Arjun - Har Yug Mein Aayega Ek 9/14 Written Update

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Hey Everyone!

I apologize for the delay in today's update, but here it is! :D


September 14th, 2013 Written Update
Arjun - Har Yug Mein Aayega Ek

The episode opens with a girl standing alone on the roads, all dressed up. A car stops in front of her and we see that it's Arjun, who tells her to take care of herself, and she tells him not to worry about her, but if he needs anything not to hesitate nd to call her. He then drives away, leaving the girl still standing. This time, another car stops and she actually gets into the car, and drives off.

A jeep begins to follow this car, and they finally come to a sto in front of a hotel, where the woman and a man get down [she's a prostitute] and they head inside.

Later on, the girl gets up from the bed and when she steps in front of the mirror, someone comes behind her and strangles her until she dies.


The next morning, Arjun arrives there with a bunch of police officers, and they find that she's been strangled with a wire, and killed at about 3 am the night before. A female police officer comes there and asks Arjun what he's doing there, this is  police case, no need for ETF. Arjun remains silent while she introduces herself as Lata Mane.

Arjun still stands there, and she asks him to leave, but Arjun gets mad then. He tells her that it doesn't matter if it's an ETF case or a police case, it's more important to recognize that someone has been murdered and they have to find out who. He tells her that he'll find out who killed the woman himself, before recollecting that he spoke with her the night before, and leaving the place. Arjun is speaking with a higher-up asking to transfer the case to the ETF.

Shree, Aisha, and Sakshi are sitting aroud talking. Sakshi asks why Arjun is so interested in this case of a commerical sex worker, and Shree says that Arjun definitely has some connection with this. Right then, Arjun comes there and Aisha asks him about the same, why this is so important, and Arjun angrily walks away, saying that everything doesn't need to have a reason to be done.

He tells the other three that this case is not officially an ETF case, but they will solve it and bring out the truth to the general public. He tells them that it's their choice whether or not they choose to participate in the case, and all of them quietly agree.

Lata Mane slaps the hotel receptionist, as she sees the names in the register and it says Anil Kapoor and Karishma. He gets really nervous as she asks him for the CCTV footage, and he says that Arjun had taken it with him that morning. This sparks Lata's fury to no end, and just as she is about to lash out at the man again, another police officer comes there and tells her that the woman who died was named Manju.

Arjun gives Shree Manju's phone number and asks him to track all of her recent calls. He also gives him the CCTV footage and tells him to find a clear picture of someone on the video.

Back at the police station, someone tells Lata that Manju's phone number and home address were found, but the phone is switched off. Lata gets annoyed, but tells him to find out the details of the phone from the phone company.

Arjun and Shree are discussing Manju's phone, and Arjun asks Shree to get the phone details but Shree tells him that only the local police have access to those records, and this ticks off Arjun. LOL

When Lata receives the call details, she finds out that the last phone call received was from someone named Manoj, and Lata and her group of police officers head over to where this Manoj is. Lata takes a frightened Manoj away.

Back at ETF, Arjun is watcing the CCTV footage of Manju and the guy entering the hotel and they find out the identity of the man she had been with.

Lata asks Manoj where he dropped off the man, and he tells her that after he got a call from Manju, he had picked up the man that she was with. Lata heads inside and speaks with the manager there, who tells her that he spoke with Lalit Saxena the night before, and he hadn't informed her that he wouldn't be in today.

Lata heads over to Lalit Saxena's house, where they find him dead on his coffee table Shocked They find a suicide note there, who states there that he's ashamed of what he had done, and thus killed himself. Right then, Arjun arrives at Saxena's house, and Lata tells him to go home and rest and let the police officers do their work.

Sakshi, Aisha, Arjun, and Shree are headed somewhere, and in the middle Arjun calls up Liza to get information on the latest three prostitute deaths. Liza tells him that because the cases weren't handled by them, it's not possible to get the reports, but Arjun doesn't listen to her words, telling her he wants them either officially or unofficially. Arjun and the team tell the manager that Lalit committed suicide, and they find out that Lalit was using a company phone and get an itemized bill for it.

Back at ETF, Arjun tells the team that Lalit Saxena couldn't have been the murderer. Right then, Liza comes there with the forensic reports, and tells them that there were no fingerprints in the room where Manju was killed, not even Lalit Saxena's. Aisha then asks Arjun how he's so sure it isn't lalit who is the killer and Arjun states that in the previous cases when sex workers had been killed, Lalit wasn't even in India. He was in Singapore. Arjun states that the killer is someone who feels he/she is doing the world a favor by killing sex workers.

The sub-inspector, Gadham, tells Lata that along with all the other numbers, there was one number that was special in the list, andon seeing this number, Lata starts to smirk. Shree enters the ETF the next morning to find Arjun still working. Shree says that Lata has a really good record, and she's solved all the cases put in front of her. In fact, police work is in her blood, and her father was also a police officer - Dukaram Mane. And Arjun recognizes the name, and wonders why the proof that can be used to clear Lalit Saxena's name hasn't been noticed by Lata yet or hwy is she ignoring it. And Shree suggests that they talk to her directly.

