserve every bit of it. and may you be blessed with all the things you've ever dreamt of. SO proud to be your fan! :')

A small gift for you Heart

You've done an awesome job on the thread Ragz! All the writeups are beautiful, and Bijal that VM is stunning! 

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ragzz. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 16 September 2013 at 12:30am | IP Logged
Guys, please feel free to reserve your spots, post etc. etc :D Have fun and hoping you'll like my work Embarrassed

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