Arjun asks her why she has shut the case so quickly blaming Lalit Saxena. Lata  retaliates by telling him that she herself has questions for him. She puts forth her reasons as to why Lalit was the killer, before telling him that in Manju's call details, they found Arjun's number. And Lata mocks him, and tells him that he should be thankful she didn't take any action with regards to that because otherwise he would be a suspect. The rest of the ETF team is left in shock upon hearing this.

Shree asks Arjun who Manju was, hesitantly, and Arjun tells him that she was his informer. It's easy to judge someone, but she didn't deserve this and he will find who did this to her.

Arjun and Shree retrace Manju's steps thenight she was killed, starting with where she had been standing on the street. Shree finds engine oil on the ground, the kind that is found in old cars. They then head over to the hotel where Manju had been killed and find the same oil over there as well along with dental floss on the ground.

Meanwhile, another sex worker is waiting on the street for someone and we see a jeep following her. A person walks towards this woman wit some dental floss in their hands, and before she realizes it, begins to strangle her and kiils her.

Arjun receives a phone call from Lata and they find out that another sex worker has been killed. Lata vents her frustration to Arjun about not being able to catch the murderer and asks Arjun if he'll help her with the case, and Arjun seems suspicious.

The ETF team heads back to headquarters, and they find that the killer used a specific perfume to distract police dogs, and they conclude tat the killer is someone who is well aware of how police work. Sakshi suggests that the killer might have some past enemity towards the sex workers. Shree then gives a report of the tire tracks, and says that those only come from old jeeps, and Arjun tells him to find out who has these jeeps. Gadham calls Aisha about making progress in the case, but they tell him nothing yet.

Later that night, Arjun gets a call from Shree and some information about everyone who owns that kind of jeep that was found near the murder sites. He calls Aisha and tells her to tell Lata Mane that he's leaving for Pune because of this case, and that he has some important new information.

The next morning, Lata and Kamlesh arrive at ETF, and Aisha speaks with Lata regarding Arjun going to Pune. Aisha notices that Jamlesh Gadham uses dental floss in the backgroun.

Later that day, Arjun calls Lata and tells him that the killer is near Santa Cruz, and tells Lata to make her way over there without Gadham. Lata and Arjun wait in the ETF jeep, watching a sex worker as she gets into a taxi, and leave. They follow the taxi to a hotel of some sort, and wait for a while before going into the room.

They go there to find the woman lying on the bed, and no one else in the room. Lata is shocked at the sight, and says that it's imposible, before quickly asking Arjun how he knew the murder would happen there. Arjun points out how astonishing it is that there is a dead body in front of her, but she's questioning him. Arjun then suggests that they go to Jogeshwari, and Lata stops him and asks him how he knows that the killer will kill someone in Jogeshwari next [using FEMALE words]. Arjun asks her how she knows that the killer is a woman, bcause up until now, no one knows if the killer is female or male.

Lata smirks and tells Arjun he's really smart, but he won't be able to prove anything. Arjun shows her a video, and Lata is shocked upon seeing it, as he tells her he can prove everything. Lata asks him when he suspected her, and Arjun says that it was because of how quickly she closed the Manju case, how quickly she accused Lalit Saxena. Arjun then tells her how he wondered why anyone would use a printer to write two lines, and finally, when he found that the killer used a special type of jeep, the same kind of jeep that was registered in her father's name. Her father, who was forced to resign from his position, after being caught up in a mess with a call girl. And that was enogh for Lata to make every call girl her biggest enemy.

Arjun tells her that she made a good plan, that even if she was found out, she would have trapped her sub-inspector, Gadham, and that's why she used the dental floss to kill everyone because he used it.

Lata accepts everything Arjun says, and the two fiecely whip out their guns and point them at each other. Before they know it, Arjun puts down his gun, and tells her to shoot him, but she doesn't. And soon enough, we see that Sakshi has been recording everything, while Aisha is waiting right there with a gun as is Shree. And more importantly, that the call girl who was lying in bed, was not dead.

And essentially with that, we find out Lata was responsible for everything and used her position essentially to hide everything...

The end!

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Ah i missed a very epic episodeOuch. Unlucky meDisapproveDead
from the writing i could imagine the episode!!Big smile
thank you so much for the update di. Was waiting for thisBig smile
now waiting for last half!Embarrassed
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episode was nice, bt I figured from the start that lady inspector (played by naryani shastri) is the killer...
I missed sameer though! n even chhotu wsnt there...

the focus of late, is on arjun all the time...I dnt know what exactly sakshi is doing these days! CVs are ruining her surprises if she wants to leave the show soon...she is doing a movie anyway!!

thanks for the written update! Smile

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Thanks for the update Smile
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Thanks for the update! Will defo watch this epi tonight=D
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Thanks for the WU Naina...
Episode seems really good... 
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thanks for the update...
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missed the epi..thanks for the update.

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